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Pony POV Series Season Four: Generation Transitions & Origins - Alex Warlorn

Why is Pinkie Pie 'weird'? Why is Celestia? Why is Discord? A connection between G1,MLPT, G3, and

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Episode 52: "Origins Celestia Part 3"

My Little pony Friendship Is Magic
Pony POV Series Origins Part 3
Princess Celestia

When I entered our domain, Justitia was standing guard instead of Turris.

"Welcome home sister." She said sternly to me, her eyes glaring at me from under the visor of the armor she wore.

"Hello sister," I sighed.

"Luna's been worried sick about you. Father had to restrain her from going after you. Mother said you needed to see some things with your own eyes."

"I'm sorry," I sighed again and simply walked past her.

The various lights of existence flew around me. I loved their company, and accepted the small warmth they each offered.

I found Mortis first in the 'common chamber/place/area' leading from the 'entry gate/kill-zone/passage.' I'm sorry my student, terms like 'room' do not apply as precisely beyond for your definition of reality.

"Welcome home Celestia," he said politely as he always did, that sad smile on his face as always.

"Thank you brother," I said to the white and black Alicorn, the horse skull for his cutie mark seemed more grim than normal.

He didn't look up. "Forgive me if I can't welcome you home proper 'Tia. I have much work to do."

"I saw."

"I've already taken care of that. I'm making preparations."

I love all my family, and Mortis was no exception, but when he said those words, I always felt a chill. "For what?" You think I'd have learned not to ask that question of him by now.

I saw he was looking over a map of your world and populations numbers.

"Lord Havoc has declared the Draconequi would make up for lost time. As payment with interest for his kind being barred from entering the amputated timeline until it was to be torn down."

Mortis had not complained that he had been barred from entering that world as well. Twilight, while the burden I hold is heavy, I would never in a million existences trade it for that of my brother.

"Mortis what are you saying?"

And he told me.

The Alicorns were to be barred from directly interfering. Anarchy was going to start a six way revolution, and Strife a three way war to the death between the three sides. She wanted to see if unicorns were truly worthy of being the 'master race' and if Pegasi were the 'born warriors' they claimed to be and if earth ponies 'deserved' to be at the bottom.

The racial tensions were already building when the storm happened Twilight, the winter storm simply meant they were too busy trying to survive to kill each other.

"CELLY!" I heard Luna's voice, but I didn't react. I was like a mannequin when she hugged me. "I'm so happy you art thou safe! Didth that cur Discord harm thee? I knew he would! I knew he did! Tis alright to cry sister! I shall crush him! He shall beg for mercy! He will never dream of trespassing on you ever --"

"THEY RESET THE WORLD FOR THIS?!" I screamed so loud that everything shook. Luna flew back from me. The lights of existence fled from me. "A PARADISE WAS SACRIFICED FOR THIS?!" I roared.

Other members of my family by now had arrived. Venus for a bit complained about who had disturbed her beauty sleep until she saw me.

Cadence and Galaxia was also on the scene, absolutely shocked at the sight of me.

"HOW-COULD-ANY-OF-YOU-ALLOW-THIS?!" I looked at each of them in turn, seething with rage.

Rota Fortuna appeared behind me. Currently looking like a filly, her signature broken shackles around her legs.

"They will learn how horrible war is, and more importantly learn how deadly prejudice is. It will horrify the survivors so badly that they will squash prejudice from their cultural identity forever." She trotted around me, now looking like an old nag, "And they will be so traumatized by war that they not have another one for a thousand years." And right in front of me as a pony my 'age.' "And with their revolutions they will learn that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely for mortal ponies, for they are not the power, even though they will delude themselves into thinking they were. Horrible consequences came from good intentions. Now good happenstance shall occur from horrid actions."


"So the wheel of fate turns that they think they defy with their hoof steps but in fact only turns from their own actions."

"AND THAT MAKES IT ALL RIGHT?" I was glowing white hot.

"It is neither good nor bad. It only is," She said. "Life is not always pretty."

"Why should hate even exist-?!"


That had been Mother's Voice. And it was enough for all of us to fall to the 'floor/surface/ground' and bow/genuflect/salaam to Her. Her Voice came from within and from everywhere without. Her voice gave meaning to each moment when you heard it. Her tone was not indifferent nor condescending, it was the tone of any mother correcting yet comforting their child.

"Yes Mother," I whispered.

Mother instructed me to get some rest/sleep/renewing. I went to my room/minor domain/my place within our place.

I did rest as long as I could. Luna of course visited me. She asked me how I felt. I told her. We hugged. We kissed. Yes I am being abridged. I'm sorry Twilight, I just, I just don't want to go into detail. I've delayed us long enough in what you actually need to learn.

I visited the spot in space and time where the souls of my friends rested, waiting for time to catch up with them again, for the waters of time to flow over them again and let the journey of their spirits begins.

It would be several thousand years after the chaos the draconequi were planning when they'd be born. Time for the world to heal, time for the ponies to learn their lesson. For pony civilization to be rebuilt to where it had been before the disaster and beyond. Rota Fortuna had told me as much.

But to have a world of peace and sanity built on a foundation of so much blood? I couldn't accept that, I refused to accept that.

I floated/willed/flew over to where Sky Wishes soul was sleeping for her time to enter the world. I didn't dare touch her, even Entropy and Havoc wouldn't dare disturb a soul before her time.

