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Ponies in Hogwarts - KittyrinnAiko

A pony stranded in the past must go to another dimension and learn the ways of wizards before she can return to her own time.

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Chapter 17: End of year exams, part one.

If Harry’s magic had been affected by the transfer of magic from Nova, it didn’t show. At least not in class. Harry had come into his own, his magic was stronger now. Everything he did seemed to come easy, and he hadn’t been plagued by any more headaches now that the thing in his head was gone.

Quidditch practice didn’t go so well. Harry’s newfound confidence fell flat about the same time his face went splat. No one was quite sure how he even managed to survive. Harry was all over the place and had made several small craters in the ground. Sure he could still fly, but he couldn't control the broom with any consistency. With a week to go till the big game, Wood had little choice but to bench Harry and put in Scootaloo.

Let us not forget that end of year finals were coming up as well. Nova had taken to taking the CMC into her own potions lab to practice and was interviewing students regarding what they’d been tested on in previous years. A chart was soon developed. Sure Nova had near perfect recall, but even she had her limits. She was also very aware that many of the humans who were seeing the material for the first time were at a distinct disadvantage. Even Apple Bloom who’d had potions lessons couldn't be expected to memorize all the possible potions they might be expected to be tested on. As for Sweetie Belle. She needed to be watched like a hawk. How was she going to manage on her own without being held back due to dismal failure? Or worse yet, catastrophic disaster.

“Miss Peverell! Come see my chart!” Nova called rushing downstairs once she’d completed her findings. A moment later Nova had drug Idda upstairs followed by several six and seventh-year students who were mildly curious.

“You’ve made a potions chart,” Idda said sounding unimpressed.

“This is brilliant.” one of the seventh year girls announced.

“But how is it brilliant?” Idda asked.

“There is a pattern,” Nova announced. “And the man has no imagination. He always repeats every seven years. That is if the information you and other students have given me is correct.” As Nova had asked about what people remembered of classes ahead of them she’d actually managed to glean information from the past fourteen years. “All potions assigned are limited to the time allotted for the test which means if you are given seven hours to complete your test, you can bet the potion takes at least six and a half hours to accomplish. Though I wouldn't put it past him to assign a potion that takes exactly seven hours.”

“We can predict which potions he’s likely to test us on,” Idda said with a smile. “Wish we had more time, but this will make it easier for people who are struggling.”

“Oh one other thing, I’ve learned from a reliable source...” the source being Moonie “..that Snape has been tipping off the Slytherin students regarding what their next assignments will be.” Nova offered. “Anyone interested in a nightly briefing? - Granted we’ve only four days till the finals begin.”

“That dirty rat fink!” One of the girls spat out as the news sank in.

“So who’s your source?” Idda asked.

“My guess is that it’s that Night mare that follows her around in the paintings.”

“I’ve noticed that too.”

“Miss Moon?” Idda asked Nova.

“I have a pet Night mare in addition to a phoenix.” Nova offered with a sheepish grin. “Night mares are extremely intelligent, and like Thestrals, are just the opposite of their reputation. This specific one is actually a magical construct. A three-dimensional rendering if you like.”

“You mean she’s just a spell?”

“Just a spell?” Nova scoffed. “Not hardly. She’s so sophisticated I can’t tell the difference between her and an actual flesh and blood being. She’s capable of independent thought, emotion, and learns on her own.”

Naturally, the girls wanted to meet Moonie. “Ladies, I’d like you to meet my Moonie.” Nova offered moments after calling for the mare. Moonie had come through the closet instead of just materializing, and to Nova’s dismay, the foals followed shortly after. “Moonie!? - Why’d you bring the foals with you? You know I don’t want them too habituated to humans.”

“They're so cute.” the girls all chimed.

“Moonie...” Nova pressed as Goldwine pressed up against Nova’s legs. His golden coat, and wine colored mane and tail set him apart from Alya’s dark sable. Myrtle’s ivory with gold dapples, red mane and tail caused her to stand out even more then Goldwine.

“I was foal sitting.” Moonie offered.

“You couldn't just pop in real quick? What if there was a deranged mad man in here?” Nova countered sounding cross. Moonie looked down. She knew there was no threat, but she also knew she’d screwed up and wasn’t quite sure why she’d done it.

“Mama?” Goldwine asked looking up at Nova. Moonie was looking a bit contrite at her error in judgment.

“It’s alright Goldwine, not your fault.” Nova offered, dropping down to give him a hug.

“That foal seems mighty habituated to you.” Idda accused. “Mama was it?”

Nova let out a sigh. “He’s my son.” The room fell silent.

“Hi, Miss Idda,” Myrtle said looking at the girl. “I’m Myrtle.”

