The Rise of the Equestria Dragons

by Draco45

First published

Spike make a harem and Equestria has to come to terms with new living conditions.

Spike's life has changed a lot in the last year, and not just his.
After a major crisis, nothing in Equestria is as it once was.
Just when everything was over, Spike and his friends all moved closer together.
Twilight and her friends realized that they had more feelings for the purple dragon than just friendship.

However, everything has now changed and Spike now has to live with a new normal.

A Spike Harem Stories.
Some characters will have their gender swapped

A new morning

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A new morning!

Spike slept comfortably in his new bed. Last year he and Smolder went through a major growth spurt, both dragons suddenly went through a scale change after both increasing. Now Spike was almost as tall as Garble, his baby fat had completely disappeared, and he had taken on a slim, slightly muscular shape. His snout had lengthened slightly, making it roughly like Smolder's. The spines on his back and head were no longer round, but sharp and pointed. The Orange Dragoness had explained to him and his friends that this was normal for dragons. Originally, dragons underwent very rapid forms of growth because their lives were much more dangerous and had to adapt quickly. They also wouldn't experience such growth in the next few years, which Twilight and her friends were pleased about.

His room was redecorated by Twilight and Starlight, while Rarity, provided new clothes for the more mature dragon.
Rainbow Dash helped Spike train to be able to fly properly with his new body. Meanwhile, Applejack helped him use his new strength in a controlled manner. When they began practicing on Sweet Apple Acres, the dragon that had grown damaged more than just one tree. After a while, Spike got used to everything, but he didn't yet know what the future had in store for him. Now, he was bothered by the sun shining on his face. The purple dragon turned around in his bed when suddenly his bed shook.

"Not again...": Spike sighed and got up from his mattress, he put on a red shirt with short sleeves and matching pants.

His path took him through the crystal corridor, straight to the library. As soon as Spike opened the door to the room, he was met by a pile of books that buried his feet. It looked the same in the library, books were lying on the floor everywhere. There seemed to be something buried in the middle of the printed matter that slowly began to move and emerge from the books.

“Your tail again, Twilight?” the dragon asked incredulously and began to pick up the books.

"It's not my fault, it's so long and if I turn around too suddenly it's like a whip.": said his foster sister and shook the book from her head.

It was still unusual for Spike to see Twiligh in her current state. Instead of a pony, a dragon stood before him.
Her scales were a lighter purple than her number one assistant, then her belly and lower jaw, became dark purple.
The female still had her bang's hairstyle, except it wasn't hair. It was actually a series of fin scales, thousands of them grouped into a single line that looked like her old mane. She even had the same strands of hair color in there as her old mane. Twilight had a long tail, the spikes on it were the same color as her hairstyle. The end of her tail was the same shape as the large star of her former cutie marks. What was also new were the ear fins and the two short horns that protruded somewhat curved from her head. Instead of her alicorn wings, she had two larges leather wings. In the middle area of her two wings, she had a single, hook-shaped, outwardly curved claw. Twilight still had her horn on her forehead, just like she did as an alicorn. Her snout hadn't lengthened too much either, apart from the rice teeth, it was still the same shape as her pony. In terms of size, she was a little bigger than her foster brother.

Spike had to swallow and often remind himself not to stare. In her pony form, the male dragon had never found his foster sister so attractive, now as a dragon, she was just hot. And that wasn't just due to the species swap, the female's body had also changed a lot. Twilight was already slim before, but now she had a sexy hourglass figure. As well, as matching long legs, with strong thighs and delicate arms. Her breasts had grown from D to E cups and her hips were really voluptuous.
The fact that everything was enough to drive any male crazy. But the Princess of Friendship had also started dressing very provocatively. Now, she was only wearing a white shirt with only half the buttons fastened. Which gave her a huge cleavage, Spike was just waiting for her breasts to pop out, and she also wore tight shorts that didn't even cover half of her thighs and were tight on the hips.

"Are you... are you okay?" Spike asked cautiously, trying not to stare too much.

“It… It’s fine… I’m just trying to distract myself. The current situation is not easy, and I still have a lot to process.” Twilight said, slightly dejected, and helped pick up the books.

Spike knew what Twilight was talking about, which also depressed him. Shortly after his growth spurt, a disease began to spread among the ponies, quickly becoming a plague. At first, it only affected the older ones, but then quickly attacked the younger ones as well. Almost in just a week, Equestria had become the epicenter of an epidemic, the princesses quickly acted and enclosed the entire country under a magical shield with the help of Eris the Draconequus. Thanks to quick action, the spread of the disease was prevented. Unfortunately, it was too late for the ponies within Equestria, as the first inhabitants of the land soon died. Twilight was glad that she had sent Smolder, Yona, Ocellus, Silver Stream, and Gallus home before the first pony even got sick. Especially when her friends got sick and suffered from high fevers that threatened to burn her.

Strangely enough, stallions in particular were affected by a very severe course of the disease, they usually got sick more quickly than mares and also died more quickly from the disease. In the first few weeks, all the older stallions had already died, and soon the ponies also died of middle-aged males. No matter how hard the doctors and researchers tried, they could neither find a cure nor stop the epidemic. As the disease spread among the younger ponies, Twilight noticed that Spike didn't get sick. An investigation revealed that Spike's body physiology was immune to the disease. It was logical, the inside of a dragon's body was in an entirely different state than that of ponies. The princess knew what had to be done, but it came at a high price. They had to turn the population into dragons, which also meant that the ponies would disappear from the world. Perhaps there would be others outside Equestria who would ensure the survival of their race. But for the great pony nation they had built here, it was the end. Just like it was for the pony magic, if they turned into dragons, they would never be able to use their pony magic again. To save the remaining lives and finally eradicate the disease before it affected other species, they carried out their plan.

Before the princesses carried out their plan, Celestia and Luna stored some of their magic in an amulet so that they could at least move the sun and moon. As well as in the shield so that it would last for a longer period of time even after her transformation. Together with Eris and the best unicorn magicians that still existed, they carried out their plan and turned their people into dragons. It was a shock to most, even when they found out about the princesses' plan. But since it was a matter of life and death, the ponies quickly came to terms with the fact. Practically overnight, the pony population disappeared and only dragons remained.

The plague disappeared immediately and thanks to the control of the current dragon guards, the plague gradually disappeared from the rest of the empire's animals as well. Unfortunately, the casualties were great, with approximately half of Equestria's female population dying due to the disease. It was even worse for the males, only a quarter survived.
Most were foals, as the disease first affected adults rather than younger ones. Unfortunately, there were many acquaintances among the victims, in Twilight's case, it was her brother. After the plague was no longer a problem, the survivors were finally able to bury and say goodbye to their deceased. Spike could still remember Shining Armor's funeral and the grieving family. The white unicorn stallion had been his brother, losing him hurt him immensely. Things were even worse for Cadence and Flurry Heart, as did Twilight. It was thus cruel that the bodies had to be burned because of the epidemic. Nothing was allowed to remain from the dead, except a memorial stone.

After that, the struggle began to deal with the new situation, which was not easy. There were no truly large dragons other than Celestia and Luna, as dragons took almost centuries to grow as large as Torch. Nevertheless, they had to plan for the future and the food also had to be reorganized. Due to the plague, some cities were barely as populated as before, so the remaining, now dragon, residents took up some tasks and moved closer together. The coastal areas in particular were now more important than ever before. Since a purely vegetarian diet was no longer possible, most residents switched to fish. Everything was stable presently, but a lot needed to be done for the future, and some of the old population who were now dragon still hadn't adjusted to the new body after almost a year.

This was also true for Twilight, she had lost her magic and, practically, everything she had worked so hard for. She also had to deal with some dragon habits, as well as the fire and cravings for her crystal castle. Now, the purple dragoness was trying to find a new way to use her magic, believing that perhaps dragon fire could be more magical than the dragons realized. But already she had few results, and the fact that she almost always knocked things over with her tail didn't help.

As Spike was putting the books away, he noticed that Twilight had stared over at him and then immediately looked away in embarrassment. Recently, the behavior between the two foster siblings has changed a lot. Especially after Shining Armor's funeral, Spike often stayed with the dragon all night and comforted her, and the female often cried too. He often even slept in the same bed with her and held her while Twilight cried on him. The dragon also had to motivate his foster sister to eat because she forgot her hunger in her grief. He wanted to do everything to make her feel better. Shining Armor would definitely have expected him to be there for Twilight during this difficult time. But after the dragoness got better, she started to behave differently towards him.

She became more affectionate and wanted to spend more time with him, even when he was reading comics, the female would join him. She still read her own books, but somehow the female always stayed close to him. Twilight even often sat next to Spike and leaned against his body. She also didn't mind that the increased physical contact meant her breasts were pressed against his arms or his hands. Or that she sat with her seductive ass on his lap, no matter what it triggered in the male. They also spent evenings together, where Twilight often overslept, and Spike had to carry her to her bed. He always wore her in bridal style, and the dragon could swear that the dragoness was always snuggled against his arm. The male had initially believed that she was simply looking for something closer and comfort during these times. Now he wasn't so sure anymore. When the two had finally put all the books back on the shelf, Spike noticed that the female twitched her shoulder a little and rubbed it.

"Spike, I think I have a bit of tension in my shoulder. Please give me a massage." Twilight asked in a loving tone and looked at him with big puppy eyes.

The male dragon immediately became weak at the look and replied slightly shyly, “Um… yeah… no problem.”

The dragoness immediately smiled and walked towards a red armchair that was standing in the room. The purple dragon could practically see her looking over her shoulder, careful not to throw anything with her tail. She sat down in the chair, which was a little too small for her, and looked at Spike, who stood behind the armchair and began to massage. His claw began to knead the female's shoulder, causing Twilight to moan pleasantly. When the dragon was younger, it was often carried by the former mare. Her body was rather soft and cuddly for a pony. Now, as a dragon, her body felt solid and her scales supple.

From his position, the male could see well over the dragon's head, right into her generous cleavage. He could see a lot of Twilight's gorgeous tits, and he couldn't help but wonder if she was even wearing a bra. Every time the female moved, they wiggled around seductively. At the same time, the Princess of Friendship moaned loudly and sensually. She began leaning her head against his arm and rubbing her cheeks against him. Spike froze momentarily at the gesture, her cheeks felt delicious against his arm, and he could hear dragoness begin to purr. She began to look up at his astonished face, causing Spike to look away, embarrassed. Twilight began to giggle in amusement, which Spike found adorable. The male dragon began to look at the female again, who gave him a sultry and slightly dreamy look. Just that look triggered something in Spike, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't take his eyes off the female in front of him. He didn't even notice Twilight's hands touching his jaw and slowly pulling his head towards her face.

“Good morning.”: the two suddenly heard a voice coming through the door, whereupon Spike immediately jumped back and took a few steps away from the chair.

An annoyed groan escaped the purple dragoness's snout, even letting out a small puff of smoke in frustration. With a slightly stern look, she turned to the door to look at the newcomer. It was none other than Starlight Glimmer, her former student and current guidance counselor at her school. Like all ponies, the former unicorn had undergone the transformation into a dragon and now had light pink scales instead of fur. The scales on her belly and jaws were a pale shade pink. Just like Twilight, the female had the same hairstyle with the same color scheme that she had as her pony form, except there was no hair, but a row of fin scales. Her tail was a little shorter than her roommate's and was forked at the end. The two fork tips had a striped pattern that resembled her old mane. Unlike Spike and Twilight, she only had nine dark pink spikes at the end of her tail that ran straight along to her forked tip. Although she had no wings as a pony, she now had two wings as a dragon. They were pink on the outside and light pink on the inside, their wings weren't as big as Twilight's either. Her petite face still resembled her old ones, even her muzzle was the same length as when she had a fringe. However, she now had sharper teeth and two sharp canine teeth. Her ears were slightly longer, and she had two short horns sticking straight out of her head. Just like Twilight, she still had a horn on her forehead, like she did when she was a unicorn. As well as a short, slightly backwards curved horn on her nose. In terms of size, she was almost as tall as Twilight, although slightly smaller.

Starlight had also changed after her transformation; even as a unicorn, her body was very attractive. Now she had a well-toned stomach, long shapely legs and arms. Her breasts had grown to DD cups, and her ass also looked larger and very inviting. Spike was very attracted to her new look, she looked stunning. What was only emphasized by her outfit was that she wore a short-sleeved, cropped, dark blue blouse with a zipper. The pink female had only closed it up to under her breasts so that the neckline was huge. Spike couldn't say for sure about Twilight, but he was certain about Starlight. The pink dragon wasn't wearing a bra, everyone could see that at first glance. She also wore a white, tight-fitting skirt that reached halfway down her thigh.

"I didn't bother you two for anything, did I?" Starlight asked in a cheeky and amused voice, with Spike still blushing.

“Um... no... I just wanted... You know... I forgot is that I promised the others that I would help them. Furthermore, I'd best get going straight away so I can be finished by lunchtime. See you later.” said the male dragon shyly and left the library, the two females waving after him.

When they heard the front door, the mood immediately changed, and both dragonesses immediately looked at each other irritably. Twilight got up from the armchair and walked towards her former student with a serious step, you could even feel the ground shaking a little. The pink dragon didn't let that intimidate her, she returned the look with her arms crossed and even let out a contemptuous cloud of smoke.

“What is this, why are you getting into my parade like that?” said the purple female sternly and whipped her tail.

"We talked about it… no solo tour. You are not the only one for whom, the situation is too much, and the family has lost. Everything in Equestria has just changed, the last thing we need now is arguments between the females." Starlight explained and pressed her breasts against the princess's.

“What difference does it make, we all agreed. We all have feelings for Spike, and no one is left out. Is it so bad if I take the first step?” Twilight asked in a serious tone and even growled a little.

"Um…YES! We agreed we would do this together. But above all, Ember hasn't enlightened him yet, and don't you think that the topic takes priority now?" asked the pink dragon and took a step back.

"The princesses have agreed to sort out the problem together with Ember. I offered to help, but Princess Celestia would rather I take care of everything here in Ponyville while Cadence takes care of everything in Manehattan. I even heard that she sent her secretary Raven Inkwell to Fillydelphia to enlighten everyone.": said the purple female matter-of-factly and turned her head away in a huff.

"All the more reason for you to stick to our agreement. Please remember, the others are in the same situation as you.": Starlight admonished her friend sternly, who just sighed.

"Well, I have such and such an appointment at the town hall today. Mayor Mare wants the details of the festival, Pinkie Pie has been working on it quite diligently over the last few days. Your plan is worked out down to the last detail, which I'm almost jealous of.": Twilight murmured and wanted to leave.

She turned around, hitting the bookshelf with her tail, causing a small avalanche of books to fall to the floor. Raising an eyebrow, Starlight looked at the other female, who had flinched at the noise. The purple dragoness gritted her teeth and began to pick up the print, her old tail had never caused this much trouble.

New farm life

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New farm life

"What was I thinking? And what was Twilight thinking? "Did you really want to kiss me?": Spike asked himself in frustration in his mind as he walked down the street of Ponyville.

His thoughts revolved around his foster sister's behavior, how could he not have seen it coming? If that was why she was so clingy, she wanted to seduce him. He had expected this kind of behavior from Rarity, but not from Twilight. He desperately wondered what he should do now. Should he reject her, or should he commit to a relationship? Spike found Twilight as a dragon more than just attractive, and was also attracted to her. She had always been there for him and protected him when danger threatened. And yet, he was afraid that it might cause her condition to worsen again. Moreover, the dragon was struggling with his own feelings lately, not only that everything was different.

"Morning, Spike! “: he heard a voice call, causing the male to turn around.

He quickly heard the source of the shouting, it was coming from the flower stand. A dragon stood there waving to him. She had light yellow scales that were almost white, although the scales on her stomach area and jaw were really white. Her fin scales looked like a red mane with pink stripes and went down to her shoulders. The end of her tail had the same pattern and resembled a leaf. It had no spines on either its back or its bulwarks. She had bright yellow wings that were really white on the inside. Unlike Twilight or Starlight, her snout was slightly more elongated and had pointed teeth. It had white ear fins and two short horns. She was a bit taller than Spike.

“Morning Roseluck… how are you?”: the purple dragon asked slightly shyly and approached the dragoness.

“Pretty good, I haven’t set any flowers on fire today.”: said the dragoness embarrassed and rubbed the back of her neck. “

You know, always stay calm and take deep breaths. And if you ever laugh out loud, just walk away from the plants." Spike said educationally.

“Good advice, maybe I need some private lessons. How about, Spike~? Do you have time for a private meeting?": Roseluck asked in a flirty tone, not even bothering to hide the undertone.

Spike became a little nervous as he examined the female in front of him. The dragoness had a slim waist and shapely legs and arms. Her jeans were really tight and showed off her big ass really well. Her white T-shirt and green gardening apron also helped not to hide her D-cups. The apron didn't even manage to cover the dragoness' breasts properly. And the T-shirt seemed to be desperately fighting not to be torn by the mare's stem.

