• Published 3rd Sep 2012
  • 3,872 Views, 289 Comments

Fallout Equestria: Ouroboros - Francium Actinium

Faced with the death of her entire stable, Francium sets out to repair the damage she helped cause, return those who are enslaved to their rightful homes and see if Stable-Tec took Project Nightmare one step too far.

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Thanks for the chapter. I really hope you are able to complete this story, it would be awesome to read it from start to finish.

How many chapters long will this story be?

10752021 Chapters, not sure, but we are a bit over 2/3rds of the way through the story.

An update! Very well done, sticking with it like this. I hope everything goes better for you. I'll wait any time needed for another update.

Happy to see another chapter. Relived to know it may take a while but will be finished.

Just got caught up, awesome update. Will always be here.

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