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Ponies in Hogwarts - KittyrinnAiko

A pony stranded in the past must go to another dimension and learn the ways of wizards before she can return to her own time.

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Chapter 6: First week at Hogwarts

When Nova made her way down to breakfast the next morning she was struck by two things, the way down wasn’t the same as the way up, and she was now surprisingly knowledgeable of the corridors that would lead down to the dining hall.

“Are you sure you know where you are going?” Maggie asked. Maggie and the two girls who were sharing the room with her were following along.

“Oddly enough I do.” Nova offered casting a glance at Moonie walking along within the paintings on the wall. Moonie had a pie eating smirk on her face. “Come on, this way.”

“Are you sure?” Florence asked, but then they turned a corner, and found themselves walking into the great hall. “Oh, we’re there. This place gets me so turned around.”

“I think it does that intentionally.” Nova offered as they went into breakfast. Despite having been one of the last to leave the dorm, they were now among the first to make it to the hall. “We did have Moonie shadowing us in case we got turned around, that and I suspect she took me for a walk about last night.”

“Walk about? You don’t mean sleep walking do you?” Ruth asked. “What if you get caught out of the dorm at night? - They’ll not likely take sleep walking as an excuse.”

“Not sleepwalking, spirit walking.” Nova offered. “As in my astral form. - I’ll need to have a few words with her. What if someone had tried to wake me and panicked? I can just picture my body getting moved, and me wondering the halls of Hogwarts for eternity trying to figure out what they did with it.”

“Ya, that wouldn't be good.” Maggie offered, and as they found their places to sit, Phenik came swooping in to circle around the room.

“So, how do we get something to eat?” Nova asked ignoring Phenik. Sure she’d looked, but on seeing that what everyone was so excited about was just Phenik, she and her room mates just went right back to what they were doing. Interesting what familiarity does.

“A nice English breakfast would be a great way to start the day.” Ruth said sitting down. Suddenly a profusion of delightfully scrumptious mouth-watering delights appeared on a plate in front of her.

“Oh me too.” Nova said sitting down. No sooner then she’d sat down then servings of bacon, poached eggs, grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, oat cakes, baked beans, sausage, and a potato pancake of sorts with cabbage and last nights leftover vegetable mixed in with a sort of dark brown gravy over the top of it appeared before her. “Oh, hey… so long as there’s no bovine or equine, I’ll be happy as a Little Sky Fox in a KFC.”

“What, what the what?” Florance asked.

“Cultural thing.” Maggie offered as she and Florance joined the other two at the table.

“It’s common for people in India to not eat meat, especially cattle.” Ruth offered. “I can understand not wanting to eat horse either. - My father, and the men in his command, their lives depend on their horses while on maneuvers. Father says eating a horse is akin to cannibalism.”

“Any chance you can get me a book about these Dragoons?” Nova asked. “I’d love to know more about them.” Nova asked, and then took another bite of her breakfast.

“How is it the four of you can just sit there talking, and stuffing your faces when there’s a phoenix flying around in here?” Asked one of the other Gryffindors.

“Right, hang on.” Nova held up a sausage. “Phenik!” A moment later, Phenik had landed on her arm and was happily nibbling at the sausage. Nova maneuvered her to the table so she could go back to eating. This was followed by the sound of silverware and cups being dropped.

“You’d think they’d never seen a Phoenix before,” Fergus said sitting down.

“How’d you four get down here so fast?” Daisy asked as she joined them.

“Luck I guess.” Nova offered. “What about classes, how do we know where to go?”

“Don’t worry, someone will gather up the first years according to houses, and make sure they get to class. Newt offered as he joined them as well. “No one expects new students to know anything.”


No one expected new students to know anything was right. For Nova her first class was like sitting in magic kindergarten. Introduction to magic it was. Still, everyone was diligently taking notes, so she figured she’d better take notes too. Just to make things more interesting she decided to practice her calligraphy while she was at it.

“Three paints from Gryffindor for using an enchanted quill.” Announced their instructor snatching Nova’s quill. She was a stern woman with a nose like a beak and eyes that made Nova think of Griffins by the name of Krasnodar.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t aware I couldn't have an enchanted quill,” Nova said apologizing. “I seem to be without a quill now.”

“Another two points for not being properly equipped.”

“Professor, I’ve the same type of quill.” Maggie offered.

“You don’t seem to be using a self-writing quill, so I doubt that very much.” Two points for fibbing.

“Fibbing, but it’s the truth?” Maggie offered taken aback that someone would so readily assume the worst. “And it’s not a self-writing, just a never dry quill.”

“Is it now.” Their instructor scoffed, went to their desk, got an old battered quill, an ink bottle, brought it to Nova, and put it on her desk. “Alright, if our little princess wasn’t using a self-writing quill, let's see this quill stand on its own just like the one I just confiscated.” The instructor stepped back and crossed their arms with a triumphant smile on their twisted face.

