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Roxas is assign to investigate a new world that was recently discovered that is believe to have heartless activity might be required to exterminate and gather hearts. A simple mission it may seem for Roxas, but will he be able to handle it when he becomes a pony?

Note: This event takes place during his counting days of 352 days before meeting Xion and later on to the point that Roxas would go against the organization.

Also, I might not know exactly how this story would categorize so hope it doesn't bother any readers.
Edit: I'm still busy with college, but I think around the beginning of December I might get myself back to where I left off I hope.

- Kingdom Heart II characters belong to Square Enix
- MLP FiM belongs to Hasbro/Lauren Faust
- The artwork was made by ArosFair from Deviantart website. Credit goes to this artist.

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