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The Adventures of Doctor Whooves: Series 1 - Time Pony Victorious

The Doctor, fresh off his regeneration, sets off in this strange world with ponies and mythical creatures with his TARDIS onwards and upwards to see the universe.

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Queen Aurelia, of the Changelings

The Moon, Horseshoe System

120 L.R. (The Republic of Princess Luna) [5 year ago]

Queen Aurelia stood at the edge of the abyss. Before her was the endless yawning hole within the lunar surface. It was the mythological place where the very infamous Nightmare Moon was imprisoned at. It is said when she crashed upon the moon she created a meteoric crater that forever scarred this beautiful place.

There was still an abundance of dark magic that radiated from the crater, so much so that the other Changelings feared getting close to it. There are rumors that claim that when Nightmare Moon escaped her prison that she left a piece of herself behind here. That it forever remained, chained, writhing in eternal agony here and that the leftover magic was actually her crying out for help.

Queen Aurelia scoffed and turned away from the continent sized crater. She was as delusional as her Changeling following.

“Madam!” Ki-Gar called, scurrying before her. He was a tiny Changeling in front of her, then again, she dwarfed every-ling here thanks to her statuesque size. “Ponies have emerged from the vessel!”

That wasn’t good. Queen Aurelia narrowed her eyes in deep consideration. “Have they said anything?”

“Just one message… ‘We come in peace’,” he relayed.

She looked to the west and instantly spotted the impossible structure the ponies had brought. It looked like a glass dome but was so impossibly huge that it made Queen Aurelia anxious. Closer to her was the Changeling hive, a pulsating purple organic structure that breathed life. They had landed only a few meters away but it was still too close.

“Then we shall greet our pony cousins,” she said finally as she began her approach. “What could possibly go wrong?”


Lunar Base One, Corridor B

125 L.R.

Everything went wrong for Jenny and Pinkie. After cleverly deducing that the reason behind the Changeling’s rampage was Lunar Base One’s communications array, Jenny tried to calmly and rationally explain to Slipspace but she wasn’t listening. Even though Jenny was making perfect sense, the Captain was obstinate. She wanted to turn the communications array back on because they had managed to repair it but Jenny was against it.

“If you turn it on,” she had said. “It’ll make the changelings go crazy like last time! Just keep it off and I can get help, somepony to back me up!”

“How do you know so much about the changelings anyways?” Slipspace had asked. “You’re just a pony like us!”

She didn’t want to listen, they needed help as soon as possible and they weren’t going to stop because of one random mare crying wolf. So, Jenny did what she had to do. She sabotaged the communications array and disabled it with an EMP. Of course that didn’t exactly play out well with the ponies. As soon as the communications array went down, they took aim at Jenny and Pinkie and opened fire. They ran for it but not before realizing her EMP was a bit stronger than she realized because the communications array exploded.

Not one of her best plans, but it was good enough to keep the ponies off her back and to delay the activation of the array. If they turned it back on, the changelings would go nuts and this war would merely escalate. That was something Jenny refused to allow happen. She poured on the speed, trying to get back to where they had split up with the Doctor and Applejack.

“Hurry, Pinkie!” she yelled, looking over her shoulder and noticing that the ponies began to catch up, opening fire. Jenny had to dodge and weave to avoid the bullets, but Pinkie merely maintained her bouncing gait the bullets were magically missing her as if they weren’t particularly interested in her.

“Turn right!” she yelled, veering around the corner, nearly bumping into Pinkie but crashed right into Applejack. The two mares rolled awkwardly head over hooves and finally landed with Jenny laying on top of her, dazed and muttering incoherently.

Applejack groaned in pain as she looked at Jenny who was laid splayed over her. “Like father, like daughter…” she muttered as the two of them got up.

Jenny shook off her disorientation and grabbed the Doctor by the shoulder. “Father, we need to get out of here, the ponies will be here soon and—“


A dozen armed soldiers fixed their sights on the group and while the mares put their forelegs up in surrender, the Doctor merely smiled coyly. “Oh, hello there!”

