• Published 6th Oct 2020
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Don't Lose Your Head... - Robipony

After picking up a cute little outfit for Irisa from Rarity's shop you make your way home to discover that your maid might still have a few untold secrets up her hooves.

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"Here you go, darling." Rarity said as she placed the bag down on the counter.

The bag was a pale blue with pink polka-dots and inside was an outfit Rarity had made as part of a favor she owed you. You had helped her by partaking in a stakeout with Applejack and in exchange Rarity made the clothing for free.

"Thank you," you said as you took the gift.

"I must say, I didn't expect a stallion like you to wear something like that." Rarity teased.

"It's not for me," you retorted, "it's a gift for Irisa. You remember her right?"

"Yes, I remember," Rarity answered, "that quiet mare who was convinced that she was your maid?"

"That would be correct, yes."

It had been just a little over a month since Irisa had begun to serve the needs of your house. After you had accepted her aid to clean and maintain your home, she had been diligently working. Every morning there was a cup of coffee waiting for you and whenever you came home late from a meeting in Canterlot, there was a warm meal ready.

Yet despite your efforts, Irisa had insisted on wearing her maid uniform at all times. It had even gone so far that you had purchased five copies of the maiden attire so that she could stay in character even while the original was in the laundry.

Perhaps the outfit made her feel more confident, or maybe she just didn't want all her scars exposed for the world to see.

While you didn't object to her clothing choices, you thought it might be nice if she had something more laid back and comfortable to wear.

"Well, I'm sure she'll enjoy the thought," Rarity said, breaking you out of your thoughts.

"Yes, I'm sure she will."

"One more thing: how are you and Irisa getting along?"

"We are doing fine," you answered, "why?"

"I just think it is kind of romantic that you’re buying her this cute outfit is all." Rarity said with a clever smile.

"It's nothing like that," you replied, "if anything we’re just close friends."

Aside from her submissive manner, work around the house and the maid uniform she wore, your relationship with Irisa was that of good friends.

"Whatever you say." Rarity winked. Clearly trying to read something more into the situation.

With a huff, you picked up your package and left the clothing store, making your way back to your home. It was a cloudy day, the autumn breeze blowing orange, red and yellow leaves about the street.

Ponies moved about the streets, preparing for Nightmare Night as it drew near. Some were buying candy, some costumes and others decorations for their homes.

As you were on your way home, you recalled something important.

"Oh, shoot! I need to go buy some more food."

Well, it was a good thing you remembered. While you still had enough food at home, there were a few items you were running low on. Changing your route, you made your way to the marketplace.

Reaching your destination, you managed to find all the food that was on your list. As you peered over the piece of paper, you considered what additional items you might want to purchase before heading home.

"Maybe I should pick up some popcorn," you thought to yourself, "the series premiere of that show, Dusting Doubt is in a few days, so that might be kind of nice."

Dusting Doubt was a show about a maid named Dust, who follows a princess around Equestria, solving mysteries along the way. Irisa expressed great interest in the series after seeing an advertisement for it on television.

Yes, some buttery popcorn would be very nice for both of you to eat when you watched the premiere. Your mouth began to water at the thought.

Lost in your thoughts, you neglected to notice where you were going and walked straight into a pole. Upon hitting the pole you fell backwards, your saddle bags toppling to the ground. Tasting iron in the back of your throat, you could guess that your nose had taken the brunt of the impact.

"Are you alright?"

As your eyes refocused you noticed a blue mare standing next to you, her pale blue mane moving despite the lack of wind. A handkerchief was held out to you with a pale magenta aura. Responding to the kind gesture, you took the white cloth and proceeded to clean your bloody nose with it.

"Thank you."

After holding the handkerchief to your nose, you looked back at the mare and realized who it was that had given it to you.

"Oh, Mrs. Rich," you exclaimed, "I am so sorry!"

The mare raised a hoof, "It's no trouble and please call me Trixie."

