• Published 13th Feb 2013
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Together Until the End - Drakewing

Big Macintosh and Shining Armor have been friends forever. Before they know it feelings have surfaced but when Shining leaves for Cadet School. Now Shining is back what will Mac do? M/M included

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Chapter 3

That night after the carnival Big Mac and Shining Armor had found themselves back home once again but this time with new eyes and one heart. Finding themselves too tired for any vigorous activities they found themselves on the bed with Shining Armor cuddling close to Mac’s chest. Besides Mac’s roar of a snore, the night had been peaceful enough. Shining Armor woke to find Mac still sleeping beside him with his back turned towards the unicorn. The white stallion smiled happily and placed his lips along the back of the other stallion’s neck feeling a shiver underneath. With a creak of the bed Shining got to his hooves and walked down the stairs to sit on the porch taking in the rare beauty of the sunrise. The red hue scattered across the farm made the whole place feel warm and welcoming. Smiling, the white stallion took a whiff of the morning air intertwined with fresh apples and freshly turned soil. His ears twitched behind him as he heard the stairs creak under a pair of powerful hooves.

Groggily Big Macintosh walked down the stairs, the memories of last nights festivities coming back to him as he locked eyes with Shining Armor. Shining smiled softly at him, a smile that he only shows to those of which he truly cares deeply for. Though grateful for this simple sign of affection from the unicorn, Mac looked away clearly troubled by something. Shining Armor watched as he walked into the kitchen with the bigger chap.

“What’s wrong Mac?” he asked worriedly. Shining had only seen this look once before when he had to leave. Was Big Mac regretting his confession already?

The red stallion looked over his shoulder to him, “Its, just that,” he took a deep breath, unsure of how to word his thoughts. “Its just… what will everyone think of two stallions being together.”

Shining stared at Big Mac’s sullen expression. He knew he was right, it was taboo for two stallions like themselves to be together, he could even be kicked out of the Royal Guard. Not to mention what the Princess would think. He nodded his head and gritted his teeth. For the second time since coming back to Ponyville he landed a solid blow straight to Mac’s jaw. Mac stumbled a lil and looked at Shining Armor.

“What’s wrong with y-” he started to yell but was cut off by the expression his captor of his heart had. Shining’s eyes were locked onto the larger stallion with such a fierce determination that would never break. He wouldn’t give up so easily and Mac knew this too well now, he had changed. He blushed softly and pulled the slightly younger captain into his chest.

“You sure you want to go through with this Shining?” Shining could only hide his face into his chest with a single nod. Mac smiled, “Alright,” he leaned his head down and laid a soft kiss upon Shining Armor’s forehead to reassure him.

The two stood there in the middle of the kitchen like that for a while, Mac’s cheek bruised and Shining’s face buried into his new coltfriends shoulder. After they let go of each other Mac sent Shining to go wash up and Mac would prepare some breakfast. Shining willingly and happily complied, going upstairs past the bedroom to the bathroom. After washing up he stared into the mirror his blue mane covering his forehead, where only moments ago the colt who once was friend turned lover kissed him. Smiling at his reflection he heard Mac call up to him letting him know that breakfast was ready. As he was walking past the bedroom something caught his eye. A piece of parchment marked with the symbol of a crystal heart, a haunting reminder of something he would rather forget. Quickly Shining stowed the letter under the bed and cleared his mind of it. He would deal with that matter another day.

Downstairs Mac was happily surprised at how well he did when he presented the apple waffles he prepared his new lover. He had special plans today to make up for making Shining feel bad like that but as usual work had to be done. As Shining Armor sat down at the table with Macintosh enjoying their breakfast Mac explained to him that today they would have to take the train to Phillydelphia to sell some apples and help out at the farm there too. Shining nodded distracted by the sweet taste of the waffles, for somepony who said he couldn’t cook these were fantastic! The both of them sat in silence being reminded of Mac’s mother’s cooking. After they put their dishes away Shining armor waited at the door for Big Mac who was upstairs readying a travel pack.

Thinking of his mother made Mac remember how she would always pester him to clean under his bed. Ever since she had passed he always made sure to keep his room clean not a single drop of dirt in sight. Something caught him by surprise this morning though. There was a letter under the bed, grabbing it but not opening it he heard Shining’s impatient voice call up to him asking him what was taking him so long. Putting the letter in his pack Mac decided to worry about it later. It didn’t seem so important to him right now. He quickly packed his bag and trotted downstairs and nuzzled Shining Armor before locking the door.

Shortly after they were at the train station Mac payed the bits for the both of them and made sure the cart of apples they had with them was safely stored away. Shining and Mac got onto the train smiling and talking during the whole trip watching as green fields and blue rivers raced past them. It was a great sight to behold made better by the both of them together. Life was great. The trip was long and as it goes night slowly came and where as Mac couldn’t fall asleep Shining Armor was already nuzzled against his shoulder. Trying to bide the time til sleep took over him the traveling Apple sibling decided to check his pack to make sure that everything was there. Sorting out his pack he set aside his bits, a couple of waters, some snack packs, and a picture Applejack drew of him and Shining Armor. At the bottom of the pack was the letter he had found earlier. He examined the wax seal on it with the symbol of Princess Cadence the Alicorn of love. Curiosity proved to get the best of him so he opened it.

Dear Shining Armor,

Hey there silly head! Why in the world did you run off? Aunt Celestia wasn’t very happy when she found out you ran off leaving your post. Did I do something wrong? Twilight Sparkle is very worried about you she can’t even focus on her studies. Even the Royal Guard is more on edge. Sorry to make this so short please hurry home and be safe!
~Your fiancee, Princess Cadence

Mac couldn’t believe what he just read, the princess? Shining’s fiancee? Why hadn’t he heard anything about this before now when he himself had to read the letter that Shining was clearly hiding from him. That was another thing, why had Shining tried hiding it from him? He shrugged it off, the Princess probably had a crush on Shining Armor and that was all. Still unsure and clearly more restless than before Big Macintosh put all the contents of the pack back in the bag and with it stowing away the thought of the letter. Though many questions still remained he had Shining Armor and work to worry about for the time being. But if one thing was for sure he won’t be getting any sleep at all tonight.

The train pulled into the station in Phillydelphia early the next morning. Shining was up and about helping Mac out getting everything off the train. The day went agonizingly slow as they made their way to the farm. Shining was amazed at how many ponies were at the farm all tilling fields or bucking trees. But one pony stood out, one that neither of the stallions recognized. Whereas everypony in the Apple family was an earth pony it seemed strange that a pegasus would be here. Surely enough as they have noticed the flying pony she seemed to have noticed them and had flown over.

Landing as gracefully as she flew the powder blue mare ran over the Big Macintosh and wrapped her front hooves around the big lug’s neck. “Mac! Oh my gosh! I’ve missed you so much you dummy!” Giggling the mare nuzzled her cheek against his and Shining could only stare in bewilderment who is this strange pegasus? “Wait… Petal? Petal is that really you?” the large stallion inquired. The pegasus smiled and simply nodded. Shining stood closer to his coltfriend and looked at him. “Oh Shining! This is Petal she’s my-” before the older colt could finish his sentence the mare laid a solid kiss against Mac’s cheek, “I’m his fiancee.”