“I said freeze!” barked Slipspace as she approached the front of the group. “I don’t know who you think you are but—“

“That’s quite simple, actually,” he said with his overconfident tone. “I’m the Doctor…”

Suddenly, he brandished his TARDIS key from his coat and it began to glow brightly. The sound of the TARDIS engines igniting to life filled the corridor and before anypony could do anything, the TARDIS began to materialize around the group. The ponies opened fire but the TARDIS had already solidified and deflected the bullets easily. Finally, the Doctor and the girls were standing in the middle of the TARDIS console room.

Applejack gasped, astonished by the TARDIS’s technology, it felt like a spell by Twilight but the Doctor did it with ease! The Doctor put away his key and approached the console, throwing switches and pressing buttons. “If you could do that this whole time, why’d wait so long?” Applejack asked.

“I had only put in that feature recently,” he answered absentmindedly. “It takes a while to recharge, every 400 years or so.”

“What’s the plan then?” Pinkie asked, bouncing on the red couch by the railing.

“First, we meet the Changeling Queen, stop the war and head home for tea.” The Doctor flicked on the switch to his scanner and scrutinized the readings, it must’ve been bad since he frowned so deeply Applejack was surprised the scanner didn’t burst into flames.

“But you heard Ki,” Applejack said. “T' Queen is dead, remember?”

“Not exactly…” he muttered. His expression was ghostly in the dull light of the TARDIS, Applejack never really considered that he was more than a thousand years old but in this light he definitely resembled his age.

“What do you mean?” Jenny asked.

“This.” He threw a lever and the console room buzzed loudly for a moment the entire place darkened save for a blue spotlight that appeared over Jenny. She jumped slightly, her eyes widening in fear.

“F-father, what is this?”

“Doctor? What’re you—“

“It’s a containment field,” the Doctor coldly answered. “A bit of stolen tech from the Tesseractia, nice chaps, I’ll introduce you one day. They used it to capture and punish war criminals throughout time…”

“Why d’ you have it on yer daughter then?” Applejack asked.

“Because she’s NOT my DAUGHTER!” he yelled, slamming his hoof against the console, startling Applejack and Jenny.

“O-of course I am!” she insisted. “I remember the Hath, brave Martha Jones and Donna Noble. I am your daughter, Fathe—“

“DON’T call me that!” The Doctor was practically frothing at the teeth when he stormed up to Jenny and glared at her with eyes so baleful and dark. “You gave me hope… made me believe I wasn’t the only one here… but that was a trick, just a trick… Ooh, I’ve got to give you credit, your technique is much better than a shimmer…”

“Doctor, what’re you talking about?” Pinkie asked, bouncing into frame. “You said she’s a genuine Time Lord. You checked!”

“She’s no Time Lord…” he muttered through gritted teeth. “Just a false echo.”

He walked over to the console and flicked a lever. The blue light changed into a red one and Jenny’s form began to change. She was taller, about the size of Princess Celestia, with a long, beautiful purple mane. Instead of fur there were tough, hardened black scales that resembled armor. Her eyes were kaleidoscopically colorful, shifting between blue and green and brown like it couldn’t decide what it wanted to be. A black horn jutted from her forehead, resembling an alicorn’s horn, and dragonfly-like wings sprouted from her back. Unlike the Changelings Applejack were familiar with, she didn’t have any holes through her body.

To top it all off, sitting, nestled at the base of her horn, was a golden tiara with glowing white stones on it. The Changeling Queen bowed her head, ashamed, as Applejack and Pinkie gasped at this new form.

“Meet the Queen of the Changelings,” the Doctor said with a tone that could freeze a volcano.

“Y-yer a Changeling?” Applejack gasped. “But—“

“Your mane is really pretty!” Pinkie said, grinning.

But the Doctor ignored his companions and approached her again. “Well? Care to introduce yourself?”

She remained quiet for a few seconds before taking a deep breath. “My name is Aurelia, Queen Aurelia. Yes, Applejack, I am a Changeling, the very first one.”

