• Published 17th Jan 2013
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The Adventures of Doctor Whooves: Series 1 - Time Pony Victorious

The Doctor, fresh off his regeneration, sets off in this strange world with ponies and mythical creatures with his TARDIS onwards and upwards to see the universe.

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Familiar Face

The Doctor tried to sit up but his disorientation almost sent him tumbling again. Nine held on to him, making sure he didn’t fall down. “Easy there, no need to get out of hand…” He glanced down at the Doctor’s hooves and picked one up. “Or, hoof, if you will.”

“Where are we?” the Doctor asked, taking his hoof back.

He looked around and noticed they were standing in, well, nothing. Just a pale white space that stretched on endlessly, even the ground they were standing on seemed like a pit that led to oblivion. Nine shrugged as he stood up, his leather jacket rippling slightly from the movement.

“Don’t know,” he admitted. “Was hopin’ you’d have a clue.”

“And why’s that?”

Nine smiled cheerfully, making the Doctor remember that smile. “Funny thing. ‘ere I was, minding my own business when I get a message. Me gettin’ a message in the TARDIS. I thought, ‘Well, wotever can send me a message must be pretty important, eh?’ So I check out the message and decide to track it down.”

The Doctor nodded, following the story but felt a bit unnerved at the fact that he couldn’t remember it at all. “I thought I’d grab Rose and check it out but then I saw where the message came from.” His happy expression darkened as he pulled out a bright blue cube from his coat pocket. “My future self.”

He tossed the cube to the Doctor and he caught it awkwardly with his hooves. He stared at it and listened to the psychic message. Strange, this message hadn’t come from him…

“I had the TARDIS check it out and poof, ‘ere I am with a brightly colored pony,” Nine finished with a grin. “Speakin’ of which, I didn’t want to bring it up but, ah, pony eh? Cute, I suppose.”

The Doctor scowled as he stared up at leather-clad Doctor. Nine easily towered over him but he was at about his abdomen so it wasn’t all too bad. “It wasn’t my choice,” the Doctor grumbled. “It was… an accident.”

“Ah, love those.”

The Doctor put down the cube and looked around. If he, or rather his future self, sent a message to his past incarnations then where was everyone? While he doesn’t have much of an issue with 9, he wasn’t exactly enjoying being here alone with him.

“Just you then?” he asked Nine.

Nine frowned and glanced at his watch. “The others should be ‘ere soon. Why, you’re not enjoyin’ my company?”

“Not really,” the Doctor answered. “But mostly because I know how you’re looking at me…”

Nine didn’t say anything and kept his dark eyes on the Doctor’s golden ones. “You look at me and wonder… how I could get over the war so easily.”

Turns out he was right on the ball. Nine crossed his arms and sat down slightly so he could be at the same level as the Doctor. He frowned but stared at his shoes. “How did ya?” he asked weakly. “'Cos I can’t get them out of my head. They’re just… there.”

To prove his point, he pointed at the side of his head and pressed his finger in slightly. “How did you do it?”

The Doctor smiled as he remembered the reason why he was like this now. Why he could deal with his problems better. “Rose,” he answered.

Suddenly a crackle of electricity broke their train of thought and a tall, lankly man in a dark purple coat and bowtie appeared. “Now, Clara, the cube works like… Oh, blimey,” he muttered looking around frantically. “I probably shouldn’t have done that…”

Nine stood up and stared at this newcomer with the baby-face and the ridiculous outfit. The Man Who Remember. The Eleventh Doctor, the present Doctor’s most recent incarnation. “Oh… Hello!” Eleven smiled at the two of them. “Ooh, old faces, though, is that what I really looked like?”

He approached Nine and grimaced as he examined his face. “Well, regeneration was always a lottery…”

“Speak for yourself, Bowtie!” Nine chuckled. “I can see where Mr Ed ‘ere got his fashion sense.”

He jabbed a finger at the Time Pony and he sheepishly smiled at Eleven. “Bowties are still cool,” he admitted.

