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Valley Of Rainbows: Seeking Solutions - Sparx

Rainbow Dash must seek out the lost Elements of harmony to aid in the potential threat of coming war, with the aid of some strange allies

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She Who Summoned Me

She Who Summoned Me

Rainbow Dash made her way through the castle, keeping the dogs close by to avoid any potential conflict with the guards. Outside of the throne room, they insisted that Rover and his crew stay behind. “Princess Twilight is going to want to see them as well. They’re my companions and friends and they’ll most likely need to hear this too.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Rainbow Dash—”

“Just Rainbow Dash,” Spot said proudly, crossing his arms behind his back and giving a smug grin.

The guard returned the interruption with a frown. “As I was saying, Rainbow Dash, the diamond dogs are poachers and they hide behind trees. Hunt you to the ground they will. They can’t be trusted.”

“Shut it, Bowie. They listen to me.” Rainbow turned to the dogs and tapped her hoof against the floor. “Sit!” The dogs all obeyed, planting themselves onto the ground with their chins raised proudly. “Stand!” They once again followed her command, standing straight and at attention. “Speak!”

“Yes, Rainbow Dash!” they replied in unison. Dash turned back to the guard with a cocky smirk.

“Fine. You may enter, but keep them under control. If they prove to be a problem, then you’ll be the one taking full responsibility.” The doors to the throne room opened and Rainbow entered. The dogs began making their way in after, but not before giving a synchronized raspberry to the guard.

At the end of the room, Twilight sat with three guards giving her their full attention with a large purple dragon standing at her side, his arms crossed. Rainbow recognized the dragon as Spike, though much bigger than the last time she had seen him. “Send word to Shining Armor. We’re going to need his opinion on this matter, I’m not as familiar with military action yet and we can’t let Gallows believe we are weak. If the griffons want to use intimidation tactics, we just have to make sure we intimidate back,” Twilight spoke in a serious, focused tone. Spike let his gaze shift to Rainbow and the dogs as they approached. He gave a welcoming smile and wave. Twilight noticed and looked to where Spike had. She then dismissed the guards. As they passed by Rainbow and company, the dogs gathered more glares. “Welcome back, Rainbow Dash.”

Dash shook her head. “No need for formalities, Twi. We’re friends.”

“Sorry, force of habit.” Twilight shook her head and placed a forehoof against her temple. “Never thought I’d be leading Equestria, now it’s all I ever do.”

“Place hasn’t fallen apart yet. You must be doing something right,” Dash returned, managing to pull a giggle out of Twilight. Dash then looked up to Spike. “What’re you doing here, big guy? Rarity give ya some time off? Not that I don’t like seeing yer mug again.” She gave a laugh, but stopped when she saw Spike’s eyes drop into a depressing frown.

“Actually, that’s one of the reasons I called you here,” Twilight said. “We have a lot to talk about.”

Rainbow Dash could see it in the look Twilight gave, that she and the dogs were going to have to hold off on sleep and cider for a while. “We should probably get started then.”

Twilight gave a smile. She peeked her head behind Dash and noticed that the dogs were all quietly bickering amongst one another for some unheard reason. “Uh, could we start with them?”

Dash turned her head and cleared her throat, bringing the dogs to attention. She looked back to Twilight and gave a smile. “Of course! You remember Spot, Fido, and Rover, don’t ya Twilight?”

Spike gave a menacing scowl, forcing the dogs to shrink under his gaze. “Oooh yeah. I remember.” His voice was a deep and low growl.

“Right, but they’re cool now. We’ve been traveling together for a few months now, and they’ve really helped me out. Hell, last night Fido’s nose sniffed out some sand rats and they helped me fight ‘em off,” Rainbow said. The dogs nodded quickly in agreement.

Twilight held a hoof out in front of Spike to stop his intimidation. “Then you have my thanks. If you’re going to be traveling with Rainbow Dash, I’m glad to hear you’re providing her help. But if you don’t mind my asking, why?”

Rover stepped forward to Rainbow Dash’s side, and cleared his throat. “After we lost Miss Rarity to you other po-nees, other dogs thought we were no longer fit to lead. So we take to the surface and become wandering dogs. Years pass and still we wandered, staying at dog lands, seeking to belong with dogs once more. What we weren’t counting on was our reputation spreading. We were shamed for letting po-nees outsmart us. We were out of food with no gems to pay either. Then we met Rainbow Dash and, knowing how fearsome po-nees could be, begged for aid. Rainbow Dash was kind to us and fed us. She offered to keep us fed and warm if we traveled together, so we accepted.”