Myrtle’s announcement left the girls stunned and confused. Nova had just announced that a pegasus foal was her son, and a foal was actually talking to them. Not just mimicking the word mom, but actually talking.

“Well this is awkward.” Nova offered. “She had to think about what she wanted to say. “The thing is, I’ve a blood curse. Also, I’m telling you this in complete confidence. I have two animagus forms. Professor McGonagall, Madam Pomfrey, and Madam Hooch know. I’m a pegacorn. I rescued Goldwine, and now he is just as much my son as if I had laid that egg myself. Harmony knows I spent plenty of time sitting on that egg.”

The girls just looked at her with that deer caught in the headlights of a fast moving vehicle look.

Nova transformed into a pony, got up, walked over to Idda and nuzzled against her. “Say anything and it could cost us the game against the Slytherin team.”

“That was you at the game, and it was you who blasted that Slytherin girl.” One of the girls announced.

“Don’t think I didn’t get scolded for blasting that wand.” She hadn’t. At the time, Nova was seen standing with the rest of the first years giving her the perfect alibi. Granted Madam Hooch had her suspicions but decided to just let it go. “Granted I had no idea who it was, and I’m very protective of my foal. Though to be honest I was kind of hoping it was Crabbe or Goyle.” Nova offered as she transformed back into a human.

Hang on, how did you do that in the first place?”

“I can sense magic. I traced the source, and overcharged the wand.” Nova explained. “I’ve done the same to Dumbledore.”

“You fried Dumbledore's wand?”Idda asked.

“Ya, that was a while back.” Nova offered. “I doubt he remembers, and I didn’t explode his wand, just burned out the core. I’m pretty sure he remembers the incident, but if he does remember his wand burning out, and has made the connection he’s never said anything. Then again it could explain why he stuck me in first-year when I should have been in third. - I have to take the tests, my plot. I didn't have to take tests on my last go round. They evaluated me, and bumped me up two years.”

“Well, I tell you what...” Idda said while producing a rubber curry comb. “..I won’t say anything if...”

“Oh, you can’t be serious?” Nova protested.

“I’m working towards a vocation in animal husbandry. Being able to say I’ve worked with a pegacorn would be a nice feather in my cap. Figuratively speaking.”

“And you’ve talked to Madam Hooch about this?” Nova asked.

“Madam Hooch? Hagrid doesn’t take care of all the animals? I’ve been working with Hagrid.”

Nova rolled her eyes. “You’ve been here how long, and you didn’t know that it was Madam Hooch who looks after the pegasi? - Let me guess, Hagrid told you he could teach you everything ya needed to know. And I bet he’s been teaching you all manner of things about creatures the likes of which are either illegal to have or require special handling permits. Not that there is anything wrong with knowing how to handle such creatures. It’s just that his judgment is a bit skewed, and from what I hear about him, he kind of looks down on creatures that look dainty, if you catch my meaning. Add to that the fact that he never finished school. I wouldn't trust anything he teaches you. That is to say, that man thinks giant spiders are cuddly from what I hear.” The girls all shuddered. “English pegasi can be just as dangerous as any of his favored besties. - You know why because they are smart.”

“So it’s a no then?”

Nova let out a sigh. “Alright, and if you do a good job of it I’ll put a good word into Madam Hooch. And there will be no teasing the foals and don’t let them wander downstairs. I catch a hint of one thing out of line, and I’ll blast the offender, and march the foals right back to where they came from.”


A short time later Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Hermione return to find the six and seventh-year girls brushing Nova, Moonie, and otherwise taking turns cuddling or playing with the foals.

“Care to explain?!” Scootaloo demanded.

“Um hi… It’s um, complicated.” Nova offered. “Miss Idda does a mighty good massage too.”

“I’m next.” Sweetie Belle announced as she transformed.

“Baby unicorn!” the girls chimed with glee on sighting Sweetie Belle’s diminutive and impossibly cute form. As for Scootaloo, she transformed as well, but the scowl on her face, and swept back ears suggested she was not in the mood. She walked up to the girls, picked up Myrtle by the scruff, and vanished into the closet.

“Aww mom!” Myrtle protested as they passed out of sight.

“So, um, how exactly are we going to keep us a secret?” Apple Bloom asked with crossed arms. “Not to mention we were trying our best to keep the foals from finding that exit so that there was no chance of another hexing incident. - Or worse.”

“It was my fault.” Moonie offered as Alalme ventured in, picked up Alya by the scruff, gave Nova a look that was unreadable, and returned in the direction she’d come. Goldwine decided to follow before he got the scruff treatment. He gave Nova one last look before continuing into the closet.

“Something tells me I’m sleeping out here tonight.” Nova bemoaned.

