• Published 13th Jan 2020
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Celestia and Luna Go To An Alternative Timeline - Twilight Star

After Twilight Sparkle tells the Princesses of Equestria an alternate universe where everything is the opposite, Celestia and Luna are curious and decide to visit this alternate universe.

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Wait. An alternate universe where everything is the opposite?

When Twilight Sparkle returned to her castle, she heard a door click open. “Twilight, where were you? I searched for you all over the castle,” said Spike.

“Hi Spike,” greeted Twilight Sparkle. “I just traveled for an alternate timeline.”

“But you had been traveling a day ago. I was already worried,” said Spike.

“I know, Spike,” said Twilight Sparkle. “And I’m sorry I didn’t warn you, would you like to hear how it went?”

“Sure, Twilight,” Spike replied with a smile.

Twilight Sparkle and Spike went into a room that they had in the castle, they sat on a couch and Twilight Sparkle told Spike what her adventure was like.

“What was this alternate universe like, Twilight?” asked Spike.

“He’s very different from ours, Spike.” Twilight Sparkle looked to the side. She was still a little shocked that the Celestia from the alternate universe had an evil side.

“How different is it?”

“How should I start?”

“How about starting to talk about what ponies look like?”

Twilight Sparkle smiled. “Well, the ponies haven’t changed that much. The only differences from the ponies is that Sunset Shimmer lives in Equestria and not in Canterlot High, her friends are six mares without being my friends…”

Spike was a little surprised, but then smiled. “What’s so bad about it, Twilight? Perhaps in this alternate universe Sunset Shimmer has never become against Princess Celestia.”

Twilight Sparkle was sweating nervously. “That’s not the problem, Spike. The problem is that Luna is the ruler of Equestria and Celestia is the Co-Regent!”

Spike was surprised and open-mouthed, literally, but soon recovered. “But ... shouldn’t it be the opposite?”

“I know, Spike. I thought about that too at the time. But do you know why Luna was the ruler of Equestria instead of Luna?” said Twilight Sparkle.

Spike shook his head. “Luna had to banish Celestia, but known as Daybreaker!”

Spike was scared. “What? Does Celestia have a dark side? But I always thought Luna was the only one who would have a dark side after you defeated Nightmare Moon.”

“I thought so too, Spike.” Twilight Sparkle looked to the side.

Spike was no longer scared, just curious. “But what made her become Daybreaker?”

“I don’t know, Spike. But Luna told me that it’s a long story,” replied Twilight. “But I’m hoping never to witness the princess become Daybreaker in my life.”

“Twilight, are there any other things they have in this alternate universe?” asked Spike.

“Yes Spike, Sunset Shimmer has a baby dragon just like me,” replied Twilight Sparkle.

“What’s his name?”

Twilight Sparkle was silent for a few seconds. “... Garble.”

Spike’s mouth fell open again. “What? But this can’t be the same adult dragon that stays in dragonland!”

“Spike, I could see and realize that he’s not the same kind of dragon here. He seems to have a personality like yours,” said Twilight Sparkle.

Spike was afraid. “Wait! If Garble is me on that alternate timeline… does that mean I’m the badass dragon?!”

“Calm down, Spike, that’s just an alternate universe. It’s not real, ok? You’ll always be to me the kind dragon that all ponies know.” Twilight Sparkle hugged Spike.

“What if I ever become Garble on our timeline?” Spike asked in fear.

“You will never be like him, Spike. Believe me.” smiled Twilight Sparkle.

“Do you think so, Twilight?” Spike smiled a little.

“Yes, Spike.”

Spike left the hug. “Are there any more changes in this alternate universe?”

“Yes. There, the ponies are nocturnal,” replied Twilight Sparkle.

Spike was surprised, but soon recovered. “Well, maybe that explains why of Luna is the ruler of Equestria.”

Twilight Sparkle got nervous. “Wait, Spike. So the reason Celestia became Daybreaker was because her day wasn’t appreciated?”

“It can be, Twilight. But was there any change in this alternate universe?” said Spike.

“Yes, Spike. And this next one will make you pass out,” Twilight Sparkle made a break. “Chrysalis is the princess of love and the princess of the Crystal Empire.”

Spike was startled and surprised. “Wait. So if Chrysalis is Princess Cadence then Cadence is Queen of Changelings?!”

Twilight Sparkle was startled when Spike said that. She hadn’t thought of that. When Twilight Sparkle saw Chrysalis in pony form, she thought Cadence ruled along with Chrysalis.

“Just thinking about it makes me scared of that timeline’s Cadence.” Twilight Sparkle lifted her hoove as she looked to the side.

“Was there anything else you saw?” asked Spike.

“Yes. Celestia turned Daybreaker! Spike, I was very scared. When Luna told Sunset Shimmer that Celestia became Daybreaker, I felt traumatized. But when I realized that the girls had the Elements of Harmony, I thought they would banish Celestia into the sun!”

“Twilight please stop crying.”

Twilight Sparkle realized that she was crying. She wiped her tears with a hoof. “I’m sorry, Spike.”

“It’s alright, Twilight. And what happened next?” asked Spike.

“I heard Daybreaker’s scream and ran as far as the sound came from.”

“Where was Daybreaker?”

“In Luna’s room. She was trapped in a shield made by Luna.”

Spike was worried. “And she attacked you?”

“No, Spike. She just looked at me curiously and asked who I was,” answered Twilight Sparkle.

“What did you do next, Twilight?” asked Spike.

“I tried to remove the shield with my magic, but failed. Then I heard footsteps and saw Sunset Shimmer with her friends and Luna.”

“And what did you do, Twilight?”

“I asked Luna to release Celestia.”

“And did Luna let Celestia go?”

“No. Sunset Shimmer told me that Celestia from that timeline was Daybreaker. I denied what Sunset Shimmer said. I even threatened Luna if she didn’t release Celestia.”

Spike was surprised and put both paws as if to say “stop!” “Wait! Wait! Did you threaten an Equestria princess just to release a threat?”

“Spike, Celestia isn’t a threat! Are you saying that Celestia is a tyrant who pretends to be a benevolent ruler?!”

“What? No, Twilight. I’m just referring to Daybreaker. I would never see Celestia as evil. Never!” said Spike.

“But Spike, Daybreaker is practically Celestia!” Twilight Sparkle panicked. “Wait! If I see Daybreaker as a threat then it means that I see Celestia threat!”

Twilight Sparkle put her head on the couch. “I don’t even know anymore…”

Spike put a paw on Twilight Sparkle. “Calm down, Twilight. Celestia will never become evil.”

Twilight Sparkle looked at Spike as she cried. “But… what if she really becomes Daybreaker, Spike? I don’t even know if I could fight against Celestia…”

“Twilight, look at me.” Twilight Sparkle looked at Spike. “Do you trust me?”

“Y-yes, Spike,” replied Twilight Sparkle through her tears.

“Then trust me that Celestia will not become Daybreaker!”

“I don’t know, Spike. What if she turns evil?”

“Twilight, there’s no way that Celestia will turn evil!”

Twilight Sparkle looked uncertain. Spike sighed. “Twilight, let’s do something to forget about this?”

“Yes Spike, but first I need to write a letter to Celestia about this alternate timeline,” said Twilight Sparkle.

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