Trixie was the local magician as well as Mr. Rich's second wife. From what you heard, apparently Rich's previous wife, Spoiled Milk had been unfaithful and had more than a few affairs around the town. After discovering his wife's adultery, Filthy Rich divorced her. Later he fell in love with Trixie and they both were married.

"Well, thank you." You tried to return the handkerchief but Trixie stopped you.

"Keep it," Trixie said, "think of it as a gift from the great and powerful Trixie."

Trixie wore a dark purple jacket with silver trim, the back of the outfit reaching back and covering her flank. Gray and black fur framed the jacket's collar.

The magician's reputation had a rocky start with some townsfolk being annoyed with her tricks and an incident where she assumed control of the town with the aid of a magical artifact. However, as time went on, Trixie became a very talented magic user and earned back the respect she’d lost.

From what you heard, her more recent tricks involved magically detaching limbs. She could cut a pony in half, thirds and quarters with ease and put them back without any injuries.

"So, I heard you have a maid," Trixie said, bringing you back to the present.

"Uh, yes, I guess so," you replied, "how do you know?"

Trixie smiled, "Well, as Mr. Rich's wife, it would be foolish of me not to know the local gossip... Also Rarity told me."

"Well, shoot," you groaned as you placed a hoof against your brow.

Of course, Rarity would talk about it with her customers. Trixie let out a giggle.

"I wouldn't worry too much about it," Trixie said, "Everypony needs an assistant or two from time to time."

At that point, two mares walked up next to Trixie, one on each side. Both possessed charcoal coats and icy blue eyes. Their manes pink with white highlights were tied and pulled back into a ponytail. They both wore black scarves around their necks, with the symbol of an X sewn into each end of the garment. Were they twins?

"This is Gash Bloom and Flash Gloom," Trixie said, introducing her assistants, "They are helping me with some errands."

"Actually I'm Gash Bloom," the one on the left said.

"And I'm Flash Gloom," said the other.

Trixie rolled her eyes in an annoyed manner. Judging from the slight grin on both of the twins faces, this was a joke they liked to pull a lot.

"It's getting old," Trixie growled, before regaining her composure. "Anyway. They are assisting me with preparations for a Nightmare Night party, my husband and I are planning."

"Sounds like fun."

"Here take one of these."

Trixie reached forward and seemingly pulled a small scroll from the inside of your left ear. Taking the scroll, you opened it and realized that it was in fact an invitation. It was an invitation for a pony and one companion to attend the Rich Family Nightmare Night Costume Party.

"I couldn't."

"Nonsense," Trixie insisted, pushing the invitation closer to you.

Even as Trixie held out the invitation to you, the scroll seemed to beg for you to accept it. On top of that it wasn’t like you had anything better planned for that evening.

"Please accept this invitation from me."

Judging from the look on Trixie's face, she wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Well, thank you very much for your kindness," you said, preparing to resume your shopping.

"Oh, and bring your maid. It would be a shame if the great and powerful Trixie didn't meet her in person."

Having given you the invitation, Trixie and the twins walked off. As they walked away you noticed that both of the twins had a matching cutie mark, resembling a set of hoofcuffs.

After you finished your grocery shopping, you made your way home.

Suddenly you were shocked when another pony bumped into you. It would seem that the princesses had wished to delay your journey home once more.

"Oh, I’m sorry, sir," you said, recovering quickly.

The pony was an earth pony stallion with a brown coat and white hair. His scraggly beard covered most of his face as well as the dirty rags he was wearing. The scent of garbage permeated the air around him. One of his eyes was concealed by a mold covered hat, however his one available eye peered at you intently.

"The worm…" he muttered.

"Uh, what?"

The homeless stallion suddenly looked frightened, his single eye rolling around in its socket.

"The Wandering Worm!" He shouted, "The Wandering Worm is coming!"

"Um, sir are you okay?"

With a single crazed eye, the stallion drew close to you at shocking speed, his muzzle next to your ear.

"The glass is turning and with it soon the door," He whispered, "the truth is revealed by night or by arrow."

