• Published 20th Sep 2017
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Diamond Tiara Apple Princess - vamparity

Diamond Tiara is the boss. Apple Bloom must learn this.

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4 - Excuse me? Marefriends?

Diamond Tiara woke up in Apple Bloom's arms. While no longer spooning, they were still in a sloppy hug amidst messy bed sheets. Taking a while to process her thoughts, she grunted to herself. She would have expected to wake up alone for some reason, but apparently this would not be the case. Last night happened.

Feeling the need to use the bathroom, she removed a yellow hoof and left the room. Upon returning, she dared a glance at the bed in thoughts of sneaking back in, to see Apple Bloom laying where she had left her with one eye opened. She was smiling.

Diamond quickly looked away. "So, uh, yeah..." She lamely began, "I guess that happened."

"Morning, diamond butter," Apple Bloom purred.

"Oh, don't you even start!" Diamond Tiara stomped up to the other mare on the bed. "You are not giving me nicknames!"

"Come on," Apple Bloom pleaded, raising herself up, "My ma got one, Mrs. Cake got one, sis even got one though I don't think it'll catch on. It's what marefriends do."

Diamond blanched, "Excuse me? Marefriends?"

"Well, yeah. That's what we are now, right?" Apple Bloom tapped her hoofs on her knees, looking hopefully guilty.

"As if."

"You seriously going to argue this?"

"I'm not using the m-word."

"But you're not saying no?" Apple Bloom raised an eyebrow and rolled her hooves urging Diamond Tiara to answer.

"Fine, whatever." Diamond Tiara whispered, turning dramatically away to a small dresser with a large mirror.

She laid out her makeup kit, brush, and other assorted grooming devices. Apple Bloom watched in silent wonder, never before seeing her routine. She hopped off the bed and snuck behind her. She noticed Diamond had stopped her motions and simply sat there. She rubbed a hoof across another, feeling guilty again.

"If you're going to be creepy, the least you can do is take my seat and let me do you up."

"I don't know, Diamond, we only just started being marefriends. I'm not sure if we should--"

With a huff of frustration, Diamond Tiara cut her short, twirling her around so that they traded places. An evil smirk consumed her. Finally, she could turn this around and get her revenge. Starting now, she told herself, she would go on the offensive and make sure this former blank flank would know her place. Especially given they had upgraded their relationship into, whatever this is, she whirled her eyes, evil smirk still in place. She had to reestablish who was supposed to be the boss.

"You could be quite the looker if you wanted." She put a hoof to her chin, thinking about which product to start with. She noticed Apple Bloom was eying her through the dresser's mirror.

"Think I look pretty enough to make you blush--"

Diamond quickly brushed a foundation on Apple Bloom's cheeks to shut her up. "You do know I've won beauty contests? Many of them. I know a thing or two about this, so please, sit still and do me a favor and shut up."

"Did your mom teach you how to do this?" Apple Bloom ignored her commands, fidgeting slightly. "Sis doesn't care for it. And, well, Sweetie Belle tried to show me before, but Scoots and I sure did make a mess of it."

"I'm sure you did," she couldn't help but laugh, picturing the scene. "And yes, my mother did teach me a lot about how to look my best." She frowned. "Like her, I suppose I'm a beautiful trophy. Congratulations on lucking out and winning the best mare in Equestria."

"Thanks, I guess."

The way she had responded gave Diamond a satisfied smirk, but at the same time a slight hurt feeling. Yes, she meant it as a compliment, but it did come out as kind of an insult, but to who? Celestia, she swore, how will she screw this up like she ruins everything else?

Apple Bloom sneezed. She had been patting her face a bit too briskly. She took out some eyeliner and worked her eyes and eyelashes.

"You don't get along with your ma too well, do ya?"

It was an innocent enough question. It deserved a honest response. "No, I really don't." She felt her posture go limp and her eyes wandered to the mirror to catch Apple Bloom studying her. She squeezed her chest out, sucking in her stomach, raising her head to regain her form. "We used to, a long time ago. Why do you ask?"

"Just something I was curious about." Apple Bloom looked down.

Diamond Tiara smacked herself, internally. Of course, the poor dirt farmer never got to experience the mother thing. It made her feel guilty. She focused on applying lipstick.

"Maybe I'll take you to her and you can see what it's like. Prepare to be disappointed."

