• Published 1st Feb 2012
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A Nightmare to Remember... - Gyrofest96

Twilight begins having nightmares of absurd chaos and rampage... Are they just mere dreams? Or visions of a horrid future that could rock Equestria to its very core.

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Pink with Fear

Big Macintosh and Applejack were galloping full speed towards Sweet Apple Acres, cursing themselves for not heading there sooner. It took them a solid ten minutes to get there at their current pace. While they were both out of breath, they didn't stop long until they finally reached the farm.

When their eyes were finally cast upon the door, they gasped in shock and fear. The door had been thrown off its hinges, several pieces of furniture were thrown over, and all the windows were shattered. The state of their home was not the sight that made them double over in shock. Granny Smith was staring at them, not muttering a word. She had a decent bit of drool seeping from her lips, and her eyes were glowing bright yellow. To increase their horror, she was hobbling in their direction. Big Mac and Applejack, however, both knew Granny Smith wouldn't be able to do much damage at her old age, so they simply tied her down to her chair. After that, they proceeded to trot upstairs to check on Applebloom.

There were two possible situations that could have occurred. One, the monsters found Applebloom and possessed her. Two, Applebloom heard them coming up, and hid in one of her secret places. They were both praying to Celestia that it was the second outcome.

Applejack took lead as she arrived at Applebloom's door. She turned the knob slowly, and...

“GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTERS!” Applebloom shouted as she leaped literally out of nowhere onto Applejack, and proceeded to flail her tiny hooves about like a maniac.

“AB! Applebloom! SIS! STOP! It's me!” Applejack said while holding her little sister's hooves in place to prevent further harm.

“A-Applejack! Big brother! Yer both okay! Ah heard Granny Smith scream, and Ah went to check on her, and Ah saw these black ponies using magic on her! Ah was so scared, so Ah ran back up to my room and hid! Oh, sis!” Applebloom said, hugging her big sister close.

“It's okay, Applebloom.” Applejack said reassuringly while ruffling Applebloom's mane. She looked back at Big Macintosh, who wore a tired, but happy face. He smiled back to her, and nodded, understanding at what she was hinting at.

“Listen, Applebloom, go back to bed, we have to go help Granny Smith get better, okay?”

“O-okay... Be careful, ya hear?” Applebloom said while trotting back to her bed to hide under the covers.

Applejack looked back and said “Of course...” and left the room with a wink.

“Now ta' the next matter of importance: Granny Smith.” Applejack announced to her big brother.

“Eeyup.” Big Macintosh replied solemnly. He wasn't looking forward to this, and neither was Applejack.

They trotted slowly downstairs, and was welcomed again with the site of the drooling Granny Smith.

“Ya know, we could just go see Twi'. She probably has somethin' about this... spell in one o' her books...” Applejack thought outloud. Big Mac pondered about this for a second, and simply nodded. To them, it was a better alternative than having to cause injury to her to knock Granny Smith out of her possessed state.

“Okay, brother, stay here with Granny Smith an' Applebloom, Ah'll go fetch Twilight.” She said turning around to Big Mac. He simply nodded in agreement. Applejack had to admit that she was getting mighty tired, but in Granny's current state and how dangerous this night is, she couldn't really stay asleep in this mess.

Applejack opened the door, and began to trot out into the beautiful, starry night that Princess Luna had seen fit to raise. “If this night wasn't so horrible, Ah'm sure the gang would enjoy this wonderful night...”


Back at Sugarcube Corner, a certain pink, party-loving earth pony begins to stir from her sleep. She mumbles slightly as she slowly begins to regain consciousness. Pinkie rubbed her eyes with her hooves to get the sleep out. She looked outside the window to see it was still late in the night. Pinkie facehooved when she realized it wasn't even close to morning yet.

She began to lay back into her bed when a loud thud came from the nearby window she was looking out of moments before. When she switched her gaze to it, she went completely bug-eyed. There, floating outside of her window, was a pitch-black pony with glowing, soulless eyes.

Pinkie let out a short gasp, before the creature busted through the window, causing glass to soar the air all around her. She jumped out of her bed in panic, nearly colliding with the wall near her. Her eyes locked with the glowing pair of eyes standing in front of her. It snarled, and open its mouth to reveal numerous amounts of sharp teeth. It bellowed out a loud, ear-piercing battle cry, which was then followed by it charging head first in her direction. She shrieked and hopped out of the way, barely missing the enraged pony. It collided with the wall, except, it just seemed to... explode into black ooze around the room. Pinkie didn't really know what to say that. Then, the impossible was happening. It was merging back together slowly to reshape its pony form.