All you could do was stand still, frozen by this mad stallion's crazed mannerisms.


The homeless stallion suddenly looked up in surprise as a few other ponies approached, forcing the stallion to flee. As they came into view it was clear by their uniforms that they were medical personnel.

"The worm is among us," the mad stallion yelled as one of the medical ponies wrestled him to the ground.

Slowly, you turned away and began to walk back home, hoping that no further madness would ensue this day.

A sigh of relief escaped your lungs as you went up to your door and opened it.

Stepping through the front door, who was standing there but you pet gecko, who proceeded to lick their left eyeball as you entered your abode.

"Hello Sunny, how are you doing?"

The gecko turned his head as if to ask, why are you talking to a gecko?

"Yeah, figures."

Irisa had insisted that you give the gecko a name and after some discussion the both of you had agreed upon Sunny. Sunny, the gecko.

"Do you know where Irisa is?"

The gecko merely scurried up the stairs. No help at all.

"Okay, thanks."

As you listened, you heard what sounded like music coming from downstairs. One of Irisa's habits when she was working was to play some music on your record player. You smiled as you walked over to the stairs.

Following the music, you descended the steps into the basement. Slowly you made your way to the library where the music was coming from. It was there that you saw Irisa, however before you could call out to her, you noticed that something was off.

In the center of the room was Irisa, wearing her uniform and humming to the song coming over the record player. She stood there, her back to you as she cleaned.

What had caught your attention were the additional limbs coming forth from a few of her additional eye sockets. Spilling forth from the holes were long wispy arms made of bluish smoke, with numerous green eyes lingering among the fumes. At the end of these arms were smoky claws like those of a dragon.

With these appendages, Irisa was dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and wiping the room.

As she cleaned, one of Irisa's many eyes spotted you. With a gasp, Irisa retracted the smoky limbs back into her body, the scars closing shut. Some of her cleaning instruments fell to the floor. With the appendages gone, Irisa stood there deathly quiet.

"Uh... Irisa?"

Irisa's ears drooped, 'Yes, master.'

You walked over to the record player and turned off the music. Irisa's body shivered in response to the silence.

While you were concerned about what you had seen, you were also aware that Irisa had never meant you harm before. So you chose to address this matter with a level head.

"Irisa, please turn around."

'Y-yes, sir.'

Turning around, Irisa looked nervous, like a foal caught with their hoof in the cookie jar.

"Will you please explain to me what I just saw?" You asked calmly, giving her a reassuring smile.

Irisa rubbed her left foreleg against the other. The bandage that once covered her hoof weeks ago, now gone.

'I-I did a bad thing.' she answered.

You scrunched your eyes at her statement, "Like what?"

'I moved my cleaning supplies with my eyes.'

While you found it an odd situation, you knew that Irisa was a good worker, so if she was using this ability secretly she had used it merely to clean the house to full effect. However you were somewhat perplexed about Irisa's feelings about this ability.

"Why is it a bad thing?"

Irisa looked up from the floor, her eyes swelling with tears, 'Please don't kick me out, sir. I won't do it again. I promise.'

You raised a hoof, "I'm not going to kick you out Irisa. Please tell me why you think it's so bad."

Gazing back down at the floor, Irisa seemed to be considering what to say.

'They didn't like it and after I escaped anypony that managed to look past the eyes covering my body, would usually accuse me of practicing dark magic when they saw this. So there must be something wrong with it.'

That might be true, but on the other hoof, maybe this ability wasn't as ominous as it would appear. Looking around the room you saw a feather duster, which had fallen to the ground when Irisa had dispelled her smoky appendages.

"Please pick up that duster," you said, motioning to the object with a hoof.

Irisa proceeded to move toward the feather duster, however you reached out a hoof to stop her.

"No, not like that," you instructed, "please use your eyes to pick it up."

'A-are you sure master?'

You nodded.

