• Published 19th Mar 2024
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My Little Pony (R:G5): Ponies Unite! (Book 1: A New Generation) - Kibat Grenbuku

Maretime Bay’s outcast Sunny Starscout must unite the three pony tribes with the help of her new friends all the while evading dark forces on the hunt for her.

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Chapter 6: Sparkles and Crystals

As the group prepared themselves to leave Zephyr Heights, they looked back at the brother/sister Pegasi duo, embracing their mother goodbye, reminding them to come home safe when the journey is over. As they took their saddlebags and left the front gate, the Pegasi cheers for their heroes for a safe travel as well, hoping their Champion's mission succeeds.

As they do so however, if they were observant enough, they would've spotted two black cloaked figures above a rock formation. The two Alicorns watch as the six ponies leave the city, Gaialum couldn't help but vent her frustrations. "We should've stopped him." She tells Luvios, "We should've told him to back off, but you chose to let him go and cause havoc!"

"As I told you before Gaialum," the blue masked Alicorn said calmly, "It was his choice to reject the master's commands. Aerovad won't stop until the Prophecy's Child's story comes to an early end."

"But over a child?" She asked, "She doesn't full control of her powers! He's needs to stop and let things take their own course like the wind itself."

Luvios shook his head and reminds her, "He is the wind dear sister." He looks at the morning horizon, "He goes wherever, and whenever he wants. This is his choice." Gaialum wasn't hearing the end of it, she unfurls her wings and was about to take off. "Are you going to defy the master as well?"

"If it means to keep my brother away from harm, then yes!" Gaialum said coldly, she flew as fast as she could.

Far from sight, the blue masked Alicorn could only sigh, "Shame."

It was close to night. Hitch tried to get a spark from rubbing two sticks together, only to groan in frustration. "Gah! It wasn't this hard during colt scouts!" He exclaims, throwing his forehooves up in irritation.

"Here, let me try something," Sunny said as Hitch voluntarily moved out of her way to work her own magic. She licked her hooves together, as if they were flints, creating sparks that ignited a fire.

"Whoa!" Everyone excluding Hitch and Argyle exclaimed.

"How did you do that?" Pipp asked in awe.

"Oh," she said in nostalgia, "It's just a trick my dad once showed me, when he and I went camping together."

"A camping trick, eh?" The Pegasus Prince asked, "How do you do it?"

"Well, you click your hooves together like this, to make a spark." She explains as she demonstrates to them, creating a spark from her hooves, which accidentally got Argyle's light grey saddlebag.

“Ms. Starscout, please be careful!” Silverline exclaims as he quickly grabbed his bag and tries to brush off the sparks.

“Oh gosh! I’m so sorry!” Sunny yelps, trying to help him brush away the sparks. The silver pony shook his head, muttering under his breath which no one could hear what he said. Upon close examination, the apricot mare compliments about the bag, “That is an interesting bag you got with you.”

“Ah, it’s a one of a kind Sunny,” he tells her with a proud smile.

“One of a kind?”

“Quite.” Argyle answers, “This bag holds a lot of things that I need.” This got a lot of ponies in the group confused, which proceeds to explain further, asking Hitch, “Do you remember the cloaks I brought out?” The sheriff nods, allowing the silver stallion to continue, “This bag holds a magical property within in it. As you can see, there’s nothing inside the bag.” He opens it and shows the bag, and, true to his word, it is completely empty. “But,” he continues on, as if he’s professional business pony, he began to place his right forehoof in the bag and pulled out a water bottle.

The group was stunned by him pulling out the water bottle out of the bag.

“Wait a second. There was nothing in it.” Pipp said in amazement, looking at the bag’s interior.

“Never judge thing by their appearance Ms. Petals,” Silverline wisely tells her, “Even carpet bag, I’m sure I never do.”

“Fascinating,” Pipp Petals commented, continued to be in awe.

Izzy could tell that Argyle he took pride in his belonging, then she said, “Huh, you don’t have a sparkle Argyle.”

