• Published 13th Feb 2013
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Together Until the End - Drakewing

Big Macintosh and Shining Armor have been friends forever. Before they know it feelings have surfaced but when Shining leaves for Cadet School. Now Shining is back what will Mac do? M/M included

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Chapter 2

The following morning Shining woke up to see that Mac had left him a tray of food with a note on the bedstand. He made a mental note to apologize to Mac for sleeping in his bed. Smiling he also made a mental note to thank Big Mac for his kindness for letting him stay at his house. Grabbing the tray he pulled it over to him and read the note;

Good Morning.

Ah have to run into town to hire some help and sell some apples, so you just eat up and ah should be back soon. Ah hope you don’t mind having just an apple. Ah don’t really know how to cook, there is also some juice downstairs. See ya when I get back.

~ Big Macintosh

Shining Armor smiled at the note and set it back on the tray. He looked around and sighed happily. It was great to finally be away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, even though he loved living there, it was much better to just be here in good ol’ Ponyville. In Canterlot he felt just so insignificant and invisible. Yet in Ponyville he wasn’t just one of many, he was Shining Armor, he was himself. Everyone knew just as he knew them, everything was right.

After he took a deep breath he grabbed his apple and happily took a bite of it enjoying its juicy fresh flavor then headed downstairs. Just as Mac said there was a fresh glass of juice on the table. After finishing his apple he decided to sit at the table and enjoy drinking his morning beverage in silence. Looking around he took in the place he would be calling home for now, the room was painted with warm shades of reds, oranges, and browns. Just being in the surrounding made him feel comfy and tranquil. He noticed that despite the Apple family’s obvious love of apples there weren’t many decorations of the sort. He did see that there was plenty of family portraits. The concerning thing about them though was that at one point Mac stopped smiling altogether, Shining figured this was after he left. Mac didn’t even smile in a picture that Shining presumed was taken when Mac got his cutie mark. His cutie mark was of a big macintosh apple but it was cut in half as if a part of him was missing.

Walking around the large room, the unicorn kept looking at all the pictures, stopping at one in particular. It was a picture of Shining and Mac together when they were young colts, both of them were smiling and Mac was ruffling the young unicorns blue mane. The unicorn, now older, smiled and placed a hoof on the picture. There were days that he wished he could have gone back those days when everything was simple. Letting his hoof fall back to the ground he smiled and glanced over at a picture of Mac’s parents holding the stallion when he was a newborn foal.

Sadness slowly sweeping over the grown stallion he splayed his ears a lil, “You both have done a great job in raising Big Mac.” He had to swallow past the lump forming in his throat, “I promise I will keep an eye on him while I’m here.” Just as he felt a single tear trickle down his angel white cheek he heard footsteps come in as Big Mac walked in with a pouch of bits in his mouth.
Big Macintosh set the pouch on the table and looked at Shining and realized which picture he was looking at. With ears splayed he trotted over to him, “They sure were amazin’ weren’t they. Ah can’t believe that they’re really gone.” Shining simply nodded in response not finding any words. Mac perked his ears, “But that’s why ah gotta do my best to take care of Granny and my sisters.”

Shining looked down and smiled, they really did do a good job in raising Mac. “Yeah,” he looked back up at the picture, happier than before. “They were great,” he looked over to Mac, “just like you are Mac.” The unicorn looked back to the picture once more, smiled, then turned around and headed over to the table to take care of his glass.

Mac blushed lightly and looked back at Shining, his face settled into a small smile. Shining Armor always told Mac that he was amazing but this time it was different. Mac had stayed up all night tossing and turning, wondering why he couldn’t stop feeling so strange when he was around the smaller pony. He simply decided to once again push it to the side and worry about it later, there was work to be done. Straightening himself up, collecting his composure and turning around to face the magic user, he smiled once more and walked to the table. Picking up the bits he trotted back up to his room.

As Shining was finishing putting his dishes away he heard yet again more footsteps come from the door. He glanced in the direction to find a young filly Applejack as she bounced and bucked the air, going on about how she finally got her cutie mark. As she was running in to see Mac she saw Shining Armor standing in the middle of the room. Shining stood there awkwardly with his mouth open and hoof up trying to show he wasn’t breaking in or anything. Applejack quickly hid behind Granny Smith who was holding AppleBloom who was still a young foal. Granny Smith looked at the surprised unicorn and smiled, knowing all too well who he was.

