The One Thing That All Can’t See, Except One

by ThoraxFictions

First published

One creature is full of soul magic, that includes spirits.

One thing that Inky, a Changeling can see, but every pony else cannot.
Spirits follow and interact with Inky.
Can he keep the secret forever.

My Face

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The SOUL is a culmination of a ponies, humans, or monsters being. Though some don’t come with the spirit of the soul, but only special ones can see and hear. The ones who have, went insane. None have been able to comprehend the spirits, but one has managed. This is their story in several chapters.
It was a Sunday morning in Ponyville. The days before I became a citizen in Ponyville has been smooth. I like to visit the Changeling Hive, which is way before than the old Hive. Thorax, the King, has gotten used to me. So did the Mane 6, Starlight, and a few others. Not every pony though. But lately I’ve been feeling strange. I probably have a fever, or the flu.

“Well, gotta get ready for my trip to the Crystal Empire.” I thought. I went to my living room. I was also able to make a house of my own. I went to get my things. But, when I looked in the mirror, I saw a face that wasn’t mine. My eyes were a empty void of darkness, lines extending from the eyes up and down. I had a devious smile that was also a dark void.

“What the-!” I thought before someone knocked on my doorstep. I turned in shock. I ran to the door, so I didn’t have to look at my horrible reflection anymore. I was so glad I wasn’t looking in the mirror anymore.

“Hey, you ready?” Applejack questioned, looking so eager to go. Then her expression changed to a concerned look.

“Uh...You ok? Ya been havin’ trouble inside?” She asked. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t tell her what I saw, she would think I went crazy.

“Oh, no! I’m fiiine!” I lied. She knew I was lying. But she didn’t pester me.

“Alright then, I’ll be with the others.” She said, and walked away. I closed the door, and tried to avoid every mirror in my house. Moments later, I was ready and headed to the train station. Then, some pony came up to me and said “Do you have any glass? I’m trying to make a glass vase.”

“Oh yeah, I have some right-“ I took it out and stared at the same face I saw in my mirror. Who’s face is that? Is that MY face? What’s happening to me?

“Um...are you ok?” The pony snapped me out of my distraction. I nervously smiled and rushed,

“Ohyeahyouwantedthisokhereyougobye!” I flew off, feeling embarrassed. Then I reached the train station, exhausted.

“Finally! You’re here!” Pinkie yelled happily. Fluttershy stared at me and said,”Are you ok. You don’t look like yourself.” I nodded.

“Well, what are we waiting for! Let’s go!” Twilight eagerly said. I was just silent.
I just looked down. Knowing there was glass windows, I didn’t dare look at them.

“Hey, look! A bird!” Pinkie pointed. Everyone was looking, even thought it wasn’t that cool. But I kept my head down low. After a while, my neck hurt, so I wanted to stretch my neck. I looked up and stretched my neck. Twilight Sparkle, confused, tried to get me to look at the window.

“Hey, how come you won’t look at the window?” She asked, and put her hooves on my head, forcing it to turn to the window. I moved her hooves off my head. But I looked up, not knowing I was facing the window. I gasped and stared hard. I wanted to look away, but couldn’t.C-C’mon me! Turn away! Turn. Away!

“Hey!” Some pony yelled. I lost my attention, and turned to the pony who was speaking. It was a orange mare, with green mane and tail, and a red lighting bolt cutie mark.

“You, Changeling, are you going insane. You’re staring at the window like someone dangerous was outside.” She reminded me of what I was doing.

“” I quietly said. But his reflection still scared me, staring back at the window, and losing focus again.

“Hey! I’m talking to you, stupid!” She yelled. I got my focus on her again. She definitely wasn’t happy.

“S-s-s-sorry.” I said again, covering my eyes and mouth. She gave me a serious look and grabbed my hoof that was covering my eyes.

“Look at me, buggy! When I’m talking to you, I’m TALKING TO YOU!” She stated. I tried looking away, but only ended looking at my horrifying reflection. So my only option was to get her hoof off mine. Then I felt a weird feeling in my soul. Then, without my own consciousness, slapped her hoof. She got her hoof away, and looked at me with a even more serious look.

