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My Little Pony (R:G5): Ponies Unite! (Book 1: A New Generation) - Kibat Grenbuku

Maretime Bay’s outcast Sunny Starscout must unite the three pony tribes with the help of her new friends all the while evading dark forces on the hunt for her.

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Chapter 3: Looking Out for You

Out and away from Maretime Bay

The mares catapulted out from the magenta puff of smoke and onto a dirt trail, picking up dust on impact, while Twilight gently glides towards them. Twilight had giggled the site the way the two young mares were positioned, with Izzy on top of Sunny. "Don't worry," The ghostly Alicorn explains to them, "It took me a while to get use to it as well."

"That..." Izzy said slowly as she got up, then explodes of excitement, "Amazing! Was that really magic?!"

"Well," Twilight giggled in embarrassment, "That isn't all I can do, but yes. It was magic."

Izzy got excited as she helped Sunny up as she exclaims, "Sunny! We got teleported by magic! Did you see the-" But the Earth Pony mare was unresponsive at the moment, trying to process what just happened. Izzy then took notice of how Sunny looked as she gave the mare her glasses and asked, “Hey, you look kind of woozy. Are you okay?”

"Okay?!" She freaked as she puts them back on, "I jumped off of a hundred and fifty-five-"


"Sixty-five foot drop from my house to the shore!" She didn't minded that she got corrected, but continues on, “I am on the run with a Unicorn who has no magic and a ghost of an Alicorn who has some capabilities of magic, and now Hitch is probably going to find me and bring me back to Maretime Bay, and doing that might cause a civil war! What are we gonna do?!”

"Alright, calm down," Twilight tells her with serenity, placing her forehoof on the hyperventilating Earth Pony, "I know this situation is dire, and venturing outside of your home is very scary. Believe me, I had my fair share of an adventure like that."

Sunny nods and proceeds to do the breathing technique the Princess showed her earlier. While Sunny was trying to calm herself, Izzy came up to her and started sniffing her face. The apricot mare took notice. “What are you doing?” she asked her.

“You don’t smell.”

“Thanks. Wait what?” This caused much confusion between both Sunny and Twilight.

"What does smell have to do with anything?" The Princess asks with a cocked brow.

“Well," Izzy explains, "I was told that all you earth ponies smelt like rotten sardines, but you do not. Hmm.”

This caused Sunny to become curious of what Unicorns thought of ponies like herself. “What else do Unicorns say about Earth ponies?”

Izzy responded “Oh, just that you're lazy and not the brightest crystals in the forest.” Sunny then frowned at this.

“Charming.” she said sarcastically.

“Nope, just those three."

Twilight giggled as she shook her head as she said, "Sounds like somepony I know."

"So," the light purple mare asked, "what’s the plan?”

Sunny too looks at the ghostly Alicorn. Twilight clears her throat and explains, "Well, we have the Earth Pony crystal. Our next destination should be Zephyr Heights, home of the Pegasi." She looked beyond at one of the mountains from a horizon's view as she continues, "Somepony there has to know where that crystal is kept."

Sunny and Izzy looked at the same direction as the Princess. "Then it's settled then." The apricot mare declares, "We're going to Zephyr Heights!" She then opens up her book, showing them the map of Equestria.

“Uh, but the pegasi are bad news.” Izzy said with uncertainty.

Sunny looked at her with confidence. “Earth Ponies were wrong about Unicorns. They could welcome us with open wings.” Sunny said.

"She is correct," Twilight tells the light purple Unicorn, "Pegasi are no different than anypony else. They may have wings, you have a horn, Earth Ponies have their strength, and Alicorns have the combination of all three, but we're all the same species of Equine nature. We got magic in our blood, nothing more, nothing less." She then looks down at her forehoof which seems to flicker in and out of existence and groans, "Speaking of."