The Doctor huffed and turned back around, angrily making his way to the console. “W-wait, what’re you doing?” Aurelia asked.

“Taking you back to your hive,” he answered as he inputted some data. “Where you belong.”

“Doctor, wait, we can’t just leave ‘er like that!” Applejack yelled.

“Yeah, what about everypony else? They’re stuck fighting and they don’t even know why,” Pinkie agreed.

“Please, Doctor, you must help—“

He slammed his hoof again, angrily glaring at everyone. “I don’t have to do anything. No one has the privilege to tell me what to do!”

Silence fell upon the TARDIS as they looked at the Doctor with crestfallen expressions, partly scared, partly disappointed. The Doctor couldn’t bear to see those expressions so he focused back on the console.

Pinkie approached the Doctor from the left and gently touched his hoof. He looked up and saw her sky-blue eyes welled up with concern and sincerity. “You know this isn’t right, Doctor,” she said, uncharacteristically gentle. “You would never run when somepony needs help.”

The Doctor bitterly scoffed and turned away. “Then you clearly don’t know me.”

“We do know ya, Doctor,” Applejack argued. “Ah don’t know what you thought all of this was, but it’s called bein’ a friend. That’s exactly what we are t’ ya, whether you like it or not.”

The ancient Time Pony didn’t say anything and kept his eyes on the console. He could feel the TARDIS psychically speaking to him. Unsurprisingly enough, she agreed with Applejack and Pinkie Pie. He pursed his lips together and took to the count of three.

“How did you assume Jenny’s form then?” he asked, still maintaining his glare on Queen Aurelia. The Queen looked ashamed but didn’t waver from the Doctor’s glare, meeting his gaze with a softened one.

“Psychic link,” she explained. “Normally, I am able to shapeshift once I get a tactile sample of whomever I am trying to mimic, but a psychic link is enough for me, especially considering it’s from your memories, Doctor.”

The Doctor’s glare hardened as he recalled that past life so vividly he had to convince himself he wasn’t the same person anymore. “It wasn’t invasive, of course,” she promised. “Just a glimpse. I saw many faces in your memories, Doctor. But she stood out. The hero who lost her life in a war.”

Don’t,” he warned venomously. “Don’t talk about her like you know her. You don’t know the first thing about her!"

“You’re wrong…” she said with a sad smile. “Whenever I shapeshift, I am not merely assuming their physical form, I become them. From memories so powerful they are brought to life in this new body, I still retain my personality but it lives in duality with the subject. When I was Jenny, I really was her for that brief time.”

The Doctor angrily rolled his jaw, finding it hard to look at her without breaking out in a fit of rage. “And your sonic screwdriver?” he asked.

“Simple psychic technology,” she answered. “It isn’t difficult to mimic, but again it came from your memories.”

To demonstrate, Aurelia raised her hoof and it morphed into a sonic screwdriver but it was different from the Doctor’s. It was smaller, purely silver with a blue bulb on it. It morphed back to her hoof and she set it down.

“All to convince you of who I was,” she concluded sadly.

“For what?” he growled. “You played games with me, don’t think you’re capable of something like that again, don’t ever think for a second—“

“It was to ask you for help!” she cried, tears welling in her eyes. “You’ve seen my Hive. My kind is slowly dying, close to extinction and I would do anything to save them. Surely, you would understand.”

The Doctor looked away, anger and sadness burning in his eyes. “You didn’t need to pretend to be someone else…”

“I was… afraid,” Aurelia admitted. “Afraid of what you were capable of… Which is why I couldn’t be myself, but please, I didn’t mean any harm. I just needed you—“

“To what?” he turned around, smiling crookedly. “To destroy the ponies? To be the Oncoming Storm that you’ve seen in my mind? To win this war your way?! Well no thank you, not today. I will not become something I am not, the Daleks, Cybermen, the Master, I will not turn into any of them!”

Queen Aurelia took a step back, her face in complete shock at the Doctor’s accusation… which quickly turned into anger and frustration.