Tck,I knew you Changeling’s haven’t changed one bit.” She scoffed and sat down on a seat. I felt so bad. I didn’t mean too!

“Hey! You take all of that back, chump! Rainbow yelled.

“N-no, she’s right, maybe I haven’t changed one bit,” I said. But Rainbow had a expression that mean’t otherwise.

“Why do you let ponies get to you?” She asked. I shrugged and looked away. But Rainbow assured me that those ponies just din’t understand me like her and the others. I lightened up at that. But something didn’t feel right. I felt like my soul had different personalities. But, when I was thinking about it. The train came full stop. We were at the Crystal Empire.

“Oh! Oh! We’re here!” Pinkie yelled and ran outside. Everyone ran after her and I came last. Realizing that the whole empire was made of clear, reflecting, glass like crystal.

“You ok?” Twilight asked, beside me. I made a small nod.

“Yeah...I’m..” I said, looking back at the window, seeing the face.

“I-I’m fine.” I finished. Twilight sighed and smiled.

“Well, if you’re can tell me, I’ll understand.” She said. I sighed. She tried to catch up to the others. While I stayed behind. But I felt nothing was right. My soul didn’t feel right. Maybe holding so many colors at once must be hard. I took once last glance at the window, seeing that face one last time before I left. I saw a strange presence behind me. A presence that had the same face I saw on my reflection of my face. I was so scared that that point, fearing to look behind me. I worry weighted more and more every second I stared and stared. Then I heard a voice that sounded nothing like my friends.

”Don’t forget about this. Don’t forget anything about this. Don’t forget about me or the others. Don’t forget, and don’t ignore US” That’s what I heard before I snapped out of it. I was probably just hearing things.


Crystal Green

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When I got into the empire, it was pretty reflective, which is what I’m afraid of.

“They must’ve done some cleaning here.” Rarity said. Everyone nodded. Pinkie went and messed around with the reflective crystal wall. Then we heard a pony coming in. It was Princess Cadence. She looked happy to see us here. I wanted to say hi, but was too nervous to. Everyone was talking to her, then she turned her attention to me.

“Is that the Changeling you’ve told me about?” She questioned. Twilight nodded. I didn’t want to say anything. Cadence started to walk toward me. I took a few steps up too.

“-ahem- Uh..Hi?” I nervous greeted. I was basically in the moment of nervousness and shock. I didn’t know she take meeting me so calm.

“Hello, Inky. It’s nice to meet you.” She greeted. I was getting more anxious. She gave me a smile and wanted to give me a tour. I walked slowly. I was still nervous.

“So, uh,” I questioned. She explained how she rules over this palace. I was surprised that she wasn’t comfortable with me close to her.

“What do you do?” She asked. That was hard to explain. I was just a Changeling. But, I have been hearing things. Could I tell her? No, I can’t.

“Uh...well..I-“ Before I could say a word, my head hurt.

“Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow!” I pained. She was asking if I was ok. I couldn’t hear her. I could hear whispers. It hurt a lot.

“Twilight! Twilight, can you help?” She called. She sat me down. All I heard was whispers, so many whispers. Then, the same voice I heard in the train came back.

”Tick, Tock, Inky. Do something. Don’t sit around like a fool! DO SOMETHING!”Do something, that’s what I did. I slammed my hoof down on the crystal floor. I didn’t have a headache, I didn’t hear the whispers. I opened my eyes to see Cadence and Twilight, worried.

“D-Don’t worry, I’m fine.” I said. Twilight grabbed my hoof and put her foreleg around me.

“Don’t scare us like that!!” Twilight sounded concerned. She let me go and went toward the Mane 6.

“Hey, ya’ okay?” Applejack asked. I nodded. What I didn’t know, was that someone else I knew was here.

“Hey, um...there is something I have to show you.” Cadence went around the corner and grabbed something with magic. It was a yellow flower, bright yellow petals and a healthy green stem. It wasn’t any normal flower, though. It had a face.