Her smile slowly collapsed into a look of astonishment as the lid of the inkwell came off by itself, lowered into a cup by the inkwell, followed by the quill standing, hovering, dipping in the ink, and then waiting over the parchment.

“Would you like me to write 'I will not use none spoken magic to manipulate objects and write with a quill without touching it in front of my professors' a hundred times?” Nova asked having figured out what the issue was.

“Why I never...”

“Well maybe you should, it might help your disposition.” Nova shot back. The other students looked on in horrid fascination well seasoned with mirth. Professor Krasnodar just glowered at Nova, and snatched up her notes sending the ink well sprawling in the process.

Nova walked out of that class having lost an additional twenty points, but at least she’d done something to deserve it. Making her stand in a corner for the remainder of the class seemed pointless.

“Perhaps you should try handwriting for now on?” Maggie offered.

“You know how bad my handwriting is.” Nova protested. She let out a sigh and reluctantly agreed.

When it was time for lunch Caydence came and got Nova saying only, you need to come with me. She then escorted Nova to a tower and knocked on a door. “I’d sure like to know what you did. And on your first day even.”

The door opened.

“The headmaster wants to see you. Just keep climbing till you get to his office.”

“All I was doing was writing notes the way I always do,” Nova said with a sigh. She went in, the door closed, and she began climbing the spiral staircase.

It didn’t take her long to realize that for every two steps, one more was being added. Weary of stairs, she transformed into her fox form, kicked in the magical afterburners and spiraled up past the enchantment, and out into the headmaster’s office. Nova transformed back into human form, did the supper hero landing, and then stood at the position of attention.

“I understand there is an issue?” Nova asked.

The old wizard looked on curious. “I’m afraid there is. - Now before I tell you what the accusations are, would you like to tell me what happened?”

“Would you like a written statement?”

“Parchment, quills, use as many as you like. Use them all if you want.”

Nova smiled, an aura formed about the parchment lifting it into the air followed by every quill on the desk going to work like a flock of blackbirds chasing a hawk. A few moments later, the pens went back to their places, and the parchment floated back down to the desk. It had been filled with one simple sentence, ‘I was taking notes’ in the most elaborate and stunning script he’d ever seen to include beautiful line art filling in a good deal of the white space, but not so much it was cluttered.

Nova let out a sigh. “I know I was told to be careful not to stand out too much in class, but it never occurred to me that writing in the manner I’m accustomed to would be an issue. I should write with my hand more I suppose. Celestia knows I need to practice my handwriting.”

“Why are you standing like that?”

“Sir? I… I always stand like this when I’m called on the carpet for my insubordination.”

“Oh? Well relax a little.”

“Yes sir.” Nova offered and loosed up a little.

“Do you have your notes?”

“I’m sorry to say they were wadded up and thrown in the dust bin. - The class was a little slow, I was doing my calligraphy, to take notes that is, and my instructor seemed to think I was using a self-writing quill, and then got affronted when I proved otherwise. - I found the situation frustrating.”

“You thought the class a bit slow?”

“Sir, I’ve been learning magic my whole life practically. Or at least the better portion of it, and have been able to cast spells since I was six. I did pay attention, in case there were differences in the basic method, but so far the basics seem to be exactly the same, save for an emphasis on the use of a wand.”

“That snowball fight?”

“I’m afraid I was the instigator, I’ll not deny it.”

“Show me how you create those ghost balls. - If you don’t mind?” His tone was kindly and patient so as to let her know she wasn’t in trouble for that at least.

“Well sir, I cup my hands like this with a gap, direct my magic to the center, think snowball, blow and pack,” Nova explained, and demonstrated. A moment later she had a nice little puffball. “One of the first things I ever learned.”

“Well, I’ll be.” Headmaster Scrimgeour said, tried it, and quickly had one of his own. He smiled, and tossed it up and down. “This could be a very useful learning tool. - Tell you what, you did defy your teacher in class, so I’m not restoring your points, but I’m going to give you ten points for that beautiful calligraphy, and another twenty for bringing this little skill to my attention. - You may go.”

“Thank you, sir.” Nova figured a net gain of three points wasn’t too bad. “Sir?”


“Might I use the window? I’m afraid I’m going to miss lunch.”

“Do you play Quidditch?”

“I’m learning. I’m told I’m rather splendid at it.”

“I imagine you might be, what with having a flying Animageus form.”

“Afraid I kept destroying brooms, and decided to make my own.”

“Is it any good?”

“It’ll hold up to my reflexes.”

“I’d love to see it. By any chance did you smuggle it here.”

“Sir, I would never so blatantly disobey the rules.” Nova protested in mock shock.

“But it is somewhere nearby, isn’t it?” He said with a wink.

