Horse Drama

by Siracha Hair

First published

A group of friends discuss dimensional drama differences

During an impromptu sleepover, Sunset Shimmer finds out that human drama shows are much different to what she's used too. Rarity and Rainbow Dash are there to help her figure out exactly what's different.

It goes about as well as you expect it.

Thank you Krickis for forcing me to write this. Here you go. Here's your Horse Drama!
This is my first fic, so criticism is welcome!

Chapter One

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It was a quiet night in Canterlot. Snow fell from the sky as the seasons changed. The whole block was dead, devoid of any sound... Except for the pink two-story house on the corner with the motorbike in front. Light escaped the windows, and the distinct sound of laughter could be heard from within.

“And then I said 'Good, cause that's yogurt, not ice cream’ and her face just dropped!” a young, raspy voice said in between fits of laughter. Rainbow Dash looked eagerly between her two friends, seeing their reactions to her story.

Rarity was trying her best to calm down, but she found herself in another fit of laughter. She waved her arm in the air, trying a few times to start a sentence but failing, which made her laugh even harder.

Sunset Shimmer, on the other hand, had doubled over in her laughter. The orange girl had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard, but even so she couldn't stop. She was first of the three to calm down, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Rainbow, that was amazing…” the fiery haired girl said, trying her best not to start laughing again. She looked over at Rarity, who was taking deep breaths in an attempt to calm down

“Yes, it was,” Rarity said, finally finding her voice. “I haven't laughed that hard since Pinkie got her head stuck in my stairs railing.” A smile formed on her face as she spoke, remembering the event.

Rainbow leaned back with a grin. “That story is always a banger to repeat… It reminds me of this other time where Apple–”

“Oh please not another one!” Sunset cried out in mock horror. “Any more laughter and my cheeks will fall off!” she said, earning a small round of giggles from the group.

The group fell into silence as they all worked on calming down from Rainbow's story. Lights of a passing car caught Sunset's attention, and she gasped when she saw the roads lined with snow.

“It's snowing!”

“Well, it is November, darling. Normally we have snow halfway through October!” Rarity said from her seat.

“Supposed to be like three inches of snow tonight,” Rainbow called out, earning looks of shock from the other girls. She held out her phone, showing them the weather app.

Sunset groaned. “Great… And I didn't bring my bike in.” She looked at Rarity. “Do you mind if I stay the night?”

“Not at all, darling. I'd rather you stay then drive out in that weather.” Rarity said with a shake of her head. “Who knows how slick the roads are. You should stay too, Rainbow. I know it's a long walk for you.”

Rainbow mulled the idea over in her head. “You're probably right. I'll stay, but no makeovers this time, you hear me?” She pointed a finger at Rarity.

“Does that make this a slumber party? Because I forgot my pajamas…”

“It does! And what's the best thing to do at a slumber party? Besides makeovers?” Rarity quickly added when Rainbow gave her a dirty look. After a moment of silence she smiled. “Movies!”

Sunset and Rainbow both nodded their head after a second, as if saying “Can't argue with that.”

The next several minutes were filled deciding who would eventually sleep where, while Rarity picked out a movie the three of them would enjoy and popping popcorn.

She eventually made her way back to the girls, big bowl of popcorn in one hand and movie in the other. Rainbow snatched the bowl away the moment the she set it down, earning a “Hey” from Sunset as they began to fight over popcorn.

“Girls… Girls enough!” Rarity shouted, stopping their fight before Rainbow was able to throw a handful of popcorn. “Now… This is one of my favourite movies of all time!”

“What is it, Mama Mia?” Rainbow said

“I have that upstairs if you wan—”

“No thanks, carry on.” Rainbow shook her head quickly. Sunset began to laugh, earning a glare from Rainbow.

“No, I think you'll actually enjoy this, Rainbow Dash.” Rarity smirked and revealed the movie to the girls.

‘The Breakfast Club’...? Rarity, this isn't a lovey dovey movie…”

“I know! I love it so much! It's so good!” Rarity gushed. It was clear she loved the movie a lot.

“I've never seen it,” Sunset said, “Is it that good?”

“Take a seat, Sunset darling! Tonight you and I are watching this movie!” Rarity put the movie in sat down, and patted the seat beside her. Sunset shrugged and took the offer.

With all three girls sitting down, Rarity clapped her hands, turning the lights off. With the room being lit by the television, the movie began.

Chapter Two

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A couple hours later, Rarity looked at the girls with a smile. “So?”

“Aw, it's such a good movie! I love the screen where they take those drugs” Rainbow gushed

Rarity's smile grew. “I know right? Aw, this is by far my favourite movie. It presents a critical look at peer pressure and abuse in a light hearted way without sacrificing the impo—”

“Alright, but the hallway scene is so good too! I'm pretty sure I've actually done that…” Rainbow said with a smile.

Rarity huffed. “The movie isn't just about the comedy, Rainbow Dash!”

Rainbow laughed at her reaction. Rarity pouted some more, Rainbow laughed more. It was a vicious cycle that would continue forever unless stopped.

