• Published 27th Feb 2013
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More Than She Could Dream Of - Melon Hunter

Pinkie finds herself heartbroken after another rejection. A chance meeting leads to a blossoming relationship, but is her new love life worth the friction it causes in her friendships?

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More Than She Could Dream Of

Chapter 3


Pinkie cracked her eyes open and smiled. For the first time in a long time, she had awoken without any worries or doubts, her dreams having been filled only with the pretty white pegasus she had begun to court.

She still had her heart-stamped journal clutched in her hooves, and had spent the previous night writing in an entry for Surprise. Well, at least, she’d tried. The page was mostly filled with doodled hearts containing the names of the two ponies and a fetching little sketch of the pegasus.

The pink pony took a deep breath and sighed contentedly. She felt like there was nothing more she could wish for right now. Pinkie set the journal down and hopped out of bed, humming happily to herself. She pulled open the curtains and shoved the window open, surveying the sunny morning. After taking in a deep, satisfied breath, she turned and exited her room, bouncing merrily down the stairs.

In the main part of the bakery, the day’s work had already begun, the Cakes busily rolling out dough for the latest batch of cookies. Pinkie grabbed a croissant from the table as a simple breakfast. “Good morning!” she sang.

“Mornin’, Pinkie,” Mr. Cake muttered, his eyes remaining focused on the dough.

“Oh, good morning, Pinkie Pie,” Mrs. Cake said, turning to the younger mare. “How are you?”

“I’m super duper great, Mrs. Cake!” Pinkie said merrily, around a mouthful of flaky pastry. “Did I tell you—”

“About your date? Yes, you told us... quite a few times, actually.” Cup Cake smiled. “See? I told you somepony would come along and catch your eye eventually. It sounds like you and... Surprise, was it?” Pinkie nodded vigorously. “You and Surprise are getting on very well!”

“Yeah! We totally hit it off!” Pinkie said happily. “In fact, we might go on another date soon! Maybe even today!”

“Pinkie...” Mr. Cake said carefully. “You’re not forgetting somepony, are you?” When Pinkie only frowned in confusion, he continued, “Your friends, that is. They didn’t seem all that impressed the other day.”

“Um... no. At least, I don’t think I’m forgetting about them. They haven’t met Surprise yet, but I made sure to go and say sorry to Dashie yesterday. We’re made up. Honest.” Pinkie’s mouth twitched downward slightly. “I know I said some horrible things, but my friends are all still important to me. I don’t want to lose them.”

Carrot Cake nodded in appreciation. “Well, at least that’s cleared up, then. So, are you seeing Surprise again soon?”

Pinkie nodded. “Definitely! We didn’t really agree on a time, but she said she’d swing by Sugarcube Corner when she was free.”

“Well, that’s good to hear!” Mrs. Cake said. “Maybe we’ll get to meet her, eh? Anyway, in the meantime, Pinkie, could you start up a new batch of cupcakes? You know how quickly they fly off the shelves around lunchtime.”

“Okie dokie, Mrs. Cake!” Pinkie bounced over and began her task. While she was anxious to see her new marefriend again, she was easily able to lose herself in the various errands around the bakery. She hopped to and fro, adding ingredients, stirring batter, grabbing hot trays out of the ovens and applying icing.

It seemed like time had barely been passing at all until the lunch rush began for the day, a deluge of ponies pouring through the doors to refresh themselves. Pinkie took the crowding in her stride, retaining her sunny composition as she moved from kitchen to counter, serving ponies from all walks of Ponyville life. However, every smile she greeted new customers with was punctuated with a nervous little glance around the room. As time wore on, she found her heart sinking slightly as a white coat and curly yellow mane failed to materialise.

It wasn’t until the town clock was striking two that the queues finally subsided to midmorning levels, the last few sandwich-hungry stragglers clearing out to make way for those looking for a sweet afternoon treat.

