• Published 13th Feb 2013
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Together Until the End - Drakewing

Big Macintosh and Shining Armor have been friends forever. Before they know it feelings have surfaced but when Shining leaves for Cadet School. Now Shining is back what will Mac do? M/M included

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Chapter 1

Shining Armor stepped out of the overly crowded train gasping for air. Once he finally collected himself he looked around at the place he once called home. Now fully grown everything was witnessed with new eyes. Smiling, the unicorn lifted his head to take in a deep breath of the familiar atmosphere. It was great to be home.

Just as the stallion was finishing unloading his luggage from the steaming train he caught a scent. He immediately dropped his suitcase and raised his head. There was no mistaking it, he knew this scent. Mixed with sweat and dirt, it was the distinct smell of apples freshly picked. Turning his head slowly, in fear that this would all be a dream, he saw none other than Big Macintosh panting and staring at him.

“B-Big Mac?” Shining stuttered.

Mac took a deep breath and steadied himself standing straight and grinning at his friend now full grown. Even if it had been so long ago he still felt his heart skip a beat when he laid eyes on Shining Armor. Slowly he approached the blue-maned Royal Guard captain.

Standing in front of the old friend he looked down into his eyes replying with the simple word, “Eeyup.”

Shining looked up at the taller stallion, his red coat almost making him seem like a walking apple. How he missed his friend was indescribable, he felt lost without him. When he heard that Mac’s parents had passed away a part of him died along with them. Steadily he rose a hoof.

Mac raised his forehoof as Shining did the same, but before he could do anything else he found himself on the ground with his cheek throbbing.

“What was that for?!” he yelled.

Shining smiled and offered a hoof to help the flustered brute up, “Just had to be sure I wasn’t dreaming.”

Mac frowned angrily then faded into soft chuckles. Grabbing the white hoof he slowly got up onto his legs and looked Shining in the eyes. As happy as he was to see the Royal Guard Captain again he couldn’t help but wonder why he was back in Ponyville instead of Canterlot. He had everything there, a good life, great job, and he got to see the princess. Regardless the feelings stuck, Mac couldn’t be any happier. The only real problem that wouldn’t go away is as to why his heart wouldn’t stop beating so fast.

Shining jumped back to reality, “Oh! My bags!” He ran to pick up the heavy bags he was carrying, even with his magic he could only lift one just a few inches off the ground.

Mac smiled, “Ya havin’ some troubles there are ya?”

“No! I can do it just fine,” the unicorn stated stubbornly, hiding the fact that he did want some help but too embarrassed to admit it to the stronger earth pony.

“Ah can see that,” Macintosh laughed warmly. “So why are ya back in Ponyville anyway? Ain’t ya got it all fine and dandy back in the city?” He studied the white unicorns expressions quizzically. “Ah mean, don’t get me wrong, ah love Ponyville but Canterlot has gotta be so much better than here.”

Shining Armor smiled but shook his head, “Yeah its great there and everything, but I’m here on Royal Guard business.” He watched as the red colt splayed his ears sadly. “But, I also have been meaning to come back and see my old friend Mac.”

Mac smiled warmly as his ears perked up, glad to hear Shining actually wanted to see him too. “So, where are ya stayin’?” Mac asked with genuine curiosity.

Shining chuckled nervously, “Um. Haha about that...” Shining Armor looked around nervously, “I, uh, well you see...”

Big Mac couldn’t believe what he was hearing, the unicorn always planned ahead. How could he have not planned a place to stay, especially if he was only in Ponyville for business? He knew he couldn’t just stand there and let his friend stay on the streets. He pondered the possible places for the colt to stay at out of AppleJack’s friends. He couldn’t let him stay at Pinkie Pie’s, she would drive him crazy or have him too pooped out from parties. Fluttershy would only cower away and Rainbow Dash lives in the clouds so that wouldn’t work either. Mac couldn’t even bare to think about what would happen if Shining stayed at Rarity’s.

Smiling happily, Mac went over to hoist one of the bags onto his back. "Welp, ah just can't let you stay on the streets," he said with a smile. He glanced back at Shining, “So ah guess you’re just gonna have to come live with me.” The stallion bent down and picked the other bag up.

Shining blushed lightly and offered to carry the other bag, “I can carry this one. Besides, we have a lot of catching up to do Mac.” He smiled warmly at the earth pony.

