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Pony POV Series Season Four: Generation Transitions & Origins - Alex Warlorn

Why is Pinkie Pie 'weird'? Why is Celestia? Why is Discord? A connection between G1,MLPT, G3, and

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Episode 49: "Generation Transitions Part 3"

Pony POV Series
Generational ORIGINS Transitions Part 3

The Rainbow Of Light shot like a lance at the Draconequus. It was light given form and will, a pure force of everything that made their people happy. And all that power, all that life was focused on one single all alone aspect of nature's fury.

One wolverine claw knocked the stream of rainbow light away, knocking it completely off as it landed in the ocean, creating a shockwave of rainbow colors underneath.

Strife looked at her smoking claw. It was stiff and gray from just below the wrist up. Her eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat. She'd be lying if she were to say that didn't startle her.

The six defenders looked at her in open mouth shock. 'A natural reaction.' She thought. 'Still, very impressive. I never actually expected them to be able to truly damage me. If they'd timed that more carefully and caught me by surprise like before, they may actually have...It's unfortunate its only in the twilight of this world they're allowed to truly shine, when its too late for it to save it.'

She slowly clapped, first one sounding like swords slash, another like a gun fighting, and the next a first punching. It was clumsy with a stone paw. "I applaud you, I really do. When you couldn't win physically, you adapted and fought using the tools that gave you an advantage. You even managed to inflict a condition on me I'm incapable of reversing at this time, let me assure you, that is something you should be proud of, I do not recall any mortal band of ponies doing so before." She sighed. "But now it has to end. Now I must take you seriously. . . . Devil Blades Serpents! "

The Tasmanian Devil forepaw's palm swiftly faced at the heroes. From it came a log wide rusted metal pipe, swords, scythes, knives, and razor blades stuck out at chaotic angles in every direction.

"SCATTER!" Star-Catcher screamed. Star-Catcher wanted herself badly to be good distance away and found herself suddenly in the air above the rainbow waterfall. It took her all of two seconds to realize she hadn't taken her friends with her.

The mass of blades and metal pierced the beach, then an equally sized one exploded from the ground in several directions. Rarity teleported without even thinking about it, but not thinking about it meant her teleportation was random, and she appeared out of the path metal snakes. Almost.

The flat of a scythe struck her hard breaking a leg and all her ribs on one side as it zoomed past her, the force of the impact knocked her clean off the beach and into the box canyon below.

"Rarity~!" Wysteria screamed, Cheerilee had trusted her with Rarity and she had failed! What kind of 'princess' was she anyway?

'Seems I shouldn't have set that barrier to only activate when it sensed intent to enter. Hopefully she won't contaminate the results too badly.' Strife thought.

Wysteria was still in shock when one of the blade pipes ripped through the surface right underneath her.

Sky Wishes shouted random words to herself as she seemed to change course just as the pipes tore through the ground where she was running.

Without hesitating Spike leapt onto the spiked serpent that took his princess from her, he tried to climb to reach her. The pipe too him several dozen feet into the air carrying his princess with her at the tip of it.

Strife flashed her eyes, and lightning traveled down from her paw through the original pipe and quickly through all its spawn as lightning coursed through Spike as well, he fell. Thistle rushed to save him but a blade snake sped across her path, it was all she could do to turn into so all she lost was the skin off her back.

Kenbroath Gillspotten Heathspike "Spike" The Forth hit the sand that turned into concrete just before he hit, he heard his bones break. He looked up at his princess, impaled like some kind of trophy at the end of the metal pipe, she wasn't moving. "Wy-Wysteria . . ." Spike tried to reach for her, but his body wouldn't move, he felt his inner flame go out.

"It's a shame, perhaps if you all knew more of death, you'd know to save the mourning and hysterics for after the battle is won and not allow yourself to die for those whose lives are already lost," said Strife coldly. 'This what happened when death in a world a distant dark fable once every thirty winters or so following the random accident.'

The blades all turned as one and their spears pointed right at Sky Wishes, suddenly with no place to run as the blades' bodies blocked off her escape routs one by one. Her eyes widened as she realized she was going to die.

"STOP IT!!" Thistle Whistle screamed, she flew faster than she could ever remember flying, it didn't matter, she had to, no more, she had to-!