Sunny gasps in shock of the sight, "P-Princess! What's going on?!" Izzy too looked confused as she waves her hoof back and forth through the Alicorn's forelimb

Twilight sighs, "I unfortunately cannot stay out of the medallion for too long. Doing so will have my magic depleted and my form wavers from disappearing." She looked at them with sadness as she continues, "I'm so sorry my little ponies, but I must return inside the medallion."

Sunny looked at her in surprise at first, but then she nods in understanding and held out the relic, sucking Twilight back inside. The young Earth Pony mare placed the medallion around her neck and tells the light purple Unicorn, "I guess we're going to have to make this journey without her for now until her magic is back."

Izzy nods in agreement and the two went along their way to the trail lays before them. "Um... Sunny?" Izzy asked a little nervously, "You reaaaally think that the Pegasi are going to greet us with open wings?"

Sunny gave her a comforting smile and confidently tells her, "I'm sure of it Izzy. I'll be looking out for you if they don't. I promise."

Izzy gave her a smile in return as they hurried on their way as she exclaims, "Last one there gets the rotten egg!" Sunny, not caring if her new friend says it wrong raced after her, giggling like a little filly.

Maretime Bay

As the new Sheriff, Sprout was having the time of his life. Who would’ve thought? He, Sprout Cloverleaf, would finally be the new Sheriff of Maretime Bay? About time too. He thought to himself in delight as he took a bite from his slice of pizza. With Sunny and Hitch out of the way, perhaps things are finally looking up for him.

“Are you in charge here?” A male’s voice asked the red stallion. He looks over and sees a black cloaked figure by the door.

He was a little confused, but then he put two and two together and laughs, “Okay, this ought to be something.” He then plays along as he then tells the stranger, “Yes, I’m Sheriff Sprout Cloverleaf. How can I help you citizen?”

“Cut the theatrics colt,” he tells him, his green mask glimmers in the light as he began to walk closer to the desk, “You kept somepony here, and I want her.”

Sprout raised a brow and says, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

The green masked pony snarls at him as he tossed the desk aside with such strength, it nearly broke the desk in half as it hits the wall. “You know exactly whom I speak of!” Sprout squealed in fright as he pins himself against the corner of the room, the stronger stallion got close to his face as he continues on, “The Prophecy’s Child! She lives here in this town! Where can I find her!?”

“Who?” Sprout asked weakly.

Not satisfied with the answer, he grabbed him by the shoulders and flew him outside, while said red pony screamed his head and kicking his hind legs. “Mare!” The green Alicorn demands, “Apricot pelt! Purple Mane! Rainbow streak! Teal Eyes! Where?!”

“I-I don’t know!” The red stallion tells him, “Sh-she just left town! I don’t know where! I swear!”

The green Alicorn got close to Sprout’s face yet again and tells him with a growl, “You reek of incompetence and greed. If you send anypony to stop me from accomplishing my goals, I will make an example out of you and everypony that is connected to you. Understood?”

“Y-yeah! C-crystal clear!”

“… good.” He said as he tossed him at the town’s fountain and took of like a bullet, heading towards a different direction.

The splash from the fountain caused to get the attention of the butter yellow stallion who was about to leave town. He hurries over and sees Sprout appearing head first out of the water. “Sprout?” Hitch asked him in surprise, “What happened?” The red stallion couldn’t say a word as he shakingly pointed at the sky to see a emerald green streak leading away from town before disappearing. “A Pegasus?!” Hitched asked in shock.

Sprout mutters only one word, “A-A-A-Alicorn!”

Hitch looked at his foalhood friend with a shocked expression. “Sprout, what do you tell that Alicorn?” He asked calmly.

“H-He was asking about Sunny! I don’t know why!” Sprout told him as he got out of the fountain.

The former sheriff’s eyes shrank as a dark thought came into mind. Aside from Unicorns, they were also capable of sensing magic, but multiply it by five. In his mind, if this Alicorn got their hooves on Sunny, they might make her their pawn, a prisoner in Tartarus, or worse.