“Sparkle?” Both Argyle and Pipp ask.

“Yeah, sparkles!” Izzy began to lecture. “It’s that special light inside of every pony, that shows your feeling! And the happier you get, the brighter it shines!” She turned to Pipp as she follows up, “And your sparkle is aquamarine.”

“My sparkle is aquamarine?” Pipp gasped. “That's, like, my sixth favorite color!”

“Your sixth favorite color?” Zipp asked. “What are the other five then, pray tell?”

“Well, my natural pink is one,” Pipp began. “The violet color in my hair is second. The green colors of my eyes are third. And the colors in your wings are the fourth and fifth.”

“The colors in my wings?” The Pegasus Prince asked, looking genuinely surprised. “You actually liked them?”

“Of course, Zipp!” Pipp replied. “Didn’t mother ever tell you that you have the most beautiful wings any pegasi have ever seen? Even I envied them! All I ever wanted was to see you flapping them more often!”

He gave her a smirk, “Maybe you’ll get to see more of it once we get everypony’s magic back.”

Just hearing that made Izzy’s ears go flat. Sunny then took notice. "What's wrong Izzy?" Sunny asked.

Looking up, Izzy began, "It's just that...being with you ponies has been the best thing that's ever happened to me. I guess I just don't want our adventure to end."

“Who says that it will?” Argyle asked with a smirk of his own. Both Izzy and Sunny looked at him confused, as he continues on, “Once you give magic back to Equestria, there’s much to do afterwards, like many other mysteries waiting to be solved, many other places to explore, maybe learning a friendship lesson or two along the way…” he shrugs with a chuckle, “Shall I go on?”

“Nah, I think I got it.” Izzy told him with a cheery smile.

The silver stallion gave her a nod in understanding. Hitch then spoke up, “Speaking of journeys, Why did you come to Maretime Bay Izzy?”

"I always wanted to visit," Izzy began. "When I was a filly, I found this pretty lantern. It had a message inside,” Reaching into her mane, Izzy pulled out the worn out piece of paper. “It says I have friends in Maretime Bay!" Upon seeing the message, Sunny was in shock, which didn't go unnoticed for the light purple unicorn. "What’s wrong? Why are you looking at..." Upon coming to an epiphany, Izzy followed Sunny's gaze to the old paper, then back to the awestruck mare. "No...way..." a realization finally dawned on her as Izzy exclaimed, "It was you!"

Sunny nodded as she took the drawing and explained, “I made it with my dad. We always promised each other that someday we would prove that all ponies were meant to be friends. We'll do our part. Hoof to heart.” Everyone smiled at the words that had been spoken.

“I want to do my part.” Hitch said, making Sunny smile even more and the group, except for Argyle, cheers. “Besides, I have a huge promise to keep. I have to admit a Unicorn forest does sound kind of magical.” He expressed with optimism.

“Well,” Zipp spoke up, a yawn escaped his lips, “If we are going to Bridlewood, we better get some sleep.”

They agreed and got themselves situated in their sleeping bags, all except for Sunny who said, “You guys go ahead. There’s something that I need to do.”

As the apricot mare went away from the group, Pipp then a thought come into her mind. “Y’know this whole adventure we’ve been on feels strange considering everything that’s happened so far.” Pipp giggled causing the others to giggle.

Sunny continued towards the edge of the cliff near where Hitch tried to light a fire, she sat down overlooking the view of the land she had never seen in her life. Readjusting her glasses up on the bridge of her nose, she took the wooden pendant and summoned Twilight.

As she was materialized, the purple Alicorn looked at the young mare. “Are you alright Sunny?” She asked, then she took notice of where they are and looked at the campsite, “Why are you not getting rest?”

The apricot Earth Pony took a deep breath and began to explain, “I’ve been having a lot of thoughts on some things Princess.”

“About what?”

“Well… before I awakened my powers, there was a mare’s voice.”

This piqued Twilight’s curiosity. “A voice?” She asked.

