• Published 9th Mar 2014
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Valley Of Rainbows: Seeking Solutions - Sparx

Rainbow Dash must seek out the lost Elements of harmony to aid in the potential threat of coming war, with the aid of some strange allies

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Chapter 10.5: Delusion

“Well, it doesn’t seem hostile. Probably going to just pass up Vanhoover as well, head right on to Minos.”

“Wanna head on back then?”

Fleetfoot considered the option, looking down at Ponyville below. “You know what? I think I’ll take up a post here actually, keep an eye out on things.”

“I don’t think that the captain will be very—”

“Whatever, I have something to attend to and I can keep watch over things and stuff, just tell the captain I’m doing my job.” Fleetfoot waved a hoof around to try and discourage any further argument. The guard accompanying her could only shrug and turn his way back to Canterlot.

Fleetfoot grinned as she looked back down to Ponyville, eager to pick up from when she left off. Flying above the town, she kept her eye out, scanning for her target. “Bingo!” She dove down, colliding with her mark. She tumbled in a swirl of color through the dirt before landing on top, nose to nose. “I missed you, did you miss me?”

“…Nope,” Big Macintosh’s reply came out as simple as ever.

“Oh, always with the kidding,” Fleetfoot giggled as she rubbed noses with the earth pony. “So, it just so happens that I’m posted here for a while. I was wondering if you wanted to, I dunno, perhaps get some dinner and show me around town?”

“Nope.” Mac gently let Fleetfoot off from on top of him and returned to his hooves, dusting himself off. He attempted to continue walking down his path as his unwelcome guest tried to keep up.

“You’re always so aloof! It’s adorable,” she cooed, stepping close enough so that the two of them would brush against one another. “So, I’ve been hearing about a few places - Spitfire likes to gab about where Rainbow takes her - and I was wondering if we could perhaps visit them?”

“Nope.” Macintosh did not change his pace or tone. He didn’t dislike the pegasus, he simply had no interest. Mares were not his primary concern at this point in his life. If he kept the farm in shape and his family happy, that was enough for him. However, it seems that since a few years ago, after colliding with the poor filly, she had fallen for him.

“Oh! So you have something more special in mind then? You’re such a sweetheart!” Fleetfoot’s pink cheeks may have been hidden under her suit, but most everypony that saw the two of them could imagine her blush.

“N… er… eeyup?” Big Mac became confused as to which words he was answering, as the pegasus was speaking too fast for him to keep up.

“Yay! You’re amazing!” She flung her forelegs around his neck, forcing the large stallion to pause. “Why don’t you get rid of that dirty old yoke?”

Mac let out a sigh as he separated Fleetfoot from his throat. “Nope.” He looked back to the path in front of him and gave a smile to see the one he had come to meet approaching. He waved a hoof towards her, Fleetfoot taking a glance.

Zecora returned the wave as she made her way towards the two of them, carrying a cart full of bottles and various herbs. “Macintosh of coat so red, it’s good to see your stoic head.” She smiled to see her friend. With a glimpse to his side, she was met with a disapproving glare from Fleetfoot. “With company I meet you here. Tell me, may I have your ear?”

“Eeyup.” Mac nodded, walking towards Zecora. Fleetfoot tried to follow, but he held out a hoof to block her. “Nope.” She frowned as he came to the zebra’s side.

Zecora spoke in a hushed whisper. “She shows me eyes that wish me dead. I ask, are you two to wed?” She looked back to Fleetfoot and was met with a fiery scowl.

“Nope,” Big Mac returned.

“She does know not your feelings true,” Zecora sighed. “I know the truth would make her blue.”

Mac looked confused.

“I do not speak about her coat; I speak of how she will emote.”

“Hey! You about done?” Fleetfoot hissed.

“We speak as friends dear pegasus. There is no need for jealousness,” Zecora returned.

“Oh! Well then that’s okay!” Fleetfoot dropped her venomous attitude and returned to her cheery behavior. She trotted over towards the two of them with a smile on her face. “I hope you don’t mind if I tag along. Mac already approved anyway.”

“Nope!” Macintosh shot back, disapproving of Fleetfoot putting words in his usually empty mouth.

“I do not mind another companion. It could also do well for this here stallion,” Zecora offered. Mac didn’t respond, his indifference for the pegasus belying any objection he may have.

“Great! I can tell we’re all going to get along swimmingly!”

Author's Note:

It's a short one, mostly for the fact that this is a bit of a bonus chapter, meant to set up interactions you'll be seeing pop up later in the overarching storyline, introduce some of the secondary heroes of the stories before they actually do anything.

Also I wanted an excuse to stick a Falconer song in here because I love Falconer and you should too!
Not to mention the line "will stupidity get canonized?" seems a pretty consistent fear in the fandom.