• Published 20th Dec 2021
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An Anon-a-Miss Carol - sonicfan05

On the night of Christmas Eve, the CMCs encountered the ghosts of Apple Bloom's parents, who warned them that they will be visited by three ghosts if they don't confess to being Anon-a-Miss and make things right.

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Chapter 1 - All According to Plan

It was a cold and windy night at the Apple household on Christmas Eve. Normally, everyone who lives in that house is already settling in and keeps themselves warm during winter weather. Tonight, however, most of the members of the family had already gone out to do errands or to hang out with their friends. The only ones who were currently present at the house were three girls who were in their pre-teens. Those three girls were Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.

Right now, the girls were hanging out in Apple Bloom’s room, sitting around the room in their pajamas. The reason the girls were staying in Apple Bloom’s house was that they were having a sleepover as a celebration for an upcoming holiday.

And also for completing their long mission.

For you see, weeks before their sleepover, they’ve been busy posting many mean and embarrassing stuff about other students online on MyStable under the username, Anon-a-Miss. Their main reason? It was to pin the blame on Sunset Shimmer.

To make a long story short, Sunset Shimmer was a former bully in Canterlot High School and once ruled the school. After she was stopped by Princess Twilight and the Rainbooms, Sunset was given another chance and learned the meaning of friendship by the very same group who stopped her, much to everyone's surprise. At first, everyone was wary of Sunset and gave her a cold reception during her redemption. As time passed, especially after Sunset alongside the Rainbooms defeated the Dazzlings during the Battle of the Bands, she pretty much won over the entire school, save for a few students.

And the CMCs were from the latter category.

They don't understand why their sisters gave a former bully another chance, especially after all the terrible things Sunset had done to them. And they certainly don't understand why they made her part of a family and have her join in on all the activities, including family traditions for the holidays. This was especially what bothered Apple Bloom. Her sister has been spending so much time with Sunset on various fun activities, her sister barely had time with her. And when she heard that her sister and the Rainbooms were planning to have many slumber parties leading up to Christmas all just for Sunset, Apple Bloom finally had enough.

On that very same night during the Rainbooms' first sleepover, Apple Bloom created a MyStable user, Anon-a-Miss, and then posted an embarrassing secret about her sister, all while making it look like it was Sunset who did it. She went as far as placing an edited image of Sunset on Anon-a-Miss' profile icon. When her friends found out what she had done, they too wanted to join in to get Sunset away from their sisters.

The Rainbooms didn't believe it was Sunset at first. But after pictures of their sleepover from Sunset's phone were posted online, which was stolen off of her phone by Sweetie Belle, the Rainbooms openly accused her as Anon-a-Miss and then disowned her right then and there. The CMCs were ecstatic with the news and pleased that their plan worked. And for good measure, they continued to post nasty stuff that they received from other students to keep up with the charade while putting the blame on Sunset.

It has been a couple of weeks since they first started their scheme and most of the CMCs were excited about the idea of taking a break from school and celebrating the holidays with their loved ones.

As well as celebrating their success as Anon-a-Miss.

"Ah don’t know about you girls, but the last few days of classes were brutal!" Apple Bloom exclaimed while sitting on her bed.

"I know!" Scootaloo agreed as she stood next to Apple Bloom’s bed. "I wish we didn't have to take some stupid tests earlier, but at least we're finally starting our holiday break from school! Shame that our sisters are busy hanging out at the Sweet Shoppe right now."

“It's fine," Apple Bloom assured. "Tonight is all about us with the CMCs exclusive sleepover. But tomorrow, we're sleeping over with our sisters on Christmas Day!”

“Yeah, I can't wait for that!" Scootaloo cheered with a grin. "And best of all, no Sunset Shimmer! And it was all thanks to your brilliant idea, Apple Bloom!"

Apple Bloom grinned. “Yeah! Our plan is working perfectly! With Sunset out of the way, our sisters won’t leave our side again as long as they still believe that it was her who made these posts!”

“Speaking of which, what are we going to post this time?” Scootaloo asked eagerly as she sat down on the bed next to Apple Bloom.

“Okay, get this!" Apple Bloom smirked as she opened up her laptop and logged on to MyStable. "You know that tough girl who used to be friends with Rainbow Dash and always wore a leather jacket with a griffon insignia on her back?”

Scootaloo tilted her head. “You mean Gilda?”

“Yeah, her!" Apple Bloom answered as she pulled up Gilda's profile. "Well apparently, Ah got a message that Gilda is not only a closet lesbian, but she also has a secret crush on Rainbow Dash!

