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Ponies in Hogwarts - KittyrinnAiko

A pony stranded in the past must go to another dimension and learn the ways of wizards before she can return to her own time.

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Chapter 8: Of brooding and quidditch and winter's gift.

When Nova went down to satisfy her hunger at noon, she met the Headmaster who asked her see him right after she had finished her lunch. Breakfast in her case.

Nova ate quickly, apologized to her friends, and left to go find the Headmaster. She made her way to His tower, knocked, and the door opened. Going up the steps she found the way made short, and soon stepped into the office. She was more relaxed this time, and looked about to many strange and precious objects. Scrimgeour had his face in a large basin filled with water. She read the runes around the edge and took it to mean it had something to do with memories. Old Ponish it was. How interesting, Nova thought as the Headmaster lifted his face out, took a towel, and dried his face.

“Ah, you’re here. - Come have a look.”

“What is it I’m to see?” Nova asked.

“I found something, a memory that belonged to a past master. Have a look.”

Nova came forward, gave him a look, and then placed her face in the basin. “Aunt Tia!” Nova said in surprise. What she saw was a view of the Hogwarts main hall, new from construction. Princess Celestia was in human form, but unmistakable in her radiant beauty, and very much like the Principle Celestia she had once met. Celestia was speaking with Godric Gryffindor, and a wizard that made her think of Starswirl, though Nova had no idea what they were talking about as the view seemed to be from the perspective of a child some distance away.

Nova pulled out and shook herself off leading to Scrimgeour having to wipe himself off again. “Thank you for that… it must be a very old memory.” She'd a smile on her face. “I suspect that’s Godric Gryffindor, and if I have to make a guess I’d suspect the wizard with the bells on his hat to be Starswirl in his youth. He’s not much of a beard yet.”

Scrimgeour laughed. “Glad you liked it.” He got out a small vial, and used his wand to siphon a silvery liquid out of the water in the basin, and into the vial. His expression turned serious. He put the vial in a small safe that receded into a cabinet when he closed it. “About what happened yesterday, we’ve modified the memories of the student body.” Nova looked at him as if to say, ‘and…’ He smiled. “Yes, of course, you as likely noticed. I got a copy of Harold’s memory of what he saw prior to your adjusting his memory. I was wondering if I might get a memory from you?”

“I guess it can’t hurt,” Nova said turning to him. “How do you do this?”

“Bring the memory forward, and I’ll siphon out a copy with my wand.”

“Alright then.” Nova offered, and closed her eyes and remembered, though the memory was anything but pleasant to her. The wizard's wand touched her forehead, and a moment later he withdrew.

“Thank you,” he said. “You may go find Master Mackintosh now.”

“I hope that helps.” Nova offered as she opened her eyes. He thanked her, and then she went back down the steps.

Scrimgeour took a couple steps and poured the memory into the basin. He placed his face in the bowl, and saw once more the crypt of Salazar. Before him lay Harold Ollivander, beyond him the wyrm, its eyes that of a basalisk. Above him, as the great beast raised it’s head, a shadow passed overhead. The air stirred not by his reckoning, and yet the beast looked out over the darkness as if expecting, but it did not expect what happened next as the shadow dove down from the ceiling. This pegasus was a hunter. Scrimgeour did not expect what happened next as a memory within a memory suddenly dropped him high in the air. He saw himself flying, riding high on the wind, and below a great host of armored horse on hoof and wing, and every magical creature he could imagine, and more. Here the armies of the day and night, their banners rolling on the wind, lined up to face a host of fell things so horrible the sight of which caused him to spring back from the basin as a great cloud rose up to obscure the sun. The cloud had eyes of green hate and purple smoke. A moment later he found himself sprawling on the floor. He sat there in wonder at what he’d seen. Did he just see some ancient events from before the time of men? He looked once more, the scene in the crypt played out again. Miss Nova’s form shrouded in shadow, no an illusion meant to hide her presence, and the wings, unlike any common pegasus, glided effortlessly in silence. Again he watcher her dive, and again he saw the vast armies in the thousands. It was but a fleeting glimpse, and then he was in the hall where Nova had taken Harold. He watched closely as she used the magically created cloud to jolt the boy back to life, and smiled when Harold had somehow recognized her. And now he was back in the crypt. Scrimgeour watched in amazement as Nova propelled steel at the face of Slytherin, over and over they flew chipping away at the mask till it cracked. Could these be meteoric iron he wondered, and to use them in such a way as this? The two ponies hadn’t known what they’d find, Nova had suspected, and the pegasus egg had been a bonus.

Scrimgeour sat back as the memory played out. He was puzzled, and couldn't help but wonder if this girl was even human. Not that he need concern himself too much. If nothing else, Nova had shown herself to be a defender of the light. One who would not willingly suffer any evil to come near those she called friend.


Nova made her way to the sheds and barns of the family that cared for the animals of Hogwarts oblivious to the landmine she’d left in that memory. The caretaker's house was a modest dwelling of thatched roof, and white walls. She approached, and knocked on the door as Phenik flew down, and landed on her shoulder. No sound came from the house so she knocked again, a bit louder. She waited, and just about the time she thought to try again, a voice called for her to hold her horses. She wasn’t to sure what she thought of that. Not like she went around telling ponies to hold their humans. She wondered how ponies would react if she were to say such a thing, and smiled.

“Well, what kin I do ya?” asked an old woman as she opened the door.

“I’m sorry to bother you. My names Nova Moon. I was looking for Mr Mackintosh.”

“He’s out in the barns, but that’s not a safe place for a little girl, phoenix or not. - Come on in. You may call me granny if you like, everyone does.” Granny offered, opening the door wide. “Come on in, you’ll let the flies in.” Nova did as bid, her ears telling her there was already a fair number of flies already in the house.

Granny bid Nova follow her back into an expansive kitchen where all manner of things were being prepared. A stack of large oat treacle cookies were stacked up on a counter. They looked so inviting, whatever it was Granny was saying was completely ignored. Nova took one, never once thinking she shouldn’t. After all, ever since she’d been here, anything placed in front of her that wasn’t a potion was there to be eaten.

“Hear now, don’t be taking a bite out of that...”

Nova took a bite. The flavor of oats, molasses, bits of baked apple, and a heavy seasoning of salt lick assailed her taste buds. She closed her eyes relishing in the flavor.

“..that’s for the ponies.” Granny looked at Nova thoroughly perplexed. Most children would have spit it out in an instant. When Nova went for a second Granny swatted her with a wooden spoon. “Don’t be helping yer-self without asking, little Miss.”

“I’m sorry,” Nova replied nursing her hand. “I guess my manners have slipped a bit. - That sure was good though.”

“Yer an odd little girl. What with coming in here with a phoenix on yer shoulder, and eating oatcakes meant for the ponies.”

“Speaking of ponies, you wouldn't happen to have one that will be nursing soon?” Nova asked. “In say about two months?”

The old woman looked at Nova, a sadness coming over her. “We did.” A thoughtful expression crossed her face. “A young pegasus made her nest in one of the hay lofts. We kept her presence a secret so that none would harass her. - She came to trust, Mac, and I, and laid a single egg.”

“One to two eggs is normal.” Nova offered.

“So you know something about pegasi, do you?”

“More then you could possibly guess.” Nova offered with a smile. Her smile failed. “Did you know what it was that killed her? And stole the egg?”