“Ya think?” Apple Bloom asked none too kindly. “What were you thinking? You should have herded them right back.”

“I was going to introduce the girls to Moonie.” Nova protested. “Moonie came walking out with the foals in tow. - The damage was done.”

“I kind of pressured her to let them stay.” Idda offered. “It’s my fault.”

“So no ear scratches then?” Sweetie Belle asked. “I mean now that the pony is out of the bag.”

“Louise seems more than just a little upset.” one of the other girls offered. Owing to a widespread rumor that Louise had in fact been the pegacorn who’d been injured by the bludger, her transformation had not been a complete shock.

“Myrtle is kind of sorta her egg. The egg that was taken from her. As you saw, Louise’s animagus form is pegasi, which apparently isn’t as much of a secret as we’d like it to be, and I can tell you from experience that the instinct to protect, and care for that foal hits mighty hard.” Nova explained. “Being an animagus doesn’t negate that nesting instinct.”

“Oh quit beating around the bush.” Hermione protested. You saw the spell we did. That foal is just as much hers as if it had come from her body.”

“Hermione, we don’t need to discuss that.” Apple Bloom scolded sharply. “We all know we screwed up big time. No one else who doesn't already know needs to know.”

“Maybe I do need to know.” Idda implored.

“The Headmaster knows.” Nova offered. He didn’t actually know the whole truth, and Nova would just assume keep it that way.

“Nova?” Apple Bloom queried as it was the first she’d heard that Dumbledore had been told anything.

“And now we shall put a spell on them to prevent them from ever speaking of this.” Nova offered with a smile. “Fox magic.” The girls gave her an odd look.

“Fox magic?” Hermione asked sounding skeptical. Nova transformed to her fox form, dropped her ears, made her eyes as big as they would go, tilted her head slightly, and dropped her nose.

“Please don’t say anything to anyone.” Nova pleaded. When Sweetie Belle followed suit as her pony self the effect was almost lethal.

“I’m sorry I caused you trouble.” Idda offered.

“Something like this was bound to happen sooner or later.” Nova offered as she got up. “I’d better go see if my lost poppy look will work on Louise.”

“Scratch the ear?” Sweetie asked as Nova trotted on into the back.

“Sweetie, you’re not helping this situation.” Apple Bloom prompted.

“I’m not the one who all but told everyone that Louise is a pegacorn, and that filly is her baby.” Sweetie countered giving Hermione a dirty look. “I know Scoot’s had it rough, but I think she’s overreacting a bit. Goldwine’s the one with the scar on his flank. Speaking of which, have you noticed the scars Nova has? Kind of puts ours to shame. Now if Nova was OK with the situation, then that tells me she’d decided to trust these girls so far as allowing the present situation to continue. You know as well as I do what she’s capable of.”

“Alright point taken.” Apple bloom offered.

“You all sound like you are ponies who turn into humans, and not the other way around?” One of the girls asked. Sweetie Belle replied with, maybe.

Nova found her way back to the master bedroom where Scootaloo and Alalme were cuddling Alya, Goldwine, and Myrtle. The foals weren’t quite sure what they’d done wrong. Nova sat on the floor with her nose between her paws.

“That’s not going to work.” Alalme scolded softly. Nova replied with a whimper. Alalme turned and buried her head in Scootaloo’s flank. “Don’t look. Whatever you do, don’t look.” Looks. “Oh gods, not the wiggle!”

“Aw come on, have you no pride at all!?” Scootaloo protested. She’d looked to find Nova was now on her back with all four paws in the air, and her tail tucked. “Shameless little ball of floof. Come here.”

Nova flipped over, bounded up, and curled up between Scootaloo’s front legs.

“So what have you to say for yourself?” Scootaloo asked.

“Would it help if I mention that I put a confidentiality spell on them?” Nova offered.

“Maybe.” Scootaloo consented. “You want to tell me what happened?”

“I think my Moonie has become sentient.” Nova offered. “And I’m not joking… Haven't we had this conversation.”

“How about running that by us again?” Alalme asked.

“As I said earlier, I wanted to introduce the girls to Moonie. Moonie has been spying on Snape for me. Walking through the closet with foals in tow is a stupid mistake she never should have made.” Nova explained. “I know it looked like all I was doing was indulging myself, but it seemed the best way to do a little damage control. Hopefully, they will think keeping quiet is their idea. Though to be honest, Scootaloo’s transformation doesn’t seem to be much of a secret due to the incident at Quidditch practice.”

"Let's not forget about you grabbing me at the end of the game as well. Hang on, your study suggestions for potions?” Scootaloo exclaimed. “Moonie? Isn’t that cheating?”