"Um...sorry Roseluck, but I'm too busy for private lessons at the moment. But I will be giving a tutoring course again soon. See you soon and good luck with the flowers," said the little man, slightly nervously, and said goodbye.

As the dragon walked, the female gave him the look that hunters gave their prey. She smiled in amusement and licked her snout with her dragon tongue as she carried the flowerpots inside. A job that was no longer a problem thanks to her new dragon power.

"No need to rush, I'll still get my piece of dragon meat." Roseluck thought to herself and took one last look at the male.

“What’s going on with the females lately?” Spike asked himself as he reached the village square.

Of course, he's gotten more compliments since his growth spurt, especially since he'd gained some muscle from working at Sweet Apple Acres. But he had never been flirted with so openly before, and on the other hand, he was perhaps too worried. When he looked around Ponyville, the male couldn't help but smile. After the plague, life here in the village seemed sorrowful; everything had changed for the residents. They still had to get used to their new bodies, which wasn't easy. Although the former inhabitants had not grown into giant dragons, their body size had already increased. The average mare in Eqeuestria was 1.67 m. Of course, there were exceptions. Fluttershy, for example, was the tallest of his friends, the Pegasus was 1.72 m tall. And Applejack was also 1.70 m tall, which particularly bothered Rainbow Dash with her 1.66 m. On average, stallions were up to 1.80 m tall, although there could be deviations here too. The prime example of this was Big Macintosh with his 2.10 m. Back then, Spike could well understand that the earth pony stallion often felt uncomfortable in houses. But as the inhabitants became dragons, the average height increased to 1.85 m for females and up to 2 m for males. Since Spike was younger than most of the inhabitants, he was still growing and was only 1.84 m tall, although the dragon would reach 2 m by his twentieth birthday.

To say that furniture and especially entrance doors felt smaller to the newly transformed dragons was an understatement. Spike didn't even want to think about clothes; he remembered well that the residents had to walk around wrapped in sheets. Since dragons were also much stronger than ponies, the residents also had to get used to their new power. Initially, their power was so untrained that the new dragons tore doors off their hinges. When they jumped around too wildly in groups, they even caused small earthquakes, especially when they danced the Pony Pokey. Even when they picked up items that were too fragile, there were difficulties. A few plates were broken, and even more glass objects were damaged.

And then there was the fire, oh yes, the fire. Ponyville literally became a hotbed for wildfires. Fires broke out more than once, often in several places at the same time. And since the former Pegasi had no weather magic, they had to switch to a different system. Huge water containers, fortunately they were now strong enough to transport large quantities. Unfortunately, the continuous fires were too damaging to the houses, which soon resulted in ruins. It quickly became clear that the choice of materials for the buildings had to change. It was decided to use stone instead of wood and roof tiles instead of thatched roofs. Where wood had to be used, Eris helped with her magic. She enchanted the wood so that it was non-flammable. The same went for the furnishings, which everyone at the Draconequus was truly grateful for.

Thanks to everyone's cooperation, Ponyville was soon rebuilt. However, some dragons wondered whether the village's name should be changed. After a brief discussion, the idea was discarded, even though they are no longer ponies, they should always be aware of their history. Spike supported the residents wherever he could, after all, he had to figure out many things on his own and that wasn't easy. Whether it was fire breathing, power, control or even flying with dragon wings. Now on this sunny day, kites were everywhere walking the streets, flying through the sky, standing at their stalls and selling goods. Life was almost the same again, except for a few little things. And yet, his mind went back to Twilight and the almost kiss. Luckily for him, he was on his way to finding a person who he could talk to about anything and who would always be honest with him.

Spike's route to Sweet Apple Acres wasn't a problem thanks to his wings, as he could easily fly over the plantations. How comfortable he was now that he didn't have to walk anymore. He could also see how big the apple orchard had become. After the plague, any remaining farms were expanded as dragons ate more food. When Spike reached the yard, you could immediately see a change. The Apples' house was much larger, and there was a second house right next to it that was very similar to the first. The chicken coop was also slightly larger, as was the farm's red barn. What seemed a bit strange, however, were the warehouses that stood a little further back. Spike landed in front of the house and looked for Applejack.

“Hello Spike!”: the male heard a cheerful voice calling to him, the voice came from the barn, where a dragon was carrying a bale of hay and waving to him with her free hand.

“Hello, Applebloom!”: the dragon called back and approached the female.

The former earth pony foal had changed a lot, she was now sixteen and was enjoying her last few years at school. Her scales were yellow, while those on her belly and jaw were a pale color. Like all former ponies, she had red fin scales that looked like her old mane. The end of her tail had no special shape, but had two red spikes. Applebloom had dark red ear fins that were easy to see despite her fin scales. She had no horns sticking out of her head but did have two small horns growing out from under her two ear fins. Her snout was very similar to Smolder's and the yellow dragoness was also about the same size as the orange dragoness when she first came to Equestria.

"You're a little late, you should hurry up. Otherwise, the job will be done soon.": Applebloom said amused, pushing the dragon with her elbows.

Then she lifted the bale of hay with one hand on her shoulder and walked with it into the barn. As a dragon, the former earth pony was strong, but that didn't surprise Spike. Even though the female's body was currently covered by short, blue dungarees and a yellow short-sleeved T-shirt, he knew that Applebloom had a slightly muscular stomach. In addition, her legs and arms are well-toned. Even her breasts were already C cups and her butt was also very inviting. It probably wouldn't be that long before they got a growth spurt too. Surely, she would grow wings, after all, she was only a little younger than him. Despite her age, she still wore her beloved red bow.

Spike walked further into the plantation, and after a while, he saw many wooden buckets standing under the trees. Suddenly, the ground shook, as if something had stomped violently on the ground. The shock caused the apples to fall from the trees directly into the bucket. Everywhere in that part of the plantation, the fruits fell down, causing the trees to be harvested. The male knew where the quake came from and was also able to determine the location of the impact; luckily it was nearby. When he went to the place in the middle of the apple trees, he found the cause.

"Here you are, finally, I've been waiting for you.": said the dragon in front of him and adjusted her cowboy hat.

"Sorry Applejack, I've blabbered a bit.": Spike said to the former farmer's pony.

In her dragon form, Applejack had orange scales, while her belly scales were cream colored. Her tail was longer than Spike's, but not as long as Twilight's. The end of her tail had the same spar shape as Spike's, unlike the purple dragon, she had no spikes on her back and tail. She had tied her fin scales, which looked like her old mane, into the same ponytail she had as an earth pony. Her wings were orange on the outside and pale yellow on the inside. The dragoness had no ear fins, but rather goblin-like ears. These were orange and slightly longer than her pony ears. Two horns sticking out of her head looked like those of a bull. Her muzzle looked almost the same as it did when she had bangs, only they were a little longer. She had two long, sharp canines and dark brown scales that looked like her freckles.

“Well, get to it then. We have many baskets to carry back." Applejack explained, taking the purple dragon in a headlock.

Even if Spike fought back, the orange dragon wouldn't even notice. In her current form, Applejack was a bit taller than Garble and, above all, much more muscular. Her stomach was very muscular, as were her arms and not to mention her thighs. Her thighs were probably so strong that she could break stones with them. The male was helplessly pressed against her body, directly against her E-cup breasts. The female was wearing a red flannel shirt that was knotted under her breasts, leaving her midriff bare. She also wore tight Daisy Duke jeans that barely managed to hide her big ass. She also wore black, fingerless gloves and her beloved hat.

Even through the clothes, Spike could feel how soft Applejack's tits were. His male instinct told him to grope the fat breasts. However, his survival instinct advised him not to do so in order not to be murdered. Luckily, the female let go of him and he was finally able to breathe. As the dragoness passed him, he noticed that the farmer moved her hips seductively back and forth. Spike was mesmerized until he woke himself up with a shake of his head.

“Pull yourself together, Spike. "You can't be so distracted by every female," the dragon reminded himself, even though that was definitely the best ass in all of Ponyville.

Both dragons carried the baskets full of apples to the warehouses. With Spike helping her, Applejack could carry up to five baskets at a time. Two in each arm and a fifth with her tail. Spike could only carry up to three baskets, one in each arm and one with his tail. In the past, the farmer always had to pull a cart with the baskets through the plantation, but now she simply flew the apples to the warehouses. The orange dragon with the blonde hair would never admit it to Rainbow Dash, but flying was just astonishing. Since she had wings and immense dragon strength, she could complete her work in a fraction of the time it took as a pony. Of course, neither she nor Spike were as fast as their former Pegasus friend, but there was no way they could be called slow.

Spike and Applejack brought the fruit to the warehouses that the family had newly built. The apples were temporarily stored there so that they would not rot. The delivery services picked up the apples the next day and delivered them throughout Equestria. Previously, the Apple family had only supplied Ponyville, but now they also had to supply nearby villages. Unfortunately, there were now fewer farms in Equestria than before, which is why existing farms had to be expanded. That's why the warehouses were built so that the food could be stored accordingly. Of course, the workload also increased as there was now more work to be done. However, with their new dragon skills, the farmers were able to handle everything and not exhaust themselves. The prime example of this landed just in front of the two dragons.

"Hello Big Mac, isn't that a little too heavy?" Spike asked carefully to the dragons in question.

"Nope!": the dragon replied casually with one of his standard answers while carrying a huge basket that could be used as a swimming pool.

Big Macintosh was one of the few stallions to survive the plague; Doctors attributed it to his physique. However, the Apples believed it was his will. After transforming into a dragon, the male had red scales. The scales on its belly were dark yellow, as were those on its lower jaw. His cock wasn't that long, but it was huge. Like his sisters, the tip of his tail had no particular shape. It has sharp-looking scales that run narrowly from the back of its head to the tip of its tail. His orange fin scales resembled his old mane, and he had additional dark yellow scales under his eyes. He had dark yellow ear fins and two broad, orange horns protruding from his head. Two slightly shorter horns split off from the two horns. They looked like a bull's and were curved forward as if they were made for striking. Its snout was no longer than a pony's, but it was more like a dragon's. Big Macintosh was a head taller than Applejack and therefore had two large wings that were red on the outside and dark yellow on the inside.

When the red man placed the gigantic basket on the ground, it briefly shook the earth. During the dragon migration, Spike had met many dragons, but none of them had as many muscles as the farmer before him. And it wasn't just because of his chiseled abs, which the purple dragon could see because Big Macintosh hadn't buttoned the white shirt he was wearing. His arms were very muscular, as were his legs, and looked really intimidating. Even if Spike couldn't see her currently because of the jeans, she could. His neck in particular now seemed wider and more massive than it did when he was an earth pony.

“It looks like you’re almost done with your page. I'm sure Sugar Belle will be delighted about that, I wonder what you're doing with your newfound leisure time.": Applejack said in a cheeky tone and walked towards her brother.

"Um... nothing... nothing important.": replied the larger dragon, looking very embarrassed as he backed away a bit.

Spike found it ironic that the strongest-looking dragon was so shy. But that was Big Macintosh's personality, but he wondered why the big red male was so embarrassed. It was only after a brief moment that the purple dragons clicked and had to suppress a grin. Surely, Sugar Belle and Big Macintosh would give new meaning to the phrase “shake the walls.”

“Now I don’t want to stop you anymore. Come on Spike, let’s get ready,” said the dragon with the cowboy hat and flew forward.

“Come right away,” the purple dragon replied when the red male suddenly stopped him.

"Um... Spike... may I ask you something?" Big Macintosh asked a little nervously and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Sure, what’s it about?”: he asked, curious to know what it was about.

"Have you noticed lately... that the females... are behaving differently?": the red dragon asked cautiously.

Spike's eyes widened, so he wasn't the only one who noticed. The females have been much more direct lately, and they have been flirting more often. It wasn't just Twilight or Roseluck... he had noticed some dragonesses looking at him and whistling. And they didn't hold back from being more direct. Just yesterday, the purple dragon had received two playful slaps on his bottom from females and when he turned around, they just giggled in amusement. He thought it was all just playful, but now he wasn't so sure.

“What exactly do you mean...?” Spike asked uncertainly when he suddenly heard a whistle.

Both males looked in the direction of where the noise came from and spotted a group of dragonesses standing by the fence. They all stood there waving as they watched the two dragon’s work.

“Guys, what does it look like? Are you about to finish your work?” one of the dragonesses called out with interest.

"We wanted to go out for something to eat, don't you two want to come with us?" another female asked in a teasing tone while crossing her arms under her chest to push her breasts up a little.

“Aren’t you two too hot in your shirts?” another asked, subtly pulling her neckline down to reveal more of her bust.

Now Spike understood what Big Macintosh meant and was a little embarrassed. And yet, a part of him felt very attracted that the females were so interested in them. After all, any male would be flattered to receive so much attention from females. On the other hand, Spike also felt like prey to a pack of predators. Big Macintosh also seemed a little uncomfortable, but the red dragon had already received a lot of attention from the mare as a pony. At that time, the mares either ignored them or fled, intimidated. Currently, however, he just scratched his head in embarrassment and smiled shyly, like Fluttershy did when she received a compliment that made her happy. The purple dragon was surprised that the farmer dragon felt the same way as him.

Suddenly, a whistle sounded, followed by a wild landing that shook the ground. It was Applejack who looked stern at the other dragonesses and angrily blew out a large cloud of smoke. The two males felt a little uncomfortable, as if there was a wild bull standing in front of them. While the group of dragonesses just groaned or sighed in disappointment and rolled their eyes in annoyance.

“What do you think, where you are here, this is a farm and not a show? So don’t distract my workers, we still have work to do,” said the orange dragon with the cowboy hat sternly and approached the fence.

"Looking, won't be forbidden to be.": said a dragoness insulted and folded her arms under her chest.

Applejack grabbed one of the wooden boards from the fence with both claws, she leaned her upper body over it and said something quietly: "Then look with your eyes and keep your mouth closed, you know the deal. Or do you want to with Sugar Belle negotiate again? At Sweet Apple Acres, you keep a low profile, especially at work. Because otherwise, we will immediately draw new boundaries. Above all, now is not the time for that, so pull yourself together. Understood?"

The five dragonesses just nodded silently, but they weren't happy about it. Neither Spike nor Big Macintosh had heard what the females there were talking about. The dragon Cowgirl turned away from the group, flicking her tail in warning. She approached the two males, although her posture now seemed much more relaxed.

“Now that’s all sorted out, let’s see if we can get the job done.”: said the female, straightening her cowboy hat.

Spike and Applejack flew back to get the remaining buckets, and Big Macintosh did its work at the warehouses.
He wasn't as distracted by the dragonesses anymore, but he could still feel their gaze. When he looked at them briefly, a dragoness winked at him. He immediately smiled, a little embarrassed, but also felt slightly guilty. After all, he was married and still somehow enjoyed the attention of other females. What was even stranger was that Sugar Belle didn't mind at all. The red male had spoken to his wife about it, and she had replied that he should be happy that he was so popular with the female.

“Maybe I'm thinking too much, I should just get some work done. Sugar Belle wanted to surprise me with something today, I shouldn't keep her waiting.": Big Macintosh thought to himself and carried the apples to the warehouse, while he looked forward to his time after work.

After a few flights, Applejack and Spike were ready. All the apple trees had been harvested, and it was still mid-morning. Both dragons walked relaxed through the plantation, of course, they could also have flown. But it was a little ritual between the two friends that they talked after work and at the same time went for a walk through the apple trees. The purple dragon could still remember how he had trained to control his strength properly here after his growth spurt. He appreciated the farmer's honest nature and also that she was so reliable. Applejack also liked talking to the dragon, especially after everything that had happened.

While Spike did everything he could to be there for Twilight, the dragon farmer helped him deal with his loss. The death of Shining Armor had hit him hard too, after all, he was like a brother to Spike. Applejack knew all too well what it was like to lose family and how much it hurt. She was incredibly proud of how much Spike cared for his sister. He had always been reliable and had always supported them all when it was in his power. Often, even if it was beyond his physical capabilities and it exhausted him. She certainly wouldn't have had the stamina to work as an assistant for Twilight herself.

“Tell me, how is Granny Smith?” Did she write to you?" Spike asked curiously and looked at the dragon next to him.

“Relatively well, she is enjoying her second youth to the fullest, she and Apple Rose sent us a letter with photos. “Already she’s at the seaside learning to surf,” Applejack said amused and laughed.

Spike had to smile too, he was happy for Granny Smith. The Apple Family in Ponyville was really lucky, they didn't lose a single family member. Although the disease mainly attacked older ponies, the old mare not only survived. After her transformation into a dragon, she was a young adult by dragon standards and was still far from an older lady. Her body was even slightly larger than Big Macintosh's, and she now looked young again. Any discomfort she had was gone, and Granny Smith could move like a young deer. She took advantage of her second youth and decided to travel around the country. Unfortunately, not everyone in the Apple Family was so lucky, and some of their relatives had died in the plague. Of the old generation, only she and Apple Rose remained, which hit both of them very hard. Both decided to use their new youth to go on a longer trip together. Applejack agreed, she was glad that her grandma didn't sink into depression after such a terrible disaster.