“Well, being the inside of my luggage has been declared sovereign territory of Eques by the Ministry of Magic, I can honestly say that my broom is not technically on school property.”

“Sovereign territory?”

“It’s in the charter. Apparently as a confirmed Princess of Eques, any place that can be considered my abode becomes the Sovereign Territory of Eques. As I’ve a sizable apartment, they decided to define it to my luggage less I end up being your boss.” Nova gave him a smile. He thought about it for a moment and laughed. “Window?”

“It’s rather small.”

Nova transformed back to her fox form. “I think I’ll fit.”

“Well then, have at it.” He offered and laughed again.

Nova was out the window quick as a wink, flew out over the castle, down to the front door, one of which was opened flew into the hall, and then into the dining hall. The appearance of the Celestial fox had quite a few people looking on in astonishment.

“Nova, wherever have you been?” Maggie called on spotting her. To everyone's astonishment, the mystery animal flew down to Maggie, landed on the seat, and let her scratch behind the ears. “She’s my pet.”

“OK, that’s enough ear scratches, I’m hungry,” Nova said turning back into a human.

The remainder of the day went without incident, mostly because Nova was being cautious not to do anything her classmates could not. Well, that and it was History of Magic with Professor Binns. Now while it did rankle her that she had to hold back, she wasn’t too sure Professor Binns would even notice as he was quite dead. A ghost to be exact. Such a thing would never stand in Princess Celestia’s school. Or would it? To be honest Nova couldn't say for sure and reasoned that being a ghost might not be an automatic disqualification as a teacher. It was just that Princess Celestia preferred her staff to be a bit more lively. Interacting with students in a meaningful and engaging manner so as to inspire a love of learning was what Princess Celestia expected of her teachers, and Binns failed on all counts. Of course, Nova told Princess Celestia all about her day via her diary. Nova was astonished when she was answered by both book and the painting of Princess Celestia. The verdict, the woman would have been fired a long time ago if either Celestia had any say in the matter. Regarding Professor Binns, neither was quite sure how they’d address that.

Tuesday was charms followed by an introduction to herbology. Both of which were held in classrooms consisting of introductory lectures. About the only thing Nova really got out of it aside from some new terms and names of plants she already knew by different names, was more practice with her handwriting. “How am I to cast spells with a wand if my hand is all cramped up from writing?” Nova asked at the end of the day. Hers was a sentiment widely shared even if the other students couldn't use the same writing technique. They’d even gone so far as to ask her to show them how to do it. To everyone's surprise, she insisted they all master ghost ball making first, and when they’d learned how to manipulate the ghost ball into different shapes without touching it, only then would she attempt to teach them how to do writing without touching the quill.

There was one other thing of note, aside from the oddity of needing to go by a different route every time they went somewhere, Nova thought it to be most inefficient, it was the presence, or lack thereof, of Peeves. Peeves was out and about pestering students, harassing first years, and yet for some odd reason Peeves was keeping well clear of the Gryffindor students. No one was quite sure what to make of it until a rumor concerning what had transpired on the night of the sorting made its rounds. There were more than a few who delighted at the idea of catching Peeves in a bubble and sending him down the grand stairwell.

Wednesday was Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Astronomy which ended at midnight. Nothing like filling young minds heads full of everything gaulish and nasty, and then sending them to a dark creepy tower late at night. Astronomy at least had not been a disappointment for Nova. Nova had before her a brand new sky that was truly alien. Stars she’d never seen, a moon that Luna and Celestia had never known. And the sun, the sun didn’t even rotate around the planet, but the planet around it. Nova was astounded. The other students had laughed when Nova had confirmed that the planet did indeed rotate about the sun, and not the other way round. Could she… Nova wondered, could she touch this moon with her magic? She waited till the end of class, and the Astronomy teacher ushered everyone downstairs from the astronomy tower. She hung back, and when the last person had stepped down she looked to the moon, closed her eyes, and reached out with her magic. She knew that even if she could, there was no moving it, she hadn’t the strength, and so far as she knew there was no Cosmic clock of the Arcadia to assist in the effort as there was in her Equestria.

Nova opened her eyes and looked up at the moon, her eyes had a cast of silver, her hair billowed out shining with the light of the moon and stars seemed to dance about her. She touched the moon, there was power there, but it was a cold power that had never known love. She broke the connection, her eyes went back to normal, her hair back to normal, and turned to look face to face with her instructor. “It’s so cold, so lonely,” Nova said softly. She looked down towards the steps. “I should return to my room.” She walked past her instructor, and down the stairs. They watched her pass by and said nothing.