"I promise you won't awaken to a world with that kind of history, I promise."

And I made my decision.

I didn't ask Luna, how could I ask Luna? I had no intention of asking my sister who was the other half of my whole to fall into the dark with me.

What I was going to do went against the rules, which meant there was only being I could turn to. The one for whom everything was nothing. No Twilight, not Discord. To Discord, his 'games' and his own enjoyment are everything, this is something much, much different.

I flew to the edge of the universe. I entered the domain of total nothingness that encircled it.

No light. No dark. No sound. No silence. No warmth. No cold. Not a thing. No nothing.

And I was out the other side, and entered the domain of the one I sought.

Describe what I saw? I'll try in terms you understand my student.

Imagine an infinite plane of ice, with a black sky and only a tiny handful of stars and no moon. Imagine icy winds howling worse than anything you could imagine, er, sorry my student, it's not easy to describe something that lays outside of existence.

I traveled down a rift in the ice, going down and down, at some points as wide as worlds, others so close together it nearly crushed me.

And in this domain I saw the shadows neigh and snap at me, trying futilely to feed off of my existence trying to gain one of their own.

Then the rift was gone, and I came into, not a chamber, but a completely different place.

I was floating down from the sky. It was midnight blue, with stars distant and cold. I landed on the edge of a jagged cliff of black stone or ice that went off infinitely in both directions. A black ocean wavered stood before me, a blue moon forever on the horizon, its own light shimmer across the constant gentle slight ripples in the water.

Was I scared? I was terrified! I had struggled to not wet myself on the way down, and not totally succeeded. It was taking all my will power not try cry frozen tears and flee.

Did I mention the temperature of everything there was perfectly absolute zero? That does not make any sense? I never said it did. But warmth did not exist even as a concept in that world.


Do not phrase anything as a statement with her in context Twilight other than her existence, ever, in her presence, and most rarely risk doing so 'outside' of her presence if there is such a thing.


She sees it as you attempting to control her by saying that she will or can or cannot do. And she reserves only one punishment for any who dare think they can control her. Even her own children aren't safe from this.

I stood there on that frozen cliff for what felt like forever, which it could have been since the only thing there with a concept of time was me.

'NINETEENTH CELESTIA AMATERASU SOLARIS. THE CONCEPT OF THE SUN. SHALL.' A loud whisper is the best way to describe her voice, echoing from a chasm. It was like my ears aged eons just from that cold sound.

Entropy is not a draconequus, they merely resemble her. It would be like calling a piece of scale a dragon, or a snow flake a blizzard, or a beach a grain of sand. And to call her such would be a fatal insult, as would saying SHE looked like one, as she predated them. No trial, no pleads, merely nothingness where you stood. Much like it is to call my Mother, Fauna Luster, an Alicorn. We've never tested Mother's reaction.

What did she look like? Oh oh oh Twilight Sparkle my faithful and loyal student you do NOT know what you ask!

In her presence it was the weight of years crushing down on me. Entropy was the antithesis of my Mother, half of my entire being was utterly rejecting in every conceivable way to being in her presence. Every instinct in me screamed how 'wrong' she, her entire world was, or how wrong I was in Her world.

Oder? Feeling? This was like proof that One Equals Zero stared me in the face. It was that unbearable.

Merely looking upon her made my eyes feel old. Even though she was in no way trying to harm me and emitted no scent, half my very existence couldn't bare being near her to the point it tried in every way possible to drive me from Her domain. The same would be true for any Draconequi in the prescience of My Parents. It took all of my willpower not to flee then and there to make it stop.

She rose from her ocean of chaos, the waves enough to drown whole continents. As she rose, I saw distantly parts of her long serpent like body rising from the depths, but her claws and wings remained submerged.

At last a part of her head broke the surface, and I felt my heart stop and a sun somewhere died. I was looking into one of her eyes. It was like I was in Mother's presence, I was an insect, a gnat in her presence, but ... an inversion, Mother was warm I felt safe, whole. Entropy was colder than cold, I felt helpless, and that my existence held no value.

I saw myself reflected in her eye facing me, a filly who didn't grow one inch but aged into a weathered corpse. I wanted to look away but I just couldn't! She was immense! Her size was impossible. Her partially emerged head stuck out of her ocean, her eye fixed upon me, tiny, meaningless. I could have fallen into the darkness of her eyes' vertical shaped center. Her scales and fur were pitch black accented with midnight blue and small specks of white, like the domain around the domain that in a very real way WAS her.

That eye sitting in blackness between her eyelids, yellow and violet colored corona opening a vertical gate. No Twilight, you do NOT want to know more! I only pray to My Parents that you never ever have to behold her!


My mouth opened at once. "I want the power to erase hatred from a world! But power to erase only lies with the draconequus! Did you create the draconequus from yourself and your mate? Would you give the power to erase hatred? To see it gone from a world?"


I knew better than to fall into that trap no matter how scared I was. "Is everything to you equal because it all will comes to you anyway? Would it be pleasing if an Alicorn could not accomplish something except by the aid of Her Mother's opposite number? For all of time to remember? For your children to jeer at? What is one world's harmony in comparison to such a memory to be endured forever?"

Entropy responded by lifting up a claw, great enough to ... to ... and she pricked herself, one tiny piece, less than a droplet, and it fell into her ocean.