“Yes! And we’re very grateful!” Spot added, Fido bobbing his head in agreement.

“Pretty much,” Rainbow added. “They’ve definitely been a good help. They know diamond dog lands pretty well. Rover’s proven to be smarter than you’d think, Fido’s pretty damn strong and that’s always helpful, and Spot’s size has come in handy a number of times as well, the sneaky little bastard.” All three of the dogs gave large, stupid smiles at their compliments.

Twilight scanned them over before giving a look of approval. “Well, any friend of Rainbow’s is a friend of ours.” She smiled. “Now, to the reason you’re here. With Celestia and Luna gone, we have some rather ambitious neighbors looking in our direction. King Gallows of the Griffon Kingdom is making some threatening moves against Equestria. He has been sending soldiers dangerously close to our borders and setting up outposts. He’s been doing it deliberately to try and frighten us. It shouldn’t be too long before he tries to invade.”

Rainbow gave a look of concern. “So I was right in thinking that you were trying to warn me about a possible war in that dream?”

“That’s right,” Twilight answered. The dogs looked to one another uncomfortably.

“He is aware that we have the Elements of Harmony at our disposal, right?” Rainbow had a cocky smirk spread across her face. “We just get Rarity and AJ while you call Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.”

“I wish it were that easy, Rainbow Dash. Applejack and Rarity have gone missing too, and the only reason I was able to contact you was through a spell that I sent toward your element. You were the only one to take yours with you.” Twilight motioned towards the necklace around Rainbow’s neck. “I didn’t know where you were, but I knew you had your element. I used my own as an enhancement to send a message through yours.”

“So... they just disappeared?” Rainbow’s eyes flew open in horror. “Like the princess’?”

“No. They left. Just like Pinkie and Fluttershy. At least that’s what we believe. Applejack came to say goodbye about a month after you did, for about the same reasons. She wanted to take a look at Equestria and beyond since Applebloom grew big enough to take on more work. She left without her element. I should have given it to her, but I didn’t see something like this coming. I didn’t even know I could use the elements like I did with yours until I tried.”

“They can do a lot more than that, Twi,” replied Rainbow. “You were right when you said they might have individual powers. Mine was able to throw a barrier around Fido last night when I saw him getting attacked.”

Twilight’s eyes widened in interest and excitement. “Really?”

“Of course really!” Rainbow beamed. “It was so cool!”

“Do you know how you did it?” Twilight grew increasingly curious.

Rainbow could only shrug. “Not really. I only saw he was about to get hit and that I wasn’t able to get to him in time. I called out his name and a red bubble popped up around him and the rats crashed right into it.”

Twilight brought a hoof to her chin. “Vocal command maybe? Or more likely activated by loyalty to your companion? Seems more fitting that way. Regardless of how, this is very interesting. Anything else?”

“I think you might be onto something with that loyalty bit. It reacts whenever I focus on the concept,” Rainbow continued. “Like you suggested, I’ve been studying the thing nightly and trying to gain a bigger grasp on what loyalty means to me. It glows and seems to give off some energy or something when I wear it and focus.”

“Fascinating!” Twilight smiled as she stared intently at the object. A smug expression then spread on her face. “And to think that I turned the proud and strong Rainbow Dash into a study bug egghead.” Her tone shifted to one of taunting.

Dash merely shrugged again and grinned back. “Hey, you were right about reading weren’t ya? Besides, Daring would always study her treasure. If I’m gonna adventure, I should know what I’m carrying with me.”

“Wise,” Twilight complimented. “But back to the issue at hoof. I brought you here to seek our friends out. Find them, and bring them back here. I’m concerned for them, and we need every advantage we can afford to deter Gallows from his invasion. I don’t want to involve Equestria in warfare.”

“I hear ya Twi. I’ll find them. To tell the truth, I was really missing the old gang.” She turned back to the dogs. “Not that the newer one has anything wrong with it.” They all smiled as Dash returned her attention to Twilight. “But I don’t exactly know where to look either.”