“How, no I suppose that goes without saying, and no, we have no idea what it was.” Granny offered. “Some great serpent slunk in here right in the middle of the day while everyone was inside having fun, leaving a trail of death. Just for one egg.”

“The egg is rescued and in my care. One of the foul wyrms that took the egg is now dead.” Nova announced.

“What?” Granny was shocked. “Is this the project the Headmaster spoke of?”

“The little one will be in far better care in my house than anywhere else.”

“In Gryffindor tower, I think not?!”

“In, but not in. Allow me a section of a blank wall, and I will show you.”

"And what exactly is it you intend to do?"

"I need to open a door."

“Alright then, There.” Granny pointed at the far end of the kitchen where there was a blank wall just large enough for a door. Nova walked over to it, dropped down on all fours as she was going, and transformed into a winged unicorn, Phenik moving to the top of her head. “Pegacorn?” Granny whispered as Nova touched horn to the wall. The wall shimmered, and a door appeared as though raising up from out of the water. The door opened to reveal a short flight of steps into a rustic old kitchen with an open hearth to the left shortly after entering.

“If you can leave your cooking for a little while, I’ll show you my home.” Nova offered.

Granny turned down a number of things she’d been working on and followed the little pony up into the kitchen. There were cupboards and a table with chairs. To the far left a place to hang jackets, and to the right a window that looked out over the grounds from the Gryffindor tower of all things. If this wasn’t disconcerting enough, the fire seemed to be looking at her.

“Alright, who’s in that fire?” Granny asked turning to look into the fire.

“I am a powerful fire demon.” Said the fire. Every so often the fire took on the shape of the head of a unicorn.

“Tia, what are you doing in there?” Nova asked.

“Making sure you weren’t trying to sneak in a colt friend. One egg to look after is bad enough.” Tia offered from the fire.

“Please tell me you haven't cast the egg into this enchanted fire?” Granny asked.

“What? No. The little one is in my bed, where I trust my dear Tia has been keeping them warm.” Nova offered.

“You know, I can be in more than one place at the same time.” Tia offered. “Of course I’ve been keeping the little one warm. What have you been doing?”

“Making inquiries regarding the need for milk when our bundle of joy hatches. You know I’m too young to be providing milk myself.” She took a big breath, and let it out again. “Be a couple more years yet I think before I’m mature enough.”

“Well you’d best switch back, the girls are in the lounge doing their reports.”

“Good to know,” Nova replied, and turned back into her human form. “Thank you.”

“This is… incredible.” Granny offered.

“Ha, you haven't seen the least of it yet.” Tia offered.

“You mean the half, don’t you?” Granny asked.

“Half?” Tia said then laughed. “This is but the hoof of the horse.”

Nova rolled her eyes. “Shall we?”

From there they passed through a door into a corridor that looked out at a park, down the corridor passing several rooms inside one of which looked to be a medical examination room unlike any Granny had ever seen. They went upstairs where granny got a glimpse of the rotunda, the balcony that looked out over the school grounds, and then they turned into the lounge that overlooked the greenhouse.

“This is truly the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen,” Granny said looking out into the greenhouse. Maggie, Ruth, and Florence having grown accustomed to it, all laughed quietly. They loved seeing the looks on the faces of the adults who’d been allowed to see the place.

“My project is in my chambers.” Nova offered to direct Granny to the large door to the apartment. “Just a peek.” Nova opened the door ever so slightly. Granny came and gasped at what she saw. Inside was a large winged unicorn that appeared to have been sculpted from a shaft of sunlight. In the center warmed by this being of light was a small bright egg. “Are you satisfied that I can provide proper care?”

“I… I am,” Granny said softly. She stepped away, and Nova closed the door. The two returned downstairs.

“What’s she got in there anyway?” Ruth asked once they’d gone.

“It’s a project she has been given.” Maggie offered. “It is both precious and fragile. Miss Nova has asked that we not disturb her project. She fears that some great harm might be caused by innocent curiosity. I think it would break her heart if anything were to happen to it. I’ve promised not to disturb it for any reason, nor do anything that might cause accidental harm. I thought it best to stay out.”

“Can you tell us what it is?” Florence asked.

“I do know, but I’ll not say, not now,” Maggie told them. “You’ll find out soon enough.”


When Granny and Nova returned to the old house they could hear a tumult of some sort going on outside. “What in ta entire nation!” Granny exclaimed and rushed outside with Nova close on her heels.

What they found was another Wyrm, it had been blinded, and was presently bellowing, and thrashing about. Phenik flew into the air and began circling about the beast harassing it, and Nova soon saw why. Several upperclassmen were scattered about in hiding places, and every so often one would cast whatever spell they thought might do the trick. All it did was make the beast angrier. Nova studied the Wyrm, and it seemed the eyes had been struck by swift kicks of a horses hooves. She got out her wand looking for something that might pierce the thick hide. Granny looked on in surprise, she overcame her surprise, rushed back into her kitchen, and quickly returned with a wand.

“Wait!” Nova said catching sight of a dark shape racing through the air. The Night Mare took but a moment to cross the distance, her color black, and she fully armored. Moonie was gone, this was Nightmare Moon, and she had a halberd in her forelegs. She closed the distance, took a moment to judge her timing, and swung the long-handled war ax. The Wyrm roared it’s anger and lunged at the place it presumed its attacker to be standing. Again the Nightmare brought down the ax with great effort. Ax and beast crashed to the ground. Nightmare Moon raised the poll arm into the air and brought it down again. The beast thrashed about and lay still. The halberd was discarded, making a blaring thwack as it hit the ground. The air was as yet still filled with the cries of frightened beasts and animals.

“No, don’t! - That’s my Moonie.” Nova shouted. She hadn’t seen anyone lift their wands at the Night Mare, but she didn’t have to. Nightmare Moon reared up, shook her mane, and climbed high into the air her great black wings blocking out the day… but then she transformed back into the familiar creature known as Moonie. She gave a couple of flaps of her ethereal wings and glided over to Nova and landed. Nova took a few steps to meet her and gave her muzzle a hug as she came up to her. “That’s two,” Nova said softly. “Perhaps now we will be free of such things for a while.”

“Who are you?” Asked an older girl. She was wearing a Slytherin robe and had a silver ‘P’ sewed on it.

“Nova Moon.” Nova offered. “You must be Cygnus Black’s sister who I was warned to stay well clear of.”

Belvina Black looked at Nova, a look of bemusement crossing her face. “How is it you aren’t in Slytherin?”

“A lack of ambition, and a lack of caution.” Nova offered with a smile. Belvina cracked a smile and laughed a good hearty laugh. “Come on Moonie, let's go in,” Nova said to Moonie. “I think the adults will want to clean this up without us getting underfoot. - It was good to meet you, Belvina Black.” Nova and Moonie then went inside, passed through the kitchen, and into the door to her apartments. She was cautious to lock the door.

“You know, I think she’d make a good sister in law,” Belvina said, followed after Nova, but was disappointed to find her prey now gone. Within her apartments, Nova shuddered, it was as though a shadow had passed over her.


That night at dinner there was no talk of what had happened in the barnyard. Nor was there any mention of Moonie rushing in, grabbing hold of, and rushing out with a halberd. The incident had been kept quiet. The teachers hadn’t even bothered to ask her about it. Students who were hoping to go out to the barns as part of ‘Care of Magical Creatures’ were disappointed on Monday and the remainder of the week. No one was permitted to go out to the barns who did not have express permission from the Headmaster. There were a handful of seventh-year students who did go back, and forth, but when the Ministry of Magic personnel showed up at the school, no one would say a thing. They asked her about it, but she regretfully informed them that Moonie had been unable to retrace her steps to find the exit.