Eleven gave him a thumbs-up and smiled. “But how nice, I have a future! I thought for sure Trenzalore would be it for me…”

“Trenzalore?” Nine asked.

“Long story,” both Eleven and Twelve said.

Nine shrugged as if he wasn’t entirely interested in that but the Doctor knew the truth. Behind Nine’s swagger and confidence he was just as nervous as anyone would be. He hid it well with his angry and snappish personality.

“Well! This is interesting then,” 11 smiled brightly, turning to the pony Doctor. “Got a message and I thought—“

“Yes, we’ve already been through this,” the Doctor muttered, looking at Nine. “No need to reiterate it.”

Eleven frowned, pouting like a chided child. “So, I suppose you lot haven’t figured out why we’re here then?”

Nine shook his head and looked at the Time Pony. “Nope, Mr. Ed doesn’t seem to have a clue.”

The Doctor rolled his eyes and ignored his past selves as they spoke amongst themselves. He focused on his psychic connection to the TARDIS, he remembered that he was on there, sleeping because of Nightmare Moon, so maybe there was a way to contact the Old Girl.


White noise answered him back.

The Doctor breathed through his nose. “It’s a psychic connection,” he guessed. “My life is in danger at the moment, more danger than ever, apparently, and my future self called for a psychic meeting to help.”

Both Nine and Eleven looked at the Doctor with wary expressions. As if wondering what on earth could be so dangerous that in all of his lives he called for help like this?

“What’s happening to you then?” Eleven asked. “What’s so dangerous you’d call us here?”

The Doctor thought about it for a moment. It’d be really difficult explaining all of this to these two without spoiling them. “I’m being forced to regenerate,” he answered finally. “It’s either that or allow a primordial, evil force to possess me.”

Eleven frowned as if he were remembering the Cyberplanner. “You’re my direct successor, yes?”

The Doctor nodded.

“Means you’re number 12, well, not really but the numbering gets really confusing before and after this guy.” He jabbed a thumb at Nine. “Which means…”

“The reason why your regeneration can’t happen now is because of ‘im,” Nine finished, frowning as he crossed his arm. “The regeneration between you and your final one…”

The air around them was heavy with worry and concentration. The three of them knew the answer but none of them wanted to say it aloud. The Valeyard… The darkest part of the Doctor incarnated in a body. The Doctor remembered his first meeting with the Valeyard so long ago, but he wasn’t a pony, he looked like a regular old person.

But then again. Time can be rewritten, and if that guy’s timeline was rewritten who knows what would happen.

“So, what can we do?” asked Eleven.

“Aside from givin’ you a good whack on the ‘ead,” Nine suggested.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” the Doctor admitted before chuckling softly. “Always did like it when I don’t know something… it’s new.”

“We can’t just wait,” Eleven muttered. “A solution isn’t just going to… fall out of the sky.”

“What’s going to fall out of the sky?” a new voice asked. The three Doctors looked to the source of the voice and saw a tall, skinny man in a blue pinstripe suit and a large brown overcoat which matched his brown hair that stuck up wildly.

The Time Lord Victorious. Number Ten, has arrived.

“What have we gotten ourselves into this time?” he asked.


Applejack and Pinkie ran down the corridors without any idea of where they were going. They weaved past corners, didn’t hesitate at intersections and jumped over pits without missing a beat. Twilight floated alongside them like a ghostly guide shouting directions at them as they ran at full speed like something was chasing them.

“Where are we going?” Pinkie asked, no longer using her bouncing gait and instead into a full gallop.

“The TARDIS schematics are always changing,” Twilight answered. “Even without a change to the desktop, she’s always shifting and changing so a clear map won’t help at all.”

“Oddly ‘nuff, that ain’t real reassuring, Twi!” Applejack chided.

