• Published 19th Oct 2019
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Twilight’s Heart - PizzaculousPony

Princess’ Twilight’s Heart belongs to one stallion but no pony must know about it.

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"LEAVE HER ALONE!..." A frail voice shouted.

Twilight’s eyes shot open. She was walking home through her favorite route, a stone path with many houses that had various potted plants.

In front of her was a small dark blue coated colt. He had his wings opened in a defensive position but his body was ready to attack.

In front of them were other three slightly bigger colts, probably a year or two older. They each sported a mocking smirk.

"Oh? And what are you going to do?" Said one of them lifting up from the ground and looking down on them.

Another one didn’t miss the opportunity to jump in. "He’ll probably call upon 'the magic of astrals' and shield her."

The rest of the group laughed. Twilight could only lower herself more to the floor. She looked around hopelessly, her favorite book was on the ground next to the colts. Her eyes started to tear up. She looked up again, she saw Astral smiling at her, his face was bruised and scratched all over.

"Don’t worry Twi, I won’t let them hurt you."

He looked back to see the earth pony of the group jumping to the chance to tackle him. His body moved on it’s own. He dodge the attack jumping to side. Everything was slow motion for her. She saw as Astral’s front hoof hit the ground, he used them to shoot himself backwards and kicking the earth pony’s face. Then the two pegasi jumped into action. They both tackled him making him fall to the ground with 'thump'. They both started to hit him while pinning him to the ground. Astral managed to find a moment when the pins lost strength and lifted himself of the ground with a jump and threw the colts off balance. He then started punching them with all his strength, granted it wasn’t much since he was himself beaten.

The scene raged on for around ten minutes, the colts deciding in the end to run away. Twilight finally worked up the courage to lift herself up and walk over to Astral. She hugged him before both of them started crying on each other’s shoulders.

They were interrupted as Astral started to glow and his cutie mark appeared. Twilight didn’t have time to react before the world faded with a flash of light.

"Gagh!" Twilight’s eyes opened violently she was also breathing heavily. She put a hoof to her face.

Again?! That’s the third time this week

She got off her bed and got into her bathroom. She needed a nice cold shower. Her bathroom wasn’t very different from her bathroom in Canterlot, a circular room with white ceramic bath and shower.

Twilight washed her mane and coat with a lavender scented shampoo. She made sure not to open her eyes and to get the shampoo in her eyes.

Still...Why would I dream of him? I’m not crushing on him like practically every other mare in Ponyville. Am I? No, of course not. I only like stallions with brains and that are capable! Both traits that he had and more-

Twilight shook her head violently and put away that line of thought, she didn’t like were it was going. But she still couldn’t fight back the warmth creeping up her face and ears despite taking a cold shower.

When she was finished she wrapped a towel around her hair and walked out. She dried herself with the other towel and magically made her bed. Now ready she opened the door to her room.

She almost bumped into Astral like the other days but remembered in time that he was always outside her door. He didn’t even flinch when she opened the door.

"Good morning Astry"

"Good morning princess." He took a while to think. If he was going to ask it might as well be now. "Um...princess, have you been having nightmares as of lately?"

That question took her by surprise.

"H-how di-did you know?"

"Well...” He was obviously nervous about what he was going to say. "I might come of as creepy but I don’t care. I always pay much attention to the sounds inside your room." His face showed a slight blush but she ignored it. "And I heard you rolling on your bed and murmuring something.

Twilight was a bit taken back. She didn’t know if to be happy that he would go the extra mile to keep her safe or be a little creeped out. Nevertheless she smiled.

"Thanks for being concerned Astry" She studied him for a second maybe two. "How about...You go out of guard mode and enter FHF mode?"

Astral’s sirius face only slightly changed. "Twi, are you sure you’re ok?"

The word 'Twi' echoed in her mind, it reminded her of the dream she had. She dismissed the thought and placed it in the back of her mind.

"Um...Yes don’t worry it, ended happily...I think"

"Somehow I am not convinced."

"You were always paranoid" she let out a slight giggle that caught Astral off guard a before she could start talking again he interrupted.

"What is this I hear?”

"What do yo-"

"Could I have possibly have caught my prey this soon" he leaned into Twilight with a playful smirk.