The following Saturday was the first Quidditch game of the year, and if anyone used that opportunity to find out what was being whispered of at the barns they’d be disappointed to find all as it should be. The weather was clear but crisp.

The Gryffindor Quidditch team flew out onto the pitch at the sound of a cheering crowd, their red and gold team uniforms bright in the sun. Thaorin, their Captain, lead them onto the pitch, and as the strongest player, he was the Keeper. Fergus Potter, Daisy Dartford, and Harold Ollivander having been declared fit for play, were the chasers. Newt Scamander and a boy named Andon Rusco were the beaters. And lastly came Nova, their new Seeker. The Slytherin team was already on the pitch. The two teams landed, the Gryffindor team marched forward to face the Slytherin team, they smiled at each other and shook hands. The teams mounted their brooms once again, took up positions while referees stood by, and someone in the stands made announcements. The balls were released, and the game began.

Nova sprang forward and made haste to circle the pitch, and when she’d gone round one time, turned to the center sped forward, and arched upwards until she looked down on the pitch from the wrong side of her broom. She continued her arch till she was right side up, and then wove her way about the pitch to watch the game going this way and that. Cygnus came up behind her, he being the most agile flier was the Slytherin Seeker. He seemed most interested in her, made a most improper lunge only to have Nova dodge him as though she was but a shadow. Again, and again he lunged, and again and again, she dodged. She looked at him and laughed.

The announcer on noticing the odd behavior of the Slytherin began to make various comments, and then the snitch was sighted. The snitch had been using Nova as a shield, she seemed to know, and yet she made no attempt to catch it. Far more fun for her to teas Cygnus who knew of this peculiar habit of the snitch to seek out Nova when it should have been seeking some place to hide from the players. But then it had been charmed to flee from humans, and Nova was not human.

“This has got to be one for the history books people, the Gryffindor Seeker is actually trying to get away from the snitch!” The announcer shouted, their magnified voice echoing over the stands. “The snitch is hot on her tail, and so is Cygnus! - Would you look at that dizzying chase, I don’t know how they’re doing that?”

Nova’s broom was by far the best aerial stunt broom ever created up to that point, and Cygnus Black had used Nova’s notes to create a broom of his own that would respond to him just as well. He’d even gone so far as to use one of his own primaries from his swan form in the core of the broom. His broom was fast and could soar to great heights. His broom wasn’t quite as maneuverable, nor did it have the same burst of speed. It favored wide turns and long distance runs.

Nova broke away making a hard about and went into a barrel roll. Cygnus arched around, and tried to predict where Nova might go next. If nothing else, it was making for a rather exhilarating chase being he knew exactly where the snitch was going to be.

Nova shot straight up, and then seemed to hang there for a moment, Cygnus rocketed towards her wondering what she was up to as she let her broom slide back. He watched in admiration as Nova went into a corkscrew straight down, only to pull out moments before hitting the ground.

The Slytherin chasers were passing the quaffle back and forth in an effort to line up for a shot at a goal when Nova suddenly dove down past a Slytherin chaser who had reached out expecting to catch the quaffle. Both he and then everyone else pulled up short a moment later. The chaser had the snitch. They had been reaching for the quaffle, and had instinctively grasped the first thing that slapped into their hand. The chaser had gone white as a sheet on realizing what they’d done.

“Snitch nip!” called the announcer. “Slytherin forfeits!”

People cheered. The Slytherins were furious. It was difficult to decide who to be mad at though. The snitch had apparently been faulty, and Nova had apparently tried to be a sport about it by giving Cygnus a good chase. After all, she could have grabbed hold of it at any time she wanted. And likely be accused of cheating if anyone caught on.

Cygnus flew over to his fellow team member and asked, “What ch catch the snitch for?” Later that evening at the Slytherin commiseration party, Belvina walked up behind him, put her arm around him and whispered…

“Marry that girl.”


“Nova, are you alright?” Maggie asked. The Gryffindors were enjoying their victory party.

“I just felt a cold shiver run down my spine,” Nova replied. “Listen, I’m going to go check on my little project.”

“Will you be back?” Maggie inquired of her, though she seemed to know the answer already. Nova gave her a hug.

“No, I feel as though I’ve been down here long enough.” Nova offered. “If anyone misses me tell them I’ve holed up somewhere to study… which when I think of it, isn’t exactly a lie either.” And with that, she turned away and climbed the stairs to the girls' dormitory.

“The Headmaster is waiting for you in the rotunda.” Miss Aiko informed Nova as she descended the steps from the steamer trunk. She’d only kept the door for the visit, after which she put it back to being a steamer trunk, and put a mild do not disturb charm on the trunk itself. As for Headmaster Scrimgeour waiting for her, that wasn’t a very big surprise. He’d likely come by way of the farm door.

“Let him know I’ll be there shortly, I want to check on our little Sparkle.” Nova replied, and went to her chamber door. On entering she was relieved to find Tia snuggled around the egg, and nothing was wrong. Tia looked at Nova, but didn’t get up. She knew Nova had a guest. Nova went over, sat on the bed and gave the egg a caress. She lingered a few moments and then got up again.

“I think I know what he wants, so I’d best get it over with.” Nova offered to the horse of light, turned, and exited the room.


“Ah Princess, that was a most interesting game,” Scrimgeour said as Nova entered the room. He’d been offered tea, and some biscuits.

“I’m afraid your guess is as good as mine when it comes to the behavior of the snitch.” Nova offered as she went to sit across from him. “It does seem to be a pattern though.”

“This sort of thing has happened before I gather.”

“First time at the Weasleys. I thought it odd, but the information on quidditch says games are to be played with a snitch that’s never been touched. Theirs was used, so I just assumed it was coming to me for protection from the boys.”

“The tryouts?”

“Silly thing flew into my pocket. - There again I assumed it was a used one. I had to charm our practice one to fly away from me.”

“How very interesting.” The headmaster gave her a calculated look. “I can’t help but wonder if it has something to do with your blood curse. Assuming, of course, that is a blood curse.” Nova said nothing but gave him a worried look. “I can’t help but wonder if you are more horse then human… horse fox is it?”

“Fox pony.” Nova offered, her pride getting the better of her. She thought about it for a bit. “Forgive me, but...”

“Don’t worry. You’ve shown that you have more humanity in you than most men, and I’ll keep your secret.” He offered. “You’ve done us a considerable service, and proven that you’ve the best interest and safety of everyone here at Hogwarts in mind.”

“So then, what are we to do about the Snitch? - At least while I’m still here?”

“Are you going somewhere?”

Nova got up, and walked over to her displayed armor. She looked at it for a moment, turned, and walked a short ways back. “It’s going to break my heart to leave Maggie, but then I’d never planned to stay long, or get so close to anyone.” A few moments passed as an internal debate went through her head. “Before the school year is out, I plan to open a portal, and continue on my journey home.”

“You can open portals?”

“My magic skills are all over the board.” Nova offered. “In many of the more mundane things I am at the level I should be at for one of my age. However.”

