• Published 19th Mar 2024
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My Little Pony (R:G5): Ponies Unite! (Book 1: A New Generation) - Kibat Grenbuku

Maretime Bay’s outcast Sunny Starscout must unite the three pony tribes with the help of her new friends all the while evading dark forces on the hunt for her.

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Chapter 2: New Friends, New Adventure

Sunny began to awake with a groan as she place her hoof on the right side of her head, and tries to sit up. She suddenly felt a pair of hooves on her back and her left side of her barrel as she then heard a familiar voice, “Whoa whoa, easy! I don’t want you to move around so much.”

She opened her eyes weakly and sees Hitch with a concern look on his face. She sighs a weak chuckle, “Not my best landing or performance…”

He too sighs, but out relief, as he shook his head. “Thank goodness, you’re alright.” He tells her as he gave her her glasses, “You were out cold for nearly half of the day.”

She looked at him surprised as she puts them on. It’s nearly the end of the day already? She looked around and noticed that she was… home? How did she get here? “Hitch…” she asked groggily, holding her right side of her head again, feeling like somepony took a drum and banged it repeatedly, “What… what even happened?”

“You tell me.” He questions back, “What even was all of that? You were capable of magic?”

She looked at him in shock. “I was what?!” She asked him.

“Yeah,” he explains to her, “Just as you were spinning around on that contraption you were attached to, you suddenly exploded with… well, magic… at least I think it was.”

“Oh no!” Sunny gasped, “Nopony was hurt, were they?!”

He shook his head and said, “No. Nopony was.” She sighed in relief, only to receive a bombshell, “But you sure did tore the Maretime Bay community in half.”

She was confused and was about to ask what he meant by that, until she noticed on his belt sash that his sheriff’s badge is no longer on it. She gasps and asked, “Hitch! Your badge! What happened to it?!”

He then looks at where his badge use to be and sighed sadly, “So you do notice…” he looked his friend, who now wore an expression of concern of her own. He then tells her, “Well, after you got knocked out from that free fall, I tried to get help,”

“Sunny!” He yells in fright as ran towards his unconscious foalhood friend, he tries to shake her awake as he yells, “Sunny! Sunny, wake up!” He looks at the staff and Ms. Cloverleaf and shouts, “Don’t just stand there! Get help!”

Some of the ponies were left afraid and confused, wondering how or why they should even help, and Hitch really couldn’t blame them. But then he heard Ms. Cloverleaf, “Help her? After all of that? Hitch Trailblazer, we need to get her out of Maretime Bay! She could be a-a-a Unicorn, or a Pegasus!”

The sheriff just looked at her and said, “You’re kidding me, right? She’s an Earth Pony! You see a horn on her? Or any wings?”

“Have you not seen the light show she did?!” Sprout argues, “She hid this from us and she knows it!”

“What?!” Hitch stood up, now angry that his own best friend would even accuse Sunny, “She’s a Earth Pony like us Sprout! If she knew something bout this, she would’ve told us! Heck, Mr. Starshine would’ve told us!”

“Ugh, there you go again!” Sprout groans, “Mr. Starshine, always Mr. Starshine! If you admire him so much, why don’t you go live with them! You’d fit right in with those weirdos!”

Hitch’s face went from angry to shock from what he heard. His own best friend, since they were foals no less, would lash out on Argyle and Sunny? Is this how he truly felt about them? “I cannot believe what I’m hearing from you,” Hitch said with a disappointed look in his eyes, “Argyle was a kinder stallion than you let on. He introduced us to Sunny since we were foals Sprout, and how… dare you? You had no right to bring them down like this, putting dirt on their reputation.” He turned around and hulled Sunny on his back, carrying her home.

“You know, you are an Earth Pony, Hitch!” Sprout tells him, “You need to get back acting like one!”

Hitch stops to look at his friend and said to him, “I don’t even know that even means anymore...” he took off his badge and dropped it to the ground as he looked forward giving his now former best friend his last remark, “and clearly neither do you or anypony else in this town.”

As he passes by Ms. Cloverleaf, she wanted to tell him something, but it’s clear to her now that he was too angry to even talk with right now. He then passed by other ponies that were in attendance, clearly shocked by his sudden outburst and his self let go of being sheriff of Maretime Bay. He suddenly heard a conundrum of ponies.

“Sunny shouldn’t deserve this treatment!”

“Why? She’s capable of magic, we need to get her out!”

“But Hitch is right! She’s an Earth Pony like us!”

“She has no right to be here!”