Mr. Cake let out a phew, mopping down the flour-streaked counter with a cloth. “Like the Battle of Canterlot, every lunch time.” He chuckled to himself.

Pinkie let out a weak laugh herself, leaning against the cookie stand and chewing her lip. She felt disappointed that her marefriend hadn’t turned up, although in truth, she knew it was a silly wish. Had Surprise tried to ask her out during lunch time, the pegasus probably would have spent over an hour crushed against a wall while Pinkie stayed on top of the crowds.

Her eyes widened slightly as a white shape caught her eye. Outside, across the other side of the street, Surprise hovered upside down. Her purple eyes fixed on Pinkie’s, and she smiled and waved.

Pinkie waved in return, and turned to Mr. Cake, who was still wiping down the counter. “Um, Mr. Cake, would it be alright if I went out with Surprise? Like, now?”

“Now? Well, I guess we’ve got the busiest part of the day over and done with...” he mused. “Alright, Pinkie. Go and have fun with her.”

“Okay, I’ll do that! See ya later!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Is she waiting for you outside?” Mr. Cake asked, receiving a nod from Pinkie. “Not to be nosey, but I’d like to know who’s dating my surrogate daughter,” he added with a smile, squinting out of the window. “Is she... the blue pony?”

“Nope!” Pinkie giggled and shook her head. “Guess again!”

“The... red one?” Another shake. “The brown unicorn?”

“Nuh uh! Your eyes must be really bad, Mr. Cake!” she teased.

Carrot Cake sighed. “The... white mare? Right?” he said with a wink.

Pinkie nodded vigorously. “Got it in the end! Can I go now?”

“Go right ahead—” Mr. Cake’s mane whipped around his face from the turbulence caused by Pinkie’s passage.

Outside, Pinkie skidded to a halt in front of the inverted pegasus, who smiled widely and gave her an affectionate nuzzle.

“Hey, Pinkie!” Surprise exclaimed. She flipped herself over and landed in front of the earth pony. “How are you?”

“I’m fine! Just a little bit worn out. I know I eat a lot of sugar, but have you seen how many customers we get each lunchtime?” Pinkie replied, pointing at the bakery.

“Oh, I know! I figured you’d be super-duper busy, so I held off until after you were done.” Surprise put a wing around Pinkie and hugged her. “So, you wanna go out on another date?”

Pinkie grinned. “Do I ever!” she said. “What d’you wanna do? We could go bowling, or zip-lining, or dancing, or singing, or skydiving, or—” She stopped as a white forehoof gently pressed against her lips.

“Actually Pinkie, I was hoping you could... show me around the town?” She gave a sheepish smile. “I guess I’m gonna be staying here a while, and I figured if you know everypony in Ponyville, you should know pretty much everywhere in Ponyville too, right?”

“A tour?” Pinkie bounced up and down. “Oooooh! Good idea! Okay, okay, uh... where do you wanna go? I mean, you already know where the park is, ‘cause you’re living there, and the cafe, and you must know what Sugarcube Corner is, and—”

Surprise shrugged and smiled. “I just wanna get the lay of the land. We don’t really need to go inside anywhere. Let’s just go for a walkabout.” She flared her wings. “Or flyabout, in my case.”

Pinkie smiled, already having come up with half a dozen places to go in the time Surprise had spent talking. “Alright! Let’s go!” She grabbed the pegasus by the forehoof and dragged her off at breakneck speed.

A short while later, Pinkie began taking Surprise on her second circuit of the town. While the pegasus agreed that she’d seen the entirety of the town remarkably quickly the first time around, she had to point out that ten minutes barely gave her a chance to actually register what they had gone past. Happy to spend more time with her, Pinkie had agreed to tour Ponyville again, at a more sedate pace.

“So, this is Bon Bon’s sweet shop. She does some pretty good candies!” Pinkie said, pointing to a green, glass-fronted building. She looked around furtively, and leaned into Surprise. “Although Sugarcube Corner does better taffy. Don’t believe the hype!” she whispered.