“Sprout! Do you have any idea what you just done!?” He angrily asked him, “You just put somepony’s life on the line!” He took the red stallion by the ear and sternly tell him, "If and when I find Sunny, you owe her a serious apology to her, me, and everypony here in Maretime Bay and to the other races."

"Wha-What?!" Sprout asked him in shock, "You can't order me to do that! I'm a sheriff!”

"Consider this your demotion." Hitch said as he took the badge and placed it on his leather belt. "You're going home and tell Ms. Cloverleaf what had happened, and you and nopony else will absolutely under no circumstances to any other further actions until I come back.”

“I’m going with you.” A voice said behind Hitch, to his shock it’s the young silver stallion from earlier.

The butter yellow Earth Pony was surprised by this gesture and said, “Uh… I didn’t ask for volunteers.”

“Well, you’re going to need help whether you like it or not Sheriff Trailblazer.”

Temporary Sheriff.” Sprout buds in rudely.

“Temporary?” Another voice cuts in as Ms. Cloverleaf came in to the scene as she began questioning, “What’s all of this about?”

Before either Hitch or Sprout could explain what is happening, they were saved the trouble by the silver stallion, “Your son here had caused so much trouble. He’s given up information of Sunny’s whereabouts to an ancient Alicorn and is on the hunt and planning to eradicate her.”

“WHAT?!” Both Ms. Cloverleaf and Hitch asked in unison.

They both looked at the red stallion, either one couldn’t believe what they heard. Not only did Sprout told a mad Alicorn on a pony hunt of his own for his own reason, he placed her in more danger than Hitch realized. He looked at the silver stallion and asked, “Do you know where Sunny could be going?”

The stallion smiled and said, “I know exactly where she’s going.”

3 Days Later

As the two mares trekked above the canyon, Izzy had been feeling uneasy. She looks around the skies and tells her new companion, “Uhh… n-not to freak you out, but you do know that they could steal our luminescence, r-right?”

“Lumi-what?” Sunny asked her confused as she looked up from her book.

“Luminescence,” the light purple unicorn explains to her, “You know, your Sparkle.”

“My Sparkle?” Sunny repeats.

“Uh-huh. The happy you are, the brighter your Sparkle becomes. Your’s is lavender.”

“Lavender, huh?” Sunny asked with a smile, the light purple mare nods, “So how can you see another pony’s Luminescence? Do you just look at them and go, ‘Mm-hmm, mm-hmm… yes, you have Luminescence.’”

Izzy giggled and explains, “Well, not exactly. It's a little complicated, but to summarize my ability short and to the point: I can see other ponies Luminescence thanks to my family lineage of Lumi-seers."


"Yepper! The Lumi-seers were a very popular kind of mystics centuries ago. But sadly, after the tribes split, nopony ever talks about them anymore." The light purple Unicorn's ears went flat after she finished her short explaination.

Sunny felt bad for her friend, just from hearing about such a lineage, a group of mystics, forgotten to time. Funnily enough, it felt like how nopony from Maretime Bay, other than herself and her dad, ever mentioned about the Guardians of Harmony, it's lore, anything. But this gave her an idea as her ears sprang back up.

"Then, why don't we make a biography about them once this is over?" Sunny offers.

"R-Really?!" Her friend asked in shock.

"Sure. I'm positive that there's a lot of stories about them, and I would love to hear one."

This gave the light purple Unicorn squeal in excitement, "Oh my gosh, yes! I would to make one with you!" She then went in for a hug, which caught Sunny by surprise for a second, but giggled afterwards. "Thanks Sunny."

Just then, a woosh was heard, whizzing pass them overhead, startling the two mares. "W-w-what was that?" Izzy asked startled.

Something then swooped behind them causing them to look, it continued from above them until some rocks fell down near them causing the duo to run forward, they looked back to see a figure following them. "Izzy, run!" Sunny exclaims as she and friend galloped as fast as they could. They then started to climb up the wall, avoiding any fallen rockings that might hit their heads or eyes.