Nova waived her hand, and Brutus Scrimgeour nearly dropped his tea in his lap. The room was gone – replaced by the night sky. “There are things I can do that is far beyond any ordinary wizard.” Nova offered. “This is just an illusion, but it’s an illusion by which I can see the entire cosmos.” An explanation was in order. “I happened upon an ancient artifact that allows me to do this, and no, I can’t show it to you, it’s not even in this dimension. I can travel across dimensions as easily as you can pull the thoughts out of someone’s mind.”

“That’s not always easy, and can be quite dangerous.” Scrimgeour offered.

“Crossing dimensions is even more so I think. I can show you what the mathematics is like.” Nova offered, and then symbols in a bright blueish white began to form in the air. It didn’t take long for the calculations to go well beyond what any mortal man could fathom. But then again who truly understand quantum mechanics in the first place. “There is math taught in Arithmancy, and logic being taught in charms and potions, but I’m afraid you’ve a long way to go to get to this level. Divinations, in general, have the potential if we understand the underlying mathematics. It’s all figuring out the patterns after all. Granted I know of only two other individuals who are able to do these kinds of computations, and that was Starswirl, and my birth mother.”

“Hang on, you aren’t suggesting Starswirl is immortal as well? - And what of Princess Celestia?”

“Him? - I doubt that. He’s known as Starswirl the bearded now. Only reason he’s still alive is he’d trapped himself along with all his best friends in limbo for a thousand years.” Nova offered. “Long story short, mother figured out what had happened, freed them, and banished a shadow that had been the cause. As for Princess Celestia, her magic is on a whole other level I can’t even begin to comprehend. - Not that she hasn’t made her fair share of blunders.”

“With great power comes great blunders is it?”

“I destroyed my Moms chambers once. Accidental magic. I wasn’t even in the right dimension.” Nova thought about it for a moment or two, and her illusion faded till the room was back to the way it was. “Not my first, and I’ve been dimension hopping for a while.”

“So, when you go, will we ever see you again?”

“I expect I’ll be back in about ninety years, so I’d have to say no, not likely.” Nova offered. “Short of you’ve got something that can prolong life indefinitely that is. Maybe I’ll get to see some of my friends again, but I doubt it.” “Think I’d get used to it by now.”

“Then why not settle down somewhere?”

“I’ve tried a couple times. In the end, I just want to see my family again. My real family, and not an imitation. I am, after all, just a little girl.” Nova wanted to change the topic. “So, what became of that Wyrm?”

“The unspeakables have it.” he offered. “They won’t say, but I’ve an idea it’s a hybridization, and no one is willing to go down that shaft. We’ve Aurors out looking for old culverts, or pipes big enough for something nasty to get through. That chamber was likely built in the tenth century after all. They didn't have all the little tricks we have now. We are searching for anything that might be a passage under the mountain that we don’t know about. And the wards have been reconfigured to bar that specific brand of monster. It’d be impossible to exclude every single potential threat. To do so would mean excluding everything, and then no one could get in or out. That pitfall in the girl’s toilet was discovered by chance. When they installed the sink, one of the new faucets kept turning into a snake head of all things, and then it wouldn't work. Naturally, we had no intentions of just leaving it, but we were at a loss as to what to do about it.” The look on his face was one of consternation. “So we decided to try deconstructing the spell, and that’s how we ended up with that great big hole.”

“And the boys were too curious for their own good.” Nova offered with a smile.

“And Harold is lucky we have you here. Any chance I could talk you into staying?”

“No, I’m afraid not. Besides, what could possibly happen? Short of everyone turning on each other and erupting into two wizard wars, I’d imagine everyone will just go about their lives the way they always have.”



Nova looked out at the slowly falling snow, it was December, and she’d had to break Maggie’s heart. Professor Marchbanks had come round getting a list of those who were staying, and Nova had asked that her name be added to the list.

“But Christmas? It’s the Yule season. I thought we’d spend it together?” Maggie asked a tear threatening to fall from her eye.

“Cheer up dear Maggie. I must stay. I can’t leave while the need for my special project is as yet unfulfilled. I’m praying that this wizard named Nicholas will bring me something special, and when he does, I will have a bright shining surprise when you return.” Nova added in a whisper. “If you think my pony form is cute, wait until you see a freshly hatched pegasus.”

Maggie’s smile returned to her face, and when she went out to take the train back to London, she knew that nothing she got for Christmas would be as delightful as the surprise that waited back at Hogwarts.


Nova went back up to the Gryffindor common room where she found Daisy with a few others who’d stayed behind. “Miss Nova, they say we can go to Hogsmead.” Andon Rusco announced on seeing her approach.

“Will you go with us?” Daisy asked. “Surely you don’t mean to hole up in your trunk over the holidays. You should come with us.”

Nova thought about it for a moment. Her little Sparkle would be hatching any day now, but perhaps not today. Phenik flew to her and landed on her shoulder. “Well, alright, I guess it can’t hurt. Just for a while.” On seeing Ruth, who had also stayed behind, she asked if she was going as well?

“No, wish I could, I’m only a first year. It’s third years and above, and you have to have a permission slip to leave the grounds unaccompanied.” Ruth explained. “Oh, but you’d likely not have a signed permission slip.”

“Anyone have a blank permission slip?” Nova asked.

“You don’t mean to forge one do you?” Daisy asked. “It has to be signed by a parent or guardian.”

“Don’t have to.” Nova offered. “Moonie, are you about?”

“Oh, you aren’t going to have Moonie sign it?” Ruth asked sounding incredulous. The Night Mare appeared in their midst a moment later.

“Have I not told you she is an avatar spell?” Nova had a big smile on her face. “Now who’s avatar do you think she is?”

“What do you want?” Moonie asked sounding a bit more like a mother addressing an errant child who has just come to them with heapings of praise.

“I’ve been invited to go visit the local town, but I’m in need of a signed permission form,” Nova said.

“Well, how exactly do you plan to achieve this feet being we are cut off from home?” Moonie asked. For the others gathered, that was perhaps the first time they’d heard Moonie utter anything more than a few words. Why it was a whole complex sentence.

“Are you not my mother’s proxy?” Nova asked. Moonies ears went flat. “Come on, it’s just into town. Can’t be any more dangerous than school.” Moonie let out a snort as if a laugh had burst out.

“Alright fine.” Moonie offered, reared up, and then to everyone’s amazement, except Nova, transformed into a beautiful woman of dark complexion. Unlike Nova, Luna looked more like someone from Armenia. She wore a long dress that looked as though it was made of shadows if they were midnight blue, and her long flowing hair looked like it was filled with starlight. The sound of jaws hitting the floor could be heard throughout the room. “Well, where’s the form, and I’ll need a quill.”

“Alright those who… who?” Professor Marchbanks said entering the room. “Who are you?”

“My mother’s proxy.” Nova provided.

“I’m told she needs a signature from parent or guardian if she wishes to visit the local village.” The proxy of Princess Luna offered. “I think it’ll do her good to get out for a while, and it was pointed out that she couldn't possibly encounter any dangers there that are worse then what she faces here in the school.”

Professor Marchbanks opened her mouth and then closed it. “You’re mother’s proxy? - Who is she, and how did she get in here?”

“She’s Moonie.” Daisy offered as if it should be obvious by now.

“Moonie?” Professor Marchbanks asked astonished.

“She is technically my guardian while I’m away from home.” Nova offered hopefully.

“Like you ever do anything I say.” Luna countered.

“You’re not helping,” Nova replied.