The pegasus giggled. “I don’t doubt that, Pinkie.” She pointed to a large building with ornately carved wooden railings and adorned with pennants. “Oooh! What’s that place? It looks pretty, but I didn’t quite get a chance to ask about it last time...”

Pinkie stopped and smiled at the hovering pegasus. “That’s the Town Hall! In fact, that’s where pretty much where I started out with my friends! Twilight had turned up that day and was all ‘Oooooh, there’s a big evil pony coming to ruin the Summer Sun Celebration!’ and then BAM! Nightmare Moon appeared. So me and the others went into the Everfree Forest, and, well, that was how Equestria was saved!”

She was startled to find that Surprise was looking at her with admiration. “You really make saving the world sound easy, don’t you?” the pegasus murmured appreciatively.

Pinkie gave a dismissive shrug. “Anything’s easy when you’ve got friends backing you up!” she said, gently poking Surprise on the nose. “And even better when you’ve got a date.”

“‘Your date’, huh?” Surprise asked quietly, blushing. When Pinkie nodded, the pegasus giggled and nuzzled her. “I like the sound of that.” The two ponies spent a little while longer staring into one another’s eyes, until the white mare flicked her purple gaze upward. “So, wanna keep on walking?”

“Uh, sure!” Pinkie said hesitantly. She began to walk, and perked up again as Surprise landed and placed a wing over her back. “So, where d’you wanna go next?”

“Well...” Surprise scanned the town around her, before seeing the stalls further down the road. “How about the market? The ones in Cloudsdale always have the weirdest things from all over!”

Pinkie tapped her chin thoughtfully. “I don’t think we’ve got anything that strange... but there’s a lot of good stuff there! Ever eaten an apple from Sweet Apple Acres? Or smelled one of Roseluck’s roses? Or had some honey from Bonnet’s bees?”

Surprise shook her head. “Nope! But I’d just love to find out what they’re like...” she said with a half-lidded smile. Pinkie nodded and led her to the market street, retrieving a small bag of bits from her pink mane as she did so. Surprise’s eyes widened as she saw the pouch. “Oh, Pinkie, you don’t have to do that!”

“Nope! I’m taking you out on a date, least I can do is show you ‘round without you worrying about money!” Pinkie said, bouncing up and down excitedly.

Surprise giggled and gave the earth pony another nuzzle. “You’re just the greatest, Pinkie,” she crooned affectionately. “C’mon, then. You choose where to go. I’ll follow.”

For most ponies, the town market was place for commerce, and maybe a little socialising. However, Pinkie was not most ponies, and anyone listening in on her would be forgiven for thinking she was guiding Surprise through a funfair.

Pinkie’s bag of bits had barely lightened, with most of the stall owners happy to give a free sample or two to one of their favourite customers. So far, they’d each had a breadstick dunked in honey from Bonnet, a hoofful of cotton candy and an apple each from Sweet Apple Acres (although the pink pony had insisted on paying Big Mac for the fruit). They’d sniffed at perfumes, looked over fragrant spices from faraway lands, and swung past the flower carts to see Roseluck’s famous roses.

Surprise fluttered back from the flower cart, a red bloom tucked behind her ear, and a smiling Roseluck waving to the the two mares. The pegasus had taken a ribbon from a discarded bouquet to tie back her blonde mane into a ponytail. Pinkie looked over her shoulder at Surprise, and couldn’t help but blush at how fetching her partner looked.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Featherweight making his way through the market, his beloved camera slung around his neck. Pinkie’s face lit up as she had an idea. “Hey, Featherweight?” she called.

The colt turned his head toward her. “Yeah?”

“Could you, um, take a photo, please?” Pinkie asked, motioning to Surprise. Featherweight smiled and nodded, positioning himself with his camera. The shutter clicked noisily just as Surprise slipped a foreleg around Pinkie.

