• Published 13th Feb 2013
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Together Until the End - Drakewing

Big Macintosh and Shining Armor have been friends forever. Before they know it feelings have surfaced but when Shining leaves for Cadet School. Now Shining is back what will Mac do? M/M included

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Chapter 4

“I’m his fiancee,” Petal repeated with a smile spread across her face.

Big Macintosh chuckled and ruffled the mare’s hair. The bright green strands fell in front of her new pearl pink eyes. The two ponies smiled at each other and started laughing, further confusing Shining Armor. As the three walked over to the barn to get suited up for work Big Macintosh explained that after Shining left he happened to meet Petal. Her family had moved from the big city and she wasn’t used to small town life. As it happened the two of them happened to be in the same class in foal school so they played together and even got their cutie marks together, although Petal always liked to brag that she got hers a few hours before Mac did. The two of them seemed like the best of friends almost like they were made for each other, but where did that leave Shining Armor? It was like when he moved all over again he didn’t know anyone and even though he faced it with courage on the outside on the inside he was very nervous and scared of the deafening knowledge that he was left out. Walking with his head down, Shining wasn’t very surprised when he ran into Mac when the other two had stopped walking.

“Oh Petal! Ah have big news for ya!” Mac said with a hint of excitement in his voice. He gently pulled Shining Armor over and nuzzled his neck looking over at Petal as Shining Armor blushed deeply.

Petal gasped and flittered up in the air a few inches and tackled the two colts to the ground, “Oh I’m so happy for you Mac!” she giggled and nuzzled both of them when the work bell rang. “Cmon you two let’s go out to eat after we get you two settled of course.” She winked at Shining Armor causing him to look away shyly. Petal happily led the two stallions up into their room right across the hall from hers. Shining Armor still couldn’t place why this pony was here with the Apple family. He understood that she was Mac’s friend but it just didn’t make any sense at all. He decided to inquire on the subject at a later more appropriate time. Putting their things quickly away and speaking to a few of the other ponies the two of them were quickly put to work. Big Macintosh was sent with the other strong work ponies to go buck trees and collect the apples. Shining Armor was led with Petal to where they would make Apple Cider, Apple Pie, Apple Tarts and best of all Apple sauce. This was as good of a time as any to ask the pegasus why she was here.

“So Petal… How did you and Mac meet exactly?” Shining asked sincerely curious. “I-I don’t mean to be rude! It’s just I thought I was the only one Mac would really open up to is all. N-not that I’m jealous or mad at you or anything!” The fumbling unicorn blushed fiercely and hung his head, she probably thought of him as being Snoopy.

Petal blinked and started to giggle, “It’s alright Shining Armor calm down hehe. For one thing I was jokin’ when I said I was Mac’s fiancee.” She replied with a hint of southern twang. “Well you see,” she looked down and smiled softly. “Mac helped me out… I used to be a real trouble maker ya see? I mean I used to run around and pick fights with any pony that got to close to me.” She chuckled. “Then one day I found Mac with his parents, I was so jealous to be honest, because I never really had parents, my Ma died when I was young and Papa started drinkin’ after she died.” She paused her ears flicking back a glimmer of pain shot through her eyes at the memory of her father’s beatings. “I’d always have some bruise or something… Anyway,” she smiled at the white stallion. “Mac brought me home with him and his family here adopted me. At first I didn’t trust no pony, wouldn’t even look at em. But he helped me to open up.” She smiled recalling the sweet summertime memory.

“Yeah and now the poor girl don’t know when to stop talking hee~ hee~ heeee~” an old pony said from inside the house. Blushing Petal replied, “Grandma!”

Shining Armor couldn’t help but smile at the two of them going back and forth as he pressed the apples. So Shining did make some new friends, he always knew he could do it. A few hours passed and work was finally over with. Petal, Shining Armor and Big Macintosh all headed up to their rooms to get ready for a night on the town. It was bound to be a night to remember for sure. Big Macintosh waited downstairs for the other two to get ready he wore a simple black tux with a red tie. Pacing back and forth he waited… and waited… and waited…. and waited. Finally one of the doors opened and Petal came out her many brought up into a tight bun and wearing a stunning lime green dress that sparkled as the light hit it. She also wore a single apple blossom in her mane. The two Apples chatted and complimented on each other on their clothes until at long last Shining’s door opened. Petal squealed and Mac just stood there his mouth agape.

Shining looked absolutely stunning, his mane covered his right eye and he wore a deep blue shirt with a black vest. A red scarf was wrapped around his neck, and his eyes seemed to shine brighter than usual. Slowly the stallion walked down the stairs as more of the Apple family stared in awe at the Royal Guard captain. Shining Armor reached the bottom and blushed fiercely wondering why every pony was staring at him. Big Macintosh brought his hoof up and brushed the few stray strands of his lovers mane behind his ear.