On the next day, Nova got up as she had the day before, gone down to breakfast, and then off to Transfigurations. If the Astronomy instructor had said a thing about what they’d seen the night before, nothing was said of it. Their Transfiguration's instructor was Professor Griselda Marchbanks who started out the class with a lecture on how dangerous transfiguration magic could be, and if anyone was caught fooling around they would be permanently banned from the class. Nova dutifully took notes and made sure to do no better or worse than anyone else. That afternoon was spent turning twigs into twine. Something Maggie could already do as well, but like Nova, she too held back, and somehow managed to fail to do the simple task until she saw that someone else had done it. It was all Nova could do not to turn her twig into a whole spool of twine. On top of that, the entire morning had been lectures. Her hand was killing her, and she suspected that the lingering effects of having a wand blow up in her hand was just making it worse.

Friday was potions with the Slytherins, and the instructor was none other than Phineas Black. Professor Black had a rather interesting teaching method in that he liked to pair up students with a student from the other house. “Some of you may not like it, but you’ll do it none the less. You will work together as a team, or you will fail together. There will be no sabotaging your own efforts so you can blame it on your partner.”

Nova cautioned Maggie to do the instructions exactly as written. There could be no holding back here, it was due it right the first time or risk disaster. Potions seldom had any in-between.

“The great and powerful Beatrice is in need of a partner,” Beatrice called out boldly.

“I would be honored to partner up with the Great and Powerful Beatrice.” Nova offered with a curtsy. Nova had a good idea of what she was getting herself into. Beatrice reminded her so much of Trixie personality-wise, she was sure teaming up with her would be a challenge for even the most seasoned potion master.

“For the love of Harmony no!” Nova was heard to say at several points during the exercise.

Professor Black had at first thought that Miss Lulamoon was intentionally trying to sabotage their potion. After Nova had slapped Beatrice’s hand for the seventh time telling her to follow the directions, it’d become painfully obvious the girl was a complete nincompoop. What was worse is that Beatrice was technically from a pureblood family… except in that there was a rumor that her parents were squibs who’d gone muggle. Professor Black was quite adept at spotting who had received instructions prior to coming to school. Slytherin students almost always came in with a basic knowledge of magic. That’s if they were part of one of the larger more upstanding families. Ravenclaws often came in with lots of book smarts but little practical magic, Hufflepuffs were seldom destined to be potions masters, and Gryffindors were often a mixed bag. Beatrice had all the earmarks of a muggle born who’d been given a crash course on how to blend in, and wasn’t even trying. Maggie Weasley, on the other hand, was performing every bit as well as the more accomplished Slytherins. This despite the Weasley propensity to adhere strictly to the Ministry of Magic’s rules about not teaching children under the age of eleven any magic.

And then there was Princess Nova Moon. Nova, in her desire to prevent any disasters within her sphere of influence, had abandoned any notion about not standing out, and was presently demonstrating all the skill of a Prefect, and the patience of a saint in regards to Miss Lulamoon. And then it happened, that moment every potions master dreads, something happening that’s not supposed to happen. “Sweet mother in heaven.” Professor Black said in a soft whisper. There was a phoenix in the rafters. The potion itself was fairly benign but add one phoenix feather.

Nova, without missing a beat, pulled out her wand, directed a spell at the bird encapsulating it in a globe, levitated it to the door opened the door with a flick of the wand, rolled the bird gently down the hall, and closed the door with the command, "Out, and stay out." After which she went right back to impressing upon Miss Lulamoon the importance of following directions.

“You’ve all done moderately well.” Professor Black announced at the end of class. “Fortunately no disasters this time around, and I would hope this becomes a trend.”

“Miss Moon, tarry a moment if you will. The rest of you may go.”

“Sir?” Nova asks as she stood by her work station. She was just sure she was about to be scolded yet again. “I’m terribly sorry about Phenik.”

“True a phoenix in a potions lab is dangerous indeed, but you did manage to deal with the bird. - What spell was that.”

“Just a simple bubble spell. A phoenix is not the sort that’ll let just anyone catch them. As such, it won’t matter what spell that’s used if the bird doesn’t wish to be caught.”

“I see, I see. No special Phoenix catching spell then.”

“To catch a phoenix one must find one either still in the egg, newly fledged, or anywhere between. If the bird takes a liking to you they will stay until such time as they’ve had enough of you or until you die. The only exception I know of is one my brother raised from an egg but released to the wood so that they might find another of their kind.” “They are still good friends though.”

“Indeed, indeed.” Professor Black said. “I can’t but help feel you don’t belong in this class.”


“First year. - Your skill is well above the first year standards. How skilled would you say you are? And tell me true.”

“I know a few potions by memory, mostly healing drafts. I can manage most basic potions provided I’ve a good set of instructions. My schooling has been sporadic so don’t ask me to do anything complex, or create my own.”

“Well, you’re still well above the rest of the first years. I’m going to see what I can do about getting you bumped up at least a year. How old are you?”

“I believe that I can honestly say that I’m fourteen now.” Nova offered.

“You’re not sure?”

