• Published 24th Oct 2013
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Rainbowdash to the rescue - sonicawesomeb00m

when her beloved tank gets captured rainbow dash must go on a journey to rescue her pet

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*redone* chapter 1- déjà vu

"Ahh the lake. So peaceful. So calm. So..." My voice trails off as Pinkie Pie played in the water and as my eyes slowly close, I fell asleep.

"Hey Rainbow Dash!" I awoke but I am not at the lake anymore . I'm at home, in Cloudsdale, still in bed. I looked out the window and saw the silhouette of Pinkie Pie.

"Oh hey pinkie how's it going?" I yawn as my eyes adjusted to the sun behind Pinkie. The balloons tied to either hoof are shimmering beautifully in the morning sun.

"Do you want to hang out today Rainbow Dash?"

"I would love to Pinkie but I have to look after Tank today" Pinkie Pie looked sad... for at least five seconds before returning to her original self.

"Oki doki loki" Pinkie slowly lowered herself to ground level gently humming a tune.

I turn back to my room. There isn't much really a desk with some ink and quills, with draws for holding paper, a small Bookshelf with Daring Do books and photo albums, a nice rug and finally my bed. I look towards the end of my bed expecting to see Tank. But I don't. I jump out of bed and race around the room 'How do you lose a green tortoise in a blue and white room.

I am getting worried. I rushed outside to search for anything green and small. Weaving through the crowd of pegasi, I spotted a small green object. For a minute I felt a wave of relief and flew over there but as I got closer I noticed it was a filly Pegasus sitting next to a stole.

I continue to search cloudsdale until I came to the conclusion that Tank is not here. I dashed over to Fluttershy's cottage at extreme speeds. pretty soon I arrived at the small yellow cottage and without knocking I burst through the door. "Fluttershy!" I yelled scaring all the little critters away. well all except Angel bunny.

"Um... yes rainbow dash?" she looked scared as always and Angel was gently brushing her mane.

"Have you seen a tortoise with a propeller on its back around?"

"You lost Tank!" She yelled furiously.

"I didn't lose him, he left while I was sleeping!" I yelled trying to hold back. Calming my self down, I ask my next question "Do you know why he ran?"

"No" She replied "he was normally happy bei-"

"Hey where's Angel going?" I interrupt.

"Angel comeback where are you going, ANGEL!!" Fluttershy yells, cries of anger turning into tears of sadness. A little puddle was starting to form around her and I'm starting to feel bad. But I have to find Tank.

"I'll umm... I'll let you sort things out with Angel, meanwhile I have to find Tank."

"Please don't go." she whispers, utter fear in her eyes. "She's never done this before."

"I'm sorry Fluttershy but I really have to find my little Tankie." After saying this I left the small cottage and returned to my search for the tortoise. I feel bad for just leaving Fluttershy like that but I have to find Tank "Tank where are you!" I yell, tears liquid pride forming in my eyes. 'Come on Tank where are you' I thought as I close in on the library.

I approach the town library, also known as Twilight's house and home, Twilight Sparkle the newly formed alicorn was awaiting my arrival, wings out in frustration and anger. "Rainbow Dash thank goodness your here I want to know how she keeps doing this and there is no way you are stopping me from coming" Twilight argued even though I am completely stumped on what she is saying.

"Now hold on just a minute, who keeps doing what and why?" I ask looking at her rustled wings and puzzled expression.

"You don't remember, again?" she sighs and gestures for me to come inside "I'm guessing you skipped breakfast as well."

'OK now she's starting to creep me out'

In the library I look around. I've been in this place thousands of times and yet it never stops to amaze me at how much of an egghead she is. books line the walls and a small table, for reading I assume, is in the middle of the room. I sit on one of the chairs, head on the great oak table.

"Soo let me get this straight." I say half confused half angry "Trixie's back"

"Eyep" Twilight replied not paying attention after this being the twentieth time hearing this conversation.

"and she's evil again?"

"Well by evil you mean stolen the Alicorn Amulet again then yes." she replies completely flat as she holds an apple with her magic while packing a travelling bag.

"Wait wait wait, she has the Alicorn Amulet?!"

"Yes, were you even paying attention?" she asked obviously irritated.

"Of course, I was just surprised that she had the Alicorn Amulet," I replied hoping that will ease the tension "So umm anyway do you supposedly have errr-"

"Proof?" twilight interrupted.

"Yes proof do you have any?"

"Well its not much proof but in about five seconds the mail mare Derpy Hooves will crash into the window in 3-2-1," At that moment a flash of gold and grey hit the window with letters flying everywhere. "is that proof enough?" Twilight mocked. Before I could say anything the young mare arose from the ground and burst in forgetting to knock.

"special delivery for miss Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Trash" Yelled Derpy Hooves saluting.

"It's Rainbow Dash" I reply

"Huh, must have the wrong mares than." At this moment Twilight decides to perk up.

"No, no you have the right mares don't we Rainbow TRASH!" she exclaims signalling for me to give in to 'trash'

"Sigh yep that's me Rainbow Trash." Rummaging around in her mailbag she pulled out two items. one a letter with a photo attached to it the other a muffin. Twilight places the core of her apple on a nearby table and grabs the items, we thank her and she leaves.

"I get the letter and photo but what's the muffin for?" I ask hoping Twilight and her preknowledge would help.

"Beats me I get confused each and every time and I always forget to ask anyway are you not more concerned about the letter" she replies anxious to get going.

"But what about the-"

"Forget about the muffin!" She yelled chucking the muffin out the window

'OK maybe I was out of line just a tad there' I decide to open the envelope and hand Twilight the photo

"its a ransom note." I say predicting she knows this but to my surprise Twilight's eyes widen in fear

"histories course is changing" she whispers "read the note out, loud."

" It reads Dear Rainbow Trash the Great And Powerful Trixie wishes to obtain a certain alicorn I do not care about the state she is in, as long as she is breathing and doesn't know why she is going there. Do this if you wan't to see your precious little tank again. The place is on the back of the photo" My knees are feeling weak but i don't fall instead we turn the photo of Tank over

"Where is it Twilight?" I ask

"Its in... the castle ruins in the Everfree forest!!"

Author's Note:

so the first chapter of my first story is finally complete after 9 months so dont expect it to be continued however if i get alot of positive responses i might continue it but school will get in the way a fair bit anyway its midnight and i got school so im gonna hit the hay so to say