• Published 21st Nov 2021
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Equestria Ninja Girls Bugged Out - Wildcard25

The Turtles and Rainbooms are off to the town of Middlington to recover mutagen with the help of a girl who is shall we say... Creepie.

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Meet the Family

As Creepie led the teenagers, Spike, and the Turtles down a few blocks, they stopped in front of a tall black metal gate with a freakishly scary mansion on the other side of it.

“Well, this is my place.” Creepie said in a presenting pose.

“You live here?” Sunset asked, while looking up at the building.

“Dudes, it's like something out of Transylvania.” Mikey trembled.

“It's not haunted, is it?” Wallflower asked Creepie in worry.

“Not at all.” Creepie answered.

“If you live in a place like this, your family must be loaded.” Rainbow said in awe.

“Not exactly.” the girl replied, much to Rainbow's confusion.

“You notice how different the weather looks around here compared to the rest of Middlington?” Pinkie asked, as they looked back in the distance seeing the rest of the town still looked sunny and brighter compared to how the weather was around the mansion.

“That is odd.” Donnie admitted.

“Come on.” Creepie said, as she showed them all to the front door, “Before I let you in, I should warn you my family is... different.”

“Kid, my brothers and I were raised by a rat.” Raph replied, making Creepie confused.

“What he means is, family is family,” Leo explained, “So who are we to judge what yours is like.”

“Well, then.” Creepie opened the doors and let everyone inside.

Mikey looked around, “Whoa, it's even scary on the inside.”

“Well, at least it looks habitable.” Rarity admitted.

“I'm home!” Creepie called out.

“Creepie's home!” came millions of small voices.

“She's got to have a big family.” Keno said.

“You have no idea.” Creepie replied.

Suddenly everyone looked at the walls that appeared to be moving, but instead what was covering the walls were thousands of insects that swarmed all around Creepie. The sight of this got everyone in shock while Raph's and Rarity's eyes twitched while trembling.

The two suddenly screamed as they jumped onto a couch wanting to get to higher ground, “We're surrounded by bugs!” Rarity cried.

“It's ok-it's ok!” Creepie called out wanting to calm the group, “Everyone, this is my family.”

The ninjas looked around at all the insects presenting themselves on the floor of the mansion, before Rainbow spoke up in disbelief, “You gotta be kidding me.”

“Creepella, what's going on?” came a male voice that sounded almost like Vincent Price.

Arriving on scene was a mosquito whose wings were wrapped around him making it look like he was wearing a vampire's cape. Accompanying him was a lady praying mantis with long black hair with purplish eyeshadow.

“Mom, dad, I brought some visitors with me.” Creepie told the two bugs.

“Oh, how wonderful. We hardly get visitors,” the mantis woman said, as she looked over at the group, especially the turtles, “Especially one's so unique.”

“Who're these two?” Karai asked.

“My parents.” Creepie answered.

The mosquito flew up to the group, “Charmed and delighted ladies and gentlemen. I am Vinnie; Creepella's father, and this is my charming wife Caroleena.”

Caroleena the mantis jumped over onto a table to see them closer, “Welcome,” she looked to Rarity, “Darling, that outfit of yours is simply beautiful.”

Rarity blushed from the compliment, “Oh, well, thank you. I designed it myself.”

Caroleena looked to the Turtles, “And my goodness. I've never seen creatures like you before.”

“They're turtles, mom,” Creepie explained, “Mutant turtles.”

“Mutants?” Caroleena asked.

“Wow!” came a new voice as Creepie's bros Gnat and Pauly dropped in with Pauly the pill bug speaking, “That's something you don't see every day.”

“Never-never.” Gnat agreed.

Fluttershy recognizing the voice looked at Gnat and gasped, “It's you!”

“Nice girl!” Gnat cheered, as he flew around the animal lover.

“Fluttershy, you know that bug?” Raph asked.

“This was the one I helped free from some fly paper.” the girl answered.

“I appreciate you helping my brother back there.” Creepie told Fluttershy.

“You saw that?”

Creepie nodded, “Gnat and Pauly here are always getting themselves into trouble, and I have to help them.”

Pauly pouted, “Not intentionally.”

“Uh, can we dial it back for a minute?” Donnie asked, “These insects are talking and yet we can all hear them right?”

“Uh-huh.” Pinkie nodded.

“Sure can.” Applejack agreed.

“How is this possible?!” Donnie asked, as he and Twilight started stressing.

“Insects can't talk.” Twilight said in disbelief.

“But of course we can talk, sweetheart.” Caroleena assured her.

“If there's anyone worth talking to that is.” Vinnie replied.

“Or about!” Pauly laughed.

Leo spoke up, “Well, it's nice to meet you all. I'm Leonardo, these are my brothers, Michelangelo Donatello, and Raphael.”

“Ah, named after the great Italian Renaissance painters, I see?” Vinine asked sounding impressed.

“Correct.” Donnie confirmed.

April spoke up, “I'm April O'Neil, this is Casey Jones, Karai, Shinigami, and Keno.” the teens waved.

Sunset spoke up, “My name's Sunset Shimmer, and these are my friends, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Wallflower Blush.”

“It's very nice to meet you all.” Fluttershy said respectfully.

“And I'm Spike.” the dog barked.

