• Published 26th Nov 2018
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Horse Drama - Siracha Hair

A group of friends discuss dimensional drama differences

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Chapter Two

A couple hours later, Rarity looked at the girls with a smile. “So?”

“Aw, it's such a good movie! I love the screen where they take those drugs” Rainbow gushed

Rarity's smile grew. “I know right? Aw, this is by far my favourite movie. It presents a critical look at peer pressure and abuse in a light hearted way without sacrificing the impo—”

“Alright, but the hallway scene is so good too! I'm pretty sure I've actually done that…” Rainbow said with a smile.

Rarity huffed. “The movie isn't just about the comedy, Rainbow Dash!”

Rainbow laughed at her reaction. Rarity pouted some more, Rainbow laughed more. It was a vicious cycle that would continue forever unless stopped.

“What… Was that?” Sunset asked, breaking the cycle before Rarity's face fell off or Rainbow lost her voice. The two others looked at her, confused.

“That was The Breakfast Club… A drama movie?”

“I think it's a comedy, Rarity”

“I will grab the lipstick, I swear to god.”

Rainbow shut up.

“That was a drama? That was so weird…” Sunset rubbed her finger along her chin. “Dramas were nothing like that in Equestria.”

The two girls raised an eyebrow, and then gestured to her to continue.

“Yeah, I can recite my favourite Drama for you! It's called The Princess and the Changeling!” Sunset smiled. It had been so long since she had seen it, but she still remembered it word for word.

“Oh, that sounds lovely, darling!” Rarity smiled dreamily, imaging the movie.

“What's… a changeling?” Rainbow scratched the back of her head, confused.

“Oh it's my favourite play! I used to see it every few weeks when it played! It's such a romantic tale…” Sunset trailed off, remember the play vividly.

“There… wouldn't happen to be a DVD release of this play in Equestria, would there be…?”

“No, seriously. What's a changeling?”

“Sadly, no. There's no DVD release, but luck for you I brought the script with me from Equestria! It's at home right now!”

“Sunset, darling. Grab your coat. We're picking up that play right now!” Rarity stood up, and quickly ran to the door, putting on her winter coat. She got her boots on and started her van, Sunset followed behind her.

The van drove off down the street before the front door had even shut. Rainbow blinked, still at her spot on the couch.

“I… What?”

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