“Flowey!” I grabbed his pot and smiled at him. He was pretty content to see me too.

“Howdy! It’s been a while?” He said, I nodded, enthusiastically. He patted my head with a vine. It was super good to see him again. But then, I heard a different voice.

” Hey...I know him.” the voice said. I turned to see nothing.

“Hey ok?” Flowey questioned. I turned back to him, and nodded. He gave me a look of concern and moved on.

“Well then, do you want to Uh..explore?” He asked. I said that I would want to. Then, me and Flowey went around the castle. Cadence was gonna do it, but Flowey took over.

“So, how are you adapting to Ponyville?” Flowey asked. I told him about it. When he asked about the ride here, I told him about that too. It was a nice talk, until I went into the bathroom. Flowey didn’t come, ‘cause he thought it would be awkward.

“Alright, let’s get down to business.” I said to myself. I wanted to know what the voices were about.

“I want..Uh...whoever you are to show yourself! Everyone is getting worried about me! So, I wanna explanation for this!” I said to myself. Nothing. I asked again. Nothing.

“Sweet Celestia, I said-“ Flowey came in. I didn’t know I was yelling.

“Inky! Are you alright! Who are you yelling at! Can I watch! I wanna see you put them in there place!” He said, like he would normally say. I didn’t know what to say.

“Uh...I-I’m fine.” I replied. Flowey gave me a look of “Are you lying?”

“R-Really! I’m fine!” I assured. Flowey sighed, the smiled.

“You know, you can tell me right?” He said. I nodded. As we were leaving, I saw green reflecting off the crystalline walls. I was interested. I stared, and it was nice, it felt nice. Like, I was being healed from the inside. I left, and the green was gone.

Taking Yellow

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“Psst! Pssst! Inky!” I blinked from a nap, but it was night out when I awoken. It was blurry, that happens when I wake up earlier than I do normally.

“Wha-huh??” I mumbled. It was Spike. I was wondered what Spike was doing up. I shook my head, and the blur went away.

“Spike? W-What are you doing here?” I looked around. Spike grabbed my hoof and pulled me off my bed. I stumbled to the floor and got up. I followed Spike and points outside. I look and a shine of yellow near the home of Rarity. I gasp and back up.

“Is something happening to Rarity?!” I asked, in lots of worry. Spike says he doesn’t know. I started to panic. Is there a fire? Is somepony robbing her home?
Spike and I go to investigate. He’s worried. I’m freaking out. I flew to her home and look around. Then, I see a flashlight beam zooming about. I back up and climb up her roof. I peek around and the beam flashes my eyes. I cry out and fall down. I shake my head and rub my eyes.

“You ok?” Spike asks. I nod and get up. We look around one last time. I keep my eyes on a certain yellow figure. It looked like a human, but without the legs. I feel something in my chest. I put my hoof on my chest and start shaking.

“Uh... Inky?” ok?” I turn to see Spike, staring at me. I nod, giving a fake smile. Then, we hear Rarity scream. We hurry to her home. I climb the wall and bang on it.

“Uhhh, who is it? I am very busy” She said. We sighed in relief. Then all of the sudden, sounds blurred out.

“Rarity! I was so worried about....” I couldn’t hear anything. Then the strange voice came back, but more of a cowboy accent.

The light? Heh! Was just a ceiling light being changed, that’s why it moved about. It burned Rarity’s poor, poor hooves, and that’s why she screamed so loud. Nothin’ to worry about

Things were getting confusing. I heard 3 voices this week. I didn’t know where they were coming from? It drove me crazy! I shook, and started hyperventilating. It took me a second to feel Spike trying to snap me out of it. Things...were becoming...normal again.

“Inky? Inky?! Are you listening to me?!” I blinked, and looked about, still looking shocked. I huffed a little bit. Rarity tapped my horn, it sparked. I looked at her and asked what was up.

“You've been acting weird all week! Darling, we want to make sure if you’re ok?” She said. I shivered, and nodded. Honestly, I couldn’t tell them anything.

