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Writefriends from all over /fic/ gathered in a war of words on the weekend of Dec 14. These are the resulting stories.

See http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/12-My-First-New-Years-Alone for more info.

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Author Interviewer

Oh, at last! :D

Yeah, I sort of forgot about this (perhaps intentionally, because uploading 20 chapters takes a while and is a real pain in the ass). Yesterday after snooping around the site's code and some HTTP requests, I managed to figure out how to auto-upload everything, so you can expect the stories to go up right away in future.

Author Interviewer

Huzzah! :V

I wonder if not uploading this round had anything to do with the low voter turnout. :/

I accidentallied a few of these while uploading the next set.

Nevermind that.

Whoever wrote this story, thank-you. :ajsmug:

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