“What… Was that?” Sunset asked, breaking the cycle before Rarity's face fell off or Rainbow lost her voice. The two others looked at her, confused.

“That was The Breakfast Club… A drama movie?”

“I think it's a comedy, Rarity”

“I will grab the lipstick, I swear to god.”

Rainbow shut up.

“That was a drama? That was so weird…” Sunset rubbed her finger along her chin. “Dramas were nothing like that in Equestria.”

The two girls raised an eyebrow, and then gestured to her to continue.

“Yeah, I can recite my favourite Drama for you! It's called The Princess and the Changeling!” Sunset smiled. It had been so long since she had seen it, but she still remembered it word for word.

“Oh, that sounds lovely, darling!” Rarity smiled dreamily, imaging the movie.

“What's… a changeling?” Rainbow scratched the back of her head, confused.

“Oh it's my favourite play! I used to see it every few weeks when it played! It's such a romantic tale…” Sunset trailed off, remember the play vividly.

“There… wouldn't happen to be a DVD release of this play in Equestria, would there be…?”

“No, seriously. What's a changeling?”

“Sadly, no. There's no DVD release, but luck for you I brought the script with me from Equestria! It's at home right now!”

“Sunset, darling. Grab your coat. We're picking up that play right now!” Rarity stood up, and quickly ran to the door, putting on her winter coat. She got her boots on and started her van, Sunset followed behind her.

The van drove off down the street before the front door had even shut. Rainbow blinked, still at her spot on the couch.

“I… What?”

Chapter Three

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The castle was quiet at the darkest hour of the night. Not a single pony was stirring, not one bit. Suddenly, the castle window shattered as a lone figure smashed their way through it. They stood for a second, before opening their glowing green eyes.

“It is me! The legendary Changeling Ryan!” The Changeling exclaimed, striking a triumphant pose.

The Changeling made its way through the castle halls, sneaking around castle guard and servants alike. Eventually it arrived at a giant door, at least four times the size of a regular door, covered in golden regal designs.

Ryan grinned, and a sickly green glow enveloped its horn as it charged a spell. A second later, the door blew off their hinges and flew through the room, sticking into the walls in the other side. Ryan trotted into the room.

On the throne sat Princess Celestia herself. The white alicorn sipped from a cup of tea as she watched the Changeling approach her. “I, Princess Celestia, Current Ruler of Equestria, sit before you. What bring you to my castle?”

“I, Ryan of the Changeling Tribe, seek to ask Princess Celestia, Current Ruler of Equestria, out for a royal coffee!”

“I see… And how does Ryan of the Changelings wish to tempt me on this royal outing?”

“Darling… Sunset… What is this?”

Rarity's voice snapped Sunset out of the play, and back to reality. Rarity was looking at her with a raised eyebrow, and Rainbow was trying her best not to laugh too loudly.

“What…?” Sunset stopped reenacting the play and looked to Rarity, confused.

“When you said this was a drama…” Rarity began, pausing as she tried to find the right words

“... We didn't know you meant stupid!”

Rarity jabbed her fingers into Rainbow's side, and the athlete crumpled to the floor. Sunset frowned at the girls she stood up. “What… Do you mean? It's a drama, just like The Lunch Gathering”

“It's called The Breakfast Club.” Rarity corrected, massaging her fingers.

“Right, but this is basically the same thing… It's all about racism towards Changelings, like let me jump ahead here…” Sunset began flipping through the pages of the script. Once she found it, she began reading again.

“You there! Changeling! How dare you try to steal our Princess Celestia, Current Ruler of Equestria. I will have your head!” A guardspony called out, pointing his spear at Ryan.

“Stay your hand, guardspony! I am but taking your lovely Princess Celestia, Current Ruler of Equestria out for a royal coffee! There is no need to panic!”

“You lie, Curr! We guardsponies will not fall for that trick a third time! If you wish to steal our lovely Princess from us, well then you'll have to go through me!” The guardspony stood fast, challenging Ryan to try to move him.

Ryan led the princess around the guard casually, as if it were nothing. The guard watched this happen, and once they had passed him, fell to the ground.

“Curses! You could you have gotten through me? Though I failed to fo—”

Sunset glared at Rainbow, who was laughing as hard as she could. Rarity was trying her best to hide her smile, but every now and then a giggle or two would leak out.

“Fine! I won't read anymore!” Sunset crossed her arms and pouted. Rarity frowned and approached her.

“Sunset, darling… We're enjoying it, it's just…” Rarity paused for a second, making small circles with her hand as she tried to find the words. “... Your drama is similar to comedy.”

“It is…?”

“Yeah but like, that's not a bad thing!” Rainbow said, having finally calmed down enough to speak.

Sunset sighed. “Yeah… I guess…” She brought the play's script close to her chest. “Can I keep reading it though…?”

“Hell yeah! This is way too funny!”

Sunset gave Rainbow a look for a second before she took a couple breaths. She smiled, and went back to reading, this time with Rarity and Rainbow being good and (relatively) quiet listeners.