“I....I...I-I’m fine! Okay!” I yelled. I backed away. I apologized and flew off, in a panic.
What’s....What’s happening to me?! I thought. I flew off to find someone I could trust...

“I gotta....I gotta rest here.” I panted. All that panicking tired me out, and I lost all of my energy. I decided to lay on a cliffside.

Get up soon, we have a long way to go if you want to get to Thorax’s Hive.” I looked up in horror. I looked around. I look straight to see two green figures. One looking like a pony, and another like a human.

Oh! He’s already here!” The green figure disappeared in front of my eyes, and it left the one green pony figure. It was Thorax. He was taking a break from his Royal Duties.

“Inky?! W-What are you doing here?!” He sped up. He tried picking me up, but nothing happened. I tried getting up myself, but I was weak from the cold. I collapsed, and shivered.

“I-ah!” I cried. My hoof had a crack from the cold, the ink was all dried up, and it was falling apart.

“I need....w-warm!..” I mumbled. Thorax looked about. He gained his strength and lifted me up. I started to work my wings. We were able to fly off. I was falling behind.

When we were at the Hive, I fell and laid there. I struggled to get up. The changelings stared for a minute. Thorax looked about, and ignored the eyes. I walked to the warmest part of the Hive. I sat there and melted. It felt relaxing. I sighed and smiled. Thorax smiled too. All of the sudden, Pharynx walks in.

“Is he ok?” He asked normally. Thorax nodded in a little bit of worry. Another changeling peeked behind.

“What got you to this state?” They asked, holding up a dry, cracked up hoof. I didn’t say anything. He sat there and patted my wet, melty head. He shook the ink off their hoof. It slithered back to me. I started feeling sleepy. In a minute, I was asleep.

The next morning, I woke up in Twilight’s Castle. I felt better. I could remember everything that happened last night. I heard Spike, Rarity, and Thorax talking to Twilight.

“Okay! Okay, don’t worry. He’ll be fine.” She reassured them. I sat in the room and sighed. I didn’t come out of the room until I felt comfortable.

Spirit 9

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I stayed up all night thinking about this. I was so confused. What did they mean? Was that they’re real names? What’s going on? I only got 3 hours of sleep, but I was basically always energized.

So, here’s what happened...

The Mane 6 and I were visiting Canterlot, the Princesses Castle. I was pretty calm. Nothing was happening. I was safe. But, when I stepped in, things became a little weird. My eyes started hurting. I shook it off, and kept going. I decided to wander around. Sooner or later, I got lost. I wandered around al little more. Making a right turn and stopping to relax a bit. I sighed.

“I need to find my way back soon.” I said to myself. But...I felt tired. Maybe taking a little nap wouldn’t hurt. I got comfortable on the shiny floor. I closed my eyes, and drifted to sleep.

Pssst! Pssssssst! Hey!” I awoken to a voice, whispering to me. I sat up-right, darting my eyes about. I stuck my eyes on the orange figure in front of me. I stared in horror. The figure got closer to me. I pressed up against the wall.

Hey..hey! Why you look so tense?” it asked. I shivered, and sunk low. I put my hoof out, trying to touch it. It was like a tense, angered specimen. I stared longer.

Hey guys! I think I found our host!” It called. Then, out of nowhere, 8 more colorful, human like figures appeared in front of me. I was in shock, and struggled to get up. A yellow figure came up to me, poked me, and turned to the orange one.

You sure this the right guy?” it asked. Orange nodded. The yellow and green one looked familiar. The others, though, I didn’t have a thought. My eyes got glued on one black figure, with voidlike eyes and mouth, a devious smile, and lines growing from the top and bottom.

“W-W-Who are...” I mumbled. They looked around at each other. Their names were BRAVERY, JUSTICE, KINDNESS, PATIENCE, INTEGRITY, PERSEVERANCE, Frisk, Chara, and Gaster. I shook my head. I got up and got closer.

“I-I’m’ I think?” I questioned. Kindness grabbed my leg and cheered.