“Alright fine.” Professor Marchbanks said and retrieved a blank form from the stack of forms she had. A quill was obtained, and Moonie Luna signed it using only her magic and went back to being the Night Mare Moonie. The form was passed over to Professor Marchbanks who inspected it. Even though she couldn't say she’d actually seen who signed it, the calligraphy was undoubtedly a different individual other than Nova. “I guess that will do.” “Now, those of you who have permission, it’s snowing out, you’ll want a heavy cloak.”


Nova arrived in the great hall wearing not the school cloak but a heavy cloak provided by Celestia, on which was the blazon of Equestria. Phenik was on her shoulder. Andon, Daisy, and Beatrice were waiting in the hall. The four went out into a light drifting snow, and descended the stairs in front of the school. From there they followed a road that crossed the lawns, and wound around the school ever dropping as they went.

“Is that the train platform?” Nova asked a short time later as the platform came into view. A little further on could be seen the town nestled among some trees.

“Ya, they got the idea of bringing in everyone via the lake for some odd reason.” Andon offered.

“Would have been nice if they had just let us come by the road instead of making us shiver on the pond.” Beatrice muttered.

“And miss seeing me take a bite out of that tentacle?” Nova asked.

“Was that you?” Andon asked. “Silly fox girl.”

“Yes, that was me.” Nova admitted sheepishly.

It didn’t take them too much longer to reach the town. Most of the buildings seemed to be built primarily of brownstone, but there were a few made of timber framing, and some were just timber. With but a few exceptions the majority had thatched roofs. There was one large building with a slate roof that looked like it might be an inn, so they decided to go in, to warm up. It was dimly lit inside, and it took them a bit for their eyes to adjust, during which time brushes levitated out and swept the snow off. For Nova it felt very much like Ponyville save for the lack of friendly ponies.

“Welcome to the Hogsmead Inn.” Offered a portly gentleman behind a counter not to far from the entrance. In front of the counter was a dimly lit room full of tables and chairs. A man was sitting at the far end of the counter, and a handful of older students were already at tables. “So who’s yer friend? - That’s not a Hogwarts overcoat.”

“She has a phoenix on her shoulder, and the first thing you notice is the overcoat?” Beatrice asked.

“Well, the bird is kind of obvious. Beauxbatons maybe?” He pondered.

“Celestia’s School for gifted witches and wizards.” Nova offered. “I’m here on an exchange program. The cloak is warmer then my Hogwarts cloak.”

“Oh, where might that be, I’ve never heard of it.” The innkeeper asked.

“Far East.” Nova offered wondering if maybe she should have worn the lighter weight school winter cloak. “Any chance we can get something hot to warm us up a bit?”

“That would be butterbeer.”

“Beer?” Nova asked. “What’s beer?”

“Oh it’s a wonderful amber brew made from hops and barley.”

“Barley? Can I order that? Sounds good.” Nova said.

“Afraid you’ll have to settle for the butterbeer. - I’m not supposed to sell alcohol to anyone under the age of seventeen. And by the looks of you, you probably shouldn't be here at all. What year are you?”

“Third year. I got permission.” Nova offered.

“Yes, she’s good, Professor Marchbanks OKed her to go.” Andon offered.

“And what about your little Slytherin friend?” The innkeeper asked.

Daisy, Nova, and Andon looked at Beatrice, and said, “Whoops.”

“What is whoops?” Beatrice asked confused.

“Third year and above with a signed permission slip only,” Daisy explained.

“No one told Beatrice this,” Beatrice stated with a tinge of panic.

“I’d say we’re all to blame, and we’ll all share in whatever punishment comes of it,” Nova said. “Never even occurred to me to tell her she couldn't come. It would have felt like I’d be excluding a friend.”

“Nothing that can be done about it now.” The innkeeper offered. “Four hot butter beers then is it?”

“Yes sir.” Daisy offered. They paid and started for a table when the man who’d been at the end of the counter came up to them. He was thin, had long rusty hair tied up in back, and a healthy growth of stubble on his face.

“You, you there, sell me your phoenix.” The man’s request sounded more like a demand.

“I’m sorry sir, but Phenik is not for sale.” Nova said as calmly as she could muster.

“Then give it to me!” He demanded as he pulled out a wand. “Give me the bird!”

The room had fallen silent. Nova gave him a disgusted look, and raised her right fist middle finger extended.

“You learn that from a Yank?” Beatrice asked stepping forward. She’d seen the small wisp of smoke come from the end of the man’s wand, and knew there was little he could do to them. “Here in England, we use two fingers like this...” Beatrice held up her hand palm to herself, thumb on pinkie and ring fingers with her middle and pointer in a ‘V’ shape while bringing the hand up in what was clearly intended to be a rude gesture.

“Oh right, like this then?” Nova said copying Beatrice.

“Mr Albus Dumbledore, I think you’ve had a might too much to drink.” The innkeeper warned, his wand aimed at the man. “And for that matter, you should be ashamed of yourself. You of all wizards should know that a phoenix can neither be given nor sold.” Albus didn’t seem to be listening as he was now looking at the end of his wand, his mind trying to comprehend why there was smoke coming out of it. “Now I know life has been difficult for you, but this isn’t...” The Innkeeper continued, but Albus wasn’t listening. He threw his wand across the room, and stormed out into the snow.

“You two are crazy!” Daisy hissed.

“What, she fried his wand.” Beatrice offered. “And if he’d have tried anything physical you can bet Moonie would have popped in, and had something to say about it.”

They all had to laugh at the thought of the Night Mare popping into the old Inn.

“Wow, this thing is fried.” A boy said as the group went to sit at a table. He’d picked up the wand to have a look. “Say, Miss Moon, did you do something to it?”

“It was a feedback loop I created in the wand.” Nova offered. “Fairly easy at close range. The moment he tried to power up his wand it went, poof.” She knew the same thing, or something like it could be done to unicorns, though in the case of a unicorn it resulted in nothing worse than being knocked out and waking up with a big headache. Unicorns seldom did such things to each other though, being the target would be immediately aware of the attempt and it would result in a battle of wills until both decided to back off.

Those gathered on hearing what Nova had done, all laughed, but made sure to remember that tactic. Even if they couldn't do it themselves, they had to admit that if little Nova could do it, surely an experienced witch or wizard could do it as well. A moment later the innkeeper brought out the hot butterbeer.

“Mmmm, this is good,” Nova said sipping the hot liquid. It had a creamy buttery texture while slightly fizzy at the same time. She pondered for a moment if it might be rich enough to give to a foal as a substitute for mares milk, but dismissed the idea. As rich as it was, it was far too thin, and the bubbles could cause unforeseen problems.

“So did you hear?” A boy in the room asked of a friend. Nova hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, but it was hard not to. “Old man Hendrixson caught a pegasus mare in his barn the other night with a brand new foal.”

“What?!” Nova exclaimed more than asked spinning round in her seat.

“Ya, sometimes they come out of the forest to lay their eggs in the tops of haylofts.” The boy offered.

“Can you take me to see the pegasus?” Nova asked.

“I doubt the old man will let you see it.” the boy offered. “He’s not exactly the nicest sort.”

“I see,” Nova replied. “Never the less I’ll regret it if I don’t at least try.”

“Well if you are that set on it I’ll take you there.” he offered.

“You sure this is a good idea?” Daisy asked, as Nova finished off her butterbeer, and got up.