“It is my luck to have missed a few birthdays having been away from home longer then I care, and you use a different calendar. Though I’ll say I’m at least thirteen years of age by your calendar, though I’d rather say fourteen. - I’m afraid we count our days deferentially. - I may even be a year or two older for all I know.”

To be true in Equestria, Nova’s Equestria, the twelve months each had thirty days, the year three hundred sixty days, and not the three hundred sixty-five days, or the three hundred sixty-six days that occurred on a leap year of the human world. In Equestria, the years always had the exact number of days with no need to adjust the calendar do to wobbling planetary rotation around an uncaring sun.

“And if asked you’ll insist on fourteen is it?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Tell me, what do you think of muggles, and muggle born?”

“Some are good, some are bad, and I doubt there is such thing as a true muggle-born.”

“Mud-bloods you mean.”

“If that’s the word you feel is appropriate, though it does seem harsh.” Nova offered. "The sin of the parent should never be placed on the child."

"Unfortunately the sins of the parents weigh heavy on their children. - But tell me, what do you think of Miss Lulamoon?”

“She needs kindness and understanding, she is clever, but impatient. - Yes, I knew what I was getting myself in for when I chose to partner up with her. She alone solved the puzzle of platform nine and three quarters before any of the learned wizards could, and I dare say it was out of pure stubbornness. - She’ll need a lot of patience to undo what her parents did to her, and I would also call her friend despite her unbridled ambition.”

“And you’ve no ambition?”

“I need not ambition. From my perspective, to attempt to attain heights beyond that which I already posses, in hast and or lack of caution, would be sure folly. I have but to use that which I have already, wisely and generously. - Might I go now?”

“Yes, by all means. - Off with you.”

Phineas Black watched her go puzzled by this student. He’d much to discuss in tonight’s weakly staff meeting concerning new students. He'd a mind to test all new students and segregate according to the skill they had coming in the doors.

Nova found Phenik still in the bubble out in the hall. She was racing about inside the ball rolling along the floor, and when she’d enough speed she’d lay down in the ball and go tail over head round and round till she was quite dizzy the ball having come to a stop. She’d lay upside down until the world stopped turning and do it again.

“Are you having fun in there?” Nova asked bending down.

“You going to let her out?” Maggie asked. Maggie had waited.

“She can get out anytime she wants. It’s just a bubble.” Nova explained. “I’d say she’s rather enjoying this new toy.


On Saturday Nova got to sleep in. Unfortunately, she couldn't sleep in as long as she’d like. The headmaster had invited himself over for tea. Nova wasn’t too sure she liked the idea, but couldn't think of a plausible excuse as to how to refuse him. Granted it was the girls' dorm, and knowing about the enchantment on the steps graciously accepted. If the stairs let him pass, there wasn’t a lot she could do to refuse him.

Nova got up sometime before nine disappointed with herself for not getting up sooner, folded down her suitcase, placed it against an outside wall, and pulled it up to its front door, or I should say rotunda entrance, configuration.

“Headmaster Scrimgeour will be here at ten.” She told her dorm mates. “You might want to make yourself presentable.” They were still in bed. She then opened the door to the rotunda and went in.

“Excuse me Kitzumi-hime.” said a likeness of Miss Aiko dressed as a human maid, appearing to Nova as she entered. “There’s a number of uninvited guests in the holding cell.”

“What? - Oh for harmony’s sake.” I need to get ready, I don’t have time for this.”

Nova went to the stairs that lead down to the bottom floor, down a hallway, down another set of stairs to a basement, and then down a hallway, and opened a door. Inside there were three holding cells. All three were filled with house elves. None of the cells were locked, and yet there they were.

“Who?” Nova asked confused at the sight the little elf-like creatures clothed only in pillowcases. A spoke’s elf explained that they were the Hogwarts house elves, and that it was their duty to tidy up after students, and that usually included student’s trunks as well. They were at quite a loss as to how they’d ended up in the dungeon… nice though it may be. In fact, they all agreed it was the nicest dungeon they’d ever been locked up in.

“Well if I can’t stop you from trying, I guess I’ve no choice but to allow you access. - However. As punishment for entering our apartments without permission, the Headmaster will be arriving shortly for tea with guests, you are to prepare a tea in the green house upon the patio, it’s upstairs, you can’t miss it. I’d also like to remind you that these are royal apartments, and I expect you to dress appropriately. - Doors are unlocked.”

Nova turned, and without another word, went back upstairs to get ready where she found Maggie getting dressed, all the while thinking, how very convenient.

“Well you didn’t think I’d want to miss the looks on their faces when they see this place?” Maggie offered.

So the two made themselves ready and somehow managed to meet their guests at the door when they had come knocking. Maggie opened the door to see Headmaster Scrimgeour, Professor Marchbanks, and a wizard the girls had not yet met. The three looked through the entrance with astonishment. Beyond them, Ruth and Florence watched with big smiles on their faces.