“Mr Sulky Raven has been telling the Slytherins what he’s going to cover in the next class, and I think I can make a good prediction as to what he’s going to test us on.”

“Say what?!” Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom chime from the doorway of the bedroom.

“Is that why you have me going over stuff that hasn’t been covered?” Sweetie Belle added.

“Snape is notorious for assigning potions he hasn’t actually covered in class on end of year exams.” Nova offered. “And by interviewing as many people as would talk to me, I’ve a good idea which potions he’s likely to pick.”

“Why you sneaky little vixen you,” Scootaloo said, moved in to nuzzle Nova to discover she’d turned back into a pony. Their lips touched, Scootaloo pulled back, and blushed. “You sneak.”

“Feeling better now though?” Nova offered, as foals piled on her upturned belly.

“A bit.” Scootaloo offered. “I’m worried about the game too. There is a lot riding on this game. If we win, we will win the Quidditch cup, and be in striking distance of the house cup.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Nova offered.

“Well, what if the Ravenclaw team is just better then us? What if their Seeker gets the Snitch first?”

“Not going to happen.” Nova offered.

“You sound rather sure about that.” Apple Bloom commented.

“Sure enough to bet the Slytherins that you’ll have the Snitch within the first five minutes of starting the game.” Nova offered with a grin.

“Oh sure, way to put the pressure on.” Scootaloo protested.

“First five minutes, followed by explosions from the Forbidden Forest, and muggle jets going over.” Nova offered with a grin.

“That sounds strangely specific.” Apple Bloom offered.

“Malfoy was the only one smart enough to back out.” Nova offered with a big grin. “Though I kept quiet about the possibility of jets.”

“So what makes you think I’ll even be able to catch the snitch before what I assume is going to be a bombing raid on that Acromantula colony?” Scootaloo asked.

“When they release the practice snitch, what does it do?” Nova held up a hoof in the air and made a little whistle. Before anyone could react, a very lifelike Golden Snitch landed on Nova’s hoof.

“It comes to me,” Scootaloo said softly as she looked at the Golden Snitch on Nova’s hoof. “You’re not suggesting that’s not just a quirk of the practice snitch, are you? Is that?”

“One of the Snitches I caught. There should be a couple of them in here. Saved might be a better description.” Nova offered. “They fly around in here going mostly unnoticed, and the ambient magic keeps them well charged.” It took off moments before Phenik flew in, and perched on the outstretched hoof. Nova dropped her hoof, and snatched Phenik up in a hug, Phenik protesting loudly. “The mechanical snitch is spelled to fly away from humans. I told them about this issue, but it’s evident they never did a thing. - Moonie… I forgive you.”

Moonie the magical night mare peeked her head around the corner.

“Come on, your forgiven,” Nova called. “She is forgiven right?”

“Yes, I forgive her.” Scootaloo offered. “So is she our foal now too?”

“I blame Celestia for sticking her horn in where it doesn’t belong. That and the incident where I nearly lost her seems to have changed more than just her hair. I can’t blame her if her judgment is a little off.” Nova offered as Moonie came into the room, and joined them on the bed. “Dear sweet Moonie, for everything you can do, sometimes your as much a filly as Alya.” Nova offered as she reached over to nuzzled her. Nova couldn't help but ponder whether or not the spell used on Myrtle would work on Moonie. Did Moonie have a soul, or was she just a magical extension of herself? Was Moonie nothing more than the Djinn that lived in the amulet?

Finals hit on Monday and ran through to Friday. Nova was desperate to prove that she deserved to be advanced to her proper year. Charms proved way to easy, and there was little she could do to prove herself. After all, making a pineapple dance wasn’t that hard. To mix things up a bit Nova got up on the table and challenged the pineapple to a dance-off. A person would almost think she was born to be a hoofer.

“Yes… um, that’s… you may go now.” Professor Flitwick said once he’d snapped out of the stunned stupor he was in. Nova wasn’t sure if he was happy or disappointed.

Transfigurations was turning a mouse into a snuffbox. Before Nova could even begin, she had to reassure the mouse that she wasn’t going to eat it, and that it would be perfectly safe. Nova then began to chant the spell, and flourish her wand about. Professor McGonagall’s jaw dropped when the beam from the wand split into three and began swirling about the mouse. As for the mouse, it seemed to expand, and shrink at the same time, and within moments the mouse could be seen as an animated mother of pearl inlay within the panel of a golden framed snuff box of exquisite craftsmanship showing life in Equestria on the sides, and Luna, and Celestia in rotation on the top. McGonagall looked closely at the panel with the mouse and saw a golden pegasus with a pink mane pick it up, and give it a cuddle.

“I… I’ve never seen the like,” McGonagall said softly. It’s truly a work of art.”