“Positive.” Nova offered. “How could I possibly resist the lure of a pegasus foal. Trust me, this will be worth it.” Doubly for her as she intended to liberate mother and foal.

So the group, now larger, made their way through town, and beyond to where an old house and barn stood.

“So are we going to try to sneak a peak or what?” One of the boys asked.

“I thought the full frontal approach might be best.” Nova offered.

“So where’d Phenik go?” Daisy asked suddenly missing the bird. Andon Rusco, on the other hand, looked at Nova as though he was seeing a ghost. He smiled and hoped no one else would notice that the snow wasn’t sticking to Nova’s cloak. They walked up to the door, and at Nova’s bidding knocked on the door.

Unseen by the others, a white feather winged fox with black ears, legs, and tail tip, who’s main and tail feathering resembled Nova’s own hair flew into a window in the barn that it had just jimmied open. A phoenix flew in behind her. What she found was a small sable mare who’s wings had been bound nursing a new foal. Both were tethered. What’s more, the mare was quietly singing in old ponish.

Nova transformed to her pony form and made herself known to the mare. Startled at first, she moved to guard as best she may, her foal. The young, mostly white unicorn standing a few paces away startled her even more. And then she saw the wings. Nova was a young mare, but as yet not quite old enough to have foals of her own. And yet, winged unicorns were as rare as hens' teeth. Who was this pony, and where had she come from?

“I have need of you, will you come with me?” Nova asked in the old language.

“Who are you?” Life in this world for a pegasus went by all to fast, and to the sable mare, the young teen in front of here was nearly an adult.

“Does it matter? - I can rescue you.”

“My foal?”

“She will ride on my back.” Nova offered, her horn glowed, and the ropes fell away. The foal was lifted up onto Nova’s back, and Nova bid, the mare to follow.

Meanwhile, the encounter with the old man wasn’t going too well.

“I said that I would buy the pegasi.” Stated the illusion of Nova. “Name your price.”

“Not for sale, now get, the lot of you!”

The doors of the barn burst open with a loud crash hitting so hard they came off their hinges. Out flew Phenik, followed by two pegasi who flew up into the clouds.

“Fly you fools!” Illusion Nova said, and ran back to the town with surprising agility. Andon Rusco was hot on her tail hoping no one would notice that this nova wasn’t leaving any tracks. The others startled ran without question as the old man swore and ran to the barn.

It only took a few moments for the real Nova to return to Hogwarts, her new nursemaid holding tight to her tail. “Focus on me!” Nova shouted as they rounded the Gryffindor tower. “You won’t be able to see the opening.”

The sable mare looked on in amazement as Nova landed on seemingly nothing just beyond the wall of the tower. She aimed for the same spot as Nova vanished, and found herself standing on a balcony she had not been able to perceive a moment before.

“Miss Aiko, Miss Aiko, I’ve found us a nursemaid!” Nova called. A plain white pony came trotting out. The sable mare looked on in astonishment as this seemingly ordinary pony was dressed as a maid.

“Who are you ponies?”

“I’m Princess Nova Moon of Equestria. That’s Eques to the humans.”

“Equestria, but that’s just an old foals fable?”

“No, it’s real. I brought you not just to rescue you either.” Nova offered. “I retrieved an egg from certain death, and expect my little bundle of joy to hatch any day now, but I’ve no way to provide nourishment. - Will you help?”

“I will. - I am called Alalme, daughter of the Silver Wood, and my foal is Alya. - Long ago we gave up living among men, and chose to live in sky, and tree, and mountains were no man dare trek.”

Nova lifted Alya off her back and onto the hard marble floor. “Don’t worry, there’s an anti-slip spell on the floor. - Now, I must be back to the humans I call friend before they realize I left a proxy in my place.”

“You are friends with humans?”

“Not all are like that old man. Nor do I let them know the full truth of what I am. Can you not transform yourself into human form? You speak the old language of Equestria, and yet you are in pony form? Most transform the moment they pass through the portal.”

“Legend has it that our ancestors could do such things, but gave up attempting to interact with humans long ago.”

“I see. Stay within these apartments or enjoy the park. Go nowhere else, less you find yourself in peril yet again.” Nova warned. “I’ll only trust these humans so far.” and with that Nova and Phenik flew out into the ever increasing snow.

Nova found her friends a short time later looking about calling for her. Her illusion had failed at some point which had left the others to think they’d simply lost her in the snow.

“I’m right here.” Nova offered as she approached. She was back in her human form. “I think we better head back to school. This snow is getting worse, and here comes the old man.” They all decided to run, the old man seeing Phenik began shouting.

They didn’t stop running until they’d passed the station platform, winded as they were. The blinding snow, and the climb to Hogwarts slowing them down further. The storm was getting bad. Bad enough they decided it’d be best if they all held hands so no one would get separated. When they approached the castle it was barely visible as the conditions had turned to white out. And yet, they had gained the steps despite the storm seemingly thanks in part do to Phenik who everyone could see no matter how bad it got. Nova also had no trouble leading them up the path do to some uncanny ability of her own. When they cracked the door and entered in, they found several professors gearing up as to go out in search.

“Where have you been?” One of the professors asked accusingly.

“It’s only a little after three, and we’d been given permission to go.” One of the boys protested. The group had grown considerably on the way back as well, there being a mix of all four houses now.

“I think everyone started to head back when we realized the weather was turning nasty.” Nova offered.

“We did say they could go.” The headmaster offered. “Not like we expected this storm to hit like this, quite so soon.”

“And where are you going, young lady?” Asked a Slytherin professor accusingly. Beatrice was trying to sneak on past.

“I’m sorry, it’s our fault for letting her go with us.” Nova offered.

“Be it as it may, we’ve already done a headcount of who was here, and know exactly who is not. - No one is to go anywhere until we’ve checked you off the list. - Beatrice Lulamoon, you may go now, but we’ll be talking later.”

The door burst open again, and standing in the doorway was the silhouette of old man Hendrixson. “Your students stole my ponies!” he shouted.

“You want us to turn out our pockets as well?” Nova asked.

“Oh do please close the door.” Professor Marchbanks protested. “And unless there is a pony under one of these cloaks, I’d say you are looking in the wrong place.”

Nova tried her best not to look guilty.

“That bird, I saw that bird fly out of my barn followed by a white pegasus, and then my sable flew out after them,” Hendrixson stated.

“I’m sure she was just curious.” Nova offered.

“Mr Hendrixson, obviously what you saw was likely the mate of the pony you snared in your barn. Nor was that pegasus ever really yours.” Headmaster Scrimgeour stated. Oh, he’d a good idea what had happened, but then Hendrixson wasn’t exactly at the top of his people I like list. “The sable was a wild pegasus. There’s been quite a few nesting in barns lately. Most decent wizards let them, unmolested, on the off chance the foals might decide to stick around. You, on the other hand, chose to trap the one that chose your barn.” His tone was stern. “Now, if you don’t want to be stuck here until the snow stops, you might want to head home as quickly as you may.”

Hendrixson let out an angry grunt, turned, and walked into the storm.

“Any one want to bet he was born and spent his formative years in a barn?” One of the older students said, as they were about to close the door. They stopped, went back out into the storm and returned with one more student.

“Oh… hi.” Ruth said as the door was closed.

“Anyone else out there that we don’t know about?” a professor asked. Of course, the verdict was they couldn't know until they checked the students off the list.