Scootaloo’s eyes widened in shock. “No way! It’s no wonder she got all jealous a year ago when Rainbow Dash hung out with our sisters more than her!” She then frowned. “Unfortunately for her, I don’t think she’s that interested in her.”

Apple Bloom cocked an eyebrow. “Didn’t Rainbow Dash also like girls?”

“She does, but still!

Apple Bloom shrugged. “Well, in any case, Ah think we should post it! Since Gilda is in a Griffon gang, this will scare Sunset off fer sure!”

Scootaloo nodded in agreement. “Yeah! Sunset and Gilda had beef with each other even before Sunset rules the school! This will make Sunset’s guilt even more believable! Right, Sweetie Belle?”

The tomboy girl expected to hear a response from her friend, agreeing with her, but nothing came. Confused, both Scootaloo and Apple Bloom turned towards the other side of the room where Sweetie Belle was located. Sweetie herself was sitting quietly near the window, looking out into the night sky with a guilt frown on her face.

Apple Bloom stared at Sweetie Belle with a concerned expression, not used to seeing her friend acted this way. “Hey, what's wrong Sweetie Belle? Aren't you excited?”

Sweetie Belle let out a long sigh before she set her eyes on her two best friends.

“Apple Bloom, Scootaloo… don't you think that maybe we've come too far?” Sweetie Belle asked quietly.

Both Apple Bloom and Scootaloo blinked in confusion, confused by Sweetie's question.

“Uh… with what?” Apple Bloom inquired.

"With Anon-a-Miss," Sweetie Belle clarified. "Because of our posts about our sisters and everyone else in the school… we’ve been putting a bigger target on Sunset’s back… and she’s been receiving all the wrath from other students.”

Before Apple Bloom could answer, Scootaloo scoffed.

“Well, yeah… that was the point! If we made it look like Sunset was back to her old ways, everyone, including our sisters will be mad at her to the point that they’re no longer friends with her and we will get our sisters back.”

“We did get our sisters back, but was it the right thing to do?” Sweetie challenged with a glare.

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were taken aback by their friend's response.

"Sweetie Belle… where was this coming from?" Apple Bloom asked gently.

Sweetie Belle said nothing for a moment before she let out a long sigh.

"I… saw Sunset sitting in a corner somewhere in school… breaking down into tears when no one was watching," Sweetie revealed with a guilt look. “Before we even started this… I have thought that maybe Sunset deserved whatever comes at her. But after seeing her in that state… I don’t think she deserved that at all!”

“While I'm still mad at Sunset for what she did to my sister, she had been putting a lot of effort into changing her ways since the Fall Formal and wasn’t mean to everyone since, including those who retaliated against her. In fact, she seems… happier since she’s friends with our sisters.” Sweetie Belle clenched her arms. “But after our sisters disowned her… I’ve seen Sunset more depressed by the day. She hardly even reacted as everyone bad-mouthed or shoved her in passing like a lifeless zombie. I can't believe I'm saying this, but for once, I'm afraid of her wellbeing. If this keeps up… something bad is going to happen to her."

Sweetie gave her friends a fierce look. “Which is why… I think you should not post anything about Gilda on MyStable. In fact, I think we should stop altogether! I heard rumors around the school that Gilda has real serious anger issues these days, especially by someone who provokes her. And when push comes to shove… she’ll get back at those who wronged her by any means, even to the point of physical violence depending on how mad she gets! And if that's true… I don’t want that to happen to anyone because of us… including Sunset Shimmer!”

The whole room was silent for a moment before Scootaloo scoffed.

"Oh c'mon Sweetie Belle!" said Scootaloo as she rolled her eyes. "Rainbow Dash always told me that Gilda is all bark and no bite! What you heard were nothing but rumors!"

Sweetie Belle shook her head with a look of doubt. "I don't know Scoots. Rarity once told me that sometimes, there's always some truth in every rumor. Even if it's not true, I rather not take any chances. I even saw her in her angry state once from the halls… she was scary!"

Sweetie Belle shuddered violently from the memory, causing Scootaloo to roll her eyes again.

"Ah'm with Scoots, Sweetie Belle!" Apple Bloom spoke up. "Wat you heard is a bunch of hogwash! You should see how scary Applejack looked when she's angry at me! Yet, she didn't hurt me!"

Sweetie Belle gave Apple Bloom a hard look. "Apple Bloom, there's a big difference between anger coming from your siblings and anger coming from a gang member! It's bad enough that Sunset is ridiculed and hated at school now, I don't want people to come after her and get hurt because of us!"