“You look amazing…” Mac whispered.

“As do you…” Shining replied.

“So do you Petal! OH thank you!” Petal replied jokingly.

With that remark the group of ponies laughed and slowly started to diminish. The trio chattered for a bit and proceeded to walk down the road to the town. It wasn’t the biggest place but it was lit up beautifully in the nocturnal atmosphere. The various colors and flashing lights of the downtown area made the small town feel like a big city. It was stunningly beautiful like a multi colored night sky, stars perpetually and continuously twinkling with the sounds of multiple types of music. Ponies of all kind were bustling around and having a good time. Visiting various shops and clubs, bars and restaurants. The more they walked around the more it really did seem like a big city. As time went by they found a good place to eat, a decent club called Hooves. Apparently they had VIP access, avoiding the 2 hour line. Mac and Shining were nevertheless surprised at how well Petal worked with the bodyguard of the club. She explained that back in her delinquent days the bodyguard was a part of her gang and that he owed her a favor. The trio made their way a table in the back of the club in the dining section. Dinner went by smoothly and before long the temptation of the dance floor was too much for Petal and Shining Armor.

Dancing and laughing the two ponies enjoyed themselves occasionally going to the bar with Mac to get a couple of drinks. Petal would continually try to get Big Mac to dance with her and Shining Armor. Shining would just chuckle and look over at Mac as the stallion shook his head and say how he wasn’t much of a dancer. With a shake of her head the pegasus went back to dance with some of the ponies she knew. Shining stayed at the bar and drank with Mac. They sat there and talked about nothing in particular, just bits and pieces of scattered subjects that were brought to their attention. A new song came on a bit of a slow song, the tune hit Shining’s ears as he closed his eyes and swayed to the music. With a slight smile Mac placed his hoof over the entranced unicorn’s and nodded to the dance floor. Blushing Shining walked with his coltfriend to the dance floor. Resting their cheeks together and swaying back and forth they whispered sweet nothings to each other as the song progressed. But alas, all too soon the song came to end and with it a stumbling female pegasus.

“WOOOO!!!! PARTY ON heh heh~!” Petal drunkenly slurred. Slumping over she was gracefully caught by Mac and Shining.

“Cmon Petal Ah think it’s time ta go home.” Mac said his eyes never leaving Shining’s. The royal guard captain nodded in solemn agreement. “Yeah.”

Careful not to wake the party pony the trio left Hooves and made their way back home. The walk was fairly quick without many troubles besides Petal occasionally waking up to puke out the alcoholic toxins. Once they made it home some of the other ponies came to retrieve Petal and left the two stallions to themselves. Not yet wanting to go inside the two of them walked side by side out into a clearing in the orchard of apple trees. To stay warm the two of them snuggled close and Mac wrapped Shining’s scarf around both of their necks. Shining leaned against the red broad chest of the earth pony and looked up at the stars.

“Tonight was amazing,” Shining said glancing up at Big Macintosh.

“Eeyup, it sure was.” he looked down with a smile carefully avoiding the unicorn’s horn. “Ya looked pretty hot out there on the dance floor.” Shining blushed and looked away letting Mac take that opportunity to nuzzle the white stallions neck. “Don’t ever leave me again… Ah don’t think Ah could handle it…” Mac said his face buried in Shining’s neck.

He smiled and kissed the eldest Apple’s forehead, “I won’t leave you because I’m too in love with you to even fathom the thought.”

Big Macintosh lifted his head and leaned slowly in placing his soft lips against Shining Armor’s. The other stallion closed his eyes and replied to the kiss by pressing back slowly and carefully licking Mac’s lips. He tasted like apples to no surprise. Mac parted his lips and turned his head to the side to get better access to deepen the kiss their tongues danced together like the two stallions did earlier on the dance floor. The desire and passion of the moment flared like a spreading fire. Both letting out soft sounds of enjoyment the kiss ended and slim line of saliva connecting their lips as they pulled away both panting and blushing. A breeze blew by, lifting the scarf and sending shivers down the stallions backs.

“Wanna take this to the room?” Mac asked with a sly grin.

Blushing fiercely Shining nodded slowly. The two of them stood up and made their way back to house, leaving only their imprints on the fresh green grass.

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Love it like always!!

This is a really good story. You certainly know your way around ShiningMac shippings.

i see its tagged as tragedy please dont make them brake up or something i really wanna see them together it sounds like its gonna be a good story between them

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