Were so glad we found you! I remember your face when we were by the mountainside!” I remembered too. I glanced around and stopped when I looked at Gaster. The bad memories flooded back. I backed up. He came close. Gaster put his hand on my chest, where my SOUL was. Then black tendrils shot into my SOUL. It didn’t hurt, but I was shocked and just plain confused. I pushed him away. Gaster shook his head. We made eye contact.

“I...KNOW you’re face...” I said. He nodded.

I didn’t mean to scare you. It was just happening. It just HAPPENS. I sincerely apologize.” I accepted it. I smiled a bit. I apologized for pushing him.

We’ll see you later! Bye!” Patience said. They all zoomed toward me. They all went into my chest. It stinged a little bit. I couldn’t believe this. I went to find the others, but forgot I was lost. I started looking around. After 3 minutes, I found them

“Where were you?! You can’t just LEAVE!” Applejack exclaimed. I opened my mouth, but words didn’t come out. I couldn’t tell them what I saw..could I? I mean, it was weird, but personal. I made the decision that, I wasn’t gonna tell them about what I saw.

“Well...uh..I just went around and looked about, talked to some ponies and came back here.” I explained. They didn’t ask twice. When we left, I sat all the way in the back where no ponies sat, so I could talk to the spirits. It was a mystery about finding them, but it was worth it.

Marks and Trees

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Nature. It’ nice, right?” Kindness said. In agreement, I nodded. I wanted to get some fresh air and explore the Everfree Forest. Now, ponies have been telling me, that it’s not best to go there, but I didn’t listen and thought it wouldn’t be that bad. But I was...very wrong.

So..what you gonna do if something tries to attack you, Inks?” Justice asked. I didn’t think about that..but never thought to. Huh..

I say you just attack them!” Bravery exclaimed. That really didn’t catch my interest, though it would be a second resort if needed. I always need backup plans.

I mean...we could just scare them off” Gaster suggested. That would work to..but that would be a third resort, if needed. I thought..and thought..until I ran out of ideas.

“Ok..maybe we could away?” I suggested. If the creature was too strong, we would need to retreat. We talked for a while, before I heard growls. I looked around. Nothing was around, and I didn’t sense anything.

W-What was that???” Kindness hid behind my right back leg. I observed the area one last time. Nothing. My senser didn’t pick anything up.
“Probably nothing, or I’m just hungry..” I said, and patted her head for comfort. She came out of her hiding spot..before the sound came from behind me.

I turned in alarm. I backed up against a tree. I got a little nervous now. I trotted the rest of the way. This was getting a little weird. I constantly checked behind me.

I think we’re getting stalked or something.” Bravery said. I didn’t want to think about THAT. It would be weird, and I would catch them already if someone were too. I heard another growl, but in front of me. There, in front of me, was a cave. It was dark and cold looking.

Is-Is something in there???” Kindness said, scared out of her mind. I stepped closer. I heard a snarl and backed up. I trembled and backed away. But when I heard a little scream, I couldn’t move. I just stared, and stared. I couldn’t and wouldn’t move. I finally stepped up a bit. I started going toward it, quietly.

“ anyone there? Hello?!” I called. Another snarl came from the void of darkness. I got closer, and closer. I looked about to see a tree with..something odd. There was a little tree with a knife mark on a tree. There was even a slash on the tree’s bark. I stared at it, then got a more terrified. It was a cutie mark with a tree and a knife, scratched onto the tree. So a name that I thought of popped in my head. Tree Killer? I think, that would be it. Was there a pony in there? But ponies, I don’t think, make those angry animal noises.

“Excuse me? Uh...Tree Killer? You ok?” I called. Then I heard the loudest screech I ever heard. I heard footsteps, and something pounced on me. It was a weird mixture of a ponies and some kind of lion. It’s head was a pony, but the rest a lion, and the characteristics of a lion too. It roared in my face. I stared in shock and total fear. I trembled intensely.