“But!” Twilight continued, floating through a random statue. “The TARDIS is helping us! She’s psychically transmitting the directions in my head. It’s kinda confusing, just a bunch of images appearing in my mind, but it’s helpful. Wait, LEFT!”

Applejack and Pinkie skidded to a stop, turned around and went back to the intersection they passed and ran the correct direction. Twilight blushed and apologized.

Applejack shook her head slightly as images appeared in her mind. It was a confusing jumbled mess of strange things and people, like a movie playing fast-forward. When she had touched the Doctor, a burst of electricity had arced through her body and her mind buzzed like her brain got goosebumps. It felt like a sixth-sense, Applejack hoped it wouldn’t develop in some weird spider-sense ability.

The images were confusing and muddled but… she knew it was about the Doctor. She saw faces, strange flat pink faces with small nose and tiny eyes. They reminded Applejack of monkeys but they only had hair on the top of their heads.

She even saw a name. A single name that burned Applejack’s mind like a sunburn on her mental facilities. She was so terrified of that name she didn’t dare utter it. Even when she didn’t think about the name, it still burned in the corner of her mind.

“Twi, Ah get you wanna help th’ Doctor and all but…” She paused for a moment, frowning. “You know th’ Doctor in th’ future, right? Why is it so bad that he turn into th’ Doctor you’re with?”

Twilight frowned and she looked down. Her expression was so despondent, so depressed and dejected that it made Applejack both sad and scared to find out what the Doctor is like in the future. “The Doctor… The Doctor I know isn’t bad… n-not really. But your Doctor can’t regenerate into he- I mean, my Doctor. Not yet, the paradox it will cause is nightmarish and horrible and trust me… I’ve had my fair share of paradoxes by now.”

Pinkie was quiet which startled Applejack when she spoke. She was so focused she nearly forgot the party pony was with her. “Either way. The Doctor is our friend and no matter what or who he turns into in the future, we’re always going to be there to help! Because that’s what friends do! That’s what Granny Pie taught me.”

Applejack and Twilight nodded. She didn’t really understand the whole regeneration concept but that didn’t matter, the Doctor was the Doctor, simple as that. If he needed help, they would always be there to help, always.

“Then let’s run faster,” Applejack suggested. “We might be runnin’ out of time.”

“Not something you want to happen on the TARDIS, either,” Twilight muttered.

But the three of them poured on the speed.

Through a labyrinth of hallways that morphed from metallic corridors to wooden hallways with bookshelves and paintings decorating the walls, the trio ran. But even the adept farmpony and hyperactive party pony began to slow down from exhaustion.

“How… big is this place?” Applejack asked.

Twilight looked at her sympathetically, after all she didn’t have to do any running. “The Doctor explained that the TARDIS interior is infinite,” she answered. “She’ll go on forever and ever.”

Applejack panted and wiped her forehead with her hat. They didn’t have forever to look for this room. “Ah thought she was helpin’,” Applejack complained. “Why can’t she make th’ entrance, like, right in front of us?”

“Nightmare Moon is damaging the TARDIS,” Twilight explained. “She’s trying to hurt and possess the TARDIS. The TARDIS has to make the interior complicated so that Nightmare Moon has a harder time taking over her.”

Applejack bit her tongue and felt guilty for complaining. The TARDIS had, after all, protected her from Nightmare Moon a few times. She didn’t have much right to complain, after all the TARDIS was fighting for her life.

“Are we any closer though?” Pinkie asked.

Twilight closed her eyes and concentrated. “I think so, it’s hard to tell distance from psychic images…”

“Well, let’s git going a bit faster—“

“Watch out!”

A force knocked Applejack and Pinkie off their hooves and they flew across the hallway. Landing with a hard thud, Applejack blinked the stars from her vision and noticed why their lives had been saved by Twilight. Nightmare Moon stood between the alicorn princess and the two mares.

Applejack had to force herself not to sob. Nightmare Moon was only a smoky apparition but she was becoming more solid, her coat became corporeal instead of one made of magic. Regal armor sat on her head and crest, it was silver and freezing air radiated from it. Applejack nearly got frostbite just being next to her.

