• Published 17th Jan 2013
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The Adventures of Doctor Whooves: Series 1 - Time Pony Victorious

The Doctor, fresh off his regeneration, sets off in this strange world with ponies and mythical creatures with his TARDIS onwards and upwards to see the universe.

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The Prank That Went Wrong

Sweet Apple Acres, Ponyville, Equestria

40th of Summer, 7:20am, 1002 C.R.

Applejack sighed in content as the morning sun drifted into her room, washing over the farmpony slightly. Rather than face the sun, however, Applejack dove back into her covers for a few more minutes of rest. Quite unlike the early-bird farmpony who would often be up long before the sun even rises, but last night took quite a bit out of her.

Her mind drifted to the crazy events that happened last night, being accidentally made queen and dueling a raging dragon, and solving a kingdom-wide dispute was definitely not what Applejack had expected from a “nice vacation to see the first Apples”.

The Doctor had intended to bring Applejack and Pinkie Pie to see the very first apple bucking day of her, and recently decided Pinkie’s, family. He had—what did he say… “Overshot” it by about 500 years. They ended up in some archaic small kingdom in the middle of a civil war. Pinkie Pie somehow became a Lady of Sugar of the Commonwealth and tried to end the war with civility and cupcakes but it only ensued, eventually ending because of Applejack’s and the Doctor’s intervention.

Applejack felt a bit uncomfortable being named the queen and wanted the Doctor to take the credit instead. But the Time Pony refused, stating, “I haven’t had a great deal of luck in positions of power. President, King… etcetera.”

Her reign had, however, come to a decisive end after she was destroyed in a conflict with the local dragon, at least according to history. In reality, the Doctor had accidentally stumbled into a dragon’s lair and in the confusion blew up the whole mountain (no dragons were harmed in the process, the Doctor promised).

They were taken home and Applejack instantly passed out the moment she touched her bed. Her ears still ringing from the earth-shattering explosion by the Doctor but fondness in her sleepy smile and newfound lethargy. It was a hectic adventure, life-threatening at certain points… but Applejack wouldn’t have traded that for anything.

It was certainly odd how quickly Applejack had taken to this eccentric Doctor. His air of sophistication and intellectuality would’ve typically created a barrier in front of the seemingly simplistic Applejack. True, Applejack didn’t speak all fancy-like but she was far from dull. She could appreciate the complexities of most things that would keep Twilight and the Doctor prattle for hours, it’s only that farm life composes most of her time to be able to enjoy such things.

But at the same time, the Doctor seemed paradoxically out of her reach similarly a normal, down-to-earth pony. He’s an apple-bucking alien for one thing, with a mind that rivals Twilight’s, the smartest pony Applejack knew, and he’s probably older than Princess Celestia and Luna. But at the same time, whenever you see him smile madly or even look sad… he isn’t an alien anymore, he’s a regular pony with regular emotions.

The whole thing made Applejack’s head hurt, even more than the intricacies of time travel and the TARDIS’s interior, but she didn’t like to dwell on such things. It wasn’t because the simple farm pony couldn’t handle complex things, no, it’s because it’s as simple as an apple. She and the Doctor were friends, that’s that, it doesn’t really matter who he was. She couldn’t understand time travel or even the Doctor’s biology, what she knew best was friendship, and any friend of Applejack is a friend indeed.

Applejack smiled contently as she snuggled back into her blankets, ignoring little Applebloom’s wake-up calls downstairs.


The Doctor tinkered with his device with a slight grimace. “Is it ready?” Pinkie asked, practically bouncing from excitement.

Sparks flew from the book-shaped device, slightly singing the Doctor’s recently sensitive hooves. “Just nearly,” he answered. “Now shush, Pinkie. And get down, you don’t want to be spotted.”

Pinkie complied, appearing uncomfortable at unable to express her jubilance which instead went to her perpetually wagging tail. “Will it work?”

The Doctor scoffed, shooting Pinkie a hard look which went unnoticed. “Of course it’ll work, I made it.”

“Are you sure?” she asked. “You remember that last thing you built, right?”

“How was I supposed to know it would control the weather?”

“Still, a big red threatening button is a good indicator!”