“Princess Celestia has many such treasures.” Nova offered. “Only hers aren't made from a living animal. May I change it back? It just doesn’t seem right to leave it that way.”

“Change it back?” McGonagall asked. “Part of the test is to see how long the transfiguration holds.”

“I’ve Oukitsune ancestry. I possess living magic. I can assure you the charm will hold so long as there is a source of ambient magic.” Nova explained. “And there is my being part pegacorn.”

“I see. Never the less, the requirement still stands.”

“I see. If you could perhaps place a little food and water inside the box from time to time, I’m sure our little friend would appreciate it. Am I done?”

“Yes, yes, you may go.”


Potions. Professor Snape was not a happy camper, not one bit. Owing to a couple of words, or more, having been said to just the right witch, coff- Griselda Marchbanks -coff -coff, Snape had been saddled with an observer. Snape did not like having anyone looking over his shoulder. After all, they might discover what a woeful teacher he was. But then again the observer was not likely to pick up on anything untoward during a test. As for the testing area, each student had been separated into cells lower in the dungeons. Snape had grown suspicious over the year that Nova Moon was somehow helping the first year Gryffindor students, and was nothing more than a plant. Not the brilliant student she appeared to be. She was no first year, that much he was sure of. He was also highly suspicious of Louise Magnus, and Miss Apple Bloom as well, and devised a way to prove it. But what of Sweetie Belle you might ask. To be true, her efforts hadn’t been much better then Longbottom’s, and Snape expected her efforts to be a dismal failure no matter what task he gave her. Snape was going to go easy on her in hopes that she wouldn't somehow blow the place up.

Nova walked into her assigned cell, looked at the instructions she’d been given, raised an eyebrow, smiled, and set to doing the task. The observer entered a short time later as Nova was gathering up, and laying out everything she would need. Nova had yet to do that specific potion and had memorized it only the week prior, along with several other potions that had found their way to her list.

“Miss Moon?” Asked the observer, a tall thin witch. “Do you feel you can manage that potion? That’s not exactly a first-year potion.”

“It’s a fourth-year potion.” Nova offered as she continued in her preparations. “As Professor Snape has seen fit to give me this opportunity to prove that Professor Dumbledore misplaced me, it would behoove me to accept the challenge. - I’ll be alright.”

“You feel confident you can do that potion?”

Nova generated a heads up display in front of her using her foxfire showing a list of every step that needed to be done. “Fortunately it’s one I recently memorized.”

The witch looked at the enchanted display with eyes wide. “Well… I’ll leave you to it then. - You wouldn't happen to have kitsune ancestry would you?”

Nova cast her a glance and smiled. “Divine kitsune. My teacher back home is a Tenko.” Nova offered as she ignited the fire under her cauldron.

The woman smiled, and slowly backed out. Yes, she’d heard tell of such witches, they were said to be endowed with great power. It was no wonder Madam Marchbanks was so interested in this princess. Who cared from what nation she or her ancestors originated from, a child of the sluagh sidhe by any other name was indeed precious and needed to be carefully nurtured.

Nova continued, carefully following her instructions, going through each step, checking things off the list. The sound of an explosion from one of the other chambers prompted her to pull out her wand and cast a shield spell on the open doorway. She could only hope that the rest of the first year Gryffindors remembered the shield spell she’d tried to teach them. She also hoped that the explosion hadn’t come from anyone she liked. She worried about Sweetie Belle, told herself Sweetie Belle wasn’t a total disaster anymore, concentrated on her task at hand, and went back to work.

Smoke began to fill the hall beyond the barrier, and there was a funny tingling nagging sensation in the back of her head like someone was watching her.

Nova did her best to ignore the goings on in the hallway. Seeing a woman beyond her shield, Nova simply indicated she was fine. A few moments later the smoke was cleared by a rather striking looking woman who looked suspiciously like Snape.

Nova did her best to ignore the fact that several Slytherin girls were being escorted past her doorway. Wait, was that Crabbe and Goyle? It was all Nova could do not to laugh when a very cute Draco Malfoy walked past a little while later. Unlike the other Slytherin students, Malfoy had vials in hand filled with a completed product. One by one the other first years filtered out, to include a very cute, all be it somewhat distressed redheaded girl who looked suspiciously like Ron’s little sister. Hang on, was that Ron?

Things quieted down, and Nova set her brew to a low heat. The instructions next step called for stirring starting in the west, arching inwards to south, then to the east, then back to the west, and repeat one hundred times more. One hundred and one bowed motions four times to round the pot. If nothing else, making that potion was rather tedious.

As time wore on, Nova saw the rest of her friends leaving. Sweetie Belle came by, looked in, and gave a thumbs up before going on.

