• Published 19th Oct 2019
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Twilight’s Heart - PizzaculousPony

Princess’ Twilight’s Heart belongs to one stallion but no pony must know about it.

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They Are Just 'Friends'

The rest of the day seemed to go by incredibly slowly for Twilight. The day court was boring as usual, just the ocasional noble who decided that they didn’t like one of the princesses, then the others would put him in his place, and if it was Luna who was targeted...she would warn them NOT to sleep that night.

Even in those funny moments, Twilight was anxious to get out of there and go say hi to her old friend. She figured the other princesses caught on and sped up the court, also Twilight could sense Luna’s smirk whenever they were the alone.

When it was finally finished, she quickly excused herself from the princesses and glided down from her throne. She was so happy, she looked like a filly running in a candy store.

The older princesses looked at each other before smiling and rolling their eyes at her display of obvious happiness.

She trotted around the castle’s long corridors she memorized from years of living there with Celestia. She made her way to the barracks where two guards stood in front of the door way.

She turned to one of them, they had confused expression. They rarely saw a princess near the barracks.

"Excuse me, is lieutenant Astral Shield inside? I wish to speak to him."

The guards looked a bit confused...They were friends with Astral and knew of his old connection to the princess.

"I’m sorry your highness, he is not at his quarters at the moment."

"What a shame..." She deflated a little, before inflating once more. "Do you perhaps know where I can find him?"

The guard had to think for a moment...Why would the princess want to meet Shield? But they knew better than questioning royalty.

"I believe he said he would take a fly in the royal gardens"

"Thank you very much. If he happens to come back before I find him, tell him to meet me at the tallest hill in the garden." She ordered the guards, she had never done it before, but it gelt weird ordering ponies....

"Yes your highness!" The said as the saluted and made a small bow.

She made her way to the gardens, if he made the decision then he had to be on break, her brother wouldn’t allow any guard to roam around during their patrol. She opened her wings and took of, if he was flying then she would find him flying as well.

She looked around the garden. She saw all of its beautiful flowers and bushes shaped differently. She was too distracted to see the shadow of a pony who flew just above her.

She let a small startled scream as a dark blue blur flew in front of her, inches from her face, then looped under her to appear behind her.

She looked behind her. A blue coated stallion with a messy purple mane and light blue eyes smirked at her.

"Astral!" She greeted him with a big smile.

"Twily!" He hugged her tight.

Twilight was a bit confused at the speed he had lunged at her, but then she hugged him just as tight.

"Twily....I missed you so much!" He said breaking up the hug so that she wouldn’t feel his heart hitting his chest.

"I missed you too Astral! How have you been? Oh it’s been too long." She slowly descended to the ground.

"Oh I’ve been all over the place...But you were missing so...everything was a bit dull."

"What?! Dull?! There was a changeling attack, the princesses went missing AND a crazy centaur decided to steal everypony’s magic! I think that’s the opposite of dull."

He sighed."Welp you got me there. Darn it Twi why won’t my charms work on you?"

She chuckled."They never do! Besides you don’t put a lot of effort on them! They’re so easy to undo."

"Is it that? Or are you just too smart?"

"Hmm....I think It’s both"

They both laughed as they joked around for hours. Then the time of day dawned on her, the sun was setting. They had been catching up for nearly six hours!

"Well um Astry, I’ll see you tomorrow!"

ASTRY?! Did I just call him Astry? This is so embarrassing.

"Turning in?"

"Yup!" She squeeked as she was 110% ready to fly away."Bye!" And she left.

And there was Astral Shield, when she left he gave a huge smile. Then he started to remember those las moments...'Astry' that word was nothing important...but coming from her? It made him blush.

Twilight sat on her bed in her royal suite. The room was circular, the walls were her Lavender color and the roof was the dark purple of her mane with little white stars all of it. Those stars were magically placed there by her.

She closed the door behind her with magic to reveal a dark alicorn behind it.

"Gah!” Twilight screamed as she fell of her bed.

"Relax Twilight it’s me."

"Luna?...What are you doing here?"

"Oh, you know..." she made circles with her hoof

"No I don’t"

"Come on Twilight Sparkle! You can’t be that blind!"

Twilight looked around the room. Luna was an esteemed prankster so she couldn’t be too careful around her.

Luna sighed."I see..."


"Oh nothing... see you in the morning"

What is it with dark ponies being good at scaring her?


The next day was a normal one, she finished up signing whatever was agreed upon court the day before.

She opened the closet doors and sighed. In there was her royal regalia…She hated wearing it, but, she had to take it with her to Ponyville and didn’t bring her saddle bags. She put on her gold hoof wear with gems that mirrored her cutie mark, she also put on her necklace resembling those of Celestia and Luna, and finally her crown.

She looked in the mirror. She had to be honest, she liked what she saw, the regalia was astounding and beautiful...But she hated how it cemented her status as princess.

She walked out of her room and was about to go down the stairs to her tower when. She crashed into somepony, her crown fell to the floor.

"Oh my apologies princess!"

Twilight looked up to see...who was he? He was a light yellow stallion with an orange-reddish mane and brown eyes.

He offered her his hoof and lifted her crown from the floor. She blushed, he was a handsome stallion indeed.

He bowed down to her.

"I am very sorry to inconvenience you I was not paying attention. I am here to inform you that lieutenant Astral Shield is ready to depart whenever you command”

"Thank you. You may stand"

With that she walked down the stairs. She walked through the halls of the castle and made her way to the throne room. Whenever she passed by a servant or a noble they looked at her in awe, nopony had ever seen her wearing regalia.

She turned the corner and walked down the long hallway leading to the dinning hall. There the guards opened the door for her. She was so ready to have breakfast and her mouth watered at the thought of Celestia’s pancakes with fruit faces.

"Good morning Celestia, Luna" She walked over to her chair along side the two other princesses.
"How do I look?"

Celestia and Luna both looked at her with a pleasant surprise.

"Good morning Twilight, you look great. You really should wear your regalia more." Celestia answered.

"Yes, what seems to be the special occasion?"

"What? Oh no I just forgot to bring my saddle bags and I must take them back to Ponyville."

"You know Celestia maybe we should make a decree stating that all princesses over the age of 10 must wear the royal regalia" Luna looked at Celestia winking her to go along.

"Ha! Nice try Luna-"

"Actually I think that’s a good idea"


Both princesses laughed at the young alicorn and ate their pancakes.


"Astral Hurry up! We’re going to loose the train."

"Princess, It’s not my fault that you decided to take a nap!"

"Are we seriously blaming each other? Cause’ I’m not the one that took forever taking a bath!"

"Oh if you would like, next time I’ll go stinky like a foal on the train."

"Well, that way you’ll look like one” she muttered underneath her breath.

They arrived at the station just in time to see the train leave.

"Darn...We missed it" he said panting from all the running.

"We...could always...fly there" She said between breaths. She took in a few breaths to regain her composture."After we take a break of course"

"As you wish" she winked at her to which she responded by rolling her eyes."Aw come on! Losen up! Here I’ll treat you to lunch and then we can go."

"My,my,my are you asking me on a date?" Her neck perked up as she shot him a teasing smile.

"You know what? I am."

"Wait, wha-" she blushed as Astral took her by the hoof and led her to her favorite restaurant.

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