“She needs to stay!”

As Hitch left the building, he looked to the sky and if her father was here, he would only ask him one question. “How did it all go so wrong so fast?”

“They… they want me to leave?!” Sunny asked in fright.

“Some do, some don’t.” Hitch answered her, “They also had you removed from your smoothie job until this entire debacle clears up.” He frustratingly sighs with a shrug, “You sure did caused a huge split in the community Sunny. It’s my fault that I didn’t get you out in time.” He looked at her, seemingly unsure as he then tells her, “But… at the same time, your dad was right. The Earth Ponies here lived in fear for too long, and they’re just too stubborn to even see it.”

“Hitch,” Sunny said, “What are you saying?”

He looked at and then tells her, “I… I think I’m going to leave Maretime Bay permanently, Sunny.”


“Look, you and I saw how this town is!” Hitch tells her, “If this fear continues to stray in the community, then why should I bother staying here? It’s a toxic thing we’re right now Sunny. It made Sprout toxic! Made me toxic.” He stood up from the stool he sat on and gave out a sigh, “I understand if you don’t want to come with me. Heck, I don’t think your dad wants you to either… or maybe not. I don’t know. I just… I need some time to think and process this.”

As Hitch was about to leave, Sunny said, “Hitch you can’t leave either! You’re my best friend! If you leave then…”

“I know,” he simply said and was about to go downstairs, but then he said, “I’ll get you something to eat. I’ll be back.”

As he left, Sunny began to slump herself on the pillow, contemplating about everything. She just found out she’s magical, and now the town is half and half about her, and her best friend is considering himself leaving Maretime Bay! She doesn’t know what to think or do anymore. For the first time in her life ever since she starting this campaign, she had no plan, not even for this outcome.

Tears were falling down from her eyes as she looked at the photo of Argyle. She took it and placed it on her lap. “Dad,” she whimpered, her lip quivering, “You told me I was special… but now everypony of the town hates me because I have magic. I… I don’t know what to do!” She began to cry a she held the picture close to her chest.

Suddenly, the amulet jumped off of the nightstand. Sunny heard a thud on the ground, directing her attention to the floor as she wiped away her tears. She picked up the medallion with her forehoof, but it then suddenly jumps, making the apricot earth pony to reel back in fright. This is maddening! she thought to herself, now getting confused, First I find out I have some magical powers, and now a jumping medallion? What’s next, Twilight Sparkle herself making her appearance?!

Then a light purple mist swirled around the medallion and from the mist an apparition formed. The apparition the form of a tall mare with a lavender coat, her mane and tail are a dark indigo color with streaks of purple and pink. Her mane and tail flowed like as it was underwater, reflecting off of a beautiful galaxy. Her eyes are purple and almond-shaped. Her cutie mark was a pink six-pointed starburst with five smaller white stars.

“Ugh, I swear Argyle,” the apparition spoke as she shook her head, “You sometimes have the worst timing to call me, I-” she stops as she took notice of Sunny. The awkward silence that plagued the room made the ghost quiet uncomfortable as she then said, “Uhh…” she then waves her left forehoof as she said in a questionably spooky tone, “This isn’t the mare you’re looking for?”

Sunny was in shock as to who she is seeing and talking to. This wasn’t a random pony she knew. No. This is the Princess of Friendship herself! This is the leader of the Guardians of Harmony! The Element of Magic! It took her a while to process who it is after the old stallion running around in circles left her mind. “T… T… Twilight Sparkle!” She exclaims, now standing on her bed in excitement, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Twilight Sparkle is in my house! This is so cool!” She then gasps in realization, “No, wait, this is bad! I-I gotta get you out of here!” She picked up the medallion, dragging Twilight along with her.

“Wh-whoa, hang on a second!” Twilight exclaims as she kept getting dragged as they went outside, Sunny came to a complete stop, “What is happening right now?”

“I got to get you out of Maretime Bay!” Sunny tells her in a panic, “If they see you, the Earth Ponies are going to freak out!”

“Hold on,” Twilight said calmly before Sunny started to take off again, “I know that Earth Ponies today aren’t use to seeing magic, but there’s no reason to get this frantic.”

“Sure, unless you count me as somehow magical, then yes, I have every reason to be frantic!” Sunny yells as she then took off like a bullet, but Twilight phases right in front of her, grinding the Earth Pony mare a screeching halt, “Princess, you don’t understand! You’re in real danger!”

The alicorn ghost placed her left forehoof on Sunny shoulder as she tells her, “I know that’s stress talking, not you. You need to take a breath and calm down.”