She pushed him away with the slightest tint of pink on her cheeks.

"You wish! I have to tell you that this bunny knows a lot about avoiding hawks" She rubbed her hoof on her poofy chest and pretended to admire it.

"So...You’re telling me I’m good at what I do?"

Twilight’s face became pinker as the blush made it’s way up to her ears."N-No!...UGH...Let’s, Let’s just go and have breakfast"

"As you wish princess" he winked at her, she responded by rolling her eyes but giving him a playful smile.

They entered the dining room and saw Spike preparing breakfast.

"Good morning Spike."

"Mornin’ Twi, Astral. Did you sleep well?"


Astral glared at Twilight. "No, she didn’t."


"Okay, I admit it, yes I had a nightmare-"

"Third one this week."Astral cut in.

"But it ended happily."

"Really what was it about?" Spike asked raising an eyebrow.

Twilight started to sweat. She didn’t want to tell them, it would be like accepting defeat. If only she could find a distraction or something.

As if on cue, when Twilight opened her mouth, Starlight came in. She was almost about to start kissing her feet and praising her for interrupting.

"Hey Starlight, sleep well?" Please change the focus of the conversation.

"Good morning Twilight! It was good how was yours?"

"Horse apples" she murmured behind her teeth.

"She has been having nightmares, it’s the third time this week. But...She doesn’t want to tell us."

"Maybe she doesn’t have to, she can always talk to Princess Luna about them."

"Maybe...But never mind that let’s eat cause’ I’m famished"

They all ate their breakfast. It was pancakes with strawberries and blueberries on top. Twilight and Astral left before Spike and Starlight finished, she had some work to do.

They walked through the corridors in an awkward silence.

Should I tell him? I’m going to loose the chase anyways. No, if I’m going to loose I might as well hold onto the last moment. UGH, why is this so complicated?

They finally arrived at the door of the library. Astral changed to guard mode and took position in front if the door.

"Yeah how about no. Go back to FHF mode and come inside, close the door behind you."

A little confused Astral went into the library. He was amazed at the room, he hadn’t entered a castle room apart from his.

"Wow, this room is amazing! Where did you get all those books?."

"You haven’t been here before? I gave you permission to roam around during your free time."

"No, I haven’t besides, I’ve been working on other...things."


"It’s a surprise."

Twilight pouted."Fine!" She looked around and started levitating some books over to her desk.

"So um...Why am I here?"

"Because...We need to set some rules."

"For what?"

"The 'chase'"

"Oh?" He lifted one eyebrow and flew next to Twilight.

She cleared her throat."Yes. Number one, don’t tell ANYPONY about it."


"Because if word reaches Princess Celestia, Luna or my brother you are doomed."

"Ok Twilight you’re being ridiculous. Why would they take me away?”

"Why?! What would the nobles think if I get together with a guard?! It could damage both our image and the crown’s!”

"Princess Cadence and Captain Shining pulled it off. Why can’t we do the same?!"

"Oh yes, why wouldn’t anypony confront the princess of LOVE and the CAPTAIN of the guard about their romance?"

"So you’re accepting that we have something going on?”

"N-No! Get back to the point!”

"Fine...I guess you have a point, but, I still think it’s ridiculous. You have as much say in this as Princess Celestia, Luna or Cadence."

"Leave it like that, please. It makes me feel more at ease." She looked away from him and her ears folded back. "It’s just that...After all this time, we’re finally reunited...And I don’t want you to go"

"Technically you were the one to leave."

"I know..." She got up from her chair and started walking out.

"H-Hey, we’re are you going? We...You still need to list the other rules." He started flying towards her but stopped himself. "I-I’m sorry Twi...I didn’t mean to-“

"Don’t you apologize! I just...We’ll talk later. Don’t go back to guard mode and don’t go into my room...Take the day off.” With that she opened the door to the library and walked out shutting it behind her.


"UGH!...Why am I so bad at this?" Astral almost shouted in frustration.

He thought for a while pacing around the library. He was working on a present for Twilight’s birthday next week, but now it had to also be an apology present. Or maybe he could make two.

He stopped pacing as the door to the library opened. In came Starlight and an idea came to mind.

"Starlight! Just the unicorn I needed to see! Listen I need your help with something."

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