I waited, in the presence of Entropy, you did NOTHING unless she permitted it. "Would Entropy allow me to look?"


I looked over the edge, and my reflection came to life, and it multiplied and crawled off the surface, transparent ghostly half incomplete images of myself, with no existence other than they reflected.


They were mine.


I would release them on the would of my choice.


The ghostly reflection gave me their complete and undivided attention, my word was their only word.


I was free to go. I would take them with me.

Let me explain something to you my student, if she had simply SAID I did not exist there in her domain, I would not exist!

I nearly FLED from Entropy, the icy reflection following, taking on the shapes of the shadows as they past them, reflecting them.

I returned to reality.

I stopped briefly only to take a breath of the real universe and recover from being in Her presence as best I could. But I could still 'smell' her, my reflections had a much smaller and more bearable, but still chilling version of their propagator's aura.

I made a beeline for your world, Twilight with my new tools in tow.

I flew as fast through the cosmos as I could back to where the world I had called home for a lifetime waited for me to save it! And I knew I would save it!

I was not expecting a welcome wagon outside of lunar orbit waiting for me.

Luna, Cadence, Leo Fortis, Justitia, and Turris floated in a star formation between me and your world.

Cadence floated forward first. "Celestia. Please stop this recklessness and let's go home? Let's have a nice cup of coco and I can tell you the new song I've composed."

"How ... how did you know?"

Luna said, "Twas not hard to guess sister. Your anger at what had transpired here made it obvious. Though we never dreamed you would go to HER for aid. Those things stink of Her essence! Sister have you gone mad?"

"Maybe I'm the only one who's thinking clearly! How can we say we protect life when we allow this to happen?!"

Justitia snapped, "Celestia those things are nothingness incarnate, you can't trust them!"

"Entropy said they'd do only what I say! Right now I trust them more than you!"

Justitia actually startled a bit at my words. "Trust them to obey yes! But serve how? You know that fire does not need to be disobedient to be treacherous, concept of the sun!"

"Entropy has no reason to trick me! She gets the only thing she desires, memory that I had to go to her for help! She has nothing more to gain by tricking me!"

Cadence sighed, "Celestia, please don't do this. This is the price leaders and care takers often find, that those under their charge are the ones who end up paying for their mistakes. We blocked the Dracoånequi from entering the world. Now they demand the same."

"That's not fair!"

Justitia said sternly, "Sadly, it is quite fair. Eye for an eye. In truth, the words in full are 'Eye for and eye: no more and no less than that.' Unfair is when you break a world for the loss of one."

"And how do you know this won't end exactly the same as when we forbid their interference?!"

"We can't, but it is necessary we and the Draconequi remain on peaceful terms. However, I assure you, if things begin to go that way again, we shall intervene, Mother has already made that fact clear to Havoc and he has agreed to those terms."

"That's not good enough... Let me through."

"No. Give up those things for disposal and return home and we can forget this foalishness of yours ever happened."


"Celestia you face five Alicorns each as or more powerful than you. If you try to force your way through you will be branded a rogue Alicorn and your aim will still not be accomplished."

"I have to try."

"You 'have to' nothing. All is determined by your own choice."

Cadance said, "Luna is the only one who has never faced your loss, we know it hurts, but this isn't going to help them!"

" ... I said get out of my way. And how can you say that?! You've all suffered the loss of those close to you, but I had to see the world I lived in be torn apart around me TWICE! Can any of you say that?! I'm not going to allow it to happen again! Now get out of my way!"

Cadence sighed. "Very well. I love you Celestia. And goodbye. I hope to see you again in better times."

Justitia looked at her, "Cadence?"

"I can't fight Celestia. Mother wished me only to try and reason with her. Luna, Justitia, Leo Fortis, Turris, do what you have to do."

Cadence simply left.

I willed my reflections into my shadow where they would be safe and would have to be forced out by means that couldn't be handled in the middle of a fight. And I knew Justitia was right. But was too stubborn and too headstrong to stop.

"Hey beautiful. Going my way?"

I turned and gasped at who I saw. "Discord!"

"Looks like you're planning on disrupting the good old status quo. My kinda thing. Want a little help?"

"No, not from you. Do you think I've forgotten the last time we saw each other?"

"Nope. Want my help?"


"Too bad because you're getting a lot of help!"

Justitia shouted, "Is this Entropy's doing?!"

"Since when do I listen to the Old Lady miss high and mighty? Naw!"

"You will regret this choice Draconequus."

"Meh, what else is new around here? So Celestia, what do you say? Want to dance with me one last time?" He held out his paw.


Strife looked at the group of Alicorn and her brother with glee in the giant 'mirror' that was the 'room's' 'floor.'

"This shall be glorious! Pandemonium! Anarchy! Destruction! What say you?"

"Discord needs someone to watch his back," Pandemonium said.

"I'll do whatever you guys do." Anarchy shrugged indifferently.

"This looks like it could be a real blast!" Destruction declared.


All four Draconequus turned and knelt down as one, bowing their heads, "Yes Mother!"


"One last waltz for us two then," I said putting my hoof in his paw. To say I did not trust Discord is an understatement, my student. But at the time, I at least believed I could trust one thing, that seeing me finally 'see things his way' and completely destroy the status quo as I was attempting to do would be good enough to keep him on my side at least long enough for me to succeed in my goal. Yes, I believed I was the one pulling his strings.

