• Published 21st Nov 2021
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Equestria Ninja Girls Bugged Out - Wildcard25

The Turtles and Rainbooms are off to the town of Middlington to recover mutagen with the help of a girl who is shall we say... Creepie.

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Out of Town Mission

One night in the town of Middlington, Dr. Lance Pierce was currently roaming around an old abandoned warehouse. He was currently picking insects off the wall and placing them into several bug containers he brought with him.

“Oh, yes, my little friends. You're coming home with me. Yes you are,” the deranged entomologist told the insects while snickering. He looked over to another spot of the warehouse, “I'll look there next.”

He walked over and began looking around for more insects until he saw a bright green glow, “Huh, what is that?” he pulled away some leftover debris to uncover more than twenty canisters of glowing green ooze. He picked one of them up, and looked it over, “What is this stuff?”

He took the cap off and took a whiff of the contents before pulling his head back in disgust, “Ugh! Whatever this stuff is it reeks something fierce!” Suddenly he saw a fly buzz in and flew right into the contents of the canister sipping it. As it started to fly away, the bug started buzzing louder grabbing the attention of the doctor.

He looked seeing the fly land on the ground with green glowing veins growing on its body and started increasing in size. Suddenly Dr. Pierce saw the fly had transformed into a human sized anthropomorphic fly man. He looked at the creature and the ooze back and forth before a sinister grin grew on his face.

The new fly mutant panted while spitting up some acid before standing up and looked at its larger appendages, “What happened? What am I?” it buzzed.

“You my friend, are a miracle of nature!” Dr. Pierce said, as the mutant fly looked at the human.

“Who're you?” it buzzed.

“I am Dr. Lance Pierce, and I see big things in your future.” he said.

“What do you mean?”

“Just help me load all this green stuff to my van, ok?”

“Well, ok.” the fly mutant said, as he started picking up the canisters and brought them outside to the entomologist’s van.

“There we are. And now my friend, you'll be coming home with me. For I have big plans for you.” he told the mutant.

“Do you have anything sweet and sugary where you live?” it buzzed.

“Plenty, and it can all be for you as long as you do as I say.” Dr. Pierce said.

“Well, it beats dumpster diving.”

“Excellent. Come along.” he got the mutant into the back of the van and closed the doors. He snickered to himself, “With this substance I can create an army of super powerful insects and then imagine the possibilities.” he chuckled to himself, before getting into the truck and drove away.

The next day at the Turtles Lair, Donnie was sitting in a rotating chair before a big screen located in his lab. Soon enough the doors to the lab opened and entering was the rest of the turtles, April, Casey, Karai, Shini, Keno, and the Rainbooms.

“Hey, D, the girls are here!” Mikey called.

Donnie looked over, “Hi, girls.”

“Hey, Donnie.” Rainbow greeted.

“Glad you all made it.” Donnie said in relief.

“No big.” Pinkie said with a wave of her hand.

Twilight looked up at the computer monitor, “Wow, where in the world did you get that?”

“Bishop hooked me up with some of their tech. With this new monitor I can monitor threats better than before be it here in the city, at Canterlot City, or anywhere for that matter.” Donnie explained.

“Huh. I wonder if I can get Bishop to spring one for me.” Twilight wondered.

“Did you just invite us out here to show off your fancy new computer?” Applejack asked with a raised brow.

“In a sense, yes,” Donnie confirmed, which resulted in the girls giving him blank looks, “But because it's picked up something I think you should be here to see.”

“So spill, Donnie.” Casey said wanting him to get to it.

“According to the monitor's tracking system. It's pinpointed an abundant supply of mutagen.” the smart turtle explained.

“Mutagen?” Fluttershy asked in concern.

“So where do we find it?” April asked.

“That's just it. The mutagen isn't here in New York.”

“Not here?” Shini asked.

“That's a first.” Spike replied.

“So where is it then?” Rarity inquired.

“I've honed in on the mutagen signature and pinpointed it to this town, Middlington.”

“Middlington?” Karai asked.

“How is possible mutagen could be there and not in this city?” Leo wondered.

“My theory is New York wasn't the only city the Kraang were stationed in,” Donnie suspected, “If the Kraang have been on earth for thousands of years they had to have been all over and not in one specific location.”

“So they just left who knows how much mutagen in that town?” Applejack asked.

"And who knows how many other towns, or cities, or continents." Mikey began to fear.

“It's a possibility.” Donnie replied.

“Great,” Raph sighed, “Bad enough the Kraang had to make a mess in our city with mutagen, but they left more of it in other places in our world?”

