• Published 13th Jan 2020
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Celestia and Luna Go To An Alternative Timeline - Twilight Star

After Twilight Sparkle tells the Princesses of Equestria an alternate universe where everything is the opposite, Celestia and Luna are curious and decide to visit this alternate universe.

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Gathering the carriers of the Elements of Harmony

Celestia and Luna were still at the Golden Oka’s Tree Library. Garble had gone out to see Sunny Flare. They were discussing whether or not to go back to the original timeline they came from.

“Sister, this is the best place! Everypony loves my night and stays up here!”

“Luna, they may stay up at night here, but we can’t live here.”

Luna was confused. “But why not?”

“Because as much as we like this timeline, we can’t stay here because we don’t belong here,” Celestia replied. “Luna, we don’t belong here. We need to leave before anypony finds out we’re not from here.”

Suddenly the door opened revealing Sunset Shimmer and Chrysalis. Luna went to Sunset Shimmer. “Sunset, why did you return so early? Have you hang out with Chrysalis or got tired?”

Sunset Shimmer was quiet. She didn’t know what to say. “We need to talk, princess.”

“About what, Sunset?” asked Luna.

“I saw Nightmare Moon, princess,” replied Sunset. Luna was worried to hear the word “Nightmare Moon”. “And she told me that you and Celestia don’t belong here. Is this true? Is it true that you aren’t the real Celestia and Luna from here and did you two come from an alternate timeline?”

Luna and Celestia looked uncertain. Sunset Shimmer waited for an answer patiently. Chrysalis was trying to cheer up Sunset Shimmer. Sunset Shimmer looked down. “I’ll take that as a yes…”

“Are you mad at us?” asked Luna.

Sunset Shimmer looked at Luna. “Well Princess Luna, I’m a little upset that you two have hidden the truth from me, but I can see your side. You both thought I’d be mad and kick you out of the library for thinking you were Changelings.”

“So, that mare named Nightmare Moon is actually Princess Luna from here?” Chrysalis asked Sunset Shimmer.

“Technically, Chrysalis,” replied Sunset Shimmer.

“But why did she turn evil, Sunset?”

“I don’t know, Chrysalis. But we have to save the princess from the darkness in her. ”

“How, Sunset?”

“With the Elements of Harmony. But first we need to find my friends.”

Sunny Flare made a dress, she used the sewing machine, next to her was Garble holding fabric, he made a face in love. Sunny Flare took the fabric and put it on the mannequin. Sunny Flare picked up a pink fabric that Garble was holding. “Garble, thank you so much for helping me.”

“My pleasure, Sunny Flare.” Garble’s passionate face didn’t waver.

Suddenly they heard a knock on the door. The two went to the door and saw Sunset Shimmer with his crown and holding a chest with the other Elements of Harmony, beside her, was Chrysalis, Celestia and Luna. Sunset Shimmer handed Sunny Flare her necklace. “Sunny Flare, here is your Element of Harmony.”

Sunny Flare was confused. “Sunset, what is going on?”

Sunset Shimmer was a little unsure. “It’s the princess, Sunny Flare. She turned into Nightmare Moon for unknown reasons and now we need to use the Elements of Harmony on her.”

Sunny Flare looked at Luna before looking back at Sunset Shimmer. “But darling, Princess Luna is right there.”

Sunset Shimmer knew she needed to tell the truth, she just hoped Sunny Flare didn’t say that the princesses who were with her were actually Changelings. “Sunny Flare, do you promise to not freak out?”

Sunny Flare was confused. “But freaking out about what, Sunset?”

“Sunny Flare, the princesses who are with me right now don’t belong here, they are from another timeline,” confessed Sunset Shimmer.

“Wait! So that means… our princess Luna here really became Nightmare Moon?! But… what about Princess Celestia?” Sunny Flare asked, startled.

“I don’t know where Princess Celestia is, Sunny Flare,” replied Sunset Shimmer. “Maybe she hid or ...”

“What if she turned into Daybreaker again, Sunset Shimmer?” asked Sunny Flare in fear.

“Sunny, the Elements of Harmony destroyed her. There is no way Daybreaker can return,” said Sunset Shimmer.

“I’m back!” Sunset Shimmer recognized the voice and looked up at the sky and saw Daybreaker. Daybreaker began to laugh madly. Night has become day.

Sunset Shimmer’s mouth fell open. How did Daybreaker return? But she was determined, because Sunset Shimmer knew she needed to find her friends to defeat Daybreaker a second time and save her dear mentor and friend.

Sunny Flare took the necklace, put it on and looked at Sunset Shimmer with a determined look. “Well darling, if we’re going to save the world one more time, then let’s go. We have no time to lose!”

Sour Sweet fed her animals until her animals began to feel hot. Sour Sweet was worried. “Oh my Luna, are you all right?”