We looked into each other's eyes one last time.

Justitia shouted, "Take them both down now and destroy those monsters!"

Turris flared his wings, "None shall pass!"

Leo Fortis said, "I never wanted to test my strength like this Celly! But here I come!"

"I'm sorry 'Tia," Luna whispered. They came at us all at once.

It was bedlam.

Justitia flapped her wings once, molting an absurd amount, which all turned into swords that flew straight at me. I created a barrier, but Leo rammed head first into it. I don't recall any defense he hadn't been able to break through.

Discord teleported us out of the line of fire, which was about all he could do. He couldn't transmute matter that saturated with Alicorn magic, and in the void of space there was almost nothing for him to use his Draconequus magic to transmute or disrupt the order of.

Turris of course was able to keep us from teleporting to the world's surface via sheer will.

Leo forged a glowing lion's head out of his magic that roared and came at our new location. Discord tried to teleport us again but Justitia created a weight and chain that she wrapped around one of Discord's ankles and pulled him away from me. Justitia's chain keeping him from simply teleporting again.

Turris stayed back, keeping himself between your world and us. None had ever passed him. It was why he normally acted as gatekeeper. It was actually a little jarring to see him out and about.

Luna animated two of her constellations, the Ursa Minor and Major, and then sent the Minor after me and the Major after Discord.

I blinded the Minor with a well timed solar flare leaving it helplessly swiping it's claws.

Discord grabbed the chain and threw Justitia into the Major, knocking them both away. However Discord found that Turris was disrupting teleportation in the region now. "Ah crud." Leo then bucked him in the face.

I found myself twisting and turning in the void, using solar wind to increase my speed, dodging lightning from Justitia, fire from Leo, and ice from Luna.

Turris could have tried to herd me with his barriers, but he never took chances, and wasn't about to drop his main barrier for the chance I could get through with my cargo.

Discord twisted himself around Leo like a snake. A good idea in theory, but instead Leo just tore Discord apart with sheer strength. Discord tried to pull himself back together but Luna trapped all his parts inside an ice cube.

I led one of Leo's fire bursts right cross it. Of course the ice exploded and Discord with it, but now he could reconstitute himself.

But, unlike his sister, Discord was still a young Draconequus at the time and not the best student, so his healing capability was far inferior to hers, it would take time for him to recover properly. Time I didn't have. A box of roampony shield formed all around me. I got ready to simply MELT them away when Leo rammed one from behind and it hit me leaving an indentation, then the one opposite that, then another, until I was like an answer ball in a eight-ball.

I was disoriented, which was what Justitia needed as her chains wrapped themselves around my legs, neck, and wings, tightening and forcing me into a ball position. I reconstituted myself into a mass of flutterponies only to have the chain divide and multiply with them. I changed into a dragon but the chain only got thicker and heavier!

"Celestia stop this! You're not a warrior! Please! Just surrender already!" Leo shouted.

I touched the tip of my horn to Justitia's chain and an electric current went up it, Justitia however sent a current down from her end, leaving both of us screaming from the duel electric shock.

I twitched as Justitia shook her head to get her wits about her again.

Luna appeared behind me moving along as dark blue smoke before reforming herself and willing a scythe into existence. Yes I know in most battles they are actually not very useful because of the 'minimum range' they have but Luna always did have a sense of theater.

Luna raised the scythe behind me and brought it down.

My chains shattered, I didn't have a mark on me.

I looked at her in awe.

"Luna you're committing suicide!" Justitia shouted in horror.

"There is, no way, I WOULD FIGHT 'TIA!"

I swear I could see Justitia shed a tear, I don't think I've ever seen her cry before. "THEN SO BE IT!"

A entire legion of empty suits of armor her size materialized around her and came at me and Lulu like a flood weapons raised.


"Hugs later! Fight now!"

I created a Halberd and we braced ourselves for the incoming horde.

Discord then blind sided them scoping them all up driving a bulldozer waving a civil war era sword while tooting a bugle boy horn. "THE CALVARY HAS ARRIVED LADIES!"

No, I don't know where he got the matter to transmute into those things, with Discord, the less sense it makes the more likely he'll be able to do it.

"The impossible has happened! I am thankful to see him!" Lulu gasped.

Leo then put a hoof through the engine of Discord's bulldozer, stopping it cold. "I don't think you have a permit to drive that thing sonny!"

Discord tried to pull a spiked mace out of nowhere, but giant glowing orange gauntlets appeared and crushed the mace and Discord's lion paw. The other squeezed Discord's body. "Who's yer daddy?"




"I can't believe I fell for that!"

"We all have our weak moments big guy! EW-OW-OW-WOW!" Electricity ran from the tip of Discord's tails right to his brain.

"That's for thinking this was a one-on-one match little Draconequus." Justitia said a nearby spear sending endless waves of thunder through him.

Luna and I came at Justitia from both sides but she blocked us with her wings. Luna then made the world around Justitia's eyes complete dark, her eyes adjusted almost at once, and that was when I blasted her with another solar flare.

"Only a fool keep using the same technique over and over like in a video game Celestia!"

"If it works it works!" Luna said telekinetically knocking the spear off it trajectory.

The Ursas now ganged up on Leo. Who quickly bucked both in the face into unconsciousness. But this did mean it took all his attention off Discord finding he still couldn't teleport but grouped next to us to cover our flanks.