You pressed it!”

“I like red buttons,” Pinkie mumbled sullenly.

The Doctor kept his comments to himself, not wanting to express his own personal joy in big red buttons and continued to tinker away. The two have been standing by the apple trees for something of an hour, dutifully preparing for this excellent prank that Pinkie thought up. It only took the Doctor half an hour to whip something up to Pinkie’s tastes. It’s taken longer to perfect it.

“Where is she anyways?” the Doctor asked. He looked to where Pinkie was only to find a perfectly empty spot.

“I dunno!” she said from the top of the tree they were taking refuge by. “She’s usually up by this time!”

“What if she isn’t home?”

Pinkie giggled, “She’s always home, Doctor! Oh, oh! I see her in the kitchen!”

The Doctor squinted at the house and sure enough spotted the kitchen window with a sleepy-looking Applejack just arriving. She was uncharacteristically slow-moving and not even wearing her iconic Stetson, the Doctor chuckled softly, the last night must’ve taken a toll on her.

Although last night was crazy, even by the Doctor’s standards, both Applejack and Pinkie Pie seemed perfectly ecstatic by what they had accomplished. Normally, the Doctor would’ve been fine with continuing the adventure onwards and upwards, but the two mares were normal earth ponies, with hardly the stamina of a Time Lord. Against his better judgment, he had recommended sleep.

Pinkie Pie was the quickest to rebound, waiting in front of the TARDIS when the Doctor left to start the day. The hyperactive pony, apparently, was very quick to exceed the Doctor’s expectations. It was there she had suggested an innocent prank to pull on Applejack, to help jumpstart her day. Pinkie Pie must’ve had the same concerns the Doctor did.

His device buzzed to life and the Doctor took notice of the readings; erratic but stable. He nodded to Pinkie. “It’s ready.”

Pinkie grinned broadly, pulling out a large tuba (from who knows where) and blowing a discordant but loud note. The effect was near instantaneous. Applejack stepped out of her house, searching quickly for the offensive noise. The Doctor activated his device with a wicked smile of his own and it activated as loudly as Pinkie’s tuba.

Light shimmered around the tree they were standing around and before their very eyes, the prized apples of this proud orchard disappeared into thin air. The effect traveled throughout the entire orchard, every single tree suddenly losing their precious apples with a shimmer.

Applejack’s mouth dropped the moment she saw her apples disappear in the blink of an eye. All of her apples, all of them were gone! She then heard the perpetrators before she saw them. Giggling came from the tree closest to the house and that’s where she saw the Doctor and Pinkie Pie laughing their flanks off.

Growling, Applejack adjusted her Stetson. “You… WHAT HAVE YA’LL DONE TO MAH APPLE TREES?!”

“Uh oh,” muttered the Doctor, toying with his device. “It isn’t reversing the process.”

“Wait, what?” asked Pinkie, jumping down from the tree.

“Basically…” the Doctor looked up to see Applejack charging them with a rope in her mouth. “Run!”

Dropping his device and grabbing Pinkie by the hoof, the two ran away as fast as they possibly could whilst Applejack took chase. They were out of the orchard when the Doctor’s device malfunctioned and reversed the invisibility it placed on the apples and all of her fruit reappeared like magic, it’s a shame Applejack never got a chance to notice it.

The Doctor and Pinkie ran straight into Ponyville, the intrepid Time Lord and incredibly hyperactive party pony had no problem outrunning the admittedly athletic farm pony. Still, they both knew how stubborn Applejack could be so they only poured on the speed despite not seeing Applejack for quite some time.

“Quickly, to Twilight’s place!” the Doctor said.

Pinkie giggled, bouncing perfectly to the Doctor’s sprinting gait. “Boy, Applejack sure is fast, huh?”

“What do you mean?” the Doctor asked, looking over his shoulder to find nopony chasing them. “We lost her.”

“Nuh uh, look!” Pinkie Pie pointed toward the rooftops to their right… to Applejack leaping from building to building without missing a single step and perfectly keeping up with the duo.

“Blimey, she’s sensitive about her apples!” the Doctor cried.

“You should’ve seen the last prank we pulled on her apples,” Pinkie explained with a smile. “She tied Rainbow and I up to an apple tree for a few hours!”