Looking over at the duster, one of the eyes on Irisa's neck closed and when it reopened a smokey tendril emerged from the socket. As the limb stretched out, green eyes began to materialize among the vapors and the end of the appendages formed into a hand. Reaching out it picked up the item and brought it back to Irisa. She brought it to you and you took hold of the feather duster with your magic.

"Thank you."

Despite its bizarre appearance there wasn't anything truly foreboding about Irisa's ability. In fact, aside from how it looked, it wasn't much different from a unicorn's telekinetic magic.

'Are you pleased?'

"Yes," you answered, "tell me are there any other abilities you possess that I should know about?"

Irisa shook her head, 'No, sir.'

Holding the feather duster with your magic, you held it out to your maid. Carefully, Irisa took the duster.

'So... you're not mad with me?'

"No, I’m not mad with you," you answered, "I trust that you didn't withhold this information maliciously, nor that you intended to. "

'T-thank you, master.'

"Of course, I would recommend you keep this ability a secret. At least for now."

While you were aware that Irisa's appendages could do only as much harm as a unicorn's telekinesis, there were plenty of ponies in Equestria and even Ponyville that wouldn’t see it that way.

Irisa nodded, 'I understand.'

"Thank you."

'Ummm... master?' Irisa asked, the tone of her telepathic voice seeming a bit concerned.

"What is it?"

'I've been meaning to tell you, that I've been hearing strange noises coming from the kitchen.'

"Really what kind of noises?"

Irisa placed a hoof to her chin. 'Sometimes it sounds like something is hissing or groaning. Then there are times that I think I hear somepony breathing.'

Upon hearing Irisa's statement, you couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "It's probably the house just settling. Nothing to worry about."

'I suppose you're right.' Irisa smiled.

As you stood there, you considered telling Irisa about the outfit you have acquired from Rarity for her, however you felt that Trixie's invitation was probably a more urgent matter.

"I was given an invitation to a party earlier today." You presented the letter to Irisa who took and read the document.

'I see,' Irisa replied, 'tomorrow I will check with miss Rarity to acquire a costume for you to wear.'

"You should find one for yourself as well," you said, "I would like for you to accompany me as my plus one to this event."

All of Irisa's eyes opened wide in shock. 'Me, sir?'


Once Irisa realized what you were saying, a blush crept across her cheeks and a small smile gently graced her lips.

'If that is what my master desires, then I shall accompany you to the party.'

"Splendid. Then tomorrow we'll go fetch some costumes."

'Costumes!' Irisa looked at you with surprise. 'As in for both of us? Don’t you think my standard attire will suffice?'

You shook your head. "It's a costume party, so it wouldn't make sense for you to wear something you already wear on a daily basis. I'm sure we can find something in Rarity's shop that you will like."

Irisa let out a sigh. 'As you wish, my master.'

You let out a sigh of relief as you closed the door to your home, a refuge from the storm outside. Your trip to the Haywaiian Islands had been a wonderfully, exciting venture. The locals had treated you kindly and you had even met a cute shark pony stallion. Admittedly, remembering the shark stallion's chiseled form made your heart flutter.

After taking your bags into your room, you went into the bathroom, to dry off the raindrops. Picking up a purple towel, you dried your coat and silky mane.

"There we go."

Setting the towel in the hamper to be cleaned later, you stopped to examine yourself in the mirror. A unicorn mare stared back at you with a smile on her face.

With a giggle and a trot in your step, you made your way back to your bedroom and began to unload your suitcase. As you were about to unlatch the container, when suddenly you were startled as the suitcase began to move on its own. After rumbling around the case stood still.

Cautiously, you stepped forward and very slowly you opened the suitcase. In response the container swung open revealing a green, confused looking gecko inside.


The gecko scurried out of the box, across the room and onto the window ledge to peer outside. Following the reptile you peered out the window, down into the streets of Ponyville. It was then that you saw somepony rushing from building to building, trying to evade the rain.

While you knew it was probably a bad idea, you couldn't help but feel pity on whoever it was running out in the storm. Leaving your room, you walked down the steps to the entryway and opened the front door. As the door opened you heard a crash from a nearby trash can.