I asked Lulu, "Luna, your means of transportation doesn't run on the same rules as regular teleportation does it?"

"No because I'm not transmitting myself nor am I creating a micro wormhole for one nano-second."

"Understood. I have an idea. But can you keep Justitia off me?"

"Piece of cake! Hey want to go out for cake when this is over? In fact, why not forty cakes? That's as many as four tens! And that's great!"

"Done Celly and, good luck."

"Thanks! Come on Leo! Can't catch me!"

"You know that just ain't true Celly!" Leo declared as the Alicorn stallion followed me like a great cat after his prey.

I darted like a mad humming bird but Leo was on my tail like my own shadow. I used a solar flare and continued to fly not slowing down, neither did Leo as he opened his eyes. "Come on Tia! It's sad to see you overuse a move like that!"

"Can't blame a girl for trying!"

"I can if it not something all that bright 'Tia!"

I took a direct been line for your world.

"Okay Tia now you're just being predictable! You're smarter than this! Lead me towards Turris and veer out of the way at the last moment and have me ram through his barrier for you? Don't tell me you think that lowly of me!"

Truth be told I kind of did. I didn't think it was that predictable. Goes to show. If I could normally teleport I could just teleport Leo once he was up to speed right in front of Turris and let momentum do the rest. But that really wasn't an option with Turris blocking teleportation in the first place. I wondered if I was simply going to lose and was delaying the inevitable at this point.

"I told you dating me was exciting!" Discord laughed as he and Luna circled like crazy around Justitia.

"I never said it wasn't!"

"I am NOT some stationary target you know!" Justitia shouted as she flew at Discord transforming her loose feathers into swords again that flew at Discord.

"NOW who's being repetitive?!" Discord laugh. But the blades didn't come directly at them. The swords flew in all directions and formed a sphere around the three, the blades pointed inward.

"Not me," Justitia said simply as the swords replicated and came from all directions.

I switched tactics and came at him head on. Now this startled Leo as he tried to figure out what I was up to, since he knew I knew that there was no way I could take him in a head on collusion.

Instead I created a surprise gust of solar wind spinning him around like mad and cast a nasty sound burst around both his ears (yes, sound in a vacuum, except space is rarely truly a vacuum, though it wasn't carried by air as you imagine, I suppose you could say it was telepathy more than anything).

I flew with everything I had before he could recover to get enough distance between us. Leo followed. He was getting closer, and closer, and close and ... I gave off a solar flare before he realized what I was doing, then turned myself into solar wind and reconstituted myself behind him. His vision didn't clear until it was too late and he realized he was flying right at Turris, taken too off guard stop his forward momentum in time, and Turris' own field meaning he couldn't teleport away.

The irresistible force met the immovable object. And canceled each other out. Leo was sent for a loop, and Turris' concentration was broken for the split second I needed to teleport down. That when I realized my plan had a very big glaring flaw. I hadn't thought about what would happen to Discord and Luna after I got through. I didn't have time to think about this as I forgot to cancel my inertia and smashed into a mountain side, the poor mountain.


I came to my senses. I don't know for how long. I thought of Luna and Discord. What had happened to them? I didn't know.

I wanted to go back and check on them. Except I knew I had gotten through by sheer wits and good luck and Luna and Discord choosing to save me.

Besides, I didn't have a home anymore, I was a fallen Alicorn, there had only ever been one of those before. Morning-Star was the most beautiful stallion to ever exist, Mother and Father had made him as perfect as perfect could be, but that was apparently too perfect when he figured he didn't need Mother or Father for the universe to run things. We don't talk about him anymore. Ever. He is no longer counted among my brothers.

I had only one mission now. And that was to bring an end to hatred in this world with the tools given to me by Entropy.

I took note of my surroundings. I was in a cavern that I had apparently created when I had crashed into the mountain side. It would later become a popular roost for dragons.

I took the pale reflection out of my shadow. They floated obediently waiting for my command. I didn't care what my siblings had said, I wouldn't admit they were right. The more proof you're handed that you're wrong my student, the more determined you are to prove you are not.

"I command you. End hatred among ponies. Erase it. Make it as if hatred never existed on this world!"

"We-O-bey!" They howled and torn off to as I commanded. I wanted to see them do their good work. But I was so tired and I needed a rest.


"Luna. Why Did You Do This?" Father asked.

"I could never fight Celestia." She was healed of the field of sword wounds that had left her a bleeding mess when she had been carried in.

"Neither Could Cadence. She Did The Mature Thing. She Walked Away. You On The Other Chose To Attack Your Siblings You Were Supposed To Helping To Prevent Your Sister From Making A Horrid Mistake. You Gravely Sinned Again This Family Against Me You Mother Your Duty Your Sister And Yourself."

"If it was Celestia, I know you'd look the other way."

"You Shall Never Speak Those Words Again. Or You Never Speak Again. There Are No Firsts Or Seconds In This Family. Only Greater Or Lesser Experience. Justitia Would Submit To You On The Laws Of Gravity. And You Do Not Think Yourself Superior In Venus' Experience Of What It Is To Be In Love."

"I trusted Celestia knew what she was doing."

"Over The Wisdom Of Your Parents? Of Us?"

