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An Anon-a-Miss Carol - sonicfan05

On the night of Christmas Eve, the CMCs encountered the ghosts of Apple Bloom's parents, who warned them that they will be visited by three ghosts if they don't confess to being Anon-a-Miss and make things right.

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Chapter 2 - A Spiritual Visit

It has been some time after their little "disagreement", the CMCs were sleeping through the night, all except for one. Apple Bloom couldn't get a wink of sleep as she just lied in her bed, fuming at Sweetie Belle from earlier due to the topic of a certain flaming-haired girl.

They were supposed to be having fun with their sleepover; playing video games, drinking hot cocoa, and of course, posting more stuff on their MyStable page. But their plans of having a fun time were ruined and Apple Bloom blamed it all on that former bully.

"Sunset Shimmer!" Apple Bloom spat quietly like it was poison.

She always knew Sunset as a bully and a meanie to everyone, including her sister for years. Why Applejack and her friends decided to forgive her almost immediately and allowed her to join the group was beyond her. What infuriated Apple Bloom was that her sister spends all of her free time with her ever since they became friends like she's a member of the family as if all those years of bullying never happened. Meanwhile, Apple Bloom, her actual family member, wanted to spend time with her sister, but she was "too busy" every single time.

Apple Bloom was hoping that by the time Christmas is around the corner, she'll finally have her sister to herself. Her hopes were in flames the moment her sister announced that she and her friends are planning to have many sleepovers in each other's houses until Christmas Day.

And Sunset Shimmer will be the center of it all.

It's like mah sister has forgotten about me! Apple Bloom thought bitterly. Even after we separated her from mah sister… Sunset still plagued mah life!

Her eyes then narrowed. I'll make sure to get Sunset completely out of mah life once and fer all!

Determined to fulfill her self mission, Apple Bloom quietly grabbed her laptop from her side dresser and turned it on. She then eventually logged into MyStable as "Anon-a-Miss" and using the info about Gilda as a reference, she began to type the message on her keyboard. When she was finished, Apple Bloom briefly admired her handiwork from her laptop screen:

Did you all know that Gilda, the ruthless member of the Griffon Gang was actually a lesbian? She was seen hanging around near the women's locker room multiple times to "admire" the ladies, especially her longtime crush, Rainbow Dash!

Apple Bloom let out a chuckle as she cracked her knuckles. "Heh. Mah best work yet!" She muttered quietly.

This post, not only this will finally convince her sister and her friends that Sunset returned to her "old ways", this will guarantee to make Gilda angry to the point that she'll come after Sunset while everyone believes that Sunset is Anon-a-Miss. Apple Bloom doesn't care what Gilda is going to do to Sunset, as long as she scares Sunset away, Sunset will never set her foot back into CHS ever again.

With only one last step to do, Apple Bloom moved her cursor over to the “Submit” button so she can post her message. However, she stopped herself when Sweetie’s words were echoing her mind.

“Apple Bloom, Scootaloo… don't you think that maybe we've come too far?”

“Before we even started this… I have thought that maybe Sunset deserved whatever comes at her. But after seeing her in that state… I don’t think she deserved that at all!”

“I can't believe I'm saying this, but for once, I'm afraid of her wellbeing. If this keeps up… something bad is going to happen to her. Which is why… I think you should not post anything about Gilda on MyStable."

“It's bad enough that Sunset is ridiculed and hated at school now, I don't want people to come after her and get hurt because of us!"

"But what about her crying in the school hallway after weeks of bullying and no one by her side? Do you truly think she can handle all the bullying by herself because of us? Do you truly think she can handle being all alone without our sisters? Doesn't all of that mean anything to you?"

Apple Bloom frowned in annoyance with each of Sweetie’s heedful words was hammering into her skull.

We have gone too far? Apple Bloom thought with a scoff. Yeah right! Sunset has it coming! I don’t see why I should feel bad for a bully like her! Besides, mah sister says that she was an apprentice to some Princess from another world! I don’t see how she had a rough life! This post will finally take down a peg or two from her!

Apple Bloom’s eyes narrowed in determination. “This is mah gift to you, Sunset Shimmer! Merry Christmas!” she muttered.