But Twilight just glared at her darkly and puffed out her chest in defiance. Applejack appreciated the bravery but she wasn’t really here so there wasn’t much Nightmare Moon could do—

Twilight crumbled and cried out in pain as her grainy image began to flicker sporadically. Applejack sat up and yelled at Nightmare Moon, “HEY! Get away from her!”

Nightmare Moon turned her frosty eyes on Applejack. “The little orphan,” she sneered. “So far from home. Tell me, how does it feel to be a failure? You pathetic mare, such a burden to her friends—“

Pinkie ran up and bucked Nightmare Moon right in the face, sending the ghostly mare recoiling back from the impact. The mare had a look of fierce determination on her face, something Applejack never saw in the time she knew her.

“Don’t make fun of my friends!” she cried.

Twilight stopped twitching in pain and sat up unsteadily. Applejack heard voices in the background, probably Ditzy or Trixie, but she waved dismissively. “Thank you, Pinkie,” she muttered. “You guys have to run, I’ll hold Nightmare Moon off.”

“The Princess out of time, so desperate to save her precious Time Lord, ha! Does it pain you to see the pony you love become a killer? Fret not, he will be disposed of!”

Tears fell from Twilight’s face as she stifled a sob. Nightmare Moon laughed viciously, Applejack gritted her teeth, got to her hooves and pulled her hat off. She reached into the Stetson and pulled out a coil of rope and lassoed a bust of what appeared to be a woman and threw it at Nightmare Moon.

It collided into the demon, shattering against her face and knocked her down causing her to roll. Nightmare Moon turned and glared evilly at Applejack but the farmpony only maintained her hard glare.

She knew that Nightmare Moon wasn’t at full power. If she were, she would kill Applejack and Pinkie and Twilight with ease. She was still by the Doctor’s side trying to possess him, otherwise, these three didn’t have much of a chance.

“Say what you want,” Applejack growled. “But you’re just a bad dream. A jealous, angry ghost that’s got nothin’ goin’ on in her own life so you try t’ steal th’ lives of other ponies! You ain’t scary, you’re just a bitter old mare.”

Nightmare Moon’s eyes glowed with such intensity that Applejack’s fur became frosted with snow. She thought, Welp, it was good while it lasted.

But then a purple magical bolt slammed into her and she roared in agony as her smoky form dissipated briefly before reforming. Twilight’s horn smoked and a harsh glare was plastered on her face, despite the tear-rimmed eyes she looked fierce.

“I wasn’t sure that would work,” she admitted quietly. “But back off!”

Nightmare Moon hissed and seethed, her horn glowing with power. Applejack and Pinkie readied themselves for a fight but Twilight stepped in front of her, growling as her horn glowed as well. “Get out of here!” Twilight told them.


“I can hold her off, I’m a lot stronger now,” Twilight said. “You two need to save the Doctor!”

Applejack wanted so badly to protest, she looked at Pinkie and expected her to agree as well but the party pony grabbed Applejack by the hoof and ran off. “We’ll see you soon, Twi!” Pinkie said as the corridor behind them exploded with a supernova of magic.

The two made it about 30 kilometers before realizing they were hopelessly lost. Of course, Twilight was their guide and she was off having an epic duel with Nightmare Moon, the very first villain she fought. Applejack’s shoulders slumped as she thought about what Nightmare Moon had told her.

Such a burden to her friends.

Applejack hated being a burden. She hated having to make others shoulder her problem because, well, that just ain’t right to her. She didn’t want to bother anypony with what she was dealing with though she was perfectly happy helping out her friends when they had issues. Applejack realizes the hypocrisy behind that.

“We’re lost,” Applejack decided.

They were in an older-looking corridor. It wasn’t metallic like the others, but pure white with a few flashing lights on it. It might’ve looked impressive 50 years ago, but the white color decayed to a moldy greenish-yellow shade, the lights blinked but more from electrical failure than by design.