The animals lay on the floor. “Are you sick? Are you hungry?”

The Mole pointed to the sky. Sour Sweet looked up at the sky and saw the sun. “What? It’s day? But wasn’t it still to be at night?”

Sour Sweet heard footsteps and saw Sunset Shimmer, Sunny Flare, Celestia, and Luna. “Sour Sweet, we need you!”

“Of me? But for what?” asked Sour Sweet.

“We need to gather the other girls to save the princess from the darkness,” Sunset Shimmer handed over the Element of Kindness. “Here is your Element of Harmony.”

Sour Sweet put on her necklace. “Not wanting to be rude, but Princess Luna is with you right there.”

Sunset Shimmer was unsure. “Sour Sweet, is that… the Princess Luna with me is from another timeline.”

Sour Sweet was surprised and scared at the same time, she didn’t know what to say.

“Sour Sweet, I know it sounds hard to believe, but please, it’s true what I’m saying,” said Sunset Shimmer.

Sour Sweet looked to the side. “I believe in you Sunset, it’s just… I don’t know how to express myself about this…”

“Sour Sweet, when we finish saving the princess would you like to talk to me about how you feel?” asked Sunset Shimmer, smiling.

Sour Sweet smiled. “Yes. Thank you, Sunset.”

Indigo Zap was on a cloud, relaxing. Until she heard Sunset Shimmer’s voice. “Indigo Zap!”

Indigo Zap looked down. “Do you need something?”

“Yes. We need you to save the princess.” Sunset Shimmer handed the necklace with the Element of Loyalty to Indigo Zap.

Indigo Zap took the necklace, put him it on, and noticed the princesses beside Sunset Shimmer and her other friends. “Sunset, the princess is right there with you.”

Sunset Shimmer knew that Indigo Zap would probably attack the alternate timeline princesses, but Sunset knew she had no other way. “Indigo, the princesses who are with me are from an alternate timeline. The princesses here have become evil for unknown reasons.”

Indigo Zap went to Celestia and Luna. “What did you two do with the princesses? Are you Changelings? Are you spies?!”

“Indigo! I understand why you’re suspicious, but you shouldn’t talk to princesses that way, even if they aren’t from here,” said Sunset Shimmer.

Indigo Zap struggled to not show regret, but took her Element of Harmony and placed it around her neck. That done, she got her hooves crossed.

Luna was surprised by what Sunset Shimmer had said to Indigo Zap. She couldn’t help noticing that this Sunset Shimmer here was almost the same as Twilight Sparkle from the original timeline, but the difference was that she always saw the side of the ponies and was loyal to Princess Luna.

Sugarcoat was resting under an apple tree until she heard hoofbeats.

“Sugarcoat! Sugarcoat!”

Sugarcoat’s eyes widened. Sugarcoat looked where she saw the voice and saw Sunset Shimmer with her friends and the princesses.

“Girls? Princesses? What’s going on?” asked Sugarcoat, confused.

“It’s the princess, Sugarcoat. She was consumed by darkness and Daybreaker returned,” Sunset Shimmer handed Sugarcoat the Honesty necklace. “Here’s your element. Put it him on.”

“Sunset Shimmer, I need explanations. The princesses are right there. How can I be sure you’re not lying?” said Sugarcoat.

Sunset Shimmer was about to speak, but Luna decided to speak for the yellow unicorn. “Sugarcoat, you can trust Sunset Shimmer, yes. She’s being true and honest with you. Celestia and I aren’t from here, we came here just to visit.”

Sugarcoat didn’t expect Luna to answer, but she decided to trust the words. “Well princess, I trust you,” Sugarcoat looked at Sunset Shimmer. “Sunset, is anypony else missing?”

“Yes, Lemon Zest isn’t here,” said Sunset Shimmer.

Lemon Zest was eating a cupcake until she heard footsteps. She looked at the door and saw her friends and the princesses coming in, but what caught her most was that her friends wore the Elements of Harmony. Lemon Zest stood up. “Hi, girls. Hi, Princesses. What do you want? Do you want me to have a party?”

Sunset Shimmer approached Lemon Zest, she held the Element of Laughter. “Lemon Zest, we need you. The princess was consumed by darkness and Daybreaker returned.”

“Silly. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are already there.” smiled Lemon Zest.

Sunset Shimmer was already getting tired of explaining the same thing, but she knew it would be the last time. “Lemon, the princesses…”

“Oh! Oh! The princesses who are with us aren’t from our timeline, they are from an alternate timeline, and those princesses who have become evil are our princesses on this timeline.” Lemon Zest said without pausing.

Sunset Shimmer and the others gaped. “How did you know that?”

Lemon’s smile didn’t falter. “It was just a guess.”

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