“After everything that’s-”

“Ah ah ah,” Twilight stops the apricot mare from speaking any further, “Breathe in…” she instructs as she inhales deeply, placing her hoof to her chest, “And out…” she exhale, extending her forehoof away from her body. “It’s a technique that a fellow princess taught me this. Now you try.”

The young mare thought that this wasn’t the time. But then again, this is Princess Twilight she’s speaking with, so without an argument, she breathes in deeply, and out letting all of the negativity escape from her breath. Repeated the breathing technique for five cycles and appears to have calmed down.

“There, now isn’t that better?” Twilight asked, kind of acting motherly towards her.

“… Kind of,” Sunny said with a nod, “But I do need to get you out of here.” Just as the princess was about to ask why, they suddenly heard Earth Ponies, their screaming pierced her ears, to which Sunny looked at the town to see frightened ponies screaming for their lives, away from the town plaza. “I-I’ll explain later!” She said to her hero, as she encapsulates her spirit back in the medallion and hurries into town.

"Hey! What's going on?!" Sunny asked through the crowd. "What's happening?" But instead of answering, the ponies continue to scream in fear, as they bumped into Sunny, knocking them both down to the ground. The source of all the ponies' fearful hysteria came walking down the street, shocking every ponies and critter that saw her, before she came across Sunny who was gasping in shock.

"Hi, new friend!" The newcomer greeted. "My name's Izzy!" Izzy Moonbow smiled at Sunny. She is a lavender-coated female pony with a medium build, with thin dark purple eyebrows, magenta eyes, small yet fluttery-like eyelashes, dark purple hooves, as well as having a lightly curly blue mane and tail with darker blue gradient at the bottom, with her mane being almost hoof-length. She also sports two accessories that seems hoofmade; a headband with a decoration of crystals and beads, in a color scheme of teal, blue, purple and magenta which she wears around the back of her head, and a friendship bracelet on her left hoof. As for her cutie mark, it consists of a purple heart with a blue button in the center, with the anterior side of the heart features three sewing pins: two pink and one purple. As per her pony type, Izzy sports a long, powder-blue horn, which brought the apricot mare to her attention.

"Uhh..." Sunny interrupted, as she slowly got up, staring at the unicorn "U...U...Unicorn!"

The earth ponies all screamed in terror as they galloped in random directions, determined to get away from Izzy Moonbow. They were even desperate to hide themselves out of sight, from pulling down curtains, closing shop, even diving into a manhole.

"Ooh, is everypony playing hide-and-seek?" Izzy asked, looking around at all the earth ponies running and hiding for their lives. "I see you!" Izzy called to a stallion. A stallion Sunny immediately recognized, it’s the young silver-grey stallion from the Canterlogic Presentation, taking a sip of tea from a fancy glass teacup.

“Hm?” He took notice of Izzy… and he isn’t afraid of her, as he is acting somewhat neutral towards her. “Ah, so an Unicorn outsider has come to this little humble town. I would welcome you, but I believe that my fellow residents aren’t exactly, shall I say… open to Unicorn or Pegasi outsiders.”

“Oh, that’s okay!” Izzy said cheerfully, “I’ll go find other friends who are! Bye!” She went off to a different part of the town, leaving Sunny to trail her behind.

“H-hey, wait!” the Earth Pony mare calls out to her, running after her.

The silver-grey stallion just chuckles and took another sip of his tea. Then, he hears another voice asking him, “Hey, did a Unicorn pass through here?” He looks up to see the now-former sheriff Hitch, seemingly frantic.

“Why, yes,” he answers him, “As a matter of fact, I just saw her just a few seconds ago. Sunny is chasing after her now.”

“What?!” Hitch asked in shock and he then too ran off in the direction where his friend went, calling out, “SUNNY!!”

The young stallion ponders as he then got up from the chair, placing his tip on the table next to the teacup, grabbing his black satchel and walked to the same direction, as he mumbles to himself, “This should be interesting.”

As the bubbly and curious Unicorn explore the town, many other Earth Ponies were screaming their heads off, running away from her. “Izzy!” She heard somepony call for her, she looks behind her and it’s the apricot mare from before. "I've got to get you out of here!" Sunny shouted, leading Izzy out of the chaos.

Sunny turned her head to make sure Izzy was following her.

"Earth ponies are serious about games," Izzy commented.

"They're not playing, they're terrified!" Sunny confirmed.

"Oh no!" Izzy frowned. "Of what?"