And then she clicked the button.

Suddenly, her bedroom windows slammed open, startling Apple Bloom and waking up the other two girls in the process. The wind howled and blew some snow into the room, chilling the whole room up due to the cold winter air. The wind then quickly changed into a whirlwind and then swirled around the room at a rapid pace. The lights flashed on and off and the whole room began to shake as it felt like an earthquake.

"W-what's going on!" Sweetie Belle squeaked in fright.

"Why are we losing power? Are we having a storm tonight?" Scootaloo inquired loudly.

"Ah- ah don't think so!" Apple Bloom shouted as she wrapped herself with her blanket. "T-there's supposed to be some flurries tonight!"

"Oh… I wished our sisters are with us tonight!" Sweetie Belle moaned.

Apple Bloom!

The girls froze and their faces were as white as sheets when they suddenly heard a voice from within the wind.

"W-what was that?" Scootaloo asked nervously.

Apple Bloom!

Shaking in fear, Sweetie Belle turned to Apple Bloom. "S-someone's calling you Apple Bloom!"

"W-was there anyone else in the house tonight?" Scootaloo added with a stammer.

Apple Bloom shook her head. "N-no! Applejack is with our sisters and Granny and Big Mac are still out! There’s no one else here!"

Apple Bloom!

Now scared out of their minds and ignoring the cold wind, both Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo rushed over to Apple Bloom and buried themselves into the blankets with her. All three girls’ bodies began to shake, but more in fright than from the cold. The voices grew louder as they continue to call Apple Bloom by her name, making the young farmer girl more terrified by the second.

"A-applejack… B-big Mac?” Apple Bloom spoke up nervously. “A-are y’all there? If you are… this ain't funny!"

Apple Bloom!

The lights suddenly stopped flickering, leaving the girls into darkness, and the whirlwind slowly began to shrink. As the whirlwind was shrinking, the cold air slowly glowed into a bright blue color and formed into two solid shapes. The whirlwinds eventually died down and the two faceless ghostly figures stood in their place in the middle of the room. Despite not having any faceful details, their blue “eyes” began to glow brightly as they stared at the CMCs, scaring the girls a lot further.

"G-g-g-girls," Apple Bloom croaked, too terrified to speak. "A-a-are ya… s-s-seeing...w-w-wat Ah'm s-s-seeing?"

"I-I-I think I d-d-did, b-b-but I wish I d-d-didn't!" Sweetie Belle responded who was just as terrified as her teeth were clattering.

Scootaloo gulped in fear. "Oh… I k-k-knew I s-s-should've brought some g-g-garlic over to our s-s-sleepover!"

"T-t-that only works against vampires, not g-g-ghosts Scoots!" said Apple Bloom.

"Y-you don't know that!" Scootaloo retorted.

The two ghostly figures then slowly made their way over to them, much to the girls’ horror.

Apple Bloom!

Apple Bloom!

Apple Blooooooooooom!

As Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were cowering from the ghosts, Apple Bloom was the only one who was the only one who had a once of “courage” to talk back.

"N-n-no! S-s-stay back!” Apple Bloom screamed.

But the two ghosts did not stop and they were almost within reach of Apple Bloom’s bed.

Apple Bloom began to teared up and shut her eyes. “Please… don’t hurt us ghosts! Applejack, help us!"

"Apple Bloom… it's us, sweetie."

"Yeah, we're not gonna hurt ya my little apple seed."

Apple Bloom’s eyes flew open and felt her breath hitch. She recognized those two voices so dearly that it was impossible to forget. And no one has ever called her “Little Apple Seed” as her nickname except for one person but didn’t think it was possible. With a slight hesitation, Apple Bloom slowly lifted her head towards the ghost, and then her eyes were as wide as dinner plates.

The two ghosts were now fully formed to the point that Apple Bloom could make out features between the two despite appearing to be blue and see-through. The first ghost appeared to be a man, wearing a cowboy hat, orange collar shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. He also had freckles on his face and long hair that barely reached his shoulders. The second ghost was a woman, wearing a long blue dress with a white apron in front of it and working shoes. She also had long, curly hair with a flower on the side of her head and a hairband on one side of her hair.