“One thing's for certain we need to find that mutagen and recover it before Middlington ends up becoming a mutant town like our city has been.” Donnie said.

“All of us?” Pinkie asked.

“If there is a lot of mutagen in that town, we'll need plenty of help. Are you girls up for it?” Leo asked the girls.

“Of course we are,” Sunset assured, “Although how're any of us going to manage school?”

“Well, good new for Casey and I is our school is on break this week.” April explained.

“So we got the time.” Casey added.

“That's good for you, but what about the rest of us?” Rarity asked.

“We could always ask Principal Celestia for some time off.” Pinkie suggested.

“Pinkie, you really think Principal Celestia's going to just let us skip school?” Twilight asked rhetorically.

“You never know.” Pinkie shrugged.

“We may as well try.” Sunset suggested.

“You do what you can and get back to us.” Leo instructed.

“Right.” Twilight said, as the girls headed off.

Once they returned home, the Rainbooms went to CHS where they were discussing things with Principal Celestia and Fugitoid.

“Oh, dear. To think more mutagen is elsewhere in this world outside New York.” Fugitoid said in worry.

“Which is precisely why we came to talk to you about giving us permission to skip school, Principal Celestia.” Sunset told the woman.

“Girls...” she began, only to be cut off by Rainbow.

“We know you can't give special treatment, but this isn't for some vacation this is a job.”

“The turtles may be tough, but according to Donnie there's a lot of mutagen there. And the more mutagen means the more chances tons of mutants could result from it.” Twilight explained.


“If you do this for us, I promise we'll do whatever it takes to make up for any work we'll miss.” Rainbow pleaded.

“Girls!” Principal Celestia spoke up grabbing their attention.

“Yes?” they asked.

“I was actually planning on granting you permission.”

“What? Really?” Twilight asked in surprise.

Celestia nodded, “If our time at Camp Everfree and New York taught me anything it shows you girls play a vital role in keeping the planet safe, be it from magic, mutants, or even aliens. And while it's true I can't give special treatment. I can however see this is of great importance. Therefore I am granting you girls special permission. Provided you still keep up with your school work.”

“You can have our teachers email all our lessons to us while we're in Middlington looking for mutagen.” Sunset said.

“Middlington?” came a voice, as everyone saw Wallflower Blush walk in.

“Wallflower?” Fluttershy asked.

“Sorry if I'm intruding, but I was passing by when I overheard you. You girls are going to Middlington?”

“That we are.” Applejack confirmed.

“Turns out there's mutagen there and it's best we and the turtles recover it before any mutants are born from it.” Rainbow added.

“I see, well, perhaps I can help.” she offered.

“Really?” Twilight asked.

“I've been keeping contact with the keeper of Middlington's greenhouse and they always said if I'm ever in town I should check it out. I can use that as an excuse to come along and maybe help you?” she offered.

“The Rainbooms pondered, before Sunset answered, “Well, we could use all the help we can get so welcome aboard.” Wallflower smiled.

“Think you can spare another student, Principal Celestia?” Rarity asked her.

Celestia nodded, “Very well. Just look out for one another and be careful.”

“Yes, ma'am.” Sunset nodded.

“And if you need backup don't hesitate to call, I'll be glad to come to you.” Fugitoid offered.

“Thanks, Fugitoid. But for now you focus on your classes.” Sunset said.

'Come on, girls, let's pack up and get on the road!” Rainbow cheered, as they piled out of the office.

Fugitoid looked to Celestia, “That was very generous of you to let them go like that.”

“Those girls are special, Fugitoid. And it's clear that wherever there is danger involving the things you've all dealt with they and the turtles are both best qualified to handle it.”

“Indeed so.” Fugitoid agreed.

Later on, the Rainbooms and Wallflower have loaded up the Rainboom Tour bus that was parked outside the school.

“What's keeping the Turtles?” Rainbow asked, as they were waiting for their New York friends to show.

“They said they'd be here asap.” Pinkie remembered.

“And there they are.” Spike motioned to the Shellraiser and Party Wagon driving down the street.

As the two vehicles pulled to a halt, Leo poked his head out of the Party Wagon's passenger window, “You girls all ready to go?”

“We sure are.” Pinkie confirmed.

Mikey poked his head out of the Shellraiser to see them, “Hey, girls. Wallflower, nice of you to be joining us.”

“Thanks, Mikey.” Wallflower replied.

“Come on, team. We better get going.” Sunset said, as the three vehicles drove off leaving Canterlot and heading for the town of Middlington, unaware of what they'll be in for.