“Do you really think that little of me? Fine, I have deceived you, all of you, and tricked you into assisting me but do you really think I would do something like that? I have the power to transform into anypony I wanted, I could’ve shifted into Slipspace and destroyed her operation from the inside out. Or caused dissent amongst the ranks, or just done away with my opponents in the cover of night but no, instead I chose to become the daughter of the Doctor. The Pony Who Heals, the Protector. So look me in the eye and honestly answer, do you really think I would ask you to do that?”

The Doctor didn’t say anything for a moment. Looking away and meeting Applejack’s eyes. The Element of Honesty had pulled off her hat and nodded earnestly at the Doctor, making it obvious that she more than believed Aurelia. Even Pinkie had the grace to mutely nod as well.

“I don’t need a hero or a soldier,” Aurelia continued. “I need a doctor.”

He looked back at the Queen and for the first time grinned broadly from ear to ear. He flicked a lever and the lights of the TARDIS came back on, the containment field had disappeared around the Queen. “Right then…” the Doctor adjusted his bowtie. “The Doctor is in.”


Guns were useless on this thing, as the Commander found out quickly. They emptied magazine after magazine into it and didn’t leave even a scratch! So, the Commander had left a few soldiers posted here while she and the rest of the company returned to base.

As expected, Tenderfoot was ordered to guard the stupid box. His commanding officers had left him behind while they went to “investigate” really they were going to go faff about, leaving him with the most boring job here. Still, it was better than running meaningless drills and besides Tenderfoot enjoyed this peace and quiet he had with this strange box.

Looking at it gave him a bit of vertigo. He felt a bit ill but with excitement, trepidation and most importantly… curiosity. Not the vicious curiosity expressed by his peers but the wide-eyed innocent type that a foal would have. The urge to want to see more, to jump over the edge and into the unknown just to see what was out there.

But no matter how hard he tried, the doors didn’t open. He tried to picklock it but the lock morphed with every single effort, he tried bargaining with it even pleading it to open, but nothing. So, Tenderfoot opted to just sit down, laying against the blue box, and waiting until his superiors returned if they ever did.

Then the strangest thing happened. There was a sound in the air that huffed and whined, it reminded Tenderfoot of somepony catching their breath as they witnessed a miracle… suddenly, the wall behind him was so solid and he nearly fell through. Tenderfoot jumped to his hooves and stared, mouth agape, as the amazing blue box disappeared, vanished into literally thin air accompanied by that strange sound.

Horsefeathers, what was he gonna say to explain this?!


“Pop quiz!” the Doctor yelled over the rattling of the TARDIS as he scrambled to regain control. “What’s the best way to end a war?”
“Singing!” answered Pinkie.

“Out maneuvering th’ enemy?” suggested Applejack.

“A strongly worded letter!” chimed Queen Aurelia.

The Doctor threw another lever home and the rumbling stopped. He stood in front of the staircase with his wide, charismatic grin. “Wrong, diplomacy!”

He ran down the stairs with the girls in tow and burst through the door… right into a squad of soldiers who fixed their guns on them. They had landed smackdab in the middle of their base and Applejack muttered a curse as she awkwardly raised her hooves in surrender.

“Nice flying, Doctor…” she grumbled.

The Doctor maintained his grin even under the pressure of those guns. “Why thank you, Applejack. It’s nice to see a bit of honesty, eh? NOW THEN! Lunar Base One, nice accommodations, a bit Spartan if you ask me but, ah, to each their own eh?”

As he spoke, the Doctor strode fearlessly around the base and the soldiers moved their guns to keep him in the line of fire. He strode with such confidence, such arrogance that it wasn’t hard to believe that he could be the General of this group.

He ended up at the second level, nearing the communications array but Commander Slipspace stepped in front of him, glaring at the Time Pony but he didn’t pay it any mind. “Could do with less guns,” he absentmindedly continued, looking around the base. “A splash of color, maybe some balloons? What do you think Pinkie?”

“Oh yay!” she agreed with a grin. “This place definitely needs a makeover.”