Caroleena flew down to the pooch, “Well, aren't you a cute looking thing.” she cooed.

“Thanks, uh, fleas don't live here, do they?” Spike asked in worry.

“Not to worry,” Vinnie said, “Our flea cousins aren't scheduled for a visit months from now.”

“That's a relief.” Spike said with a sigh of relief.

Karai looked down at Creepie, “Creepie, all these insects are your family?”

“Yes. Well, adopted.”

“That makes more sense.” Twilight said.

“We found Creepie left on our door step as a baby years ago.” Caroleena explained.

“The only clue we had was a note telling us to raise the child, but there was no signature at all.” Vinnie added.

“We raised Creepie as if she really were our own,” the mantis continued, “But as she got older we realized she needed to interact with other humans so we sent her right off to school here in town.”

“It wasn't easy but it's all right.” Creepie admitted.

“So how did you all meet our daughter?” Caroleena asked.

“We saved her from being hit by a hot dog cart.” Mikey explained.

“Technically, I saved her.” Karai reminded him.

“You must be incredibly fast, my dear.” Caroleena told Karai.

“Well, I am a trained ninja, like the rest of my friends here.” Karai motioned to the others.

“You're ninjas?” Pauly asked in surprise.

Sunset nodded, “We are.”

“So what is a bunch of ninja teenagers doing in Middlington?” Creepie asked.

“And how did you turtles become this?” Vinnie inquired.

“It's a long story.” Leo said.

“Story!” the bugs cheered as they gathered around like excited children. And so Leo decided to tell them everything.

An hour later, Leo had finally finished, “And that's it.”

“So you turtles were made this way because of this mutagen created by these aliens the Kraang?” Creepie asked.

“That's right.” Donnie confirmed.

"And were raised by a rat mutant who was once a man and a ninja master?"

"Correct." Leo nodded in confirmation.

Creepie looked at Sunset, “You're actually a pony from a land called Equestria?”

Sunset nodded, “I am.”

“And you girls have magic powers?” Creepie asked the Rainbooms as a whole.

“Yuparronie!” Pinkie smiled.

Creepie double blinked, “This is so wicked even I'm surprised. And the whole band is not just a cover?”

“Nah, we're really a band.” Rainbow assured.

“Well, my friends at school seem to love you girls.”

“And who wouldn't?” Rainbow asked rhetorically, “We're awesome!”

“And I can assume you're not just here on a concert tour or something?” Creepie guessed.

“That's right,” Twilight confirmed, “Donnie picked up a signal of a large supply of mutagen here in this town.”

“And it needs to be recovered before someone or something goes playing with it.” Leo added.

“Yeah, we've met a lot of different mutants in New York, and trust me they can be very dangerous.” April said.

“We've even dealt with insect mutants as well.” Applejack said.

“Insect mutants?” Creepie asked intrigued.

“One was an obnoxious spider mutant named Spider Bytez.” Rainbow said.

“Two more mutants included Antrax; an ant mutant that can multiply himself, and Scumbug; a spider beetle hybrid mutant.” Twilight added.

“Even one of our oldest enemies became a mutant house fly, and stayed that way for awhile until we changed him back.” Sunset put in.

“And he wasn't even grateful about it.” Pinkie pouted while crossing her arms.

“We even had to face a few parasitic wasp mutants,” Mikey spoke up, until all the bugs cried in fright before hiding in several places of the mansion, while Creepie's parents took cover. Creepie herself looked mildly disturbed, as the goofy turtle looked around, “What's a matter?”

“Mikey, need I remind you of the pictures I showed you of what a regular parasitic wasp does to other insects?” Donnie asked rhetorically.

Mikey flashed back and recalled how Donnie explained parasitic wasps sting their prey hypnotizing them to look after its eggs, and upon hatching would devour it's guardian. And when he remembered Donnie showing him pictures of what a regular parasitic wasp did to a caterpillar it dawned on him.

“Oh! My bad, 'ya'll.” he told the bug family who came out from hiding.

“We will never allow such wasps into our home.” Caroleena said.

“Indeed.” Vinnie agreed.

“Which is why we need to find the mutagen,” Twilight said, “It can make worse kind of mutants like those ones.”

“Hmm, maybe we can help you.” Creepie offered.

“What?” Shini asked.

“My whole family has eyes and ears all over this town. Maybe we can help you look for this mutagen.”

“Well, I don't know. It can be dangerous.” Leo warned her.

“Trust me, I've seen my fair share of dangers.” Creepie assured the group.

“Danger!” Gnat agreed.

“You're serious?” Raph asked.

“Believe me, she is.” Pauly assured.

“Let me see.” Sunset said, as she took Creepie's arm and activated her magic. She saw through Creepie's memories several times she, her friends, and even her adopted bug brothers get into all sorts of trouble and against bizarre people.

When Sunset let go she spoke to her friends, “She's not kidding.”

“You do believe me?” Creepie asked in surprise.

“I was able to look into your memories thanks to my magic.” Sunset explained.

“I would like to hear more about the magic you girls possess.” Caroleena said.

“But first, how about a tour?” Vinnie offered.

“That would be very kind of you.” Rarity replied gratefully.

“Well, follow me.” Creepie said, as she began leading the group around the mansion and eagerly wanting to get to know them more than before.