A visible shock wave shuddered through the air from the impact. The metal snakes stopped moving and fell like insert lumps of scrap metal hitting the beach in massive clouds of sand.

Thistle Whistle's forehead was directly against Strife's, wind blew. Thistle fell like a rag doll.

Strife caught Thistle Whistle by a back leg before she fell. "The last thing you felt was every bone in your body be pulverized. I on the other hand was only disrupted long enough to cancel my attack, there was no way that could've killed me. But you knew that, didn't you? And yet you still did it for her. Willing to die for a friend? No, for a friend of a friend?"  She held Thistle limp body upside down like the catch of the day looking into her sightless eyes. However, a respectful smile crossed the draconequus' face, hidden from the others by sheer distance. "May you be remembered as the bravest Pegasus who has ever lived. I must remember to ask Pandora to write a sonnet about your courage." She dropped her empty shell.

Thistle's broken body hit the ocean surface and sank.

Star-Catcher floated frozen wide eyed, every part of her body shaking. Her wings weren't moving, but she didn't fall. She looked like a deer in headlights.

Strife teleported right in front of Sky Wishes. "Your friend died entirely for your sake. You were only a friend of a friend and a comrade in arms but she was willing to die for you. You should be proud." Her voice was calm, controlled, and held all the malice of a martial arts instructor consoling a student who came in second place.  

"S-S-STAY AWAY!" Sky Wishes gasped as she trotted away off the beach until her back hit a palm tree.

Strife knelt down. "Your wishes have the power to change the fate of those nearest to you. You were even were able to break the seclusion of a tribe with one innocent unwitting wish. But that power now fades as their fate ends. And not even a wish of yours Sky Wisher can stop that. But . . . you have time for one last wish. I suggest you choose it wisely."

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" A dozen little sparkles of light flew around Strife, which then turned into glowing white swords and impaled her from all sides.

Strife vanished, the swords falling, Strife reappeared, a good distance off. "Damage, erase." The pierce wounds all vanished. "You will NOT tell me that is all you power you have!"

Star-Catcher ignored her. "Sky Wishes are you okay?"

"Not fully awakened yet? Do you need to see more of your family die?"

"I WILL ANNIHILATE YOU FROM EXISTENCE IF YOU DARE TOUCH HER!" Star-Catcher swore, red hot flames danced her eyes. It was like her colors faded to gray and darkening to black. "SHE IS MINE! I WON'T SEE ANYONE ELSE DIE? YOU HEAR ME! FOR YOU THERE IS ONLY NIGHTMARES! YOU WILL NOT BE PART OF MY GENESIS!"

"Pathetic," Strife said in genuine disgust, "Absolutely pathetic. Slaves like you are unworthy of my sight."


"A slave to one part of themselves. To impulses. A coward unable to accept loss."


"You no longer interest me . . . Nightmare Genesis." Strife said dismissively waving off a stone wolverine paw.

"Star-Catcher! Star-Catcher please stop!"

She flicked an eye back to Sky Wishes. She didn't notice, but Strife watched intently out of the corner of her eye.

Her face were covered in tears. "Just . . .just stop. I don't want anyone else to . . to. . . everything's gone, everyone gone, just, please, please just no more!" She wailed, "THIS ISN'T HOW THINGS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE! WE'RE ALL SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPY! WE'RE ALL SUPPOSED TO SMILING! Not-not-not-NOT THIS! Where is our song-?!"

"Sky Wishes," Star-Catcher whispered.

" . . . I wish . . . I wish . . . that the hearts of those together will STILL be together no matter what happens!"

Star-Catcher's eyes widened. Strife gave a small, approving smile. 'You have chosen...wisely.'

She looked around. She saw the beach. She saw what little remained of the ocean as the horizon was almost here now, barely the width of Butterfly Island itself remained. The world slowly fall apart piece by piece.

Every flower fed by her light. Every palm tree. The wind moving from the heated air she gave off. The waves made by that wind. The splashing of water on the beach. Sands going out into the ocean, but would rise again with the next volcano.

She saw her friends' shapes. Not moving. Turning gray slowly, and fading away. But she knew they weren't truly gone. And they held more value than all she surveyed.

"Sky Wishes, I promise you, when this world is reborn, you'll soar in the sky with your own pegasus wings."

Sky Wishes nodded. "And Pegasus Promises are never broken."