"You! You're a Unicorn," Sunny explained. "Earth ponies hate Unicorns.”

"Really? That seems harsh."

“SUNNY!” They heard another voice, looking behind them to see Hitch. Both friends looked at each other for a few seconds, then Sunny took Izzy by ear forehoof, tugging her to follow her yet again, hearing him shout her name again.

Sunny galloped over the tiles with red X's, while Izzy bounced over them, humming herself a merry tune. After a good while, the Earth Pony mare screeched to a halt, as she looked back, seeing bubbly Unicorn got distracted by a sign of a movie. "Oh, I haven't seen this one yet," Izzy commented, walking up to the movie theater, not looking where she was stepping.

“Izzy, watch out!” Sunny hollers as she ran towards the unaware purple Unicorn, tackling her out of the way and landing on top of her, her glasses fallen loose off of her face and a good few inches away from them.

The Earth Pony mare shook her head and opened her eyes and realized that her vision became blurry. “H-Hey! Where’s my glasses?!” She asked in worry, looking around in desperation.

“Here.” The purple Unicorn said as she gave Sunny her glasses. "So, your name's Sunny?" Izzy asked, having heard Hitch seconds ago.

“Y-yeah,” she says as she puts them back on, but then heard Hitch calling for her yet again, “But we’ll get to pleasantries when we get to my house, come on!” She and Izzy galloped out of town and hurried back to the lighthouse.

Had the two lingered a little longer, Hitch would’ve shown up at where he last saw them. He contemplated where else Sunny could’ve hide the Unicorn. He knew that she was running out of options, unless… she’s taking her to the lighthouse. “Sunny…” he shook his head as he rushed to his friend’s home.

Sunny, and Izzy were all running to the lighthouse to try and keep away from public, once they reached the door Sunny pulled it open and Izzy ran in with smiles on her face, while Sunny quickly came inside and closed the door which caused the picture on the side to tilt. Sunny quickly ran back to the picture and fixed it, before running back to her living room and quickly closing all the blinds in the house. After she closed the last one she looked at both Izzy who stared at her with the same smile they have been carrying all the way to her home.

Izzy got curious and proceeded toward Sunny “Do earth ponies also like staring contests? Hmmmmmm” she got close to Sunny’s face before blinking “Ah! You win I blinked!”

Izzy walked of toward a telescope while Sunny was still in utter shock of what she was seeing. Sunny finally had the ability to speak once more, “There’s a Unicorn in my house. This is so cool!” She exclaimed happily before she took in account of what had happened minutes prior. “Oh wait it’s bad. Very, very bad. What have I done?” Sunny was stressing out.

What has she done indeed.

First, she found out that she is somehow capable of magic, then she somehow brought back Twilight from limbo, and now a Unicorn is here in Maretime Bay, in her home, hiding her from Earth Ponies!

Izzy then spoke up while looking through the telescope. “Woah, I’ve never seen an earth pony before… we look exactly the same, except for this of course.” Izzy said while pointing at her horn.

She moved over to Sunny who quickly hopped down. “Woah! Hey! Careful where you point that thing.” Sunny asked while pushing Izzy’s horn away this caused Izzy to react a little bit.

“Why?” Izzy asked curiously. This was followed up with Sunny’s answer.

“Well.. I uh.. um. Sorta don’t want to get zapped by a wayward laser beam. But of course you know that already.” She chuckled. “You’ve probably been reading my mind this whole time.” She then got curious question. “Isn’t it supposed to glow, by the way? Or does it happen when you levitate stuff?” Sunny asked.

Her medallion suddenly glowed, and Twilight had been brought forth to the Earth Pony and Unicorn. “A curious mare, with a lot of questions I see.” The Princess titters, but the falls to a sigh, “I apologize for what I’m about to tell you.”

“What do you-?”

“I’m the reason why the connection to Equestria’s magic had been cut off,” Twilight unintentionally cuts Sunny off as she explains, “Centuries ago, an alicorn had begun to spread rumors of the three tribes, causing disharmony and distrust towards one another. My friends and I became suspicious of this phenomenon, so we investigated. Who we met shook us to our core. Her name is Opaline Arcana, the Skyros Alicorn of Fire.”

“Wait! The Skyros?! The home realm of the Alicorns?!”

The princess nods at the young mare’s answer as she continues, “She only used that disharmony as a distraction to obtain the magic of all three tribes, making herself an all-powerful being after she heard from a soothsayer explaining that a new ruler would one day rise to Skyros, and lead it to a newer tomorrow. That ruler is known as the Child of Prophecy. I too received a vision of such future from an old friend, and of that vision… I saw you.”

