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Late in the night, Twilight begins having strange nightmares filled with terror and chaos. Each nightmare seems to heighten her paranoia more than the first. Something just feels off about her dreams, like there's more to it than meets the eye. What's in the dark, lurking in the shadows? There's always something more to it... Isn't there?


Note: Currently being re-written. Comments/Criticizing is encouraged, as I want to improve on my writing abilities as much as bloody possible. :3

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No category?

I've wanted to say that for YEARS! :pinkiehappy:
Anyway, I'll track for now. Has potential.

Really? Crap! I thought I did! xD Good timing for that phrase I suppose. And thanks! Just starting. I plan on updating this at the least every 2 days.

:yay: its better than i thought I cant wait for the next story Also gyro if u dont know who i am :ajbemused: ill be mad and cry :fluttercry: k <3 love you cant wait :raritywink: :heart::heart::heart:

266945 Yes. I know who you are <3 And thanks! ^_^

Really good concept for the story! I somehow get the whole Silent Hill-feel from this (even though Silent Hill doesn't have a lot to do with nightmare).
Though if I had one critique, it would be that there seems to be a bit too much sobbing and hugging involved in this. I know you use it as a way to convey their feelings, companionship and fears, but some variability might be nice :twilightsmile:
Great story, I'll be tracking!

[Edit]Oh hey! Would you look at that! My own story is in the suggested-box. I've never seen my work elsewhere! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the feedback, Glassed! Strange, I was just reading Silent Ponyville, too! Creepy stuff bro, but I like reading it!

And yeah, I just felt like it was more or less the thing they would do, they're not really accustomed to this sort of stress (Especially Twilight), but I see what you mean when they all get too emotional like they are in the story. I'll work on varying that out a bit more. :twilightsmile:


............. the end is pure win.

i give you FIVE MOUSTACHES! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Great chapter! Nice to see the mystery thicken(?)
Hope your next update isn't as far away :pinkiehappy:

430138 Agreed, I have got to stop gaming so much! XD

As soon as I read Discord rampaging through town, the .MOV series immediately came to mind :3

xD I didn't even watch that video till soon afterwards... It's a crazy, but hilarious series :pinkiehappy:

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