Star-Catcher nuzzled her. A pair of pegasus wings grew from her back as her figure to become lithe. Her image never losing it's color. Her cutie mark lost it's butterfly, the cutie mark kite on her flank becoming a bright purple and larger. Sky Wishes' image became a mass of white sparkles and scattered.

"So you finally understand."

She looked back at Strife.

"I'd never let you erase her." Star-Catcher said, "Now she can have a life without this mania. Without the dangers of knowing me."

"Humph. Touching, but anti-climatic, so now what?"

Star-Catcher's eyes glowed white. "Now I . . . " Her entire body glowed white, "teach you," Her entire imagine shinned, "That, ponies are not cattle for you to breed and cull to your approval!"

A white shockwave shook the entire island.

"At-LAST!!" Strife praised. "She's truly awakens! Not some Nightmare parody!" She sounded, deligthed for her?

Her long white and pink mane moved in an unseen solar wind. Her every motion carried grace and will. Her coat and feathers shinned like the morning sun. Her long horn gleamed like a ray of light. An elaborate pattern like that of a engraving glowed like lines along her body. Her pink heart cutie mark with a blue outline gleamed. Blue eyes looked into Strife's.

"Is this truly Alicornification? I see. I see. It is not with rage it is awakened but quite the opposite! Not refuse to accept loss! I understand! One who embraces the world! One sees the truth! Is that the key to unlocking the door within? Amazing! Wonderful! A revelation! What is your name newborn Alicorn?"

"My name is . . . Celestia."

"PERFECT! FANTASTIC! Let it never be said an Alicorn went back on their word! I have the truth I was sent for by one of your own!"

"What do you mean one of my own kind?"

"You haven't met her, but she has met you. But now, show me the power of nature's law mantled with the mortal will to survive! Let it clash with the power of nature's fury! Let us have the most glorious of battles!"

"There is nothing glorious about battles."

"Only for slaves forced to fight for causes not their own. Enough words unless-"

Celestia shouted. The shock wave split the ocean apart, sending Strife clear to the edge of the world, which wasn't that far away anymore. The front lair of skin and fur on her snake like body was disintegrated. "Everything I hoped for." She erased the damage from existence and turned into a twisting cyclone that spun top first right at Celestia.

The Alicorn's horn glowed as an invisible wall came between them, the cyclone scattered. Strife reformed. "TURN TO GLASS!" Strife snapped her devil's paw and Celestia turned into a transparent statue. Strife summoned a giant war hammer and dropped the head on top of the glass work of art.

At the last moment Celestia came flesh and blood again and teleported below Strife as a mass of clouds formed above them in the shape of Thistle Whistle which brought down lightning on top of the Draconequus like it was rain. Each one with enough force to kill an adult dragon.

Strife fell limp as she quick began erasing the damage done to her nervous system from existence. She was ready to reverse her heart when Celestia would impale her from below.

"AIR TURN TO ICE!" Strife did not expect that.

Suddenly incased in something she couldn't directly erase the existence of since it was brought into existence by something being taken away, Strife fell. Celestia teleported above her and rammed the perfect sphere of ice the chaos spirit was in and pushed it mentally and physically down through the ocean and into the ocean bed and down into the mantle.

Celestia magically heated the water around the ice sphere thousands of degrees past the boiling point causing it, and the ice sphere with it to explode, the force of the impact being washed back on Strife from the mantle rock surrounding her on all side. The ocean plumed with a water mushroom cloud.

Celestia teleported away onto the top of Butterfly Island. An abyss-long sword made out of light particles more dense then the laws of reality and physics would allow in any shape or form dropped down right where she had pushed Strife into the rock bed. She blinked as bought a light shield up as light exploded with enough force to vaporize everything near it and blind anything that might have lived on Pluto.

A stone wolverine fist punched Celstia in the face, then from the opposite side, then above, then blow, in the back, then straight into her muzzle. Celestia's electrified her body and realized her mistake as the non-conductive stone fist slammed again so her entire body became a mass of flames that swept over Strife and reformed in the air behind her.

Strife had ninety percent of her skin missing, and was just bones for her limbs, her eyes were just holes, her tail ended in a stump. Her wings twitched behind her. 'You piled it on with that attack. Good.' Strife said telepathically since her she hadn't erased the vaporization of her tongue and larynx yet.