“Gentlemen, Professor Marchbanks, do come in,” Nova said from a short distance away. Both girls had on one of their nicer robes.

“How is this even possible? Is it even safe?” Professor Marchbanks asked looking in.

“I’ve had cabinet makers look at it, and they proclaimed it pure genus. I’m assuming that means it’s got their stamp of approval. My Aunt Tia modified an existing piece of luggage, and I’m told she managed to correct several issues that ordinarily limit the size a displaced space can be. - Pleas come in.”

The three guests slowly entered as though their very presence might cause the whole thing to collapse.

“Is that a balcony?” The headmaster said on spotting the large opening that looked out over the school grounds. “How is that even possible?”

“It’s a twisting of space and time.” Nova offered. “It’s not visible from the outside, nor is it accessible without knowing where the sweet spot is. - Now if you’ll come with me, tea is being served in the greenhouse.”

“The greenhouse?”

Nova showed them downstairs to a landing that went through a set of large french doors with another landing in the greenhouse that looked out over the park like setting. There on the spacious landing was a table and five chairs. The table itself was elegantly arranged with five place settings, tiered platters loaded with little sandwiches, cakes and other goodies, and a delightful little tea pot. Standing nearby is Miss Aiko the maid.

“Surly this is as large as the Chrystal palace.” Offered the man who had yet to be introduced. And no, he's not talking about the Crystal Empire, but a magnificent greenhouse of epic proportions built for the World's Fair in 1851. It lasted until 1936 when it was destroyed by fire, or so the muggles believed. It's still there you know if you know how to find it. :raritywink:

“Headmaster Scrimgeour, you haven't introduced us yet?”

“Oh, right, right, I brought along Professor Dietrich Flieger. - He’s the Quidditch instructor. He and I were hoping to get a look at your broom, if that’s not too much.”

“This way pleas, masters.” The maid offered, pulling out a chair.

“Who’s she? - How is it you have a maid, don’t tell me you have her locked up in here?” Professor Marchbanks asked the presence of the maid finally registering.

“Miss Aiko is an avatar spell.” Nova offered. “She’s a very sophisticated bit of spell work that is way beyond my ability.” Nova offered. “Shall we sit.”

“Hang on, did you say broom, as in she’s violated school rules, and you knew?” Professor Marchbanks asked as she sat down.

“I’m to understand, and it’s been confirmed by the ministry, that the moment we stepped through that door, we were stepping onto Eques sovereign soil. - Though by the looks of this place I wouldn't be a bit surprised if we hadn’t stepped though a portal to her country.”

“I wish that were true, but I’m fairly sure none of my doors connect through to Eques.” Nova offered. Nova sat down, followed by Maggie, and the two men.

“You’ve multiple doors?” The Headmaster asked.

“In addition to the balcony yes.” Nova offered. Though I seldom use more than the one at a time. I can as I did on the train, open doors to specific rooms, or even just a single cupboard. I could if there was a need, set a spare door to open in a different location, within reason I’m told, and come and go that way. - Do not fear, I’ll not abuse it. Not without permission.” She flashed a winning smile.

“I’ve heard tell you seem to be able to find your way around better then even some of the more seasoned students, and a few of our instructors.” The headmaster said in an almost accusing tone.

“Well I’m not making shortcuts. It takes time to set a second location properly.” Nova explained as Aiko poured the tea. “The balcony is automatic but only shows if there is a place for it. Otherwise I’ll just get a generic skyline of the local I’m in. - No, my secret is as plane as the painted black pegacorn that follows me around.” “Interesting how no one notices her when she’s in a painting, but instantly remark on the Night Mare I own if she’s out in the open.”

“She can interact with the paintings?” Professor Flieger asked.

“Truth is she’s not a true Night Mare. She’s another avatar spell. She’s been scouting out my routs for me. All I have to do is look for her in a painting. How she figured out how to interact with the paintings is beyond me.” Nova explained. “Have a sandwich. They’re quite good.”

“You mean she, or rather it, is just a spell?” Professor Marchbanks asked astonished.

“And yet you speak of her as though she were a living thing.” The headmaster commented.

“Hardly just a spell. - That spell has been tinkered with by several very powerful witches. - Including Princess Celestia herself prior to coming here.” Nova offered. “I suspect my Moonie has exceeded her original intent and has become a sentient creature of pure magic. - She’s gone beyond simply providing me with the original service intended to something of a companion who is keenly interested in my well being.”

“Astounding. - Say, these are quite good. Where’d you get them?” The headmaster asked after trying one of the sandwiches.

“No idea, you’ll have to ask your house elves. I found quite a few in my dungeon for attempting to straiten out my foot locker without permission. I told them that they’d have to prepare the tea as punishment. - Oh, and I told them they’d have to dress more appropriately for a royal apartment.”

“Pleas tell me you didn’t give them clothes?” Master Scrimgeour asked dropping a sandwich.