“I can’t wait to get into a nice hot bath,” Ruth said as she, Nova, and Daisy were allowed to go.

“Bath?” Daisy asked accusingly. All the dorm had was showers. “You’ve been holding out on me, haven't you.”

“Aaahhh...” Ruth said realizing she’d just given away the secret.

“Good thing it’s just the three of us,” Nova muttered.

“What about us?” The guys asked.

“I’ve a bath in my luggage, and it’s in the girl’s dorm, so you lot are out of luck.” Nova chastised. “And don’t be telling people. The last thing I want is the whole dorm up there.” She looked about to see if anyone else had overheard. Fortunately, there were very few students about, and no one else nearby to hear.

“Alright,” Nova said standing by her sea chest with her wand held high. She’d prompted Daisy to do likewise. “Solemnly swear that you will reveal nothing of my bath, nor anything to do with it, nor of the splendor that is to be found beyond this portal. Swear it.”

“This is silly, and what if you’ve hidden something I should tell someone about?” Daisy asked.

“The Headmaster already knows what I have in there.” Nova countered. “Now swear, or no bath.”

“Alright, alright, I do Solemnly swear that I will reveal nothing of thy bath.” Daisy stated while taking on a serious expression.

“Nor anything to do with it, nor of the splendor that is to be found beyond this portal.” Nova Prompted.

“Nor anything to do with it, nor of the splendor that is to be found beyond this portal.” Daisy echoed. “Now, may we?”

“In a moment, I have to check on something?” Nova opened up the sea chest, and went down the stairs.

“Hang on, I thought she’d just a little apartment in there?” Daisy said looking down. “What do you think she needed to check on?”

“She’s got some sort of secret project the Headmaster gave her.” Ruth offered.

Nova went down through the large sitting room calling for Aiko. She was glad when Aiko appeared in human form. “Where’s Alalme and Alya?”

“Bed down in your chambers for now.”

“Oh good.” Nova thought for a moment. “Any chance they are, well you know, house broken I believe the term is? - I swear I never thought I’d be asking that about a fellow Equestrian.”

“I was able to explain the issue to Alalme, she finds it fascinating. Little Alya is newly hatched and has a nappy on.”

“Oh good,” Nova said, and then went back up to let the girls know it was alright for them to come down. Nova then went to her chambers, opened the door, went in shutting the door behind her. She could feel the eyes of Alalme on her. Alalme had both Nova’s egg and her Alya snuggled up to her.

“It’s alright, it’s me.” Nova offered in old ponish. “I have two guests so we must be careful. I also need to get these wet garments off or they’ll be just as soaked when I next transform.” Alalme said nothing, but relaxed. Nova took that to mean everything was fine for the moment. Just to be sure, Nova transformed.

“A cutie mark!” Alame exclaimed. “I’d been so intent on getting away I hadn’t see it.”

Nova transformed back, and took off her cloak, and went back to the bath. She returned a few minutes later back in her pony form. “I’m going to get a bath, I’m soaked through and through.”

“How long?” Alalme asked.

“I don’t expect I’ll be too long in there.” Nova offered.

“Not that, how long will I be able to stay in such splendor?”

“Oh. - I know this is sudden, and you are older then I am, but I’d be happy if you stayed as long as you like. Not quite family, but more than a servant. I imagine all that is holding you here for the moment is the need for a safe place and the storm outside. - I suppose that all depends on how long you'll stay."

“There is your need as well. The little one is not yours I gather.”

“Rescued from a wyrm.” Nova offered.

“My ponies were forced to scatter our nests thanks to such a beast.” A sadness overcame her. “Many will fly no more. - I fear I have no way to contact any of my remaining kin. If any yet live.”

“We will have time yet to search for kith and kin once this storm passes, but we will need to be careful.” Nova offered. “I killed the first wyrm I encountered, and a servant of mine, companion and guardian she, killed another,” Nova informed her. “I’m hoping those things were territorial enough that we can expect only the two in the area.” “Nor would I wish to openly inquire of the wizard folk on any matters as there are few I trust.”

“I’d heard there was a great worm killed at the school farm. - My sister...” She let out a sigh.

“Then I’d say that the egg I’ve laid claim to and have been keeping warm all this time may well be your kin, which makes us sisters in a fashion. - I’ll not surrender my precious prize lightly, mind you, as I’ve come to feel as though that egg is my own. - Now if I may, I need to get warmed up, and dried out.” Nova turned with a smile on her face and retreated to the bath.

Nova returned after about a half hour, she looked quite the floof ball. Alalme looked at her, and snickered under her breath. “What have you done to herself?”

“Drying spell. I always hated it when one of my mothers did this to me, but I understand now that one does not always have the time to do it properly.” She transformed back into human form.

“Your cutie mark shows even in human form… and I see the outline of your wings as well. And the medallion you wear matches your cutie mark. Do you wear the medallion always?”

“My mother gave me the medallion. It has a tracking spell which she can use to find me should I become lost.” Nova looked away for a moment as memories threatened to flood in. “The human form is my second, and less then complete.” Nova offered while keeping her answers short, and began to pull various items of clothing from dresser drawers, and wardrobes. “Human’s are impossibly enamored with clothing, and I must be at dinner, or they’ll come looking for me.”

“How have you managed?”

“I have my helpers. You’ve met Aiko. There are two others who are giving you your peace until you’ve had time to adjust. - I’m so greatly relived to have found you.”

“I’ve never met an ordinary pony who could speak. - Your Miss Aiko that is.”

“Oh, she’s no ordinary pony. I will attempt to explain her later.” Nova offered as she got dressed, and put one of her better wizard robes on. “Now before I go to dinner, I’d best make sure to see about your needs. Be right back.”

Nova went down to the door that opened to the farmhouse, knocked, and entered.

“Oh Miss Moon, I’m so sorry we’ve been unable to find a pony yet,” Granny said in apology.

“I’ve found one,” Nova said. “But not a word mind you.” Nova gave a wink. “Can you perchance provide me such vittles as would be appropriate for a pegasus of Eques?”


“I have not stolen a pony, I’ve rescued kin it seems,” Nova explained. “I do not know why, but they gave up trying to be human in favor of the sky. - She can speak, but in an old language known only to my kin. The pony that had nested in your barn had been of my kin as well it seems. I guess they tired of living in a world of men, but gave it up for the wilds.”

Granny looked at her amazed.

“She’s a bit jumpy and wild, but if I haven't won her over, my need has.”

“Yes, yes of course.” Granny finally managed.

“Granny Smith, has someone come through this storm?” Asked a big man coming back to the kitchen.

“It’s Miss Moon, and don’t be worried, she came by way of the cupboard.” Granny offered.

“Hello, Mr Mackintosh.” Nova offered. “I’ve found a pony. Flew right into my window she did.” Nova offered with a smile.

“Did she now?”

“She’s nested up with my egg and a small foal of her own. A little filly named Alya.” Nova offered.

“You’ve named her, have you?” Mackintoash asked with a smile.

“Oh no, her mother has named her.” Nova offered. “She is Alalme daughter of the Silver Wood. Her kin are not descended from the Pegasi of Olympus, but of the lords of Arcadia, and Eques. Long ago they gave up living among men as men, and chose to live in sky, and tree, and mountain glens.” Nova offered coloring her words just a bit. Her words not quite the truth, but not quite a lie.