As they got to the top, Sunny then looked behind her to see the figure still following them. But she was so focused on the figure she almost didn’t realized she was slipping off the cliff. “Sunny!” Izzy shouted and grabbed Sunny by her hooves pulling her up to safety.

The both of them after a few moments sighed in relief as Izzy asks, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Sunny sighed, trying to normalize her breathing, "Thanks Izz."

All of a sudden, a Pegasus shot out from below revealing himself, making both Sunny and Izzy screamed and hugged together in fright. The Pegasus then did some tricks climbing up some rocks before landing, afterwards he lifted up one hoof while looking at them with a stern expression.

“A real Pegasus...” Sunny said with awe.

The Pegasus in question a tall, thin, white-coated male, possessing turquoise-blue eyes, thin hot-red eyebrows, silver-gray hooves, as well as having a gelled, hot-red mane and tail with both lighter red and aqua streaks. As for his cutie mark, it consists of a hot-red and aqua-blue lightning bolt with a yellow crown on top. As per his pony type, he has a pair of large feathered-wings, with a gradient of different shades of blue, purple and hot-red.

He looked at the two mares and looked at them surprised. “Woah, a Unicorn and a Earth Pony?" He let out a chuckle in after he regains himself, "Well this day just got a whole lot more interesting.” Suddenly, he heard hoofsteps coming towards them and saw two Pegasi guards, he then jumped toward the edge of the cliff before looking at the mares. “Don’t tell them you ladies saw me.” He smiled before jumping down the cliff.

“There’s no way we cooooould! We don’t even know your naaaaame!” Izzy yelled before smiling, she then turned toward Sunny, “He seems nice.”

"AAAH!!" A shout startled Sunny and her companion, as they turned around to see they were seen by two Pegasi guards.

"Uh, hello there." Sunny waved a hoof, but one of the Pegasus guard quivered, as he hid behind his comrade.

"Thunder, get it together!" The other guard barked.

"But-but that's an earth pony," The guard, identified to be Thunder, quivered.

"They're harmless," The other guard reassured. "They have tiny brains," She said, much to Sunny's annoyance, causing her to frown, they then turned their attention toward Izzy who was Smiling with her mouth opened wide.

"What do we do about her?" Thunder asked, pointing to Izzy.

"Well, did you bring the shield?"

"What shield?"

"Didn't you read the guard guide?"

"Yes! OK, no."

The other guard let out an exasperated groan, "Oh, fine!" She said, as she walked over to the group, spreading her wings. "I've got this."

They were now all in an elevator Izzy had tennis ball on her horn while Sunny is just standing idly by waiting. “That’s creative” Izzy commented.

Sunny beside her was skimming through the pages of her notebook, then she began asking questions to one of the guards. "What's it like to fly? Is your wingspan the same as your height?"

"Well, I..." Thunder was interrupted when Sunny asked another question.

"Do you need a license to fly? How far can you go?"

"Can you fly to the moon?" Izzy asked.

"Do pegasi wear horseshoes or do they just weigh you down?" Sunny continued to ask.

"Well, I-I do collect sneakers," Thunder answered.

"Hey, don't answer anything!" The other guard berated. "They could be spies," She whispered.

Sunny and Izzy then turned to look out the window of the elevator. They both gasped in amazement to see a utopia of Pegasi ponies in front of them.

"Wow!" Sunny and Izzy both marveled at the grand sight from inside the elevator.

"This is so awesome!" Sunny marveled. "I wish Dad was here to see this. I wonder what he would say if he was still here?"

Before she could wonder any further, a loud announcer voice was heard booming on the TV screens, as they changed channel to a news broadcast, with two news reporter – one orange male and one periwinkle female.

"Good morning, Zephyr Heights!" The male reporter greeted. "It's another beautiful day, in the big city. Looks like warm breezes and clear skies for tonight's royal celebration!"

"Royal celebration?" Izzy Moonbow asked, pressing her face against the window of the elevator. "Ha! Talk about great timing!"