"You're forgetting that Sunset once ruled our school, Sweetie Belle!" Scootaloo argued. "No one was able to touch her until Princess Twilight arrived. So I'm sure Sunset can handle Gilda or anyone else who comes in her way!"

Will she though?” Sweetie Belle retorted, before shaking her head. "Well, despite what you all think, I'm still against posting anything about Gilda, or anyone else at all!"

"Sweetie Belle quit being so stubborn!" Scootaloo shouted, losing her patience.

"I should say the same thing about you!" Sweetie Belle yelled.

"Enough!" Apple Bloom screamed, getting the other two girls' attention. She then breathed through her nose to calm herself before speaking again.

“Scootaloo’s right, Sweetie Belle, you worried too much. Sure, people shoved her around and jeered at her, but no one is going to hurt her. 'Sides, if Sunset can handle by herself before the Formal, then she can handle it now."

"But what about her crying in the school hallway after weeks of bullying and no one by her side?" Sweetie pressed, angry at the way Apple Bloom brushed off the issue. "Do you truly think she can handle all the bullying by herself because of us? Do you truly think she can handle being all alone without our sisters? Doesn't all of that mean anything to you?"

Once again, there was silence in Apple Bloom’s bedroom and the tensions grew thick. Sweetie Belle continued to glare at Apple Bloom, which the ladder had an unreadable expression, and Scootaloo was more fed up with Sweetie Belle than caring about her concerns. Finally, after it felt like an eternity, Apple Bloom spoke as she turned towards her bed.

"Look… we’re all tired here, so why don’t we just hit the hay and think this over tomorrow! We got a big day ahead of us!”

Sweetie Belle was going to retort again, but Scootaloo cut her off.

“Apple Bloom’s right, Sweetie Belle! So stop worrying about Sunset Shimmer! Besides, this is only temporary. It’s not like we’re keeping Sunset away from our sisters forever! Right, Apple Bloom?”

Apple Bloom paused briefly as she pulled the covers off of her bed with her back facing her friends. “Uh, yeah… right,” Apple Bloom answered quietly before getting under the covers.

Sweetie Belle glared at her two friends. "You know what, fine! Go off to dreamland for all I care, but this conversation is not over!"

She turned away and headed to her sleeping bag on the other side of the room, not saying another word to them.

Scootaloo let out a huff before she entered her sleeping bag, muttering angrily about how dumb Sweetie was acting.

Apple Bloom watched as her two friends each slept at the corners of her room with their backs turned from each other. This was supposedly a fun sleepover between the three of them, only to be ruined after a major disagreement.

All because of Sunset Shimmer.

Darn you, Sunset Shimmer! Even when yer not here, you still ruined everytang! Apple Bloom thought with a scowl before pulling the covers over her head to try to get some sleep.

Little do they know that later tonight, they will be visited by a spiritual visitor that neither of these girls will ever expect.

Author's Note:

Welp, here we go again! :derpytongue2:

This will be my third holiday-themed and my third Anon-a-Miss story on this site, starring the human CMCs! :coolphoto:

Even though I swore to myself that I wouldn't write another Anon-a-Miss story after Through the Eyes of Anon-a-Miss, I stumbled on this topic from within the forums of the Anon-a-Miss group that I just simply love the idea and couldn't resist. I'm actually surprised that there isn't one already from this genre... until recently (we'll get to that later). Considering that the original comic took place around Christmas time (even though ironically, there's barely any Christmas-related in the comic), the main theme of the Christmas Carol was pretty fitting for the occasion. :eeyup:

The credit for this story idea goes to SweetTeaFiend. That user even granted me permission to post this story using his/her idea. If you're reading this, SweetTeaFiend, thank you again for your permission and I hope you like what I come up with.

And I hope the rest of you will enjoy this story too! :pinkiesmile:

Before someone pointed out in the comments, yes, I'm aware that someone already wrote An Anon-A-Miss Christmas Carol story on this site. Let me assure you that I began writing this story months before that one was posted. And also rest assured that my take is completely different. And unlike that one which starred Sunset Shimmer, the main focus in this story will be the CMCs.

This will be my first story that is rated "T" instead of the usual "E". Nothing bad will happen per se, but expect some minor dark themes later on in this story. I'll even warn you in advance when we get to it.

As I mentioned earlier, this story was already pre-written. So you'll be expecting new chapters of this story between December 20th to the 24th of this year. So look forward to that. :pinkiesmile:

You can expect the next chapter... right now. :raritywink: