• Published 21st Nov 2021
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Equestria Ninja Girls Bugged Out - Wildcard25

The Turtles and Rainbooms are off to the town of Middlington to recover mutagen with the help of a girl who is shall we say... Creepie.

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After a day of driving, the Rainbooms, and their ninja friends had driven right into the town of Middlington.

“Well, ya'll this is it.” Applejack told the girls and Spike.

“So this is Middlington?” Fluttershy looked out a window.

“Looks like a nice town.” Wallflower admitted.

“Nice or not, there's mutagen somewhere in this town.” Twilight reminded them.

“And we need to find it before who knows what decides to roll around in it.” Rainbow added.

The bus, the Shellraiser, and Party Wagon pulled up side by side, as Applejack spoke out one window, “Hey, Leo. We're here. So what do we do now?”

Leo spoke from the Party Wagon's window, “Let's drive around to get a good lay out of this place. Then we park our rides somewhere and scope out the town on foot.”

Donnie spoke to Raph on his T-Phone, “You get all that, Raph?”

“Loud and clear, genius.” Raph replied.

“Then let's go, dudes!” Mikey called from the T-Phone.

“Mikey get off!” Raph shouted from the other line, until Donnie hung up.

And so the three vehicles continued to drive off into town. As they drove they ended up passing Middlington Middle School.

Inside said school, various pre-teens living in town were busy walking the halls on their way to class or just hanging out exchanging gossip. Among the students that stuck out the most was a short girl with very pale skin, purple lipstick and eye-shadow with large shiny eyes with pink irises, and hair colored in blue, red, orange, pink, and yellow done up in pigtails that were rather short and the left is radioactive yellow and the other is fuchsia. Both hair strands on that and right side of her head are baby blue, and her back hair from her forehead down are red and orange. Her attire included a black dress with pink sleeves and tights with the right arm and left leg having black stripes.

Everyone in school knew her as Creepie Creecher, and this girl had a secret that little to no people knew about. This girl had been raised by a large family of insects since she was a baby. Because of such upbringing it was hard for her to fit in at school, but luckily had friends to help her through it.

Currently Creepie was creeping down the hall, until she happened upon her closest friends such as Budge; a big boy who's actually a big softy, Chris Alice; a very bubbly and active girl in school, Carla; a popular girl who spends too much time on her phone, Melanie; a dim witted girl who much like Carla spends too much time on her own phone, and Harry; most popular boy in school. As Creepie noticed the group looked like they were discussing something big, and decided to check in.

“Did you all hear?” Carla asked in excitement, “The Rainbooms are in Middlington!”

Melanie gasped, “Oh my gosh! I love the Rainbooms!”

“Me too! Their songs are always inspiring!” Chris Alice said all giddy.

“Hey, what's going on over here?” Creepie asked, as she walked over.

“Hey, Creepie,” Budge greeted, “ Someone spotted the Rainbooms tour bus right here in Middlington.”

Creepie raised a brow in confusion, “Who're the Rainbooms?”

The group of kids gasped in shock, as Carla got into her face, “Who are the Rainbooms?! They're only like one of the coolest high school bands ever!”

“Their songs are so cool!” Melanie added.

“Next to the Hissing Roaches, they're awesome!” Budge put in.

Harry nodded, “The lead guitarist, Rainbow Dash, is 20% cooler.”

“I like Pinkie Pie!” Chris Alice cheered, “She's passionate, bubbly, and always tries to make you smile, just like me!” she smiled sweetly which creeped out Creepie.

“I like Twilight Sparkle. She's into science.” Budge said.

“My favorite is Rarity,” Carla said, “She's not only their keytar player, she's a fashion designer. Here's some of her best work!” she showed Creepie photos of Rarity's various outfits on her phone.

“Breathtaking.” Creepie said dryly.

As Harry, and the girls left, Budge spoke to his short gal pal, “Just imagine how cool it would be if we actually got to meet the Rainbooms!”

“Yeah, imagine.” Creepie rolled her eyes.

Later on with the Rainbooms and Ninjas, after parking their rides someplace vacant, they decided to scope the town out. As the humans walked the streets, the turtles were blending in and keeping themselves hidden behind bushes or in trees.

“Finding mutagen in this town's gonna be like finding a needle in a haystack.” Applejack sighed.

“And we're not even in range for my tracker to pick up its signal.” Donnie said while looking at his tracker from behind a bush close to his human friends.

“Combing this whole town's gonna take too long.” Casey grumbled.

“Maybe for you guys, but not for me.” Rainbow boasted.

“Rainbow, not all of us have super speed.” Rarity reminded her.

“And it's best we don't break from the group.” Sunset added.

Mikey who was crouching behind a bench spoke up, “Any chance we can get something to eat? I'm starving.”

“So am I.” Spike barked.

Leo who was hiding behind a bush looked at everyone else who felt just the same, “Well, alright. Let's go eat and pick up the search again.”

And so the ninjas and the turtles continued on with Fluttershy following behind. As they passed Middlington Middle school, the girl suddenly heard a cry for help.

“Help! Gnat stuck!”

Fluttershy hearing that followed the voice and saw a gnat stuck to a piece of flypaper that was covering a tree on school grounds.

“Oh, no!” she gasped.

Creepie who was outside herself heard the call of the insect named Gnat who was her brother, and sighed, “Not again, Gnat.” she scurried over to help him, but stopped upon seeing Fluttershy was already there.

“Your poor little thing! I'll help you,” Fluttershy gently peeled Gnat free from the flypaper, “There you go. You're free.” she smiled at the bug.

Gnat flew around her happily, “Nice girl. Nice.” he flew off.

“Huh?” Creepie raised a brow in confusion, as Fluttershy took her leave, “Strange.” she then shrugged and decided to head out.

The ninja group had arrived at popular fast food take out spot Tiki Chalet, and were sitting outside at a few tables with the turtles wearing coats and hats to hide their appearances.

“You know, this place has some good eats.” Mikey said, as he ate a burger.

“I'll say.” Rainbow agreed, as she ate a fry.

“It's not Antonio's but it's good enough to sink your teeth into.” Keno added, as he took a sip of his drink.

“Where do you think we should look next?” Karai asked Leo.

“Let's do a swing by the park and continue from there.” Leo suggested.

As April was throwing her trash away to the dumpster she was met by a whole horde of flies. She quickly backed away and went back to the group.

“I'll say this much, this town has a lot on insects.” the redhead told them.

“I know what you mean, April.” Fluttershy said.

“How so?” Wallflower asked.

“I just helped this poor little gnat off some flypaper at the middle school,” she explained, “But it's strange though.”

“What is?” Shini asked.

“I didn't even activate my geode to understand the poor insect.”

“You mean the bug actually talked on its own to you?” Rainbow asked in disbelief.

“I guess.” Fluttershy shrugged.

“Maybe your magic's gotten so powerful you don't need to activate it to use it.” Pinkie suggested.

“Sounds possible, but even so we still need to activate our geodes to use our magic.” Twilight reminded her.

“We'll worry on that later, right now we still need to look around to determine where the mutagen could be.” Leo said, as they all decided to finish their food and head out.

So they walked to the park, where Spike was scampering around chasing squirrels and sniffing the place out. The turtles were once again sticking to the trees feeling it was best they get a birds eyes view.

Donnie was looking at his tracker still not reading anything, “Still too out of range.”

“Great!” Raph sighed while face palming, “We might as well be running around in circles.”

“Not everything is always easy, Raph.” Leo reminded him.

“I know,” Raph sighed, as he calmed down, “I just hope we won't be stuck here for weeks like we were in Gotham.”

“Technically by our time we were only gone for a few hours.” Donnie reminded the hot headed turtle who just glared at him.

Close to the group was Creepie who was walking her way home while thinking to herself about Fluttershy, 'That girl actually helped Gnat. Nobody else in town cares much about insects like I do.'

While not far behind her, a hot dog vendor who was passing hot dogs to a couple, accidentally bumped his cart backwards making it roll back having not had the breaks set. And unfortunately it was rolling downhill.

“Oh, no. Runaway cart!” the vendor cried, “Everyone, out of the way!” he called to those in its path.

Several others who were in the carts way moved out of of its path as it rolled past them. And it was currently on a direct course for Creepie.

“Look out!” someone called to Creepie who looked back seeing the cart was coming right towards her.

The Turtles and Rainbooms gasped, as Karai quickly leaped forward, grabbed Creepie, and rolled across the grass. Applejack stepped in and activated her geode and used her strength to stop the cart in place. The ninjas sighed in relief that no one got hurt.

Creepie who was in Karai's arms was shocked that she was almost flattened, but this girl jumped in and saved her. Karai looked at the pre-teen and spoke, “Are you ok, kid?”

Creepie nodded, “I'm ok.”

“That was too close.” Karai said, as she sat the girl down.

“No kidding.” Creepie agreed.

The vendor rushed over to Applejack and his cart, “Oh, thank you so much, Ms.”

“No problem. Though you might wanna make sure the breaks are locked.” Applejack reminded the vendor who looked sheepish, before pushing his cart along.

The Rainbooms and New Yorkers hurried over, “Nice catch, senpai.” Shini commended Karai.

“Nothing to it.” Karai replied smugly.

Twilight spoke to Creepie, “You really should be more aware of your surroundings.”

“My bad.” Creepie said, before she saw Pinkie looking her over before a bright smile grew on her face.

The party Rainboom squealed before rushing over and picked the girl up in a big hug, “You've got to be the cutest kid I've ever seen!" The others looked at Pinkie knowing this was just like her, especially since she loved kids.

