• Published 19th Oct 2019
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Twilight’s Heart - PizzaculousPony

Princess’ Twilight’s Heart belongs to one stallion but no pony must know about it.

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Astral Shield

Astral Shield was pacing around the lounge. He still couldn’t believe what he was about to do. But who could blame him? He was going to ask if he could be transferred to his old foal hood friend’s, who he hadn’t seen in years, brand new castle.

He had already asked captain Shining Armour and told him that the decision wasn’t for him to make, and sent Astral to Celestia. Yes he was a captain but since the castle was his sister’s he couldn’t make the decision, surely some noble would find the dumbest reason to blame him for corruption. And who better to send him than Celestia! No pony, especially no noble would dare to contradict her....He hoped.

The lounge door opened, a low grade guard appeared.

"Lieutenant Astral shield." He stood in attention and saluted. "Sir, Princess Celestia has summoned you to the throne room"

Astral nodded the guard to stand at ease. He gulped, he was so nervous, he remembered her perfectly but would she remember him?

The throne room’s grand door way opened. His heart almost stopped, he was breathing heavily. What he saw almost made want to run away. He was brave and trained to be a soldier but he had expected Celestia to be alone.

To her right sat Princess Luna, he didn’t mind her, in fact she was her second favorite princess. To her left sat Princess Twilight on her own throne that she used when she attended the court. Regal as ever. His heart beat faster than ever before! He never expected for her to be there.

Twilight’s eyes widened in surprise, standing right there in front of her, bowing low to her, was her foal hood friend! She almost couldn’t contain her excitement, but in the end she managed to regain her composure.

Celestia spoke first, her voice was calming to both of the young ponies in the room.

"Lieutenant Astral Shield? Shining Armour told me you wished to speak to us"

"US?! What did his captain say?! He only wanted to speak with Celestia and he didn’t mind Luna being there....but Twilight?....He wanted to surprise her "

Guess he was taking too long to answer because Twilight looked at him strangely.

"Y-Yes your highnesses."

Celestia lifted a hoof and motion him to stand, Twilight wanted to do the same but she didn’t know if she could, she hated ponies bowing down to her.

"At ease Astral Shield. Please, do tell us about your concerns."

Astral had to repeat the last word im his mind. Concerns? He had none, he was trying to ask a favor. How could he say favor in a way not to be implying himself as Celestia’s equal? But he didn’t have time to think as his mouth moved on it’s own accord.

"Concerns? I don’t have any your highness, I come to simply ask a favor of you."

Why did he say it like THAT?! Favor? That was such a common word, like one he would use talking to a friend.

Twilight was curious, she knew she could speak at any moment, as long as she didn’t interrupt the princesses. What kind of favor? She wondered as she tried to form the words. The she remembered her mother teaching he manners and the Canterlot noble’s way of speaking.

"What is this favor you’ve come to ask of us?" She said with a soft tone.

Twilight spoke for the first time in one of the hundreds of meetings that had taken place that day. Earning a confused then proud and happy look from the other princesses.

"I come to ask that I be transferred to the castle of Princess Twilight Sparkle, as a royal guard to serve and protect her." His voice almost gave in near the end.

Twilight’s stomach did a 180. Her own guard? She never had considered it. But she hated having ponies 'serve' her, specially her friends.

Seeing Twilight’s confused face, Celestia pondered the idea for a moment lifting her hoof to her chin. She would feel more comfortable with somepony guarding Twilight, and there had been moments she wished she had her guarded. Then she remembered, Twilight never liked to be treated like royalty or as better than anypony else. But she saw the way Twilight tried to step in to the conversation and knew he would help her get out of her shell.

"Yes, I shall grant you your transfer. You will be leaving tomorrow afternoon along side Princess Twilight Sparkle after her royal duties have been completed."

He let go the breath he didn’t know he was holding in. He bowed slightly.

"Thank you your highnesses" He looked up at Luna and Celesia, then he looked at the currently-processing-what-just-happened-Twilight and bowed low. "I am at your service your highness!"

His deep masculine voice took a moment to settle on Twilight’s mind, she hadn’t seen him ever since she had left to Ponyville, but he had changed so much. She was completely flustered and took all her will power not to blush too hard, instead a light pink blush crept up her face.

"U-u-umm...At ease Astral Shield" she copied Celestia’s pose.

Astral saluted and then walked out the doors.

Leaving the room in silence for a long moment. Clearing her throat, Luna spoke up.

"So... What is the story behind you two?" She asked shining a teasing smile at Twilight

Celestia rolled her eyes, such things were normal for Luna, yet she wondered, she thought she had seen them together before. She decided to play along.

"Yes, I was wondering the same thing, I think I have seen you together before."

"N-no! I-I mean, yes! But not THAT way!" Twilight was blushing furiously. "We’re just foal hood friends, we lived in the same neighborhood. He was...my...only friend." Her ears dropped as she looks at the floor from her throne.

"But still! Don’t you think he’s into you?!" Luna flew from her throne to Twilight’s face to gage her reaction.

"No. I don’t know what you’re talking about." Twilight said in a sincere tone.

"What do you mean you don’t understand?! Don’t you see how he looks at you?!"

"I think he acts perfectly normal"

"You...are a lost cause Sparkle"


Celestia and Luna laughed at the younger alicorn. Celestia couldn’t help but worry...that would break Twilight’s heart.

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