"Well, you'll see, Granny Smith will show us how to live properly.": said Spike, to which Applejack laughed a bit.

“Yes, she will. "A lot has changed," Applejack said amused, but then noticed that the purple dragon was becoming thoughtful.

“Are you okay, sugar cubes?” the dragon asked worriedly and looked over at her friend.

“Well, it’s about changing. Some time has passed since...since Shining Armor died and Twilight is doing better again. But she's been acting strange towards me lately." Spike explained, rubbing his arm a little.

“Oh yes, what exactly is she doing?” said the female, trying to hide the mistrust in her voice.

However, that didn't help much as her tail started to swing back and forth a bit energetically. Luckily, Spike didn't notice as he was wondering how much to tell. The last thing the male wanted was to embarrass his sister. However, he trusted Applejack very much, and he knew that she could keep a secret.

“Okay, but this has to stay between us. Lately, she's been a little more clingy when we're in the castle. No matter whether I'm reading or she's reading, she...she leans on me and when we sit on the couch in the evening, she always falls asleep on me. When I carry her to her bed, it feels like she's snuggling up to me. Occasionally, I catch her looking at me, and then she immediately looks away, embarrassed.": Spike began to say.

Applejack listened intently to the purple dragon as she tried to calm her inner fire. She tried everything not to grind her teeth or breathe out clouds of black smoke from her nose. She mentally cursed herself for not being more suspicious of Twilight. Just like the former unicorn, she had feelings for Spike and was in love with him. Back when he was in love with Rarity, the dragon tried so hard and did his best. It was clear to everyone from the start that their chances were almost zero. At that time, the unicorn mare didn't want to hurt the young dragon's feelings, but he seemed so young. Deep down, Spike knew it himself, and yet he wanted to try. The dragon gave it his all without becoming too intrusive. He sacrificed his time, wore more than he should, and even stayed up late at night to assist Rarity.

Even as an earth pony, she was very impressed by the young dragon; he was hard-working, good-natured, and helpful. After Spike grew and learned to control his strength, he supported her family on the farm. Above all, she enjoyed the time when they talked to each other and spent time together. At the same time, she also loved his massages when she felt tense. After her transformation into a dragon, the purple dragon not only supported her family, but also the entire village. He even traveled to other cities to help the newly transformed dragons there. Even though he was going through a difficult time himself and also caring for Twilight.

That's why she wanted to be there for Spike, to relieve him of some of his burden. She quickly realized that their feelings were more than just friendship. She loved him and wanted to be with him. And she wasn't alone with her feelings, her friends loved him too. As she and the others revealed their true feelings for the purple dragon to each other. Did the dragonesses initially disagree about who had the right to be with Spike? It almost came to a fight, but at last, they reached an agreement. And part of the deal was that no one would try to seduce Spike.

It wasn't expected that Twilight would still go after the purple dragon and break the agreement. On the other hand, Applejack had to admit that she might have made a few advances. The dragon Cowgirl occasionally hugged Spike, holding him close to her body. Or she had bent over a little longer to wiggle her bottom while picking up the buckets, knowing full well that the young dragon was staring at her. And maybe after work, when she showered, she walked around in front of Spike in just a bare towel, letting her tits and ass jiggle. The female could directly feel the purple dragon's eyes on her body. Possibly, she was a little too strict with her friend, a few little games are certainly allowed.

“Anyway, I don’t know how to react. I mean...if Twilight is really in love with me...why? Don't get me wrong, she's really a beautiful dragon and so smart too.": Spike began to explain when suddenly Applejack grabbed his shoulder and silenced him.

Her grip was firm, but not so strong that she crushed him or her claws dug into his flesh. Just hard enough to stop him. Her look was serious, but not evil. Spike wondered if he had said something wrong and turned to the larger dragoness.

“Do you really think you’re not good enough? You, who was always there for Twilight? You supported her, cared for her, and made sure she didn't overwork herself. Believe me, Spike, I don't know anyone as good a guy as you, especially... with everything that's happened in the last year. You helped so many people in Equestria, even though you weren't doing well yourself. So believe me when I say, there is no better dragon than you. Don't make yourself smaller than you are because you are significant to me," the dragon said seriously and smiled lovingly at the purple dragon.

"Applejack...thanks," Spike said, smiling happily as well.

The orange dragoness blushed briefly before her cowboy hat pulled up to hide her embarrassed face. Spike didn't think much of it when he was suddenly grabbed by the female and pressed against her body. With his face right into her huge breast so he couldn't see anything. While her tail wrapped around his stomach and lifted him up. He was a little embarrassed to be carried like that, but also knew there was no escape.

“Now, don’t get too emotional, sugar cube. Let's you first washed, I'll help you too.": Applejack spoke in a cheeky tone and smiled seductively.

Spike's head turned red, and he swallowed hard. The male was about to protest when the female's breasts cut him off. Applejack would honor the deal like Twilight did and not actively seduce Spike. She would just help him wash his back while wearing a white shirt. Nothing her friends needed to know.

Competition fever

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Competition fever

With a bright red face, Spike walked down the path that led towards Ponyville. Applejack had taken him to the outdoor shower that was behind the barn. Before Spike could escape, the orange dragoness told him to turn around and that she was about to change her shirt. The female in the cowboy hat didn't give him any time because she immediately took off her top. Before he could turn around, he caught a glimpse of Applejack's E-cup breasts. They were cream colored, with brown nipples, when the dragoness took off her shirt, her tits bounced wildly. His face was deep red and he also covered his eyes. Only when a towel was suddenly thrown over his head did he dare to look around again. To his relief, Applejack was wearing a tight white t-shirt, her large breasts jiggling with every move the dragon cowgirl made. Spike immediately blushed, especially when she pulled the shirt over his head.

“Come on, Spikey. “Please let me wash your back,” Applejack asked in a honeyed voice, looking at him with a puppy-dog look.

Back in the present, the dragon growled and tussled with his head spikes. Of course, he had given in to the farmer's request, how could he not? After he took off his pants and wrapped a towel around his waist, the dragoness washed his back. She pressed her breasts against his back, and Spike immediately felt that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her tits were so soft, and he could even feel her hard nipples. It was no wonder he got hard. Once Applejack was done, she wanted to take care of his front. But the purple dragon didn't want to let it get that far, he quickly got up and grabbed his clothes. When Spike flew away, he was so fast that he even rivaled Rainbow Dash, leaving only his towel in the air.

“What’s all this about? What's wrong with the dragonesses? Why are they all going so crazy?" the purple dragon asked himself, but couldn't come up with an answer.

At moments like this, he regretted not having been raised by real dragons. Or at least to have found out more about dragon culture from Ember or Smolder. Spike always wanted to do it again, but then kept putting it off because something more important came up. Now that he had to support so many dragons, he should urgently do so. After all, there was more to being a dragon than just breathing fire and eating gems.

"I should write to Ember, I hope she has time," Spike thought to himself as he was about to reach the village.

Suddenly, a loud voice shouted, “GET OUT OF THE WAY!”

Before the male dragon could react, a light blue bolt of lightning flashed past him, causing him to spin wildly in circles. After several revolutions, he stopped and staggered a bit, he could hear someone shrine in the distance. But it was too late, he was blown over and rolled along the ground like a tire along with a second person. The purple dragon remains lying on its back as its world spun around it. His view of the world returned to normal, and he realized that something was on top of him.

"Damn, now I'm only second... although the place is first class.", he heard the person say in a flirty tone, he recognized the voice and knew who it was.

"Lightning Dust, you're as reckless as ever.": Spike growled and sat up a little.

Sitting right on his lap was a female dragon with turquoise scales, while her belly and jaw scales were an even darker turquoise. Their fin scales were streaked with gold and amber. It was very reminiscent of her old hairstyle. Except that a piece of the fin scale was hanging over his face like a strand of hair. She had a tail the same length as Spike's. The end looked like a leaf and was streaked with gold and amber. Lightning Dust had no spikes on her tail or back. Her muzzle looked almost the same as it did when she was a pony. Except the nose was rounded, like Ember's. She didn't have ear fins, she had pony-like ears that looked partially amphibious. Her wings were turquoise on the outside and had a darker turquoise on the inside, as well as a wing claw on each wing. Size-wise, she was as tall as Spike.

“Do you really have to sit on top of me?” Spike asked, a little embarrassed and serious at the same time.

“Mmhh… Yes, I have to. And I don't seem to be the only one who likes it," the dragoness said, starting to grind her hips against Spike, rubbing his crotch.

Spike immediately blushed and looked away, embarrassed, he was only a male. Surely, any dragon would get a little horny with a female as hot as Lightning Dust sitting on his lap. She had a well-toned stomach and an athletic figure at the same time. Her legs and arms were slim, but toned. She also had shapely thighs and her ass was a good size. Her breasts were at least D cups and bounced around as she moved. Lightning Dust wore tight-fitting leggings and a long-sleeved crop top. It was off the shoulder and black, like the leggings.

He had already learned during his flying lessons that the turquoise dragon was peculiar and stubborn. He had taken a flying course at Wonderbolt Academy a few months ago, which seemed so absurd to him, after all, at that point, he had only mastered flying himself a few months ago. The Wonderbolt Academy had to be restructured from scratch after the Pegasi turned into dragons.

Since the dragons could no longer walk on clouds, the cloud building was no longer usable. With heavy hearts, the former Pegasi had to tear through the clouds to get to the objects and the furnishings. Although the Academy is steeped in history, the building contained items and equipment from the most famous aviators in Equestria's history. Above all, the current Wonderbolt team wanted to preserve their group's legacy, even if everything would be different from now on. The Wonderbolts had also lost members and become smaller. In addition, they had all become dragons and some of them had lost the flying abilities for which they were so famous. The flight maneuvers that they had worked on and perfected for so long could no longer be implemented. Their bodies were now bulkier and heavier. Dragons' wings could not be used in the same way as Pegasus's wings. And her weather controls were gone, which meant many of her special effects were no longer available. All of their identity was suddenly gone, and they couldn't even fly properly with their wings.

And yet, the Wonderbolts didn't give up because that wasn't the spirit of the air force. They would preserve their history, but they had to start over. They would rise like a phoenix from the ashes and reclaim their place as the best flying team in Equestria. But before they could do that, they had to rebuild the academy from scratch. Since the facility originally stood on a flattened mountaintop, it was decided to build the new academy into the mountain. Their new dragon powers were perfect for this, but they brought in a stone expert who also had experience digging tunnels. Of course, no one played the violin better than Maud Pie, who made a big impression on the Wonderbolts, especially with her ability to smash rocks. The new academy consisted of corridors dug into the mountain and large rooms within the mountain. Thanks to Maud and Eris, a huge panoramic window could even be built into the mountain.

But most importantly, the new dragons learned how to use their wings properly. Spike was asked by Rainbow Dash to assist her, which the purple dragon did. While the prisma Drachin took care of the experienced pilots, Spike gave beginner courses. Lightning Dust was there too, although not entirely voluntarily. Your team, the Washouts, had already disbanded before the epidemic. This was because the team members were injured during a stunt, whereupon the team members of the former turquoise mare got out, and she had to stay in bed for a long time. Lightning Dust decided to return to the Wonderbolts after transforming and recovering, she was even accepted by Spitfire. However, the turquoise dragon had not become more insightful; she still behaved quite recklessly and self-confidently. Although it suited her new species well, unfortunately it didn't help her fly. Even though she flew better than most beginners, she still tried to fly like a Pegasus. The result was falls and crashes. Lightning Dust didn't listen to anything Spike said and tried to do it on his own. While the beginner group got better and better, the turquoise dragon made no progress. She even tried one of her old stunts that went horribly wrong and almost caused her to crash into the rocks as she fell. The purple dragon noticed this and quickly intercepted her before she got hurt. And even though he had helped the unreasonable female, she snapped at Spike angrily.

The male realized that he couldn't achieve anything the normal way and had to resort to the dragon way. He had to earn respect like Smolder had shown him. As Lightning Dust was about to leave in anger, Spike stood in her way and challenged her to a competition. If she won, he would let her carry on as before. But if he won, she would have to take private lessons with him and listen to his instructions. For an ambitious dragoness like Lightning Dust, the suggestion and bet was entirely to her liking. Spitfire approved the whole thing and trusted Spike, knew what he was doing. The fight was watched by both the Wonderbolts and the other cadets. The rules of the fight were simple: whoever landed on the ground first lost. Lightning Dust immediately attacked, but Spike was prepared and even had the advantage. After their growth spurt, both the purple dragon and Smolder spent a lot of time wrestling. The orange dragon student wanted him to know how best to defend himself with his new body in an emergency.

He knew immediately what Lightning Dust was planning. She wanted to hit her with her fist, the purple dragon waited until the last moment and dodged. He ducked, and the punch missed, Lightning Dust immediately braced himself, expecting a punch to the stomach or face. But Spike turned quickly and struck with his tail, something the turquoise dragoness hadn't expected. Smolder had explained it to him, when fighting a dragon you always had to be careful of the tail. Unlike ponies, this one was designed to hit and could be used like a whip. Only he was thicker and at the same time strong, like a steel cable hitting you. Since ponies only fought with their fists and hooves in close combat, they always kept an eye on them. You had to have already completed training in the Royal Guard to expect a tail attack.

Lightning Dust fell on her back to the ground, and Spike immediately pounced on her. He grabbed his tail and used it to place it on his opponent's neck and gently squeezed it with his hands. Smolder showed him this trick to quickly pin an opponent to the ground. After all, no trapped dragon would press against the tail and choke itself. The turquoise dragoness immediately fought back and grabbed the purple dragon's arms to push him away. But with Spike kneeling over Lightning Dust, she had no chance. Spitfire and the others immediately demanded that the male stop, even Rainbow Dash yelled for it. Of course, Spike hadn't squeezed too hard. Otherwise, it would have had serious consequences. He immediately raised his tail and offered a hand to Lightning Dust to help her stand. The normally confident dragoness accepted the offer, although she appeared a little dazed.

She didn't expect that the purple dragon could fight and then pin her down like that. He hadn't seemed like a fighter, even though the turquoise dragon had noticed his muscles. She was angry that she was defeated so quickly. At the same time, he was also impressed by the male, his attack was well-timed, and his technique was also good. She had never thought of fighting like this. It was hard, but she still has a lot to learn about being a dragon than she thought. Not only that, but Spike was a mystery to her. During the training, the other recruits behaved with respect and supported them wherever he could. The purple dragon was considerate of even the most clumsy flyers and even gave them training individually. She thought he was too soft, but now he showed a whole new side. He was strong and had more experience of being a dragon than anyone else here.

When the two of them trained as a couple, she stuck to the agreement and listened to his advice. She didn't know where exactly she needed to swallow her pride more. In following his instructions, or admitting that the purple dragon was right. Especially, having to fold her wings while flying made a big difference. She was soon able to keep up with the best fliers again, which meant a lot to Lightning Dust. She was truly grateful to Spike that she could now fly again. But that wasn't enough for her, she also was keen to learn to fight like a dragon. The male agreed to teach her a few techniques.

They also started talking, and Lightning Dust learned why the dragon was trying so hard. When Spike had to learn and figure out everything on his own, he often felt lost and inadequate. He didn't want the newly transformed dragons to feel that way and be able to move on with their lives. And that's what the purple male wanted for Lightning Dust, which the turquoise dragon found cute. She enjoyed the time she spent with Spike and began to appreciate much more. His helpfulness, his compassion and even that he was so considerate. Since Spitfire and the other Wonderbolts had soon completed their training, they were able to take over basic training. The purple dragon then decided to leave the Academy and help elsewhere, which Lightning Dust didn't like. She wanted to spend more time with Spike, so she decided to move to Ponyville.

She and Spike often hung out in Ponyville, especially when Rainbow Dash was there. Through all the training and time spent with her rival, the ambitious female became more insightful and learned to be considerate. She then gave free rein to her excessive drive in competitions with Rainbow Dash, not to mention in situations like these. Where she was still sitting on his pelvis and supporting herself with her hands on his chest.

“Say, Spike, you don’t have anything to do currently, do you? Don't we want to do some flight training, I think I still have a few problems with sharp turns.": the turquoise dragoness said in a sultry voice and ran her claws over his chest.

"Um... I...was...just about to...": Spike stammered a bit, groaning softly because Lightning Dust was still rolling her hips against his crotch.

“For the fact that you have problems with curves, you were able to catch up quickly!”: both dragons heard a sharp voice.

The purple dragon could feel the ground beneath his back shaking slightly. The cause of this was when someone stomped toward them, Lightning Dust began to grind and growl with her sharp teeth. The turquoise dragoness's look also seemed very annoyed, and she began to look forward. Spike followed her gaze and tilted his head back slightly to see the newcomer.

"Rainbow Dash!": growled the turquoise dragoness, who was still sitting on Spike.