“My, my! Shining Armor? Is that you?” The much older mare asked as she slowly walked closer to Shining Armor.

Shining started to relax a lil, "Granny Smith?" The unicorn smiled warmly as he approached the green mare that was known to make the best apple pies in all of Ponyville. He threw his hooves gently around the pony as she smiled and hugged him as well. "It's been too long Granny."

“Haha! Indeed it has, young’un.” Granny nudged the young, confused Applejack forward. “Now, Applejack where are your manners? Say hello to our guest.”

Shining Armor looked at the young filly and smiled happily. So this was Big Mac’s little sister, she was just as cute as Mac made her sound. “U-uh, hello,” the young filly said cautiously moving from behind Granny Smith. “Ah’m Applejack.”

Shining smiled at her and bowed his head, “Hello Applejack, I’m Shining Armor, your brother’s friend.” Applejack’s eyes immediately widened at the mention of her older sibling. She walked towards Shining, all shyness gone.

“You know Big Macintosh?” the orange filly asked curiously. She never knew that her brother had friends before, she had always thought she was the only one. It kind of made her happy to see Mac have a friend.

Shining Armor nodded, recalling that he was the only one Mac really talked to, it made him kind of happy to know that at least he could talk to his little sister. Sitting the young filly down at the table, he told her about everything, Mac and himself as kids, the leave, and finally being reunited. Applejack hopped out of her chair and had a huge grin on her face when her older brother came downstairs with a surprised look on his face.

“Granny Smith! Applejack! What are y’all doin’ home already?” Mac asked both surprised and worried. They were supposed to be gone for at least a few days to sell apple pies in Manehatten.

Granny Smith simply smiled and walked over to Shining Armor, ”Well we forgot Applebloom’s blanket, so we came back. Ah see somepony came back as well,” She said nudging the unicorn getting a chuckle from him in response.

Big Macintosh huffed and quickly went into Applebloom’s room to grab the blanket and came rushing out. “Here,” he said around the mouthful of cloth. Handing it to his grandmother, he looked over at Shining Armor hoping that Applejack didn’t say anything bad.

“Alright, Ah guess that’ll do us then. Come along now Applejack, Ah’m sure these two have much catchin’ up to do.” Granny Smith smiled and glanced over to Shining Armor, “Its good to have you back sugarcube. Take care of our Macintosh, ya hear?”

Shining smiled warmly at the mare, “Of course, Granny Smith, now you be careful out there. Same to you Applejack,” He looks at the young filly and ruffles her mane. Still smiling he watches as the ponies leave and is once again left alone with Big Macintosh.

Big Macintosh sighed and shook his head smiling looking at the smiling stallion. He walked over and nudged the unicorn with his hoof.

Shining Armor looked over at the red colt, “What is it?” His eyes widened as he saw that Mac was holding out two tickets to a carnival that was in town for a few days. “Mac you didn’t have to do this.”

Mac shrugged, “Well, Ah figured it was a time for celebration since you’re back and everything.” He glanced to see Shining’s face, happy yet tainted with a hint of sadness. He grinned, ”Don’t worry a person Ah did a favor for gave them to me.” Shining relaxed a little, he preferred to pull his own weight if he was going to be living with the work pony.

The two continued to chat the day away and do some work in the orchard to pass the time. It was almost time for harvest and it was these times that the trees needed to be looked after especially well. With only Big Macintosh at the farm it would have taken all day and night to check the whole orchard. But thankfully with Shining Armor there the work was done by the end of the day, just in time for the carnival to start. After washing up, Mac waited for Shining outside, his mane still a little damp made the slight breeze feel a little chillier than usual which is why he brought an orange scarf.

Big Mac bent his head down to fix his scarf as Shining Armor walked out, his blue mane perfectly dry and flowing in the breeze. Mac’s jaw dropped, Shining looked amazing! Shining also had a scarf on but his was a simple light blue color and was loosely wrapped around his neck. His head was bent down so he would wrap the scarf a little tighter.

“You ready?” Shining asks smiling at Big Macintosh who still has his face buried in his scarf.