The Doctor chuckled. “Don’t let Rarity know.”

“What do you think you are doing?” Slipspace finally asked. “You are harboring the Queen of the Changelings, she’s dangerous and—“

“I’m trying to put an end to this before you do something you regret, Commander,” the Doctor answered solemnly, fixing his ancient gaze upon her. “Just let me explain…”

“That Changeling attacked us, attacked all of us!” Slipspace argued. “We’re just trying to call for backup!”

“Something you don’t need guns for,” he quietly retorted. “Just put them down and we can explain this whole situation.”

“I think I’ve got the situation all cleared up, thank you. You consort with the leader of their enemy, get her to sabotage our equipment then threaten me?”

“I’ve seen their home. It’s in shambles…”

“And we will put an end to it if need be.”

The room got a few degrees colder as the two stared down, trying to get the other to relent with sheer willpower alone. “You’re talking about genocide.”

“I’m talking about victory…”

“Not when I’m around!”

“Then we’ll have to put a stop to that.”

As quick as thought, Slipspace brandished a Taser and electrocuted the Doctor. The Time Pony convulsed violently as electricity lanced up and down his body. Applejack and Pinkie tried to run to help but the soldiers kept them in place.

“Doctor!” they shouted.

The Doctor collapsed. Slipspace pocketed her Taser and glared at the others. “Arrest these lot and get our communications up.”

“Ya can’t!” yelled Applejack.

“It’ll hurt the Changelings!” chimed in Pinkie.

“Then get it back up faster…” she growled.

“Pinkie we need to do something! We—wait, where’s Aurelia…”

Queen Aurelia morphed into a pony soldiers and jumped into the ranks. The ponies jumped back startled and tried to spot her but it was like finding a needle in a haystack. They wildly aimed their weapons, half of them searched while the other half screamed not to fire.

Slipspace growled as chaos rippled through her ranks. “There she is!” she yelled, pointing at the only pony that charged her.

The soldiers turned and took aim. “Pinkie!” Applejack yelled and the Party Pony understood. She brandished her party cannon seemingly out of nowhere and pulled the wick. It wasn’t armed with anything dangerous but the ponies scattered as it shot out a ball of confetti that took out the first half-dozen ponies.

Applejack bucked a soldier away from her, pulling out her rope from within her hat (it helps to be prepared) and lassoed up five more. Aurelia was nearly there but Slipspace was already pulling out her taser…

Pinkie blasted more ponies but even she wouldn’t be fast enough to help. Applejack shoved a few more ponies out of the way and sprinted as quickly as she could up to the Queen and leapt just as Slipspace fired off her taser… which embedded deep within Applejack’s side.

Applejack twitched and jerked as the electricity burned her body from the inside out. Queen Aurelia watched with horror as her newly formed friend collapsed, still twitching.

The Queen roared in anger and her horn lit up with magic. Everypony, save her friends, were lifted by her magical aura, wrapped with a ghostly green magic and they twitched and shuddered. It felt like they were being crushed by her magic.

Pinkie rushed to Applejack’s side to check if she was okay… Applejack shuddered and let out a pained groan. Pinkie sighed in relief and looked up to Aurelia who began to take flight in her fury. “Aurelia! Applejack is okay, let them go!”

Queen Aurelia looked at Pinkie… but her eyes were glowing green, her expression contorted into pure anger. “These ponies insist on a war, let me rain one down on them!”

“Don’t…” the Doctor coughed. He weakly got to his hooves. “Queen Aurelia, you can’t, otherwise you’ll be no better. Be the one who wouldn’t! Please! You’re better than this!”

She hesitated for a moment… but then the communications array beeped to life. Its lights turned on and a loud, yet unheard, frequency pierced the mind of every Changeling… including the Queen. Her eyes reverted to normal as she let out a bloodcurdling cry, gripping her head and dropping the ponies hard on the ground.