The female in front of him had light blue scales and dark blue scales on her belly and lower jaw. Her tail was a bit longer than Spike's and had the same arrowhead at the end as purple dragons'. Unlike other dragons, she had no spines on her back. The fin scales on the dragoness' head, which looked like her old mane, were the same rainbow colors. Like Spike, she had light blue ear fins and two horns protruding from her head, twisted in a spiral like a ram's. Her snout was slightly longer than in her Pegasus form and appeared reptilian, and two sharp canine teeth protruded from her upper jaw. Her wings were cyan blue on the outside and dark blue on the inside. Just like Lightning Dust, she had a claw in the middle of each of her wings. In terms of height, she was the same height as Spike.

“What’s that to you? I'll know best what helps me fly!": said the ambitious dragoness annoyed and even spit some amber fire.

“If you do a lap dance on my friend, it’s my business. Now get your fat ass off him.”: Rainbow Dash roared angrily, baring her teeth at something.

“Are you a little jealous because you don't have such a good ass?”: Lightning Dust asked provocatively, smiling cheekily as she slapped her voluptuous butt.

The prisma dragoness growled angrily, causing lightning to erupt from her mouth. Unlike other dragons, Rainbow Dash could not breathe fire, but instead could shoot lightning from her mouth. Of course, having such a unique ability made her proud. However, she wasn't as blessed with other qualities, which was unfortunately very noticeable with so many beautiful dragonesses. Her stomach was well toned and she also had athletic arms and legs. However, Rainbow Dash's ass was smaller than other females and her breasts were also C cups. She wore a white, cropped sports top, which showed off her tits perfectly. She also wore tight, black hot pants that had blue ties on both sides to tighten them.

"I said 'DOWN'!" Rainbow Dash shouted angrily and lunged at Lightning Dust.

The turquoise dragoness stood ready and grabbed both of her attacker's hands. Both females grabbed the other dragoness' hands and began to wrestle. Spike's eyes widened as Rainbow Dash wrestled with Lightning, standing over his head with her legs spread. From his position, the Prisma Dragon's legs looked long and beautiful. While the purple dragon enjoyed the view, the two dragons had a tough test of strength. Rainbow Dash had the advantage, with Lightning Dust still sitting on the male's lap, the cyan female was able to use her extra body weight. The turquoise dragon didn't want to give up so easily, she smiled slyly and wrapped her tail around her opponent's leg. Before Rainbow Dash could do anything, she felt her leg being pulled away. Immediately she slipped, and she fell butt first, onto Spike's face. The male's snout landed right between her ass cheeks under her tail.

"MMMHHH..." the purple dragon uttered loudly, trying to speak, but his words were muffled by the female's ass.

"You bitch are cheating!" Rainbow Dash scolded loudly, reaching for Lightning Dust's face with her hand.

But the turquoise dragoness backed away, and she caught her top. The prism female's sharp claws tore the fabric of her clothing, causing her breasts to burst out. Her tits were dark turquoise with pink nipples. Both Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust froze briefly and looked at the naked udder. The owner of the breasts was the first to come to her senses and began to growl.

“You lousy bitch, you'll pay for this!” the turquoise-colored female roared angrily and attacked her dazed opponent.

Before the Prism dragoness could react, Lightning Dust had grabbed her tank top and ripped it off her body. Rainbow Dash squealed in embarrassment as she felt a rush of air hit her bare breasts. They were dark blue with azure nipples. The female's shock quickly wore off, and she scowled at the turquoise dragon, who just grinned maliciously at her. The two dragons immediately began fighting on Spike, moving their bodies wildly.

Said male felt... well... like heaven. The way Lightning Dust pushed her hips wildly against his crotch, rubbing his twin members, felt wonderful. And Rainbow Dash's ass felt firm and smooth as it rubbed against his muzzle. At the same time, Spike could also smell the wonderful scent of the prisma dragoness, which excited him very much. His instinct woke up, he wanted to grab those gorgeous asses and sink his claws into the gorgeous flesh. His arms began to rise as the question in the purple dragon's mind was which ass he should claim first.

“What are you doing?” all three heard a new voice, whereupon everyone stopped moving.

Spike had just raised his arms while lying on the ground. Rainbow Dash had grabbed one of Lightning Dust's breasts and her tail. The turquoise dragon also had one hand on her counterpart's chest, while she grabbed the prisma dragoness hot pants with the other. They both looked away and blushed in embarrassment.

"Scootaloo..., that... that's not what it looks like.": Rainbow Dash said embarrassed and let out Lightning Dust immediately.

Standing next to the three dragons was a younger dragoness with bright orange scales. Their belly and jaw scales were sand-colored. Her tail was shorter than Spike's and the tip of her tail looked like a purple flame. She had purple spikes that went from the beginning of her tail to the end of her tail. Her fin scales were purple and resembled her old mane. She had goblin-like ears that were a touch longer than her pony ears. Two short horns protruded from either side of her head and curved downwards. Her snout was also a little longer and looked a little more pointed. However, what was entirely different from her Pegasus wings were the two large wings. They were sand colored on the inside and light orange on the outside. Just like Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust, her wings had an outwardly curved claw in the middle. She was a head smaller than the other two dragons.

"Really? Looks to me like you three are about to fuck," Scootaloo spoke smugly, smiling deviously.

"What do you know? You're still a cub!" Rainbow Dash shouted embarrassed and covered her body with her wings, Lightning Dust followed suit with the same blush on her face.

"I am sixteen. "I've seen enough magazines to know what you're doing here," Scootaloo said, a little offended, and flew up into the air to be at eye level.

The light orange dragon was very offended that she was still being treated like a child. It was also personal that Scootaloo from Cutie Mark Crusaders was slightly smaller than her two friends. Otherwise, the young female had developed well; she had a slim and athletic figure. Her arms and legs were slim and toned, and her thighs also appeared well-shaped. She had a nice butt, not too tight and not too voluptuous, and a C cup. She wore a tight-fitting tank top that showed off some of her stomach and denim shorts. These were blue and went almost to the female's knees.

"This...this is a know..." Rainbow Dash was about to start talking when she was interrupted by Spike's muffled voice.

Only then did the two females notice that they were still sitting on the purple males and immediately got up. The dragon immediately sat down and took a deep breath. Even though his instincts had suggested that he pursue his desires, he was glad that they were interrupted. He was a little embarrassed to be seen in such an inappropriate position by the young dragoness. When Spike went to talk to Lightning Dust and Rainbow Dash, he noticed that both of them were covering themselves with their wings. One look at the floor, at the torn tops, told him everything.

"I... I'm sorry... I mean... I'll turn around right away," he spoke in an embarrassed tone, and turned his back to the dragonesses.

"Hey... Spike, you don't have to be so embarrassed, react or apologize," the prism dragoness said, slightly worried and embarrassed at the same time.

"Crash is right... we apologize for overdoing our ambition," the turquoise dragoness said ruefully, while you could tell she had to swallow her pride.

Spike rubbed his head awkwardly, he wasn't really mad at either of them. He wondered if it was because he liked the situation so much. Or because he knew that the two dragonesses were so hot-blooded and that he liked that about them. He turned back to them, still red in the face and trying not to stare too hard.

"I-It doesn't matter... after all, it was an accident and nothing happened, at least not to me," said the purple dragon and briefly looked at the destroyed clothing, whereupon something important came to mind.

“DAMMIT, I promised Rarity I’d help her! I have to go, I'll see you at training in the evening. “See you later and keep your wings stiff, Scootaloo,” Spike spoke quickly and zoomed off like a rocket.

This incident had cost him some time again, even if it was nice. Just like last time when Rainbow Dash landed on him. As he flew to the ground, the Prism Dragon lay on his chest. Luckily, neither of them hurt each other, even though it felt like the female was snuggling against his chest. Or when Lightning knocked him off his feet a few days ago, and she landed on him. His face was buried deep in her cleavage, her breasts were so soft. And when he stood up, he could have sworn that the turquoise dragoness smiled cheekily at him.

When Spike reached the village, he paused in midair and thought to himself suspiciously, "There were a lot of these between cases... and... and those two landed on me a lot... too many times!"

Back at the three dragonesses, as Spike flew off, they looked behind in surprise.

“Wow, that was a lightning start. If he were to fly that fast in our flying competition, it would be a real challenge,” said the impressed prisma dragoness.

"Maybe he was rushing to get away from you after you practically threw yourself at him," Scootaloo said in a teaching tone, crossing his arms.

"Lightning Dust started, I just wanted to get her off him," Rainbow Dash defended herself and pointed at the female in question, who then snorted a cloud of smoke into her face.

"Come down Crash, what if I try my luck?": asked Lightning Dust, whipping her tail wildly on the ground.

"Me and the others were there first, you're trying to push your way forward.": explained the prism dragoness and gave her rival a hard look.

The whole situation was complicated enough, and the fact that other dragons were involved didn't make it easy. Especially because this whole situation was new territory for her from the start, and everything else just made it even harder. Before this whole thing happened, she was helping Spike with his problem. With it's new, larger body, the purple dragon found it difficult to fly. Especially when cornering flying and maneuvering, which was no surprise. His small and light body suddenly became heavy and larger. Spike knew the wing movements, but had difficulty executing them. Rainbow Dash helped him with the training, which seemed really weird at first. The Pegasus mare at the time had to hold back from laughing, especially when he flew. But as hard as it was and as often as Spike crashed. He never gave up, they trained until the night and often went out for something to eat afterward. Even though Rainbow Dash wasn't much of a romantic, she had to admit that it was pleasant to sit with the purple dragon. They laughed together at Spike's misadventures or just talked about their day. It was mostly just little things, but it still felt good. More serious issues were discussed after the former mare drank too much. She told him about her wishes and that she would also like to have someone special. But at the same time, she was afraid that no one wanted her. Her quick-tempered yet carefree nature scared off some ponies. And in terms of appearance, she also felt disadvantaged. She had a very athletic build, and her feminine features weren't as big as those of the other girls.

Spike felt for her, he also felt a bit excluded compared to many ponies. Although he had grown and matured, he was also more dangerous. He told Rainbow Dash about the incident where he accidentally hit a cart too hard and it broke. When he tried to pick up the sales pony's goods, he destroyed them with his untrained strength. The clerk snapped at him and rudely asked him to just leave. Spike apologized again and left, but noticed that some ponies were keeping their distance from him just to be on the safe side.

Rainbow Dash became angry when she heard this and slammed her fists on the table. At that time, she wanted to hear the stallion's name and teach him a lesson. But the purple dragon told her to calm down, and he also understood the seller. Spike knew that it would take some time to deal with his change, and then everything would be okay again. He also comforted the Rainbow Mare by saying that he could imagine being with such an incredible mare like her. She was a loyal and reliable mare who always managed to make him laugh. And also that she shouldn't put herself down physically, and that he found her athletic body wonderful. Rainbow Dash blushed at the dragon's words, they gave her a strange yet warm feeling. They continued training and the more time they spent together, the more comfortable the mare became. Somehow, she hoped it would stay that way.

And then everything changed, at first, she was excited to be a dragon. She looked really cool, her figure was much more sexy now and she had a unique lightning attack. When she took off for the first time, it felt so wonderful. Until she tried to accelerate and fell to the ground. Rainbow Dash's body had become larger and also heavier. She immediately got up and tried again, this time she wanted to do a loop, she only got half way and then crashed in the middle. Luckily for her, she didn't fly too high because that would have really hurt. Things got worse when she tried to fly into her cloud house. When she landed on her doorstep, she practically followed through all the clouds. She couldn't even touch the door, but had to tear open the walls of her house. After all, she had to get her pet turtle out to Tank, she couldn't leave him upstairs alone. When she found him, the turtle hid from his owner in his shell. The Prism Dragon had to cajole her pet for almost an hour to get Tank to even stick his head out of the shell. He seemed to be studying the female in front of him closely and even sniffed her. He started smiling and rubbing his head against her. Rainbow Dash smiled in relief and hugged the turtle tightly.

Since she couldn't sleep in her house currently, she spent the night in Twilight's castle, where she was comforted by Spike. He told her that she was unable to give up and reminded her of his first attempt at flying. That evening, the purple dragon joked around a lot and even reenacted his mishaps, which really made the prisma dragoness laugh. When they trained again, she felt so comfortable and even happy. Spike did his job as a teacher well, and soon she was finally able to do her tricks again. Out of happiness, she threw her arms around the purple man's neck and kissed him on the cheek. When they both realized what she had done, both dragons froze. Her lips tingled excitedly, and her heart was pounding harder than before. She immediately flew away, leaving a completely confused dragon behind. From that moment on, she realized she was in love with Spike.

Back in the present, Rainbow Dash growled angrily and approached Lightning Dust.

“Listen, you know he doesn’t know yet. It will still be wild enough for him and you will still have your chance. “So stop being hasty,” the prisma dragoness demanded seriously.

“Oh yeah, like you do? You don't hold back either, when you train with Spike, you flirt with him and make advances," the turquoise dragoness defended herself seriously, tapping the tip of her tail against her rival's chest.

"I have to agree with Lightning Dust, you're trying to get closer to him, you're stepping on the others' toes," Scootaloo said thoughtfully.

“Hey, I follow the rules. Maybe I took some initiative, but I didn't try to lure him into bed. As well as someone else,” Rainbow Dash defended, sticking her long tongue out at Lightning Dust like a lizard.

"Um... before you two argue any further... don't you want to put something on each other?" Scootaloo asked carefully, pointing to their upper bodies, which were covered with wings.

They both saw each other briefly and blushed again. They were so engrossed in their argument that they had forgotten that they were going topless. Furthermore, they were glad that no one had passed by and seen them like that. The two adults muttered something and then flew away. Scootaloo watched the two go and sighed.

“I don't know what to think about it, I hope Spike doesn't get crushed between all the females. I hope they show him some consideration, he's the youngest adult here. However, he's been through worse and the others will look after him.": Scootaloo thought and spread her wings.

Since becoming a dragon, she has been able to fly, something she had always dreamed of. Soon her friends would surely get their wings too, and she was really looking forward to flying with them. But now she would fly with someone else, Scootaloo began to smile cheekily and wondered if Rumble was already waiting for her.

Fashion show

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Fashion show

Spike thoughtfully walked towards the Carousel Boutique and thought about the dragonesses, which gave him a slight headache. Even though he didn't know exactly why, the females had their eyes on him. And not just him, Big Macintosh also seems to be being targeted. But what was still confusing was that the red dragon male was already taken. How will Sugar Belle feel when she finds out someone was flirting with Big Macintosh? He didn't even want to imagine that, this will definitely end badly.

Spike sighed and looked up at the sky as he spoke quietly to himself, "I always wanted to be a male that was popular with the females." But if I actually ended up with Applejack, Rainbow Dash, or even Twilight, that wouldn't be the case to lead to arguments between the girls.": Spike thought and got annoyed, it's as if the universe had conspired against him.

But right now, his thoughts were wandering to the place in front of him, especially to a certain someone. Maybe that could clear his mind a bit, if only for a while. Spike stood in front of the Carousel Boutique, like everything in Equestria this building had changed. Although it still looked the same, it was much larger and wider. Rarity's plans to sew clothes couldn't be stopped by turning into a dragon. Even if Ember isn't enthusiastic about the idea, the dragons didn't wear any clothes. Especially since the dragon lands were full of fire and lava everywhere, poor conditions for fabric. Real dragons wore different clothing depending on their age, nestlings and young dragons wore leather. These came from animals that they had skinned and whose skins they had processed. However, dragons did not cover themselves as much as other races did. They usually only covered their intimate areas, of course, the females still covered their breasts.

Teenagers, on the other hand, were not satisfied with simple leather, they preferred armor. However, armor was valuable and not every young person had the patience to collect enough gemstones and treasures. Therefore, it is common for teenagers to win dragon armor or parts of it in competitions. Spike could remember that even Garble only had a breastplate and a bracer. Otherwise, he also only wore a loincloth. Complete armor like Ember wore was rare. And armor as big as Torch had been a privilege. Only soldiers who reported directly to the Dragon Lord were given such privileges. For the most part, adult dragons only wore simple pieces of armor to cover their private parts. But these were neither armored nor suitable for fighting. They were purely to show that they were fighters.

When Smolder came to Ponyville, she wore only a dark green tunic and a silver breastplate that left her stomach exposed. It wasn't until the School of Friendship that she changed into the clothes Rarity had made for her. Of course, the orange dragoness kept her armor, but she had to admit that cloth clothing was very comfortable and practical. However, the shorts and tops were nothing compared to the princess dresses Rarity had secretly made for her. The fine fabric and the wonderful silk felt wonderful.

Since the newly transformed dragons in Equestria rarely came into contact with lava and didn't fight as fiercely, they simply needed larger clothing. The fashion-conscious female was happy to sew new clothes, but there was a small problem. The citizens of Equestria could now breathe fire and could not yet control their flames. Which led to houses catching fire more often. As well as the clothing of the dragons that did not survive unscathed. Which is why Rarity often had to work late nights to get enough clothes. Spike and the other girls even had to support her so that she could keep up with her work. Another problem was the material to work with; unlike ponies, she needed more material. They even had to recycle old clothes to have enough material for new clothes. Luckily, Equestria received support from outside, the Yaks, the Hippogriffs, the Changelings, the Kirin, and even the Griffins donated many of their resources. Eris also supported the ponies wherever she could; the newly transformed dragons were extremely grateful to her and often even turned a blind eye to her mischief. Luckily for Spike, the dragons learned quickly and soon had their fire breath under control.