Featherweight took the photograph from the slot in his instant camera, waving it in his hoof to allow it to develop. He grimaced slightly at it. “Sorry, Pinkie. Not one of my best shots,” he admitted. “Want me to take another?”

Pinkie looked at the proffered photograph. It showed Surprise and herself, both smiling, a white foreleg around her shoulders. She wasn’t all that experienced in photography, but whatever fault Featherweight could see in the picture was invisible to her. She grinned at him. “No, no! It’s great! Thanks, Featherweight!”

“Anytime!” He flittered off into the crowd.

Surprise craned her neck over to look at the photo. “Awww! I love it!” she said. “You should keep it.”

“Don’t you want it?” Pinkie asked.

“I want you to have a keepsake too. You’ve already given me plenty today.” A smile of pure contentment crossed Surprise’s face as she looked around the market. “I mean, just look at this place! I’ve never seen anywhere like this!”

“Oh, well, it’s just a market, y’know? It’s the ponies who work there who really make it!” Pinkie replied happily.

“Well, one of those ponies, anyway,” Surprise said, hugging Pinkie around the neck. She frowned slightly as the earth pony froze on the spot, then sat down. “What’s the matter?”

“Uh, nothing!” Pinkie was staring into the middle distance, specifically at a pale yellow pegasus. The mare stood in front of a stall, haggling over the price of half a dozen different kinds of vegetables, her long pink mane swaying back and forth. Pinkie chewed her lip contemplatively.

Surprise noticed the pony Pinkie was looking at. “Oh, is she a friend of yours?” She giggled. “Actually, silly question. You know practically everypony in this town, right?”

Pinkie nodded. “Well, I do, but that’s Fluttershy! She’s one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world!” She turned to Surprise. “D’ya wanna meet her?” To her dismay, the pegasus pursed her lips and rubbed the back of her head awkwardly.

“Maybe later...” When Pinkie began to interject, Surprise cut her off. “Look, Pinkie, I’d love to meet them at some point. And I understand they’re very important to you.” She took up Pinkie’s forehooves into her own and clutched them to her chest. “But, right now, I want to get to know you. You’re really special to me, and I want to spend today with you.

Pinkie held her gaze, before her blue eyes slipped to the side. She let out a tiny sigh. “Sure. It’s no problem! Where next?” she said.

“I guess we could keep going down the street...” Surprise suggested, looking in the direction she referred to. Suddenly, her eyes went wide and she took a step back.

Pinkie didn’t have a chance to ask what Surprise was doing as she felt another pony bump into her back. “Oh goodness, I’m sorry!” came a squeak from behind her. She turned around to see Fluttershy flat on her back, a bag of carrots next to her and a list half-covering her face. “I-I was just looking at my list, and—” Her apology was cut off as Pinkie pulled her to her hooves.

“It’s OK, Fluttershy! Are you OK?” Pinkie asked, ears drooping in concern.

Fluttershy gave a nod. “Just a little knock, that’s all...” She looked at Pinkie. “Um, what brings you here, Pinkie? I don’t usually see you at the market on a Saturday.”

“Oh! I’m here on a date!” Pinkie exclaimed. When her friend began to hide her eyes behind her mane, she piped up, “It’s fine, Fluttershy! I went to Dashie and said how sorry I was, and she said she was totally fine with it!”

“Um... I see. That’s, um, nice.” Fluttershy snatched up her list from the floor. “L-look, don’t let me get in your way. You have a nice date. I have a lot of animals to feed.” She began to move, but Pinkie jumped in the way.

“Wait! Don’t you want to meet her? She’s right here!” Pinkie flapped her hoof at Surprise. To her shock, there was almost a... hardness to Fluttershy’s cyan eyes as she met Pinkie’s gaze.