The Doctor sprung to action. Getting up and ignoring the burning scent of his fur as he approached the communications array and got to work. “Oh, that’s not good, that’s very much not good…”

“Doctor!” Pinkie yelled. “What about Applejack—“

“Shush, I’m trying to be clever!” he growled as he pulled out his sonic and tried to override the controls… nothing! It would take five minutes to finish the hack and considering the Queen… that was four minutes too long.

“Queen Aurelia!” the Doctor yelled at her, waving his hooves madly. “Listen to me!”

The Queen turned her glare on the Doctor which was magically enhanced because it felt like the gravity was notched up a hundred times stronger than usually but his Time Lord body resisted it… but not for long.

“I know you’re scared, I know! You feel alone and terrified of the world in front of you, but you don’t have to!” he said with such sincerity it nearly broke Slipspace’s heart. “Trust me! I know how you felt… but you don’t have to feel that way! I’m here, ready and willing to help… Ready and willing to be your friend…”

His golden eyes spoke volumes of kindness and sincerity… that went unnoticed as Aurelia began to lose control and charged the Doctor. He stood there, unflinching as the rampaging Queen approached him… but then Applejack jumped in front of him and raised her forelegs to shield him.

“DON’T!” she shouted, wincing in pain. “Ah get it, Aurelia. But you can do this, just listen t’ me! Ah know you can hear me, Ah know you’re in there! Please... don’t do this…”

Queen Aurelia paused, just maintaining her vicious glare at Applejack for a total of ten seconds… before floating back down to the floor, her glowing eyes dissipated and she shook her head in confusion. “Wha--… Applejack?”

Applejack tackled Queen Aurelia with a hug so fierce her hat flew straight off. “Ah knew you could hear me! Doctor, it worked! Ah broke her out of the rage and—“

She turned around to see the Doctor grinning as he leaned up against the communications array that was now deactivated. “Sorry, am I interrupting something? While you were doing the whole.. power of friendship bit, I decided to turn off the communications array, it was getting a bit annoying don’tcha think?”

The soldiers gathered their wits and jumped to action, aiming their weapons at the Doctor who smugly waved them aside. “Please, aim a gun at me if it makes you feel better…”

Commander Slipspace stood and dismissed her soldiers, staring warily at Queen Aurelia as if waiting for her to rampage again. But then her expression softened. “Okay then… Explain.”

It only took ten minutes to explain the whole situation to them, it took thirty more to repair and modify the communications array because the Doctor refused to follow the manual provided by tech support.

“The only time I’d follow a manual is to do exactly the opposite of what it suggests,” he snapped, bopping the poor tech pony on the head with said manual. After much time electrocuting himself and disabling the antigrav, the Doctor managed to fully repair it and alter it so it had no ill effect on the changelings.

“Low frequency resonance,” the Doctor explained. “It inhibited the Changeling’s higher brain functions, turning them into mindless drones. I… shifted the frequency a bit but there you go!”

He pressed a button and the PA speakers buzzed with scrambled chatter from the ponies planetside, asking if anything went wrong. Tech support immediately explained the situation and requested back-up… for the native Changelings.

Queen Aurelia awkwardly apologized (for the 100th time) to Slipspace about the incident so long ago but Slipspace waved her hoof dismissively. “I apologize as well. If I had known it was our device that had caused that… Anyhow, know this. You and your kind have our full support, if need be.”

Applejack and Pinkie smiled as Aurelia chocked up with tears. Commander Slipspace held out her hoof to shake but Aurelia pulled her in for a tight hug which was awkwardly returned by the stalwart pony.

The Doctor strode over to Applejack and ran his sonic over her face. He glanced at the readings then cupped her cheeks, getting a good look at her eyes. “D-Doctor, what’re y—“

“Are you sure you’re fine?” he asked for the billionth time.

Applejack pushed his hooves off her. “Ah told you, Ah’m okay. Just a bit… shocked.”

But the Doctor’s worried expression didn’t fade. “Ah. Sorry then.”

“Fer what?”

“Getting you into this you and Pinkie,” he answered grimly, heading toward the TARDIS. “I’m taking you home.”

“Wha--, wait, Doctor.”

