• Published 13th Jan 2020
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Celestia and Luna Go To An Alternative Timeline - Twilight Star

After Twilight Sparkle tells the Princesses of Equestria an alternate universe where everything is the opposite, Celestia and Luna are curious and decide to visit this alternate universe.

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A day with Chrysalis

When the next night came, Sunset Shimmer woke up happy because she was going to spend an entire night with her former foalsitter, Princess Chrysalis. Sunset Shimmer looked at the princesses and saw that they were still sleeping, she decided to let the alicorns sleep. Sunset Shimmer also saw that Garble was still sleeping, she decided to go out to the train station to see if Chrysalis had arived . But before leaving, Sunset Shimmer decided to write to Garble and the princesses she left the library. As she left, Sunset Shimmer looked around and saw that it already had ponies awake, some were doing their jobs, others walking and others just watching the stars. Sunset Shimmer intended to wait for Chrysalis at the train station. Chrysalis had told Sunset that she would be coming early in the evening, and the unicorn was too excited to spend the whole day with her old foalsitter.

When Sunset Shimmer arrived at the train station, she realized it had few ponies. Sunset Shimmer looked around for the train. She started to get worried. Has Chrysalis Forgotten? A train sound was heard, Sunset Shimmer looked left and saw a crystal train approaching. When the train came to a halt, two royal crystal guards came: One was brown with yellow armor and the other was bright purple. From inside the train came a white-haired, golden-haired alicornic mare. Sunset Shimmer smiled. “Chrysalis!”

Chrysalis saw Sunset Shimmer and went to her. Sunset Shimmer did the same. “Moonlight, moonlight! Butterflies awake! Clap your hooves and do a little shake!” they both laughed happily before walking to the Golden Oka’s Tree Library.

“How is life in the Crystal Empire with Sunburst, Chrysalis?” asked Sunset Shimmer.

“It’s alright, Sunset,” replied Chrysalis. “He’s been helping me a lot since we got married.”

“How did he react when you said you was going here?”

“He was a little sad about having to be alone, but I told him it would be for just one night.”

As Sunset Shimmer headed toward the Golden Oka’s Tree Library, many of the ponies bowed to Chrysalis, even though the white alicorn isn’t a Canterlot princess just like Celestia and Luna.

“I can’t wait to see my aunt Luna, Sunset.” Chrysalis smiled.

Sunset Shimmer looked at Chrysalis. “Is Luna your aunt?”

“Yes, Sunset. Luna adopted me and made me her student,” replied Chrysalis. “When Luna saw that my magic was very good, she made me an alicorn.”

“You should see her as a mother to you,” said Sunset Shimmer.

“Well Sunset, she’s just my aunt, but sometimes she treats me like I’m her daughter,” said Chrysalis. “And you, Sunset?”

“Luna treats me like I’m her daughter too,” smiled Sunset Shimmer. “It’s this motherly way of Luna that makes me like her and admire her.”

Sunset Shimmer opened the door with her magic. Celestia, Luna, and Garble had already woken up. Garble was making breakfast and Celestia and Luna were talking. Chrysalis smiled at the sight of Luna. “Aunt Luna!”

Luna looked where the voice came from and saw a white mare and green mane. When Luna saw the mare’s mane, she recognized who it was.


Chrysalis rushed to Luna to hug her. “I missed you, Aunt Luna.”

Luna was nothing more than surprised. Was this Chrysalis from this alternate timeline good? But she smiled because at least one villain was good. Luna hugged Chrysalis back. While Celestia was shocked that if Chrysalis was good it meant Cadence was the evil queen of the Changelings. Celestia just wouldn’t talk because Sunset Shimmer and Chrysalis would find it suspicious that she didn’t know that.

Chrysalis left the hug. “Have you, Sunset and Celestia ever eaten?”

“No, Chrysalis. Garble is making the food,” said Luna.

Garble came out of the kitchen with three plates of pancakes and set them on the table. Seeing Chrysalis he smiled. “Oh. Hi Princess Chrysalis, would you like me to make a pancake for you to eat?”

“No need, Garble, I ate before I came here,” Chrysalis replied.

“Fine then.” Garble sat down to eat his pancake.

Sunset Shimmer and Luna sat together and Celestia sat next to Garble again. Chrysalis decided to stand waiting for Sunset Shimmer.

After Sunset Shimmer had finished eating, she went to Chrysalis. Luna watched with a smile as Celestia seemed possibly a little suspicious that this Chrysalis was an undercover Changeling. But before Sunset Shimmer left, she went to Luna to give a hug goodbye before leaving with Chrysalis.

“So Chrysalis, what are we going to do today?” asked Sunset Shimmer.

“I’d like to do what you would like to do, Sunset,” replied Chrysalis.

“Well then, can we go to the Crystal Empire to see my brother?”

“Of course, Sunset. If that’s what you want.”

Arriving at the train station, the two mares saw the train. It had a line of ponies, luckily the line wasn’t so long. Sunset Shimmer looked at Chrysalis. “Chrysalis, what was Sunburst doing at the moment while you left?”

“He must be taking care of the crystal castle so that no threats enter the castle,” Chrysalis replied.

Suddenly, a black alicorn mare with light blue armor appeared in the sky. “Attention, subjects!” all the ponies around stopped walking and looking at the mare. “If you find a clone of my weaker self, bring her to me.” the ponies were confused, they didn’t understand what this mare was talking about. The mare got angry. “The clone is my weaker self: Princess Luna.”

Sunset Shimmer gaped when the mare said. But seeing Cutie Mark from the moon, she knew who this mare could be. Sunset Shimmer went to the mare. “Princess Luna?!”

The mare looked at Sunset Shimmer. “I am not Princess Luna. I’m Nightmare Moon!”

Sunset Shimmer felt like crying. Why did her mentor turn evil? “Why, Princess?”

Nightmare Moon landed on the floor and placed a hoof on Sunset Shimmer’s chin. “My dear student, don’t you realize that the princesses who are with you don’t belong here?”

Sunset Shimmer took a few steps back. “No… it couldn’t be true…”

“Sunset, I saw them fall from the ceiling through a hole that appeared in the ceiling. They aren’t the real Luna and Celestia here,” said Nightmare Moon.

Sunset Shimmer still looked puzzled by what Nightmare Moon said. She didn’t know what to say. “Sunset Shimmer,” began Nightmare Moon. Sunset Shimmer looked at Nightmare Moon and the alicorn offered a hoof. “Join me and together we can eliminate the false princesses.”

“No ... there has to be another way ...” said Sunset Shimmer. “I’m sure if we talk to them…”

“Sunset, they are faking all the time. Even if you told them to leave, they wouldn’t,” said Nightmare Moon.

“It can’t be true…” Sunset Shimmer was crying a lot now.

“But it’s true, Sunset. So, will you join me?” said Nightmare Moon.

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