Mac handed the smaller bag over to the unicorn as he nodded in complete agreement. They started to make the long track back to Sweet Apple Acres, talking and boasting about all the things that happened to each other while they were separated.

“Wow, so your parents died?” Shining Armor shook his head sadly with splayed ears, even though he had received a letter about the death when he was at Cadet school.“I’m so sorry.”

Mac shrugged, “It was hard but now I’m the only one to take care of Applejack and Apple Bloom.” He grinned, “By the way, I heard you have a sister now too; some little filly being taught by Princess Celestia herself.”

Shining nodded, proud of his little sister, “Yeah, Twilight Sparkle, she would be around Applejack’s age by now.” The white colt shook his head and chuckled, “But I wish she would just get her head out of those silly books once in awhile.”

Macintosh chuckled a little and thought for while then smiled shaking his head. Shining looked over with a grin, “What is it?”

The eldest of the Apple siblings shook his head, “Nothin’ just rememberin’ the day we met.” He looked at Shining, “You sure were lucky I was there.”

Shining thought back with a smile to that day. He was at the park playing by himself and working on becoming better with his magic when two unicorns about his age came over to him laughing. The same routine went on everyday the older unicorns would find Shining and make fun of him for being so bad at magic. To prove their point one of them would levitate the poor colt and the other unicorn would use his magic to make a boot kick Shining over and over. That day was as any other and it was almost time for Shining’s bullying session with the unicorns as they came over and started to make fun of him. But then a young red colt came and started yelling at them telling them to be nice. When they asked him what he was gonna do about it, the young earth pony showed how strong he was by bucking a apple tree that only an adult should be able to shake. The unicorns fled and the brave orange maned colt went over to Shining and introduced himself as Macintosh. Ever since that day, the two have been inseparable.

Coming back to reality Shining Armor nodded and laughed a little, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I still can’t believe you stood up to them like that.”

Mac shrugged again, a little proud of himself. “So, how was Cadet school anyway?”

The Royal Guard captain lost his smile and looked down somberly, “It was ok I guess. Like foal school no pony wanted to be my friend,” he looked at Mac and slowly found his smile again, “but every time I felt weak I thought of you. Then they saw how strong I really was and everypony started to look up to me.”

Mac blushed lightly and looked away smiling.

“But enough about me, what’s been going on with you? How is the farm?” Shining asked trying to change the subject.

Big Mac looked up proudly, “The farm is doing great! Ever since Pa died, ah had to take over for apple buckin’. Although ah never did talk much to anypony,” he looked at Shining sheepishly. “You’re the only pony I could really open up to.” Shining smiled and let Mac continue with a wave of the hoof. “Although,” Mac sighed, “ever since you left, mares have been all over me left and right.” Mac looked over to see the poorly hidden sad expression upon Shining Armor’s face. He shook his head and smiled, “But hey where is Twilight if you're here?"

Shining smiled, appreciating that Mac would be concerned for Twilight. "She's back in Canterlot with her foalsitter Princess Cadence." Shining quickly tried to avoid the chance of conversation about the alicorn of love. "Anyway! Uh," Shining looked around for anything to talk about. He chuckled nervously then looked at Macs coat, "Is it just me or are you more apple than pony."

Big Mac grinned and bumped sides with the unicorn, in return being bumped back. The stallions both looked at each other and laughed gaining speed racing the rest of the way to Sweet Apple Acres.

Once they set foot on the property Shining was a little concerned about the lack of ponies.

"Where is every pony?" Shining asked, staying behind Big Mac.

Mac just kept walking ahead, “They all went to sell some apples a couple towns over. So its just you and me for the night, you hungry?”

Shining shook his head, “Nah just kinda tired. Which reminds me, where am I gonna sleep?”

Shining’s host looked at him as if it should have been obvious.“My room,” he said simply.

The unicorn’s white cheeks turned a slight shade of pink as he nodded and let Mac lead him into his room. “Oh, right, of course.”

“So how long are you staying for?” Mac asked.

“A couple months at least,” Shining said unsure exactly.

Big Mac nodded and started to lay out a bed for his guest on the ground. Just as he was about to tell Shining that his bed was ready he saw that the unicorn had already fallen asleep upon his own bed. The stallion simply smiled and pulled the covers over Shining’s white figure and looked at his peaceful sleeping face.

“Ah told you ah’d wait for you. Welcome home Shining Armor,” Mac walked over and turned off the lights and went to sleep.