Well well well, if it isn’t the protegee no one is talking about.” Sneered a familiar voice. Discord. His voice was both in the room, and not in the room. Nova was presently standing motionless legs apart, and arms behind her back, hand in hand as she watched her pot, and an egg timer. She’d sensed his approach and put up a barrier to keep him out. Why him? Why now? Especially now.

Go away.”

Well that’s not very… hang on… I seem to be stuck.

Teleported yourself inside the wall, did you?” Nova asked with a smile.

I did no such thing. - Now how do I get out? - Can’t say I can remember this ever happening before.

This isn’t Equestria.

Thank you, Sherlock. I might have never known.” He retorted testily. “So, um, why are you just standing there like that?

The instructions say not to stir for twenty minutes.

. . . - You mean, don’t stir the pot, don’t you?

If the requirement was not to stir the pot it would say not to stir the potion.” Nova countered. “It’s a vibration thing.

In that case, should you be talking?

Do you see my lips moving?

Ahhh... - You’re in my head, aren’t you?

*“Never mind that noise you heard, it’s just the beast under your bead, in your closet, in your head.” Nova mocked. “I sensed your presence, why do you think you are stuck?

You dare, I am the lord of chaos.” Discord blustered as his head filled with some rather distracting music.

Not here you are not. Here you are just a sub-par, all be it, imaginative wizard.

Sub par?!

Who’s stuck in a wall.

You’ll pay for this.” Discord growled. “If I ever get out of here that is.

You could try backing out the same way you came in.


Yes, of course, that would be too logical. - Well if you care to wait, I’ll get to you just as soon as I’m finished. - Ah, good. Times up.” Nova said no longer using telepathy and checked her notes. “Add one pegasus pin feather...” How had she missed the fact that she’d need a pin feather, and hadn’t had one? “And that bastard didn’t give me a pin feather.”

“What about using one of your own?” Discord offered as his draconic head slowly emerged from the ceiling. Nova’s shield about the room had begun to crack.

“I’m an alicorn!” Nova protested. “A foxicorn even. Unless...” There was a sound of body parts hitting the floor from several locations. Nova let out a sigh. “Well I can’t say you aren’t imaginative.”

“I do seem to be all over the place, don’t I?”

“Do please, pull yourself together, and turn yourself into something less noticeable.”

“How’s this?”

Nova cast him a glance to discover all he’d done was place a lampshade over his head. Several body parts were in the wrong place as well. Nova let out a sigh, extended her left wing, reached up, and plucked a pin feather.

“Saw you flinch.”

“I’ve been through Tartarus, and back, and a little thing like plucking a pin feather still bothers me.” Nova offered.


“A figure of speech.” Nova offered as she tentatively held the feather over the cauldron. “I can honestly say that Tartarus is one place I haven't been.” She took in a breath and let it out slowly.“Well, if this ends in the biggest bomb since Solo, tell my mother I love her.”

“What makes you think I’m going to survive if you don’t?”

“Two reasons, one, I know that you are a true immortal, and two, from your perspective, you haven't bucked up my life yet.” Nova let loose the feather.

The two watched it slowly drop into the murky muddy liquid and was delighted when it turned into a shimmering ivory color and texture.

“Congratulations. It didn’t blow up. What is it?”

“Shampoo.” Nova offered and began transferring the liquid into crystal vials.

“I’m sure Severa Snape will be most delighted.” Discord offered with a slight lilt to his voice.

“Severa?” “Oh, you didn’t.”

“I didn’t. It was a boy named Vincent Crabbe.” Discord offered. “Though I imagine she’ll likely go by Millicent or something like that now. Not my fault he didn’t notice me switch ingredients.”

“And here we all thought it’d be Sweetie Belle or Neville who’d somehow manage to mess up that bad. And for that matter, you had no business doing that. These tests are important, and this is not your playground. You don’t even care if someone gets hurt, do you?” Nova scolded. She paused a moment, and added, “At least I won my bet.”


“Never bet against a friend unless it’s a sure thing.” Nova offered. “I bet Sweetie and Neville would not blow up their assignments. - Now, I need to finish cleaning up my work station and turn in my assignment. And don’t let anyone see you. They might shoot first. Not that I’m not tempted.”

“You don’t like me, do you?”

“You screwed up my life.”

“But I’m good now.”

“And every good dead you do comes with a high price.” Nova scolded. “And you know what? Stay away from me. Just stay the buck away from me. Even trying to be good, you end up being a menace.” Her tone was sharp and scolding. “Just leave me alone and we’ll get along fine.”