Apple Bloom immediately recognized the two ghosts and she pinched herself a few times to see if she was hallucinating. When she realized that she wasn’t, there were no doubts about it.

The two ghosts she’s seeing in front of her were none other than her parents, Bright Mac and Pear Butter.

"M-mom… D-dad…" Apple Bloom whispered as her eyes were tearing up.

Bright Mac and Pear Butter smiled warmly.

"Hello, Apple Bloom!" They greeted.

Apple Bloom smiled, despite tears were flowing out of her eyes now. "Mom! Dad! It really is you!"

She tried to throw her arms around her parents, but she almost fell through them. But that didn’t stop Bright Mac and Pear Butter to wrap their ghostly arms around their daughter. While their bodies weren't solid, Apple Bloom felt the love and warmth from her parents’ hug. She couldn't remember the last time they hugged her like this, but she wished that this moment would last forever.

"Ah… ah don’t believe it!” Apple Bloom wept. “Ah must be dreaming!"

Bright Mac chuckle. "You're not dreaming my little Apple Seed. It’s us."

Confused, but also glad that they’re no longer in danger, both Sweetie and Scootaloo poked their heads out of the blanket.

“Um, A-Apple Bloom… w-what’s going on?” said Scootaloo.

“And who are they?” Sweetie Belle added.

Apple Bloom broke her hug from her parents and turned towards her friends. “Girls, this is mah ma and pa, Bright Mac and Pear Butter!”

Both Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo’s eyes widened in shock as they stared at Apple Bloom’s parents in awe.

“But… how!? How was this possible?” Scootaloo exclaimed.

Sweetie Belle nodded with an uncomfortable look. “Yeah. Weren’t your parents supposed to be… um…”

“Living in the great open apple farm in the sky?” Bright Mac finished in amusement.

Sweetie Belle blinked. “Um, yeah… we’ll go with that!”

Scootaloo shoved Sweetie Belle aside and moved closer towards Bright Mac with an excited grin. “Oh my gosh! I have sooo many questions! Is there an afterlife? What’s it like? Can you possess people? If yes, can we see it in action right now?”

Bright Mac chuckled at the girl's enthusiasm. “Ah must say, Apple Bloom, your friends are an interesting bunch!”

Apple Bloom grinned. “Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo ain’t just mah friends, they’re mah best friends!”

Both Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo beamed in response.

"Oh look how much you've grown!” Pear Butter gushed as she pinched her daughter’s cheeks. “You turned out to be such a beautiful young lady!"

Apple Bloom giggled from her mother’s touch. "Aw, thanks. It was thanks to Granny, Big Mac, and Applejack who helped guide me."

Pear Butter grinned. "We know sweetie. We've been watching you grow, and we are very proud of what you all have become."

"...until recently."

All of the sudden, both Bright Mac and Pear Butter dropped their smiles as soon as Bright Mac said those words, which caught Apple Bloom and her friends off guard. Apple Bloom was also taken aback by the expressions that her parents were giving her as if they were disappointed in her for something.

"W–wat? Wat do ya mean, pa?" Apple Bloom asked with a confused expression.

Bright Mac sighed. "Apple Bloom… we didn't come here just for a visit, we came here… to warn you."

Apple Bloom’s eyes widened. "Warn me? Warn me fer wat?"

"Apple Bloom, you committed a great sin for the past couple of weeks, and you have caused harm to everyone around you because of your actions!" Pear Butter stated.

"And if you don’t stop following this path, the pain and suffering will only get worse for everyone you know… including you!" Bright Mac finished.

"Ah… ah've been hurting everyone?" Apple Bloom inquired quietly with a shocked expression.

Bright Mac nodded solemnly. "Ah'm afraid so, my little apple seed."

Apple Bloom couldn't believe what she was hearing. She saw herself as a good girl, very friendly and considerate of other people's feelings. To hear that she had done something bad and people suffered because of her, really upsets her. Worse of all, she had no idea what she had done that even her parents were mad at her.

"Ah… ah didn't mean to!" Apple Bloom stammered. "I have no idea what dat is, but Ah never meant to hurt anyone!"