"I'd like that."

She stopped. She was finished, but something had snapped inside her at the same time. "No, you wouldn't."

"She can't be any worse than you."

Apple Bloom waited for a response that never came. Her smile faltered upon seeing the look on Diamond Tiara's face. It looked like she wanted to say something, but it was quickly bottled up and replaced with a perturbed glare.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything..."

Hearing Apple Bloom apologize for nothing caused Diamond Tiara to mentally hit herself. She was nothing like her mother--so why was she so upset? Her father's request, she remembered, she had to figure out some way to fix things. She had allowed the beautiful hayseed to distract her. This was supposed to be a punishment.

With her head hung low and eyes to the ground, she left the room.

Apple Bloom listened to the floorboards as they followed her exit. Before she chased after her, she stole a glance at the mirror. It had felt like more makeup was applied than was actually there. It was very subtle, but somehow brought out her eyes and freckles. She looked pretty, she thought. There was more to Diamond Tiara than she would have realized.


After a quiet breakfast, the two mares found themselves hanging around the porch. Applejack and Big Mac talked with them some, nothing more than simple pleasantries, before leaving to the market for the day.

Apple Bloom leaned against the side of the house, rubbing its thick coat of red paint behind her back. Diamond Tiara idly rocked herself on a bench swing attached to the roof. Apple Bloom tried to make eye contact with her, but the mare wouldn't lift her head. She kicked herself away from the wall with a grunt.

"Come on, let's go to the clubhouse."


Uncrossing her legs, Diamond Tiara stood up to stare at her, making her feel nervous. The dynamic between them felt off, different from earlier. It caused her great concern, as it felt like days since waking up in bed, holding her little spoiled rich pony.

She watched her move her legs around, casually, slowly raising herself and her eyelids, bottom lip slightly out--Apple Bloom had to look away. She thought she had to be doing it on purpose, like before with the dishes. She had a way of moving sometimes that screamed seduction, but she was so aloof about it. She looked back to see the purple-pink pony standing before her, observing her features like they were some painting in a stuffy museum.


Apple Bloom tilted her head in response. Internally, she was a hot mess. She hoped it didn't show.

Diamond Tiara smirked as if it did show.

"Oh! Right," Apple Bloom pushed herself down the steps, waiting for her to follow.

Diamond Tiara followed. She trotted briskly to set herself slightly ahead, only to swat her tail on the poor farmer's face before slowing down to pace with her at her side.

"What was that about?" Apple Bloom sheepishly asked.

"Was just lost in thought," Diamond Tiara sighed as if the weight of the entire world was on her back, "About things."

"For a second there I thought you were being all sexy-like on purpose."

That grabbed Diamond Tiara's attention. "Oh, you find me alluring, do you?" She gave her a haughty laugh. "I wasn't even paying attention. How adorable! The poor country filly falling for the rich city pony."

"You know that works both ways." Apple Bloom put on her serious all-business face. "What were you doing staring at me, huh?"

"Oh," Diamond Tiara took an awkward step, almost tripping. "Just admiring my work."

Apple Bloom put a hoof to her face. She already had forgotten she had been dolled up.

"If we're going to be," Diamond rolled her hoof in the air searching for a better word, "You-know, then you do realize that means you will be mine to do with as I please."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, it is." She gave her a serious look. "I have a list of requirements and expectations you will need to sign."

Apple Bloom laughed, smiling at her.

"It's no joke," Diamond Tiara shared the silly smile. "I've given it a lot of thought. I'm serious."

"That's fair enough. I'm open to negotiations."

"Like I would ever bargain with you!" Diamond Tiara's tone was playful. "And like you could even keep up."

Apple Bloom waggled her eyebrows. "We can always find out. I'll take you out back to my barnyard bargains."

Diamond Tiara felt a hot blush, averting her gaze in defeat.

They were deep into the apple orchard. Beyond the occasional bird songs and leaves crunching underhoof, the silence surprised Diamond Tiara. In town, there was always some noise in the background, often several, and unpleasant. She looked back expecting to see the house in the distance, but for all she could make out, she was in the middle of a forest of apple trees. They were beginning to be more sporadic in their spacing, which she assumed meant they were almost to the tree house.