Nova finished up, picked up her things, took down the shield on her door, and left Discord to ponder the reality that there was a pony who truly hated him. He could tell if it was just dislike. Lots of ponies disliked him. They were the ones who didn’t understand, and many were afraid of him though he was at a complete loss as to why. Nova wasn’t afraid of him. And she had a point. He was vulnerable in this world. She at least cared enough to give him good caution. He couldn't help but wonder what he’d done to her to make her hate him. Had they been friends in another time and place. If so, he must have really blown it. And for that matter, why had she put the shield on the door back up after leaving? Somehow he'd make it up to her, preferably by spending more time with the Nova that didn't hate him.

Nova found Madam Snape in the classroom desperately looking through potions books. “Professor Snape. I’ve finished my assignment.”

Snape rounded on Nova. “Well, aren’t you going to laugh?”

“Why?” Nova asked. She was honestly puzzled.

“Don’t I look comical to you?”

“Um, you actually look good.” Nova offered. “My assignment?” Nova offered while holding up the vials in a small case.

“You finished it?”

“I, um… didn’t have a feather...” Nova looked down and unfolded her wings so that she looked like an angel in witch's clothing. “I substituted, used one of my own, so I don’t know if it’s safe to use or not.”

Snape just looked at her dumbfounded. “Wings?”

Nova folded up her wings, and they vanished from sight. Snape pointed to a shelf and told her to leave the potions. “Thank you, Professor Snape.” She went over to the shelf, made sure the vials were properly labeled and set them down. She turned, headed for the door, stopped, turned, and thanked them for not laughing at her. She stepped out leaving Snape to ponder on what had just happened. While the other Gryffindors had been a little shocked, none had laughed. None had dared to laugh at Snape. Not in his, or rather, her face. The Slytherin girls had laughed at what happened to the boys, and him. Not all the boys had been affected though. Most of the Gryffindor students had cast a shield spell that had kept the enchanted smoke out of their work areas, and the smoke only seemed to have affected the boys. No idea why. The girls weren’t going to be laughing by bedtime if he couldn't reverse the effect of the potion.

Nova arrived at the Gryffindor common room to find that Neville and Ron were now indeed girls. Neville was presently being protected by several of the older girls. Ron, or Rhona as the twins were now calling her, was presently at the mercy of the twins.

“So are you alright?” Scootaloo asked on seeing Nova.

“Snape gave me a fourth-year potion and left out one ingredient. Add to that Discord showed up.” Nova offered.

“Who’s Discord?” Idda asked.

“Think Peeves on steroids.” Apple Bloom offered. “Nova, if you didn’t have what you needed?”

“I substituted. I’m going to go have a lie-down."

“Any idea what to do with Nelly and Rhona?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Send them to the hospital wing.” Nova offered. “That or make room for them in the girl’s dorm on the off chance they aren’t going to turn back into guys.”

“I don’t want to be a girl!” Ron wailed.

“Now now, Rhona, that’s no way for a lady to behave.” The twins said in near perfect unison. “Won’t mother be delighted to have another girl in the family?”

“Careful how you tell her, or she’ll think one of you is getting engaged.” Nova cautioned and headed for the stairs. She climbed slowly, went to the bed that was accessible to the dorm, transformed to her pony form, climbed onto the bed, and lay down spent.

“Nova, are you alright?” Idda had followed her up.

“I’ll be alright.” Nova offered as she closed her eyes. “It’s just that keeping Discord from screwing up my potion took a lot out of me.”

“Nova… Nova?” Idda prompted, but Nova was out cold. Somehow this just didn't seem right to her and rushed downstairs to find the Crusaders. Her news that Nova had collapsed resulted in not just the CMC rushing upstairs, but half the girls in the common room. All of whom assumed they’d know what to do. Finding a pegacorn in Nova’s bed was not what anyone expected. Even the CMC assumed Nova would have collapsed in her human form. This was bad.

Princess Luna was presently moderating students taking the Defense against the Dark Arts test. Her first clue that Discord was in the vicinity was when the students' written exam suddenly turned into a practical exam. And then things got downright strange. Desks turned into urinals, the walls became cluttered in printed bold text that had been cut from various publications, mouths began separating from students, bodies turned to boxes, tentacles sprang from faces, and birds replaced heads. A few students even developed see-through skin.

“There. Isn’t that so much better?” Discord offered while riding on the back of the skeletal wyvern that normally hung from the ceiling. It was now flying about the room threatening to scoop up panicked students. “DADA at its finest.”

Discord! Stop this at once!” Luna shouted. Dust sifted down from the rafters at the impact of the Canterlot Royal voice.

“But I’m having so much fun?” Discord complained.

“Discord. Now!” This time Luna’s voice was low and threatening.