"Unfortunately, you did Apple Bloom… especially to your sister," Pear Butter said bluntly, much to Apple Bloom’s horror. "And things will get worse for her if you don’t change your ways!"

"N-no! Not Applejack!" Apple Bloom cried. She then sat on her knees and looked up at her parents with her pleading expression. "Ah don’t know wat Ah did, but I'll fix it, whatever dat may be! Just please tell me what Ah did wrong!"

"Apple Bloom, you have been posting many mean and embarrassing things about other people online… as Anon-a-Miss!" Bright Mac revealed, which caused Apple Bloom’s eyes to go wide in realization.

"Not only that… you're pinning the blame on an innocent girl who doesn't deserve all the pain and suffering that you've caused!" Pear Butter added in a disappointed tone.

Apple Bloom felt her stomach dropped, knowing where this conversation was going. "Y-you don't mean…"

"Yes, Apple Bloom… we were talking about Sunset Shimmer," said Bright Mac as he gave his daughter a look of disapproval. "You've been hurting everyone, including your sister as this cruel online persona… all so you could hurt that girl for a petty reason!"

"But… b-but she's a bully!" Apple Bloom exclaimed angrily. "You know that she had hurt Applejack and my friends' sisters in the past! And now she's taking Applejack away from me! If you ask me, she's getting exactly what she deserves!"

"Apple Bloom!" Pear Butter thundered, causing Apple Bloom to cease her ranting in fear. "I'm extremely disappointed in you! We didn't raise you to act this way! And Sunset Shimmer was already punished and earned her forgiveness from others, including your sister!"

"And even if Sunset is still a bully, you don't get back at them and stoop to their level! Two wrongs don't make a right!" Bright Mac added sternly. "And even without the excuse of her past behavior, going after her just because you're jealous isn't a good reason to be doing this!"

Apple Bloom couldn't believe what she was hearing. The whole reason why her parents came to visit her was not only because they were calling her out on her actions as Anon-a-Miss, they were also strongly disapproved of her actions against Sunset Shimmer. And worse of all, they were also defending Sunset Shimmer, the former bully, as if they were taking her side over their own daughter.

"Ah ain't jealous!" Apple Bloom denied.

"Yes, you are," Bright Mac responded firmly, not buying his daughter's words. "And it was a foolish move at that! Why couldn't you just talk to your sister?"

With a pout, Apple Bloom looked away. "Ah… ah didn't think Applejack would listen to me. Heck, she never has the time for me lately! Anon-a-Miss is the only way for me to get mah sister back to me!"

Bright Mac shook his head. "No Apple Bloom, there is another and much better way! There's always a better alternative without the need to harm everyone. All you're really doing is pushing your sister away!"

"And you knew Applejack loves you with all her heart," Pear Butter added. "She'll always have the time for you and to hear what you say if you just talk to her! But if you continue down this path, it will be too late and your relationship with your sister will be beyond repair."

"Y-yer lying!" Apple Bloom stammered. "T-there's no way Ah’ll lose mah sister! Ah actually getting her back!"

Bright Mac’s eyes narrowed. "Wake up, Apple Bloom! You may have her back now, but that's only temporary! But once she learns the truth, you'll lose her forever!"

"She won't know!"

"She will!"

As both Apple Bloom and Bright Mac were giving each other the staredown, they suddenly heard an awkward cough from the sideline.

"Um… excuse me?" Sweetie Belle spoke up for the first time from the whole conversation.

Bright Mac turned his attention to Sweetie Belle. "Yes? Sweetie Belle, right?"

Sweetie Belle nodded. "You said that things will get worse for everyone around us if we continue as Anon-a-Miss." She then had a worried frown. "Does… that include my sister?"

"And Rainbow Dash?" Scootaloo added, who also bared a worried look.

Bright Mac nodded. "Yes. Both of them, along with the rest of the Rainbooms will be deeply affected by your actions as well, including Sunset!"

"But there is still time," Pear Butter cuts in. "You three can still make things right by putting a stop to this madness and then confess to everyone what you have done. Only then, everyone will be spared from any more suffering."