Pinkie Pie wasn’t convinced. She looked around, pressing the walls with her hooves as if searching for a secret passage. There weren’t any visible doors anywhere so Applejack wasn’t sure what her friend was doing.

“There’s gotta be a way out,” Pinkie muttered. “Granny Pie said there’s always a way out.”

“Pinkie,” Applejack sighed. “Without Twi’s directions, we’ve got no clue where we’re headin’.”

“The TARDIS is helping,” Pinkie insisted. “Remember? She protected us. So we just have to trust her.”

Applejack stared at the ceiling and for the hundredth time had to remind herself that she wasn’t in some sort of machine, this place was alive. It was hard to explain but a force thrummed within the TARDIS walls and Applejack could feel how alive it felt by merely standing here. The TARDIS was trying to help as much as she could but a psychic connection isn’t enough, if only she could speak…

“She did speak,” Applejack mumbled quietly, her green eyes glowing gold as memories of Idris-TARDIS flooded her mind. “You’re like a child trying to rebuild his motor bike!”

Her natural Southern drawl disappeared in replacement of a posh sort of Trottingham accent that was eerily similar to the Doctor’s. Pinkie Pie blinked and turned around with a confused expression. “Did you say something, Applejack?”

Applejack’s eyes returned to normal and she shook her head. “Uh, n-no Ah didn’t.”

Pinkie didn’t seem convinced and was about to voice her concerns when the farmpony approached her and searched the walls as well. Her green-blue eyes were orbs of curiosity, like a trance she traced her hoof on the wall in a circular pattern.

“Ah think it’s…” Applejack trailed off for a moment. “Braveheart.”

The wall rumbled and separated in front of them, opening up to another large room. Pinkie Pie smiled and hugged Applejack who seemed confused as to what she just did. “That was awesome! How did you know it would open?”

“A-Ah don’t really know? Beginner’s luck?” she suggested nervously. Pinkie decided it was probably that and led her into the new room.

As they entered, the lights turned on. It looked like the TARDIS console room but it was a lot smaller than the actual one. It had a rigid design with the elevated deck being decidedly circular and almost Spartan-like. Over the time rotor was a large structure composed of concentric circles getting bigger the closer it got to the ceiling. Gallopfreyan—er, that is, Gallifreyan words were drawn into the circles that gyrated almost excitingly.

The console itself was white, sterile and not fun at all. It looked like a proper spaceship whereas the Doctor’s console now was more fun and silly with different everyday devices as controls. It made Pinkie sad when she looked at the dark color scheme contrasted against the bright silver and white console.

“What is this place?” Pinkie wondered aloud.

“TARDIS console room,” Applejack answered without hesitation. “But it wasn’t our Doctor’s room. It was th’ one before him.”

“How’d ya know that?”

Applejack frowned. “Ah… don’t know.”

Pinkie heard the panic in her voice and tried not to let it get to her. All of this crazy knowledge was just popping in Applejack’s head, was it the TARDIS transmitting the information to her? If it was, Applejack shouldn’t have been so scared, right?

A bright light filled the console room and when it faded, Trixie was standing before them. She didn’t, well, look very much like Trixie, or rather it was the same mare just different. She wasn’t wearing her traditional performer’s cloak but instead had a gold pendant on her neck with a star shaped crystal. There wasn’t a hat on her head which revealed her silver mane which cascaded down her neck and forward in almost princess-like curls.

Pinkie realized that this Trixie had a longer mane that the one she knew.

“Ah, the connection is established, Ditzy,” Trixie told somepony off camera. Interestingly enough, Trixie’s image moved up and down as if the world was nodding, it was probably Ditzy controlling the camera and nodding to Trixie’s comment.

“Trixie?” Pinkie asked.

“Where’s Twi?” Applejack demanded.