'WHEN THE ALICORNS COME MARCHING IN!!!' Celestia shouted on a octave into Strife's mind catching her off guard from the mental backwash.

Celestia flapped her feathers, a few tiny ones came loose, turned into little balls of light, then tore through Strife from all directions like bullets!

That was when an Alicorn iron maiden formed out of the air particles around Celestia and it fell like a stone with her inside it. The inside infinitely larger than the outside, an endless universe of spikes and hooks. It slammed into the beach.

Strife reversed the flow of time around herself and began mass erasing the blows Celestia had given her, making them as if they had never even happened, expunged from time and space.

A white and pink Breezie squeezed her way out of the edge of the lid of the iron maiden. Her mass increased and reshaped into Celestia. One of her eyes was poked out and her white coat was a mass of red puncture wounds. She regenerated her damage, remaking the parts destroyed, bringing them into the universe from nothing. Celestia shook her head as she finished creating a new frontal lob for herself.

An mansion sized iron blocked with the words 'Darwin + Strife' inside a heart symbol engraved on one size landed on top of her.

A giant sand fist the shaped like one of Spike's claws punch the iron block right into the air. Strife tried to catch it, but got tackled from behind by the Thistle Whistle shaped storm cloud that began shocking her with cities worth of electricity and the stone block slammed into both, dispelling the cloud and sending Strife into orbit.

Celestia breathed hard from the bottom of the hole she had created on the beach side, now filling with water. She saw the various palm trees along the sand were blow flattened like tooth picks. She sighed at the loss.

Celestia gasped as she felt mass teleport inside her, and severed her spine, punctured both her lungs, cleaved her heart, and cut open her stomach in short order escaping out the opening. The spirit of darwinism grew from the size of a hatchling to her full form in the blink of an eye. Strife grabbed her around the neck and lifted her up as she flew upward, jamming her stone wolverine fist into Celestia's stomach.

"You didn't think to create a skin tight barrier to prevent teleportation inside of you. An amateur's mistake! Only a fool thinks that their enemy will not take advantage of an obvious opening! I'll admit I was worried that it was a trap, but I took a gamble. But no," She leaned in close to Celestia, "You just blew it." She tiger-kicked Celestia away from her, and Celestia a moment later was surrounded by a cluster of British and German world war two bombs that went off a nano-second later.

"You have power and creativity!" Strife shouted and teleported below Celestia and blasted her with simple random chaos energy that turned Celestia's fur pink and her wings into giant Flutterpony wings that. "BUT NO EXPERIENCE!" Strife vanished and appeared the size of an imp on Celestia's wings setting the now delicate things on fire. "You didn't even think to barrier your body against my base element! What is wrong with you?!"

Celestia curled into a ball, her shape changed into a humanoid female white hedgehog who gave the still imp sized Strife a tornado kick that sent her flying through the palm trees still standing, through the rainbow waterfall and out the other side of the mountain where Celestia brought a hammer down on top of her and teleported blow her, once again her Alicorn form, and summoning some clouds and shaped them into a mouse trap that slammed down on Strife's throat.

'That, was actually not bad at all. You turned one of my own tactical decisions against me, and you followed up with your attack rather than simply sitting back. Finally catching on. Undo.' The cloud mouse trap vaporized and Strife grew to her normal size and snapped her neck back into place. Celestia brought flaming comets from all directions at her, Strife opened portals around her that brought them around Celestia instead. Celestia grunted at the impact of her own attack.

Celestia gasped, and looked to see she had lost visual track of Strife and turned around for the incoming rear attack. It came from below. Celestia couldn't gasp, she couldn't make a sound. Strife held a trident in one paw. It -could- have been made of light, but it looked like a rainbow with all its colored drained. Just shades of gray. It had gone through her heart and one lung and out the other side nicking her spine.

Celstia tried to heal the damage but the healing refused to come and when she forced it all it spawned were malformed tumors which died and faded to nothing the moment she released her magic.


"Immature. I don't recall agreeing to 'no weapons made out of the antithesis of your very being.'"

She tossed the trident aside and blasted it back into oblivion, it had served its purpose.

