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"Love can be a memory that no one can steal but love can also be a pain that no one can heal"


With you having a obvious crush on Sonata but with her being in an abusive relationship with Dusk Shine, will you be able to help her and confess your feelings to her???

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"Hey Sunset, can I borrow your notes after class?" You asked

"You know, you should pay attention to class Anon." Said Twilight Sparkle

Twilight was Sunset's nerdy friend, you got use to her after a while. She was an egg head but at least a nice one that could help you if you had a question. You know how she acts when people don't pay attention or follow the rules so you decided to change the subject.

Everyone knows that one person that loves to jump into conversations.

"Students as this is your last year of Elementary school and your going into Middle school you will have to chose your classes, so today you will be choosing your classes, if you need any help ask me." Your teacher said

They’re not in high school?

They will be, this is just part of the storyline before high-school, they will be in high-school though.

So they don’t have birthday licks in the human world? Also, is it me or are they playing the game wrong?

If your talking about them having lifes then yeah that's how I played it with my friends so I did like that.

"I was for sure you would say no Sonata, you don't have to accept the dare I can give you a different one." Twilight said

"No, I'll do it, I've been actually wanting to ask him for a while now." Sonata said

"How long is, 'for a while now' Sonata?" Asked Adagio with a smirk

"Um, 2 months." Sonata said

"2 months!!!" Everyone but Sonata yelled

"Sonata, why didn't you say something earlier." Aria asked

Two months isn’t so bad.

"Look no offense Flash, Anon but this is a girls thing not a boys think, you understand right?" Sunset said

Is the gender relevant?

"Ah, young love I remember when I was your age and I liked someone just like her." Yoru mom said

"What happened?" You asked

"That's a story for another time." Your mom said

Aww. I wanted to hear it.

After your mom said that you got home. The rest of the day went by, with a blank of the eye. As night came by you were starting to wonder what would happen tomorrow. All you could do was just to wait and see. You hoped for the best for Sonata but at the same time you didn't want Dusk Shine to say 'yes', but why?

So tomorrow would be Monday?

You started to think about everything that had happened. First Sonata says she like Dusk Shine, then Twilight dares her to ask him out, and now Sonata asked him out. As you put all the clues together you finally figured it out why you felt heartbroken.

You liked Sonata

And I bet you he’s gonna wait a lot longer than two months to say anything.

For all of your comments I'll make an answer yeah two months ain't bad, gender relevant guess you could put it that way, you'll hear the story later on, yes tomorrow would be Monday sorry for the misunderstanding, and yes way longer that 2 months, actually the first 3 chapters were kinda like a memory.

As you thought back to those memories you could only feel heartbroken. It had been 5 years since Sonata asked Dusk Shine out. Yes you heard me 5 YEARS. Not a week, Not a month, Not a year, 5 years.

I knew it would be longer than two months.

Your feelings for Sonata never changed since Elementary School. In fact you would say that your feelings for her grew even more. It hurt seeing her with Dusk Shine but as long as she was happy you were happy. Plus you didn't want to cause any love problems for Sonata by telling her you liked her and you didn't want to get on Dusk Shine's bad side.

What’s wrong with his bad side?

As you started to eat your pizza you noticed that Sonata wasn't at table, she was probably eating at Dusk Shine's table. Sonata sometimes eats at your table and sometimes at Dusk Shine's table. You liked this Twilight and Sunset doing homework, Rainbow, Aria, and Applejack having competitions, Adagio and Rarity talking about fashion and clothes, and Flash and you talking about anything that was on your minds.

What do fluttershy and pinkie pie do, then?

So which club were you going to chose?

I was never a club type of person.

I didn't even see that I didn't add Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie, I fixed it though

Do you have a friend that's like a bug that won't go anyway. Or that food in-between your teeth that you can't get out no matter how hard you try. Well that's how Flash was acting towards you. He's being persistent about you joining a club for your last year. You on the other hand didn't want to join a club.

Just shove something in his mouth, it’ll shut him up temporarily.

You couldn't just stay away from Flash he was your best friend, but you really didn't want to join a club. Oh speak of the devil here comes Flash right now coming towards you.

I think I honestly smacked my teeth without knowing it at this part.

You were really starting to get pissed off with Flash keeping on asking you over and over again to join some stupid club. A club is just a club it's not like not joining one is the end of the world.

Just tell him to leave you alone.

*sigh* "Fine I'll join a stupid club, just so that you can shut up, but I'll do it after school and if there aren't any clubs that interest me then count me out." You said

I’m honestly hoping he doesn’t find one just to see what flash says.

"It's a club where you learn how to defend yourself, it specializes in Karate and Boxing. I joined it in my Sophomore year and it's actually pretty fun." Flash said

Not gonna lie, that does sound interesting.

"Man seeing a match between Rainbow Dash and Aria now that's something I would like to see." You said

Ohh. That would be so good.