“No, I didn’t. Have I aired?” Nova asked concerned. “Should I have? I mean, all they were wearing was pillowcases.”

“That’s all they ever wear, and if you give them clothing, they interpret that as being sacked.” Professor Marchbanks explained.

“Sacked?” Nova asked.


“Oh, then we should be good. After all, I didn’t give them anything.” Nova replied sounding relived. “Seems a strange custom though. - Really I was just giving them a bad time for trying to get in here without permission. - I must confess it worked out rather well for tea. Afraid I slept in a bit to late.”

“I can’t help but wonder how all this is even possible?” Master Scrimgeour asked.

“I gather from the reaction of most of the people who’ve seen this that it’s anything but typical,” Nova replied. “Ruth and Florence just seemed to accept it as typical for royalty.”

“I’ve seen quite a few, and I’ve never seen anything anywhere near this scale.” Master Scrimgeour offered.

“Miss Aiko, would you know anything about this specific cabinet?” Nova asked

“I’m to understand from the memories I was allowed, that it’s a type forty-two luxury cabinet that was presented to Princess Celestia by one Doctor Whooves. The thing that makes it work is known as the Eye of Harmony.”

“Eye of Harmony?” Nova asked as a twinge of excitement hit her.

“Not related to the elements of Harmony so far as I know.” Miss Aiko offered. “I’m to understand it belonged to a dark wizard who called themselves the Master, but they abandoned it.”

“Why ever would someone abandon something like this?” Professor Flieger asked.

“My understanding is that while the chameleon circuit is quite possibly the best ever built, the propulsion system is, what was the word, oh yes, slag.” Aiko offered.

“Propulsion? You don’t mean to say that this cabinet could move on its own?” Professor Flieger asked in astonishment.

“At one point in relative time and space, yes, but being the propulsion system is function non operational, it has to be carted around. - Other then that, the primary systems are in excellent condition. - Princess Celestia also did a complete sweep prior to reconfiguring it.”

“Remarkable.” Master Scrimgeour said in quiet contemplation, not really understanding. “Hang on, I’ve heard of this Master. They’re on the very top of the most wanted list.”

“Wouldn't surprise me in the least.” Miss Aiko offered.

“Um excuse me, I do so hate to interrupt,” Ruth said approaching the table.

“Is something amiss, Miss Nighy?” Professor Marchbanks asked.

“It’s concerning Prefect Caydence Luyif.” Ruth offered. “She tried to sneak in. The door did this strange revolving door thing, and she vanished.”

“Well that’s done it,” Nova said. “She’ll be in the dungeon.”

“You have your own dungeon?” Professor Marchbanks asked.

“It’s a very nice dungeon.” Ruth offered. "Lots of fun toys."

"Ruth hush."

"Toys?" Professor Marchbanks asked.

"She's mistaking the exercise room for a dungeon. - I’d rather the whole school not know too much about my apartments.” Nova offered. “Would you mind too terribly if I left her in there until after tea?”

“Serve her right for poking her nose into other peoples business.” Master Scrimgeour offered. “And I can certainly understand not wanting people traipsing about in here. I can just picture having to form search parties to find lost students.”

“Well hopefully it’ll never come to that.” Nova offered. “Even if anyone does find there way in, there are clearly marked paths, and nothing dangerous. - With the possible exception of my broom.”

“You have your own broom?” Ruth asked.

“Yes, it’s right over there,” Nova said pointing towards the entrance. “Professor Flieger wished to see it. Ruth, could you fetch it, and don’t try to ride it.”

“I can ride a broom.” Ruth protested as she went to get it. When she returned with the broom a moment later she had an expression of reverent awe. “I’ve never seen the like.”

“Since I built it for myself, I tailored it to myself.” Nova offered as Professor Flieger took hold of the broom so that he might inspect it. "And Ruth, I don't doubt you, it's just that the broom will take off like a bottle rocket, and you'd as likely find yourself being quickly acquainted with the ceiling."

"Duly noted," Ruth replied looking at the ceiling high above.

“It’s got a nice shape to it, Black thorn if I’m not mistaken.” Professor Flieger remarked. “The wood is well favored for the use of enchantments.”

“Same as my wand. - I reasoned that being my wand was blackthorn, a blackthorn staff for a broom would respond to my magic better.”

“Why is it white, and not black though?” Professor Marchbanks asked.

“Only the outer bark is black.” Professor Flieger stated. “Strip the wood of the bark and what you have left is a nice clean white shaft. After that, the color is dependent on the varnish used. - Ah, is this unicorn hair?”

“Pegasi.” Nova offered. “It’s some I had. - The trick to getting pegasus hair that can be used for a broom is to get the hair without stressing the pegasus.”

“Yes, of course, that would make sense. Trigger the flight or fight response, and the magic in the hair would be too erratic for use in a broom. - And you’ve done some mighty fine charms too...”