“It was really hard back then, teaching during the day and then sewing at night. It was a smart idea to first teach the dragons to control their fire breath. Especially when some people started breathing fire while sleeping.": the purple dragon thought to himself and opened the door of the shop.

"... Bye, Rarity!" the male suddenly heard a voice call before the pile was run over again.

Spike and a second person landed on the ground, right on their butts. The purple dragon had landed outside the entrance, while its counterpart inside had fallen in front of the door. He braced himself with one hand on the floor as he rubbed his chest. His counterpart also groaned painfully and sat upright, allowing the purple dragon to see who was knocking him off his feet this time.

"Hello Sweetie Belle, I'm sorry I knocked you over.": Spike apologized and stood to shake the female's hand.

"I should say that, anyway I overlooked you.": said Sweetie Belle, she giggled sheepishly and reached for the male's helpful hand.

The purple dragon had to admit that Sweetie Belle looked beautiful after transforming into a dragon. She had white scales, while her belly and jaw scales were pale pink. She had pink scales that stood out on her shoulders, thighs and tail. From her shoulders to the end of her tail, she had pink spikes that were tightly packed together. Her tail was shorter than Spike's and the end looked like a lock of hair the same color as her fin scales. These looked like her old mane and covered her ear fins. From her head grew two horns twisted like a ram's. Her snout was slightly longer than in her unicorn form and was rounded like a beak. She didn't have any wings yet and was about a head shorter than Spike.

“You were probably in a bit of a hurry if you wanted to run out the door without looking,” the little man said thoughtfully and helped her to her feet.

“Yes, I’m meeting Button Mash. I hope to be able to distract him a bit to get him out of his video game crisis.": explained the white dragon and sighed dejectedly at the end of her sentence.

Spike knew what Sweetie Belle was talking about and empathized with Button Mash. Like many things in Equestria, the entertainment industry was down at the moment. Other things were more important and needed to be kept running first. Such as food supply, education, industry and public safety. In addition, just the presence of the young dragoness would cheer up the computer game fan. Sweetie Belle had not yet shed her skin, but she was more than just attractive. Her figure was quite delicate, as were her arms and legs. But she had seductive hips and an inviting ass, her breasts were C-cups. And above all, her outfit was a feast for the eyes, it would definitely give any male a different idea. She wore a turquoise off-the-shoulder top with short sleeves. It was decorated with ruffles and was also stomach-free. And she wore a skirt with a leg slit, with a gold chain around her waist with a heart pendant at the end.

“Well then, I wish you good luck. Although I'm sure you don't need one." Spike said impressed and looked at the dragoness, which she noticed.

She smiled mischievously and spoke in a cheeky tone: "I think so too, I plan to drive away Button's dark thoughts in one fell swoop."

She walked past Spike with a provocative swing of her hips and caressed his chin seductively with the tip of her tail. The male froze briefly and looked at Sweetie Belle with wide eyes. As they walked away from him, her butt still moved sexily, the dragoness looked back at him briefly and winked. He immediately woke up from his stupor and shook his head.

"Pull yourself together, Spike, concentrate.": the male said to himself and slapped his cheek with both hands before going into the shop.

“Poor Spike, he’s so innocent. I hope my sister holds back a little. Otherwise, he will blow up today.", Sweetie Belle thought worriedly. And briefly looked back at the Carousel Boutique.

She sighed and continued on her way, knowing that Spike had been through worse and dealt with more difficult situations. Besides, the purple dragon more than deserved Rarity's attention now. Now it was time to deal with her own boy problem. The dragoness smiled a little as she thought about the last day she spent with the brown dragons. Last time, Button Mash forgot his computer after just five seconds while spending time with her. This time, the male would surely fall under her spell from the first second.

Everything in terms of furnishings was as usual. As well as a certain purr from a cat. Opal was lying right next to a nearby window, enjoying the sun. When she saw the male, the cat just gave him an indifferent look and then lay down again. Spike just smiled, he was glad that some things don't change.

“Spike! Is that you?”: he heard a female voice that immediately made his heart beat faster.

“Um…yeah. “I’ll come to you soon,” said the little man, and went towards the study.

Spike entered the pink room where materials and supplies such as mirrors, mannequins, the sewing machine and a small exhibition stage were set up. Like the rest of the boutique, this room had become larger, but still looked like it did before it was transformed into dragons. What had changed, however, was that there were no longer any pony window dolls. Instead, the fashion designer now had dragon dolls that served as models for the clothing.

“Spike, there you are. I thought Applejack was holding up some extra work for you," said Rarity, who had just gotten up from her sketching table and hugged Spike.

"Not at all, I just got held up a bit on the way." Spike said, embarrassed as his body was embraced by the beautiful dragoness.

It was a bit unfair to his other friends, but he thought Rarity was the prettiest among his friends. She had wonderful white scales, like her sister. The scales on her lower jaw and belly were purple. Her tail was longer than Spike's, but not as long as Twilight's. At the end of her tail, she had several fin scales that together looked like her old ponytail. From the beginning to the end of her tail, Rarity had no actual spines, but rather a blue-purple fin that looked like a sea serpent. Her fin scales on her head were styled like her old mane and were blue-violet. The dragon's claws were also the same color, and two long, curved horns protruded from her head. At the base of the horns, three very short horns also grew out. Like Starlight, she had a short, backwards curved horn on her nose that was purple like her other horns. She also had a short, backwards curved horn on her white forehead. She also had two small fins on either side of her cheeks, her snout resembled her old unicorn shape except for the fangs. Despite her age, the dragon had no wings, but that didn't bother her. In terms of height, she was slightly taller than Spike.

“Well… I’m glad you’re here. I just finished my work today and I want to hear your honest opinion about it.": Rarity explained seductively and let go of the purple dragon.

“Gladly, but you know that I love everything you do.” Spike said, somewhat embarrassed, whereupon the white dragoness smiled seductively at him.

With a sexy swing of her hips that made Spike's head turn red, she headed towards the door. That ass could blow anyone away, the male could practically feel his knees weakening. But it wasn't just the female's voluptuous and soft-looking butt, but also her slim hourglass figure. She also had elegant and slim arms and legs that could keep up with any model. Her breasts were larger than Twilight's, certainly between E and F cups. Currently, Rarity was wearing a beautiful blue summer dress, it went down to the dragoness's knees and had two straps. Spike was really surprised that the female's breasts didn't pop out at any moment, given the generous cleavage.

As Rarity left the room, the purple dragon heard the door open behind her. He turned and saw a dragon who was carrying five bolts of cloth, so her face couldn't be seen. The female seemed to be desperately trying to keep her balance and walked cautiously across the room. However, she didn't behave badly and didn't bump into anything; apparently she had often walked around the room blindly.

“Rarity, I got the bales of silk. Fluttershy said she'll get even more," the dragoness said in a friendly and excited tone.

However, as she was walking, she missed a mannequin and her tail accidentally hit it, causing her to fall over. Which startled the wearer and made her scream. Except the dragoness' scream wasn't shrill, it was more of a cute squeak. Unfortunately, she dropped the bales of silk, but Spike was quickly there and caught the goods. Luckily, there were only three bales, his counterpart kept the rest in his hands.

“Oh... Spike. “I’m sorry… I didn’t see you at all,” the female said shyly, hiding her face a little under her wings.

"No problem, Coco, it can happen," Spike said gently and smiled at the dragoness.

Spike was surrounded by many females, but he had to admit that rarely was one as cute as Coco Pommel. She had cream-colored scales, while those on her belly and jaw were pale red. Her tail wasn't exactly long, maybe even shorter than Rarity's. The end of her tail looked like the blade of a spear and was half a light gray cyan while the other half was a light opal gray. She had no spines on her back or tail. Her fin scales were styled the same and the same color as her old mane. Like Spike, she had ear fins and two curved horns protruded from her head. Her face looked very delicate, and her muzzle also resembled her old pony shape, except that a canine tooth was sticking out on the left side. The wings weren't that big either, just big enough to fly. She was a head shorter than Spike in height and just reached his chest.

“This material looks strange, but you just talked about ‘silk’, right?” the purple dragon asked, interested, and placed the bales in the warehouse.

"Exactly, Rarity wants to make special clothing for dragons and that starts with the material.": Coco explained excitedly with her hands together as her eyes lit up with excitement.

Spike had to admit that the little dragon had her own charm, especially when she was so excited. Her body was delicately built and her arms and legs were very slim. The female's breasts were D cups, and her butt was very inviting and cute. She wore a white, short-sleeved blouse that showed her midriff. She also wore a white-edged colored sailor collar with a scarlet tie and her tricolored hair clip. The dragoness wore a purple skirt that reached her knees.

After the deadly disease spread across Equestria, major cities like Manehattan were the worst affected and suffered the hardest time after being transformed into dragons. Many had to band together so that they could manage to return to normality. The clothing industry now had to face its aforementioned problems, which is why Coco moved to Ponyville. She was keen to work with Rarity and help solve the problem. Both females work excellently together, and they also complement each other perfectly.

“I'm ready, Spikey Wikey!”, heard the two dragons, the shop owner.

They both turned around and saw the white dragoness wrapped in a pink silk bathrobe. The hem on the sleeves and collar looked fluffy. The bathrobe reached down to her feet, and her name was embroidered in cursive on the right side of the female's covered chest. Rarity's body was covered up to her neck, and none of the dragon's body could be seen. And yet, both Spike and Coco's heads turned bright red.

“Oh… Coco, there you are. You're a little late, change quickly," Rairty said in an encouraging voice and clapped his hand once expectantly.

The smaller dragoness's face became even redder, and steam poured out of her head. She nervously played with her fingers as she walked somewhat shyly into the locker room. Spike wondered what the whole thing was about, as red as the female had turned, it was probably something very sensitive. On the other hand, Rarity would force another person to do something that was too much for him.

"Sorry you have to wait, Spikey!" Rarity said in a seductive tone, moving her hips hypnotically.

"T... I don't mind, I... I'm excited to see what you're up to," Spike said, a little embarrassed, rubbing the back of his head.

“Oh... believe me. I'm sure you'll like it," the dragoness said, putting an arm around the dragon's shoulder and leading him to her stage, where Rarity was presenting her clothes.

"R...Rar... Rarity... I... I'm ready," they heard Coco's shy voice.

Just like her friend, she was wearing a silk bathrobe, which was light gray. Just like the first, it was fluffy at the hem and sleeve and reached down to the legs of the smaller females. She had her name written in cursive on the right side. She had tied her bathrobe up to her neck, completely covering her body. With careful steps, she approached the other two dragons, nervously playing with the hem of her sleeves.

“Oh, love…no need to be so nervous. Your work is wonderful, I'm sure Spikey will agree with me.": Rarity encouraged Coco as she stood behind her and placed both hands on her shoulders.

The smaller dragoness' head turned bright red again, and a small cloud of smoke even rose from her nose. Spike thought that was terribly cute; apart from Fluttershy, he didn't know anyone who was so shy and at the same time adorable. The white dragon carefully leads her colleague onto the stage, who was still very nervous, and yet she allowed herself to be led by the self-confident fashion designer. As the two stood on stage, Coco now stood on the left side while Rarity stood on the right. Both had turned to the purple male and were looking at him differently. The white dragoness looked at him with a seductive look and a confident smile. While the smaller female looked a bit shy and bit her lip tensely.

"Ready Spike?" We are now unveiling our new creation.~" Rarity said in a sultry tone, at the same time as Coco opened her bathrobe and also let it fall to the floor.

Spike's eyes widened and smoke rose from his nose as his head turned bright red. Both females in front of him were wearing swimsuits that looked really sexy. Rarity's swimsuit was a two-piece that consisted of a blue top. The straps of the top ran around the neck, the clasp crossed under the female's breasts and then converged behind the back. You couldn't exactly tell it covered much of Rarity's purple breasts because her cleavage was massive. The bikini bottom covered the white dragoness' crotch and fit snugly against the female's ass. Coco's swimsuit was one-piece and black, with two light blue lines on the side. It was free at the back of the shoulders, which was practical for her wings. Like Rarity, it did little to hide her bust. Her cleavage wasn't as massive as her friend's, but it would attract the attention of any male or female on the beach. The swimsuit was tight around her crotch and ass and accentuated the smaller dragon's curves well, it had a hole for her tail.

“And Spike… what do you think of our dragon swimsuits? They're the first of their kind," Rarity explained, slowly turning around, so Spike could see everything.

"S... S-You're very... successful..." said the purple dragon as if in a trance and couldn't avert his gaze, but then something occurred to him.

“But...but what do you mean by the first of their kind? I remember that you also made a swimsuit for Smolder,” the male said thoughtfully and looked at Coco.

The dragoness blushed briefly, but then turned in a circle so that Spike could see everything. Spike felt a lump forming in his throat and he had to swallow as Rarity came towards him. She stood in front of him with an amused yet sexy look, which made the purple male a little nervous. She turned to Coco and made a seductive "come to me" gesture with her index finger, which the smaller female immediately obliged.

Then the white dragon turned to her friend and said to Spike: "I'll show you, look closely."

Before Spike could suspect what Rarity was planning, the white female blew a jet of sapphire blue fire at Coco. The purple male recoiled briefly, he knew that normal dragon fire couldn't hurt other dragons. Not as long as they weren't uncontrolled “laughing flames” that could get very hot. Still, the dragon wondered what that was about, after all, it wasn't exactly polite to expose another female. When Rarity canceled her flame attack, he understood. Coco's swimsuit was still whole, not even charred. He stared in disbelief at the smaller dragoness, who looked away, somewhat ashamed.

"Surprised? Our swimsuits are made of a special material that is completely fire and heat-resistant. I can even bathe in lava with it without it putting any strain on the material, and not only that…” Rarity said enthusiastically, tracing Coco’s curves with her sharp claws.

She narrowed her eyes and tried desperately to suppress a moan. Spike immediately recognized what the white dragon was trying to prove to him, but still felt very aroused by Rarity's demonstration. Especially when Coco gave in and soft moans escaped her mouth while her cheeks turned red.

“The material is tear-resistant, but it wears down over time, of course. But until then, the material is almost indestructible,” explained the fashion designer and ended her demonstration, whereupon the smaller female began to calm down.

“Wow, really great. But... but what kind of material is this?" Spike asked interested, looking away from the "demonstration" in embarrassment.

"Fire acromantula spider silk," Coco explained somewhat shyly as she recovered from the larger dragoness's touch.

“A fire acromantula!” said Spike, stunned and with wide eyes.

Fire Acromantula was a species of spider that could grow to almost half the size of an adult dragon. They didn't live in Equestria because it was too cold for them. They were native to the Badlands, but also found their way to the Dragonlands. What was special about them was that their interior resembled a volcano. Their blood was as hot as lava, and they could even throw fireballs or ignite themselves in danger to protect themselves. Their prey included giant birds, giant lizards, large mammals and careless dragons.Since they were practically walking volcanoes, their spider webs could withstand high temperatures and were also resilient at the same time. They were a threat to dragons and were immediately dispatched if they were discovered in the dragon shops. A fire acromantula didn't shy away from wrapping adult dragons in its web. Their poison could paralyze an adult dragon and even kill younger ones. Their threads couldn't be easily torn by claws, you had to use a lot of force to free yourself.

"How... how did you get the spider silk?" the purple dragon asked, stunned as he remembered Coco's words.

Fluttershy! She must have negotiated with the Fire Acromantula. The former Pegasus mare could still talk to the animals, even as a dragon. However, he wondered how Fluttershy managed to convince these dangerous spiders to give them spider silk. However, the animal-loving female had already intimidated or even tamed several dangerous animals with her gaze.

“So, Spikey… what do you think of my new fashion. So we can finally enjoy a cozy lava bath together. We just need your measurements, after all, swimming trunks have to fit exactly.~", Rarity spoke seductively, she nestled her body against the male's and placed her hand on his chest.

"D-Don't you...don't you already have my measurements?" Spike asked a little shyly while feeling the white dragoness' soft breasts.

“You've grown a bit since last time, and you know the measurements need to be more precise. Coco, would your maybe do that?” asked the fashion designer and looked at the smaller dragon with a mischievous look.

Of course, she looked away embarrassed, but took out a measuring tape from the nearby table. Coco approached Spike somewhat timidly and then began to kneel in front of him. The purple dragon swallowed nervously as he felt the smaller dragoness place the measuring tape around his hips. Her sharp claws felt so gentle, especially when they touched his hips. At the same time, he was also very distracted by Rarity, who was still pressed against his arm. As he looked down at the white dragoness, it looked like her breasts were about to burst out of her top.

"This... this is all really happening, isn't it?" Spike thought to himself as he felt his wings spread, and his tail repeatedly hit the ground.