“She is fending off Nightmare Moon as we speak,” Trixie answered calmly. “We don’t have much time and this connection is quickly fading. It is only due to Trixie’s magical expertise that it has not failed.”

Applejack rolled her eyes. Even future Trixie was still pretty cocky but it was more… subdued than normal and there was an air of maturity in the way she spoke. It made Applejack shudder to wonder what Trixie must’ve gone through to grow up like this.

Trixie looked around and frowned. “This isn’t the ventilation room but it will do. This is the TARDIS control room for the Eleventh Doctor, the third one he used, I believe. Funny story about his second one, actually, you see a Cyberman—“

“Trixie!” hissed Ditzy. “Get to explaining!”

Trixie shot a glare at the camera but cleared her throat. “This room is still connected to the TARDIS which mean the controls work, get up here and I’ll explain.”

Applejack and Pinkie ran up the steps and on to the controls. It all looked familiar but at the same time so foreign to Applejack, she was afraid if she’d press one wrong button the whole ship would explode.

“Now, Nightmare Moon is a primordial deity, yes, but she manifested as mere particles when you first arrived on the moon. She got caught in the vents and once the TARDIS engine ran, it accelerated her growth and caused her to infest the ship. This happened once with psychic pollen, the same concept but the pollen attached itself to the Doctor’s mind and grew like a tumor whereas Nightmare Moon already existed.”

“That’s fine and dandy and all but how do we get rid of her?” Applejack asked.

“You’ll have to dump the vents,” Trixie answered. “Go to the red lever and pull it!”

Applejack looked for the red lever for a moment and found it. She and Pinkie ran for it, grabbed it as one and pulled it as hard as they could. The TARDIS groaned and the engines ran for a moment… then it died and the lights shut off.

“Uh oh,” Pinkie yelped. “Wrong lever?”

“N-no,” Trixie said, appearing like a ghost beside them and glowing like a nightlight. “That was the correct one, I don’t know—“

“Ah, there you are, my little ponies,” purred the voice of Nightmare Moon but she didn’t appear anywhere. The room just echoed with her voice. The light turned back on but they were violet and reflected images on the walls of horrible things. Ponies in war, death, a smoky battlefield, an evil monster reveling in the chaos. Nightmare Moon’s face appeared on the time rotor.

“You should know by now that you cannot hide from me. Or gobble you up, I shall!” Applejack and Pinkie shook, completely terrified. Nightmare Moon laughed evilly. “You may want to run now!”

They wanted to run so bad but they were paralyzed with fear. Nightmare Moon’s laughter became more and more manic. A light exploded from the console and blinded Applejack and Pinkie, it was so warm it made her sleepy…

Trixie and Ditzy yelped as the camera they were using exploded and shattered into a million pieces. But that wasn’t the surprising part. The surprising part was what happened after the camera exploded. The flash of light that erupted startled Trixie and when it died she was on the floor with Applejack and Pinkie lying on top of her.

Twilight Sparkle ran around the console and noticed the pile-up of mares. “Okay…” she muttered, her face beaded with sweat. “This I didn’t see coming.”


“Look at you, all spiffy,” Nine said with a grin, gesturing to Ten’s suit and tie. “I presume you’re my direct successor?”

Ten barely looked at Nine, fixing his hard look on Eleven and Twelve. “Yep, bit of an improvement if I do say so myself.”


“Though granted…” He grimaced at Eleven. “Chinny here takes the cake.”

Eleven pouted and straightened his bowtie. The Doctor nodded at the little trifle and mentally noted 10’s place in the timeline. This must be just right before he went back to the Ood.

“Now, now, we really can’t have everyone here arguing like children!” chided another voice. Another man appeared out of nowhere in a brown suit, silly umbrella and strange hat, he was short and stout but with the mad eyes of a strategist. The Schemer. Number Seven.

“Says the biggest child of us all!” argued another. His blond curly hair was just wild as his ridiculously chromatic outfit. The Trickster. Number Six.