Sunny nods as she continues on, “I thought it was yours at the time, but that couldn’t be you. She sounded younger, I think.”

The purple Alicorn placed her hoof on her chin in thought. “That almost sounded like you’re talking about-“ she stops herself, which caught Sunny’s attention, “No… no that couldn’t be possible.”


Twilight sighs as she shook her head, unsure as to how to answer. “Whoever it was,” she tells her, “She seemed to have helped you awaken your Alicorn powers. For what purpose, that remains to be seen.” She looks at the campsite, then back at Sunny with a kind smile as she advices, “For now, you should get some sleep.”


“I know that you have a lot of questions,” Twilight stops Sunny with a titter, “but those questions will unfortunately have to wait. You need your sleep Sunny, your friends will worry if you don’t get enough rest, you’ll end up like what happened with me.”

“What happened?”

“Used pancakes as a pillow one time.”

“O-oh!” Sunny giggled from her hero’s answer, “Well then, I wish you goodnight then.”

“Goodnight.” Twilight repeats as she was brought back into the medallion.

Sunny sighs with a smile on her face as she looked up at the moon as she said to herself, “Our dream’s going to come true dad. We’re so close. I hope I’m making you proud up there, and mom too.” She returns back to the campsite and got in her sleeping bag, closing her eyes and entering herself to the world of dreams.

As Sunny opened her eyes she could see that she was no longer at the campsite, but somewhere else… somewhere that she can’t identify. Looking above her, the sky itself seems to be like an encasing of crystal, even the ground she’s been laying on was as well. Everything was crystal.

“H-Hello?” She calls out, her voice echoes throughout the strange realm, “Is somepony here?”

She looked around, but there wasn’t anyone there in sight, not a Earth Pony, Unicorn, or Pegasus in sight. This made the apricot mare on edge, as she took cautionary steps forward on the plane. Every step she took, the clop of her hooves also seem to echo. Looking around the realm, it’s like as if it isn’t moving as she walks. Her heartbeat was increasing, like as if something was going to jump out at her at any minute.

“AH!” Sunny yelps as she jumped to turn around, looking behind her as she suddenly felt like she was touched by her shoulder. Then she heard somepony giggling. “W-Who’s there?” She asked, looking around.

Taking slow backward steps, the apricot mare watches for any sign of movement around the realm. When she doesn’t see anything, she turns around and was suddenly tackle by something, knocking her glasses off, and summersaulting backwards with such force, ending up on her back as four hooves were on top of her chest and barrel.

“Ugh…” she groans, her eyes squinting, “Even in dreams too?”

She then heard somepony, “Maybe you should consider putting a strap on your glasses so they don’t go flying.” That… that voice. It’s the same voice she heard when she was spinning out of control and activating her Alicorn powers for the first time. “Speaking of…” she continued as she give Sunny her eyewear.

Putting them on, her sight returned to be greeted by a friendly smiling Alicorn mare made out of crystals. Sunny’s mouth was agape in shock. The crystal pony giggled, “You ponies always make the silliest of faces whenever you meet a Princess, you know that?” She got off of the surprised apricot mare and helped her up with her magic.

“I-It’s you.” She said, almost sounding hushed, then returns to normal, “You were the voice I heard!”

“Hehe, this isn’t the first time we met, you know.” Sunny looked at her confused. The crystal pony looked at her in the same manner, but with a addition of sadness, “Wait… You don’t remember?”

Sunny shook her head and said, “If I did, I would’ve remembered your name.”

Then it was the crystal mare’s turn to shake her head, “B-but you have to remember! You were the one who saved me!”

“I did?”

“Yes!” The crystal pony answers as she nods, “And I can prove it too!”

The mysterious mare’s horn glows brightly, creating a crystal replica of Sunny when she was a filly, she was asleep in the same position when she first woke up here, the area around them began to turn dark. Filly Sunny stirred awake to hear the crying. The image then start to look at her older self, that’s when Sunny herself turned around and noticed the same mare, only this time she was sitting on her haunches, crying.