“Might I have a look at the broom?” Professor Marchbanks asked. Ruth took the broom over to her, and she inspected it. “Miss Moon. Quit holding back in class. And that goes for you too Maggie.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just that...” Nova began.

“You’d be scolded for being too good, is that it?” Master Scrimgeour asked.

“Scolded for being too good?” Professor Marchbanks asked astonished. “No, don’t tell me, Professor Krasnodar.”

“I have had formal training in Princess Celestia’s own school in our land of Eques from an early age.” Nova offered. “My own parents having passed on such additional knowledge they felt best. - To be measured against the least of your new students having known nothing of magic, and to be found at fault for knowing too much.” Nova left off that which was in her heart. “I can provide a letter, though I fear its words may be without standing in this land.”

“So is she the only one we need to be wary of?” Maggie asked.

“For the most part yes.” Master Scrimgeour offered. “You’ve already made a believer out of Professor Black, which isn’t easy to do mind you. - As for Professor Merrythought, your defense against the dark arts teacher, do as your told in regards to practical work, but feel free to provide detailed reports with plenty of verifiable references.”

“You’ll need to do exactly as told in my class as well.” Professor Flieger emphasized. “Not that I want to hold you back mind you. The issue is that I always get a mixed bag in first year. Some can ride, and some can not. And there are those who think they can, but can’t. - I’m more concerned with beginners trying to copy advanced fliers. - I already know you can. Furgus Potter, and Daisy Dartford have vouched for you, and they are on the Gryffindor quidditch team. - They also proclaimed you to be the best ride ever. - They quickly rephrased concerning what they meant.” He added the last with a smile, and a wink. Nova blushed, and laughed. “I’m to understand you have a riding outfit as well. Be sure to wear it to class.”

“Thank you, sir, I will.”


That night a meeting was held in a small room with a single large oval table that would have looked very much at home in a corporate board room save that the center was open with a hearth in which coals of a fire long burning glowed quietly. On the walls were great works of art, presently filled with the subjects of many, interested as they were to the proceedings at hand. There gathered were the instructors of Hogwarts. The Head master sat in his place with a letter in front of him. They’d gathered to speak of Nova’s future, and to the surprise of many, Phineas Black was her stanchest supporter. Of course, Nova’s performance over the week had been that of an average student save for in potions. But this was explained by the headmaster while producing an additional parchment.

Professor Krasnodar objected refusing to acknowledge what her own headmaster bore witness to.

“We will give her another week.” Headmaster Scrimgeour said at last. “Then if her performance has not improved then nothing more be said on this matter. But if it has improved, then we should set her such tests as would be needed to properly evaluate her skill that she might be placed with her own age group, or as close as may be appropriate. - All those in agreement say eye.” One by one the witches and wizards said eye until there was but one hold out. That’s when a peculiar thing happened, out from one of the paintings stretched out the head of the Night Mare. Those gathered all saw it, all that is save the one who assumed they were looking at her. The Night Mare stretched ever closer, stuck out her tong with a goodly bit of spit on the end of her tong, and stuck it in Krasnodar’s ear.

👅 “Eyeeeeeeeeee!” Krasnodar cried.

“Well then, it’s unanimous.” Headmaster Scrimgeour said with a cheerful tone as the midnight blue mare retreated to the painting.

Author's Note:

Nova, despite having been traveling from dimension to dimension has had at least four years in Princess Celestia's school for gifted unicorns, and spent one year in the service of one Queen Moon. It was under Queen moon where her flying skills were honed to a razors edge, and where she learned her healing spells and potions.

When I chose Blackthorn, AKA Sloe, as Nova's wand I honestly knew nothing of new age, acult, and or Wicca beliefs and traditions concerning the lowly Blackthorn. Common uses are as an excellent fire wood, riding crops, and the ever lov'n shillelagh. The thickets are often used to create cattle proof hedges in place of fencing. The fruit can be preserved, and is best if picked after the first Autumn frost. The fruit can also be fermented to make something that tastes a bit like Port, or made into gin, known as "sloe gin". The leaves themselves can be infused as a tea, and the sap was once used in the manufacture of a type of ink.

I also chose Blackthorn completely blind regarding what the Harry Potter lore says about Blackthorn wands. I simply hadn't looked it up. Subsequently it never factored into my decision. According to the Harry Potter wiki

in Garrick Ollivander's opinion well-merited — of being best suited to a warrior.

Go figure. Kind of a strange coincidence considering I have as part of her story/back story being a message runner for Queen Moon's own Shadowbolts.
The Harry Potter Wiki also went on to say that blackthorn wands can be found

among the Aurors as well as among the denizens of Azkaban and Death Eaters.[2]

Seriously, I had no idea about the canon stuff concerning blackthorn wands.
Kind of cool though.

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