"Hello?" you called out, "Is anypony out there?"

You listened but the only sound you could hear was the pitter patter of the raindrops hitting the cobblestone streets.

"It's raining! Why don't you come inside?"

Again there was no response.

"Well, if you change your mind, come and knock! Okay!"

Closing the door you wondered back upstairs toward the kitchen.

"Well, that was stupid!" You reprimanded yourself. "Inviting a complete stranger into your home. You're only asking for trouble."

As you began cooking some popcorn, you remembered some of the horror stories you had heard. Especially of the infamous boogiemare, the Vermillion Hourglass. It was said that those who came across this mysterious mare would vanish without a trace. Even after the cases for the Vermillion Hourglass stopped, whenever a pony suddenly disappeared many would gossip that they had been taken by the urban legend.

Even if it wasn't the Vermillion Hourglass out there, who was to say that it was some other criminal out there in the streets, seeking to break into your house and rob you. Of course, there were other worse things that a stranger could do to a mare like you.

Still you couldn't help but put yourself in that pony's hooves. What if they were just out there, alone and cold, just needing a place to stay warm until the harsh weather passed?

While the bag of popcorn began to pop in the microwave, you made your way to the living room and turned on your television. The Silver Spade Cases flashed onto the screen as your favorite tv series came on.

As you prepared to sit down and enjoy your show, you heard a knock at the door. For a moment you felt nervous, afraid of who might be behind the door. Yet despite that fear, you stood up from your seat.

Taking a deep breath, you made your way to the front door. A strange sense of deja vu flowing over you.

Opening the door, you saw standing before you a wary stallion, his body wrapped in a dirty, brown cloak. Looking down you saw that he was favoring his right hoof with blood dripping onto your doorstep.

"You're bleeding," you said, "please come inside."

The stallion followed your directions and stepped inside, his eyes looking around the room cautiously. You closed the door behind him.

"Please let me take your cloak."

After a moment, the stallion relented and pulled off a makeshift garment, your eyes widened at the stallion's form. His body looked sickly and weak, with numerous scars covering his purple coat.

Setting the cloak on the coat hanger, you guided the stallion upstairs to the living room. With a hoof you motioned toward the couch.

"Why don't you take a seat and I will fetch some supplies to tend to your injury."

Sheepishly the stranger went over to the couch and sat down. Going into the bathroom, you opened the medical cabinet, grabbing a few items including bandages, hydrogen peroxide, a couple towels and some tweezers. As you fetched the equipment a feeling of sympathy filled you as you recalled the stallion's scars.

"I wonder how he got those."

Using your magic, you brought the medical supplies back to the living room and sat down next to the stallion. Setting down one of the towels you motioned for the stranger to place their hoof on it.

"Here let us take a look at that injured hoof of yours."

Slowly the stallion placed his hoof on the towel for you to examine. Looking at the underside of his hoof, you saw a shard of glass sticking out.

With your magic you took hold of the tweezers. "Alright, this might hurt a bit."

The stranger gritted his teeth as you took hold of the glass with the tweezers and pulled it out. The shared tainted red with the stallion's blood. Considering the condition of the wound, you were sure that there was a great possibility that it might be infected. As you placed the piece of glass aside, you noticed a scar on the stallion's neck, the marking seemingly different compared to the other scars on his body.

"Okay, this is going to sting a bit." You said, as you poured some hydrogen peroxide on the injury.

The stallion yelped and as he did you were startled as all the scars on his body ripped open, revealing green eyes underneath. In shock both you and the stallion looked at one another.

'I-I'm sorry. Forgive me for this.' You heard the stallion say, even though his lips didn't move.


Suddenly, two shadowy appendages appeared from two of the eyes covering the stallion's body, reaching forth and gripping you by the neck. Struggling for breath, you tried to remove the limbs only for your hooves to pass through.