“Oh, I should tell you that one of your students was quite rude to me, dear Lulu. I just can’t see what you see in that brat. You are spending entirely too much time on her when you could be spending time with me.”

“I am under no obligation to spend any time with you!” Luna growled. As for the students, by this point, they’d begun to figure out that the thing presently taunting their favorite teacher, was more than likely the cause of the pandemonium. First one student, and then others started throwing every curse and hex they could think of. Discord did his best to dodge, but soon found there were too many spells being flung about.

“Whatever you do, don’t cross the streams!” Discord shouted as several beams of magic connected.

Luna looked on in shocked bewilderment as discord began to struggle to break free.

“I want to break free, I want to break free... god knows, I want to break free.” Discord sang very badly. “Oh horseless, these humans mean business!” Nova had warned him after all, but who was he to listen to a voice of reason. The worst part was that the humans seemed to be using his own energy against him.

Luna’s lips curled into a malicious smile as she lifted up her wand. It was a powerful wand featuring one of her own hairs. “Metamorphoses est lapis!” Luna shouts leveling her wand at Discord.

The room returned to normal for the most part save for the addition of a statue of a draconequus now riding the wyvern suspended from the ceiling, and a number of students who’d been injured during Discord’s play time. “What do you know, he’s vulnerable to Terran magic,” Luna said with a delighted grin. “And I suppose I’m going to have to pass everyone who helped subdue him.” Students who had wands in hand cheered. “Alright those of you who weren’t injured, help the others to the hospital wing.”

“Princess Luna!” Scootaloo shouted as she burst into the room. “Nova collapsed! -Discord!”

“Discord has been dealt with.” Luna offered. “Nova?”

“She had a run in with Discord.” Scootaloo offered. “We can’t get her to wake up.”

“Where is she?”

“In her room.”

“I’ll be right there just as soon as I take my class to the hospital wing.” Luna offered. She was torn between running straight to Nova, but she had a duty to see her students to the hospital wing. At least she’d be able to use the short cut through the infirmary. “Come along every pony, er I mean everyone.”

Luna arrived at Nova’s apartments a short time later to find She’d been moved to the master bedroom, and that Twilight was already there along with Alalme, Moonie, Scootaloo, and the foals were all pressed around her.

“How is she?” Luna asked.

“Low on manna reserves, but she’ll be fine.” Twilight offered as she cuddled Nova’s head. “I hear she had a run in with Discord.”

“I did as well. Several of my students were injured during his antics. His little stunt.” Luna offered with more than a little anger in her tone. “With the help of the students I was able to turn him to stone.” No idea how long it’ll last.”

“Humans thrive on chaos.” Nova offered softly.

“Welcome back.” Twilight offered. “You gave us a good scare.”

“I sensed his presence, and used a good deal of effort to keep him from screwing up my assignment,” Nova explained in a quiet almost whisper. “Snape would have been fine had I failed. He set me up to fail, and I wasn’t about to let Discord screw everything up. So, um, why are you here?”

“I just had a feeling that you needed me.” Twilight offered. “That and Sweetie Belle came through the portal to let me know there was something wrong. Sure is a good thing my magic is the same as your mother’s or you’d have been in trouble.” Nova cast a glance at Twilight and just let out a sigh.

“So how’s Moonie?” Nova asked. “She kind of runs on my magic.”

“She’s got a fair amount of mine as well.” Luna offered. “And she’s right here. You are in the middle of a pony pile.”

“Ah, no wonder I feel so snugly,” Nova replied with a smile.

“Now what do we do with Discord?” Twilight asked.

“Well whatever you do with him, that draconequus is not to come in here under any circumstances,” Nova ordered. “Not one hair, toe, talon, scale, spleen, or any other part of him. - Oh, and something else you might want to know about. Discord claimed to have switched one of Crabbe’s potion ingredients. Good luck trying to get a straight answer out of him as to what it was.”

“I think I’m going to send a sample to Zecora.” Twilight offered.

Author's Note:

*Metallica - Enter Sandman

Finally, a new chapter after what has been a very long break. And yes, we finally get to see Discord. I ovoid writing discord for the simple reason that he is just too powerful a character. Discord's abusive impulsive nature can be difficult to write, and yes, he's abusive. He's constantly gas lighting other characters, throws tantrums if he doesn't get his way, and his favors often come at a price. He could fix every problem with a snap of a talon with no strings attached, but seldom does anything the easy way.

The next chapter is nearly ready as well. It took me a bit to decide what I wanted to do with the continuation, and decided that given what I have in mind for the events of Chapter two of the Potter series, it might be best to just add it all onto this book. This also meant I'd need to be sure it was just as good as everything up to this point. As to why it's taken so long, it seems I can only type so much before my carpal tunnel decides I've done enough.

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