"Sorry Celestia. You lose. It's time for the sun to fade from this world, but I'm glad it didn't fade without a good fight. The right to fight for their survival is something no being should have taken from them, even if they have no chance of winning in the end." She gave a respect bow to the bleeding Celestia.

"You did well for a newborn Alicorn with no experience in that body. I bid you good-night. See you again. Thank you for a most exhilarating battle."

The light faded. The world again turned faded, gray, dark, so dark . . . Celestia curled into a ball, her blood floated in all directions around her, the bright red the only color she could soon see as the scene faded to black.

(Observer's notes: Yes. I finally understand. So that is why.)


"Minty! Minty! Please Minty wake up! Please? This isn't funny! Come on! This can't be the end! Not after everything! Not after all our trying! Please! You can't leave me! How can any new world be better if you aren't there with me?!"

I cried and shook my best friend's body. "Please! Come on! Whose gonna make a mess of things trying to get everything perfect! Whose gonna get me all flustered with her games?! You can't be . . . just gone . . ." I whispered, tears streaming down my face. I noticed Minty's form turning gray, in fact, everything was turning gray. But Minty's form was slowly fading away like a image on smoke.

"No, no, no, no! THAT'S NOT FAIR! PLEASE! DON'T GO!" Minty's form faded like a dream.

Through the blur of her tears, I saw something that made me gasp.

"Minty?" There was a tiny star floating, perfectly still, barely glimmering. I held the tiny light in my hooves. "Please Minty . . . stay with me."

I finally noticed something that also wasn't fading to gray with the rest.

It was a shadow. I hadn't even noticed it when it had fallen before, I was busy dodging lightning bolts at the time.

But it looked a lot more solid then the shadows I had seen before, it was transparent, but it was laying on the ground. Unconscious?

And the most crazy, most Minty like idea I had ever had snapped in my head. Or maybe my head snapped from the trauma I'd just gone through. I dunno. I didn't care.

I slowly inched towards the unmoving shadow carrying Minty's light. It was a white and purple maned unicorn, with a pale pink coat, its cutie mark was a bunch of stars. It's tail had a light blue bow. It looked hurt. There was a hole through its chest and out its back...but it wasn't vanishing.

I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I didn't care. It was the only thing I could do, and that made it better than doing nothing right? Right!

I slowly lowered Minty's light inside the unmoving body. The shadow became more solid, more colorful. It's coat darkened from pink to lavender. The white parts darkened to almost black purple and the purple turned magenta. The stars changed, one became much larger than the others and the others became five little white ones. I couldn't help giving a small smile, I didn't feel alone anymore...

"C-Cheer-ill-lee."  I whirled around to see where the yell had come from. I didn't gasp. I was too shocked by what I saw.

I am a selfish pony. I was so busy crying over Minty I didn't even notice her until now. I am a selfish awful pony.

It was Rarity on the other side of the box canyon. She was . . . she was bleeding, everywhere. The rocks she was on top of were covered completely in red. And she'd been so close to me the entire time.

"RARITY! IT'S . . . IT'S GOING TO BE!" My voice echoed.

The sky was pitch black again. The land had turned from faded colors to simply gray. There wasn't even a wind anymore. It was like the world itself was going silent.

"IT'S . .. it's going to be, going to be-" I began sobbing again. This was too much. It was all too much. Troola-Roola. StarSong. Minty. Now Rarity? It wasn't fair! ...I was all alone...

"Pin-kie . . . Pie?"

Or I thought I was.

Rarity looked up at me with her eyes, she didn't look like she could move her head. Her back went at wrong angles.

"Rarity. Cheerilee . . . Cheerilee will be here soon. And we can go back to Rainbow Castle and we can have the world's biggest tea party with Spike, Minty, and everypony! The teapot will be the size of the castle doors! Doesn't that sound like fun!"

Princess Rarity laughed. A shallow, tired, breathless laugh. "Y-yes, it, it does, I-I can't . . . wait . . ." Her eyes were closing. "And . . . P-Princess Rarity just loves . . . loves to have fun."

"Come on, we can laugh together . . ." I gently hugged her, I felt her body vanish, I felt a slight warmth at my chest. I felt it enter me. I heard a faint echo of Rarity's famous giggles. I giggled back.

There was no light anymore. No sound. No feeling. I didn't care...

I sang.