Sweetie Belle frowned. It was bad enough that Sunset suffered and her sister became a laughingstock because of Sweetie’s actions, but to hear that her sister is going to suffer even worse in the long run if they continue their scheme only increased her guilt.

Sweetie swallowed. "Well… if that's the only way to spare my sister, then we'll–"

"Absolutely not!"

Surprised by that outburst, Sweetie Belle turned towards Apple Bloom with a stunned expression. "Apple Bloom!?"

“We worked so hard to separate Sunset from our sisters, we ain’t quitting now!” Apple Bloom yelled. “Besides, many students wanted Anon-a-Miss' head! If we confess, they'll come after us!"

"So you rather have an innocent girl take the fall for your heinous deeds?" Pear Butter remarked in a disappointed tone.

Apple Bloom huffed. "What difference does that make? She has done some bad things! It's only fair that she gets everything she deserves!"

"Apple Michelle Bloom!" Bright Mac boomed. "For the last time, Sunset Shimmer was already punished and it's not your call to make. Besides, the poor girl had a hard life as it is, she doesn’t need to be dragged in the mud further from your half-baked scheme."

"Hard life mah foot!" Apple Bloom retorted. "Sunset is nothing but an entitled brat who used to live with a princess from another world until she threw a huge tantrum one day when she didn't get what she wanted. And we all suffered from her as a result!"

Bright Mac glared at her daughter for a moment before he closed his eyes and sighed through his nose.

"Ah understand your anger, my little apple seed," he said in a calm tone. "What she did to everyone including you and your sister wasn't right." He then flew open his eyes. "But she is clearly sorry for her past actions and tries to make up with everyone since then."

"And while it is true that she used to live with a princess from another world, that doesn’t mean that her life is easy," Pear Butter added gently. "You'll understand her better if you just give her a–"

"No!" Apple Bloom shouted. "I refuse to know anything about her, nor that I believe she had a 'hard life'! But she will get a taste of hard life as we continue our work!"

Bright Mac frowned. "But your sister–"

"Will have to deal with it!" Apple Bloom snapped. "If embarrassing mah sister is the only way to get her away from Sunset, then so be it!"

Sweetie Belle’s eyes widened in shock. "Apple Bloom!” she cried. “What about my–”

But Apple Bloom cuts her off. “No! I’m done with this nonsense!” Apple Bloom yelled stubbornly at her friend before turning back towards her parents.

“Ah don’t care what Sunset’s life was like or how everyone else felt! We will continue with this as planned. And I won't stop until Sunset Shimmer is gone! So that she won't be around in our school, or heck, even in our world ever again and out of our lives!"

Everyone in the room stared at Apple Bloom in shock, couldn’t believe how cruel and stubborn Apple Bloom was acting. Even Scootaloo was shocked at her friend’s behavior, including her hatred against Sunset.

"Apple Bloom… you don’t really mean that!" Pear Butter stammer in her pleading tone.

"I meant it!" Apple Bloom shouted angrily. "Every. Single. Word! And there's nothing you can do to change mah mind!"

Taken aback by their daughter’s outburst, Bright Mac and Pear Butter turned and look at each other. Despite neither of them spoke a word, they appeared to be having a silent conversation just by staring at each other. Whether it was because it was one of their ghostly powers or it was simply because they were married for so long, neither of the girls was certain. After a moment of a silent “conversation” between the two of them, both Bright Mac and Pear Butter turned back towards Apple Bloom, each with a deep frown on their faces.

"Apple Bloom,” Bright Mac stated with a deep sigh. “Words cannot describe how disappointed we are to hear you say that."

Apple Bloom was taken aback by her father’s words. "W-wat?"

Before she had a chance to question him, Bright Mac wasn’t done.

"Your mother and I had hoped that our presence alone would be enough to convince you to change your ways and confess. But since you're too stubborn to listen to reason, we have no choice… but to go for the alternative."

Apple Bloom gulped, not liking the sound of it. "A-alternative? W-wat do ya mean?"

With a stern look, Bright Mac raised three fingers. "Apple Bloom, tonight… you and your friends will be visited by three ghosts!"

"G-g-ghosts!" Sweetie Belle shrieked in fright. "More ghosts are visiting us!?"

