• Published 1st Feb 2012
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A Nightmare to Remember... - Gyrofest96

Twilight begins having nightmares of absurd chaos and rampage... Are they just mere dreams? Or visions of a horrid future that could rock Equestria to its very core.

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Friends First, Fashion Later

Twillight was standing guard over Big Macintosh while he was tied down to the tree. When he was first tied up, he was thrashing around like a mad pony. Now it seems he's calmed down a bit, instead having his eyes focused on Twilight. The unending stare that was being given to her was putting her on edge... not that she wasn't already on edge, but something in those eyes just told her to run. As in, run, keeping running, and don't look back. But, she knew she had to wait for the others. She just hoped that Applejack and Applebloom made it back safe and sound...

Her eyes were beginning to tear up from Big Mac's unnerving stare. She wanted to look away, but she had to keep an eye on him. Big Mac... just wasn't himself anymore. Like... something else had completely taken him over. Something evil... something terrifying... and something with unimaginable power.

She couldn't bare to look at the red possessed pony, and looked away for a mere minute, to dry her teary eyes. When she looked back, she jumped... Big Mac was gone, with the ropes lying on the filthy ground beside the tree. She switched view points all around, her heart beating faster and faster. She was hearing swishes across some bushes, when she looked, it was only a glimpse of a swift silhouette, as it made it's way to another placement of cover.

Twilight was cowering fear, with no where to run. As she was slowly being cornered by the evil silhouette. She looked down and began to cry, as she knew she could do nothing but whimper and wallow in fear. She heard the hooves getting closer... and closer... and clo-

“Twilight! What in the hay has gotten in ta' ya?! Where's mah bro-” Applejack was muffled by the sudden hug of Twilight. She was so terrified, so afraid that she wouldn't see her friends again, and here was one of her best friends. Twilight jumped into Applejack and held onto her as a scared filly would to her mother after waking from a terrible nightmare. The waterfall of tears erupting from Twilight was drenching Applejack's coat, but she stood there and hugged Twilight back.

“H-hey... it's okay, sugarcube... what's tha matter?” Applejack hated to see Twilight like this, but she wanted to know where Big Macintosh was. She began scanning the outlying area, and saw a bush near the tree that Big Mac was tied under rustle. She wanted to explore this disturbance to the nightly peace. But she also had a scared-out-of-her-mind Twilight to deal with.

“Twilight, I know yer scared in all... but we need ta' tackle this together... okay, sugarcube? We cain't just let Big Mac wonder off ta' Celestia knows where!” Applejack pleaded to her fearful unicorn friend.

“B-bu.... Ok-kay... I'm... right behind you, lead the way...” Twilight said shakingly.

Applejack turned and nodded with a sheepish smile. Before Applejack could turn to look at the bushes again, the dark silhouette was already charging her. Applejack sidestepped, dragging Twilight along with her. Big Mac missed both of them, and rammed into the nearby tree. The charge was at fullspeed. So he managed to literally knock himself unconscious. Applejack sighed.

“Ah... brother... always chargin' head first inta' things...” A tear slowly slid down her cheek at the sight of of her unconscious brother. Twilight performed a full body scan on Big Macintosh with her magic.

“He'll be okay, there's a sizable bruise on his head, but no concussion or anything else to worry about. The most he'll get is a severe headache when he wakes up... He'll be alright, Applejack. But let's go ahead and get him to the hospital. We don't want him running off, nor do we want to leave him here lying on the ground.” Twilight explained to her crying worried friend, putting a hoof on her shoulder for reassurance.

“Ah... Okay... let's git 'im out of here...” She said, wiping the tears out of her eyes with her hooves.

They lifted Big Macintosh onto their backs, and started making their way slowly to the hospital.

“Dear Celestia! He's heavier than I had imagined!” Twilight said, already panting.


Rarity was working on her final orders at Carousel Boutique, while Sweetie Bell was sitting on her tiny haunches, simply observing her sister do boring work.

“Can't I just help a little, big sister?” she said, putting on her best pleeeease face that she could manage.

“No, Sweetie Bell. You've done enough help as it is...” she said to her whining little sister, shooting her a piercing glare, while pointing to the large pile of mess of clothes and dressing mannequins in the corner of the boutique.


“Okay...” Sweetie Bell said in defeat, trotting towards the window. She started to stare out into the streets of Ponyville, like she does when she's in her room. She saw a nice little surprise. It was Twilight and Applejack! Wait... something's wrong... She thought as she saw the two carrying a large, sleeping Big Macintosh on their backs.

She was about to go outside to see what was wrong, when she caught a glimpse of a black silhouette galloping swiftly into cover, keeping on the two unaware ponies with ease.

“Whoa... hey, Rarity! Come, quick! I see Twilight and Applejack carrying Big Macintosh! Let's go see what's going on!” Sweetie Bell yelled to her busy sister from the other room.

Usually, she would have shrugged it off, but it sounded like Big Macintosh was in some sort of trouble, plus, she needed a break! A good chat with her friends didn't sound bad.

“Coming!” Rarity yelled back, as she trotted towards the window herself. She looked out the window and let out a small gasp.

“Oh my! Sweetie Bell, I'm going to go see what's going on out there! You stay here! I'll be back soon!” Rarity switched around and rushed for her door.

“But why can't I come?! Their my friends too ya know!” Sweetie Bell shouted at her sister, but to no avail, as Rarity was already charging towards her two best friends and a large, unconscious, red pony.

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