We gotta get out of here, Inky! This guy’s crazy!” Bravery yelled. But I was basically paralyzed. I could only move my hooves slightly. I didn’t wanna get eaten already. I closed my eyes, hoping it would go away, thinking I was harmless. But my plan didn’t go out they way I expected. When I opened my eyes, I felt strong and brave. I thought Bravery took over. But as soon it backed away from me in some kind of fear, I realized it was...Gaster. HE was trying to scare it off.

Stay back!
“💧⧫♋⍓ ♌♋♍&✏” Gaster, in my body, yelled. I quickly took back control, and gained a massive headache. I moaned in pain, then went back to slight fear. I tried talking to it, but no words. So I waved goodbye and flew off. I realized that the ponies were pretty right. As soon as I got to my house, I laid on my bed.

“Sweet Chrysalis...I’m so tired...” I whispered to myself. I got comfortable in my bed and drifted to sleep.


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So... have you been practicing any fighting moves?” Justice said to himself. I was confused about what he was doing. This has been going on for about...5 minutes. So, I decided to ask him.

“Uh..what are you doing?”

Huh? Oh, well, I..I had a girlfriend before I died, and well..I just thought that maybe if you come across any mares..” He said, blushing. I giggled a little bit. It was funny, cause I never known their past. I didn’t know that Justice had a girlfriend.

“Well, I don’t think that’ll be affective, because you’re a spirit. But, it would be-“ I paused when I bumped into someone. I shook my head and looked that the pony who I bumped into. I thought it would be someone I knew, but it wasn’t. It was a Pegasus mare with a black mane and tail, she had a pastel yellow coat, and a light blue circle with a halo on it for a Cutie Mark.

“Oh! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to-“ she looked at me and backed up. I expected her to yell, “CHANGELING!!!” And run away. But she didn’t.

“Hey..Uh..are you new around here?” She asked. I just looked at her. She was..lovely. The best looking mare I ever saw, besides Rarity though. Although I’ve been here for a while, I’ve been here for only about 3 days. So, I think that counts.

“Uh...y-yeah..basically.” I stuttered. She smiled and grabbed my hoof to shake it. She had sky blue eyes. I felt like I was staring at the sky through her eyes.

“I’m Allison Hopes! Who are you?” She asked. I blushed and looked about.

“Um...Inky..j-just Inky...” I tapped my hoof and stared at the sky. She tapped my shoulder, and I got her attention. She gestured me to come toward her. I came close to her, but not to close.

“I have never met a Royal Changeling before, especially one that still looks like this. You’re pretty different, and I like those kinds of individuals.” She said to me as she observed me. I blushed when she finished. We talked a little more, before she had to go.

“My parents want me home now. Bye, Inky!” She called. I waved goodbye and turned around. As I walked, I thought about her. She was beautiful! Now, I don’t like stealing love, but it was just..coming to me. I didn’t have to do anything, it just came. When I got home, I slid to the floor and moaned in embarrassment.

And YOU said it wouldn’t be affective..” Justice sassed. I grabbed a pillow and dug my face into it.

“Shut...up..” My muffled voice said, embarrassed and annoyed. I calmed down and stood up. I decided, maybe going to Fluttershy’s house. Although...Discord was there, and he didn’t exactly like me too much. Chara And Gaster found it, “Racist”. But I thought they were overreacting.

“Ok..let’s go.”

At Fluttershy’s, I kinda just sat by the animals. They were scared of me at first, but I didn’t mind. It would be natural.

Justice told me about the mare you met. He told me you were a walking rainbow! Do you have a crush on her or something?” Kindness said to me. I started blushing again. I swear, Justice and I are gonna have a talk.

“W-What?! N-No! I-I have no such thing on her!” I objected of my own feelings. It was too embarrassing. But, it was true..I do have a..what was it? Crush? Yeah..I do, but Allison to me somehow. sure sounds like you do...” Kindness was poking at my cheek, where some of the blush was. I looked away, and just stared at the ground. She hovered next to my face. I looked at her and she patted my head. I sighed and smiled.