"If you were to face off with Sunset she most likely do karate then boxing, as for Dusk Shine he'll do boxing then karate." Flash said

So just be balance.

"Not necessarily, he defeated Sunset and she tried to defend against him." Flash said

"He beat Sunset?" You asked

That’s kinda obvious.

*sigh* "Fine, yes I like Sonata. How did you know, I thought I was hiding it pretty well." You said

Nope. The main character always sucks at hiding his feelings.

He wasn't wrong the last time someone broke a Pinkie promise, which was Rainbow Dash, you had never seen Pinkie so mad before. She was more scarier than your mom and dad when they get mad. If Flash told Sonata he would have to face off with a sycophantic Pinkie Pie.

I’d probably take my chances.

"I'm not getting cocky. I just think having experience and techniques aren't everything, you could get lucky." You said

I guess that’s kinda true.

"They could mess up or make a wrong play. One wrong move could be the match. Just because they have experience doesn't make them undefeatable. You just have to have some faith." You said

That’s true

Even Aria and Rainbow Dash will be hard to take down they had far more confidence then you. It wasn't like you didn't have confidence, just not as much as Aria or Rainbow.

Don’t you mean cockiness?

Sunset had three years prior of experience and Dusk Shine to what Flash has said doesn't have a weakness. Blueblood had a interesting strategy, Aria and Rainbow even though they don't have experience they have gotten into fights with other students that were messing around with Fluttershy. Even though Rainbow and Aria were outnumbered the match was heavily one-sided with Aria and Rainbow barely breaking a sweat. If you had any hope of winning before it was slowly disappearing.

This is getting exciting.

"It doesn't matter, I can sleep in my clothes." Flash said

"On a school night? And your going to wear the clothes your gonna have to wear tomorrow." You said

Wow, a sleepover on a school night.

You were really starting to doubt if you could win. But all you could think of was one thing.

'Were you really capable of actually defeating Sunset and Dusk Shine?'

Is that supposed to be a grammar mistake?

Why can’t all schools have this? This sounds fun and productive as hell.

I go to a private school so that's probably why

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted Feb 15th, 2021

Ok, that may explain it, but is canterlot a private school?

For this story it can be, but canterlot is a high school

I think there are some private high schools.

"Sunset, Adagio, Aria, Sonata, and Twilight. It'll be the old days just the five of us." Flash said

"Old days? I ain't that old. But yeah sure, I'll come it's been a while since it's just been the five of us." You said

Doesn’t he mean seven?

The water wasn't that cold. In fact it was pretty good the perfect temperature. Dusk Shine and Flash looked at each other and back at you. You understood what they were doing so you shock your head. And with that the race was on. You were a fast swimmer so you were able to keep up with them. The race was a close one but sadly you came in second. Coming right after Dusk Shine by a second, they Flash coming in last place.

What was he saying no to?

"Me and Flash will look for him. You girls take Sonata back to the hotel." You said

"Alright we'll call you if we see Dusk Shine." Adagio said

Wouldn’t it be better to take her to a hospital?

You know I actually meant to say seven but for some reason I put five like a idiot. What was he saying no to? It meant to be a yes not a no, once again me being an idiot I'll fix it. As for the hospital I mean sure but it keeps the story is suspense. I'm guessing you didn't see the yugioh reference.

At the beginning when we're fighting Aria I said she had fallen for your trap card. That's a yugioh reference unless you haven't seen yugioh then you wouldn't understand.

Although I haven’t watched yugioh, I have heard that term before, but after awhile it’s sounds less like a reference and more of an old saying. That’s probably why I didn’t know it was a yugioh reference.

Ok, if I was in anon’s position I would have told only certain people in the group what I saw.

Gonna have to edit that.

Flash had already dropped you off and took the girls home. You still couldn't shake off what you had overheard from Dusk Shine and Trixie. They were planning something tonight but what? You should probably tell someone what you had saw but who? Flash would most likely be the best candidate. You pull out your phone and you start to dial Flash's number.

Yes, that is a good idea.

As he hangs up the phone you start to wonder if you should call Aria and Adagio. Sonata is their sister and Dusk Shine was her boyfriend. But at the same time they should probably have so time with their family after what happened. Guess it could give you a shot, you start to dial Adagio's number.

No, do not tell them.

"If it's about Sonata I don't want to hear it." Aria said obviously not caring about her sister

Wow, that’s messed up.

As you look at them each one of them had a different expression on their face. Aria looked madder than a bull and it looked as though steam was coming out of her ears. Flash looked dumbfounded as if he didn't just hear you. As for Adagio she looked absolutely livid. If Aria looked mad to you Adagio definitely looked even more mad. With ferocity in their eyes you knew Dusk Shine's slander was not looking good.

And that’s why I said not to tell her sisters.

I know it probably wasn't the best idea but they would've found out sooner or later

I would rather them find out later, probably when I have proof and know I can trust them not to confront him, yet.

True, but trust me when they find out it's gonna go down town

Well, I hope they don’t mind being tied up, because that’s what I would do to them if they tried to confront him.