Mac quickly snapped back to reality and shook his head, “E-Eeyup.” he turned and started to walk towards the town. Shining Armor walked right beside him and hummed excitedly. Mac still looking towards the lights and music of the carnival, “So what do you want to do first?”

Shining grinned and looked at the buff earth pony, “How about bumper cars?”

Macintosh grinned and looked over at the unicorn, “You’re on!”

Quickly they raced down to the carnival and complained about who won their little race. Laughing, the two ponies made their way over to the bumper cars. When they were finally able to get in they were stuck in the same car not that it mattered though. They both looked at each other with the same goal in mind and when the ride started they rammed into everypony there. Big Mac looked over at Shining who was driving the car and smiled. Seeing Shining’s smiling, laughing face was the best thing he could ever hope for.

After the ride had finally finished Shining hopped out of the area and continued laughing going on about how fun it was. Mac laughed along with him when the unicorn settled his eyes on a bucking game. The number 1 prize was a giant stuffed apple, although not the norm, Shining wanted it. Mac followed the stallion’s gaze and found the prize he was looking at.

The red colt, known for his strength in bucking, pulled out a couple of bits and handed them over to Shining Armor. “Would ya mind gettin’ us some caramel apples?” Shining grabbed the bits and nodded, trotting off to fetch the candied apples. With Shining away Big Macintosh went over to the carnie pony.

Shining came back levitating the delectable treats with his magic and looked at Mac with a face of concern, “What happened?” The bucking game was pletely broken and everypony was cheering.

Mac grinned and shrugged, “Ah don’t know.’ He held back a chuckle as he pulled out from behind him the apple plush.

Shining gasped and gave Mac a knowing look, “You.”

Mac raised his hooves innocently, “Me?”

The white unicorn shook his head and laughed handing one of the candied apples to his strong friend. The two walked around the carnival enjoying their apples talking about how they will have to help the carnie pony fix his game. After finishing their apples, they both entered a photo booth and took some pictures together. When they exited Shining came over to Mac and smiled at the pictures, laughing at the weird faces they had made. The one picture that stood out the most was the one normal picture they took. Mac had his face to the side with Shining’s face above him. One hoof was resting against Mac’s neck and holding the big pillow sized apple plush. The other hoof was waving at the camera, they both were smiling with big grins.

Mac looked up at the sky and nudged Shining to follow him. The unicorn had no idea where they were going. When they finally reached where they were going Shining was surprised to find that they were at the Ferris Wheel. Mac went ahead and talked to the operator and came back smiling.

“Ah have a surprise for you,” Mac said with a grin.

Shining raised a brow at the stallion, “Another surprise?”

“Trust me, you will love this one.” Big Macintosh said as they were boarding their seat together.

The ride continued to go around and around, Shining looked around with a sense of nostalgia. Yet, when the ride stopped when they were at the top of the wheel it kind of took him by surprise. He looked over at mac who had a sly grin on his face and pointed with one hoof up to the night sky as a single firework lit up. Shining gasped and watched as the fireworks popped into the banned princess’s domain. Big Macintosh looked at the awe-struck Royal Guard captain. Looking into his sparkling blue eyes, reflecting the brilliant shine of the fireworks. That strange feeling once again popped into his being but this time he knew what it was. He tapped the angelic white stallion on the shoulder when the fireworks stopped for a few seconds.

Shining Armor looked over and smiled at his best friend and noted his serious expression, “What’s wrong?”

Big Macintosh looked deeply into his childhood friend’s eyes, “Shining Armor,” his heart raced faster and faster as the words appeared on his tongue. “I love you.” The red stallion leaned in and closed his eyes pressing his lips against the other stallion’s. He had said it and it felt right, even if Shining Armor didn't return the feeling or the kiss he was at peace.

Shining’s eyes widened, surprised by the sudden confession and kiss, yet he knew what he had to do to stop his racing heart. He closed his eyes and leaned back into the kiss letting his lips fit with Big Macintosh’s. The finale of fireworks had begun and the two pulled away both gasping for air and blushing.

“I love you too Big Macintosh. I’m glad to be home.” He leaned in and kissed the stallion again with renewed feeling. This was right, this was home, but above all this was what Shining Armor had been looking for... happiness. But for how long can it last? If anything he wished upon the last firework to let this moment last.