“Do you really think you should be saying that? In an outfit like that?” asked a tall similarly blond man with a simple cream suit, a celery on his lapel and a smile on his face. The Human. Number Five.

“Says the man who considers vegetables a fashionable design,” quipped the tallest of them all. With a dark hat, decent coat and oversized multicolored scarf that trailed behind him. The Bohemian. Number Four.

“Much better than that scarf of yours,” muttered an older one with gray curly hair, a dark red cape like he was a performer and a gleam in his eyes. The Fighter. Number Three.

“Of course the Dandy of all people would say that!” snapped a short one with a dark bowl haircut, a blue bowtie and a dark coat. The Eccentric. Number Two.

Finally, the most silent of them all stepped out. He wasn’t a very imposing man, with a balding head ringed with silver hair that was combed back. He wore neat black clothes that matched the wicked gleam of intelligence in his eyes. Though his posture was bent, he commanded authority like no other.

The First Doctor regarded the others coldly and harshly as if wondering how he came to be so childish over the years.

“Looks like all of us!” Nine clapped with a grin.

“Not exactly,” corrected Ten, frowning at him. “We’re missing exactly two.”

The Doctor nodded as he looked around for Eight and the War Doctor but they wouldn’t show up, he was sure of it. They were both too busy with their own problems now.

“Well, well!” laughed Four, pointing at the pony Doctor. “I say, is that a pony?”

“Rather interesting, quite frankly,” agreed Seven.

“Oh, don’t tell me I become that!” gasped Three.

“No need to be melodramatic!” snapped Two. “He’s quite adorable if you ask me.”

If you could all focus,” said the Time Pony through gritted teeth. “We could get to the problem at hoof.”

“At hoof…” repeated Four.

“At hand!” he corrected, blushing as he remembered Twilight and the girls’ incessant lessons on proper pony speak.

“Well, get to it then,” said Six with a bored expression.

“It’s a matter of life and death,” Eleven reminded them. “You lot could be a bit more sensitive to the matter.”

The Doctor was about to thank him when he realized that Eleven pulled out his sonic and began scanning the Time Pony. Swatting the sonic away, the Doctor sighed in frustration at his past selves.

“What have you done with my sonic?” Nine asked, swiping Eleven’s screwdriver and staring at it. “It looks like a toy!”

Ten shrugged, barely containing a smile. “He’s compensating if you ask me.”

“Doctor!” The First Doctor called. Every Doctor, save Twelve, looked over at him and answered back, “Yes?”

“Our future self indeed has a point,” First said.

“Thank you,” Eleven grinned, making a face at both Nine and Ten.

“If he is a bit camp…”


“But we were summoned here for a reason,” he continued. “And this pony, our latest self, may have the answer as to why.”

Nine pairs of eyes turned and looked at the Time Pony. He sighed and shrugged as best he could, absentmindedly straightening his bowtie. “It’s like I told these two, I don’t have a clue. I didn’t summon you lot here, I certainly wouldn’t have the time presently.”

“Then who did?” the First Doctor asked.

“I did.”

All eyes went straight to the newest Doctor who appeared behind Twelve. Both Eleven and Twelve’s face paled as they looked at her. Her fiery red curly mane looked like wildfire against the white background with streaks of gold dyed into it and a simple unicorn horn stuck out from her mane. Her bright green eyes shone with a serene intelligence. She wore a rust-red faux-leather coat with a military-esque vest underneath with a bunch of crazy pockets. On her right hoof was another faux-leather strap that contained a watch and another holster for the sonic and on top of her head were a pair of golden goggles that whirred and zoomed in and out automatically.

On her flank was a cutie mark of a Golden Hourglass but the sand in it was nearly reaching the top, dangerously close to overspilling.

The Thirteenth Doctor grinned wickedly at everyone but all Twelve could think about was how much she reminded him of Amelia.

“’Ello fellows, in case you hadn’t noticed,” she said in a thick Scottish brogue. “I’m the Doctor.”