“I got plenty of that from River, thank you,” he grumbled.

Applejack dropped from the rooftop, landing perfectly in front of them with a snarl that could scare a full-grown dragon. “Finally caught ya’ll…”

“Hey, Applejack!” greeted Pinkie. “Did ya like our prank?”

“Applejack, before you do anything you might regret, first let me say, HEY LOOK OVER THERE!” Pointing off behind Applejack, he was so loud and sudden that she couldn’t help but spare a glance over her shoulder for just a second… to turn back around to find the pranksters gone.

“Dangnabit!” she cursed, sprinting toward the library.

The Doctor burst into the library with Pinkie right behind him, he raced his way to the basement but Pinkie hesitated for a moment. “Where’s Twilight?”

“Canterlot business!” he answered quickly, opening the basement door and running down to it. “Come along, Pinkie!”

Pinkie followed just as the Doctor entered the TARDIS and stepped inside. The Doctor shut the door behind her and ran to the console. “Ah, good. Nothing in the universe can get inside the TARDIS, well, except me. We should be safe…”

His hooves worked at the console so quickly and randomly that even Pinkie had trouble keeping up. She bounced in place, watching the Doctor work. No, it wasn’t work, per se. To Pinkie it looked like a dance, an intimate, if sporadic, set of movements shared between two partners, an eccentric Time Lord and an equally eccentric police box that exists within all of space and time. Flurries of passionate movements in which the partners know how the other ticks, how they move, flex, and bend.

It looked reminded Pinkie of baking. Something wild and untamed but full of passion and affection toward the end product.

“Where are we going?” Pinkie asked.

The Doctor looked up, his expression somewhat confused but it quickly morphed into a goofy smile. He flicked a switch and his scanner quickly changed from undiscernible readings to an outside view of Twilight’s library. “Oh, ah, anywhere you’d like, Pinkie. Where do you want to go today?”

“Hmm…” Pinkie tapped her chin, but before she could answer the sound of the TARDIS door opening and closing interrupted her.

“How ‘bout back to mah farm where you can fix all of mah trees!” Applejack answered, standing by the doors completely out of breath but just as angry.

“What?!” the Doctor banged the console. “You were supposed to keep her out!” he muttered to the time rotor, but the TARDIS only hummed coyly.

“AJ, your trees are fine,” Pinkie promised with a small grin. “It was only a prank.”

“Oh yeah? Prove it! Take me back.”

“Fine, fine, just, momentai, Appleja”—the TARDIS lurched, throwing the Doctor off his hooves and rolling into Pinkie. The duo tumbled down the stairs and slammed right into Applejack, bouncing everywhere in the suddenly out-of-control time machine.

They disentangled finally, right before Applejack nearly slammed into the railings. “Doctor! What’s going on?!”

“The TARDIS is going out of control!” he answered, crawling his way back to the console. “She’s been a bit… ornery lately, but this is new! She’s taken off by herself.”

“To where?” Pinkie asked, giggling as she bounced perfectly around the TARDIS console.

“I don’t know!” laughed the Doctor.

“Perfect!” complained Applejack.

Finally, the violent movements ceased and the TARDIS settled… wherever she decided to land.

The Doctor steadied himself on the console and glanced at the readings, very incomplete and failing to indicate exactly when and where they were. He laughed under his breath, a sound that both filled Applejack with dread and excitement.

“We’ve landed…”

Applejack got to her hooves and brushed off her hat. “Ah may not be an expert in driving the TARDIS, Doctor. But even Ah can tell we’ve landed, question is, where?”

“Or when?” chimed in Pinkie, somehow dangling upside down the tree-like structures to the far walls of the TARDIS.

“Want to find out then?” the Doctor asked with a completely maddening grin on his face, the wild smile of an adventurer aching to see what lay beyond those doors… sentiments shared by the unimposing farm pony.

“Five minutes,” answered Applejack. “Then yer taking us back to make sure mah trees are okay.”

“Cross my hearts,” promised the Doctor as he bounded down the stairs and toward the coat rack to pull off his gray wool coat and throw it on. “Come on then, let’s see exactly where the Old Girl has taken us!”

