• Published 14th Feb 2024
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The Rise of the Equestria Dragons - Draco45

Spike make a harem and Equestria has to come to terms with new living conditions.

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I can relate the pain, but it was worth the gain. Even if Zecora is an annoy character to write, she shouldn't be a problem, especially in a fight. (Damn her rhymes, I got caught up in it)

More please and I can't wait for the sex Sean's

Pretty interesting in seeing how Eris and Zecora are falling for Spike too.

Nice episode how ember goingto react...she jealous ?

The story is moving very slowly. I do hope one of them makes a move at some point.

“That wasn’t intentional, Eris. "Me and Zecora were just a little engrossed in our heartfelt affair," the yellow dragoness apologized, trying not to be suffocated by the larger female's cock.

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