“I know, and that’s going to be a problem.” Twilight turned to Spike. With a puff of emerald fire, he produced a parchment and let Twilight levitate it before Rainbow Dash. “Head to Ponyville tomorrow, go to this address. There will be a rather... eccentric unicorn there. She’s agreed to help you with this and she’s well traveled. I have faith she’ll be of use to you guys, maybe she even knows where one of our friends went, or at least where to start looking.” Rainbow looked over the parchment and grabbed it, stuffing it into an easy to access pouch on her saddlebag. “With some luck you’ll find clues for each of them. I just hope they’re okay.”

“You and me both.” Rainbow turned back to the dogs. “You guys down to help?”

They all looked to one another and gave a shrug. Rover was the one to answer. “Not like we have much else to do.”

Rainbow smiled and returned her gaze to Twilight. “You got yourself a search party. Anything else you wanna say?”

“Too much, too little time to tell you. I need to get some rest if I’m going to bring the sun up tomorrow. If all of this ever blows off, I’ll tell you everything. I can get you a room ready in the castle.” Twilight moved to call a guard.

“Appreciate it, but I’ve gotten used to taverns and camp fires. Plus, I promised these guys some Sweet Apple booze. Not to mention, I don’t think the guards would take too kindly to having them sleeping in the castle.” Rainbow returned. “If you could book us some rooms at Warm Fires’ place though I’d be feelin’ pretty good.”

Twilight dipped her head and levitated a quill and parchment to her side. She scrawled something on the note and handed it to Spike, who then set it aflame. “It’s done. Sleep well tonight, Rainbow Dash. Be safe out there and good luck.”

“You got it Twilight.” Rainbow left with a final smile for her friend as she made her way to the doors. “Don’t let Equestria fall apart while I’m gone.”

“Wasn’t planning on it,” Twilight called back.

Rainbow and the dogs made their way out into the hallway. As they walked across the castle floor, Rainbow thought. Applejack and Rarity had left now too. All of her friends were scattered and she only knew where Twilight was at this moment. Despite her determination and confidence, she was very worried inside. She could have sworn that Applejack would have stayed on that farm for her life, but apparently she had just as much drive to leave as Rainbow. Perhaps that’s why she pushed Rainbow into going in the first place? So that she could gather the courage to go as well? Whatever the reason, she had gone, and Dash was going to go find her and the rest of their friends.

They had made their way into the main entrance when Dash saw somepony that took her by surprise. The Wonderbolts were coming from the opposite direction and Spitfire had seen her, waving and drawing closer. “Well well well. If it isn’t Rainbow Dash. Back from your little journey?”

“For the night. Official element bearer business,” Rainbow returned, attempting to sound important and mysterious.

“Oooh, interesting. Anything we can know?” Spitfire picked up right after Dash finished.

“Only behind closed doors,” Rainbow said with a wink.

“Uh, Miss—er, Rainbow Dash. We’re only to seek the other element bearers,” Fido interjected, earning a laugh from Spitfire and the other bolts.

“Your friend doesn’t seem to get what you were going for, does he?” Soarin’ said.

“Apparently not,” Dash chuckled. “I was inviting her to come along, Fido.”

The three dogs looked at one another, still obviously not getting the point and merely shrugged, earning more laughter from the pegasi. “Anyway,” Spitfire continued, “if you insist, I guess I could come along. Mind if I bring a few companions of my own?” She tilted her head back to motion towards the other Wonderbolts.

“Don’t see why not. We’re only here for the night anyway, might as well have a bit of fun while we can. Sound okay to you guys?” Rainbow asked the dogs. Again they looked amongst one another and turned back with Rover giving a thumbs up, Spot grinning wide, and Fido nodding repeatedly. “Great! Hope the Wonderbolts can handle some drunken dogs!”

With Spitfire and a selection of willing Wonderbolts tagging along, Rainbow and the rest made their way into the city, finding their way to Warm Fires’ tavern. When Warm Fires stated that the letter only said they would need two rooms, Dash insisted that nothing had changed. “They’re only here for drinks. They’ll pay. And this one is sharing a room with me tonight,” she said with a tilt in her head pointed towards Spitfire. Fires was a unicorn of the coin and saw potential in this arrangement. He accepted and called his staff to bring in the alcohol.

