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The Dragon Lord Legacy - Little_Draco

Spike awakens and his time to return to world has come. With added family, grown body and new challenges to face, Spike will find the world has changed without.

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Interlude: Coming Home

The Dragon Lord Legacy


Coming Home

The burning bright light slowly began to creak over the horizon, as his mother’s sun slowly began to ascend up into the sky. The sky became as bright blue, as the scales that reflected off her beautiful body. What little wasn’t covered by his wings and arms, the reflection glistened brightly and with such warmth, she was her own miniature sun.

Spike had awoken before the sun rose, but he didn’t lack sleep. In fact, his energy was renewed, his mind was sharp and his heartbeat with purpose. He could feel his pulse match with hers, perfectly insync along with their breathing. He swore that everything that had been wrong before, every pain he might have endured and every problem that might come, he could deal with it as long as he had her by his side.

When they were to return to Equestria today, he would proudly have her seen as his lover, his second half and his soul mate to his family and pray that they would hold no immediate malice nor disdain for her, with the year’s events.

He pushed it to the side for now and focused his emerald eyes on her sleeping form. His wings shielded her from the night’s air but kept all the heat that the sun brought upon them. As the sun broke over the horizon, her eyes slowly opened and she was immediately greeted by her other soul, her other half, looking at her with love and adoration like nothing has changed.

“Good Morning… my Ember.” When he spoke, her heart fluttered a little bit, knowing that he was here to greet her in the morning.

“Good morning… my Spike.” A small kindle brushed his face and he returned it. For moments, they stared into each other's eyes, sending their signals of love to one another without words and holding each other close. While the world was far away, their world was never so much closer. And for just that time, it was theirs, it was their time together and they knew that even if they would have other priorities or obligations, they would have each other for as long as they lived.

But sadly, it was not meant to be forever and the sound of flapping wings finally stirred them and they rose up on their haunches. Two giant forms, Spike’s mothers, appeared over the hill and landed near them, raising them fully together on their feet but their tails entwined.

Landing, his momma and mother had pleased smiles. “Congratulations my hatchlings, you are successfully and fully bonded for life.” Both leaned down to meet them close, while using their wings to wrap them all into a large hug. Ember felt joy at their acceptance while Spike felt that this was one step closer for his life to be fully complete. That was about to change today.

Once they seperated he looked over at the rising sun of the east, knowing that it would take them a while but they should reach Equestria soon if they wanted to bring their happiness closer to home.

“Mothers, I believe it's time.” A nod from both said it all. Ember and Spike climbed onto Eliyinsa’s back once more, this time without any hesitation and took wing right away. Ember held onto him, not afraid of falling but just keeping him close.

Turning back to the valley, he saw a small glimmer and on top of the hill, where on top stood the king of the deer. For a moment, Spike caught a small glow of his orbs, with a small new one growing in place. When he blinked, the king disappeared, leaving Spike with a sense of wonderment at what will be the tale to tell one day, but he would have to wait for when he chose to return here.

The flight back was wonderful, despite the fact that Spike and Ember could fly, it felt better knowing that while his mother flew for them, he could hold Ember tightly. Since their unison, he allowed her to also see where the location was so that they may return one day.

Because Spike needed to get home, he had opted to fly to his cave home directly and grab his journal. Ember went to grab Smolder and Amethyst right away so that they could all go.

As Spike came out, he looked back at the cave and realized that… it felt like he was going away but he would return. He was here for almost a year and his body had treated it like a home, so instincts told him not to really go far. But he knew that a week would pass and he would come back. Not just to visit his mothers but to feel the comfort of a natural home within the lands of birth. Whether he knew of his origins or not, he felt that this land was and forever will be his place of birth, a place where his heart is and always will be connected to.

Spike wrote a few short words in the journal.

“I’m coming back to my family.”

The journal glowed and he got an immediate response.

“We can’t wait!”

He then wrote down another sentence.

“I also got a big surprise for you all!”

Igniting his palm with a small burst of flames, he pressed it against his journal, the hiss of it pressing and slowly burning his larger claw print before sending it off, followed by a final sentence.

“No spoilers but it's pretty big.”

He then sent off the journal before he could get another reply.

Feeling joy and renewed vigor of returning home, he walked out of the cave and was surrounded by Eliyinsa, Zynthia, Ember, Smolder and Amethyst who were waiting for him. The most important dragons in the world to him were coming to see his pony family and from there, his world would get better. His family size would increase, his heart would be held on by many and his home was wherever he could go, so long as he had all of them. With a roar of joy, he opened his wings.

“Equestria, here we come!”