It hit her, suddenly. Through the goofy smile and sappy feelings of imagining Apple Bloom carrying out her last retort, she realized her father's store was indeed named 'Barnyard Bargains'. She never realized it before. It was there, staring her in the face since she was born. Why did her father call it a barnyard? How did he get all of those contracts with other farmers? How did it start? Did her father's side come from... she gulped. Was she a farm pony too?

They arrived at the Cutie Mark Crusader's clubhouse, standing before the ramp.

"So," Apple Bloom began, "Want to talk about your mother some more?"

Diamond Tiara shot her a look that screamed 'how dare you' and 'you are lucky you're cute'.

"I'm tired of pretending like I don't know why you're here." Apple Bloom kicked a small rock between her hooves. "Figured if we're marefriends now, I can help you out."

"Don't want to talk about it," Diamond Tiara pouted.

"Neither do I. Hay, even feel like we might be going a little too fast here."

"Yeah, we're moving so fast. Made it all the way to where we can hug and not bitch each other out."

"That was a hug in bed, though."

"I know, stupid. It's called spooning."

Apple Bloom blinked as if this was the first time she heard the term. "I... know, yeah." She turned to face her directly, standing taller, "Sis said your father was upset about the way you and your mom get along. What's going on?"

"Oh, here we go. You going to crusader-me right in front of your crusader castle? Like I'm just another notch in your crusader bedpost?"

"What does that even mean?"

"Gah!" Diamond Tiara huffed, waving her hoof at Apple Bloom as she began to pace around under the tree house. "Fine! You want to know what's going on? Mother wants me to enter another stupid pageant."

"What's wrong with that? Don't you enjoy them?"

"Well duh! Of course I enjoy them. It's kind of my thing, being the most beautiful and smartest pony around. The competition is fun. Showing up all those other dumb ponies is fun. The tiara isn't for show, you know."

"Then what's the problem?" Apple Bloom asked, innocently.

"The problem!" Diamond Tiara snapped at her, fuming, "The problem is..." She immediately ran out of steam and lowered her voice. "My mom. She's the problem. The way she treats me about it, like I'm still a little filly. It sucks all the fun out of it."

"And you told her this?"

"Of course I've told her, countless times."

Apple Bloom walked up to her, putting a hoof on her shoulder. "I mean, really talk with her about it. In a not Diamond Tiara crazy way."

"Well," She wanted to lie, she wanted more than anything to tell her off, "Not really."

"I'm sure she'd understand. She'd have to be some kind of nightmare mom not to."

"It's not that easy. We kind of get super emotional and go for each other's throats."

Apple Bloom hugged her.

Diamond Tiara felt like crying. "It's like we're the same pony sometimes and I don't want to be her but I don't want to hate her either."

"I know," Apple Bloom tightened her hug.

"How could you?" Diamond Tiara immediately wished she could take back her words.

"Heard my mom was a lot like me. She helped Mrs. Cake figure out her cutie mark. I like helping others figure out theirs." She backed off, holding onto Diamond's shoulders. "It aint right to be like that with your mom. It's like hating yourself and not wanting to be happy. Try to give her a chance. If you and I can make peace, you can do it with anypony. Especially your mom."

Diamond rubbed a hoof across her cheek, a little unnerved to find it wet. "Is it really that simple? I feel so stupid." She opened her eyes to see Apple Bloom's smug expression. "I didn't just say that. You didn't hear anything."

Apple Bloom simply nodded.

They walked into the tree house. Diamond marveled at how nicer the place looked since last she visited. It didn't feel like a filly's playhouse anymore. It felt more adult and respectful. What caught her eye the most was a wall covered with pictures of ponies. Likely all the ponies the three have helped over the years. One picture in particular caught her eye.

"Why am I up there?" She pointed a hoof.

Apple Bloom shrugged. "Why not?"

"You never helped me with my cutie mark. If I recall correctly, one might say I had a part in getting you your own."

Apple Bloom smiled at that.


"Being completely honest, cause we're official marefriends now," Apple Bloom was quick to remind her with a grin, "Figure I could share something and get it off my chest." She took in a breath and held it for a moment before slowly exhaling. "You kind of been occupying some space in my head for some time now. Not in a crush way, just, well maybe a little sometimes, but more just thinking about all we've been through, you know?"

Diamond Tiara turned her head quickly so that her hair swung around her neck, cutting a sharp smile. "Go on."