Sunny was perplexed, confused even. “M-me?!” She asked, she shook her head wildly in denial, “B-But I can’t be the one! I-I couldn’t be!”

“Then how is it that a magical shockwave was blasted throughout the entire nation?” Twilight asked rhetorically. The young apricot mare couldn’t form a counter argument, and the realization had set in her mind. “Your father wanted to tell you this when you were older, but I guess complication arose… speaking of Argyle Starshine, I hope that he’s doing well?”

“Ohh…” Sunny trails off for a moment, should she even tell her? However, the news will have to wait as Sunny then asks, getting back on track, “Wait, you said Opaline is the reason why the three tribes had split. If that’s the case, what happened to the magic?”

The Princess sighed as she continues on her tale, “It is because of Opaline’s thirst for power, my friends and I had banished her away from Equestria, however the damage was already done. Ponies squabbled and fought in believing the rumors. I turned to my fellow Guardians and Princesses for guidance, and the only thing my mentor had told me was to take the magic away from everypony by using me and my friends’ combined power of Harmony, creating three crystals, one for each tribe.”

Sunny placed her forehoof on her chin in thought. Three tribes, three crystals, she ponders, That means that the Earth Pony crystal is… “One of the crystals is here in Maretime Bay!” Sunny said outloud, she turns to the Unicorn with an excited look, “Izzy, we need to find the crystal! Help me look!”

And so the two mares looked through the lighthouse’s rooms, searching every nook and cranny, every cabinet and drawer. All the while, Twilight could only look on, a small smile curved on her lips. A very lively mare, she thought to herself, I envy her though. She seems to love a much better life then I did when I was Princess Celestia’s student. She seems more open to accept anypony, no matter who or what they are. I wish I could’ve gotten something like that centuries ago.

“Nothing in here Sunny!” Izzy hollers from the bottom of the chest she was searching through.

Sunny then ponders in thought, she turns to the ghostly alicorn. “Princess Twilight,” Sunny asks, “Can you sense where the crystals are even without magic?”

Twilight was snapped out of her thoughts and thankfully for Sunny, she heard the question loud and clear. “I can,” she said, “Though, this will require me a lot of focus on searching it.” She shuts her eyes as her horn glows a bright magenta. Through her magical senses, she could find a trace magic… upstairs? “It’s… right above us.” She tells them almost sounding like a question.

This threw off Sunny as well. How could the one of crystals be here? Unless… her eyes went wide and rushed off to her dad’s studies. Izzy got curious and followed her upstairs. As they got up to Argyle’s research, the two mares looked everywhere in the room. From the post board, to his work desk, even in chests full of relics. All except one of course, Sunny was told to never open this until he was comfortable on tell her what was stored in it... and perhaps, it was best that she wouldn't open it.

“Hey Sunny!” Izzy exclaims, who was looking at the table in awe and surprise. Sunny turned away from the locked trunk and went to the table. What they were looking stunned the apricot mare in amazement, open slots took form of three different shapes; the largest was a U/V like shape, as if it looked like wings. Then there was a small tear drop shape at the tips of the wings. At the middle is a circular shape, recognizing immediately that this is where the earth pony crystal, furthermore the Unity Crystals as a whole, would be placed.

“I can sense the crystal here in this room.” Twilight tells them, looking towards at the lantern, “It’s from in there.”

The apricot mare looked at the lantern. It was the same one that her father made back when she was a little filly. It was nothing out of the ordinary, so why does she have that brain scratching feeling that she’s overlooking something? She took the lantern, by the look of it, there wasn’t too revealing about the lantern… that is until she noticed that there’s a panel sticking out from the base.

Sliding it open, and there’s a piece of white folded paper. She took it out and began to unfold it. On it was writing, who’s writing style seems to be from her dad’s. He hasn’t wrote her anything since he was alive. It reads:

”To my sweet filly, I wanted to give this to you when you’re older, but due to my condition… I won’t be around to say to you face to face. So, I’m writing this while you’re asleep. I know this isn’t much for you to give from my previous possessions, however there is something that contains within the lantern, a special crystal from our tribe. This crystal has been passed down from generation to generation. This crystal is one of the three. I planned to go out of Maretime Bay to search for these crystals… but again, my conditions restricting me from any kind of journey. My one last wish of you is this: Find the crystals, unite the tribes, and bring magic back to Equestria. I know you’re very special my little Sunny Bunny, and I know you want to go out from our home to venture out to the frontier, but this is very important. If by chance though, make some friends along the way from the other tribes.