As you tried to free yourself, you could feel your body being lifted off the couch. Glancing down at your assailant, you saw within his eyes not a look of malice but of sorrow and of determination. A fearsome desire to survive, no matter what.

You awoke from the dream, your body drenched in sweat. Feeling the damp bed sheets around you, you panicked for a moment fearing that you had wet the bed. Upon examining the bed, the only liquid there was from your frightened pores.

With a sigh of relief, you took a deep breath and lay back into your bed. However, you struggled to sleep, your thoughts going back to your dream.

Ignoring the weird aspect of the genders being swapped, the dream seemed very different from what had happened when you first met Irisa that fateful day. Perhaps it was your subconsciousness trying to process Irisa's secret.

While you had told Irisa that her shadowy talons didn't bother you, perhaps deep down they did. Maybe it was that fact that Irisa had kept it a secret from you, that disturbed you.

Could she be trusted? That fear flooded your mind as you peered up at the ceiling.

Eventually the alluring song of sleep sung to you once more and you drifted back into sleep.

The next day, both Irisa and you went to Rarity's boutique to prepare for the Rich family's party.

'Are you sure I couldn't just go in my uniform, sir?' Irisa asked.

"Yes," you answered, "It would be as if you were going as yourself. The whole point behind Nightmare Night is to dress up as something or somepony else."

'Somepony else?'


For a moment, Irisa seemed to ponder what you had said.

'Very well, if it pleases you master, then I shall do it.'

"Thank you."

The bell jingled as both of you stepped into the fashionable clothing store. At the counter was Rarity, her smile sparkling at the sight of her new customers.

"Good afternoon," Rarity greeted, "it is great to see you so soon."

'So soon?' Irisa gave you a puzzled look.

"Uh, yes, it is great to be here." You said, hoping to sidestep Irisa's inquiry. "I hope you still have some costumes for a festive occasion."

"I am mostly sold out," Rarity answered, "however, I'm sure I can find something for the two of you."

The next few minutes consisted of both Irisa and you consulting a couple catalogues with Rarity's Nightmare Night costumes. While Rarity counseled another customer, Irisa gave you a questioning look.

'Do you have an idea what you're going to pick, sir?'

You considered your options and nodded.

"I'm thinking I might go with this." You pointed to the picture of a stallion wearing a heavy, black trench coat with two screws emerging from the sides of his neck. It was a costume of Doctor Frankenstall's Monster.

Irisa careened her neck at the image, with a slight frown. 'I don't know, master. You don't strike me as a brute.'

"Well, that's kind of the idea." You gave a chuckle. "To disguise yourself as something you're not."

Despite your explanation, Irisa didn't seem too convinced.

"I suppose I could wear something else," you answered, "what about this?"

With a hoof you pointed at the photo of a Zebra Witch Doctor, possessing a dark purple coat with various colorful trinkets hanging off, a top hat with an eye on the head band with white face paint resembling a skull on his face. Looking at the image, Irisa smiled.

'Yes, I think that would look great on you, master.'

"What about you," you inquired, "have you found anything you're interested in?"

Irisa bit her lower lip as she examined the magazine she'd been looking through.

'I was thinking maybe one of these two.'

Presenting the magazine to you, Irisa pointed to two costumes. One was of a Somnubulian Queen and the second was a Little Red Trotting Hood outfit. Looking at the costumes you considered the two. Irisa would look cute in either one.

"I think... That one would be a good fit." You said pointing to the Trotting Hood costume.

'Very well.'

It was about that time that Rarity walked back over. "Did two find something you would like to try?"

"I believe so," you answered, "I will have the witch doctor costume and Irisa would like your Little Red Trotting Hood outfit."

Hearing the second costume mentioned, Rarity's expression saddened. "I'm sorry but I sold the last Trotting Hood costume over an hour ago."


Irisa looked a little sad by the revelation, something that Rarity had noticed. Cautiously Rarity looked around the shop to see if any other customers were present in the shop.

"Although, I suppose I could make one more," Rarity said, "though I would need some help."