He could feel his inner flame growing hotter and hotter. And this feeling also came back, he wanted to have these two dragonesses. The male snorted out a puff of smoke as his eyes grew more serious. They were, should become his, he should take them here and now. He felt his pants getting tighter and Coco could literally see a tent forming. Her eyes widened, and her wings began to spread. The shy female's look no longer seemed so nervous, she sparkled with anticipation and a lustful smile formed on her face. She took the tape measure and applied it to the knee and his crotch, like one would measure the length from knee to hip. Except Coco intentionally touched the bulge in Spike's pants and massaged it too. Spike began to growl and looked down at the smaller female with an attentive look, who returned him with a confident smile. Spike wrapped a hand around Rarity's waist to pull her closer to him. The white dragoness smiled softly and looked at the males with a bedroom look. When he raised his second hand and tried to reach towards Coco's head, the larger female sighed dejectedly.

"Wait... not yet!" Rarity said in a gentle yet firm voice, stopping the purple dragon's hand with her own.

She lovingly placed her tender hand on the back of his hand, whereupon Spike stopped and looked at the white dragon next to him. At the same time, she also put her tail around Coco's shoulder and gently touched the smaller dragon's chin with the tip so that she could look up at them. Both of them were pulled out of their instincts by Rarity and looked somewhat worriedly at the female in question, who looked at them understandingly. Ashamed of her lack of control, both Spike and Coco immediately wanted to distance themselves from each other. But the white dragoness didn't allow that and grabbed both of their arms. They both looked surprised at the fashion designer, who pulled both the male and the smaller female back towards her. With the purple dragon, she used her tail for support and wrapped it around its back.

When they were together again, Rarity hugged Spike's left arm and snuggled into his body. Coco was on the male's right side, gently pressed against the purple dragon's body by her friend's tail. The smaller female had her head and one hand resting on Spike's chest. She didn't dare say anything, let alone look at her friends' faces. And yet, she felt comfortable just being with the two dragons. Spike didn't know what to do. The situation felt a bit awkward, but otherwise he felt comfortable. It didn't feel wrong, and no one seemed to want to leave because it was uncomfortable for them. That's why the purple dragon decided to enjoy the moment when the two females were just with him.

"I'm sorry, the situation got a little more heated than expected," Rarity said, pulling away from the male's arm and looking at him with a gentle smile.

"Rarity... I..." Spike wanted to explain, but the white dragon placed her index finger on his lips, interrupting his sentence.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, and you don’t need to feel bad. "It will happen soon enough," the larger female said, kissing Spike on the cheek.

The purple male immediately froze and looked incredulous at Rarity, who was looking at him with amusement. Coco saw this and her face turned red too. And yet, she took all her courage not to be left behind. The smaller dragon stood on her tiptoes and kissed Spike on the other cheek, bringing the male back to his senses. Surprised, he looked at Coco, who looked away a little embarrassed. She walked slightly away from the purple dragons while having a small and happy smile on her face.

“Well...since you like our swimsuits so much, we decided to make more clothes out of the fireproof silk. We already have a few pre-orders and even other fashion designers want to support us. Coco and I were wondering if you could pick up the remaining silk from Fluttershy?" Rarity asked softly.

“Um…yeah. "I'm... I'm leaving right now," Spike said, and immediately started walking.

As the male walked through the door and closed it. His thoughts were currently a complete mess, he needed rest and to organize his thoughts. The female he was in love with and one of the cutest dragonesses just kissed him. And then there were Rarity's words, "not yet" and "it will happen soon enough." The sound and meaning alone made his head turn red and smoke come out of his nose. And yet, he had a few small concerns, after all, there were still the other females from his circle of friends. The last thing he wanted was a fight among his friends.

“What should I do?” the purple dragon asked himself in frustration as he left the building.

Meanwhile, in the Carusel Boutique, Coco suddenly gasped and squeaked a little.

“WHAT HAVE I DONE?” the little dragon asked herself and covered her face with her hands in shame.

“Coco, everything is okay,” Rarity tried to reassure her friend in an understanding voice.

"It's not, you didn't just let your instincts take over like that," Coco explained frustrated and also covered herself with her wings.

“It's not that easy for any of us currently, even I got carried away. When Spike pulled me towards him, I just wanted to pounce on him. It's not just our instinct, it's also the feelings we have for Spike that want to come out," the white dragoness said caringly as she carefully pulled her wings away from the female's face.

Rarity could understand Coco really well, she found it extremely difficult to hold back. The purple dragon had done so much to earn her attention, even before his growth spurt. He was always there for her and did everything he could. Often too much, which she was ashamed of afterward. She thought his crush on her was just a phase. That at some point Spike would realize that there was no future between the two of them. There was at least a six-year difference between them, and no one knew how quickly dragons grew. Even at fourteen, he was still smaller than other ponies; even her sister had soon overtaken him in size. And yet, Rarity soon developed feelings that were more than just friendship. When Spike hit his growth spurt, everything changed. And although a relationship between the two was now possible, neither made the first move. The purple dragon was also a bit more reserved than before. Although he was always there when the former unicorn needed him, he still held back more. Rarity, on the other hand, felt that she didn't deserve Spike's love. After all, she always got his help and rarely gave him anything in return. However, she secretly hoped that the dragon would confess his love to her at some point and then they could be together.

Well... and then everything changed, the worst being that she and Sweetie Belle lost their father. Hondo Flanks' death hit her family very hard, and her little sister was hit the hardest. While she was there for Sweetie Belle, she also had to maintain her business and deal with her new form as a dragon. She wouldn't have been able to do any of this if her friends and an exceptional purple dragon hadn't been there for her. Spike helped her with everything, sewing the clothes, controlling her fire breath and flying. Above all, he was there for her when she just needed emotional support. When she burst into tears, he held her. If she wanted to talk and tell about her father, he would stay all night if he had to. He was always there for her, and the white dragon wanted to be there for him too.

So Rarity decided not to hide behind any excuses and confess her love to him. What she didn't expect was that her friends were also in love with her Spikey Wikey and wanted to make the first move too. It quickly became a discussion as to which of them deserved to be with Spike more. Fortunately, an agreement was reached quickly and to no detriment to anyone. However, Rarity had to wonder if it was because of her Dragonborn that she wasn't worried about this agreement. Maybe it was because Spike would never hurt anyone. You could always rely on the purple dragon, which is why she loved him very much.

Coco felt the same way; being a dragon was already hard enough for the former earth pony. But the Manehattan, their home, was badly affected. She had also lost acquaintances and things weren't looking good in terms of work either. Moving to Ponyville was the right decision. She had so much fun working with Rarity and had so much support from Twilight and the others. But especially from Spike, who helped her live with her new form. Unlike the other dragons, she had a particularly difficult time; she crashed when flying and the flame often got stuck in her throat when she breathed fire. Which resulted in only smoke coming out of her mouth. Often the smoke would enter her lungs, causing a coughing fit. Spike never laughed at her, but took extra time for her. He even thought of a breathing exercise with Twilight so that she could breathe fire. He also supports her at work, just as he supports the others. Coco was very impressed with the purple man, even though he was so young, Spike supported so many of the village's residents. Moreover, he was also traveling outside Ponyville to help the new Dragons. Spike was so kind and helpful, the smaller dragon felt comfortable in his presence. Unfortunately, this often resulted in Coco acting a bit awkward. And the fact that Spike also looked very attractive made it harder. Especially when she caught a glimpse where he wasn't wearing a shirt, and you could see his muscles.

To Coco's surprise, Rarity wasn't mad at her when she found out that the smaller dragoness had a crush on Spike. On the contrary, the white female even understood her and talked to her about it. The fashion designer even told Coco about the deal she had with Twilight and the others and what was to come. The little dragon was a little nervous about it, but she also had to admit that she was happy about it. She was happy for Rarity's support, she was like a big sister looking out for her. Even if, Coco wasn't sure if this was all right for the white dragon.

“Tell me, Rarity, don’t you have any concerns? Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are your friends. On the other hand, I've only known you for a short time. Is it really okay that I also get a chance with Spike?" the smaller dragon asked carefully and took her wings out of her face to look at her friend.

The larger female began to smile, gently placing her hands around Coco's shoulders and hips. She carefully pulled the little dragon towards her body so that her head was pressed against Rarity's breasts. Coco immediately blushed as her face was pressed against the white dragon's tits. Even through her swimsuit, she could feel the softness of her friend's impressive bust.

“Coco, you’re thinking far too much again. It doesn't matter if you've known Spike longer or shorter than we have. This whole last year has just been hard, and you've been there for us just as much as Spike has been. When I was unwell, you took over my job, so I could take some time off. You worked overtime just as long as we did when the dragons couldn't control their fire breath in the beginning. Don't make yourself smaller than you are because you are essential to us. I know Spike feels the same way, and I'm sure the others agree with me," Rarity explained lovingly, lifting her chin with her hand, so Coco could look her in the eyes.

The smaller dragon looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. Before she could say or do anything, she noticed the larger female's snout getting closer. Until she felt the white dragoness' lips on hers, for a moment she was surprised that her eyes grew wide. Coco then closed her eyes and enjoyed the kiss, she felt Rarity's tongue enter her mouth. Just the feeling of the long tongue beginning to fight with hers felt wonderful. She wanted to do the same as the white dragon, but the smaller dragon didn't stand a chance. When the two separated, Coco gasped and gasped in pleasure.

"You really need to get better... although I guess Spike wouldn't mind if we practiced a bit," Rarity said seductively, causing Coco to blush and smile softly at the same time.

Animal whisperer

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Animal whisperer

When Spike finally reached the narrow path to Fluttershy's home, his thoughts had finally calmed down a bit. His experience with Rarity and Coco had left him more than a little unnerved, how could it not? Both of them had obviously tried to seduce him, and he almost gave in. The more the purple dragon thought about everything, the more confused he was. What was wrong with his friends? Even if they were in love with him, why were they so direct? And it was obviously no exception, all dragonesses appear to be much more direct. He knew Ember and Smolder's demeanor, they were never like that. However, Spike had to admit that he knew almost nothing about how dragons behaved among themselves.

Of course, he knew the rough behavior of teenage dragons, collecting gemstones, having competitions, swimming in lava and taking very long naps. When Smolder came to Ponyville, she taught him some things about being a dragon, like flying and fighting. Not forget that she often competed with him or searched for jewels with him. But the orange dragoness hadn't taught him anything more about the culture of her kind, how parents raised theirs, what a normal everyday life looked like, or what a relationship between couples looked like. Spike put his plans to write Ember a letter higher on his list. Maybe he would visit Smolder today and talk to her; she would certainly be able to tell him more.

In any case, it would be nice to meet a dragoness who was a little calmer than the last ones. He was still amazed at how much the former Pegasus mare's house had changed. Where Fluttershy's old cottage stood, there was now a small castle with a large, round tower with three windows and a door that led out onto a large terrace. Although the walls of the building were made of stone, the roof of the tower looked like it was a treetop and the terrace area also looked like small bushes. Flower boxes were attached to the window sills in the lower and upper parts. Bird houses were attached to the walls of the tree, and a rose bush with red roses blooming also grew up the tower. Overall, Fluttershy's home resembled an enchanted castle; no one would imagine that a dragon would live there.

When Spike reached the building, he stood in front of a large wooden door and knocked. However, he didn't hear any noise from inside and no one answered. The purple dragon crossed his arms and decided to wait, but nothing happened. He decided to knock again when two big eyes suddenly appeared on the door. They had yellow leather skins and red irises. At the same time, a mouth also appeared, where the right canine tooth stuck out and smiled, amused. Spike recoiled and fell backwards onto his butt.

The door giggled in amusement and spoke in a playful voice: "Sorry, Fluttershy can't be reached at the moment. Please leave a message after the pee sound, especially if you are a good-looking dragon with a hot body.”

“Eris!” the purple dragon growled in offense and snorted out a small cloud of smoke.

"That's my name, don't wear it out," the creature said amused, appearing in front of the male with a flash of light.

Although the Draconequus' jokes took some getting used to, as always, Eris was a close friend of him and the others. Her appearance was quite unusual, although she now suited the resident better than before. Her head was very horse-like and matched the faces of the ponies of old, as her muzzle was delicate and short. She has deer antlers on the right and a blue goat horn on the left. A fang stuck out on the right. She had long white hair and fine black eyebrows. Eri's right arm was that of a lion, the left claw of an eagle, the right leg of a lizard, and the left leg of a goat. Likewise, she has the right wing of a bat, the left wing of a Pegasi, and she had a snake's tail with a white tail tuft. In terms of height, she was a good two heads taller than Spike.

"So... what brings a single and extremely sweet dragon like you here?" Eris asked in a flirtatious tone, stroking the male's chin with her lion finger.

"Oh no, please not you too," Spike said, taking a step back.

"What's wrong, Spikey, you don't get scared of a simple girl?" the female Draconequus asked innocently, folding her hands together in prayer as a halo appeared over her head.

Spike could only give the statement a disapproving look because there was nothing “easy” about Eris. The female had a wonderful hourglass figure and sexy hips. Her breasts were G cups and her ass was just a stunner. Even her legs and arms were delicate and strong at the same time. Eris wore a white shirt with black horizontal stripes and black, tight-fitting pants. Around her hips, she wore a brown belt with a belt buckle that looked like a golden apple. The neckline of her shirt was gigantic, and she had a tuft of gray fur between her breasts.

"Since when have you been so modest, Eris, that doesn't suit you at all?" said Spike and stood up again.

The female smiled in amusement as she disappeared in a flash of light, she dove right behind the purple dragon and spoke: "You know modesty is a virtue. Especially in the presence of Fluttershy and her cute animals. I’m extra careful, so… how can I help you?”

As he did, Spike felt Eri's huge breasts press against the back of his head and he was almost pressed into her cleavage. He immediately backed away until he hit the castle door and looked at the Draconequus with a bright red face. If there was one thing that was impossible for the male, it was telling whether the Mistress of Chaos was serious or not. He and Eris had become better friends since they founded a fantasy gaming group with Big Macintosh. But the female still liked to play jokes with them, and some of them were even a bit lewd. Spike could still remember the last time she shrunk him and let him fall into her cleavage. At first, the purple dragon was afraid of being crushed, but her breasts were so soft that nothing happened to him. He was also ashamed to admit that it had felt wonderful.

"So what's going on. Spikey? "Did something leave you speechless?", the female Draconequus asked in a teasing tone, squeezing her breasts together.

"I-I... I wanted to go to Fluttershy, is she here?", the male asked, trying not to look at the Chaos Mistress's big tits, which he didn't really succeed in doing.

"No... she's in the sanctuary, today is bathing day for the animals." Eris explained amused and snapped her finger, whereupon her outfit changed into a swimsuit.

Spike's eyes widened, and his head turned bright red as he saw the Mistress of Chaos' sling bikini. The swimsuit consisted of a bikini bottom in the shape of a string, still with side straps. Both straps reached up to cover the breasts and converged behind the Draconequus' neck. The sling swimsuit leaves the sides of the torso uncovered, while covering the nipples and pubic area. However, the straps didn't exactly cover much of Eris's body, especially not the female's butt or breasts. The material just covered her nipples, leaving much of the Draconequus' mounds of flesh exposed. As well as the Chaos Mistress's ass, although her tail covered more intimate areas. However, the purple dragon still had a good view of his counterpart's crotch, which was really only barely covered.

“E-Eris…does this really have to be? What’s wrong with you and the other females?” asked the male shyly and averted his gaze.

Spike waited for a mocking response, but nothing came. Instead, he was hugged from behind while the long tail gently stroked his head. The hug was gentle and loving at the same time. The Female Draconequus also didn't try anything sexual or anything sneaky. It was very comfortable and apparently Eris didn't try to press her body against his too much, which was a bit difficult because of her large breasts.

“Sh, sh, sh, sh, gently, gently. You seem to have accumulated many problems today, would you like to talk about it?" asked the Mistress of Chaos thoughtfully as she appeared in her original clothes.

"Maybe... only if you don't make fun of me again," Spike said seriously.

The two of them went to Sweet Feather Sanctuary, a biotope that Fluttershy had created. All kinds of animals could relax and live a relaxed life there. If they were sick or injured, they could recover there and were also cared for by Fluttershy. As we walked, Spike talked about his encounters with his friends and the worries he had.

"...and now I'm worried that if I start a relationship, there might be arguments among the others," the purple dragon explained thoughtfully and sighed.

“Sure, but don’t you think your friends sorted things out among themselves?”, Eris asked bluntly as she flew through the air.

"Do you believe? I mean...they often talk about things when I'm not there. "But then what's wrong with the other females, especially the ones who tried to seduce Big Mac?" the male asked seriously, whereupon Eris appeared in front of him in a fishing outfit.

“Well…there used to be a saying, ‘There are many fish in the sea,’ but let’s be honest. The ratio between males and females was already unbalanced before the epidemic. Even in cities as large as Manehatten or Las Pegasus, the number of stallions was always lower than that of mares. While in rural areas there were mostly a handful of men, there were often herds of adults so that some fish didn't have to swim alone," explained the Mistress of Chaos and cast out the fishing rod, which she then pulled Spike towards her.