The second reporter then took over as she announced, "Tonight's royal bash for Queen Haven will be stunning, but the real jewel in the crown will be Princess Pipp's performance. Isn't that right, Skye?"

"Ha!" The reporter, Skye, agreed. "Oh, my, yes, Dazzle," He said to the other reporter identified to be Dazzle. "And this just in - an exclusive vid from Pipp for all you loyal fans out there in ZH."

With that, a lot of the pegasus ponies stopped what they were doing as they looked up to see what their princess has to say, along with Sunset, who specifically wanted to see what's going on. Before long, a social livestream video was shown on the big screen, with an overflowing amount of heart, happy face, and cat emojis on the right, next to the said Princess Pipp.

In appearance, Pipp is a light pink-coated female pegasus, having her fetlocks being colored in a paler shade of her coat. She has kiwi-green eyes, small yet fluttery-like eyelashes, thin deep-purple eyebrows, golden hooves (possibly painted), as well as having a wavy violet mane and tail, with her mane being swooped back to her right side.

"What is up everypony?" Pipp greeted her people. "Big shout-out to all my fans, the PippSqueaks. So tonight's the night, I can't wait to debut my new song later. It has a very special place in my heart, but not as much as you guys!" She sang in a lovely voice, "Ok, guys, I love you lots. Got to go," With that, Pipp signed off with, "Pipp, Pipp, hooray!"

"Pipp, Pipp, hooray!" Everypony from outside cheered.

"Pipp, Pipp, hooray!" Izzy cheered, along with the two guards in the elevator.

Once they reached the top, the elevator clicked open.

"Move it," The other guard ordered.

"You betcha!" Izzy complied, while Sunny looked at the pegasus, suspiciously.

"Do you see anypony flying here?" Sunny asked, but her question fell on deaf ears, when Izzy looked up and gasped.

"They have a castle!" Izzy exclaimed.

After some time of marching through the halls of the castle, Sunny and Izzy have arrived at the throne room, where another squadron of guards were marching, before they took their place, at the sides of a carpet.

"Bow before our queen!" Thunder ordered, to which some other guards blew into trumpets, sounding a fanfare.

Sunny and Izzy watched as the guards bowed their heads in respect, to which a small, white, winged pomeranian appeared on the scene, sitting in front of the throne, scratching its head with its hindleg.

"Your Majesty," Izzy bowed to the dog.

However, spot lights were shown from the ceilings, which the little dog yapped. Sunny looked up, nudging Izzy to do the same. In the background, the sound of upbeat music was heard. Everypony in the room watched as three pegasus ponies came swooping into the room, before they gently flapped their wings, lowering themselves to the throne.

Sunny looked to see they are the celebrity, Princess Pipp, who is noticeably chubbier and shorter than the other ponies, along with a deep magenta music note with white bulbs, with a yellow crown motif featured on the interior of the music note, the mysterious Pegasus stallion who chased them before.

The third is the queen. She has a dusty lilac coat, periwinkle mane with lilac streaks flipped to the side and braided at the back, a long tail and blue, thin eyebrows. She has mauve hooves, indigo-to-periwinkle wings, and icy blue eyes with lavender eye shadow. She also wears a dark purple vest, and a golden necklace with a turquoise gem in the middle and a golden crown with the turquoise crystal in the center.

Sunny looked at the crystal as all three Pegasi landed on their respective thrones, the little dog yapped and ran circles around the queen. That has to be it! Sunny thought in excitement, It's the Pegasus Unity crystal!

"Hi new friend!" Izzy waved to the mysterious Pegasi, who shook her head, pleading not to get her involved.

"Guards," The queen began. "State your business and please make it quick. We're on a very tight schedule today. Before the celebration, Cloudpuff needs his pedicure," She turned to the dog, identified to be Cloudpuff. "Pipp needs to rehearse and I need to practice my laugh," To show her point, the queen laughed out loud, which squeaked at the end of her laughter. "Oh goodness. That's not right."

Both Pipp and the male Pegasus snickered. "You'll get there mother. It's just how you use your voice."