Sunny saw her younger self walk up to the crystal pony and asks, “Are you okay?

The crystal mare looks behind her, looking at the young Sunny. “Who… who are you?” she asked the little filly, “How did you get here? Nopony should’ve been able to find me… unless…” the crystal mare suddenly felt hope and asks, “Did she sent you here?!

Who did?

My Q7h583k %28o8ty5 W0q4io3Z, was she the one who sent you?!

The filly shook her head no, the hope on the crystal pony’s face slowly fell, but then the young Sunny said, “But I’ve heard about her in stories. My daddy told me all about her.

The crystal mare’s ears perked up. “H-he did?” This made the filly nod her head. “Did… did he said some stories about me? Or my family? Anypony at all?

What’s your name?” The filly asked curiously.

Oh. I’m so sorry, I never said, did I?” She said as she stood up on her hooves, giving her a bow as she introduces herself, “My name is D.i4eh Ywzt5 the V4txyqk {4u6v3ax.

The filly gasps in excitement, “You’re the V4txyqk {4u6v3ax?! Whoa! You’re really real!” The mare giggled a little, but then she suddenly gasps, placing her forehoof to her lips. “W-What? Did I say something wrong?

The crystal pony looked down at the black as she said, “It… it’s been so long… since I felt some form of comfort… what’s like to smile…” she looked around the pitch blackness of the realm they stand on.

Why were you crying?” Filly Sunny asked the crystal pony.

The mare looked at little pony and said, “I’ve been wandering here for so long. The darkness was the only thing that I’ve been seeing… and I’ve been walking around here endlessly, waiting for something, at least a glimmer of light to shine through. No matter how hard I tried, there was no warmth… no love… no feeling. I miss them…

Isn’t there anything I can do?” The filly asks her.

The crystal pony looked at her, telling her, “I’m… not sure what you can do.

The filly then said, “How about this?” She went up to the crystal alicorn and gave her a hug, which caught the mare off guard, feeling rather warm from the embrace. She felt something that was ripped away from her, something she hasn’t felt in a long time. Hope.

The crystal pony returns the gesture by wrapping her forelegs around the young Sunny as a bright light engulfed the black void, turning it to the same crystalline plane the young mare found herself in when she first came here. The ponies looked around and were amazed.

Better?” The filly asked.

The crystal pony looked at the little pony, giving her a kind smile. She then asks her, “Would you mind we stay like this until you wake up?

Sure. If it makes you happy.

She sighed happily, “Thank you.

As Sunny watched the tender moment pass, she looked at the crystal pony who was watching with her, her lips curved into a solemn smile. “You didn’t came back after you woke up from the dream realm,” the crystal pony explained, “But that warm feeling when we embraced, it never went away.” She looked at her and told her, “I remembered that warm feeling, and it gave me hope. Hope that I would return to Equestria one day.”

Sunny had so many questions, as she then said, “It’s strange. I’m starting to remember that moment… but… I can’t remember your name.” The crystal pony sighed from the outcome, but then she heard her say, “But, I know, deep down, somewhere in my memories, your name is somewhere, I just need to keep searching.” The crystal pony lifted her head up and looked at her friend. Sunny then could feel a warm feeling… the sun must be rising. “Oh… I guess it’s time for me to wake up again.”

“W-Wait!” The crystal pony exclaims before she left, “You didn’t tell me your name.”

Sunny looked at her surprised, but then turned to a smile as she said, “Sunny. Sunny Starscout. And don’t worry, I’ll come back. I promise.”

The crystal pony then exclaims as Sunny was lifted away to wake up, “Please do! Please remember me!”

As she woke up, she could feel the morning sun hit her face, it’s warmth blanketing her. As she got up, she realized that she is the first one up. She picked up her glasses and puts them on, her vision became clear. As she looked at the direction where Bridlewood is, she thought to herself, I’ll remember you. I promise.