My little pony

My little pony

Every day is a dream come true

My little pony

My little pony

How I love to play with you

We'll plan a party with Pinkie Pie

Then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky

Scootaloo will show us games to play

Toola-Roola will be painting away

Rainbow Dash always dresses in style

Sweetie Belle's magic brings a great big smile

I hope we hear a story from Cheerilee

And a beautiful Starsong melody

Cause we're pony pals

Never far apart

They will always have a place in my heart

My little pony

My little pony

Wonder what we will do today

No way of knowing

Where we'll be going

Our adventures never end

My little pony

My little pony

I'm so glad you're my friend


Butterfly Island faded into the darkness, then it never existed all, not even a memory, not even a myth or a fantasy, simply, oblivion.

I flew around my sister's still form. A floating white light in the absolute darkness. No, the darkness was my home, this was the nothingness of an abandoned timeline waiting for the new one to catch up with it and fill it with life once again. I touch my horn to hers.

The material body containing her ceased to exist, joining the rest of that universe in oblivion. She blinked at me. I felt relief pass through me when I saw the recognition in them. "Luna?"

"Missed you so much sister!" I hugged her with my wings. She wrapped her wings around me, outside time and space, it was easy.

"I missed you too Luna."

"Why did you go-?! Why?! What did you hope to learn?! What could you learn?!" I asked tearfully.

"I think I learned a lot of what Cadence learned I think. When she lived as Bright Glow during the second age and taught one Earth Pony named Patch to believe and wonder rather than just accept what she was told was and was not. And before that . . . well, we have all been so many. Except you 'Luna.'"

"I would say so what . . . but . . . recent events have made me question my worth as an Alicorn. What value is a Alicorn who is imperfect?"


I startled, then laughed. "How I missed you big sister!"

"Seriously Luna, you should spend some time as a mortal pony. I promise you'll learn some things. Our duty as Alicorns is to protect the life of creation, it's a much easier task when we actually get to see it as they do and know what its really worth. Who knows? Maybe you'll make some good friends with them while you're at it."

"Okay. Now you're just going too far. Next thing you'll say that I'll fall in love with one!"

I laughed.

"Why not? Mother says that Candace will. I might have if that timeline had any stallions to fall in love with."

"Still," I giggle at the silly thought, "There is no way I would develop such feelings in such a short time for somepony like that."

She gives a chuckle...then looks sadly around the void surrounding us as the high of our reunion dies down. "Sister...we-"

"...I know now why the timeline needed to die...I have a good idea why Strife did what she did...But..."

I nuzzle my sister. I've never seen her cry before, but I know from past reunions that this isn't an easy time for an Alicorn who assumed mortal form to get through. I can't understand fully why it hurts her so much, I wish I did so I could say something. But I don't know what its like. "...We would've done anything else if we knew what to do. Even the Elders didn't know..."

My sister looked angry, I hadn't seen her this angry before. "THEN WHY WAS IT ALLOWED TO GO THIS FAR?!"

I back up, quaking in my hooves. My sister noticed and lowered her head in sorrow. "I'm sorry, Luna...I'm just upset...Even if I'm an Alicorn, they were still Star-Catcher's, my friends and family...the ones I cared for most...And I know I'll see them again someday, maybe even in the new timeline...but that doesn't make it any easier to see them die."

I put my wing over my sister's back. I wish I could say "I know" or offer comforting words...But that's a difficult thing to do when you've never seen a loved one die. Cadence and the others who'd taken a turn would know, they could comfort her better. Father and Mother could comfort her. "...I'm sorry, Celly...Come on, the others are waiting for you..."

She took one more look around the abandoned timeline, doing her best to wipe her tears away. "Alright...l-lets go..."

Wing over wing, the two of us vanished in a flash of light, leaving that awful place behind. Our siblings and Parents were waiting for us.


Razzaroo looked up, the sky was black, the world was dark, it wasn't cold anymore, it wasn't anything. It was hard to see, her eyes hurt from struggling to keep focused on her work without a light source so it could be read. She didn't know by who, but she wouldn't let it be any less of value than those it was about. She felt so tired. She had just a couple pages left to write though. Just a couple pages and it would be done she wanted to sleep so badly, but she had to finish before laying down. She wrote next to Kimono's sleeping form.