"Thank you Zephyros." The queen tells him sincerely.

"Your Highness," The other guard began, as she and Thunder presented, "We found these intruders in our territory."

The queen lowered her glasses, shocked to see, "An Earth Pony and a Unicorn in Zephyr Heights!"

"We have these two under control, Your Highness!" The other guard explained.

"And we deployed the shield," Thunder pointed to the ball stuck on Izzy's horn.

Still, the queen wasn't pleased, "Is this an attack on the night of our royal celebration? Why are you here? Who sent you?"

Sunny was quick to answer the queen’s last question, “Princess Twilight Sparkle sent us.”

The room went quiet. The male white pegasus, who is identified as Zephyros, was in shock, as was his mother. They looked at each other for a moment before Pipp, understandably confused, asked, “Who’s Princess Twilight?”

Her answer ignored, the Queen looks at the two mares and slowly repeated her last question, “Who sent you.”

“Princess Twilight Sparkle did, your highness.” The apricot mare tells her honestly, “I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth! She sent us to reunite the tribes!”

“Reunite the-“ The Queen stops herself from such an answer, shaking her head, “That isn’t possible! Princess Twilight Sparkle and the Guardians of Harmony are just a fairytale!”


“Enough.” The eldest Pegasus cuts Sunny off, she then turns to her son and said very sternly, “Zephyros, I need to you and the guards to escort them to the dungeon. Nopony can ever know that these two are here.”

“Check it out Pippsqueaks!” Pipp suddenly announced as she positions her phone at herself, then turns it around towards Sunny and Izzy, “Live from the castle! It’s a real Unicorn and Earth Pony!”

“PIPP!” Both her mother and sibling shouts at her.

“Turn that off!” The queen demands as she took her daughter’s phone and killed the live stream. “You have any idea how much of a repercussion this is going to cause to our kingdom?! You want our kind to panic?!”

The young princess, realizing her mistake, hung her head in shame and said, “… Sorry mom.”

The queen just sighs as she shook her head as she handed her phone back to Pipp, then back at Zeyphros, “Please, just escort them to the dungeon, and confiscate the book.”

“What? Hold on!” Sunny protested as one of the guards took her journal. “But-but your majesty! Please! Your majesty! Please!”

All of a sudden, the apricot mare’s body shimmered a shining glow and suddenly formed a horn and wings. The guards backed away, everypony gasping from the mare’s form. At first she looked at them confused as to why they’re retreating away rom her, but it wasn’t until she looked at her hooves and saw her reflection from the glossy floor and gasped.

“Oh… oh my gosh!” She exclaims as she looked at her wings, beginning to hyperventilate, she then looked at her friend and frantically ask, “Izzy, why is this happening?!”

“Why are you asking me?!” Izzy asked in turn, just as freaked out as she was, she looked at her forehead and compliments, “But your horn looks cool.”

“Izzy, you’re not helping!”

“Oh! Sorry!”

“Guards!” The queen commands, “Stop her!”

Sunny looks behind her as the guards pointed their spears towards her and Izzy, she was scared. What is she going to do? She doesn’t know how her magical powers even work! She then tells them, “P-Please! I don’t want to hurt you!” They refused to rebuttal as one of the was about to jab at her, but she shouts, “DON’T!!” as another shockwave of golden fire cascades around the room and out through the kingdom, depleting herself into fatigue.

She didn’t know what even happened as she fell onto her side. She could hear Izzy calling her name as her vision once again fades to black, following the queen commanding the guards to do something. She fell unconscious.

As Aerovad flies above his skies, he began to seethe in relentless anger. At this rate, he thought to himself, This would take forever to find her! But it seems his hunt wouldn’t take long as he felt something… something familiar. It was the same feeling from moments ago. It has to be her… no… it is her. He looks at one mountain in particular and a wicked smile curved on his lips.

“There you are.” He said in a vicious delight as he took off full speed to his next destination, Zephyr Heights.