That’s what I would do if I was in anon situation. Even though they said they wouldn’t confront him, I ain’t taking the risk, especially after seeing their faces.

Oh 100%. I’m definitely tying her aria up together. Flash, he’s good.

Man Adagio will kill this man with her hair

Well, at least he’ll die comfy, because I’m pretty sure that’s the equivalent of suffocating someone with a pillow.

Oh yea. It probably is.

My head hurts like I just got hit by a car. It's not the first time something like this has happened before. I want to tell them the truth but I can't or I'll get hurt by him. I guess I should probably explain the situation that's going on.

You’re gonna get hurt by him anyways. So you might as well tell them.

Dusk Shine is a good person it's just that he has dad issue's and he uses me as his punching bag. Ever since Dusk Shine joined the Self Defense club in our second year of high school he got even more violent.

Is she trying to give this man an excuse?

If I tell my sister they'll kill him no questions asked. But if I tell someone like Anon then he'll probably do something like that as well. I just want someone anyone to just let it stop. I want to be free, free from the abuse, free from Dusk Shine. I try to think of the pros and cons of my time since I've been with Dusk Shine.

Just tell someone.

Without other second he grabs my arm and takes me downstairs again. He throws me against the wall as hard as he could. He then proceeds to threaten me and tells me if I try to do something like that again or if I did do it he would torture me as much as possible. I remember leaving his house that day and go to my room and cry for the rest of the night. It hurt to know that I couldn't tell anyone about what Dusk Shine had done to me.

She might as well tell them, though.

My vision starts to come back to me as I finish thinking back to that time. As I open my eyes I see my parents, my sisters, Sunset, Twilight, Flash, and Anon all around in the room. I put my hands to my head.

Come on, tell them.

'Who could be the person that was hitting Sonata' You thought

He does realize you don’t have to be a detective to figure it out, right?

They'll find out. It's all just coming together, soon enough their find out and it'll be intense when they do.

It had been two weeks since you and the others had gone to check on Sonata in the hospital. You had went back to school the week prior. Your final quarter of senior year of high-school had just started. You were currently at lunch eating your taco sitting next to Flash. Ever since Sonata had gotten out of the hospital Adagio and Aria had started to be distant towards you and the others. They had actually been watching out for Sonata. Even Aria was being nicer to her. But they weren't the only ones that's been acting different even you and Flash had actually drifted apart a bit. It wasn't like you guys stopped talking it was just that you guys stopped hanging out as much as you use to. Which was kinda a good thing, he could get really annoying at some points of time.

It wouldn’t be real friendship if he wasn’t annoying.

Sonata didn't come to school today which was surprising to you. She normally always comes to school in fact she loves school. She even likes school more than Twilight at some points of time. She had never missed a day of school ever since you've known her. Personally you didn't love school but you did hate it. Ever since you joined the Self Defense club you've actually liked to come to school.

Hey, I can’t blame anon. That would probably be the only reason I come to school, too.

Anyways, as your finishing your taco you looked up to at everyone. Adagio and Aria were actually talking to the other girls which was a miracle. Flash was talking to Sunset probably trying to flirt with her and failing in the progress. Sunset didn't know Flash liked her but with the way he flirts it won't be long until Sunset realizes that Flash likes her. He's pretty much saying 'hey I like you, wanna go out?'

There’s no way she’s that oblivious.

"As it is coming to the end of the year it's time for Self Defense club's main event of the year. At the end of the year the Self Defense club holds a tournament for everyone. The tournament will take place three weeks from now on Tuesday. For anyone that wants to enter the tournament must sign up before the end of the week. The rules of the tournament are simple: No under shots, No illegal contact, Hit only above the waist. If any of these rules are broken you will be disqualified and maybe get a detention. That is all. You may all now continue your training for the day." Vice Principal Luna said

Damn, those are some hard rules.

"Sure whatever I'll be waiting for you Sonata I got to talk to Blueblood. See you later, Anon." Dusk Shine said

Ok, nows your chance to tell them, sonata.

"I better get going good luck Anon. See you guys later." Sonata said

Ok, at this point she doesn’t want the abuse to stop.

Come on let's be honest we all have that friend that is kinda annoying. As for Sunset's obviousness I over exaggerated. The rules are the same rules they told us if you don't understand pretty much anything was legal except for shots under the waist. As for Sonata just wait next chapter will cover it all.

Facts. Do you mean obliviousness? So no going for the legs?

Typed the wrong thing but yes oblivious. As for the legs you could they just meant like no private shots.

Ohh. Also, I kept forgetting to ask this, but did they spar on their first day in the club?

I got confused when you said we, but then I remembered the story was in first-person. Isn’t she supposed to teach them moves before they spar?

True, but that's how my teacher was. Straight into battle even if you didn't know what the heck you were doing. BTW I got a question, how do you know I post a chapter? You don't have this book in your library so do you just check my page every day or something?

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