"I was worried Leo or Justitia would ... want to permanently hurt her because Discord was helping her."

Justitia teleported nose to nose with Luna in a second. "HOW DARE YOU! You think justice is brutality?! You think I would use any more or any less than the force needed?! You think justice is prejudice? You think justice is-"

"Justitia. Enough."

"I am sorry Father. Forgive me." Justitia backed away never turning her back and keeping her head bowed.

"Celestia is the only Alicorn who has ever endured the amputation of a timeline as a mortal. I assumed perhaps that would give her some insight the rest of us lack."

"Assuming Is Deadly, She Knows Too Little About The Consequences Of What She Intends To Do To Do It Properly, And It Was Not Your Place To Decide That She Did. She Learn A Little, And To Learn Only A Little: Nothing Is More Dangerous.

"Luna: When You Were Born I Engrained In You A Fraction Of My Own Power. I Told Your Mother You Would Use It Wisely. You Have Shown Poor Judgment. You Have Shown The Inability To Discriminate Between When To Listen And When Not To Listen To Your Emotions. Which You Were Given To Prevent You From Being Apathetic Towards The Life You Were To Safeguard. You Take Everything Personally. You Refuse To Let Anything Go. You Treat All As If Their Excelling Diminishes Your Own. We Had Hoped After Your Experience In The Amputated Timeline You Learned Enough. But You Have Only Learned A Little. You Are Engulfed In Pride."

"What's wrong with pride?"

" ... You Can Ask That. After Morning-Star? Self-Respect Is A Fortress. Hubris Is a Cage! You Are An Ignorant And Arrogant Foal Of A Goddess! The Wise Know They Are Fools And The Fool Believes Himself To Be Wise And I Do Not Mean Your Brother! You Claim You See Celestia's Foolishness When She Sought Union With Discordance. But You Ignore It When You Are Told Her Choice Will Bring Ruin To Mortals? You Have Far More To Learn Than The Alicorn Before Me Reflects."

"I could not risk my twin."

"And You Risked Millions If Not Billions Of Mortal Lives Instead? You Knew That What Your Sister Sought To Unleash Was Something Born From Entropy Herself, From Nothingness Itself Without Havoc's Half To Balance It As With The Draconequi. A Thing Born From Entropy Alone Is Incapable Of Valuing Anything. You Knew This And Still Allowed Your Sister To Release Those Creatures Upon The World Of Mortals Without Thought For The Consequences It'd Have Upon Their Lives."

"Life is but a moment for the soul's journey."

"Eighteenth Luna Nyx Selena. Concept of Night. You Trespass In Your Own Brother's Mortis' Territory. You Have Endangered The Life You Were Born To Oversee And Guide For Personal Reasons. You Have Chosen The Life Of One Over The Lives Of Many Innocents. You Have Stood Against Your Family In Battle. I Judge That Your Form May Reflect This. And The Power That Is A Part Of You Be Beyond Your Reach Until You Awaken To It Again. As I Have Said So It Is."

"Venus Come Here. Cadence Come Here."

"Yes Father!" The Alicorn of temperance, balance, music, and harmony, appeared and bowed along side her sister the Alicorn of true love, beauty, and endearment.

"Until The Concept Of Night Is Where She Look After Herself Again. You Shall In Turn Look Over Her."

"Thy Will Be Done." The two echoed and Venus picked up the newborn blue Alicorn in a diaper sucking on her pacifier. Cadence nuzzled her.


Venus left Luna with Cadence for a moment while she went to her 'small cabin on the grounds/satellite world/outer domain' where she communicated with Pandemonium via her video phone/magic mirror/instant messenger.

Of course My Parents knew. But also all communication with the draconequi happened outside the 'main house/castle keep/inner domain' that Turris guarded. Who thanks to my using my own brother as a battering ram was now questioning his own worth as a gatekeeper if all it took was one on-the-fly trick by me to get past him.

This not only so neither side could try anything (there are any number of spells that can be transmitted), but also since if a Draconequus was in My Parents domain, all They had to do is think that Draconequus didn't exist and they wouldn't, just as it was with myself in Entropy's.

Did we ever try to drag each other to those domains to destroy each other that way? You cannot drag a devil into heaven and you can not drag an angel into hell my student. They couldn't exist on that plane of reality except of their own will, which could be blocked, but not forced.

"Hello Pandora."

"Hey Venus."

"Just called to see to see how Discord is doing and how you're holding up."

"Oh I just pulled all the swords out of him and erased all the holes in him. The others said they wanted some private quality time with him after he finally made up with his girlfriend."



"You'll beg louder than that when I'm done with you," Strife said as she tore off Discord arms and legs, made them grow into full sized beasts of what they were based off of, then had them eat him, then eat each other, then blast the winner to ashes, at which point Discord finally reconstituted. However the collar Pandemonium had put on him by request of the others so he 'didn't hurt himself while recovery' reconstituted too, which meant any external magic was impossible. He panted as he was on his hands and knees. "You've killed me one hundred and sixty nine times already. Aren't you bored yet!?"

"Not all of us do this sort of thing out of boredom brother," Strife said as she did a quick clean death by breaking his neck, normally he'd just snap it back into place but the collar was preventing that too! But it did then did form back into place on its own. But it then did force his neck back into place on its own, as was its purpose.