"That... I didn't notice that," the purple dragon explained shyly and swallowed as he tore himself away from the hook.

“Oh yes, of course, not all mares live with a stallion. What a role model that would be for foals, they usually met at night or when the little ones were at school! Have you never noticed that there were foals that had no father?" asked the female Draconequus, raising one of her eyebrows.

"Well... yes, but I never questioned it like that," Spike said, thinking of Button Mash, Rumble, or Trixie and Spitefire.

“Then you probably didn’t know that Snips and Snails are actually half-brothers, did you?” asked Eris, which completely threw the purple dragon off course.

That explained a lot, and yet it pulled the rug out from under the male's feet, especially what that meant for his situation. At the same time, however, it also confronted him with a fact that he had never thought about. He was one of ten adult males in a city of over a hundred females. Of course, there were still a few young dragons, but even there the numbers were unbalanced. In Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Applebloom's class there were only seven boys, but there were over twenty girls. He could already imagine what that would mean for the future.

"But... that means that the flirting from the other females... that was serious," Spike realized and swallowed slightly worriedly.

“Of course, as the male who helped and supported all those dragonesses, you are very high in the popularity list. Maybe even in the same place as a certain, silent farmer who often worked without a shirt,” explained the Mistress of Chaos in a mischievous tone, holding up a calendar with a picture of Big Macintosh, there he was in a sexy pose to watch, who I'm sure has never posed for.

"I see, and you're teasing me about it, aren't you?" Spike asked somewhat grumpily and pulled the calendar out of the Draconequus' eagle claw.

“Well, a little... but as you've probably noticed, there are even fewer fish swimming in my pond than in the other dragonesses. Actually... it's been a very long time since I've even met another fish." Eris replied somewhat dejectedly and turned away from the purple dragon with her arms crossed.

The male immediately realized what she meant. Which wasn't hard, he himself had never met another Draconequus other than her. Maybe he shouldn't have been too hard on her, Spike knew better than anyone what it was like to be one among many. He also knew that Eri's funny jokes were part of her nature and personality. He approached the female and placed a hand on her shoulder, causing her to turn to him.

“Hey... I'm... I'm sorry I overreacted. Furthermore, I know that your jokes are just a part of you, and I wouldn't want to change that about you. Being able to talk to you about everything helped me understand everything a little better, and I thank you for that. Should... If you ever want to talk about something, then I'm here for you too," the purple dragon said caringly and smiled encouragingly at the Mistress of Chaos.

Eri's cheeks turned a little red for a moment, but then she started laughing loudly. She lay on her back in the air, holding her stomach as she laughed loudly. Spike could only look at her questioningly, he wanted to comfort her and not make her laugh. Eris snapped her fingers and appeared behind the dragon, she put the purple male in a headlock and picked him up with ease.

“Spikey Wickey…were you trying to turn me on with your sentimental speech? That's lovely, you little wannabe Romeo," said the Mistress of Chaos amused, rubbing the purple dragon's head with her lion hand.

"I didn't mean that... I... just wanted to cheer you up," Spike growled, annoyed, and tried to free himself.

The Draconequus let the male down and disappeared again in a flash of light. With a serious look, he looked around for Eris, who suddenly appeared on the hill and smiled mischievously at him. The purple dragon sighed and walked past her to get to the Sweet Feather Sanctuary. As soon as he passed, the smile turned into a shy one, and the Chaos Mistress began to nervously play with her hold.

“That damn sweet and ignorant idiot. How can he make me so weak in the knees, when I still have to wait? I wish I could be there at the beginning, but I don't want to get in Fluttershy's way. After all, she'll have a hard enough time, the others already seem pretty active." Eris thought to herself and looked after the males, the anticipation grew in her, and she licked her lips once.

When Spike reached the Sweet Feather Sanctuary, the first animals were already running past him. There were a couple of raccoons escaping from two rabbits. They made a loud squeak and shook their front paws angrily. Apparently, the two Angel Juniors seem to have their paws full and probably had just as much patience as Angel Senior. Spike had to smile, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. He was always amazed by the sight of the animal sanctuary, they had really done an excellent job. The rocky slope with multiple levels from which a waterfall emerged. The small river with many trees on which several platforms were attached. And above all, the many animals that ran around there. Spike was glad that nothing had changed when the ponies turned into dragons.

Many ponies had lost their magical abilities when they were transformed into dragons. However, this rarely applied to their true talents, for which they received their cutie marks as ponies. Applejack was still a farmer who knew apples well, and Rainbow Dash was still an excellent flyer, even if she couldn't do a Sonic Rainbow anymore. Other ponies such as Twilight and Starlight were more affected as their talents were tied to their unicorn magic. Weather ponies who had worked in the weather factory also lost their jobs and had to reorient themselves. Fluttershy was really lucky, Spike couldn't have imagined how the animal-loving female would have reacted if animals were suddenly afraid of her. The male dragon could see Fluttershy from afar, who was bathing a badger in a wooden tub. Behind her were a few other animals, snakes, which were also dirty.

“So… now you’ll soon be clean. "Just the head." Fluttershy said gently and polished the little animal's head with a cloth, whereupon it stretched its head towards her.

Spike had to smile, there were so many dragonesses in the village. But none of the dragons looked as adorable and beautiful at the same time as Fluttershy. Rarity is a stunning beauty, but the animal-loving dragoness still had her own natural charm that was undeniable. She had light yellow scales, while her belly and lower jaw scales were white. Her tail was the same length as Spike's, but wasn't particularly shaped at the end. Instead, her tail was covered with white spikes that started at the beginning of her tail and ran along to the tip of her tail. Her fin scales on her head were the same color, light pink, as her old mane and were styled the same way. Two long, slightly curved horns protruded from her head. The dragoness did not have ear fins, but instead had goblin-like ears that were longer than her old pony ears. Her snout was now a little more angular, longer and looked more dragon-like. A long canine tooth protruded from the left side of her mouth, which looked adorable. It had two wings that were light yellow on the outside and white on the inside. In the middle area of her two wings, she had a single claw that curved slightly inwards. In terms of height, she was even a head taller than Spike.

"Hello Fluttershy, is there still much to do?" Spike asked cheerfully as he walked towards the female.

“Oh Spike, nice to have you here. As you can see, there are still a few animals there, today they didn't hold back when they were frolicking around." Fluttershy explained amused and pointed to the animals.

“I have a moment, should I help you?” asked the purple dragon, picking up a towel.

"That would be very kind, but only if it doesn't cause any trouble for you," said the female, slightly shyly and blushing a little while she looked away embarrassed.

There it was again, no matter who would see this sweet behavior. Anyone would be instantly blown away by Fluttershy, especially in that suit. Since the dragoness was washing, she wasn't wearing normal clothes, but a wetsuit. It was mostly black and had turquoise sleeves, with a sandy yellow trim. From hips to thighs, he had an hourglass-shaped pattern on both sides. It was also turquoise, with a sandy yellow border. The trouser legs of the suit reach halfway down the lower legs and also had a turquoise pattern on the hem with a sandy yellow border. Fluttershy wasn't a fan of revealing swimsuits; she even felt uncomfortable in one-piece bikinis. Although, the wetsuit didn't make it any better, especially since it was very tight and emphasized the female's body perfectly. Her beautiful narrow hourglass waist, her wonderfully big ass and especially her F-cup breasts. Her bust was perfectly contained by the skin-tight suit, and her tits jiggled with every move Fluttershy made. The clothing also emphasized her long, sexy legs and the dragon's delicate arms. Spike had to admit that the animal-loving female managed to compete with Rarity while wearing a neoprene suit.

"Okay, who should I start with?" Spike asked loudly as a few dirty weasels came up to him, squealing energetically.

"Apparently Mr. Softpaw's family is pleased to accept your offer," Fluttershy giggled and handed Spike a scrubbing brush, which he gladly accepted.

Thanks to Fluttershy, the animals quickly got used to the new form of the residents in Ponyville. At first, some animals were terrified of the newly transformed dragons. Spike and the others were still wondering how the shy female managed to convince the animals so quickly. Pinkie Pie suspected a secret network of animals that exchanged messages and messages among themselves. To prove her theory, she tailed her pet alligator Gummy, which led to nothing.

For the former Pegasus, transforming into a dragon was a bit difficult at first because they were terrified of dragons. Luckily for everyone, Fluttershy had already somewhat overcome her fear of the transformation. When Spike hit his growth spurt, he was a good head taller than his friends in their pony form. His childlike appearance disappeared, and he acquired the rough body shape of a teenager. His claws and teeth in particular became wilder. When the former Pegasus first got a look at Spike's new form, she felt terrible fear. She immediately left the room and wanted to hide. Before Fluttershy could fly away, her conscience spoke up. It reminded her that Spike was her friend and he needed her support. When she heard his new, deeper voice, she jumped briefly. It would take her a long time to get used to these new circumstances, which she gradually managed to do.

And then she and everyone else became dragons. Fluttershy immediately hid in her outgrown cottage and didn't dare come out. The new transformed dragoness hid under her bed and cried. Her animal friends there probably recognized that the yellow dragon was Fluttershy. Even though everyone told her that she looked beautiful, she was afraid of her reflection and also of the other residents of the village. It took a lot of convincing from her friends to realize that the newly transformed dragons were still the same as before the transformation. She also soon got used to her new body, albeit with a lot of effort. Fire-breathing in particular was unimaginable for the animal-loving females. Fire was dangerous, and animals in particular could be seriously injured. For this reason, Fluttershy wanted nothing to do with flames and only learned how to control her fire breath. Spike had only seen the yellow dragoness breathe fire once, and it was more of a small flame. But for Fluttershy it was enough, and she didn't want to try anymore. With the help of Eris, she converted her cottage into a small castle so she could have space for her new body. She was happy that her talent for talking to the animals had not disappeared.

"So Harry... open your mouth well," Fluttershy asked her bear, who was only a head taller than her and was happy to comply with her request.

As soon as he opened his mouth, the dragoness began to brush his teeth. Meanwhile, Spike had finished brushing the weasels, and a goat took its place. The male immediately wanted to start scrubbing again, but the animal kept turning his head away. The purple dragon looked at the animal confused, it only held out its hoof towards them.

"Sorry, Charley is a bit demanding and insists on clean hooves," the yellow dragon explained in an amused tone and giggled a bit.

“No problem, I always take care of my claws myself. Especially after I dig for gems with them,” the male said, amused, and began to scrub the hooves.

Fluttershy smiled happily as she watched Spike. She could still remember the cute little dragon he was, freshly arrived in Ponyville. He was helpful and loving. And luckily, the male stayed that way after he got bigger. Even though, his growing up came with some problems that Spike couldn't easily change, namely his diet.

As a teenager, he needed iron, fat, protein and proteins. And he got that from meat, his transition started with fish. Fluttershy was used to animals eating fish and assisted Spike with his food problem. Spike didn't feel well at first, he had never eaten meat in any form. And the other mares also felt a little uncomfortable watching him consume a living creature. Which is why they mostly left the purple dragon alone, except for Fluttershy. She even encouraged him and stayed with him. The former Pegasus mare had already given fish to many animals to eat and was also aware of the circle of life. Carnivores ate other animals to survive and to unlock their bodies' full potential.

She would never forget the moment Spike took his first bite of a fish. The dragon's eyes widened as his entire body froze and his mouth fell open for a moment. Fluttershy got a little worried and waved her hand in front of his face, to which he didn't respond. The yellow mare was afraid for a moment that the fish was bad. But then the male woke up from his torpor and quickly began to eat the rest of the fish, very messily. By the end, his entire mouth was smeared as he enthusiastically described the taste of the fish. According to Spike, the fish tasted like a salty gem. While he was reveling in the taste of his meal, the animal-loving female had to smile. Even though the purple dragon was bigger now, he still seemed so gentle and friendly. And he stayed that way, always helping her with the animals when time allowed, or she urgently needed help.

Especially when she turned into a dragon, the male was there for her. Spike told her that he also felt uncomfortable with his larger body at first. When he was little, he could never do as much as he could with his current body, but he felt comfortable. The ponies never saw him as a threat, he never destroyed anything with his strength, and doors or chairs weren't too small for him. With his new size, powers, and abilities, it didn't feel like he fit in here in Ponyville anymore. When Fluttershy heard this, she felt terrible, bad because she was afraid of him in the beginning and never noticed his worries. However, Spike also explained to her that thanks to his friends, he never felt alone. And over time, the other ponies back then also accepted him, realizing that the purple dragon was still the same. It took a while for Spike to feel comfortable again, and he was glad he hadn't given up.

What Spike said next really hit her. He told her, "Fluttershy... I can't promise you that tomorrow you will be over your worries. That maybe it wouldn't get easier after a week or even a month. But I can assure you, it will get better. No matter how much time you need, we are all here for you, and we will help you with anything you need." When she heard this, she immediately threw her arms around the male's neck and cried. Whereupon, Spike hugged her back and comforted her. The animal-loving dragon spent the next month getting used to her new body. And she got so much support, more than the other dragons. Eris and Spike in particular were there for her during this time; she felt very comfortable in their company. The care from both of them was nice, and yet she felt very safe and secure around Spike. He was already very mature as a young dragon, but now the male seemed so mature and confident. However, the yellow dragon also had to admit that he was physically very attractive. His well toned body and also his good-looking face, she even caught herself staring.

When Spike finished cleaning Charlie's hooves, he scrubbed her body. However, the goat didn't like being wet and immediately started shaking. The water splashed right into the face of the purple dragon, who held up his hands protectively. When Charlie was finished, he bleated loudly and jumped away.

“Charley Charleston! "That's not proper behavior, and you didn't say thank you!", Fluttershy shouted sternly and immediately went to Spike.

"No problem, I know that goats have a very... special personality," Spike said, rubbing the water from his arms.

Suddenly, he felt a cloth rub his cheek, causing the male dragon to look up. Fluttershy carefully and gently wiped his face. The yellow dragoness had done this many times before, when he was little and she was still a Pegasi. His face looked so delicate back then, and she had to bend down to him. Now his face was firmer because of the muscles, and she didn't have to bend down to him. Fluttershy has often noticed how mature and manly the purple dragon has become. When the two dragons' eyes met, they both froze for a moment. Spike looked into the beautiful eyes of the yellow dragoness, who looked back at him. She looked even more beautiful up close, the purple dragon had to admit, feeling his throat go dry. Suddenly, a giggle broke the two of them out of their rigidity and immediately looked to the side.

“Oh, I'm not bothering you, am I? I advise you, don't be shy." said a dragon who was sitting on the edge of the small waterfall and looking at her with amusement.

"Zecora, how... how long have you been here?" Spike asked, a little embarrassed, while Fluttershy turned red and hid her face behind her fin scales.

“I've only just arrived. I know, spying on you isn't nice. But you looked so cute, I froze for a minute,” the potion master replied in a mischievous tone and winked at the two, whereupon Spike also blushed.

Even though Zecora wasn't a pony, she also got sick. As a healer, she was closer to infected ponies than most. Luckily for her, the two princesses completed the magic in time and saved her life. Zecora had light gray scales with dark gray stripes, her belly and lower jaw scales were also dark gray. Her tail was longer than Spike's, although she had no spines on her back or tail. Her fin scales on her head were also striped light and dark gray, like her old mane. However, Zecora had changed her hairstyle after her transformation. Instead of her Mohawk, she had styled her fin scales into dreadlocks, which she wore as a side cut. Two golden horns protruded from her head, the horns were twisted like an aries. Her snout was slightly longer and was now more beak-like. Their wings were light gray in appearance with dark gray stripes and simply dark gray inside. In the middle area of her two wings, she had wing claws that were not curved. In terms of size, she was as tall as Fluttershy.

"W-What brings you here?" Spike asked cautiously, swallowing nervously.

“I'm here to bring my potions to Fluttershy. They help injured rabbits jump again and let sick birds fly.”, the striped female explained, showing her bag as she flew down to the other two dragons.

“Thank you, Zecora, I completely forgot that you wanted to come today,” said the yellow dragon shyly and carefully looked out between her fin scales.

“There's no need to apologize, with all the work you can forget something. You take care of everything. But tell me, why are you two sweeties so embarrassed? Did you both kiss?” said the dragoness, amused, and looked at both of them questioningly.

Fluttershy hid behind her fin scales again while covering her face with her wing. Behind her barriers, her face was red and pink smoke was pouring from her head. The fact that she was being watched was so embarrassing. Zecora's question popped into her head about whether she and Spike had kissed. Just thinking about it made them feel nervous and excited, but good at the same time.

"W-W-We didn't... we didn't do anything," Spike said, looking away embarrassed, whereupon the striped dragon gently grabbed his jaw and turned his head in her direction.

“Your eyes were so full of love, there is no need to blush.”; Zecora said in a seductive tone and smiled seductively at the male.