I love you sweetheart,

I’ll tell your mom that you love her too. Hoof to heart.”

Sunny placed her hooves to her mouth, nearly breaking down crying as tears from in her eyes.

“Are you okay?” Izzy asked her new friend.

Sunny tries to regain composure and she tells the Unicorn and Princess, “I-I’m fine, really.” She shows them the note as she explains to them, “I-It’s, um… it’s from my dad.”

Twilight gingerly took note from the young mare, reading the letter carefully and her ghostly heart sunk. She looked at Sunny, whom looked very distraught with sadness. “Oh, Sunny…” Twilight said quietly and sincerely, “I’m so sorry.” Sunny couldn’t take it and went to hug her hero. Even though she’s a specter, she could feel Twilight’s fore legs wrapped around her body, as if a warm blanket had wrapped around her.

It would’ve lasted longer, had it not there was loud knocks at the door, along with a familiar shout from outside, “Sunny! Sunny, open up!”

"Hitch!" Sunny quietly said, then turns to the other two mares, "We need to go!" She took the crystal and stashed it into her bag. They went out on the balcony as the apricot mare tells them, "The only way out is through that door."

Izzy looks over at the other side and suggests, "Why don't we just jump?"

"Jump?" Sunny asks, looking at her Unicorn friend's direction and her eyes shrank into pinpricks, now realizing what Izzy was suggesting as she stares at approximately a hundred and sixty-five feet long drop. "Jump?! There is no way I'm jumping off the lighthouse to the ocean!"

"Well, it's much better than the leaps of faith I had to go through," Twilight tells them, igniting her horn with a magenta aura, "Luckily, I have a destination in mind if we get enough acceleration during the freefall."

"Is that safe?" the young Earth Pony mare asks worryingly.

The light purple Unicorn took Sunny's hoof and exclaims, "Only one way to find out!"

"I-Izzy, wait-!!" Too late as both mares, while the young Earth Pony mare clutched onto the medallion, fell to the ocean.

Hitch has had enough waiting and busted the door open, hurrying upstairs. He only got up there too late as he heard screams, one of excitement, the other terrified, the latter he recognizes as his best friend. He leaned over the balcony in shock as both mares went what seemed to be through a puff a smoke.

Hitch couldn’t believe what he witnessed, a Unicorn took his foalhood friend away to who-knows-where. He looked around frantically, trying to figure out where the Unicorn mare could’ve taken Sunny. He looked at some of the journals that Argyle had left behind, as it talks about the three pony tribes places of residencies. One is Maretime Bay, and the others are Bridlewood, a village for Unicorns, and Zeyphr Heights, a city for Pegasi built on a cliff.

Just before he closed the journal, something else in Starshine’s writing caught his eye. As I’m writing this, It inscribes, My beloved wife is pregnant with our foal. She then told me something that I’m not prepared for, something I will have to face alone: Taking care our child alone. She told me that she’s going to die after conceiving our child, but reassured me that she’ll always be close to my heart and be my sunny sky to light the way… now that she says that, I think that’s what we’ll call our foal.

The butter yellow stallion’s heartstrings were tugged. “Poor Sunny…” he said to himself with his ears flattened, “She never got a chance to meet her mom.” But as he said that, something else had brought to his attention and his stomach nearly dropped upon what he read. “Wh-what?” He breathlessly asked, almost dropping the journal as he placed it back on the table, “Sunny’s mom… she’s a what?!”

He read that sentence again and again, there was no way that her mother could’ve been… could she? Is she? He looked at a small drawing that seems like it was drawn by Argyle himself, almost like a pony with glowing wings and horn. Is this supposed to be Sunny herself?

“What is going on here?” He asked himself. He sighed frustratedly as he placed a hoof on his forehead. All of this is very new, Sunny being capable of magic, a Unicorn intrudes the town, and now both of them are gone, and he just found out that Sunny’s mom was… he didn’t want to think about it, nor did he have time to think about it, he has to find Sunny. He went to the closet grabbed a tan-brown satchel, placed one Argyle’s journals into it, and wrapped it on his right shoulder.

As he went downstairs, before he went out the front door he looked at the photo of Argyle and little Sunny with a gentle exhale through his nose. “Whatever it take Mr. Starshine,” Hitch vows, “I will get her back. Pinkie Promise.” He then does the motions and he recites, “Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” There’s no going back on it now as he sets out to find his missing friend.