“Not really, Pinkie. Maybe some other time...” Her eyes flicked over to the side, where Surprise was standing. Fluttershy frowned slightly, before turning back to her friend. “Now, I really have to go.” She scurried off, leaving Pinkie gaping after her. Surprise, who had stepped to one side, came over to her partner, placing a comforting foreleg around her shoulders.

“She... I... Fluttershy’s never...” Pinkie stammered.

“Hey, she just looked a bit busy. And stressed out,” Surprise said, looking at the retreating back of the pegasus.

Pinkie’s mouth drooped slightly. “She sounded angry with me...” The foreleg squeezed a little tighter.

“Nah, I’m just as crabby as that on a bad day,” Surprise said cheerfully. “Hey, c’mon, don’t be a big mopey-pants!” She nuzzled Pinkie’s cheek, and the earth pony murred happily.

“I’m sorry, Surprise...” Pinkie sighed and hugged her in return. “I didn’t mean to ruin our date.”

Surprise pulled her head back and poked her tongue out. “Since when does your friend walking into you ruin a date? It’s really no problem!” Her eyes alighted upon a nearby stall, where hampers of food were being sold. “Y’know, it’s a nice day. Want to go and have a picnic in the park? Get away from the bustle?”

Pinkie nodded vigorously. All her excitement at showing Surprise the market had suddenly evaporated after meeting Fluttershy. The market’s buzz had gone from being invigorating to oppressive, and there was nothing she wanted more than to get away from it all with Surprise.

Pinkie took out her bits and bought a hamper for two from the smiling vendor, but even as she looked into Surprise’s happy purple eyes, she could still see the flinty remnants of that cold, judgemental cyan glare.

The two mares reached the park soon after, Pinkie holding the handle of the hamper in her mouth and bouncing along, with Surprise hovering in tow. They settled themselves down on the grass near the pegasus’ cloud, and the earth pony placed their picnic on the ground.

“Let’s see... daisy sandwiches, lemonade, carrot chips, a cupcake...” Pinkie said, rummaging through the container. “Hope you’re hungry!”

“Well, I’m sure I can fit it in around the cotton candy,” Surprise said with a giggle. She reached into the hamper as well, and her forehooves bumped against Pinkie’s. The pegasus held them in the crooks of her ankles and stared into Pinkie’s eyes, smiling. They moved closer, rubbing noses. “Or maybe it can wait a little bit longer...” she crooned.

They extracted their forelegs from the hamper and Pinkie shoved it to one side. The earth pony scooted closer to sit next to the pegasus and hugged her. Surprise placed a wing around her partner, resting her head on Pinkie’s shoulder.

Pinkie buried her head in the yellow, poofy mane, and the two mares nuzzled one another, murring deeply. She was intrigued to find that the pegasus’ mane smelled surprisingly sweet, although more like fresh fruit than the sugary confectionary she was used to. She let out a contented sigh.

“Oh, Pinkie...” Surprise murmured. They simply embraced in the sunshine, the pink pony content for once to remain still and quiet, listening to her partner’s gentle breathing. Eventually, the pegasus laid back, pulling Pinkie down with her, and pointed at the sky. “You ever just sit and cloudwatch?” she asked.

“Huh? Not really... why?” Pinkie replied quietly.

“It’s just very... calming.” Surprise turned her head to the earth pony, her purple eyes crinkling in a smile. “I’ve always seen you being so energetic, but y’know, I like to slow down sometimes and just... watch.”

“Mmmm... yeah.” Pinkie giggled and pointed upwards. “Hey, that one looks like a balloon!”

“Or maybe a tortoiseshell...” the pegasus offered.

“Yeah! What about that one? A... buffalo stuck in an apple tree?” Pinkie’s comment was met with a snort of laughter from the white mare.

“What are you talking about? It’s totally a giant lollipop stuck out of a hill!” Surprise said, giggling. The two ponies continued pointing out cloud shapes, their suggestions becoming more and nonsensical as time went on.