“To give up one’s humanity to be free of muggle persecution,” Mackintosh said softly. “I can only wonder how many Animageus have done the same, if only to be free of their own wicked kind. Living among animals is something I can understand. - Well then, what did you need?”

“Provisions for one in the guise of a pegasus.” Nova offered.


Nova returned a short time later with a small crate.

“Hey, what’s that?” Ruth asked Nova. Ruth and Daisy had finished with the bath, and were enjoying the lounge.

“Just something for my project.” Nova offered, went into her chambers, and closed the door behind her. She came out a few moments later without the crate. “They’ll be expecting us downstairs I think.” Nova offered, and escorted the two girls out.


On Christmas day Nova gave a wondrous cloak and witch’s cap to Beatrice, dark purple covered in bright stars. She’d been afraid Beatrice might not get anything, and while the day reminded her most of Hearth’s Warming, she was dismayed to learn that the people who should keep it best seldom did, and that of the people to whom the day held little meaning often kept it far better. To this end, Headmaster Scrimgeour told them of a tale of a miserable old muggle miser who had become such a blight on society, that a group of wizards took it upon themselves to see if they couldn't scare the love of his fellow man into him with some world class pranks. With the help of the ghost of the man’s former business partner they set to work on him, Scrimgeour informed everyone. The students all laughed uproariously at the many things they did to the miser.

From the Weasley’s Nova got a sweater with a note saying they intended to make it a family tradition. Still, though, the gift she wanted most had not yet arrived, and she fretted about it not wishing to leave Alalme and the two little ones any longer then she must. Nova insisted that she’d be the one to warm her egg at night though, and on the morning after Christmas day, the egg hatched.

Nova looked on in wondrous delight as a little golden head with a mane like the color of a soft blush Chablis, not quite burgundy with stripes of peach and pinks which reminded her of a mix between Celestia, and Luna's main, lifted their head up after kicking half the shell off to have their first look around. “Alalme, come quick, Alalme,” Nova said in a gasp.

“Nova, is something wrong? Who’s Alalme?” Ruth asked poking her head in the door. Ruth had come down to tell her it was going to be a beautiful day, and they’d be allowed to go to Hogsmeade. All Ruth saw was a pretty little pegasus in Nova’s bed with a foal fresh hatched. “Um… Nova?”

“Ruth, my foal has hatched,” Nova announced. Nova was beside herself with wonderment and joy. She was also quite oblivious to the fact that she was presently a little horse who’d just announced that ‘her’ foal had hatched. Nova cleared away the bits of eggshell, and nuzzled the baby, drying, and cleaning him with her magic. Yep, him, a little colt. “Alalme, he’s a colt!”

Alalme who’d ducked out of site so as not to be seen by Ruth couldn't take it anymore and nudged her way on past the girl. Nova had forgotten herself, and was presently using the common tongue, but Alalme understood it well enough.

“You’re a pegasus?” Ruth asked, and sank to the floor.

“Oh my, he’ll be a gorgeous stallion when he grows up,” Alalme said as a little filly in a nappy trotted into the room.

“So cute!” Ruth exclaimed in barely a whisper and passed out.

Daisy was the next to enter the apartments, and on seeing the display of unbridled cuteness let out a squee that shattered crystal for miles around.

Next to enter the scene was Professor Marchbanks who’d come in search of whatever it was that was making that high-frequency tone, saw Daisy standing as a statue, the emitter of the tone, and Ruth passed out on the floor. She rounded the corner with wand in hand, and promptly dropped both wand and chin to the floor.

Granny Smith arrived a moment later, and shut Daisy up by placing her hand over the girl's eyes. Granny had seen her fair share of pegasi cuteness, and as such had built up an immunity.

“Thank you Granny,” Nova said in gratitude. “Our little bundle of joy is a colt. A little pegasus colt.”

“Well congratulations.” Granny offered. “Professor Marchbanks, what say we usher the girls out, and then I’m going to see about getting those two some breakfast. Something tells me, Miss Moon will not be coming down any time soon.”

“You knew about, I mean… I’m confused?” March banks asked.

“If I understand right, they are from a clan of Animageus who favor the shape of pegasi.” Granny offered. “Miss Moon, have you decided on a name?”

“I wanted to use Sparkle, which is a family name from my family, but I haven't decided completely.” Nova offered.

“A noble Chieftain we once had by name of Goldwine.” Alalme offered. “It seems to fit him nicely I’d think.”

“Then it is decided, he shall be named Goldwine Sparkle.” Nova said proudly. “And now, a bit of privacy if you please. Our dear Goldwine will undoubtedly be hungry, and I fear Ruth and Miss Daisy are overstimulated enough as is.”

“Understood,” Granny replied with a smile. “Come along Miss Daisy.”

“I’ll… I’ll get Ruth.” Professor Marchbanks offered, picked up her wand putting it in a pocket in her robes, and then picked up the stricken girl. “I must confess it’s all I can do to maintain my composure as well. They are so adorable.”

“All this has challenged my notions regarding the superiority of Wizardkind as well.” Granny offered as they went. “We are supposed to be better than the beasts, and yet those who take on the form of beasts more often then not have considerably more power. I can not help but wonder if they are taping into some ancient power that is denied to those who call themselves more civilized.”

“Can you take your hand off my eyes now?” Daisy asked.


Meanwhile, at the home of old man Hendrixson, three pegasi have paid him a visit.

“Where is our kinsmare.” Growled a gray stallion with a white mane, his hoof on a broken wand. Behind him are a pair of chestnut paints, their colors a mix of browns and grays.

“Gone!” Spat out the old man. He was looking worse for wear thanks to the attentions of the pegasi. Old man Hendrixson was at his wit's end. Ponies that could use human speech was well beyond his mindset.

“Where!” demanded the gray.

“Away! They flew away!”

“They?” Asked one of the paints in old ponish.

“What do you mean by they?” The gray asked. If ever a pony had a determined look on their face it was this one. “Who took our kinsmare?”

“A white pegasus and a phoenix.”

This news was even more confusing to the ponies. The man wasn’t lying, but they knew of no white pegasus. However, they had heard rumor of a phoenix that had fought with the worm that had been felled at the Hogwarts barns by a night mare. Rumors of that fight confused them all the more. Had a pegasus of legends told only as foal stories actually come to Hogwarts?

“What more can you tell us of this white pegasus?” The gray asked.

“Black ears, legs, there was what looked like a pendant of some sort hung about her neck, a mark on her flank of a crescent moon, two stars, and a tail that was more fox-like then pony.” Hendrixson offered.

“This tale of yours gets stranger still, old wizard.”

“There is a girl at the school who owns a phoenix, go ask her? I know nothing more.”

“I’ve a mind to do just that.” The gray stated. “And if you attempt to hold any of my tribe against their will ever again, it will not go well for you. This I promise.” And with that, the three pegasi of the Silver Wood left.

Author's Note:

Rather then have three short chapters I thought it best to post all three sections in one chapter. On the one hand, I'm pushing things forward, and on the other, I keep adding additional stuff. Lets see if I can get the jump forward within the next chapter or two. Ya, I know, I said that one already. XD

The ponies of the Silver Wood are from Equestria, some seven hundred years or more ago, and seldom have cutie marks being the life they live tends to suppress the cutie mark magic. Even the colors of their coats have become more like terrestrial ponies, and expect names that aren't the sort one would expect of a pony of Equestria. As for how they came to the world of humans, that tale will simply have to wait.

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