Only then, could she get a better look at it, it was... well... pure shadow. It seemed to be leaking out black ooze, and its form was somewhat misshapen, likely from colliding with the wall. After a few minutes of standing frozen in fear, she mustered up the courage to move closer to it. While it may have been attacking her, she wasn't really sure of what to make of it. Maybe it was just a figment of her imagination? Her thoughts were however returned to nothing, as fear returned when the creature regained its full form. It shook its head and snarled violently. It turned its head to Pinkie, once again locking eyes with eachother.

Pinkie then thought that since the pony... thing seemed to be okay, she should probably leave, because it didn't look too happy to see her.

“Annnd RUNNING!” Pinkie shouted as she zipped out of her room, leaving a lingering lump of clouds in her place. The shadow pony simply gawked in confusion, before shaking it off and taking chase after the pink pony.

Pinkie was now a great distance away from Sugarcube Corner, and decided to bounce towards her best friend's treehouse where Twilight and Spike were sleeping soundly. She was hoping Twilight would know something about what is going on, that... thing just didn't seem natural to her!

She bounced up to the door, and began knocking on the door repeatedly with her noggin. (What? A pony can't be different sometimes?) She was greeted by a very tired Twilight, who was knocked back a bit by the banging of the pink head.

“Oh, Twilight! Sorry! Here, let me help you up!” Pinkie moved to help the dazed Twilight, but was shoved off by the annoyed unicorn.

“It's fine, Pinkie. Now, what's gotten into you? It's in the middle of the night!” Twilight asked, coming out a little more harsh than intended. Luckily, Pinkie was already busy talking, and therefore, didn't notice.

“Well, I was sleeping, and I woke up in the middle of night on accident, and was about to go back to sleep! I looked out the window, and there was this black pony floating outside my window! And, before I could say anything, it busted through, going WOOSH! Then, it started to look at me, and it looked REEALLY angry! It charged at me, and I hopped out the way in the nick of time! It hit the wall.... are you even listening to me?!” Pinkie said bitterly at Twilight, when she noticed that her pupils had shrank, and didn't seem to be focused on Pinkie. She turned around to see the shadow pony standing five feet away from her.

Twilight then shook herself out of her terrified daze, and pulled the paralyzed Pinkie Pie inside the tree house. She then cast a protective shield around her home, which would prevent any pony from getting in. She peeked out her window, and saw the shadow pony bouncing effortlessly off of the shield as it tried to ram into the front door. Pleased, she turned back to Pinkie Pie, who had shaken herself out of her terrified stupor. Pinkie then hugged Twilight tightly and proceeded to say “Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!” Twilight had ceased to breathe, as she was being constricted of air by Pinkie's impossibly strong hug.

“C-can't...breathe...” she weezed as she was gasping for air.

“O-Oh! Sorry!” Pinkie apologized as she released Twilight. She gasped and welcomed in the new air happily.

“It's... fine. Phew... Alright, Pinkie. You're not the only one being attacked by these... shadows. Applejack, Rarity, Big Macintosh, and I have all been up most of the night fighting off these creatures. I only just got back to check on Spike about an hour ago. We were planning on meeting up in the morning... but seeming as how all of us are seeming to be targeted, this can't wait. But... how are we going to leave with that creature out there? We've only encountered possessed ponies, not pure shadows...” Twilight's voice seemed to fade away as she transitioned into deep thoughts.

“Possessed ponies?! Like... hypnotized ponies?” Pinkie said, obviously afraid of the idea of friends turning on her.

“Yes, Big Macintosh was one of them, we managed to knock him out of his hypnotized state... literally. But we can't just go bashing ponies heads in every time they turn on us, and that shadow probably won't be hurt physically.” Twilight said as she looked outside the window again. It was still there, just staring at her. Apparently waiting for Twilight or Pinkie to make a move outside. And that's when she saw an orange pony with a stetson galloping towards her home. “Well, there goes sitting around here and doing nothing...” Twilight thought begrudgingly to herself.

“Pinkie, follow me. Applejack is on her way here, and that shadow is still waiting outside. We have to go help her.” Twilight announced, opening the door with her magic. Pinkie simply said, “Okey-dokey-lokey! Allons-y!” as she bounced out the front door to face the horror standing outside.

Somewhere in a certain police box, a certain time lord winced in aggravation as someone once again stole his line...

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