“Heh..I can’t be mad you guys forever, can I?” I questioned. I got up from my spot and wandered about. I stopped, finding out I was thirsty. I went looking for some water or something, until I felt something dripping on me. I looked up to see..chocolate milk? It was a pink cloud, raining chocolate milk. I knew it! Discord was here...but where?

Uh...Inky..why is that a thing. Also how did it get there??” Gaster asked. I told him about Discord and how he’s the lord of chaos and all that stuff. He was still confused, but hey..who wouldn’t? I sat down, cupped my hooves so the liquid would go in, and I could drink it. fell out of my hooves because...there were still those darn holes in my legs. There was a hole on the bottom of my front-right hoof. So, it just kinda...fell.

“You know, if these stupid holes weren’t a part of my body, this would’ve been easier..” I thought. So I got up, and flew on top of the cloud. I tried sitting on it, and it was easy. I found a different way to do this. I made a little cup out of “green magic” and used that. I finally got something that would have at least a little bit of something. After I drank it all, I tried getting up. Quote “tried”. Apparently, I got stuck, because the cloud was made out of cotton candy.

“...AND if this cloud wasn’t made of this sticky stuff, this would’ve been easier to!” I thought again. I tried stabbing the cloud so it would diminish and I would be free. But NO!

“ the heck do I get off this thing!” I yelled. I struggled a lot. After 7 minutes of trying to get off, I finally pulled myself free, but it ended in me slamming my face against the ground.

“Owww...” I moaned. That hurt like..uh..I don’t know, but it hurt. I heard some pony coming, but I was too sore to even get up. I felt a hoof pat my head. I looked up, expecting to see Fluttershy, but it was the pony I met 3 hours ago, Allison. I stared in surprise.

“A-Alli?..” I stuttered. She held a hoof out so she could help me up. I held on to her’s and managed to balance, although my legs were sore.

“W-What” I looked around. Why is she here? At a time like this..? She held up a little basket full of, what I could guess, were carrots. I forgot she had a pet bunny, who Fluttershy should’ve named Chrysalis herself. Angel is not how you would describe him, or her.

“I was just, getting some carrots for Fluttershy’s cute pet, Angel!” She smiled, and I just...looked at her. Now, I’m not one to be rude on purpose, but...she should really figure out that he is LITERALLY the embodiment on Chrysalis, herself. I shook it off and sighed.

“Well, um..I was just coming here stuff..that’s changelings do...yeeeaaahhh.” I didn’t really know how to make an excuse for myself. She giggled and sat the basket down on the ground, by Fluttershy’s door.

“Well, gotta go! I just thought Fluttershy would need some extra carrots for her lovely pet! See ya, Inky!” She said, as she trotted away, while I stood there and thinking about what I just thought a few minutes ago about Angel, or Chrysalis...who knows...

“Oh! Can I tell you something first?” She stopped and turned around for a second. I looked about and nodded. She came over to me, and put her hoof on my chest, where my heart was. I kept switching my sight to her, and her hoof. It was so awkward!

“You know, if you ever get hungry, you can come to me, and I’ll figure out how to satisfy your LOVE hunger. Ok?” She said. Now, to ponies, that might just be for some pony being kind and stuff. In my eyes, however, that is classified as flirting. I blushed and nodded in agreement. She smiled, said her last goodbye, and left, flying off. I just decided to go home after that.

When I got home, I hid under my covers on my bed and hid there. That was a little too awkward for me. Justice, the little nugget, stared at me with a smug smile. wished I helped, yet?” He said. I put a pillow over my head, and moaned.

“Shut up...and let me sleep..” I said.

But you weren’t didn’t close your eyes when-

“SHUT UP. AND. LET. ME. SLEEEEEEEEEP!” I moaned. That was enough to get Justice off my back and disappear. But after 6 seconds, he came back. think you needed my help yet?” I picked up a pillow and tried hitting him with it. If there was one of the things that I could not stand, one would have to be someone annoying me, and not letting me sleep. He finally gave up and left. Finally, leaving me to sleep.

But...maybe I could’ve used his help.