"Oh . .. . hell-lo, who are you? . . Those, that's an interesting name. . . . Nice to meet you. I'm Razzaroo, could, could you hold my hoof for me? . . . Thanks . . I . . just need to finish this last bit and . . . done. This was very important, something that couldn't wait...it would never be finished if I let it wait. Thank you. Now I can, get some rest." She closed her eyes, and gave a tired smile as she finally let her fatigue catch up with her. She was asleep before she tilted over. She faded away before she hit the ground. Only her book remained.

Pandemonium watched on from the void, sustaining that small fragment alive just a little bit longer.

We, I thanked her for letting Razzaroo finish her last duty.

"A final work is one that deserves to be finished, even if the artist won't even remember writing it and no one will have the chance to read it. But who knows? That's why any work worth starting, is worth finishing."


Twilight Sparkle trotted back from the moldy old tomb, running into the book case behind her. Her twitching eyes were gigantic as she read the last page. A photograph of seven ponies, some who looked familiar, and others who were alien to her. The author's signature 'Razzaroo' written in tired hoofmareship on the bottom.

"H-how ... How did you get this book-?! Who are you anyway?! Who are you really-?! Hey! You can't just walk away! Answer me! Stop!" But Twilight's home was then devoid of visitors.

Interviewer's notes: You will know soon enough Twilight Sparkle. You will know soon enough.


I am Her Majesty of Life and Flames Princess Celestia Amaterasu Solaris Equestria. And I am not used to anypony but nopony interrupting my beauty sleep. But the pounding continued all the same on my bedroom door.

Now could this be? Hmmm? Assassin? I have only met two in my two thousand plus years of rule that were stupid or honest enough to knock (I made sure both got a nice teleportation to a fully stocked tropical deserted island paradise that wouldn't be discovered by modern ponies until they died of old age).

I didn't hear anyone shouting out 'Your Majesty' so that left out my Day Guard and my normal staff and Court (Hmmm, should I have that 'Majesty' changed to something less generic like Dayjesty or Marejesty like Lulu? Naw. I have more interesting way to spice things up around here when I get bored).

Could it be Luna? This was the time of night where she was one of the few ponies awake and about. But she wasn't calling out my name either. Was she angry about something? Contrary to the palace rumor mill, I knew better than to prank my little sister. She was far too short tempered and sensitive for such things. Always had.

I cheated at my surprise and let see if there was any magical aura I could pick up. I was very surprised indeed at who I sensed! I quickly magically freshened myself up. I opened the absurdly tall door to my bedroom and looked down at my loyal and faithful student.

She was huffing and puffing, she nearly fell in with the door suddenly not there the pound. I considered the joke of letting her pound my skull for a few moment thinking she was still hitting on the door, but I didn't want to see the poor filly break into a babbling mass of apologies. She'd been hurt enough by the fact I'd thrown myself under the carriage for Fluttershy's sake.

My two Day Guards on either side of the door looked positively confused on what to do. After all, Twilight technically ranked higher than them, but at the same time a guard technically outranked anyone wishing to pass through a portal they guarded (A little law I had instilled after a pair of thieves had broken into the royal treasury with a powerful illusion spell disguised as me. I thought if those two stallions liked being a mare who looked like me so much I could make it so they didn't need to use illusions to be so. One of their descendants is now the most accomplished model in Canterlot and Fancy Pants' wife).

I asked. "Twilight Sparkle?"

Twilight magically let go of an old book she had been levitating, it hit the plush carpet with a thud, drawing my attention. My eyes widened and I drew in a breath at the sight of it.

"Teacher." Not Princess Celestia? Not Princess? Teacher? A quick mental scan put aside the worry my student was being impersonated or possessed. My attention was drawn instantly back to that book. A book that shouldn't have ever existed anymore. She looked me in the eyes. "I want to know the whole story! All of it! No disclaimers. No padding. I want to know the whole truth."

The look in her eyes: it wouldn't matter if she had opened this door to find three draconequus and two dragons; she wouldn't back for anything.

I assumed my most regal and divine stance. I resist the urge for my eyes to flicker again to that book. "Very well my most loyal and faithful student. But what you wish to learn, can not be unlearned." She didn't need to say anything, was this the resolve that Discord and Luna saw before they were struck by the power of the Elements? "Come inside and I'll make us some tea. Take a chair. And learn the truth."

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