• Published 10th Jul 2019
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The One Thing That All Can’t See, Except One - ThoraxFictions

One creature is full of soul magic, that includes spirits.

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Spirit 9

I stayed up all night thinking about this. I was so confused. What did they mean? Was that they’re real names? What’s going on? I only got 3 hours of sleep, but I was basically always energized.

So, here’s what happened...

The Mane 6 and I were visiting Canterlot, the Princesses Castle. I was pretty calm. Nothing was happening. I was safe. But, when I stepped in, things became a little weird. My eyes started hurting. I shook it off, and kept going. I decided to wander around. Sooner or later, I got lost. I wandered around al little more. Making a right turn and stopping to relax a bit. I sighed.

“I need to find my way back soon.” I said to myself. But...I felt tired. Maybe taking a little nap wouldn’t hurt. I got comfortable on the shiny floor. I closed my eyes, and drifted to sleep.

Pssst! Pssssssst! Hey!” I awoken to a voice, whispering to me. I sat up-right, darting my eyes about. I stuck my eyes on the orange figure in front of me. I stared in horror. The figure got closer to me. I pressed up against the wall.

Hey..hey! Why you look so tense?” it asked. I shivered, and sunk low. I put my hoof out, trying to touch it. It was like a tense, angered specimen. I stared longer.

Hey guys! I think I found our host!” It called. Then, out of nowhere, 8 more colorful, human like figures appeared in front of me. I was in shock, and struggled to get up. A yellow figure came up to me, poked me, and turned to the orange one.

You sure this the right guy?” it asked. Orange nodded. The yellow and green one looked familiar. The others, though, I didn’t have a thought. My eyes got glued on one black figure, with voidlike eyes and mouth, a devious smile, and lines growing from the top and bottom.

“W-W-Who are...” I mumbled. They looked around at each other. Their names were BRAVERY, JUSTICE, KINDNESS, PATIENCE, INTEGRITY, PERSEVERANCE, Frisk, Chara, and Gaster. I shook my head. I got up and got closer.

“I-I’m Inky...you’re...host? I think?” I questioned. Kindness grabbed my leg and cheered.

Were so glad we found you! I remember your face when we were by the mountainside!” I remembered too. I glanced around and stopped when I looked at Gaster. The bad memories flooded back. I backed up. He came close. Gaster put his hand on my chest, where my SOUL was. Then black tendrils shot into my SOUL. It didn’t hurt, but I was shocked and just plain confused. I pushed him away. Gaster shook his head. We made eye contact.

“I...KNOW you’re face...” I said. He nodded.

I didn’t mean to scare you. It was just happening. It just HAPPENS. I sincerely apologize.” I accepted it. I smiled a bit. I apologized for pushing him.

We’ll see you later! Bye!” Patience said. They all zoomed toward me. They all went into my chest. It stinged a little bit. I couldn’t believe this. I went to find the others, but forgot I was lost. I started looking around. After 3 minutes, I found them

“Where were you?! You can’t just LEAVE!” Applejack exclaimed. I opened my mouth, but words didn’t come out. I couldn’t tell them what I saw..could I? I mean, it was weird, but personal. I made the decision that, I wasn’t gonna tell them about what I saw.

“Well...uh..I just went around and looked about, talked to some ponies and came back here.” I explained. They didn’t ask twice. When we left, I sat all the way in the back where no ponies sat, so I could talk to the spirits. It was a mystery about finding them, but it was worth it.

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