“Doctor, are you leaving?” Aurelia asked.

He spun around and placed a broad smile on his face but Applejack knew he was still fuming over Applejack’s injuries. “'Fraid so, places to see, people to go, you know the drill. I will, ah, be dropping by later on to see how you lot get on. Behave, no more wars, eh?”

Commander Slipspace promised to keep that in mind but Queen Aurelia called out again. “Wait, Doctor, there is something I must tell you.”

He tried for another smile but it was strained, like his patience began to wear but he listened patiently. “Yes?”

“I may be able to shapeshift due to psychic links, true. But only when the pony is alive…”

The Doctor’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. “What’re you saying?”

“I can’t assume the form of anypony dead, it doesn’t work like that…”

Applejack whispered to Pinkie. “Maybe that’s why, Chrysalis left Princess Cadance alive?”

“The pony has to be alive and well… I only tell you this because, well, that means your daughter Jenny is still alive. And, if I know her, she’s probably here somewhere, searching for you.”

Applejack and Pinkie cheered, patting the Doctor on the back, expecting him to respond happily but his grim expression remained. “Thank you… But we really must be going.”

Without waiting for a response, the Doctor entered the TARDIS leaving Applejack and Pinkie baffled as they followed him in.
“Doctor,” Applejack called as she walked up to the console where he worked. “Why aren’t ya celebratin’?”

“Yeah!” Pinkie laughed as she bounced in-between them. “We can go find her and throw a party for her! It’ll be great!”

“Because she isn’t alive,” the Doctor grumbled. “I saw her when she… Queen Aurelia was wrong, she can’t be alive.”

“Ya can’t decide that on yer own, Doctor,” Applejack argued.

“Oh, yes I can,” he answered, striding over to the other side of the console. “Time Lord, TARDIS, I can decide anything I’d like. Just decided that now.”

“Like deciding to take us along?” Pinkie asked.

“Or being our friends?” Applejack chimed in.

“That was… It doesn’t matter now, you’re going back home. I shouldn’t have brought you here, you could’ve been hurt,” he decided
“Yeah, well too late fer that!” Applejack walked over and slammed her hoof into his, stopping him from flipping his lever. “Ah already did but it wasn’t yer fault. Ah made that decision t’ jump in front of Aurelia, not you.”

“Applejack, let me go—“

“This friendship thing may be a game to you, Doctor. But it ain’t t’ me or Pinkie or th’ other girls. We’re in this fer t’ long haul, whether you like it or not.”

“And when does that end, hm?” the Doctor snapped back, his golden eyes becoming steely and cold. “Where I stand over your broken body, wondering where it went wrong? Today it’s a taser, but it could be something far worse tomorrow, Applejack and I can’t let that happen!”

Shocked and flabbergasted, Applejack released the Doctor’s hoof but all of his energy was drained from him. He looked away and tried to swallow that lump in his throat.

“That’s the thing, Doctor…” Pinkie said quietly. “Friendship isn’t something that ends like that. It lives in inside of us, even if we aren’t here… we’ll still be with you because that’s what friendship is.”

“Pinkie’s right,” Applejack nodded. “Just cuz things get a bit scary don’t mean we’d rather be somewhere else. We’re stayin’ Doctor, and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it.”

To prove her point, Applejack and Pinkie sat down on the couch and crossed their forelegs over their chests. The Doctor chuckled at the humanistic behavior… it didn’t matter if these ponies weren’t human, they had way more in common with them than the Doctor gave them credit for.

He rubbed his eyes and ran a hoof through his mane. “You lot, always telling me off, hmph. Fine then, if not home, where do you wanna go next?”

“Someplace fun!” Pinkie cheered.

“And quiet, Ah think Ah had my fair share of loud noises for mah lifetime,” Applejack suggested.

“Fun it is!” the Doctor laughed throwing a lever, activating the time rotors which lit up the engines. The trio stood by the console, eyes brimming with excitement at the prospect of their next journey, completely unaware of the purple magic aura that wrapped around the console and dove into the time rotor…

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