It didn’t take long for the tavern to begin getting rather loud and rowdy as the dogs let out howls of entertainment as they drank alongside their new pegasus friends. It seemed that Soarin’ was having the most fun with them, joining in on their howling and even bringing his forelegs around their shoulders to sing a few songs.

Rainbow and Spitfire watched it it all going down with a fair amount of giggling from both of them. Dash didn’t drink too much; the flight had taken quite a bit out of her. She made her way to her room rather soon. Spitfire followed and the two of them found themselves alone. Spitfire closed the door behind the two of them, and almost instantly, Spitfire pressed her lips against Rainbow’s, forcing her towards the bed. Dash felt her lips part slightly and then the intrusion of Spitfire’s tongue into her mouth. She returned the act and they stayed within one another’s embrace for a good minute.

Spitfire pulled back for a moment and Rainbow was able to identify her familiar bedroom eyes. “I’ve missed you, Dashie.”

“I missed you too, Spitfire. Spent a lot of time alone out there.” Dash walked closer and brushed her cheek against Spitfire’s. “Didn’t think you’d be here. I’m really glad you are though.”

Spitfire let out a small chuckle. “Ditto. Kinda feeling glad that we’re here.”

Dash brought her head back. “Why are you guys here anyway?”

“Guard duty. We’re the best of the best and somepony needs to guard the skies with griffons floating about, looking at us like prey,” Spitfire explained.

“You sure that Twilight didn’t just want to give me a present before I head out?” Dash snickered.

“Well I know that I sure do!” Spitfire planted a kiss against Rainbow’s neck, forcing her wings into the air, and began making her way towards the bed.

Dash watched her lay across the sheets, inviting her to join. “I should really come back more often.”

“How long has it been?”

“Hmm... four years?”

“And I’ve been away for about one?”


Rainbow Dash gave a chuckle. “I thought I represented loyalty. Can’t believe I left and you still welcome me with open arms.”

“Well I couldn’t exactly get you out of my head. ‘Specially since if I met you with open arms, you’d return the favor with open legs,” Spitfire returned, giggling lightly.

Rainbow snuggled closer to her lover in the bed, holding her close as she stared into her fiery eyes. Both their manes were spread all across the bed and sweat decorated their bodies. The hairs lied with one another, blending colors and making it appear as if the two were joined. “I’m heading back out in the morning you know.”

Spitfire nodded. “I’d come with you if I could. I’m needed here though.”

“I know you would.” Dash smiled. She leaned in and took another kiss. “Just like last time. I’d take you if I could.”

“I know you would,” Spitfire echoed. From the next room they heard four loud thuds hit the floor. “Sounds like Soarin’ and the dogs finally hit their end.”

They both laughed, and Dash let out a heavy sigh. “Oh by Celestia, I’m going to miss you.”

“And I you. Duty calls however, and we’ll just have to keep our minds on that until we can see each other again.”

Dash smiled, hugging tight to Spitfire. She tried to remember this feeling, memorize it. The warmth of her body, her breath, the look in her eyes and the mess of mane across the bed. She wanted to feel this forever. “I’ll be back sooner than you believe. I’ll come and take you with me, and we can explore this world together.”

Spitfire yawned and left a small peck at Dash’s cheek. “Sounds lovely. If you come across anywhere in particular we’d enjoy, try to remember it.” Her eyes began to droop heavily as she let sleep take her, wrapped in Rainbow’s legs.

Rainbow could feel sleep taking her as well. As tired as she was though, she didn't’ want the night to end, to wake and leave in the morning. At least, not without Spitfire. “Of course. I’ll think of you, and come back with stories and places to share.” She let out a yawn of her own as Spitfire passed out. She felt her eyes begin to fall as well. She brought her muzzle up to Spitfire’s ear, whispering her last words of the night. “I love you.”

Author's Note:

And now we make it to She Who Summoned Me by Pyramaze. This one actually does have more going for it than the title. "This world is still worth saving, but I can't do it alone. I've lost those close to my heart, and now I need someone." And while most directly referring to Twilight, the title may also refer towards Spitfire in a much more indirect way.
Speaking of which, we have the introduction of Spitfire here, who we can expect so see quite a bit of in this story, taking the reigns whenever we turn our attention back to Canterlot.