"Hold on!" Scootaloo spoke up. "I can understand Apple Bloom, but why me and Sweetie Belle!? Why are we involved in this?"

"Because you two are involved in this heinous act as well!" Bright Mac answered harshly, causing the two girls to flinch back from his tone. "You both are just as much in the wrong as Apple Bloom! Therefore, you two will also be involved with Apple Bloom as soon as these ghosts arrive!"

"Pa, please tell me yer joking!" Apple Bloom pleaded.

"The first ghost will arrive at a struck of eight," Bright Mac stated, ignoring Apple Bloom’s plea. "The second ghost will arrive at a struck of nine. And the third and final ghost will arrive as soon as the second ghost departed from this world."

"Um, excuse me, Mr. Apple…sir?" Scootaloo interrupted. "Can't ya just send them all at once and get this over with? We all had a long day, so maybe we should speed along and get this done as soon as–"

Scootaloo froze in place as soon as Bright Mac was glaring at her as if he was staring into her soul.

Scootaloo gulped in fear. "Or… we can do exactly as you planned. T-that's fine too! Hehehe…"

As Bright Mac lingered his glare at the tomboy, Sweetie Belle spoke up.

“Um, if you don’t mind me asking, why eight?” Sweetie asked. “From what I known from books and video games, weren’t ghosts usually showed up at midnight?”

Pear Butter nodded. “It’s true that most ghosts usually like to come out later at night, however, because of how serious this whole… situation is right now, we’re making this an exception.” Pear Butter’s expression became serious. "When these ghosts arrive, please be open-minded. Listen to them, heed their advice… and for all your sakes, please make the right decision."

The girls were surprised by the last part of Pear Butter's warning.

"Our sakes? Wat do y'all mean?" Apple Bloom pressed, feeling apprehensive. "Wat's gonna happen to us!?"

Suddenly, the wind began to pick up again, nearly blinding everyone due to cold air and snow. As the wind was picking up, both Bright Mac and Pear Butter were fading away almost rapidly.

"Ah'm afraid our time has come," Bright Mac informed solemnly.

He turned his attention to Sweetie and Scootaloo. "Goodbye girls." He then set his eyes on his daughter. "Goodbye Apple Bloom… while we're still disappointed in your actions… we still love you. But when these ghosts arrive, please be open-minded and hear them out before you judge."

"And when that time comes, I trust that you'll make the right decision… and make things right," Pear Butter finished.

They stared at their daughter in yearning one last time before they closed their eyes and then their ghostly bodies dissolved and became one with the wind. Before Apple Bloom could reach out to them, the spiritual wind blew around the room a moment longer before it flew out the window, and then the window closed by itself.

The three girls stood in silence, still processing everything they just witnessed and what Apple Bloom’s parents just said to them moments ago. Neither one of them said a word, not knowing what to say until Scootaloo finally breaks the ice.

"Well that was… something," Scootaloo stated awkwardly. "Pretty cool exit though."

Sweetie Belle gave Scootaloo a look of disbelief. "Seriously Scoots!? That's the only thing you take away from this? The ghosts of Apple Bloom’s parents were just here to warn us about our futures! And not only that, we're expecting more ghosts to show up tonight! All because of our actions as Anon-a-Miss!"

Sweetie began to panic as she gripped both sides of her face with her hands. "I don't like this! I don't like this at all! If that wasn't a sign for us to stop and confess, I don't know what was!"

"We ain't confessing to nobody!" Apple Bloom spoke up, much to Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo’s shock. "We'll just continue as normal, posting anythang we can get our hands on until Ah say we're done!"

Sweetie Belle shook her head. "But Apple Bloom, didn't you hear what your parents are say–"

"Forget what they say!" Apple Bloom snapped. "Ah bet my pa was just jokin' about us being visited by spirits! They were just tryin' to scare us away from our mission and nothing more!"

Sweetie Belle stared at Apple Bloom in disbelief, couldn’t believe what she was hearing. "Joke!? You think your dad was joking!?" She shrieked. "I've heard many jokes in my lifetime from my dad and especially from Pinkie Pie. Your dad's warning about what we did to others and more ghosts showing up… doesn't sound like a joke to me!"

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Whether my pa was joking or not doesn't matter! If we stop now and confess what we all did, all of our efforts to get Sunset away from our sisters will be fer nothing! And not only our sisters will be mad at us, the whole school will be after us as well! We can’t just quit now!"

But Sweetie Belle didn't back down. "Apple Bloom, I'm already questioning if what we did was right! But after their… spiritual visit… I'm more convinced that we should back off more than ever!"

"Ah don’t believe this!" Apple Bloom retorted with a huff before turning to her other friend. "Help me out, Scoots!"

Scootaloo rubbed the side of her arm with a conflicted expression. "I… I don't know Apple Bloom," Scootaloo spoke quietly. "What if your folks were right? Do you think maybe we have gone too far?"

"Wat? You too Scoots!?" Apple Bloom screeched before throwing her hands up. "C'mon girls! Don't forget the reason why we're doing this! Not only to get our sisters back, but to also punish Sunset for everything she had done!"

Apple Bloom pointed at Scootaloo. "Scoots, you remembered how she broke up Rainbow Dash and mah sister's friendship by changing the bake sale date and sabotaging her big game last year?"

Scootaloo frowned deeply as she remembered those events. While she wasn't there when it happened, she remembered seeing how upset and depressed Rainbow Dash was about losing Applejack when she thought no one else was looking.

Apple Bloom then pointed at Sweetie Belle. "And Sweetie Belle, you remember what she did to your sister at the Spring Fling months ago? And do I need to remind you that your sister kicked you out of her room for visiting as soon as Sunset arrived?"

Sweetie Belle furrowed her brows as she recalled that very night in question. She remembered her sister had an emotional breakdown after Sunset humiliated her during the Spring Fling. Sweetie Belle couldn’t forgive Sunset for what she had done to her sister even after Rarity and Sunset made up and became friends. It didn’t really help that her sister was hanging out with Sunset more than her, including that one time when Sweetie was forced to kick out of her sister’s room because of Sunset.

Not only she had a grudge against Sunset for her past deeds, but she was also mad at Rarity for ignoring her and leaving her out, which was why she joined in on Apple Bloom’s plan in the first place. But after seeing the fruits of their labors at school, Sweetie immediately regretted hurting both Rarity and Sunset Shimmer and didn’t want to hurt them anymore. Unfortunately for her, Apple Bloom was far too stubborn to listen to reason from anyone, including from her own parents. The fact that Apple Bloom’s parents flat out warned them that bad things will happen if they don’t change their ways really frighten Sweetie Belle.

And something tells her that things were about to get worse.

“While I’m still mad at Sunset for hurting Rarity and upset at my sister for throwing me out… what we have done to them and everyone else wasn’t any better,” Sweetie responded with a frown. “I think we should listen to your folks and put an end to this before things get worse.”

Apple Bloom angrily shook her head. “No! We are not stopping this because of their ‘warning’! And even if they weren’t joking, they can send us as many ghosts as they want because we're not changing our plans!” Apple Bloom growled stubbornly. “We ain’t gonna stop until Sunset Shimmer is out of our lives fer good! End of discussion!"

"But Apple Bloom–"

"End. Of. Discussion!"

Sweetie Belle was taken aback by Apple Bloom’s cruel response. She has never seen her friend acted this way before. She didn’t want to say it out loud, but Apple Bloom reminded her of how Diamond Tiara used to treat her in the past, but ten times worse. And that scared her. Even Scootaloo, who was witnessing the exchange was shocked by Apple Bloom’s behavior. Apple Bloom seemed to realize what she just said, but instead of apologizing, she just breathed through her nose with a sigh.

"Ah'm going to bed!” Apple Bloom declared as she slowly made her way over to her bed without another word.

Both Sweetie Belle and Scoootaloo stared at each other with concerned expressions, before the two of them slowly went back to their sleeping bags. As the Sweetie and Scootaloo were settling into their bags again, Apple Bloom climbed back into her bed with a bitter frown.

"Sunset having a tough life," Apple Bloom scoffed quietly before pulling the covers over her head.

"Bah, humbug!"

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