“Could you put me down? This is kinda embarrassing." Creepie said sounding uncomfortable.

"Never!" Pinkie whispered, while nuzzling with Creepie who just felt more uncomfortable.

April and Sunset went to their friend, "Come on, Pinkie, let the kid the go." Sunset began.

"Just loosen it nice and easy." April added, as they finally got Creepie out of the bubbly girls hold.

"Thanks." Creepie said, while straightening her dress out.

"No problem." Sunset said.

"So what's your name?" Applejack asked.


"Huh?" Casey asked.

"Come on give us your name." Keno insisted.

"It's Creepie." she replied.

"Darling, your name can't be that bad." Rarity said.

"No-no-no. My name is Creepie. Creepie Creecher." she showed them her school I.D.

"How about that?" Shini asked Karai who shrugged.

"Well, Creepie, I'll say this ya got awesome choice in hair color." Rainbow admired Creepie's hair being a mix of colors.

"Thanks. You too. So who're all of you?” Creepie asked, "I don't think I've seen any of you around before."

"Uh, that's because we're visiting," April quickly said, "I'm April. That's Casey, Karai, Shinigami, Keno, and Wallflower Blush." Each of the allies waved at the girl.

"I'm Sunset Shimmer," Sunset introduced, "That's Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and you already met Pinkie Pie."

Creepie recognizing her friends talk about such Rainbooms as Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and Rarity realized who these girls were, 'So these are the Rainbooms,' she spoke out loud, “Those are some weird names." Creepie said.

"Look who's talking." Rainbow retorted only to be elbowed by Applejack and Sunset.

"What about your other friends?" Creepie asked.

"Uh, what other friends?" Twilight inquired nervously.

"The four friends who are hiding up in that tree." Creepie pointed at the very tree the Turtles were hiding in.

The turtles were shocked and confused, while Twilight laughed nervously, “What're you talking about? We don't have any other friends hiding in the trees.”

Creepie scowled, “I'm not dumb. Besides I know what it's like to be sneaky. Relax, I won't tell anyone since it's obvious these friends of yours are hiding for a very good reason.”

The humans were concerned about what to do, but didn't have time to try and cover up, as the turtles just dropped in while there was nobody else around.

“That's very impressive of you,” Leo admitted, “It's not easy to sense us when we're hiding.”

Creepie looked at the four mutants and double blinked, “Are you turtles?”

“Well, we're not frogs if that's what you're thinking.” Raph replied.

“Why would anybody think you're frogs?” Creepie asked rhetorically, “Whoever would mistake you guys for frogs has to be very incompetent.”

“Yeah we know someone like that.” Donnie admitted while thinking of Spider Bytez despite him knowing what they really are and just refers to them as frogs as a form of mockery.

“So do you guys have names too?” Creepie wondered.

“Yes. I'm Leonardo, and these are my brothers, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo.”

“Hiya.” Mikey greeted.

Creepie continued to look the four up, “What kind of turtle looks almost human?”

“It's because we're actually mutants.” Donnie confessed.

“Mutants?” Creepie asked while looking at the human teens who nodded in confirmation, “That's... wicked.” she smiled.

“You're not the least bit scared of our appearances?” Donnie asked curiously.

“Trust me, I've seen worse and crazier.”

“Seriously?” Casey asked.

“Seriously.” Creepie nodded.

“Crazier than this?” Spike spoke up.

Creepie looked down at Spike and blinked again, “A talking dog?”

“Yeah, that's right. Is that a problem?” Spike asked.

Creepie shook her head, “Not at all.”

“Well, good. Name's Spike by the way.”

“Nice to meet you,” Creepie pat the dogs head a few times, before speaking to the teens, “So where are you all from?”

“New York.” April said, on behalf of her friends and the turtles.

“We're from Canterlot.” Sunset said on behalf of herself, Wallflower, and the rest of the Rainbooms.

“So what brings you all here?”

“It's sort of a long story.” Leo replied.

“Well, let's discuss it at my place.” Creepie offered.

“Your place?” Rarity asked.

“Yes. Truth is I got a secret myself. And since you've already told me about you guys being mutant turtles I feel ok telling you my secret as well.”

“Then lead the way, Creepie!” Pinkie cheered.

Creepie nodded and led the group off with the turtles following from the trees. As they walked Rainbow hearing a sound around them spoke to her friends, “Do you hear that?”

“Yeah. It's the kind of cartoon sound for tip toeing sneakily.” Pinkie noticed.

“And it's coming from Creepie.” Spike motioned ahead at said girl who was making the sound with every step.

“How does she do that?” Fluttershy asked.

“No idea.” April replied, as they followed the pre-teen girl wondering what she had that was so secretive that she was willing to share with them.

Author's Note:

Hope you all have a Happy Holiday!