• Published 31st Dec 2019
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My Little Rarity: Alternate Is Magic - Twilight Star

What if Rarity was born in Canterlot instead of Ponyville? What if Celestia became Daybreaker instead of Luna becoming Nightmare Moon? What if instead of Rarity becoming a stylist, she becomes Luna's student?

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An ordinary day like any other (Edited)

The sun rose on the horizon of Equestria. There were almost no clouds. At Canterlot, unicorns left their homes for a walk. Well, almost everypony was awake. Rarity was in her room sleeping with her sleep mask. The color of the mask was yellow and pink. She was covered to the neck. She slept peacefully until somepony called her. She wasn’t a grown mare, but a unicorn filly.

“Rarity! Come have coffee!”

As much as Rarity wanted to continue sleeping, she took off her sleeping mask, got out of bed, and went into the living room. Arriving in the room, she saw her parents: Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles.

“Good morning Mother. Good morning, Father.” Rarity came down the stairs while saying that.

Rarity’s parents were sitting at the table. On the table were pancakes, waffles, breads, butter, margarine, Creamy cheese and roe. When The two heard hoofbeats, they looked where the sound was and smiled when saw Rarity coming down the stairs.

“Good morning, darling. Did you sleep well?” asked Cookie Crumbles with a smile.

“Yes, Mother.” Rarity finished down the stairs and sat at the table.

Cookie Crumbles served her and Rarity before starting to eat. Rarity watched the food. Rarity started thinking about what she should do today. She was in doubt. She didn’t know if she stayed home drawing clothes or went for a walk. Rarity looked at her plate and saw that her mother had laid roe. Rarity smiled. That was her favorite food. She grabbed a fork before starting to eat. The parents stopped eating when they saw Rarity eat with a smile. They were happy when Rarity liked the food that they made.

Rarity wiped her mouth with a napkin before placing it on the plate. “I am satisfied.”

Cookie Crumbles got up to get the plates with her magic. “We are happy when you like the food.”

Although Rarity had eaten yet, she still didn’t know what to do.

“Rarity, is everything okay?” asked Cookie Crumbles worriedly.

Rarity looked at Cookie Crumbles. “No, mother. I can’t decide if I should go out for a walk or stay at home.”

Cookie Crumbles went to Rarity. “What would you like to do here at home?”

“Draw clothes, mother,” answered Rarity.

“And what would you like to do out there?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

“Maybe go to the mall to buy clothes with my allowance or see my friends,” Rarity replied. “But it’s hard for me to decide.”

Suddenly, the two mares heard a knock on the door. Rarity and Cookie Crumbles went to the door. Cookie Crumbles opened the door with her magic and saw Citrus Blush with a smile.

“Is Rarity at home, Mrs. Cookie Crumbles?” asked Citrus Blush.

“Yes, Citrus Blush.” Cookie Crumbles gave Rarity space to go to her friend.

Rarity went to Fashionable Unicorn. “Hi, Citrus Blush.”

“Hi, Rarity. Would you like to play with me and the others?” asked Citrus Blush.

“I don’t know, darling. I can’t decide whether to stay home or go out,” replied Rarity.

Citrus Blush seemed to understand. “Well then, can I warn them that you won’t come?”

Rarity seemed unsure what Fashionable Unicorn said. What if she ends up deciding to play with her friends? Rarity didn’t want to end up showing up after Citrus Blush said that she wouldn’t come. She made her decision.

“No, darling. I’ve already decided,” answered Rarity, “and I’m going with you.”

“Well, if you’re coming, follow me, Rarity.” Citrus Blush signaled to follow her before she started walking.

Cayenne, Coco Pommel, North Point were playing in a playground in Canterlot. Cayenne and Coco Pommel played on a swing and North Point made a sandcastle. As Cayenne played on the swing, The unicorn felt that she could touch the sky with a hoove. While Coco Pommel wasn’t feeling the same way that Cayenne was, just enjoying the wind on her mane. The only ones in the park were them at the moment. North Point was imagining to be the sandcastle princess.

North Point looked at her friends. “Cayenne! Coco Pommel! Would you two like to play in the sand with me?”

Cayenne and Coco Pommel stopped swinging on the swing and looked at Minuette. “No. Thank you, North Point. We’re already having fun here on the swing. ”

Architecture Unicorn tried to not show sadness. “OK…”

Suddenly they heard hoofbeats, looked the way the sound was coming, and saw Citrus Blush and Rarity rushing over to them. Coco Pommel and Cayenne got off the swing and North Point got out of the sandbox. But what North Point didn’t realize was that her sandcastle collapsed when it came out of the sandbox.