Pinkie found herself growing wonderfully drowsy in the sunny heat of the afternoon and the embrace of her partner. Her eyelids drooped, and she suddenly awoke as she rolled sideways. Her heart did a little leap as she realised that Surprise was gone. Gone. She sat up with a gasp, looking about frantically. A white rabbit scampered past her, startled by her sudden movement.

Surprise hadn’t abandoned her, she couldn’t have! Pinkie’s heart began to thunder in her chest, and her breaths came in short, tiny gasps. Where did she go? Had she done something wrong? Had Surprise gotten bored, or gone off to see somepony else, or decided they wouldn’t be right together and gone back to Cloudsdale and left forever, or—

“Hey. Up here.” Pinkie looked up and gaped at what she saw. Above her, Surprise poked her head over a heart-shaped cloud. “What d’ya think this one looks like?” the pegasus said with a cocky grin.

“I... I...” For once, Pinkie found herself lost for words. A blush appeared on her cheeks, and a wide smile gradually appeared on her face.

“You like it, huh?” Pinkie nodded happily, and Surprise flew down from the cloud, before hovering in front of her, upside down. “Knew ya would.” The pegasus leaned her head forward and gave Pinkie the lightest of kisses on her nose.

“S-Surprise... are we really...?” When the pegasus simply cocked an eyebrow, she swallowed and continued, “Can I call you my special somepony now?” Pinkie was trembling with anticipation, and inside, a maelstrom of doubt raged. She knew she’d overstepped the mark, suggested it way too soon. And yet... Surprise couldn’t look happier. A flush had appeared on her white cheeks, and she leaned in again to give another light kiss.

“Y’know what? You can. I’d really like that.” Surprise took a deep breath and let it out in a little sigh. “I... I don’t know what it is about you, Pinkie, but you really make me feel special. I know it’s early days, but I really want to keep this going,” she said, her purple eyes sparkling with happiness.

Surprise landed, and they hugged again on the ground, finally turning to the hamper they’d forgotten. The two ponies watched the clouds in the sky, and eventually the glorious orange glow of sunset. As night began to fall over Ponyville, the pair finally bade one another goodbye.

“Would you be up for another date soon?” Pinkie asked quietly.

“Would I ever!” Surprise said happily. “When d’you wanna go out?”

“Well, it’s Sunday tomorrow, so the bakery’s pretty quiet... but Mr. and Mrs. Cake are taking me and the twins out for the day. I guess Monday? At midday again?” the pink pony said. When Surprise nodded, Pinkie ground her hoof in the dirt awkwardly. “Um, Surprise, seeing as we’re kinda special someponies now, I was kinda maybe wondering, uh...”

“...your friends?” Surprise finished for her. Pinkie nodded tentatively. “Well... I don’t see the harm in that. Although... could we make it a low-key thing? I mean, y’know, not paraded out like a pony at a fashion show, huh?” she said with a frozen grin.

“Sure! I guess we could visit them at home...” Pinkie looked thoughtful, and brightened up. “Oh, yeah! If you liked Ponyville, you’ll love my friends’ houses! There’s a dress shop that looks like a carousel, a library made out of a tree, a cloud house with liquid rainbowfalls...”

The white mare giggled and gave Pinkie one last hug. “That sounds awesome! I’ll look forward to it! See ya soon!”

“Bye!” Pinkie waved to Surprise as the pegasus flew back to her cloud. The earth pony then turned and bounced toward Sugarcube Corner. Mrs. Cake was right: love did sneak up on you when you least expected it! Smiling to herself, Pinkie felt happier than she could ever remember, even more than the day the Sonic Rainboom had blasted away the clouds over her farm and led to her cutie mark, and that was an incredibly happy day! Everything was going to be just fine.

“Juuuuust fine.”

Author's Note:

Thanks to Burraku_Pansa and Raisingthesound for pre-reading this chapter.