Applejack was unable to contain her smile as she stepped out of the TARDIS with the madpony and Pinkie… Only to instinctively duck to the cover as explosions rang out all around them.

The three hugged a piece of debris, Applejack winced at every gunshot, at every explosion and the gruff commands and barking curses from the ponies. Where were they?!

“Pinkie, get down!” the Doctor pulled Pinkie down and beside Applejack. He stared at the two of them, his sense of adventure disappeared from his eyes and was replaced by a grim, aged look… something that made Applejack think he was used to scenarios like this.

“Stay here!” he ordered.

“Where are you going?!” Applejack had to yell over the ensuing chaos.

“To be a Doctor,” he answered grimly.

Before Applejack could protest, the Doctor brandished his sonic screwdriver and ran straight into the fight.

In the instance of moving from cover to cover, the Doctor noticed at least twenty ponies on one side, firing toward the Doctor and the TARDIS but not particularly aiming at them. Dread filled his hearts as the inevitable conclusion came to his head.

Their enemy was behind them.

But he couldn’t focus on that too hard, he examined the long, metallic corridor they were in. It wasn’t an open battlefield like he expected, they were inside a vacuum sealed corridor, the taste of artificial air was bitter against the Time Lord’s tongue. He felt the familiar tug of artificial gravity on his back, which meant the gunfire and explosions could pose a threat to the vacuum sealed environment.

No, wrong. He took another look at the walls, they were incredibly thick and no doubt resistant to the chaos it contained. Where were they?!

The Doctor aimed his screwdriver at the walls, there was a control panel nearby, no doubt they controlled the walls. A massive wall of steel collapsed in front of the Doctor, cleanly separating the firing ponies from them… but that just left the enemy.

Turning around, the Doctor wasn’t fast enough to react to dodge the first strike. It landed on top of the Doctor, disarming him of his screwdriver and pinning him down perfectly. He got a good look at the creature.

It was ashey-gray but so white its skin looked like the color of snow. Tough scales covered its bodies and bug-like transparent wings fluttered aggressively on its back. A jagged gray piece of bone sprouted from its forehead and its green bug eyes blinked a second set of eyelids.

“Listen, I’m the Doctor, I’m here to help. Just talk to me! There’s no need for violence, I promise I won’t hurt you!” he said in one breath. The bug hesitated for a moment before roaring at the Time Lord, its mouth opening up as if ready to eat the Doctor whole…

But it flew off the Doctor violently, bucked strongly off by Applejack who glared at it grimly before helping the Doctor up.

“What was that for?!” the Doctor demanded. “You didn’t have to hurt it!”

“Doctor, you don’t understand. That’s a changling!” Applejack argued. “Although, Ah’ve never seen one that looks like that…”

“Watch out!” Pinkie dove, tackling the two of them flat to the ground as the changling swooped over them.

“How can those wings support that body…” the Doctor muttered.

The changling came down for another sweep and Applejack prepared to buck it right out of the air… when it was suddenly tackled mid-air and came crashing to the ground.

The Doctor stared, mouth agape as their savior wrestled with the changeling briefly. Her golden mane was tied in a tight ponytail but didn’t appear to impede the formidable pony’s movements. Her coat was tanned, very crisp and clean with an almost militaristic decorum which perfectly matched her forest green camouflage fatigues. A silver sphere with a multicolored interior that beautifully resembled a galaxy sat on her flank as her cutie mark, the Doctor instantly recognized what the cutie mark represented.

“That’s impossible,” the Doctor gasped, in complete shock.

“Doctor, you know her?” Applejack asked.

Well, she’s…”

The mare fended off the changeling with expertise one would expect from a perfect soldier. She turned and grinned at the Doctor.

“Doctor…” Applejack prodded.

“She’s my daughter.”

“Hello, father,” she grinned.


“Wait, daughter?!” Applejack cried.

It made sense after all, her cutie mark was that of the Source. The “breath of a goddess” he had encountered so long ago…

Jenny, the Doctor’s Time Lord daughter, grinned proudly at the Doctor, her eyes glinting with excitement. “So… what kind of trouble have you got for me this time, Father?”