“Rarity! I’m glad you can come!” said Coco Pommel happily.

Rarity smiled. “Thank you, dear. Although I have my hobbies, I always have time to be with my friends.”

“Well, Rarity. Would you like to help me in the sandcastle?” asked North Point.

Rarity looked at Architecture Unicorn. “Of course.”

North Point celebrated before going to the sandbox and seeing that her sandcastle had collapsed. “Oh no. My castle collapsed. It took so much work to do with my magic and bucket and now I have to do it all over again.”

Rarity put a hoof on North Point’s back. “Don’t worry, dear. Rarity will help you make a new sandcastle.”

North Point looked at Rarity with a look of surprise and joy at the same time. “Really? Will you help me?”

“Of course I will, Minuette. Friends are for these things,” replied Rarity.

North Point hugged Rarity with her hooves. “Thank you so much, Rarity. You’re a great friend.”

Rarity hugged North Point back. “You’re welcome, dear.”

North Point and Rarity stepped out of the hug and into the sandbox. Rarity picked up a toy shovel and began to pick up sand and put it in the bucket with her magic. North Point did the same.

After hours in the park, Rarity and NorthPoint made a sandcastle. The sandcastle got big. Coco Pommel and Posh Unicorn were no longer on the swing, but were playing catch. Rarity was staring at the sandcastle until her belly growled. Rarity looked at Architecture Unicorn.

“North Point, I’m going home for lunch,” said Rarity. “See you at the park later?”

North Point looked at Rarity. “Of course, Rarity.”

Rarity stepped out of the sandbox and looked at Coco Pommel and Cayenne. “Bye, dears. See you later.”

“Bye Rarity,” said Coco Pommel and Cayenne in unison.

Leaving the park, Rarity couldn’t deny that she had so much fun. She began to wonder what she would have for lunch today.

Cookie Crumbles set the vegetable souffle, omelet and risotto on the table. Then she put the plates and cutlery. She looked at a clock and saw that it was noon. Cookie Crumbles expected Rarity to arrive soon. She decided to open the door to see if Rarity could see it. Until she saw Rarity running. Cookie Crumbles smiled at the sight of her daughter. When Rarity arrived at her door, she walked straight in. Cookie Crumbles closed the door. Hondo Flanks, who was reading a newspaper to distract himself, stopped when he saw his daughter sitting down.

“So, daughter? Have fun in the park?” asked Hondo Flanks with a smile.

Rarity looked at Hondo Flanks. “Yes, Father. I had fun. I helped Minuette make a sandcastle.”

Cookie Crumbles served her daughter first and then her. Hondo Flanks served himself last. Cookie Crumbles sat down to eat. She looked at her daughter for a moment and saw Rarity eating with a fork and picking up a few pieces of food. Cookie Crumbles sometimes admired that even though Rarity was hungry, the white unicorn always tries to look like a lady.

My daughter is a good example for everypony. I wonder what the future holds for her.

When she had finished eating, Rarity said goodbye to her parents and went back to the park to see if her friends were.

Have they had lunch already? Or are they still eating lunch?

Rarity looked around and had almost no one. Well, she wasn’t worried at all. Because the other unicorns must have probably gone to lunch.

When Rarity arrived at the park, she didn’t see her friends anywhere. Rarity already imagined that. She decided to sit on the swing to wait for her friends and also look around to see if she saw anything interesting. She noted that the sandcastle was still intact. Rarity was amazed that the wind didn’t cause the sandcastle to collapse. Rarity saw four unicorns approaching. She began to wonder if it was her friends. And lucky for her, it was her friends. Rarity smiled and went to her friends. The friends smiled too, and gave a group hug.

Rarity decided to speak. “How was your lunch?”

“Was good.”

“Mine was great.”

“Mine too.”

“And mine too.”

The five unicorns came out of the hug. “So? Shall we continue playing?”

“Yes, Rarity,” replied the others fillies.

Rarity and Citrus Blush swing on the swing, while Coco Pommel and North Point play on the seesaw, Citrus Blush made little sandcastles. Rarity loved to feel the wind on her horsehair as she played on the swing.

After a while in the park, the sun began to set. The five foals said goodbye before each went home.

Author's Note:

Before you all come ask me, "Where's Sweetie Belle?" Well, she will show up. But at the moment, she wasn't born. For now, Rarity will be an only child. I hope you all understand.

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