"This is a lesson as well as restitution. You've ruined a very personal and important project of mine and your brother's! You and your girlfriend! You aided in the ruination of something very important to this family! And we're not going to stop until we ALL think that you've realized to never do this again." Discord now the size of an action figure was dropped in a clear plastic box with a rubber sword and a paper shield as flesh eating beetles twice his size were dropped in and tore him limb from limb. "That filly's toys will not stop until all life on that world is gone. A perfectly peaceful silent world forever with them lording over it. Except they aren't life! Not machine life! Not plant life! Not animals! Not undeath! They're drops of Mother's nothingness! They've have, she has, and you, ruined everything! Do you understand LITTLE BROTHER?!"

"Hey sis! Don't hog him! Bring him this way already!" Said Anarchy sitting on a couch/chair/throne looking ahead and not putting down his controller.

"Fine." Strife tossed the regenerated Discord toward Anarchy who grabbed him and in one motion threw him ahead, straight through the TV/projector/monitor screen where Discord took on a pixilated look.

"You know brother. I didn't mind when you created those crazy flowers or turn those fairies into locusts in that reality. It was gonna bite the dust anyway. No harm no foul right? I thought your new hobbies were kinda lame, and had as much class as a room full of collage drop outs, but hey, your spare time right?" Discord banged on the surface of the screen.

"Do you have ANY IDEA HOW MUCH BLOODY WORK I PUT INTO THAT PROJECT-?! Let alone get sis to actually COMPROMISE on something!! They were going to be putting up and tearing down their rulers so fast the mints wouldn't be able to keep the currency up to date with their faces! They were gonna be so sick of authority when it was all over that none of them would ever bother with it again! Instead it's going to be a perfectly flawless frozen lifeless world of order! You have SERIOUSLY TICKED ME OFF DISCORD!"

The digital cross-hairs on the screen blasted Discord into digital bits again and again as the game reloaded him back into existence. Anarchy watched his high score rise. "Little snot nosed traitors one thousand points!" But this got tasteless after the score capped at 999,999 and reset to zero so he pulled Discord out and tossed him to Destruction who was fiddling with Rubic Necker Cube. "Hey! Destruction! Whenever you need to blow off some steam from now on you can just blast away Discord."

"Geeze! Thanks Dissey! You have no idea what this means to me! Thank you! Now just hold still and being atomized doesn't hurt as much! I've got plenty of experience! It'll all be just a tingle after around the millionth time! I promise!"

Discord whimpered as Destruction held him by the throat (surprisingly gently) and vaporized him, his skeleton being the last thing to go. Destruction politely waited for Discord to full regeneration before destroying him again.

"I mean, wow! You're really gonna help me stay in control here! I blast you, you regenerate, I blast you again! And I don't get that meaningless hollow feeling I always get when I vaporize myself! Serious bro! It's nice for you volunteer."

Discord tried to say he wasn't volunteering for anything, but Destruction wasn't letting him get a word in edgewise!

No one had the heart to tell Destruction a frozen world meant there would be nothing to ever build up for him to knock down.

"Hey sis, ain't Pandemonium gonna have a turn?" Anarchy called not looking away from his video game.

"No," replied Strife. "She'll either say that a world of ice is another kind of beauty or be too weak to take part in the punishment of a family idiot again."

I know my student, but Discord would, and had been, just as brutal when Destruction had faced the wrath of his family for destroying a world the Draconequi had had great visions for to alleviate his condition. Discord on his turn had turned his brother's body to bronze and thrown him in a smelter while cooking marshmallows over him. It is the way of the Draconequi.

The 'roof/ceiling/upper layer' of the 'common area/lounge/amusement center' was torn off. Revealing Their Father. "LET HIM GO!"

Havoc? Imagine your worst nightmares, and the worst nightmare of everypony who has lived, or will ever live. That is Havoc. The overseer of mass hysteria, widespread panic, and social fears. A foster mother's dread of a child's biological parents are his claw marks. Witch hunts are his weapon of choice. If you saw him as you are now Twilight, you would not sleep for the rest of your days. His voice alone would leave you a horrified wreck.

Destruction obeyed.

Discord was then picked up in one of His Father's claws, a cherry pit being picked up by construction equipment. "Save some for Your Father children!"

Discord heard himself whimper again.


"You're my favorite Old Lady Mother!"

"You have some nerve to call me off Entropy!" Their Father Havoc snarled.

She SAID he didn't exist. He told her he didn't CARE and willed himself back into existence less than a an instant later and made a grunt of annoyance and dropped his son from a very tall height. Havoc was the only force in creation that dared address Entropy as such other than My Parents.

Entropy removed Discord's collar.

Havoc and Entropy? For Entropy to tell her mate he didn't exist, was equal to an arguing couple giving one a shove.

Havoc didn't fear Entropy, even in the slightest. He was not mad, not ignorant, not unable to feel fear, and not a fool, he simply didn't. Did this perturb her? Was it why She took Him on as Her mate in the first place when They chose Their spouses?

"You know son I had such high hopes for you when you were born!"

Discord tilted his head, "No you didn't, you thought I was the biggest waste of screwing mom ever and would have shoved me back inside if she had let you."

"Do not contradict your father!" The tip of his smallest claw landed on top of Discord squashing him flat. "And after I went to the trouble of having all those civilizations nuke themselves in a moment of beautiful blind panic and hysteria just to spell out the name of your girlfriend only because you asked!"