Spike often wondered if it was because of the spell Celestia and Luna had used or some higher power, but there were just far too many hot dragonesses. And Zecora really was one of the most beautiful and hottest females, maybe it was because of her exotic appearance. Anyway, they had a wonderful hourglass waist, seductive legs and arms. Her breasts were the same size as Rarity's, certainly between E and F cups. Her ass, on the other hand, was the biggest in the village, even bigger than Applejack's. She wore a brown, short-sleeved top that was off the shoulder and midriff. Plus, a brown skirt that barely managed to cover her ass. She still wore her three gold rings on her right arm and her four gold rings around her neck. The shaman also wore five rings around her tail, although she no longer wore earrings.

You... You know I'm in love with Rarity, I... I..." Spike wanted to explain his feelings, but he couldn't do it at the moment.

Zecora stopped him by placing her index finger on his mouth and spoke lovingly: “A male with a big heart will have room for more than just one female. You would give them all your love and certainly not fail. A dragon treasure can be more than gold and gems. It also consists of beautiful fems.”

Spike had to admit that the Striped Dragon can be really convincing. However, it felt strange, especially since it reminded him of his conversation with Eris. Maybe he should talk to his friends to at least find out how they feel about him. After that, he could still think about the future and see what happens next. However, he also worried about his greed and that he would harm his friends. He was glad that the new transformed dragons had their greed well under control. It was probably because they all wanted Equestria to be like it used to be. Zecora seemed to see his worries; she had always been good at empathizing with others.

“As a dragon, I am aware of our greedy nature and desire can be stronger with us than with another creature. A strong heart knows the difference between love and greed. Have faith in yourself and success is guaranteed,” said the dragon and smiled encouragingly at him.

Spike had to admit that even as a dragon, Zecora was wiser than he was. But that didn't surprise him, after all, he knew her well. When she was still a zebra, Spike visited her often, except for Smolder, she was the only one who could talk to about his dragon problems. Unfortunately, Twilight didn't prove to be as helpful, and his friends had an even harder time. Zecora always had advice, but above all, they were united by a specific cause. They were both the only ones of their kind living in Ponyville. It helped Spike a lot that Smolder went to Twilight's school, especially with dragons. But Zecora helped him find the right balance between his life as a dragon and his life with the ponies. Spike always felt a little bad that he could never support the zebra the way she did for him. As he grew up, he often began collecting ingredients for her when she needed them. With the help of its new wings and larger body, the purple dragon was able to travel long distances. Since Smolder regularly went on long trips with Spike so that he was used to traveling long distances, he could take herbs and ingredients with him. Zecora was pleased about this and was truly grateful to him.

After Zecora became a dragon, she had the fewest problems of all the residents. She was even the first to master fire breathing thanks to her breathing technique. She even worked with Spike to help the other newly transformed dragons. While the purple dragon helped the residents deal with their abilities, the striped dragon took care of the mental state of the affected new dragons. Together with Spike, they even traveled to other cities to help the other residents as well. He was impressed by Zecora and grateful that she was always there for him.

Meanwhile, the striped dragoness had gone to Fluttershy, she carefully placed a hand on her wing and spoke in a gentle tone: “Fluttershy, I'm sorry. But not seeing your face isn't funny. Please come out of your hiding place, we miss your face. I just wanted to tease you a little bit. Come out and let’s forget about it.”

Carefully, like a frightened animal, the yellow dragon peeked out from behind her wings. The purple dragon and the magic potion master looked encouragingly, and she revealed her face again. However, she still had a slight blush on her face and was somewhat avoiding eye contact. Zecora noticed that someone was probably bathing here because there were still brushes and soap foam lying around. She just had to put two and two together to know what was going on.

“So, Spike, you come to Fluttershy's biotope today to help her with the animals' wash day? Your willingness to help is your best trait.”, the striped dragon praised the male, who scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

However, he now remembered why he was here in the first place. He should run an errand for Rarity, she would be waiting for him. The fashion designer certainly understands that he helped the animal-loving dragoness. But Spike knew he should hurry now. After all, Rarity wanted to start today and would definitely need the bolts of silk fabric.

"I actually wanted to pick up something for Rarity, but I got a little distracted," Spike admitted, playing with his fingers.

“Oh yeah… I forgot about that too. “Webster, Spinella, Anansi, Spindle and Joro have put in so much effort.” said Fluttershy, slightly embarrassed, whereupon the other two dragons looked at her.

"I know that the silk came from a fire acromantula, but I wouldn't have thought that you knew it so personally," said the purple dragon in astonishment.

“I was only able to get to know them so well thanks to Eris, even though they overdid it with the fire at first. Come on, I’ll show you where I keep the silk,” said the yellow dragon and wanted to go ahead.

However, the shaman noticed that Fluttershy overlooked the soap on the floor and shouted: “Fluttershy, be careful! Otherwise, it will end painful!”

In her haste, she missed the bar of soap lying on the floor. Zecora saw this and wanted to stop the animal-loving female. But the truth came too late, she stepped on the soap, and it slipped under her foot. Fluttershy could only see the striped dragon trying to reach for her. As quickly as the yellow dragon could, she grabbed the claws. Unfortunately, the floor was wet and slippery from washing the animals. Zecora lost her footing due to the additional weight and fell to the ground with the other female. Spike winced as the two fell to the ground.

“Are you okay?” the purple dragon asked worriedly and wanted to walk towards her when he suddenly stopped.

His face turned red when he saw the two dragonesses lying on the ground. Fluttershy lay on her back on the ground while Zecora lay on top of her. Fluttershy's legs were spread wide, causing the wetsuit to strain into her crotch area. The animal-loving female wore the suit because she was so shy. But right now, Spike could see the outline of the yellow dragon's pussy, thanks to the material. Her beautiful mons pubis, the lips of her pussy and also her tender slit. With Zecora it was even more serious, her tail managed to fall forward, onto her back and the back of her head. This caused him to throw up the already skimpy skirt, revealing that the striped dragoness wasn't wearing any panties. The exotic dragon's legs were also spread, and the purple dragon could get a wonderful view of the female's dark gray pussy, as well as her big ass.

They both moaned loudly and Zecora tried to get up, but her hand slipped away again. Her large breasts were pressed against Fluttershy's, causing the shy female to let out a sweet yet excited squeak. Spike could see from above how the two dragonesses' massive tits were being squeezed together and moving wildly back and forth. Spike could feel his twin cocks getting harder and his instincts starting to take over. But he immediately shook his head and snorted.

"No, pull yourself together... Fluttershy is sensitive and Zecora even confides her worries in you," Spike said to himself, slapping his cheek with both hands as he walked around the two females.

"Wait, I'll help you," said the purple dragon and held out his hand to the striped dragon.

“You are such a gentleman, Spike. “That’s a quality from a male that I like.”, the striped female thanked gratefully as Spike helped her up.

When the shaman stood again, she immediately adjusted her skirt and her face turned slightly red. He then helped Fluttershy up, who looked away, slightly embarrassed. When she felt his hands and felt his warmth, she smiled happily. He pulled her up and when she was back on her feet, she thanked him. Still, she felt a little uncomfortable about the whole situation and played with her fingers awkwardly.

"Strange, I didn't see any soap lying around here," Spike said, looking up at the floor, but he couldn't see the soap.

When he looked back at the two females, he noticed that they had also gotten a little dirty. Especially with their fin scales and faces. Zecora's clothes had also gotten wet, which wasn't so bad with Fluttershy's neoprene suit. The striped dragon was trying to fix her hair, as was the animal-loving female. One advantage of dandruff was that it dried faster than fur or mane.

"I think you guys need to go freshen up," Spike said awkwardly, trying not to stare.

“Oh, that's not a big problem. Washing myself in a river is not seldom. Fluttershy dear, would you like to join me? Bathing in a river makes you feel refreshed and free,” Zecora explained in a seductive tone and pointed to the river.

The yellow dragon nodded, blushing slightly as she covered herself with her wing. Especially she, the potion master, started taking off her top, which the purple dragon immediately turned around. He wondered why all the females except Fluttershy were so revealing. However, Zecora has always been more revealing than other residents of the village, especially now that the male knew she didn't wear underwear.

“I… I’ll wait at Fluttershy’s house… until you’re ready. See you then.” Spike said and quickly flew away.

Both females were surprised at how fast the purple dragon was. The shaman couldn't help but smile, now she was safe. He must have noticed that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Male dragons, especially teenagers, were very hormone controlled. It was hard for her to keep herself together, especially when it came to females. The fact that Spike managed to control himself so well showed her how important his friends were to him. The male would definitely be under maximum pressure and would soon explode. Zecora pulled her top over her head, causing her breasts to bounce wildly. Her tits were dark gray, with black nipples.

Fluttershy squeaked shyly and covered her eyes with her hands. However, she spread her fingers slightly to see through. However, she immediately regretted something when she saw the striped dragon taking off her skirt. The yellow dragoness blushed as she saw the shaman's luscious ass and her dark gray pussy. Fluttershy is aware that her body was the dream of many males. Her breasts were slightly larger than Zecora's, but she couldn't keep up with the striped female's magnificent ass.

“Don't you want to take your hands away from your face, and otherwise you won't be able to see my body? I know my looks are godly.” Zecora said confidently and looked at the shy dragoness with a smile.

"I... I wanted... it's..." Fluttershy stammered shyly and hid behind her wing, but looked over her wing carefully.

“Spike doesn't know what's to come, but when the time comes, he'll have to be very brave some. Our favorite dragon is probably shy, the same as you, after all the situation is new for him too.”, said the striped dragon in amusement and walked towards the animal-loving female.

She carefully pushed her wings away to grab the yellow dragon's hands and carefully lead her to the river. Fluttershy didn't offer any resistance and simply let her friend pull her along. The two of them slowly got into the water, it was a little cold, but not that much.

"You're really nervous. Come on, don’t be so listless.,” Zecora encouraged the other female and splashed some water with her tail in the direction of the yellow dragon, who screamed in fright.

" was a bit much, I've never been so brave and...and this inner heat is killing me!" Fluttershy complained, a little frustrated, and wanted to hit the water to let her anger out.

When her fist hit the surface of the water, it was no more than a small splash. The striped dragoness looked at her friend with a raised eyebrow as she smirked slightly. Embarrassed, she looked to the side and hid her pout with her wing. Trying to express anger didn't make her feel better.

She sighed and then looked back at Zecora, with a slightly offended voice she spoke: "And your prank with the soap wasn't helpful either, Eris. What was that about? You made me and Zecora dirty.”

In a flash of light, the female Draconequus emerged in her sling bikini, which immediately caught the attention of the other dragonesses. They looked with wide eyes at the Mistress of Chaos, who just looked at the two of them with amusement. She knew her outfit was scandalous, but she felt trumped by the shaman and looked at her jealously.

“You try so hard with your outfit and then that, but I can also dress up,” said Eris and was about to snap her fingers, but was stopped by the animal-loving dragoness.

"Please don't, I... I'm feeling better, I don't know... how much I can take at once," Fluttershy said in a slight panic and reached for the female Draconequus' hand.

“Oh dear, you must be a little braver. You are a lot reserved for my flavor.” Zecora said and sighed while shaking her head.

“I have to agree with our exotic beauty, you have to encourage Spike a bit. Believe me, when he saw you both lying on the ground, he was about to pounce on you,” Eris explained matter-of-factly and also sank into the water.

“But I want Spike to come to me on his own, not because his instincts take over. Who knows, maybe he just sees me as a friend,” said the yellow dragon and rubbed her arm.

“Spike's feelings for you are more than just friendship, Fluttershy. He, is attracted to you, and that is not a lie.”, the shaman tried to cheer up the animal-loving dragon and placed her hand on his shoulder.

Fluttershy smiled happily, but also felt a little bad. She knew Zecora had feelings for Spike too. She also knew that her friends had feelings for the purple dragon and how relationships work in Equestria. Even she fathers him had relationships with her mother's friends, with whom he got along well. She even knew that in addition to Zephyr, she had three brothers and five sisters. Still, it felt like someone was taking away her chance to be with Spike.

"How are you doing with all this, after all I'll have my chance soon, and you'll be left out for now." Fluttershy said worriedly and looked at the striped dragoness.

Zecora had already suspected that this question would come. Of the Elements of Harmony, she had had the most contact with Fluttershy, as well as Twilight, and she had told both of her feelings for the purple dragon. The Princess of Friendship was surprised, after all, this was before she turned into a dragon. The shaman told her about the time she had spent with Spike. That they both occasionally felt like outsiders in Equestria, or how they supported the dragon and he did potion research. Twilight knew that Spike had questions about his own identity and often felt left out. The fact that he didn't come to her with it hurt the princess a bit. On the other hand, she was glad that her number one assistant had someone he could talk to about anything. What Zecora never told was that she had even told the purple dragons about her past.

She and her family had to flee because there was war in their country and in this conflict she lost her family. Her little brother, her little sister and her mother. From her, she had learned everything about magic, its culture and potions. Her father had already died in the war, so her mother wanted to leave. Back then, they heard the story of a kingdom that had been at peace for almost a thousand years. They hoped to find a new life here where they didn't have to fear war. Unfortunately, her family couldn't make it, so she came alone. Zecora just wanted to get away, away from the place where she had lost everything and where there was only fighting. The zebra mare at the time hoped to find a peaceful place where she could live in peace. And she found him here in Ponyville. Zecora just wanted to put her past behind her and live her life. Spike, on the other hand, always wanted to know more about his past, but was also afraid of it. Something the shaman understood all too well, which is why she told him about her past. But she also explained that the memories of her family and what her mother taught her were still with her. And even though her memories included some painful ones, many memories were important to her.

Spike understood what she meant to some extent. After all, his fondest memories were those spent with his pony family. And even though he was technically an orphan, he still had a family that was part of him. Spike had told Zecora back then that the former mare was as smart as she was beautiful. The shaman blushed at his comment, she loved the purple dragon's kind-hearted nature. And after his growth spurt she fell in love with him, she was so happy that his nature had not taken over him, and he retained his good qualities. And as dragons they worked even closer together, one of Spike's sentences sticking in her mind.

“Isn’t it funny? Both of us as outsiders are now helping others to cope with their lives. Perhaps that's why exactly we can so good help others? I'm glad I was able to meet you so early. It sounds selfish, but I'm glad we could spend time just the two of us, and I didn't have to share you with anyone. The time we spent together is part of my personal treasure trove.”

The words hit her deeply, and she wanted to throw herself on his neck. And yet, she had to hold back because she also knew about the feelings of the other females. Zecora was happy that she could talk to her friends about it and the understanding they showed. For now, it was good that they started slowly. At least it would all be big enough for Spike, and the same went for Fluttershy. Luckily, she had Eris to guide her through everything. Otherwise, it would also be too much for the yellow dragon.

“It's true, my heart beats for the same male, and so I won't let you fail. When the time comes, you will have the courage to decide to take a step. That's why I'll and Eris help you prepare." The striped dragon explained lovingly and wrapped her tail around the other dragon's waist to pull her towards her.

Fluttershy didn't even manage to scream because she was already in the Potions Master's embrace. She felt the other female's large breasts pressed against hers, Zecora's nipple was already so hard that the shy dragoness could feel it through her suit. At first, Fluttershy felt a little uncomfortable, but luckily the feeling quickly disappeared. For the animal-loving female, it was nice to be surrounded by so many good friends. Suddenly, the two felt another tail wrap around their bodies, and they were pushed into Eri's arms. Both Zecora and Fluttershy squeezed the female Draconequus's large breasts and blushed slightly.

"Hey... it's not fair to leave a friend out like that," said the Mistress of Chaos in a mock offended voice.

“That wasn’t intentional, Eris. "Me and Zecora were just a little engrossed in our heartfelt affair," the yellow dragoness apologized, trying not to be suffocated by the larger female's breasts.

"It... it's not like... that Spike isn't my heart's desire too," Eris mumbled a little embarrassed and covered her mouth with the tip of her tail as soon as she said it.

“Oh, has the Goddess of Chaos lost her heart to our dragon?
You said love is poison.", Zecora said in a mischievous tone, whereupon she was pressed harder against the female Draconequus' breast.

"I said: Love can turn someone's head," the Mistress of Chaos explained, a little annoyed when she suddenly felt someone hugging her waist.

“I’m so happy for you, Eris. "You'll see, it's worth giving love a chance." Fluttershy said happily and hugged her.

"Well... we'll see," Eris replied and looked away in shock, but let go of the two females.

As soon as the tail had left the two of them, they took a deep breath. Being smothered by the Chaos Goddess's two giant tits was certainly not the worst experience, but certainly not the most pleasant either. When Zecora regained her breath, she tapped the yellow dragon next to her on the shoulder. Fluttershy immediately looked at the naked shaman, who was wagging her tail up and down and pointing her head towards the female Draconequus. The shy female immediately understood what the striped dragoness was planning. They approached Eris and splashed water on her with both their hands and their tails. Whereupon she was surprised, shrieked and looked seriously at the other two females, who just laughed.

“Oh, both of you. "Never start a water fight that you can't finish," said the Mistress of Chaos playfully, getting ready to fight back.

Sorry, it took so long to write my new chapter, it was a little harder to write than I thought. Zecora's rhymes in particular took a lot of time, I can see that her rhymes aren't that good. This is really hard and I really tried my best.