"Well, that's it. Wondering if you've been feeling the same. We sure did do some silly things to each other."

Could say that again, Diamond thought. Thinking further, she could not deny having the same thoughts. She knew she was a bad pony, but it was far enough in the past to where it felt somehow out of reach, like it was some other filly and not her.

"Do you want me to share some dark, earth-shattering secret of my own?"

Apple Bloom nodded her head a bit too enthusiastically.

"Well, too bad!" Diamond Tiara smirked, finding a colorful wooden crate to sit on.

"Aw, come on! Please? I told you..." She was distracted by Diamond climbing the crate, swishing her tail about, her head turned to eye her knowingly. Apple Bloom countered with her best filly pout, "I told a secret so it's only fair."

Taking a regal pose atop her seat as if she were Celestia hearing a plea from a concerned citizen, Diamond stroked a hoof through her hair. She found great interest in the bottom of her hoof, pretending as if she had not heard a thing. Satisfied everything was in order with it, she casually lifted her head with a great sigh. "Fine."

Apple Bloom took a seat in front of her, leaning forward as if she were about to be read a story.

Diamond Tiara frowned. "It's nothing too big. It's actually quite silly. Something every filly goes through, I imagine."

She stared at Apple Bloom to see if that was enough. She received an encouraging nod that expected more.

"I liked to think myself a princess," She mumbled. "I liked to imagine you were all my subjects. Something changed the day you got your cutie marks, though." She shifted awkwardly, clearing her throat. "I know the colors on the shield are meant to represent you, but they had my colors in there too. I liked to imagine your cutie marks were my royal seal and you were my knights."

Apple Bloom took it all in, saying nothing.

"Maybe, one day in the far future it'd all become real somehow. Weirder things have happened, right? Twilight became a princess. That means anypony can. I've read her book a lot. All we have to find is another magic tree or something."

She looked around the room, waiting for a reply or some form of acknowledgement. Hearing none, she lowered her head in shame. "I've probably said too much, haven't I?"

"Nah," Apple Bloom said, standing up, "Now we're even. It's kind of cool sharing secrets."

Diamond Tiara was hesitant to reply. "Yeah, I guess."

"Don't think I've ever heard one like that before. Most ponies give up on the princess fantasies by now. You sure are something special."

"Stop making fun of me."

"I'm not. I honestly think it's really sweet."

"You're just saying that to make me feel better."

"Am not." Before Diamond Tiara could respond with a 'are too', she quickly added with a wink, "Saying it cause I like seeing you get all flustered."

Diamond Tiara's mind was screaming for her to do something--make a face, toss an insult--anything to correct the dynamic between them. She was the alpha mare. She had to show Apple Bloom her place in the relationship! Why was she rubbing her hoof on her leg like some shy school filly?

Lost in the heat of her inner turmoil, she didn't notice the other mare approach her. Looking into her eyes, she became lost and helpless, like it was some magical curse being cast that she had no chance of escaping. She tried to power out of its control, but her vision shrank and so did the rest of the room and world with it.

"You ever kiss somepony before?" Apple Bloom almost stuttered.

Diamond Tiara closed her eyes, smiling at herself and the entire silly universe. It was like there was some insufferable and hidden alicorn of jokes, or maybe a draconequus out there playing a joke on her without realizing it was exactly what she wanted.

And she always got what she wanted.

Surging with newfound strength, having found her lost power, she walked over to the other mare, taking another step forward without missing a beat to match the immediate backwards step of the dolled up redhead. She had her up against the wall, both of them on their back hooves, her forehooves trapping her head between them, her belly and chest pinning the poor farmer before her.

She pressed her lips onto hers, showing no mercy. Pushing past her wild nerves, she shoved her tongue into the mix. She had to show the slightly larger pony who was the boss, after all. She had to know her place in this.

She continued the thoughts as she was overpowered and pushed to the floor, the slightly larger pony now on top of her. Lost in the whirlwind of sensations, feeling the lipstick smear on their muzzles, she decided to let the other mare pretend to dominate her, strategically conceding defeat in a fierce tongue on tongue battle but not the overall make out war.

"Holy Celestia!"

The sound from the doorway of Scootaloo's exclamation and a sharp squeal from Sweetie Belle instantly pulled both mares out of their frenzied horse play.