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987880 Yes I'm currently working on a new story, but i'm very short on time to write. I probably won't post anything until i have the story completely finished, so i don't have to stress or rush while writing.

Oh that its to bad I wanted to see how he deal on his first royal meeting with others kings and queens.

And have you had plans to make other stories on the future?

987444 I'm sorry, but no. The story is officially over.

Do have any plans to make a sequel of a new king? i really hope you do

A New King.
I like the idea, but the wrighting seems to be a bit rushed. Take some time to develop just a smidge more and it would be a lot more enjoyable to read. As it stood I felt slightly rushed through the story, as if it could not wait to show me the ending.:twilightoops:

But I will say, I rather liked it. One or two hiccups here and there, but I liked it and it would seem you enjoyed wrighting it (at times):moustache:

WLL: RavnZ

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