• Published 30th Sep 2018
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Thorax is Phototactic - Deergenerate

Thorax tries to do his best while living in the shiniest place on the planet.

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Thorax flopped into bed with a harrumph.

With a light frown he looked over to his desk, which was know lampless. Cadance and Shining Armor had taken it away for some reason. He forgot why, but maybe because they wanted to have it to themselves. This thought made Thorax frown more, but then he remembered what he had read last night.

'Friends are supposed to share.' He thought. This made him a little less grumpy, but he still wished they hadn't taken away his lamp. The lamp was one of the best things to happen to him!

Right after meeting Spike and being welcomed into the Crystal Empire.

Thorax sighed and laid down, face first, onto his bed. He groaned a little in annoyance.

"It's not like I was going to use the lamp again tonight!" He shouted to no one in particular.

"Ok that's a lie." He replied to himself quietly as he pulled himself to look out the window. "But it would only be for a couple minutes!"

He stared outside in complete boredom.

It was a full moon tonight, the first full moon in fact since he got to the Empire. Thorax stared up at the moon indifferently.

He groaned once again and gazed down at the cities street. His eyes immediately widened in response to what he saw. The moon light reflected off the crystal roads, bathing the entire street in a pale blue light. At the very center of the explosion was a magical display of sparkling moonlight. A circular beacon that captivated his attention like nothing else could.

"Shiny!" Thorax shouted in response, as the glow already started to take effect on him. He needed to get to the light now. His mouth opened slightly and tongue lulled out. His compact eyes soon perfectly reflected the circle of light he couldn't take his head away from.

His wings buzzed into life as he lifted off the ground. He flew forwards and was immediately stopped in his place by some kind of invisible force field. He blinked a couple times, not taking his attention away from his target.

He reared back, and flew forwards again, and again he was stopped by the invisible wall, preventing him from reaching his beloved luminous surface.

He shouted in frustration and reared back once again. With all the force the young changeling could muster he rushed face first into the shield. A loud thump echoed through the room and Thorax was bounced backwards by the force of the blow.

He landed on his bed with a large bruise on his forehead. He gritted his teeth and rubbed his forehead. With a shout of rage that would have put Tirek to shame, he rose into the air again.

He flew forwards with all his might once again, and was once again thrown onto the bed, but that would certainly not stop him!

Flash Sentry was currently patrolling the Crystal Castle's many hallways. The Castle was like a maze, even more so then the Canterlot Castle, and Princess Twilight's Castle, but he felt that he was getting to know the place.

He thought he knew his way around so much that he closed his eyes.

"I bet I can figure out my way in this patrol with my eyes closed." He said contently, before he promptly ran race first into a wall.

He fell onto his back and dropped the spear he was holding.

"Ow." He said rubbing his nose.

As he pulled himself up be became aware of a loud, and repeated thudding that was coming from one of the guest rooms.

He couldn't help but be engrossed by his curiosity, causing him to raise an eyebrow. He picked up his spear and walked towards the room.

He saw that another guard was already outside the room with his ear to the door.

Flash walked up right next to the other guard, who was a Unicorn by the name of Stalwart Shield, and placed his ear to the door as well.

"Do you have any idea what he is doing in there?" Flash asked

"RAH!!!" Came Thorax's voice from within.

"I have no idea, he has been making that sound and shouting for like..." The other guard looked down at a watch on his wrist. "20 minutes now."

"And you didn't think to help him?" flash asked as he walked back from the door.

"To be honest," Stalwart Shield started. "Not at all."

"Of course you didn't" Flash said as he readied himself. "Stand back!"

Stalwart took a step to the side away from the door. Flash took this as his order. He jumped into the door shoulder fist, and like Shining had before him, only managed to bruise his shoulder.

"Ow." Flash said for the second time in one night.

"People should really start trying to open the doors here before slamming into them." Stalwart said as he pulled on the nob using his magic.

The door opened, and the two stuck their heads inside.

Thorax was repeatedly ramming face first into the window. His eyes were completely captivated with something outside, and like a moth, every time he was thrown back by the window, he would realign himself in the air straight away and hit the window again.

"Must" Thorax said pulling back.

"get" He rushed forwards and hit the window.

"to" He held himself against the window pushing with all his might.

"shiny!" He shouted when he was unable to push the window open.

"Should we do something?" Flash whispered as he turned to Stalwart.

"No," Came Stalwart's reply. "maybe he will get tired and go to sleep. I really don't want to deal with a crazy Changeling tonight. Or ever."

"Agreed" Flash said with a nod and the two looked back to Thorax.

Thorax didn't even notice them, and he instead continued his self given goal of breaking his new glass cage, so he could reach the unbelievably worth it goal, of being able to get close to the shiny.

For 30 minutes the two stallions watched as Thorax tirelessly headbutted the glass without fear.

"He is quite persistent." Flash said as he watched.

"Yeah. He is either going to get a concussion or break the window if we don't do something soon." Stalwart said.

"So what do you recommend?" Flash asked.

"Should we uh... tie him up or something?" Stalwart asked in reply.

"Of course not! I don't think Captain Armor or the Princess would like that at all." Flash shouted back in reply.

"Do you have a better idea?" Stalwart asked back.

"Can't you just use your horn to open the window for him? I am certain he will come back when he gets what ever he is after." Flash replied back.

"Oh. That is a better idea, your right." Stalwart said, as he hid some rope he had pulled out.

Thorax pulled back one final time. Stalwart used this opportunity to open the window, causing Thorax to rocket out the now open window to the streets of the Empire below.

"So uh..." Flash stated as he closed the door. "How are the kids?"

"Pretty good actually, one just started learning piano." Stalwart replied as the two started to walk away from the door.

Thorax had done it! He had made it outside. With a chitter of joy, he shot towards the circle of light he had not taken his eyes off all night.

He landed in the direct center and immediately pressed his face against the crystalline road of the Empire with a giggle.

"Pretty." he said without a worry in the world.

Author's Note:

Wow, never expected this story to get so popular so quickly.

Pretty good for a first fic.

Thanks to everyone who has liked this fic so far ^^