Garble the dragon slowly made his way over to the cave of Dragon Lord Ember and his sister. He knew that this was dangerous territory but he had to make it up to not only her, but to Spike and his sister. He feared losing her more than anything and it didn’t help that he would give up any dignity he had left, just to apologize and beg the Dragon Lord for forgiveness and let him see his sister.

Approaching the cave, he stood outside, shaking like a leaf in fear of rejection or exile but he was hoping to at least get an audience with a prayer from Wistala and Draco that she would at least consider a simple apology.

“Dragon Lord Ember?” He called out within the cave, an echo greeting him back.

He waited. Silence. Perhaps, she wouldn’t answer but he would speak. “I-I came here to a-a-pologize and beg for forgiveness!” More silence. A small deflated groan left him. “I-I need to speak to my sister, please! I beg for an audience!”

No reply, and within that silence, he felt like his hopes were going to be dashed. It messed with his psyche quickly and it meant that perhaps… this was a penance for his arrogance and misguided views. He dropped to his knees and allowed tears to fall once more and he didn’t care that anydragon would see him.

However, a sudden feeling washed over him and he felt a command from the Dragon Lord herself.
“Here me, for this is your Dragon Lord!” The command, the call, the whatever-you-want-to-call-it, was sent through a mental wave link. “I and my hoard will be going to Equestria for a week. I shall return. Let it be known that all shall and will proceed as if I were still there. Let no dragon challenge nor upshur my rule while I am absent. Upon our return, our lands may come to peaceful terms with the north and perhaps benefit in alliances. This is the will of your Dragon Lord!” And with that the link cut off.

They were leaving? Did that include Smolder? For one week!?

“Damn!” He cursed out loud. He opened his wings and immediately took to the air. He had to find his sister and apologize, though the only problem may be that if he were to go without the dragon lord, the ponies may treat this as hostile or with some aggression.

He had to risk it, not knowing whether for one week, his sister might hate him or not. It was already bad enough that he had to deal with that lashing from his mother.

Without much hesitation, he headed north, where he tried to remember how he went to the pony lands the first time.

Overused but still the greatest song for it.


Spike cheered in joy as he flew high in the skies. The sun was bright and the skies were blue. The day for flying was beyond words as he flew with his head high and his spirits to the clouds.

The wind blew past him as he flew with tremendous speed north, while watching from behind, his family watched his joy expressed in the skies, watching the male experience his first true freeform of flight. The world was his playground now.

The beat of his wings were strong and reacted with perfect response while his tail provided stability. The further away from the lands they flew, the bluer the skies felt, the more fresh air filled his nostrils and fueled his drive to push himself.

He then angled himself up, flapping hard and pushing past the clouds in the way, seeing the distant lands all around him, with a few dragons flying in the distance away or near the same direction. Thousands of feet below, the ground was miniscule and barren with little details. His heart beat in amazement as he felt the drive to go forward at this speed.

More than ever he knew the freedom of what it meant to be a pegasi.

Another joyous cry came from him as he barrel rolled around before closing his wings angeling downwards, diving to feel the acceleration and wind blow past him. He laughed at the speed gained and saw as the lands slowly began to take form with desert slowly turning to plains.

The landscape quickly changed and turned into its peaceful roots towards Equestria. Approaching the land, he leveled out with his wings, taking in the change of air scent with grass and plains. The rush pushed his adrenaline to the max as he marveled and experienced the freedom he now had, going as far as he could with the limit of his wings.

With the desert leaving them, he headed straight for one of the few last big arches in the area, shooting straight under before giving a powerful set of flaps, cheering out underneath and shooting himself straight up. As he went up, he felt his palms ignite and give a small propulsion in heat, sending him higher and faster, feeling the winds seer past him.

Reaching as high as the clouds, he quenched his paws and allowed his wings to stay open, reaching a gliding state, seeing the lands and far beyond. Joy and euphoria reached him as he felt the world become smaller and easier to understand.

Ember and the others had caught up, slowly reaching his altitude and speed. While not as high on his energy, they made it close to where he could fly alongside him with ease. As he felt the energy and love radiate from them, he felt their hearts and their bodies all sync. Smolder and Amethyst are now a crucial part of his life and the life of his family, they were in every sense, a family to him too.

The coming of home was close and he felt eager, he felt powerful and now for the first time in his life, he felt like a role was about to open up for him in his life that would carry meaning.

The dragon flights flew out of their home lands and were entering new but familiar charted territories, stepping into the life of Spike. They would be by his side from here on out.

With a hope and joy igniting his heart, he pushed past any and all doubts of what was to come, Spike ignited his palms once more and flew faster than was possible, feeling his soul reaching towards his first home. The energy branched out to others as well, pushing their own speeds to help escort the Prince of Equestria home.

Author's Note:

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