"He's technically right dad. You didn't think Discord was worth anything until he bit the tip of your finger off, after you finishing saying you and mom should try again after taking one look at him. You figured anything with that kind of viciousness right after mom popped'em out couldn't be totally useless."

The real reason was that the newborn Discord had found the thought of the final return to His Mother to be extremely boring.

"I said do not contradict your father!" A storm of twisting neither went through Anarchy's head and through his 'screen/monitor/projector.' Anarchy pulled a new head out of his chest and lamented his video game. "Ah man! I never got to that level before!"

"Just means you get to feel the thrill of reaching it again! Can I co-op this time please?" Destruction asked. It was the kind of game he enjoyed, where he got to destroy everything in sight.

"Not happening."

Strife spoke, "Mother? Why spare Discord further punishment? Has not his recklessness cost myself and my brother?"

Havoc spoke for her. Again, only he dared. "Entropy's reasons are her own! But creation will have a preview of things to come! And will embrace chaos when it sees the truth rather than cling to transient order! And all that fear!"


They came from nowhere. At first I thought it was just a wind.
Or a new unicorn student flexing his magic muscle. Not of grand note.
However the tempo of the inequine howling had too distinct a pattern to it.
Then came the first time I saw them.
I believed them to be ghosts. Carrying their last memory of freezing to death.
But there was nothing equine of these spirits except their appearance.
Their cries will haunt my nightmares till the end of my days.

I don't know why they came to my settlement of all place. A few extra bright unicorns including myself.
But nothing of true meaning.

The first I saw them was an argument between two Earth ponies about charging the absurd prices they did to unicorns and pegasi to fellow Earth ponies.

I saw them again when an Earth pony riot broke when a mother unicorn was beaten to death and Pegasi swoop down to bring order in the most brutal of fashions. The storm became so horrid that the pegasi could not fly least their wings froze over, leaving them easier prey for the earth pony rioters. As her blood was left to freeze in the streets I noticed an Earth pony besides her with the same coloring as the foal in her forelegs. Mixed blood? Still I took pity on the small creature she held.

I only later realized the 'spirits' dispersed when I chose to take her foal as my own.

My town is isolated. Even rumor does not travel swift to and from here. I still fail to realize why they come here of all places.

My one colleague who would listen to me suggested they arrived on the shooting star several month previous. Such nonsense.

They came again, this time when a heated debate between two mages on whether Earth ponies had magic of their own. They were alone in the room when I left. When I came back, they were frozen solid, and those spirits were there, but quickly left. Their manner suggested indifference rather than fear.

Experimentation was needed. They haunt the very boarders of the town now. They are becoming less of a ghost story and more a cause for fear among my fellows and the earth pony workers and the pegasi enforcers.

An Earth screamed out at the top of his lungs that he wished all the unicorns and pegasi were dead before the pegasi descended on him. The ice storm had picked up again in minutes.

I have chosen not to inform Clover of her diluted blood. I see no reason why she need be burdened. In spite of her disability she has surpassed most of her peers. Incredible. I must review notes on other unicorns of diluted blood to see if this has happened before.

Spring. Summer. Autumn. It doesn't matter when, the ice storm comes repeatedly and more frequently.

The storm is not letting up this time and it grows progressive worse. The filly, Clover (I found the name on her blanket), was scared to leave the only home she's known, but I fear if I stay longer my research will be pointless and I might as well have not saved her from freezing to death in her mother's arms.

Shows of power are less and less effective at keeping the earth pony workers in line. And the other mages have turned paranoid of their own earth pony assistants and servers. I am thankful to have Clover.

'They scream 'freedom or death' others 'freedom and death to the horned and feathered monsters.' Their howls are joined by the creature. As if in a dream, many do not seem to notice their fellows being turned to prisoners of impossibly swift growing ice.

I took Clover and abandoned the mage refuge. I considered telling my fellows to do the same, but considering they were shouting 'defend our knowledge to the death and death to any who abandon their defense' I thought it more prudent to simply teleport away.

We had no pursuers. The regular merchants in the nearest towns have returned with tales of mounds of frozen corpses. And no sign of Them.'

Clover seems to have blocked out the memories of her life before coming to this new town with me. Perhaps she is better for it.

The unicorn king's court magician has died of old age and failed to train an apprentice. I need more resources for my research. I will not miss this chance. And should I pass on before my research is complete, I need to make sure Clover is in a position where she will be able to continue it.

I now have had time to think. The cold they produce. Are they spirits of winter? But would there not being spirits of spring, summer, and fall as well that should've driven them away? But I can still only think that winter is these spirits' natural state.

They seek out hatred, do they feed off it? Fighting as well? It is possible. Though it is hard to tell since I could not find one without the other anyway.

The intensity of the riots I see now looking over my own notes was directly related to the intensity of the storm. Does the amount of cold they produce relate directly to the amount of hate they feed off of? It also appears that the closer I became to Clover, the less I cared about her diluted blood, the more I became, not invisible, but less interesting I became to the creatures. This adds to my above theory.

It is in the wind they go. So I shall call them 'Windigos.'
-- Excerpts from the journal of Starswirl the Bearded

(A link to an image of the Anti-Mother Of Creation http://wolfram-and-hart.deviantart.com/art/Celestia-Shall-I-Speak-With-Entropy-301440654 )

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