"Help?" You asked.

"I would need to take some measurements and I figure if I am going to make an outfit for a single mare, I should try to fit it to her rather than just a general template. Are you interested?"

While looking a little nervous, Irisa nodded.

"Very well then come this way, dear." Rarity said motioning to a fitting room. Cautiously Irisa followed.

While Rarity and Irisa worked on the dress, you looked through more of the costume magazines. There was also a magazine with clothes for the coming winter season. Peeking through the magazine you found a section with a selection of scarves.

"It might be kind of nice to purchase one of these for Irisa and me."

As you looked through the scarf section, you saw among them a purple scarf that looked like the tentacle from a deep sea creature or alien invader.

"That's an odd one."

Suddenly there was a scream that caught you off guard. Dropping the magazine you ran toward the fitting room to discover a frightening scene. All of Irisa's eyes were wide open in a panicked state, all except for one, which was closed with blood leaking from the scar. On the other side of the room was Rarity, who was trying to remain calm.

"I-I know I have an emergency medical kit around here somewhere!"

Looking around, Rarity saw you and trotted over.

"What happened?" You asked.

"I accidentally poked her... side with one of my needles," Rarity answered, "Please keep an eye on her, while I find... something to stop the bleeding!"

As Rarity left the room, you looked back to Irisa, her numerous eyes filled with panic. You stepped forward doing your best to soothe her.

"Don't worry everything is going to be fine."

'Master! I think she knows!'

"It's going to be okay." You said, trying to calm her down. "Everything is going to be alright."

'Master, what if she tells... them?'


This statement puzzled you. Filling you with concern as Irisa's remark hinted at something dangerous in her past. However, Irisa didn't respond. She just continued to stand there, her many eyes looking off to nothingness. Clearly in dread of whoever 'they' were.

"You'll be okay." You said, even though you weren't certain if you were saying that to her or yourself.

You stood in your home bathroom, pulling out some medical supplies for Irisa's injured eye. Rarity said she would finish the costume and give it to Irisa for free, due to the injury she had sustained. However, the air between the two mares had remained tense.

"How are you feeling?" You asked as you gently pulled back the bandage to examine Irisa's wounded eye.

'A little sore; however, you have no need to worry, master,' Irisa said, 'my eyes heal fairly quickly. It is the flesh around them that takes time.'

Like Irisa had said, the eyeball that had been injured looked back at you without any sign of a scratch. The flesh that composed the eyelid on the other hoof, looked swollen and red.

Taking out some aloe vera cream, you applied the ointment to the wound, eliciting a slight hiss from Irisa.

"Irisa, tell me something."

'What is it master?'

After applying some new bandages, you took a deep breath, knowing that this wasn't going to be an easy thing to ask.

"Who are 'they?'"

Irisa was silent for a moment as she considered your question.

'I can't tell you.'

"Irisa, you said there were no more secrets."

'I know… but… I can't tell you.'

Tears began to drop from Irisa's many eyes.

You weren't sure how to deal with this, clearly this was something that was bothering her, yet Irisa refused to share it with you. Did she not trust you?

"Fine. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"Sand. Time is sand. Life is sand. Flowing through the veins of the great worm is azure sand."
-Scribbles on a White Wall

Author's Note:

I am sorry that this took so long to make, however I will say that I am glad to have waited a year to complete this story as I don't think it would be half as good.

If you're wondering where the idea of Trixie and Filthy Rich being a thing, that was originally a part of a random ship I got for a previous story, Snakes, Tricks and Treats, and I decided to try to implement it here. At the time I started writing this story, the whole TrixeXStarlightGlimmer ship didn't exist (not that I'm fan of that ship, cause I'm not... sorry :fluttershysad:). So in this alternate universe Trixie and Filthy Rich are a couple, sorry if that bothers you.

I do wonder what that strange, homeless stallion meant. Hmm... Oh, well.

I hope you will still enjoy the story, in spite of that. :pinkiehappy: