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Caught In The Act??

You and Flash had already ran all over the beach. It had been ten minutes since you and Flash had left the girls to find Dusk Shine. In that time you had went to Flash's car, checked all the bathrooms, and even tried calling him, but sadly the hunt to find him was unsuccessful. The only other place left that you hadn't checked was the hotel. Or unless Dusk Shine got lost which he shouldn't have because, you can't miss a big building that literally says in big words 'Hotel.'

"Do you think Sonata is better?" Asked Flash

"I don't know hopefully she is." You said

"If Dusk Shine ain't in the hotel where do you think he could be?" Flash asked

"Hey, we haven't even checked the hotel yet so he could be there. And if he ain't there then we call the police and tell them that are friend is missing." You said

"Ok, so what's the plan when we get to the hotel?" Flash asked

"You go to our room, and I'll look everywhere else for him. We'll meet up at the lobby if we don't find him." You said

"Ok, I'll call you if I find him." Flash said

"Ok." Was all that you said. You were already freaking out prior due to Sonata, then Dusk Shine being not seen for almost an hour now.

You and Flash had just arrived at the hotel. Flash went to the lobby desk to ask for your guys hotel number, while you waited for him by the elevator.

"They said room number 202, so the second floor." Flash said

"Ok, I'll check all that floor, then proceed from there." You said

Once the elevator doors opened you and Flash ran out of the elevator. Flash went to the left while you headed to the right. You had to find Dusk Shine then you could get to Sonata's aid faster. The only problem was where could he be, there were a lot of rooms. Calling his number for the tenth time and going straight to voice mail you were started to get annoyed. So what about Dusk Shine he wasn't really your friend more like an acquaintance, Sonata was far more important than him. But once Sonata woke up she would probably begin to wonder where her boyfriend was. Were you jealous of Dusk Shine yes, yes you were. Jealous because she loved him and not you. Jealous because he had her and you didn't. You were only going to find Dusk Shine because of Sonata not because you want to.

It felt as though you had walked the whole second floor for the fifth time. Still no sign of Dusk Shine and Flash hadn't called you yet so he probably was having the same luck as you were having. Having enough you decided to head back down to the lobby. You had already texted Flash about the news and he had said the same. As you were walking you heard people talking. You didn't know why but you decided to just take a look. Once you peaked the corner you saw Dusk Shine but he wasn't alone. Right infront of him was Trixie, or as she like to say "The Great and Powerful Trixie."

"I had a good time let's do it again." Trixie said

"Why not do it tonight? We can meet up at 10:00 just you and me." Dusk Shine said

"Sure, I'll have my door open for you." Trixie said

"I'll be looking forward to it. I got to go but I'll see you later." Dusk Shine said

"See you then Dusky." Trixie said

You heard that... all of it. Trixie and Dusk Shine were planning a "get together" but for you it sounded like a date to you. You couldn't believe Dusk Shine would go behind Sonata's back like that. Ironic, once he's gone from Sonata he does this! You were so angry with Dusk Shine, you just wanted to go over there and punch him. But at the same time you didn't have solid proof that they did anything or that it was a date. You would of done it to but Flash started to call you.


"Hey Anon, have you found Dusk Shine yet?" Flash asked

"No." You lied "I'm guessing you haven't found him either have you."

"No, I think we should call the police." Flash said

"Let's keep looking for at least one more hour. Then we call the police, who nows maybe he's with the girls." You said

"Fine one more hour then we call. But he's not with the girls I'm with them." Flash said

"Oh, ok. I'll keep looking, how's Sonata doing?" You asked

"Better than she was doing before, but she's still kinda sick." Flash said

"That's good to hear, I'll call if I find Dusk. See you Flash." You said

"Ok, see you Anon." Flash said

You kept looking at Dusk Shine and Trixie they were still talking about later tonight. Odd just last week you had over heard him tell Blueblood just how annoying Trixie was and that her magic isn't even that good. Something wasn't right. You were perplexed is he, her friend or not? About five minutes later Trixie and Dusk Shine hug and head their own ways. He was headed your way so you decided to use your acting skills. You went back a little down the hall and started to walk towards him.

"Dusk Shine, there you are we've been looking for you all over the place." You said

"Oh you have sorry I was talking to a friend." Dusk Shine said

Odd he wasn't being reluctant about it. Maybe they were just friends or he was lying through his teeth classical. Oh well now you can finally see how Sonata's doing.

"That's fine, by the way Sonata passed out so we tried to find you. She's gotten better but she's still not doing good." You said

"She passed out? She'll be ok though right?" Dusk Shine said

"From what Flash told me she's getting better. But she's not at 100%, she also had bruises and cuts all over her back. Do you know anything about that?" You asked

"She had bruises and cuts on her back? She never told me nothing about them. Did she hurt herself on accident again?" Dusk Shine asked

"No, they look like someone made them with intention and consistent." You said

"Are you insinuating that my girlfriend is being attacked and I didn't know anything about it." Dusk Shine said

"Guess so." You said

"Anon!! Dusk Shine!!" Flash yelled

You and Dusk Shine turn around to see Flash running towards you guys. He looked as though he was running as if his life was on the line.

"What's wrong Flash?" You asked

"It's Sonata, it's gotten worse we had to call for an ambulance. It's currently on its way to the hotel." Flash said

"Well what are waiting for let's go." Dusk Shine said

As you three ran down the halls to the lobby you started to hear sirens nearby. Flash wasn't kidding it had gotten worse, Sonata had thrown up and she was sweating like a fat man at a gym. She was in the lobby barely awake, the ambulance people had just gotten there. They took out their stretcher and they put her on it.

Adagio and Aria looked as though they were about to cry. Sunset and Twilight didn't look any better. Flash and Dusk Shine opened the doors for the ambulance people. While you, you just looked on. Sonata would have to go to the hospital. You yourself felt sick, everything felt as though it was spinning. You could only hope for the best, and just wait for Sonata to get better.

Dusk Shine had no idea about the cuts or bruises. So that means someone else must have done it and threatened her to not say anything. Nobody had known about the bruises you could only feel as though it was your fault. You should have seen she was hurt or something. But instead you just believed her like an idiot. Whoever did that to Sonata you will find them no matter what and they WILL pay for what they had done.

'Sonata please get better, there are to many people that care about you' You thought as you looked at her getting put in the ambulance and on to the hospital.

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